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    Why is the US film (Hollywood) indsustry bigger than the UK film industry?
    Why is the US film (Hollywood) indsustry bigger than the UK film industry?

    • ANSWER:

    What jobs can you get with a Film Studies (Hollywood Cinema) degree?
    I'm trying to decide what to study at university and was wondering what jobs would be available to me if i had a degree in film studies (hollywood cinema)? Many thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Although you don’t say which universities are of interest, a good starting point is normally the careers service at any university offering this course - information should be available there on graduate employment opportunities from specific courses and faculties.

      It’s also worth having a look at the Prospects website for information on careers relevant to this degree; see the section on ‘options with your subject’ at!eXbLc. As there’s no specific listing for ‘Film studies (Hollywood cinema), select the more general category ‘Film and photography’ from the ‘a - z’ list for details of possible job options, either directly related to your degree or where your degree would be useful. You’ll also see information on various career areas, case studies and further study as well as contact and resource details - these include the British Film Institute (BFI) at and the UK Film Council (UKC) at It may be worth contacting both organisations for further information about career opportunities either in the UK film industry or abroad.

      Another alternative is to add ‘Film studies (Hollywood cinema) to the search facility on this Prospects site. The results indicate that this subject is often offered at postgraduate rather than undergraduate level so it may be worth considering a more generalist subject area at undergraduate level, if this opens up career options.

      If postgraduate study is likely to enhance employment options, have a look at for information on courses, costs and potential funding opportunities. Some employers may consider support (contribution towards costs or time for study, for example) if courses are closely linked to a job role.

      I hope this helps answer your query and wish you well in your course and career planning.

    You have to admit that Queen Latifa was a real bomb, she has a horrible flat voice?
    They Hollywood oscar festival where whacked out people honor each other for crappie flicks. A bunch of self aggrandizing slouches who are sinking fast. Well, they own the cameras and are holding the mics, what can you do besides tune them out and watch BBC and the great foreign films. Hollywood blows, big time.

    • ANSWER:
      Um... geez, if you hate the Oscars so much, why are you watching them?

      I actually thought she had a clear, nice voice that didn't take away or distract from the video clips they showed behind her.

    Is getting into the film industry worth it?
    I'm at the point in my college career where I really need to start making that decision as far as where I'm really gonna go. I love film, just about every aspect of it. Most of my hands on experience has been in theater, but I've done every possible role there is. But I want to hear some peoples experiences. If there's any of you who did decide to go into the film industry hollywood or not, has it been rewarding? Are you able to support yourself? I know I'm not going to get many answers, but I figured I'd try anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      I actually had a huge passion going to work with Pixar Animation Studios. I love films as well. The only way I see it, if you have a well enough passion for this industry, go do what you love to do. I've had this passion since I was five, when I first saw Toy Story (1995). Now I'm getting a BA in Illustration/Fine Arts. I really want to work with them. Pixar is like Harvard to me.

    What are important or seminal Irish or Irish influenced films?
    Which films do you consider seminal Irish cinema, this can include films from Hollywood or Britain which show a lot of Irish influence. Thanks. I am focused mainly on films which express an Irish national identity. And whilst not central to my question, which films feature important IRA aspects.

    • ANSWER:
      The Wind That Shakes the Barley
      The Boxer

    Why did film legend Gloria Swanson always go around with a white rose?
    Silent film and Hollywood legend Gloria Swanson (1899-1983) was a very famous actress in Hollywood during the 1920s and mid-1930s; she is particularlyred for her role of Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard" (1950). In a lot of her photographs and TV appearances she was always wearing or holding a white rose. Was it a symbol of some kind? What did it mean?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think she did. I just Googled for images of Gloria Swanson, looked at 200 photos, and only saw one photo of her with a rose in it.

