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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can i watch movies online?
    I want to watch some movies online for free but i don't know any websites.
    I especially want to watch Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. I know it's not out but any links to harry potter or a movie websites?
    And without any downloads

    • ANSWER:
      movies.25 , but to be hones for a film like harry potter you should really watch it at the cinema to get the full experience x

    Where is the best place to watch the lastest movies online ?
    Hi i had been watching the latest movies online at movies but the site has been down so does anyone have the link to a good place to see the latest movies online ?
    Thanx and 10 points for the best answer

    • ANSWER:
      this is the best site to watch almost any movie you want for free and their all in high quality.

      check it out, i guranteed you will love the site!

    Where is the best place to watch the lastest movies online ?
    Hi i had been watching the latest movies online at movies but the site has been down so does anyone have the link to a good place to see the latest movies online ?
    Thanx and 10 points for the best answer

    • ANSWER:
      Hello doc,

      I am not sure as the site you were using but I am using the site crackle.con (left a link in my signature). It is quite good and there is a quite good choice of movies and TV Series so might be worth having a look.

      Another choice - YouTube - but only if you are after documentaries.

    Where is the best place to watch the lastest movies online ?
    Hi i had been watching the latest movies online at movies but the site has been down so does anyone have the link to a good place to see the latest movies online ?
    Thanx and 10 points for the best answer

    • ANSWER:
      ok dont tell too many ppl bout this or it will get shut down!!


      Urban Gandhi

    Where is the best place to watch the lastest movies online ?
    Hi i had been watching the latest movies online at movies but the site has been down so does anyone have the link to a good place to see the latest movies online ?
    Thanx and 10 points for the best answer

    • ANSWER:
      I have been using for almost two years and it is still there. That would be my suggestion.

    What should I do for my birthday party?
    I'm turning 15. There will be boys and girls and a sleepover for the girls at the end of the night. I was going to get some movies online but I can't think of any and everyone say "whatever" when I ask 😛 Any suggestions for a movie? (no horror please) also just different activities. I have to stay at my house because there is to many people to go anywhere (25-30 ppl) Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i watch full length movies online for free without download?
    I really want to watch films free online without downloading it and without getting viruses or something, thanks :)
    without subscribing to anything

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 25, or momomesh

    Is there anyway to store pirated movies online without getting caught?
    I am in another country and there are movies on my sisters laptop that i wanna take home with me, but i only have a 16GB USB and it isnt enough.... is there anything i can do to take these movies without buying another storage device? thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a windows live account (you can get one for free), you can have 25 gigs of free storage online. Here's the link:

    Where can i get good free online movies?
    Where can i get good free online movies? i know about movie but it is really slow with the downloading and is faulty!

    • ANSWER:
      God stop been so boring everyone! So what if its illegal bla blaaa :)
      If people choose to watch online movies there's nothing you can do about it there is lots of websites out there so why don't you go complain to all them instead of having a rant on here :

      Anyway.. i knoww of -

    Any other websites like youtube that allow you to share video's online?
    Youtube won't let me share my awesome vacation movie online because I added music to it. Copyrighted of course. Does anyone out there know of any other site similar to youtube that will let me share my video online with friends with the music I added? My video/movie is 25 minutes long.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many sites that allow you to share videos online, but none of them allow you to share videos that contain copyrighted material that is being used without permission. So your only real option is to remove the music from your video, or get a license for it. Licensing popular songs can be very difficult and extremely expensive, but you can license specially-made royalty-free background music for a few dollars, from many Web sites that specialize in selling this type of music.

    Where and How can I submit my own movie script?
    I have written a movie script and I want to submit it into the hollywood data base or other related database(s) and protect it from copy right issue. How should I do that? Also, can I submit it through IMDB or not?

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to protect your script from plagiarism is to register it with the Writer's Guild of America. You can do this online for . As for submitting it anywhere, you need to hire an agent to do that for you.

    Where can I watch the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary concert online?
    I want to watch the Les Mis 25th Anniversary so badly, especially after seeing the movie and being half way through the book. Is there a place or an account on YouTube where I can watch it (online only please)?
    If not, do you have another place I can watch the full length musical. I'd prefer if it was a Broadway version, or even the 10th Anniversary addition, but anything works I guess. Thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Evidently the full version of the 25th Anniversary concert was taken off YouTube (probably for copyright reasons) However, there are still various excerpts available. Click on the first link below for some of the songs.

      PSB owns the copyright, and you can purchase the DVD from them. Click on the 2nd link below.

    What is the easiest and least expensive way to transfer old 8mm movies onto CDs or DVDs?
    I would like to transfer my old video camcorder 8mm tapes to CDs or DVDs but I'm not sure what equipment or software I need to do it. If it's too expensive or complicated to do it myself, I would consider paying someone else to do it, but I imagine that would be quite expensive as well. I have approximately 25 8mm tapes to transfer. Any helpful information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Recognize first of all that the easiest method may not be the least expensive. And the least expensive may not give you the best quality. And the best quality may not be the easiest. You will need to research the methods available, and decide for yourself what combination of price, ease, and quality is right for you.

      There are two steps in the process. First, you need to capture the video into digital format on your computer. Second, you need to burn that video onto DVDs or CDs. I'm assuming that you already have a computer and a DVD burner or CD burner. There's lots of information about burning discs, and lots of software to do it on the web, so I won't cover that here. I'll address the slight more arcane task of capturing video.

      Let's talk about the least expensive method first. The least expensive method will generally be the one that doesn't require you to buy anything. So it depends greatly on what equipment you already own. Do you have an 8mm camera with a standard A/V (RCA) output? If so, you can use a video capture card -- either internal or external (like a Dazzle device) to capture the output. If your 8mm camera has firewire, and your computer does also, then your camera probably came with software that allows you to control the camera and transfer the video into digital format that can be burned to DVD or CD. I've used this method myself with an older 8mm video camera I own, and I recommend it. Here's another guy who recommends it, from

      "The bottom line here is that if you are wanting to transfer analog 8mm video, only use a capture card or external device if you DO NOT care about the quality. Pick up a Digital8 camcorder that is capable of playing analog 8mm tapes (not all of them do this) and use firewire to capture the video."

      If your camera has firewire, but your computer doesn't, it's simple and pretty inexpensive. Firewire cards from from about to about . This simple upgrade will allow you to take advantage of the software and firewire capability that came with your camera.

