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    I am a student looking for a good tablet/laptop for school and other activities. What is good out there?
    First thing you need to know about me is, I am a student at an art high school.
    I really need a reliable tablet/laptop to take to school for notes and to use for filming auditions and locations for potential films. I am currently looking at the Asus - VivoTab® RT Tablet with 32GB Memory, but I am not 100% sold on it yet. I'm not Mac or PC picky either. I just want something that will work and is easy to transport and have on the go. I would love advice from some more 'tech-savvy' people out there! Please let me know your thoughts.

    • ANSWER:
      get the Microsoft surface RT
      it really is an amazing tablet
      it has a 10.6" screen with very good and high resolution
      colors look clear and sharp on it
      the tablet build quality is amazing
      it feels perfect and its made from solid materials
      the os on the tablet which is windows 8 is also amazing
      its fast and fluid and also simple and easy to use
      its made with touch in mind
      the web browser is extremely good its fast and pages load up quickly
      and it supports flash which is a huge plus and which is something that is lacking on most android tablets and all ios tablets
      battery life is very good and would easily get you through more than 10 hours of heavy use
      you can download apps from the windows marketplace which has many high quality apps
      thousands of apps are being added everyday
      more than 2000 apps were added in less than 2 days
      it does have more than 20000 apps now and like I said it will keep on increasing
      it has dual cameras and both of them take amazing photos and videos
      it has deep social network integration(skype,facebook,twitter,linkedin and so on)
      you also get Microsoft office 2013 for free on it
      and if you get the keyboard and attach it to it you'll have a laptop
      overall the surface is an amazing tablet and you should get it
      hope i helped :)
      tell me if you decided to
      and if you got any question or need any help you can email me at

    How can I learn special effects computer engineering online? And how much time and how much money will I need?
    for that learning

    I have a job already, but I want to learn this FX computer engineering because I plan to produce and shot my own film (independant, probably) before 2013

    • ANSWER:
      If your using windows you might as well forget the whole idea here and now. You need to do some serious research into what operating system and software the movie industry and graphics studios use. It's not windows OS or Mac OS/x

      Every block buster movie and special effects you have ever seen was designed and developed using Linux operating systems and software because it is fast, stable and secure. It does not crash or freeze up, for your research check out this website
      A Brief History of Open Source in Movies

      Linux is FREE with everything you will ever need for Video, Audio, 3D Animated Graphics and Photo editing software along with Video Capture and DVD Authoring software plus Script writing software and every other software application package that you would want or need,

      Check these Links out for the latest August 2011 releases
      read here whats on offer
      to download it go here Notice the release date
      then there is this one
      check this out

    I'm looking for Yip man 3 with English sub title?
    Where can I watch it for free?

    Or do I have to wait a year until it's for free like the other Yip man movies?

    • ANSWER:
      sorry to say but there's no Ip man 3

      There were only two ipman movies by donnie yen.
      If you are looking for ipman 3, then wait until it shows on 2013. It will be on 3D

      If you are looking for other ipman movies which are not a donnie yen movie
      then here they are:

      The Legend is Born - IP Man (2010 Film)
      Grandmaster 2012 (showing on cinema soon)

      Watch it for free?
      if you know the word torrent then you better use that stuff.
      Download then watch...

      but if you dont know then just search on youtube or on google.

    Where to stream/download Sherlock season 2?
    I've watched the first season on Netflix but seasons 2 and 3 are not there. Does anyone know where I could find working free download links or be able to stream the series?

    • ANSWER:
      If you're in the U.S., season 2 has not been released yet. It is not available anywhere legally for viewing. You might find some links that people claim you can click on to watch it, but a lot of those links contain viruses, so I wouldn't risk it.

      Season 2 is scheduled to premier in the U.S. on May 6 on PBS. (The "Masterpiece" program.) It will most likely be available for purchase/rental on DVD either on or very near that date.

      Season 3 has not yet begun filming, though they have announced that there will be a season 3, and will film later this year. It most likely won't come out in the UK until early 2013, and might take months longer than that to be released in the U.S.

    Are you interested in this Animation Competition?
    Dear Animators,

    This is an exciting animation commission opportunity and competition for any animators that would like to produce the visuals for a fun, catchy song and humorous 2 minute music video.

    There are very few limitations to the look and style of the animation; i believe in leaving some creative space for the animator to "do their thing". For example, this could end up being Hand Drawn, CG, 2D, 3D, Traditional, Flash, or Stop-Motion. It doesn't have to be complex either - as long as the visuals express the mood, lyrics, setting and characters of the song. You might draw on influences from Crazy Frog, The Duck Song, Wallace and Gromit, Pingu, Walt Disney, Tom and Jerry, Happy Feet or The Family Guy etc. Above all, this is supposed to be a fun project to work on and a nice way to experiment with creativity.