    Is it easy to get a job in the film industry in Hollywood?
    I'm about to start applying for production/direction jobs in the film industry in Hollywood. Is it difficult and what do I need on my job history and education to get one?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't really need anything, almost everything that there is to be learned is on "on the job."
      Start as a PA and work up. I don't think it'll be too hard, there is a LOT of work in Hollywood -- be open to tv as well as film or even corporate gigs. The trick is to keep busy and keep working.
      You'll do fine if you love it.

    How to sell my book to Hollywood?
    I have self published one book in USA and UK. After published, it get many testimonials from writers and readers. So many people think it would be classic and would be feature film in Hollywood. In that case, I hope to find great literary agency or agent to sell my book to NY publishers and sell my book to Hollywood such as Disney. Could you please tell me how I could get great literary agent in WMA, CAA, ICM or other agent to sell my book to Hollywood? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      If you succeed in this please let me know how you done it. First your book has to be a bestseller and trust me a self published book will not be a best seller. SO!
      There are many publishers out there and believe me, it is hard to find one. I spent two years and many, many manuscripts sent with only three replies to the negative. One took three years to reply? Just type in (Canadian) USA or English Literary Agency's and try some of these. If your work is excepted there are no charges to you. They will give you upfront $ and a percentage on books sold. Usually about 15%. Best selling authors can demand much, more. Good luck.
      I went the self publish route. Very hard row to hoe. It worked for me only because I am retired and had time to do many book signings.
      I write this mainly to warn you about the bad guys out there trying to take your money for nothing. Check (Warnings &Cautions for Writers) May save you some headaches.
      Wayne Russell, The Vagabond Writer

    Who has been successful in both music industry and film industry?
    Can you list some famous people in the US
    who has been successful both in the music industry and film industry, hollywood?

    • ANSWER:
      Jack Black popped in my mind quick...not huge in music industry but has a couple songs that a lot of people know...Jared Leto is pretty successful in both...

    How do you get a job at a movie studio if you're a film major right out of college?
    Lets say you want to work on feature films in Hollywood. For example if you wanted to be a grip or gaffer or foley artist, how would you apply for these jobs or find out if they are available? I know you have to start out on the bottom in this industry and to get your foot in the door you night have to be a production assistant, what is the best way to get a job with a studio like Warner Bros or Paramount etc.....

    • ANSWER:
      Start calling around for human resource departments at the studios that you like. Ask if they have any positions available for your field. If not ask if they have any internships available. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part.

    What movie filmed in 3D starred the late Charles Bronson and late Vincent Price and what year?
    This movie was among the very first 3D films. Now Hollywood is trying 3D all over again.

    • ANSWER:
      House of Wax (1953)

      I love this movie! The 3D shots are not glaringly obvious as in many such films when they are shown on TV (for example, "Jaws 3D"). The guy with the paddle-balls is my favorite part, especially with the perky music that goes with his performance. Sadly, I was only about 2 years old when it was released, so I've seen it only on TV. Bronson also co-stars with Price in "Master of the World", which I DID get to see in the theater.

      If anyone's interested, YouTube has it. Here's Part 1:
      They also have the paddle-ball part in 3D~though the average person isn't likely to have the necessary glasses handy.

      Actually, this is filmmakers' third wave of 3D movies: the Fifties/Sixties, the Eighties and now the 2000s.

      IMDb trivia just for fun:
      "Bwana Devil" was the first U.S. feature film shown using Polaroid's dual-projector 3D system. It is the first American 3-D movie shot in color. But, "House of Wax" was the first 3D film with stereophonic sound.

    How are video games influencing film production in Hollywood?
    this is a research questions so any answers/links much appreciated!

    more and more films are made from video games concept for example most recent one was Prince of Persia (it was a game before it was made into a film)
    and one of the first every video game based film to be released was Super Mario Bros. (not everyone know this)

    so I just wanted to know how are video games influencing film production in Hollywood? and why more and more games are made into films?

    Please please back your answers up with links where possible (no Wikipedia- I already checked that lol)

    Thanks guys!