      If you have neither firewire on your camera, or a video capture device, you have some decisions to make. You can buy a camera that has firewire, like the writer suggests in the quote above. You can borrow a camera that has firewire but will play your tapes. Or you can do some research and buy a video capture device, either embedded on a video card, or external using a fireware or USB link. I agree with the write above that says firewire is the way to go, but I have also know others that used Dazzle and other video capture devices successfully.

      I have also taken old stuff to local services and had it done for me. You're right -- it's not necessarily cheap. But if you decide to go this route, I recommend finding someone local -- you may get a better price than going with a large commericial shop, or buying the services you want online. I once found a guy who works out of his home who converted a number of old 8mm films (not video) onto video tape for a reasonable price. That was quite a few years ago, but I'm sure there are people out there who would do the same for video to digital transfers.

      Good luck!

    What is better for online movie rentals, netflix or blockbuster?
    I am trying to decide between netflix or blockbuster online for movie rentals by mail. Please tell me reasons why or why not one is better than the other. The only prices i have seen are blockbuster total access 3 movies at a time is a month compared to netflix a month 3 movies at a time. Do both places have movies available the tuesday they come out?

    • ANSWER:
      Blockbuster is actually about the same price as netflix.
      The major difference is that Blockbuster allows in-store exchanges. Netflix can't offer this option as they have no physical rental stores.

      For an explanation of in-store exchanges and price comparison of Netflix and Blockbuster check here:

    Where can I find somewhere to order a plastic model kit for a Mitsubishi Eclipse online?
    Preferably a 97-99 model. A hobby kit. I've looked everywhere online and can't find one, my boyfriend wants one for Christmas and I'm having no luck.

    • ANSWER:
      Revell made a 1/24th scale second generation Eclipse GSX in their "Tuner Series" about five years ago. They made it when the first movie came out. I haven't seen it for a while but I know they're on ebay. does that help?? I've been threatening to build one for my niece as her first car.

    What type of Camera would be good to record amateur movies, music videos, etc.?
    Basically what kind of device (camera, slr,camcorder etc) one thats up to date with HD and all that good stuff. Short films for school/youtube and good sound as well. Forums online get too crazy and I know alot has to do with preference but I would just like some suggestions on the types of devices I should be looking for.

    • ANSWER:
      HD camcorders interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the camcorder inner circuitry, thus giving you not true video. It looks like this -one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, from front to back of the video. Near impossible to edit, even when you have the Multi port processor computer with the big 1GB Graphics card and a Sound card that is required to edit, view, watch and work with the files these camcorders produce.

      Consumer level HD camcorders have 4 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people in videos taken by consumer level HD camcorders. 2) Any movement, even a wave or lifting an arm, while in front of a recording consumer level HD camcorder, results in screen ghosts and artifacts being left on the video track, following the movement. Makes for bad video, sports videos are unwatchable. 3) These Consumer level HD camcorders all have a habit of the transferred to computer files are something you need to convert, thus losing your HD quality, to work with your editing software. 4) Mandatory maximum record times - 1 hour, 30 minutes, 8 minutes, 3 minutes – four different times advertised as maximum record time for some consumer level HD camcorders. No event I have ever been to is that short. Either take multiple camcorders or pack up with out getting the end of the event on video.

      MiniDV is currently the most popular format for consumer digital camcorders. MiniDV camcorders are typically more affordable than their HDD and DVD counterparts. Each MiniDV tape will typically hold an hour of footage at normal recording speed and quality. MiniDV tapes are available for purchase at not only electronic and camera stores, but also at drugs stores and grocery stores, making them easy to find while your on vacation. There are literally hundreds of MiniDV camcorders available; both in standard and high-definition. And add the fact that to get a HD camcorder that could produce better video quality footage, one would have to spend in excess of 00 for that camcorder that could produce higher quality video.

    Suggestions on movies me and my brother can watch?
    Im a 17 year old girl that loves romance, adventure, comedy, action, fiction type movies
    My brother is a 20 year old that loves comedy, action, adventure,
    Were trying to look for movie on youtube thats already come out to watch but we cant think of one...Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      oh, how aout
      “The Truman Show”
      “The Shawshank Redemption”
      “Fight Club”
      "Pay It Forward"
      “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
      “The Killing Room”

      Easy A was so good.
      The Matrix

      Do you guys like documentaries? I LOVE documentaries. has so many. "Kill Me If You Can" Is very good.

      also youtube isnt the best place to watch movies.

    What is the actors salary in the movie Tropic Thunder?
    What was each of the actors salaries for the movie Tropic Thunder?

    Esp. what did Tom Cruise get? He's usually making 20mil per movie, and he wasn't the main role in this movie.

    Why did he accept this part/role?

    • ANSWER:

      Along with the news this week that he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in Tropic Thunder as sleazy movie mogul Les Grossman, Tom Cruise revealed to E! Online that he and Ben Stiller are talking about making additional short videos, and possibly a feature film, starring the repulsive, profanity-obsessed producer and sometime bootie dancer. The character, much like the male chauvanist motivational speaker that Tom Cruise played in Magnolia seems to me like someone who is funnier in small doses, but perhaps a fully comedic movie with him as the star is what his career needs right now. At least we're likely to get some more funny fake trailers out of it.

      Outside of speaking directly to the actor or his agent, the salary amounts are currently not listed on the internet.

      Ben Stiller's salary
      Zoolander (2001) ,500,000
      There's Something About Mary (1998) ,000,000

      Tom Cruise's salary
      War of the Worlds (2005) (20% profit participation)
      The Last Samurai (2003) ,000,000 + % of profits
      Minority Report (2002) ,000,000+
      Vanilla Sky (2001) ,000,000 + 30% of Profits
      Mission: Impossible II (2000) ,000,000 (gross participation)
      Eyes Wide Shut (1999) ,000,000
      Jerry Maguire (1996) ,000,000 against 15%
      Mission: Impossible (1996) ,000,000 (gross participation)
      Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) ,000,000
      A Few Good Men (1992) ,500,000
      Far and Away (1992) ,000,000
      Days of Thunder (1990) ,000,000
      Rain Man (1988) ,000,000+% of gross
      Cocktail (1988) ,000,000
      Top Gun (1986) ,000,000
      Legend (1985) 0,000
      Risky Business (1983) ,000
      Taps (1981) ,000

    I have a question for those used to watch movies online?
    I'm watching a movie right now, about 25 minutes into the film it started to have a big lag between the image and the sound!! What could I do to avoid this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      I normally refrest the pag (f5) and restart watching it all again. Usually does the trick x

    Can you download free ebooks for Kindle?
    I know there are multiple websites where you can download movies online for free- can you do the same with ebooks? There are many books I would love to read but being in a financial hardship at the moment cannot afford many of them. Any info would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      yes, go to: - over 25'000 free ebooks for any taste. GL

    I watched 8 hours of online porn movies with a condom on?
    I am 25 male, I watched 8 hours of online porn movies with a condom on; because when I watch porn movie all my underwear becomes wet and I feel uncomfortable with that, so I put on a condom and watched 8 hours of online movie but I have done this only once. My question is it safe to do like this?

