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Frequently Asked Questions

    where can i watch 2012 online for free with NO survey?
    Is there any website where i can watch 2012(full movie)online for free,but without having to complete a survey?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't bother, one of the worst movies of the year.

    How to watch free movies online?
    Well, I want to watch this one Movie online and I was wondering if anyone knew a Site where I don't have to register to watch the movie online? Thanks Movie btw is Doomsday 2012..ty

    • ANSWER:
      Yah i agree with the earlier guy, OVGuide is the only place you need to go to watch movies and tv shows online.. THye have all the best site, and you can search through them all ot find the best place to watch it in high quality...

      I did put the direct link to 2012: Doomsday below for you though too:

    does any one know which is the correct link of 2012 movie, expecting an answer as soon as possible?
    i just got few attemted to watch 2012 movie online and i couldn't found any correct link path.

    • ANSWER:
      we like "letmewatchthis" now called 1channel

    Did anyone else get their Argo movie stream cut off?
    I tried to find where to watch Argo 2012 full movie online stream at putlocker but when I tried the stream it kept freezing, very anonying let me tell you. Then it said on the screen that this website can't use our service anymore because they are blocking ads and the bitrate bandwidth exceeds the permitted amount!
    Does any know why this is happening to me? Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't know about you but stop using putlocker, it is full of crap and not the HD quality you can find at a good site like below. / 1Ponka

      Its all in the latest in HD too, which is awesome!

    Is there a site where I can watch free movies online on my iPhone?
    I've searched this question but they all date back three or four years ago. Just wondering if there are any active sites as of January 2012? Please & thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      not that i no of but you can always download them on your pc then sync them to your iphone

    When does the Naruto Shippuden movie 5 movie come out in America?
    I would like to know when you can watch the Naruto Shippuden movie 5 online with english subtitles

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe in April/May 2012.

    why is it that each and everytime um watching a movie on the internet it keeps on buffering?
    Please help me watch this so called movie "2012".

    • ANSWER:
      Pal the answer is very simple. Lets assume that you r watching the 2012 movie online. The movie average size is 600 MB. The server wont send you all the 600 MB at once. It send you a small part say 1 MB which can play for about 2 mins. IF the 1 MB is going to finish the browser will notify it to the server and it will send you another 1 MB. A simple eg. You are given a work to carry 500 bricks from the warehouse to the site. Is it easy for you to take bricks in each hand and giving them one by one many times r lifting all 500 a single person on your shoulder to the site. If you are willing to move one by one then watch the movie online with buffers. Else if you want to lift all in one then download it.

      P.S To make a small note. Pls dont download the 2012 movie as it is bugged with a tracker and when you download it you will recieve a warning message from your ISP and from the Movie team. This is just to aware you

    How do I download free movies and tv shows online?
    I would like to know if there is a site that will allow me to download or stream free movies and tv shows for me to watch on my iPod Touch. Also a site that I can trust that does not have a virus. With no credit card included. Something I can use in a lifetime and no limits for downloading things. I would be very grateful for someone to understand and know a site to be able to download free movies and tv shows.

    • ANSWER:
      kam71239... check this sick site out this site is the new megaupload! Its under a diffrent name and very low profile obviously. They still have their massive database and now you can search for and download TV shows, movies, games, apps such as the new Office 2012, and unreleased/new music.Ive been using them for a week and its sick. Download speeds are faster than before its kinda scary LOL. This site is also compatiable for mobile divices as well and you also can stream instead of download.btw you can download full albums and TV sieries easier now. Heres theregister link here----->

    How do I connect the sound from the computer to the TV?
    Basically, I'm half way to being tech illiterate.
    My boyfriend hooks his computer up to his TV so we can watch movies and such online on the big screen rather than on his monitor. As of right now we have to listen to it through the computer speakers. I know there are cords you can buy and what not to connect it so we can listen to it through the TV, but I don't know how! I was thinking of getting him all that he needs for Christmas, so any advice would be appreciated as soon as possible!

    • ANSWER:
      If both your computer and TV have HDMI then just buy him an HDMI cable. HDMI supports 1080p video and sound to your TV. Since you said you were tech illiterate and if you want to check here is a picture of an HDMI port; . If the computer has the same Windows installation form when you bought it then everything should be good to go. But if its an aftermarket video card or other issue you may need a driver for the HDMI sound.