    • ANSWER:
      video games are virtual story telling which makes a perfect line for hollywood block buster. if you look it up you will see alot of new games are making into movies and games such as halo, gears of war, god of war and as you said prince of persia.

      There are alot to come i recently watched the movie doom which was a game before it made into a movie and The Rock stared in it. Each new game has a story to tell even look at Hitman.

      If you are looking for research then look for new games that are migrating into movies, you will find your answer there.

    What is the exact definition of a Hollywood actor?
    It's strange, I never really thought about it before. People label certain actors as 'Hollywood actors' but what is the criteria to get that status? Do you have to live in Hollywood? Do you have to have filmed in Hollywood?

    I tried googling it but no help there!
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts! :)

    • ANSWER:
      A hollywood actor has worked or auditioned in hollywood. There are film sets in hollywood but they don't need to have worked on them to be a hollywood actor they just need to have auditioned there or something. Thats what I think.

    What is the software or program used for animation featured film in hollywood?
    What is the software or program name which is used in animation featured hollywood film like ice age,madgascar escape2 africa...etc? Is many sofware or program used for the film could any one tell the names of the softwares or program?

    • ANSWER:
      ok there are no "one" software for those huge projects,
      they involve many software for texturing, model design, shape enhance, etc.etc.

      but if you want to explore,

      try "3d studio max"

      and pick up from there

      but you need great determination,
      its not an easy task,
      sure as hell not a one man's job.

    what would i need to do to become a hollywood film director?
    All my life I have wanted to become a film director in Hollywood. My main inspirations are people like Stephen Spielberg and J.J Abrams. I currently live in the UK by the way.

    • ANSWER:
      Why don't you read some biographies of film directors you admire and find out how they did it? Also, watch movies, listen to the DVD commentary tracks, make movies of your own, go to film school, etc.

    How much can a film director make per movie?
    I,m Gregory and I want to become a film director. The film industry interests me a lot. I'm going to finish high school, go to a film college in Hollywood, and finally move there to become a director. Hopefully I'll become a famous director. My future life is so exciting in my imagination! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      HI i want to be a director too. but also a screen writer and a producer.
      first dont go to hollywood. go to florida cali or someplace like that. find a colledge with the best film production programs.

      how much can they make?? ALOT millions. but an average is 500,000 a year.

    Who wants to Invest in the rough of diamond?
    I came across a little boy who is searching for a producer or someone with money who could sponsor him in producing a screenplay he has taken five years to put together...I read it and saw it's wonderful but he doesn't want it produced for African market alone...He said he wants someone who could take the film to HOLLYWOOD after production. Do you want, or know who would want to be involved in the act of bringing Hollywood to where she is not now?

    • ANSWER:
      Let her parents dp it. sounds like child traffiking to me. My son is a talented musician and He lives in Los Angeles. He is an aduly and doing well to promote himself as a chef and a guitarust. He didn't need nor want help. Your idea sounds like a scam.

    How can Canadians interested in acting become famous?
    I am a 19 year old female from Canada interested in seriously becoming an actress, but it is extremely difficult to find any serious organization/agency to help. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to how to get started. I've heard the typical, get involved in theatre, but I want to be in film in Hollywood and doing plays where I live won't get me any closer to that.
    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Agencies don't usually accept people without basic training and professional tools (headshots/bodyshots, experience/a resume, training/acting classes, a demo reel, etc..)

      Not everyone starts in theatre, but most people do. Just because you want to do film doesn't mean you can't start in theatre. You can't run before you walk, can you? Don't get ahead of yourself.