    • ANSWER:
      If you were hard for 8 hours then no it's not safe. If the condom is too tight around the base of your dick then it could cause problems plus it's not natural to have a boner for that long. Just watch for a few hours and go jerk off and then after a while come back and do it again.

    What are some really good movies to watch?
    preferably recent.

    or where can i watch the art of getting by online?

    • ANSWER:
      Action Movies:

      1. Unstoppable
      2. Inception
      3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
      4. The Taking of Pelham 123
      5. The Green Hornet
      7. The Tourist
      10. The Italian Job
      11. Salt

      Different/Independent/Quirky Movies:

      1. Rushmore
      2. Bottle Rocket
      3. Youth in Revolt
      4. Delirious
      7. Saint John of Las Vegas
      8. Igby Goes Down
      11. The Joneses
      13. The Marc Pease Experience
      14. Charlie Bartlett-indie teen movie
      20. According to Greta-indie teen movie
      23. The Great Buck Howard

      Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies:

      1. Scream series
      2. My Bloody Valentine (both the original and remake are good)
      3. The Hills Have Eyes and the sequel
      4. Piranha (goofy/campy horror movie)
      6. Wrong Turn series
      7. A Perfect Getaway
      8. The Crazies (I've only seen the remake)
      9. Orphan
      10. Creep
      11. Dying Breed
      12. Autopsy
      13. Drive Thru (campy horror/funny)
      19. Laid to Rest
      24. Catacombs
      26. Red Eye
      28. The Skeleton Key
      31. Vacancy and Vacancy 2
      32. Hatchet (campy)
      41. Treat R Treat
      42. Amusement (low budget but fun)
      43. Hide and Seek
      44. P2
      54. Drag Me To Hel_
      55. The Box
      60. Disturbia
      64. Devil
      72. Dark House

      Comedy/Goofy/Fun Movies:

      3. The Wedding Singer
      4. Airheads
      5. Big Daddy
      6. Happy Gilmore
      8. Heavy Weights
      9. Good Burger
      10. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
      12. Mr. Deeds
      13. Pineapple Express
      14. Vegas Vacation
      15. The Waterboy
      16. Meet The Parents
      17. Knocked Up
      18. Role Models
      23. Home Alone
      27. All About Steve (It got terrible reviews but I enjoyed it)
      28. Dumb and Dumber
      29. Malibu’s Most Wanted
      36. Weekend at Bernie’s and sequel
      38. Mad Money
      42. Click
      43. Grown Ups-not the best but fun once


      1. Slumdog Millionaire
      2. The Young Victoria
      3. Girl, Interrupted
      4. 21
      5. Stand By Me
      6. Law Abiding Citizen
      7. 127 Hours
      8. Brokedown Palace
      9. 8 Mile
      10. Drumline
      11. Hotel Rwanda
      13. Girl With a Pearl Earring
      14. John Q
      19. Apollo 13
      20. The Blind Side
      21. Catch Me If You Can

      Romantic Comedies:

      1. She's All That
      2. Picture Perfect
      3. Kate & Leopold
      4. When Harry Met Sally
      5. Leap Year
      6. Serious Moonlight
      7. You've Got Mail
      8. French Kiss
      9. Easy A
      10. Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list
      11. You Again
      12. Mean Girls
      13. Valentine's Day
      14. Definitely, Maybe
      15. The Proposal
      16. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
      17. Adventures in Babysitting
      18. The Hot Chick
      19. John Tucker Must Die
      20. New York Minute
      21. Chasing Liberty
      22. Notting Hill
      23. What a Girl Wants
      24. Confessions of a Shopaholic
      25. First Daughter
      26. Life as We Know It
      27. Bridget Jone's Diary and sequel
      28. Morning Glory
      29. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
      30. When in Rome
      31. Heartbreakers
      32. Beauty and the Briefcase
      33. Revenge of the Bridemaids
      34. The Prince and Me
      35. Did you Hear About the Morgans
      36. Miss Congeniality
      37. Sixteen Candles
      38. Summer Catch
      39. Whatever it Takes
      40. Drive me Crazy
      41. Bring it on
      42. Can't Buy me love
      43. She's Out of My League
      44. Sex and the City
      45. The Bounty Hunter
      46. New in Town-kind of a cute movie
      47. With Six you get eggroll
      48. The Perfect Man
      49. The Lizzie Mcgurie movie-if you were a fan of the show you will like it
      50. Duplex
      51. Over Her Dead Body
      52. My Fake Fiancé
      53. Maid in Manhattan
      54. 50 First Dates
      55. The House Bunny
      56. On The Line
      57. I Could Never Be Your Woman-it isn't that great but you will like it if you are a Paul Rudd fan
      58. Uptown Girls
      59. Little Black Book
      60. Just My Luck
      61. Love Wrecked
      62. The Wedding Planner
      63. 13 Going on 30
      64. Secret Admirer
      65. Along Came Polly
      66. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
      67. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
      68. Bride Wars-some might like it
      69. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion-some might like it
      70. He's Just Not That Into You-some might like it
      71. Crimes of Fashion-it's a silly movie about the mafia and fashion
      72. Clueless
      73. Legally Blonde
      74. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
      75. The Women
      76. Killers
      77. Knight and Day
      78. Flipped
      79. Maid to Order
      80. 10 Things I Hate About You
      81. The Devil Wears Prada
      82. Loser
      83. Troop Beverly Hills

      Romantic Dramas:

      1. A Walk To Remember
      2. About Last Night
      3. Letters to Juliet
      4. For Keeps
      5. Charlie St. Cloud
      6. Save the Last Dance
      7. Riding in Cars with Boys
      8. Lucas
      9. The Last Song
      10. Pretty in Pink
      11. Sleepless in Seattle
      12. Here on Earth
      13. Dear John (I didn’t really like this movie but some might)
      14. Remember Me (I didn’t really like this movie but some might)
      15. Love Happens-if you are a Jennifer Aniston fan you will probably like it
      16.The Notebook
      17. How To Deal
      18. St. Elmo’s Fire

      Movies with Romance but not really a traditional romantic comedy/drama:

      1. Groundhog Day
      2. Mamma Mia
      3. Sugar and Spice-cheer leading movie
      6. Mermaids
      7. About A Boy
      8. Adventureland
      9. An Education

      Hope this helps!