    There are two main characters. (Separate audio tracks for each character can be provided if you are able to lip sync.). Both characters are Penguins located in Antarctica. Fred is a small cheeky and cocky penguin whilst Uncle Bill is a big, old, simple minded yet extroverted penguin. (The lyrics will also give you a feel for the characters, their expressions and plot).

    I am a professional British Music Composer, I have a BA (Hons) Music degree and an MA in Film and Television Composition (London). I have performed for the Queen of England and written music for hundreds of international television commercials, numerous animation series and orchestrated music for game consoles. Clients and credits include: Coca Cola, Kidsco, Walt Disney, KFC, Mars, Sony, XBox and Panasonic. I currently have 2632 Youtube subscribers and over 1,496,209 video views. Please have a look at my website and Youtube channel for more information about me.

    This is an excellent opportunity for a skilled animator, or enthusiastic student, looking for experience whilst adding invaluable content to their demo reel. I have been working on the music, lyrics and recording for some time now. It's finally ready! I have contacts in the film, television and audio industry - this will be great exposure; you never know who might see our work.

    The budget for this commission is small because it is self funded but the winner will receive full credit, exposure, use on their showreel and (USD) or £50 (GBP) (or equivalent currency depending on the applicants country of residence and the exchange rate at the time of payment).

    Submit animation on or before 1st April 2013. Please send a link to your submission via email. Please DO NOT send any large attachments. There are plenty of free sites that will host and store files for free (eg. Dropbox, Skydrive, YouSendIt etc.)

    The winner will be notified and rewarded before the winning animation is uploaded on 8th April 2013 onto my Youtube Channel and shared on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter etc. with the synchronized music track.

    All animation visuals must be original material created by you and should not infringe on other publisher's content. The judging is based on originality and creativity in relation to the audio track and lyrics provided.

    You can have a look at some of my work on either my website or YouTube channel here:

    If you are interested, please find the download link here for the music and lyrics:!213

    I'm very excited about this project and the potential it has. Let your creativity thrive!
    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and good luck with your submission!

    Kind regards,


    • ANSWER:
      ud b better off posting this on an artist community

    Where do you think my last name came from?
    My last name is Range. I am African-American and I have been looking into my family history. I was told by someone that my name comes from France and then I heard Germany. My grandfather is from Georgia around the cities Americus and Cordele. He moved to New Jersey when he was young so he was raised in New Jersey. But my grandfathers father was born and raised in Georgia.
    So my question is.... Since Georgia is where my family started, Where do you think my last name might be from? Did it originate from Georgia or from another country? Also, are there any other people out there with the last name Range? And would ya'll happen to know a man by the name of Sylvester Range. That was my Grandfather's father name, he lived in Georgia and he had more children. I just cant seem to find out where or who they are.
    I know for sure that Sylvester Range had two sons and one girl by my great grandmother. Their names are Ernest Range, Willie Range, and John Range. My great grandmother name was Myrtle Range because she married Sylvester Range, but they later separated and she moved to New Jersey without him.. I Hope that is enough info.

    • ANSWER:
      Theresa, especially for you, with your Afr Amer background..the origin of the NAME is fairly useless and trivia. This is due to the reality that prior to 1870, no Blacks had any surname, except a few rare Free persons of Color. In other some point, your ancestor ADOPTED the name. If it came from (say) Germany, it does not have anything to do with the origin of your biological ancestry.
      Here is the link for Myrtle and children in 1940, where she identifies herself as a widow. It may have been more "nice" than being divorced/ separated. You can download this image to your computer. Son John was born 1931; she was born 1912. This does not give her maiden name. I don't see her in the social security death index...did she remarry or use another name? Her maiden name should be on her death cert, and I was trying to find those dates for you. If you can obtain birth certs for any of the children, it should also be on those.
      It looks as if his other children are after 1940 meaning they won't be on the census.
      Here is his ss death index..
      Sylvester Range

      United States Social Security Death Index

      birth14 July 1911
      deathJune 1984Adel, Cook, Georgia
      You should also be able with this to get his death cert from Georgia.
      Here he is in 1930..
      name: Sylvester Range
      event: Census
      event date: 1930
      event place: Militia District 961, Schley, Georgia
      gender: Male
      age: 18
      marital status: Single
      race: Negro
      birthplace: Georgia
      estimated birth year: 1912
      immigration year:
      relationship to head of household: Son
      father's birthplace: Georgia
      mother's birthplace: Georgia
      enumeration district number: 0005
      family number: 338
      sheet number and letter: 17B
      line number: 58
      nara publication: T626, roll 383
      film number: 2340118
      digital folder number: 4531999
      image number: 00897
      Household Gender Age Birthplace
      head Tom Range M 63 Georgia
      wife Emma Range F 56 Georgia
      daughter Mary R Range F 24 Georgia
      son Tommie Range M 22 Georgia
      son Nathan Range M 21 Georgia
      daughter-in-law Ella Mae Range F 23 Georgia
      daughter Katie Range F 17 Georgia
      son Sylvester Range M 18 Georgia
      daughter Villa G Range F 9 Georgia
      daughter Beulah M Range F 7 Georgia
      granddaughter Susie M Range F 7 Georgia
      grandson Isaac Range M 11 Georgia
      Citing this Record