      You need acting classes (years of training).
      I already mentioned the tools you need, so don't forget those.
      But by far, IMO, the most important tools are your headshot (it's you!) and your resume (it has your training, special skills, and experience).
      If your resume isn't formatted correctly, that shows you're unprofessional. For formatting help, go here:

      You'll make it to Hollywood if you're committed, but you don't seem to be. Someone who is committed LOVES to act and will do any job given to them, because they realize the more experience they have, the closer they'll get to where they want to be. It will take time, patience, and you'll of course go through rejection. But if it's what you truly want to do, because you love it, and not because you want to be famous, then go for it!

    How can I tell if a movie is a hollywood movie and not independent?
    I am doing my dissertation on the male gaze in 21st century hollywood cinema but am having a bit of trouble making sure films are specifically HOLLYWOOD films and not independent...can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      You go to and look up the movie title. Click on the link (which will be in the long list of the left hand side of the screen) that says "Company Credits" - If it was produced by a major studio it will show up under production company. If it was independent, you will only see the major studios listed under distributors.

      Here are links to two independent films:

      Here are links to two Hollywood films:

      See the difference? Hope this helps.

    Who were some major innovators in history in the fashion, film and entertainment field?
    I'm doing a project for History Day and I'm interested in fashion, photography, film and movies, hollywood, etc. I've thought about doing Anna Wintour or Walt Disney. any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      This might help, though it isn't really about a person. You could write about how rationing during wartime influenced fashion (i.e. no more corsets, because all metal had to go to the men).

    What kind of video camera do you need to shoot quality film ?
    What kind of video camera do you need to shoot quality film ?
    Not talking Hollywood just for a quality indie film

    • ANSWER:
      Probably an expensive one. In a large city, you could probably rent one.

    What are some good Romantic Films for men?
    I like films such as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Lost in Translation", "Amelie." and "Atonement"

    I dislike films such as "500 days of summer" "The Notebook" and "Slumdog Millionaire"

    I also prefer independent films to hollywood and I don't mind subtitles. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      1. The Painted Veil
      2. Away We Go
      3. A Very Long Engagement
      4. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
      5. Adam
      6. Benny & Joon
      7. Happy Accidents
      8. New York, I Love You
      9. Dans Paris
      10. Once
      11. Purple Violets
      12. Wristcutters: A Love Story
      13. Goldfish Memory
      14. Something New
      15. Neo Ned
      16. The Fountain
      17. Before Sunrise
      18. What Dreams May Come
      19. Seven Pounds
      20. Haven

    How long does it take to make a film?
    I want to know how long it would take to write, cast, film, edit and finish a professional film. Like a Hollywood film.

    • ANSWER:
      How long is a piece of string.

      There are too many factors involved to give an accurate answer. Some films can be done in a month, others can take a year or more....

      It depends on what filming locations you need and in what season you need them. If a lot of the film is set indoors then you can use a studio and you can usually get it all in the can a lot more quickly.

      The writing side of it is even more of a variable. It could take years to write an original script from start to finish. If you're remaking a film or making the sequel it will take a lot less time.

    Why do you think there are no truly successful costumed vigilantes within our society?
    With the boom of super hero films in Hollywood, do you ever wonder why no one has ever succeeded in being be a successful costumed vigilante?

    What do you think might be some of the reasons that would prevent them from being one?


    • ANSWER:
      The reason people don't become vigilantes is because it is against the law. Believe me I know that sometimes people should take the law into their own hands but that can sometimes end up making things worse or getting themselves or other people killed. Some people believe that no matter what people say their little child or brother or father or sister or mother are angels. When their family member is murdered or injured in revenge for something they will want action taken against the person. The legal system is corrupt and probably always has been. A person can kill someone and be out in 5 years with good behaviour. Rapists and bashes are let out onto the street with no form of control to do whatever they please. We would rather punish a vigilante who might be doing good, then a criminal who might be 'corrected'.

      I doubt anyone would really be able to become a 'bat man' because you would need a lot of knowledge and a hell of a lot of money and it would be pretty obvious who it was depending on how they lived their lifestyle. Perhaps if they decided at a young age they would become one they could control their living habits but that would take self control and some people don't have that anymore.