    If I purchase a movie ticket on Fandango will I have to print out a confirmation sheet or what?
    I am buying tickets for Saw 3D online for a showing at 9:25 on Fandango. So What do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      bring ur laptop

    What to replace a missing book cover with?
    I recently brought a paperback textbook online and the front cover has been torn off. It's an average size book and none of the pages are lose yet. I would like to attach something to protect the book from further damage. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as long as it may work nothing is to tacky.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you buy it with the cover ripped off? If so, then you should contact the publisher and they may replace it for you.

      OR you can just make your own. The only thing I can come up with is to take a gift box and cut a square of cardboard to match the dimensions of the back cover PLUS about an extra .25 of an inch (width-wise). Fold the extra quarter inch of cardboard to form a tab, put spray or craft glue to the underside of the tab, and attach to the spine of the book. It won't be perfect, but at least your papers won't rip out. Use gift wrap to cover the book, or use random pictures from magazines to make a collage out of the whole shebang (this'll take time, but you can do it while you're watching a movie on TV).

    How best to overcome social awkwardness?
    To give some context, I'm 28, and due to being shy as a kid, combined with strict upbringing and being homeschooled in a small town most of my school years, my social skills have definitely been handicapped.

    I've been told I'm a great guy by those that take the time to get to know me, and I've had half a dozen or so relationships, one lasting over 2 years, but I still feel as if I'm missing out.

    I'm very energetic and friendly and easy to get along with, I just find it near impossible to make real friends and go out and do stuff with them. It's almost as if it doesn't feel natural so I become nervous and weird.

    I do spend much of my time alone in my room watching movies or online, and I know it's not good for me, but I feel incapable of going out with co-workers(most are between 19 and 24) without feeling totally awkward, which only makes it worse.

    I WANT to get out and party and hang out with people, I just have earned this reputation for being weird and awkward so such opportunities are limited. Will counseling help? What kind? I make about ,000 a year and my military insurance likely won't cover such "frivolous" care. At least not without raising some eyebrows.

    I just want to be normal and enjoy life the way everyone else does. Have you overcome such handicaps? Do you have any insight to such things you wouldn't mind sharing?

    I'm not here to get attention, I'm genuinely looking for a means to cure this. I just find it hard to relate to people and I think my body language and such scare people.
    Just wanted to add that I have moved...several times as I mentioned I'm military. However the "awkwardness" always shines through first.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best internet option these days?
    I saw a commercial the other day for some kind of deal where you plug it in and its a month, unlimited usage no limits, etc. I currently use AT&T and their dsl. I want to have wireless internet just for the house. Only 2 folks live here and we don't use it to watch movies or anything. I really don't have a problem with what I have but wonder if I could find a cheaper deal. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      well for a month you can take of that and turn it into gas... lol and keep using DSL unless you got the outrageous priced DSL or uverse... or whatever.... the plan for what you have should be more then enough... actualy if you dont do any heavy internet activities such as downloading large files... uploading videos to youtube... watching movies.. playing games online.... you would go better on an AT&T plan with there smaller plans like 4mbps and pay like -... a month.... but loads cheaper.... and you wouldn't even notice a drop because of the little usage.... the only time you would really notice is when watching a movie it will lag alot more.... "netflix" or playing games online.... or downloading torrents... you can still get wifi or wirless internet all you need is a wireless routers those usualy cost around or so... DSL is perfectly fine for your needs becasue your not using all the bandwith unless your watching movies downloading uploading and playing games online.... and the way i see it... why spend the extra money if i dont need it... right? its litteraly like... why buy a 50 foot hose for my faucet when i only need 10 feet to reach to my drive way... the rest is just sitting there wasted.... but costed much more in money.... hope this helps for your needs...

      put simply if all you do is email facebook very little downloading... no movies no online gaming... then 2mbps should be good... for 2 people i would recomend 4mbps... gaming... 6mbps... movies also 6mbps... both simotaniously... or torrent downloading... get cable internet 20mbps or 30mbps... "also cable sometimes has deals with the 20mbps plan its usualy around -... faster speeds for less money... just remember if you dont know much in the area with internet speeds... the higher the number.. the faster... average is 6mbps.... slow is 2mbps fast is 20mbps.... and the fastest like big buinesses is around 100mbps and so on... thats retarded fast for an inhouse internet set up lol

      by the way dont pay 0 to get a network installed its simple.... lol plug your internet cable "ethernet cable" coming off your cable modem or at&t modem... plug in to the in Lan port of the wifi router... in most routers there will be 1 input port and 4 output ports... others will either have more or less... now plug a computer into it and configure it with the included software... "feel free to get cable if you want a free router just know you will be paying a - leasing fee monthly" on top of your bill...

    How to get gocery coupons? How to know which place accepts double or triple face value on coupons?
    I heard they are only in sunday papers, but I don't use sunday papers. Is there a good online place where I can easily get the coupons, but does the stores accept print coupons? I heard that certain places will double the coupon face value, but how do I know which company do that? Which companies usually do that? I don't eat much processed food, so maybe coupon wouldn't help me much?

    • ANSWER:
      There are places where you can print out grocery coupons and more from your computer. A friend just recently told me about it...He has printed out over 0 in grocery coupons this last month (March 09).

      You can save money with National and Local companies, too!

      I live in Fresno, California. I just plugged in my zip code and got over 400+ products, services, and stores in a 25 mile radius from my home! Many are national companies and the rest are local. Plus, countless numbers of grocery coupons from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Hamburger Helper, and many more, along with coupons for over the counter drugs, too.

      Below are just a few examples of place you can save money in Fresno. You can put your zip code in too.