      "United States Census, 1930," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 Jan 2013), Sylvester Range in household of Tom Range, Militia District 961, Schley, Georgia; citing enumeration district (ED) 0005, sheet 17B, family 338, NARA microfilm publication T626, roll 383.

      Nathan is married and has children.
      You can see his dad and mother's ages to work out their birth years. They may have died before social security index.
      Its a start...

      this lady may be your relative, a daughter of Nathan Range. If you locate her children, they might have more information for you...
      theresa..this is where tom and emma are buried... he died 1950

    is asking alexandria getting a new album?
    i heard that asking alexandria was releasing an album this year. Does anyone know when?

    • ANSWER:
      Asking Alexandria is currently writing material for a third album, which is scheduled to be released in 2013. Revolver Magazine has included the album on their list of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2012. Commenting on the sound of the album, Worsnop has said it is "a musical baby of Mötley Crüe and Slipknot."

      On 1 May 2012, Asking Alexandria released a trailer for a new "shocking" short film entitled, Through Sin + Self Destruction. The release date was set for 15 May. The film promises a "controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a new era of rockstars for today's generation". The film contains a trilogy of three music videos from the band's second album, Reckless and Relentless. The songs are Reckless and Relentless, To the Stage, and Dear Insanity. The film is available now exclusively on iTunes.

      On 13 August 2012, Asking Alexandria announced on their Facebook page that a new single entitled "Run Free" was available for free download through a promotion with Axe.

      On 23 October 2012, the band announced that their third album will be more "radio-friendly" with guitarist Ben Bruce stating that "...if things go as planned, will have a lot of radio singles". Bruce expects the follow-up to 2011's "Reckless & Relentless" to contain 13-15 songs, six of which he says will be "radio-friendly" and the rest of which will be "our usual balls-to-the-wall kind of stuff."

      On 30 November 2012 the band announced the release of a new EP, Under the Influence: A Tribute to the Legends of Hard Rock, being released exclusively with a subscription to Revolver Magazine.

      On 2 December the band were in an accident as they were driving to their show in Chicago from Cleveland. Nobody was seriously the hurt but the band's tour bus was badly damaged.

      On 9 December in New York during the Monster Energy Outbreak tour, Danny Worsnop announced that he had torn his vocal cord and wouldn't be able to perform, and that his friends from Attila and I See Stars would be performing vocals for the band until he can perform again.[27] On 7 January 2013 Danny went in for a check-up on his torn vocal chord with vocal specialist Dr. Sugerman who perscribed him some medicine and told that all he would have to do is rest a bit longer and he would be able to return to singing.

      During an interview with Ben Bruce has stated that the album will contain "...a lot of heavy riffage on this record, whereas in the past we relied more on rhythms and breakdowns". He also decribed their new album as similar to "Old Slipknot" and the choruses and bridges as their "Mötley Crüe side".[29]

      The band has completed work on their third studio album, which has not yet been named.

      On 9 February 2013 released the interview they conducted with the band on January 23 at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany during the interview. Guitarist Ben Bruce spoke to regarding the lyrical direction for their new material; "It's a lot more mature than anything we've done before. It's not so much about partying and fucking random girls and doing drugs and stuff. We've actually taken the time to write something that's truly meaningful to us. The last two records were great, and we loved them, but we were different people then. We were a lot younger and had less experience. When you compare the albums, it will definitely show how much we've grown."

    Which anime do you recommend?
    Please recommend an anime film and/or series, thank you.
    As requested studio Ghibli, cyberpunk, political intrigue and an emphasis on plot have been of interest.

    • ANSWER:
      Psycho Pass seems right up your street with political intrigue and cyberpunk. You can stream it here, It's currently ongoing but it's 16 episodes in so there's plenty to watch. I'd also recommend Code Geass for one of my favourite plots. You can download it here, and stream it here,

    MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro?
    I am not sure which laptop to buy for college... I will need to install the Microsoft suite but other than that I just use netflix and the Internet. Obviously the air is cheaper so that's why I'm considering it, but I could just use a flash drive for my storage on the air right? Or the cloud. Any advice and information is really appreciate!!