      Law Abiding Citizen was a very good movie and I hope you have seen it and that is a good example of needing a lot of money and it usually takes a lot of brains to be a vigilante and not get caught.

      I hope this helps

    Is there a way to get into the film industry with a business management degree?
    I am studying business management at university. I want to do business but I am really interested in doing something in the film industry (bollywood/hollywood). I wanted to know what I can do associated with film making?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many positions you could get into with that degree. The film industry is just one big business. You could work in film distribution at a company like Yekra. They distribute films digitally via the internet, email and social media.

    How faithful is the film "To Kill A Mockingbird" to the original book?
    Thinking of watching the movie for better understanding of it, but I'm concerned the film may be Hollywood's take on the story.

    • ANSWER:
      Watch the movie! It's incredibly faithful to the text of the movie, and I'm someone who avoids movies based on novels because they're almost always disappointing. "To Kill a Mockingbird" has been one of my favorite books for decades, but the movie also makes my Top 10 list of films. Never have a book and movie so beautifully mirrored each other.

    How can a Hollywood film be considered a success or failure at the Box Office?
    Let's say a Hollywood film costs 100 Million Dollars to make, we all know that in order to break even it would take more than 100 Million dollars worth of ticket receipts, but I really don't have an idea about the exact percentage to surpass in order to create profit from sales...Care to explain how the Hollywood industry works?

    • ANSWER:
      It's complicated. First, they give half of ticket price to the movie theatre that shows the film.

      But U.S. ticket sales are only a small part of the overall profit picture. First, there's overseas box office, which for action films can often be larger than the U.S. returns. Then there are sales of related merchandise such as souvenirs, posters, books, toys, costumes, etc. Then, once the movie leaves the theatres, it follows a route that includes DVD, Blu-Ray, pay-per-view, premium cable TV, Netflix, broadcast network TV, local TV channels... with each stop paying a handsome profit to the studio.

      But out of that comes the cost of making the movie, the cost of advertising the movie (which can be huge), the cost of making film prints, taxes, shipping, etc. The initial costs are so high that it's not uncommon for studios to actually lose money at the theatres, even with successful films, but then make it back via home entertainment. In recent years, studios have made five times as much profit from home entertainment (DVDs, etc) than they have made from theatre ticket sales.

      So the profit for a film varies widely from movie to movie depending on a number of factors: Does it appeal to foreign audiences? Is it the kind of film that inspires people to buy merchandise? Will people want to buy it at home on disc? Will the networks want to air it? A family-oriented action film, such as the Harry Potter franchise, scores on almost every front. But other films, including excellent dramas which are considered Oscar material, such as "The Artist" or "Black Swan" or "The Social Network", often don't do as well. People admire them, but they don't run out and buy action figures based on the movies, or pick up copies of the video for their kids to watch over and over. So their profit potential is limited, despite their quality.

    What are some good classic HOLLYWOOD movies?
    Like Psycho, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, etc...KInds of movies where you can tell that they filmed in Hollywood.

    I know it probably sounds weird but please help. Thanks! I'll give Best answer!

    • ANSWER:
      "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"--Bette Davis, Joan Crawford

      filmed in the old mansion that belonged to Rudolph Valentino. Can't get any more classic Hollywood than that.

    Is this movie considered a foreign film?
    The movie "Nowhere Boy" made in 2009
    I'm from Canada and doing a film log on it. Would it be considered a foreign film? Is it hollywood made?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, not all that easy a question! It's listed as UK/ Canada with filming locations in London.... Check out the imdb info, and you be the judge!... Hope it helps!....

    Where can I start to become a film director in hollywood ?
    I have taken introduction to film in my freshman year in highschool and im also getting a camera his year to create some ametuer films. Now I have the choice to pick between T.V Production or Drama for my sophomore year in highschool. Which class should I choose for next year in my interest to become a director ?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to be a director, go for the TV Production. You'll learn more about being behind the camera. Drama won't teach you anything about tv or film unfortunately.