      TAX PREPARATION at H&R Block ( off), Liberty Tax services ( off)
      AUTOMOTIVE: Big O Trires, Discount Tires, Pep Boys Auto Centers, AAMCO Transmissions, Goodyear auto services- Hertz, Avis, and Budget Rental......
      HEALTH AND BEAUTY: Jenny Craig, Gold's Gym, Sally Beauty Supply, Astrum Hearing Solutions-HEARING AIDS, Beltone hearing aids, Eye Exam of California, Lenscrafters, .....
      DINING: Di Cicco's (local), Carl's Jr., Dominos Pizza, Tony Romas (local), Tastee Freeze, Arby's, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Johnny Rockets, Chevy's Fresh Mex, Subway, Burger King, Quizno's...
      LODGING: Ramada Inn, Super 8, La Quinta Inn and suites, Days Inn, Comfort Suites, Knights Inn, Quality Inn and Suites, Country Inn and Suites, Red Roof Inn.....
      SHOPPING: Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Co., Macy's, Target, J.C. Penny, Rent A Center, Office Depot, Costco, Sears, Michaels,

      Plus Golf, Movies, Bowling and much, much more!

      Here is a link that will tell you more:

      P.S. I was also able to purchase gift certificates from local restruants for and only paid - is cheaper to eat out then it at home.

      I hope this helps.

    What is the size of full length movie when streaming online?
    Hi, please help me :) could I know the general size of a full length movie, if I stream it? (Eg; 1gb? less or more than 1gb?) Around how many movies would I be able to watch online
    (assuming my current internet speed is around 8mbps and I have a download limit of 25gb)

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      for really high quality video your looking at 200 MB - 250 MB per 25 mins of video

    Can you get sued for illegally downloading music or movies, but not sharing them online?
    A case in the news today got me curious about this issue. The woman supposedly was sharing the files online of copyrighted material and got sued a ridiculous amount of money. If she had simply downloaded the music and took them out of her network folder so nobody could download off of her, could she still be sued? In short, is it illegal to simply download material, or do you have to seed it on the internet?
    So if it is illegal, how do the record companies find out? If you had peer guardian to block IP's and a windows firewall, how in the world would they find you?

    • ANSWER:
      it's illegal to upload and download

      upload because u are either copying dvds or going to movie theatres with a camera to film it and then sharing it via bit torrent

      download because u are taking something without me ive downloaded and burned over 100 movies, at least 1000 songs....

      if i paid let's say 10 bucks for each movie ticket that i watched....and the cost of a music CD is 15-25.....about 10 songs per CD so let's say 2 dollars per song

      i saved over 3000 dollars on entertainment

      but sueing me will be pretty hard.....unless u hack through my firewall, or illegally break and enter into my house and steal my computer....which then sets me free because evidence was taken illegally

    Is the 1992 version of Wuthering Heights accurate to the novel?
    I've just finished reading the novel for my AP literature class, and I want to watch the movie. All I can find online is the '92 version, but I don't want to watch it if it is extremely different and wrong. I might mix up which is which on the AP test.

    If the differences are small, what are they?


    • ANSWER:
      Well, there's a lot of differences, and some of the are just small differences, and some of them are big differences. Wait until after you take your test to watch it.
      There are currently sixteen different film versions of "Wuthering Heights", and they're actually making TWO new versions. (One which will be shown on PBS on the 18th and 25th of this month, and the second which will start filming in the spring.)
      The film version that is the closest to the book is the 1978 BBC TV version starring Ken Hutchinson and Kay Adshead. The 1992 Fiennes/Binoche is probably the second-closest to the book, but that doesn't mean that it's really *close* to the book.

    Where could I buy a DVD collection of all Pokemon episodes and movies?
    Best answer if you answer all the questions!!
    I want a DVD collection of all the Pokemon seasons
    Where could I find it and how much would it cost?

    Same with the movies I want every movie made so far, where can I find them and howmuch would it cost.

    • ANSWER:
      The Warehouse sells box sets of all sets of seasons for - each and they have all of the ones realeased fully. They usually have more than one in stock of every season so there is a good chance they will all be there at one time,
      as for the pokemon movies, you can buy a three in one pack of the three pokemon movies: lucario, the mystery of mew, the rise of darkrai, and pokemon ranger, temple of the sea. this costs around
      The warehouse sells stuff online but you can go in store aswell~
      For the rest of the movies, you can get from the site I posted in the sources box. the costs vary but they are all reasonably priced.

      Hope this helps~

    How much can online gaming slow down my internet connection?
    When im just browsing the web i speed test between 20-25 mb's (this on my desktop and the connection is wireless). When my wife is on the laptop (also wireless), playing games like jewel quest I am speed testing at around 14-16 mb's. Still doesnt seem too bad, but when I am streaming movies off my apple tv the stream slows down when she gets starts playing her games. Is there anything I can do to fix that without upgrading my internet?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope, while streaming videos any other usage will cause delays or lag on most networks, especially if both are running wireless. Wireless has it's own issues with sharing, and has more lag in general compared to wired, even at high speeds.
      Try your end wired instead, and then compare performance, you will see what the difference is (assuming streaming source is feeding you at high speeds, and is not the source of lag).

    What to get my husband for our anniversary?
    My one year marriage anniversary is this weekend and I still can't figure out what to get my husband. We have been together 7 years but only married 1. He is into computers, gadgets and xbox. He usually buys movies, music and games as he wants them. In the past I have bought him clothing, motorcycle accessories, watch and even picture frames and a handwritten letter. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      My one year anniversary is coming up in July. I've just purchased the gift for my husband. The first anniversary is the "paper" anniversary. Someone here told me they framed the sheet music from their first dance and her husband loved it. Well, I have an account on Kodak Gallery and created a "photobook" of a collection of our best wedding pictures. It looks just like a book with captions. Not a store bought album with pockets. You customize the whole book yourself, page design, cover design, photo layout and placements. I know he's going to love it. You can get this through various websites just by creating an account and uploading your photos. Google search "Photo books or photobooks". Again, it's not an online book. It's an actual book that you'll receive to your home once you create adn order it. The total cost is .99 and up, depending on the amount of photos you put in. Hope that inspires an idea if nothing else. My husband is also into all that electronic bit. Another idea if you want something down that road....Things has a silverplated mouse that you can personalize. I got this for my hsuband as a wedding gift. I had it personalized with "God works in mysterious ways." We met online so it was very appropriate. You could get that and put the wedding date on it or your own little message. It's about if I remember correctly, and it is workable. He'll be able to use it on his computer or laptop. Good luck with your search and happy anniversary.