    • ANSWER:
      In my honest opinion, I'd consider a Microsoft Surface RT for purposes such as this. It's not the obvious choice at the moment but here are some reasons I'd consider it:

      - Comes free with Microsoft Office 2013 (absolute latest version)
      - Has a rear facing camera, very very useful for recording lectures/classes (in my experience)
      - Native netflix app is available, which gives a intuitive way of browsing films/programs
      - Links beautifully with skydrive (Microsoft's cloud storage), so you never need to worry about saving documents, also has USB port if needed.
      - Here's a big one - YOU CAN PULL THE KEYBOARD OFF AND USE IT LIKE A TABLET! Think of it as a cross between an iPad and a macbook air!
      - Much cheaper than the macbook air (air is 849 for 64 gb storage, equivalent surface is a surface is 499 inc. keyboard, and you get a choice of keyboard colours)

      Bad points about the surface:
      - Doesn't run normal windows programs, so no photoshop .etc (all programs must be downloaded off the store in the same way as an iPad)

    Best Asian mood songs?
    I heard a song called "I know Jayne", from a Buddha Bar soundtrack, the artist is David Lowe's Dreamcatcher. But I was wondering if you guys know any songs like it? I really like how the lyrics are in English, but the feel is so deep, bollywood, asian. It doesn;t even have to have lyrics, it can be instrumental. Here's the link for the song:

    • ANSWER:
      Best Asian mood songs?
      [Mar 16, 2013] I heard a song called "I know Jayne", from a Buddha Bar soundtrack, the artist is David Lowe's Dreamcatcher. But I was wondering if you guys know any songs ... ~ by Katie - Cached
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      Asian mood - YouTube
      "Asian mood", a playlist created by Ana Marcelino Cruz ... 笑傲江湖 xiaoaojianghu 中国民乐 Chinese folk music The Proud Youth 央视 chinese culture - Cached
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      Twin Soft - Music For Interior 1: Music For Asian Mood CD Album
      Twin Soft - Music For Interior 1: Music For Asian Mood music CD album .29 in stock at CD Universe, This specially priced CD is from the Twin Soft self healing. - Cached
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      Asian Mood Songs - Video Results

      Background Music Instrumentals - relaxdaily - B-Sides N°1"."Play VideoBackground Music Instrumentals - relaxdaily - B-Sides N°1
      Rick James - Super Freak - YouTube"."Play VideoRick James - Super Freak - YouTube
      Relaxing Spa Music Long Time"."Play VideoRelaxing Spa Music Long Time

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      Twin Soft | Music For Interior #1: Music for Asian Mood | CD ...
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      Asian Music: 20 assigned downloads, like Asian Music - Asian Music . mp3 from mp3-album - Cached Asian Melody: Mystic Mood Orchestra: MP3 Downloads
      Original Release Date: July 7, 1998 ; Format - Music: MP3; Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player - Cached
      Soothing Mood, Asian Music, stock music library, music for film
      Soothing Mood, Asian Music, stock music library, music for film, royalty-free stock music and royalty free music downloads at AudioSparx

    Question about a TV Show. (Ignore the question mark.)?
    The show "Sherlock" from BBC has two series. The second one was recently released in February. I have three questions:
    !) Will Netflix ever have the second series?
    2) How long does it take to update the episodes. (Getting a new season, series, or episodes after they are aired.)
    3) Do you know any websites that may possibly show episode 1 of series 2 without signing up, taking a survey, or paying?

    Thanks for your time.
    ps. I checked PBS but couldn't figure out how to watch it.

    • ANSWER:
      1) Yes, it will. However, I do not know the release date.
      2) It takes about a year and a half. (Sucks, I know.) Each episode is really a 90-minute movie, so it needs to be understood that it's really like writing and then filming three movies. They are supposed to start filming season three later this year. It is due to be released first in England in early 2013, and then PBS has confirmed that it will be shown here on PBS sometime in 2013. (But probably not until closer to the end of the year.)
      3) You can watch the entire series 2 now for free with no downloads on the PBS website.

      Addition: I'll give you a link that gets me to it, but I don't know if it will work for you because you might not live in the same area I do, and each area of the country has their own individual links.
      (Above the word "Sherlock", click on the link that says "Watch Online". Then you'll see the episodes below, and you just click on those. In order, season 2 is "A Scandal In Belgravia", "Hounds of Baskerville", and then "The Reichenbach Fall".)

      If that link doesn't work for you, try going to
      Then look for a link to "Masterpiece". (You should see it right in the top row, or click on the link to "Programs", and then look under "M" for "Masterpiece" there.)
      Once you click on "Masterpiece", you should find links to "Sherlock" there, and links that say "Watch Online".

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