      There are a few summer workshops you can look into for film production. Check out the links below.

      Good luck!

    What is the number 1 most famous Hollywood film among all other famous films?
    In Hollywood film history, what film was ranked the no. 1 GREATEST HOLLYWOOD FILM in history? What was the name of the film? It's in one decade. What is the most most famous film of all time?

    • ANSWER:
      Famous implies the movie that has been seen by the most people. For that you're looking at Gone With the Wind, Star Wars, The Sound of Music, E.T., and The Ten Commandments.

      You could also look at lists from The American Film Institute (AFI) or just about any movie related site:
      Here's Yahoo's list of 100 movies to see:'s top 250 movies:

      NetFlix top 100: top rated;

      There are so many lists out there and opinions change over time. But as you look at different lists you will find that certain titles seem to show up on just about every list.

    How faithful is the film "To Kill A Mockingbird" to the original book?
    How faithful is the film "To Kill A Mockingbird" to the original book?
    Thinking of watching the movie for better understanding of it, but I'm concerned the film may be Hollywood's take on the story.

    • ANSWER:
      I only watched a little part of it. From what i saw, the movie was pretty acturate, but maybe it was because i watched a really important scene. If you already read the book you should check out the movie.

    Why is Hollywood so obsessed with murder and violence?
    Nearly every film made in Hollywood is about or contains graphic violence, murder, assassinations, gangsters, shootings, death, destruction and maiming. Or a combination thereof. And the common denominator for the American film hero is that they have committed murder. Why is the American film factory so obsessed with extreme violence and death? What does this say about the American psyche?

    • ANSWER:
      Because that's what the audience wants. The hero doesn't commit murder. He kills those who have attacked or otherwise severely wronged him.

    What are some of the biggest, most ambitious and most complex epic film projects even in Hollywood history?
    And what are some the best and/or greatest epic film projects even in Hollywood cinema history?

    • ANSWER:
      Fight Club
      Clockwork Orange
      The Matrix

      The most epic would be
      Star Wars
      Godfather Movies
      Raging Bull

    How can you make money from really small, indie films on small budgets?
    I want to make my first feature film as my ambition in life is to be a film director in Hollywood (I live in the UK). How can I make money from a film that barely anyone will see and has a lower budget than many other films.

    • ANSWER:
      OK this isn't the golden suggestion here but I'll throw it out there anyways:

      If you upload videos to youtube, once you get a certain number of views (pretty high number unfortunatly) then you will be given the option to make money from your videos.
      There are then ads on them and I cant imagine you get more than a few cents per view, but it would be better than no money at all.
      Youtube is probably the best way to get your video out there - however once it's on the internet for free it's harder to get people to pay for it. However being available free on the internet also means millions of people can see it, and you might get money if people want to use your video etc.

      You could also upload copies of crappy quality, and then advertise cheap HD quality available on e-bay or something.

    What is a good way to audition for hollywood films If I live in Australia?
    I really want to know ways to audition for hollywood films......any suggestions?
    I really look up to Emily Browning and I was wondering how she got her first move in a hollywood film and still does while liveing in Australia. plz help me!! thx

    • ANSWER:
      Hey there, i'm 16 years old and i do some acting. I recently stared a background position in twilight as one of the vampires. It was so much fun.
      To audition for that film my agent sent me the email of the casting director. So me and a couple of my friends organised a video recording of me, Explaining a bit about myself, Why i want the part and sample of my acting skills.

      This worked really well for me, I hope it works for you. xoxo <3 victoria

    Are there any body doubles for male film stars in hollywood?
    Are there any body doubles for male film stars in hollywood?