    Will the new Harry Potter movie still be playing in theatres in Cebu City around August 25th?
    I want to take my girfriend there to see it and we'll be travelling from Leyte just for that purpose around August 25th, so I would like to know if it would likely still be in the theatres during that time. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure if it will be playing there, but i watched the new harry potter and the half blood prince yesterday... and i have to say.... its probably the best harry potter movie out of them all...
      the Quidditch scene is amazing!!
      anyways if you and your girlfriend are just sitting around, i watched the full movie online free at
      its pretty good quality and the it loads pretty quick..
      hope this helps

    What age do people stop developing accents?
    I've seen videos online of a little five year old girl who recently moved to the UK from the U.S.A. and her parents are saying. "We've lived here for four months and she's already picked up the accent."... then she talks a little bit. My friend is fifteen (like myself) and recently moved from South Africa. She has an amazing accent. Twenty year olds and older don't really lose an accent if they move somewhere else.

    What age do people stop developing accents?

    • ANSWER:
      Developing an accent is a process affected by many variables, age being just one. Generally your accent can change more easily up to your early 20s and then tends to remain the same. However that doesn't mean anyone who moves somewhere at age 15 will change their accent while someone who moves at 25 will never change. For their accent to change beyond the age of maybe 4 or 5 a child or adult generally has to want it to change and make a conscious effort to do so.

      I'm a teacher in New Zealand, a very multi-cultural society. I have students who moved here at age 7 or 8 who still sound completely British/South African etc. but also students who moved here at later ages but sound very Kiwi. However, that doesn't mean the ones who sound British etc haven't changed their accent at all. It is common to pick up at least a few slight changes in pronunciation and intonation which will be noticeable to people from your native country as an accent change.

      However it is common for people's accents to change over the course of their life even if they don't move. Even Queen Elizabeth II sounds different today from how she spoke in the 50s. However, changing your accent more than slightly has to be intentional unless it happens when you are really very little and still just learning to speak. A child under age 7 still has a part of their brain open that learns primary language. After 7 that section closes off and a new part of the brain must be used to learn any new languages after that. So a 5 year old is far more likely to simply naturally mimic his or her peers at school and change accents. Adults can do it with some effort though, just look at all the actors who have to for movies.

      I moved to NZ from the US at age 20, so right at the end of the period when it is still relatively easy to change an accent if you wish to. I didn't want to completely lose my American accent but I did want to tone it down a bit so I wouldn't be continuously treated like a tourist or asked when I was going back to the US. It isn't nice being treated like an outsider. Most of my students say I sound American but "less American" than what's on TV. Other times I've gotten Canadian, Aussie and English. When I'm back in the US people think I have a really strong Kiwi accent and even when I try to sound fully American again they say it still sounds Kiwi. I do find my accent naturally fluctuates to who I am talking to, Kiwi or American.

      I would also say it depends how big the shift in accent is. Changing from some British accents to an NZ or Aussie accent would be much easier than shifting from Canadian or American to Kiwi/Aussie.

    What is the best laptop to buy for college?
    I'm 25 and I'm starting college in January full-time.. I plan on taking some online courses as well... I need a laptop that is going to be good for online courses, has a good webcam built in, good for watching movies, and also good for downloading music... Which is the best computer for college and everyday use? I'm not too concerned about the price... I just want something that's going to fit every need!

    • ANSWER:
      I will advise you a beautiful and outstanding laptop which is very light weight,it is Toshiba Satellite L505D-ES5025 TruBrite 15.6-Inch Laptop (Grey/Black)
      Read this review,it will be helpful

      I have found it here at a very reasonable price:

      Here are its specifications:

      2.3GHz AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M520 Processor
      4GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Memory
      320GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive (5400RPM); DVD SuperMulti Drive with Labelflash supporting 11 formats
      15.6" CCFL (16:9) 1366x768 Display; ATI Radeon 4200 Graphics
      Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Where can i find the complete series on inuyasha?
    That doesn't have a shipping price of like .(and is in english, preferably not dubbed)
    I've tried amazon it says it's discontinued or currently not available.

    • ANSWER:
      hey you could just watch it online you know.
      This website has all of the episodes and all of the movies.

    What was the name of the popular opera tune that was used in "The Handmaid's Tale" movie?
    I've googled it endlessly, and I've found the CD for sale online, but nowhere can I find a list or any samples of the the songs so I can hear without buying the CD. Can anyone help me? Perhaps someone actually owns this CD?

    • ANSWER:
      The Handmaid's Tale
      Soundtrack music by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

      Prison Camp
      On the Bus
      Old Hundredth (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)
      Moira's Hand
      Red Veil
      Rape & Rage
      The Kiss
      Pollution In City
      Moira Escapes
      Shall We Gather By The River
      Love In Nick's Room
      Amazing Grace
      My Daughter Is Alive
      Car Bomb
      Kate & Moira
      Finding The Knife
      Waiting For Murder
      Killing Commander
      Old Hundredth (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)

      Then, there are these songs, not found on the soundtrack neccesarily:

      Please note that songs listed here (and in the movie credits) cannot always be found on CD soundtracks. Please check CD track details for confirmation.

      * "Whispering Hope"
      Written by Alice Hawthorne

      * "Shall We Gather At The River"
      Written by Robert Lowry

      * "Old Hundredth (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)"
      Written by Louis Bourgeois

      * "Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)"
      Written by Jimmie Hodges
      Performed by The Mills Brothers
      Published by Duchess Music Corporation
      Rights administered by MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA, Inc.
      Courtesy of MCA Records

      * "I Don't Know Enought About You"
      Written by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour
      Performed by The Mills Brothers
      Published by Duchess Music Corporation
      Rights administered by MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA, Inc.

      * "Little Girl Blue"
      Written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
      Published by Polygram International Publishing, Inc.

      * "The Most Beautful Girl In The World"
      Written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
      Published by Polygram International Publishing, Inc.

      * "Johnny Come Home"
      Written by David Steele and Roland Gift
      Performed by Fine Young Cannibals
      Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
      Courtesy of MCA Records/I.R.S. Records
      Licensed by FFR Records Ltd Trading as London Records ©1985

      * "Tongue Dance"
      Written by Les Rita Mitsouko
      Performed by Les Rita Mitsouko
      Published by Additions Virgin Musique
      Courtesy of Virgin France SA

      * "Crazy"
      Written by Willie Nelson
      Published by Tree Publishing Co, Inc.
      Performed by Patsy Cline
      Courtesy of MCA Records

      * "Save A Soul In Every Town"
      Written by Henry Priestman
      Published by 10 Music Ltd.
      Performed by The Christians
      Courtesy of Island Records

      * "Bereavement"
      Written by Otto Sieben
      Published by Sonoton/Associated Production Music
      Courtesy of Sonoton/Associated Production Music

      Try looking on limewire for these songs... if you start downloading them, you can pre-view them and delete them before they finish downloading if you feel uncomfortable keeping them on your computer.

    Whats the easiest way to become a movie extra?
    I'm interested in finding roles to be extras in movies or tv shows filmed in my area and I was wondering what would be the easiest way to find out what things are available in my area without paying for an online service this isn't providing much results.I've tried the newspaper and craigslist and have found nothing. Any suggestions??

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to get hired as an extra in your area to register with the local extras casting agencies. You can find them usually either on your state film commission's website or just do a search for "extras casting chicago" or wherever you live. When a movie comes to town, they are not hiring the extras off the street, they go to a local casting agency.There are usually a couple of local agencies that production companies go to when they go to a certain town. The agency is going to use the people who are already registered with them unless they have to do a big scene and don't have enough people in their roster to fill it or the production is looking for something really specialized. So most sites that are advertising are for one of those two reasons - in the meantime there may be DOZENS of productions that have ten extras working today and 4 tomorrow.

      Most important thing to remember is that no reputable agency will charge you for registering with them (a few may charge up to for an electronic image fee so that production companies can go through their roster online, but that's the most anyone should charge).

      There is another site called - they specialize in doing really big crowd scenes. They usually don't pay you, but they make the day fun and give lots of prizes throughout the day. They have a shoot coming up in New York on April 1.

      Good luck!

    What is the size of the movie posters that movie theatre's use?
    im gonna start collecting them but i dont know what the true size of the posters are. i want the right size when ordering them online. please help. in inches please. and do movie posters always have the little words that say the cast and producer? please help.
    and are movie posters traditionaly double side/printed?

    • ANSWER:
      It's about: Width: 25" Length: 38".. These are the average size of posters on movie theaters. I know cause I like doing posters like that for my walls and poster tubes.

    How much money do cinemas get from tickets?
    I've always wondered, how much money do cinemas make from TICKETS (what percentage share or however you wish to explain it). People say they make most money via popcorn, sweets and drinks but I wondered what share of tickets (if any) they take.

    Nowhere online gave me a decent answer - any help would be highly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Ticket sales are a tad tricky. Most of the larger studios have a set percentage which is between 65-80 percent(going to the studio) for the first few weeks.

      So on the first week of a film release 80% of the ticket sale goes back to the studio. The percentage then equalizes during the length of a film's run so by week 5 the percentage might be more like 65% going back to the studios. This is why movie studios place such a huge emphasis on the first few opening weeks of a movie.

      A movie that has a very good chance of being successful such as the subsequent Harry Potter movies, Twilight, Pirates of the C...The studio may keep 80% for a longer period of time. Also if a film is not some blockbuster (that is generally a film that is considered "arty") the studio may drop the initial percentage split right down to 50/50 or even 25/75. This is to give the cinemas a greater incentive to show a film that might not be a huge draw. As you already know the theaters make the bulk of their profits from selling concessions.

      It is easy to sell popcorn and soda by the arm full to a bunch of preteens fawning over sparkly vampires. Therefore let the studios take 80% of ticket sales.

      Not so easy to the 17 adults who have shown up to watch a film about 2 guys driving around California Wine country. Therefore studios if you want us to show your film you better make up for the loss of Twizzlers and Dr. Pepper so how about we make that a 50/50 split on ticket sales.

    Where can I buy film for my old Kodak Brownie Movie Camera?
    I am having no luck finding film for a Kodak Brownie Model II movie camera that I just bought. I really don't want this to just end up being a thing that looks interesting on a shelf. I bought it so I could use it. Does anyone know where I can but film for it?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a collection of vintage movie cameras, and I have several of these. And YES, you can still get film for it. You'll just have to order it online.

      Your camera uses what's called Regular 8mm (or "double run 8") movie film. It comes on spools. The reason it's called "double run" is because it comes on a 25-foot spool and it's actually 16mm wide. You shoot on one edge of the film, and then when you get to the end you flip the spools over and shoot on the other edge. When you send the film to a lab to have it developed, they'll develop it and then split the film down the middle and splice it together into a 50-foot roll. Regular 8mm movie film was first introduced in 1930's, and they made it this way so it would be cheaper, to try to encourage more people to shoot home movies during the Depression.

      I posted a few videos on YouTube showing how to load 8mm movie cameras. In fact, one of the cameras I show in the video is a Kodak Brownie 2.

      There are a lot of places where you can order 8mm movie film. I usually get mine from Dwayne's Photo, in Parsons, Kansas. Heres' their website:

      (Don't worry about the notice on the page. That's about Kodachrome, which is a completely different kind of film). Go to the top, where it says "Order Forms." Then go to "Movie Film" and then "Movie Film Ordering." You can print an order form which you will mail to them to buy 8mm movie film.

      Or, here's a direct link to the order form. Maybe this link will work. It's a PDF file.

      You'll want the film that says "Ektachrome 100D Regular 8 X 25ft (for double 8 cameras)"

      You can also send the film back to Dwayne's Photo to have it developed.

      There are a lot of other places where you can order 8mm movie film too. Just do a search on Google. I know of another place, called Spectra Film and Video, in Hollywood, California.

      They're a bit more expensive than Dwayne's Photo, but they have a much bigger selection of color and B&W films.

      Good Luck. Email me if you have any questions.

    Is it too late for me to start singing or acting?
    Im 15 and im in high school and all i want is to be good at something for once. My dream is to either sing because Michael Jackson is a huge influence to me or act because i love movies. But the only thing stopping me is i feel like its too late and like im REALLY OLD! what should i do im so confused?

    • ANSWER:
      15 is NOT old! Most celebrities have started their careers at the age of 10-25. It's a perfect time to began a career in theatre arts/music.

      What you should do is go in school plays if you chose your life goal as a actress. More school plays=better experience, which will help BIG time if you audition in a movie.

      If you choose to be a singer, get a agent ASAP. You can find some at a close-by music center or by searching online.

    What is the name of the Movie Theater in Times Squares next to Starbucks?
    the theater that is in front of Amc 25, I'd like to see transformers with my nephew and id like to get tickets online, i believe is Regal? I found a regal on 247 something but dont know if its the same theater, please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      The theatre on 42nd and Eighth Avenue is called the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13. Their phone number is [212]840-7761.