    • ANSWER:
      yes ..of course

    What is the difference between the realist style of film in Classical Hollywood films and in European Art film?
    Writing a paper and talking about "Dancer in the Dark." What are the elements of realist style that a European Art film strays from? Any specific examples would be great. A reliable source would be excellent as well. Thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:
      Citizen Kane

    How do I submit a film idea to Hollywood?
    Im 15 and I have a great idea for a movie, I would like to submit it to Hollywood or a movie producer to get it on the "big screen". So how do i go about doing this?

    • ANSWER:
      A good idea is not enough. Hollywood is full of good ideas, the difficulty is taking the new step and turning a good idea into good films. For this you need a screenplay and an agent who can generate enough interest to get your script read. Even then you will have an uphill struggle to get your voice heard as producers cannot accept unsolicitated material because of the risk of litigation. Every year 20,000 new screenplays are registered with the writers guild,but only a 1000 films are made, and when you take into account that many of these films were based on screenplays written years ago, you can see that getting a movie made is akin to winning the jackpot prize in the lottery. My advice is to write the screenplay as best as you can, even if takes years. Polish it up until you cannot improve on it. Then send it to as many agents are possible. If they are not interested no producer will give you a second glance. You should take a course in screenplay writing or read a few books on the subject as Hollywood is very particular about how it wants its scripts written.

    How do I get some sort of entry level job at a major film studio in hollywood?
    I realize that it is very hard to get a job in the film industry, but I really want to try. I have film school experience and have been trying to get my resume to some people, but I am having a hard time getting an entry level job. I have a college degree and most places want to "hire" only interns who are still in college. Can anyone give me any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      The easiest way to get into a studio (which isn't easy at all, which should tell you something) without interning yourself is to start with as Page.

      If you have film school experience, then where were your internships? Start with these people to find jobs, and maintain your internships... catch up with your contacts every few weeks so they keep you in your mind.

      If you have no internship experience, then... get started. Work nights like the rest of us did and intern for free during the day. Make yourself indispensable and soon enough they'll start looking at you not like an intern and more like an employee they need.

      Good luck.

    What qualities do Hollywood film stars of the past have that modern ones don't have?
    Fans of Hollywood often seem to speak with great respect and reverence about Hollywood film stars of the past. Do you think that these old stars possess a certain type of quality that sets them apart from today's generation?

    For example, what do you think makes actresses like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner so special?

    Could one argue that modern stars like Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan or Angelina Jolie are just as glamorous?

    • ANSWER:
      Old times actresses had

      Grace, Beauty, Talent, Intelligence, and very very lady like, being sexy but never slutty.

      Those girls besides Angelina, have looks but no talent(Megan Fox). Or Talent (Lindsey) but lacks respect for herself. So modern stars don't have it like the older ones, besides were living in a different era and looks matter more then talent these days.

    What are some differences between film and theatre work for actors?
    What things should actors be aware of that are different between working in film and working in theatre?

    Do you find one harder or more challenging than the other?

    It doesn't have to be Hollywood film or Broadway theatre - indie films and regional theatre is what most actors probably do.

    I'd love to hear everyone's opinions.

    • ANSWER:
      Basically, if you've had proper training to act on stage, you should be able to translate that skill to camera-work with little extra training and not much difficulty.
      The other way around is extremely difficult.
      Good actors almost always start out with several years in theatre and then add TV and film to that.

      On stage all your movements have to be quite 'big' - so that the audience notices. Expressions have to be clear and facing towards the front of the stage. Voices have to project - many theatres don't use microphones at all! And the biggest difference is that you only have one chance a night to get it right - you have to have memorised the entire play more or less, and your own lines, cues, entrances and exits, movements and reactions to perfection - often with only a week or two to do so.
      And you have to be a really quick-thinker to be able to improvise enough to make up a line to cover a mistake without the audience noticing, whether the mistake is yours or another actor's.