    My girlfriend and I are looking to have a threesome with another woman. What do we do?
    I'm 25, slim fit and she is 20 and slim fit. We are both attractive and 420 friendly. Are there sites that we can visit besides craigslist to find a local girl?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a lot of ways you and your girlfriend can have fun with another woman, each one calls for a different approach:
      Find a girl at a bar
      Go to a Swingers Club
      Convince a stripper to join you
      Find a girl online

      They all take too long to discuss here, but you can find detailed descriptions of the pros and cons for each, what type of woman to look for, HOW to find her and what to do WHEN you find her at

      That article describes 7 different options, but since your girl is under 21 a lot of those might not yet be available for you, so I would skip ahead to the online options described in

      My advice: Build it up slowly. Don't go for the full porn-movies style threesome right away but work towards it in steps, so you can find out what you're both comfortable with (especially your girlfriend).
      So try something like her making out with some chick one day, to see if she's even into that.
      Then a few days later get a situation where the two of you are having an intimate moment with another girl without it actually being hardcore sex (strippers are perfect for that), and so on.

      Every step will be new and exciting for both of you, but most importantly you'll be more likely to discover things either of you might not be too comfortable with after all before it's too late.
      After each step, take a few days to enjoy the memories and discuss what you did and didn't like about it

      Another tip for when you have an actual threesome experience:
      As a guy you'll want to make sure BOTH girls are well satisfied, preferably multiple times, and as early in the process as possible.
      This will prevent jealousy and other awkward situations, and will pay off big time since they'll be more likely to return the favor. You can find out more about that here

    How much will a speeding ticket cost me?
    I live in Indiana. I got a speeding ticket for going 50 in a 30. I called and asked if i could pay the ticket online. They said because im under 25 i cant pay the ticket. I'll have to go to my court date and take a class and that the case could be dropped. Should i be expecting to pay for my ticket and how much? and does anyone know about a class i'll have to take?

    • ANSWER:

    I need ideas for a wedding shower and bachelorette party?
    I am the maid of honor in my best friends wedding. I am throwing the wedding shower and bachelorette party. Ive been reading ideas online for both but everything requires lots of money. Im on a TINY budget and was wondering if anyone had free or cheap ideas of things to do.

    • ANSWER:
      A shower is fairly inexpensive depending on how many people you invite. Let's say you invite 20 people. Invites will run you about -. Then food. You can go as cheap as you want for that. I'd say punch, a cake, and a few sandwiches/puff pastries will run you about . You should have a co-host split it with you as I imagine you aren't having it at your own house. Then that would be about each.

      If that's too much, do some things yourself. Instead of buying a couple flower arrangements for the table, pick your own. Instead of buying frozen quiches or puff pastries at a warehouse club, make sandwiches yourself. Make chicken salad croissants and cucumber sandwiches. Then you could cut the cost in about half.

      For a bachelorette party, how many girls are you inviting? It's not just the wedding party that's invited. I'd say the average number is between 7 and 15 girls. Ask them what their budget is. For a person you can do a fair amount.

      My bachelorette party we went to dinner at a restaurant that was doing buy one get one free appetizers. We all passed them around the table and it ended up being a person for 2 appetizers each (though I don't think we actually ordered that much). Then we went to a few bars with ladies get in free. Then after about 1 drink, people started buying the bachelorette party drinks. Including buying my drinks, I think that ended up being about per person over 3 bars. So my total was about per person.

      There are so many things you can do--it depends on the girls. For an older friend of mine, they hired a chef for about 0. They spent 0 on wine. That was only per person since they had 20 people.

      For another friend who had known her bridesmaids since they were 5, they had a sleepover like the old days. A lot of old 80s movies, popcorn and margaritas all night. That was something like total as they got the bucket of margaritas from bed bath and beyond and popcorn is super cheap. Someone put the movies on their netflix.

      My groom went camping for his bachelor party. A campsite is about -. Between beer, food, wood for the fire, gas to get there and other stuff I think everyone put in . They rented 2 campsites and between the whole group, tents and sleeping bags were covered. However I've been to campsites that already had tents set up for you.

      You could tour wineries. When we were out in California we rented an 8 passenger limo. It was about per person. Many wineries are free and the ones that aren't have roughly a tasting fee. You could easily just do free ones though. Oregon, Virginia, NC--all have a ton of wineries.

      One thing I've heard of some people doing is going to an amusement park. That ends up being close to per person though once you have parking and food thrown in but there are lots of outdoorsy things you can do. Minor league baseball games come to mind. You could go to the beach for a day trip. A cooler filled with ice and drinks for the day, and stopping for a meal on the way down and back would be all. Probably close to per person.

      Some couples do a backyard bbq type of thing and just grill out burgers at the pool. Yes some girls go to the spa for the day or do some luxury trip to NYC and spend several hundred but I don't know any of them. Most people get married in their mid20s and most of their friends are poor.

    What is the best computer to get for college?
    I'm 25 and I'm starting college in January full-time.. I plan on taking some online courses as well... I need a laptop that is going to be good for online courses, has a good webcam built in, good for watching movies, and also good for downloading music... Which is the best computer for college and everyday use? I'm not too concerned about the price... I just want something that's going to fit every need!

    • ANSWER:
      Dell Studio seems to be a popular student choice these days.

    Should I continue Inuyasha or start Beserk?
    I was going to start Berserk this morning but for some reasone started watching Inuyahsa at episode 7 where I left off. Im on like episode 25 right now and i'm just wondering do you think it would be better and watch berserk and other animes and watch Inuyasha in the off time or try to finish Inuyasha in the next couple months? This week I banged through like 5 anime series being sick, and I liked the fact of watching like a series everyday of 26 episodes, but Inuyasha is like 200 including final act. So, thoughts?
    Also, is Berserk the anime series related to the movies? Does it go like berserk series ep1-25 then movie 1 and then eventually movie 2?

    • ANSWER:
      I say InuYasha. Because that anime is 100% complete. Berserk still has 1 more movie to be released this February which would then take a few more months to be released online. So by the time you're done with InuYasha--all of Berserk would be complete. That way you wouldn't have a gap between the Berserk movies which are direct sequels to each other.

    How Much Do Adult Tickets for Regal Cinema Cost?
    I'm 13 and 8 other 13-14 year old friends of mine are going to the movies, how much are adult tickets? Would we be considered adults?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure about the cinema where you live but where i live they're anywhere from .50 to .25 although if you go to a showing before 6 p.m then they're usually 2 or 3 bucks cheaper. And yes you will prolly be charged as adults unless you're short and look younger. Try looking online for the cinema's website to be sure of the prices.

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