      For TV and film, if you mess up a line, forget a word or two, trip over the scenery, drop a prop, or just say a line poorly, you get another take. Your voice can be very quiet, which gives you more opportunity for really emotional acting, your movements have to be kept really small, and the slightest expression looks really big to a camera. It can produce some really up-close and moving acting, which isn't possible on stage.

      That's the practicalities.
      As far as enjoying the work goes, theatre wins hands down! It's real, it's exciting, you get applause, you make friends, you're never bored, the story happens in the right order, and there's no feeling like it! Acting to camera it's very repetitive, often boring, the scenes are filmed in a totally illogical order, you often don't even meet the other actors, and just one line can take days to film. Not much fun at all!

    What is the difference between a MFA film degree and a film school degree?
    I read somewhere that "A film school degree will not necessarily secure you a place in the Hollywood film industry. However, an MFA film degree will definitely be able to help you."

    How do you get a MFA film degree?

    • ANSWER:
      I hate to break it to you but even an MFA would not help you out in Hollywood. Actually a lot of producers, directors, and actors have never even gone to film school. Your best bet is to start working in the industry and then to just keep pushing. Getting a film degree would be a huge waste of time.

    What is the best route to take to become a hollywood film director and writer?
    m 16 now and most of my life I have wanted to be a hollywood film director living in america. I currently live in the UK and i want know how to become a hollywood film director

    • ANSWER:
      Information is below.

    What is the fastest written screenplay that was bought and made into a Hollywood film?
    Which screenplay was written in the shortest amount of time but was actually bought and made into a Hollywood film? A full length film, not a short.

    • ANSWER:
      i'm not sure of the fastest, but i do know that The Breakfast Club was written by John Hughes in two days...

    Can a reboot of a movie still follow the sequel before that?
    Alot of the upcomming films in Hollywood are reboots, but I want to know if it's possible if a reboot can follow where the story last picked up from? Ex. let's say what if the Spider-Man reboot had an all new cast but still picked up from Spider-Man 3.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the name of the comedy english film that a rat help two brothers?
    What is the name of the comedy Hollywood film that a rat help two brothers to convert a weaving mill into a food production factory? At first they are trying to catch him using different funny techniques.

    • ANSWER:

      love the moovie!!

    Have asian Martial arts films influenced the Hollywood film industry?
    I would like to hear any opinions on this. How have these films influenced the big blockbuster hollywood movies we are all so very used to seeing each year. Or have they not been as much of an influence at all?

    • ANSWER:
      The American films borrowed "wire fu", the stunt-fight work utilizing wires that allow the performer to defy gravity.

      I like Jackie Chan, for example, but I think his American films are crap. His HongKong made films are much better. Although The Big Brawl is
      good, and Rumble In The Bronx is good (filmed in CA, but controled by HongKong filmakers). In these and Jackie Chan's HongKong films he creates all his own physical stunts with no movie-magic amplification and they are just plain sharper and more interesting.

      Kill Bill stole alot from Chinese and Japanese martial arts movies even lifting actual characters from them (Hatori Honzo, Mae Pei).

    In the film the Italian Job which part is filmed in Mexico?
    In the film the Italian job one of them heads into Mexico with the money, but when I turned round and said is this bit filmed in Mexico the answer I got is no this bit is filmed in Hollywood.

    • ANSWER:
      None of it was shot in Mexico. Here are the filming locations:

    Can anyone give me a list of movies with little or no dialogue? (No silent films)?
    I'm talking about full length feature films (Hollywood or foreign) in which all of the characters say few lines in it, or no lines at all. I'm not talking about some 5 minute quickie films or those really old silent films that have titles being shown. So does anyone know any?

    • ANSWER:
      2001: a Space Odyssey has long stretches of no dialogue, as does a middle portion of "Black Stallion", but there are few films made that had severely limited dialogue

      "Silent Movie" is Mel's parody of silent films and i don't know how you feel about "Triplets of belleville"

      "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" is another in the line of silent film homages, so I don;t know if that counts as well

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