New Films 2012 For Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does evry body thing the world is ending in 2012?
    My sister said that evry body said that the world is ending in 2012 and i watch a film about 2012 that show the world ending.

    • ANSWER:
      Only kids, crackpots, and the terminally gullible believe the 2012 hoax. The doomsday scenarios are nothing but wild speculation by the scientifically challenged. The world isn’t going to end in 2012. The claims that scientists are predicting doomsday in 2012 are lies. Don't worry about it. It is just people making money off books, advertising, "survival kits", and whatever else they can dream up to sell.
      There is not a shred of scientific validity behind any of the claims being made by the fruit loops and scam artists promoting the 2012 hoax. There were no prophecies before the hoaxers invented them. The Mayan calendar doesn't end, it merely changes to a new cycle.
      There will be no alignments, killer solar flares, stray planets, photon belts, polar reversals, black holes, or zombie apocalypse.
      Here is an excellent website that covers all the various claims about 2012 and about the charlatans who are promoting it. Go to it and read about the things that have you concerned. They give sources for their information and they aren't selling anything.

    How many are going to see the film 2012 because they just slightly believe mythic Mayan apocalypse prediction?
    I wonder if religious people are more susceptible to such false advertisements. Perhaps such a question does not need to be asked. I wonder though if any atheists have ever felt at least a slight insecurity with the whole concept. I am sure some have but I am doubtful anyone will own up.I personally, am just seeing the film for some good SFX.

    • ANSWER:
      Sony chose to use this hoax (and simply added to the hysteria and fear with its IHC site and commercial) to market their movie.

      If you go to, you will see stories by people talking about how their little kids were talking about committing suicide because they were so scared.

      Personally, I refuse to give Sony any money - I will not buy anything by Sony as long as the film is in theatres (won't hurt them, but will make me feel better).

      And I am curious why you ask if religious people are more susceptible to false advertising, or if atheists feel any insecurity about this.
      All people (atheists and theists alike) can buy into hoaxes and fear-mongering and trash.

    What Film Should Win the Best Picture at the 2012 Oscars?
    I am film major student and am very much into the oscars. This year has been a great year for film but I believe alot of the buzz is going in more of a political way than a talent way. I chose 3 actors and 3 actresses that I believed were the best of 2011 and only 2 (total) were nominated. I am asking people for their personal opinion (not political) of which film should win best picture?

    What do you say?

    My pick goes to Tree of Life.

    • ANSWER:
      I grade from * to **** and here's my rundown of the nominees:

      The Artist **** A black & white and almost entirely silent movie that is one of the most fun of the year.

      The Descendants **** Another first-rate dramedy by the director of Sideways and About Schmidt.

      Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close **½ The kid's good, but the movie has a dumb plot.

      The Help *** One of the fan favorites, a good drama, but not Driving Miss Daisy good.

      Hugo **** Wonderfully imaginative, excellent entertainment, great use of 3D.

      Midnight in Paris ***½ One of Woody Allen's best recent dramedies.

      Moneyball **** A sports movie that works just as well for fans as non-fans. Excellent.

      Tree of Life **** Slow-moving for some, an epic not unlike 2001: A Space Odyssey for the rest of us.

      War Horse **** Excellent Spielberg epic that pays homage to film techniques of the past.

      I think Extremely Loud is the only movie that doesn't really belong there. I would have liked to see Bridesmaids or Take Shelter or Drive in its place.

      The Artist will win Best Picture and probably take Supporting Actress and two other categories as well. It's a fun movie for anyone and it celebrates Hollywood. That's a double-whammy right there, so it's going to win the big prize although watch out for either Scorsese or Malick to win Best Director.

      I think Jean DuJardin may win Best Actor; Christopher Plummer for Supporting Actor.

      Meryl Streep looks like she'll win her 3rd in the Actress category.

      A Separation will win for Foreign Film, and it will deserve it. The Iranian film is one of the best of the late 2011 entries.

    Can you tell me about the film Black Eyed Kids?
    I heard it was 2012 film but what is it exactly? and what is it about? I am having a hard time searching it and I need someone help plz.

    • ANSWER:
      It's a movie made by the YouTuber "hauntedsunshinegirl" whom has a web-series about her house being haunted.
      This movie has nothing to do with her web-series though, and is something completely different.
      You can order a DVD from her website for the movie, here:

      And here is the preview:

      "This movie is all about my adventure trying to track down BEKs, or Black Eyed Kids, and discover what they're all about."

    Why don't people actually understand the that the science behind 2012 is a pseudoscience?
    The science that says that the possible coming geomagnetic reversal is a pseudoscience as in it's not based on the scientific method, which means that some of its "facts" are fabrications; lies in other words. So why do people still listen to ignorant apocalyptic film makers and start contemplating suicide?

    • ANSWER:
      The hoaxmeisters make up new scenarios of doom faster than scientists can debunk them, and they actually claim that scientists are saying these things. No scientist is claiming any doomsday scenario for 2012. Also, all the claims of prophecies for 2012 are false. No one predicted it before this bunch of scam artists started it to make money. They just throw in some scientific sounding terms, slam them together into a mishmash of meaningless prattle and figure if they can't dazzle you with brilliance, they will baffle you with bullsh!t. Don't be fooled by that.

      The claims that scientists are predicting doomsday in 2012 are lies. There were no ancient prophecies concerning 2012 until 2003. Only crackpots and charlatans, who didn’t bother to take any science classes, are predicting disaster in 2012.

      The whole thing started out with unqualified people (Jose Arguelles and Zecharia Sitchen) misinterpreting the Mayan calendar (it doesn’t end, it merely recycles) and ancient Sumerian writings about the planet Jupiter. Then a woman named Nancy Lieder, who thinks she hears messages from aliens in her head decided to hijack Sitchen's imaginary planet for her alien fantasies. She said this planet would return in 2003. When it failed to show up, she just changed her doomsday to 2012 to agree with Arguelles misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. It has been all downhill from there. People keep tacking on new fantasies, none of which have a shred of scientific validity.

      Unfortunately, the History Channel, which used to be a reputable information source, gave up their credibility for better ratings and jumped on the 2012 bandwagon. Too many kids believe everything they see on the internet and are unable to discern a reputable scientific website from a crackpot one.

      This whole pile of garbage just keeps growing. Don't worry about it. It is just people making money off books, advertising, "survival kits", and whatever else they can dream up to sell.

      Here is a really good website that covers all the various claims about 2012 and about the charlatans who are promoting it. Go to it and read about the things that have you concerned. They give sources for their information and they aren't selling anything. The other two are NASA scientist David Morrison and Donald Yeomans of JPL also saying that the 2012 tripe is false.

    How did everyone all of a sudden find out about Slenderman?
    No one heard of Slenderman until 2012, and I was wondering why. Only a few of my friends knew about him in 2009, and now everyone knows. I'm not trying to sound like a hipster, it's just it annoys me when people act like they've known about him more than me. And now people are sketching him during class. And now these fake geek girls are saying "OMG Slenderman is my husband", which is really ruining it for me. Is the reason everyone knows about him now because of the game Slender? Please give me a thorough answer.

    • ANSWER:
      It probably is because of the game Slender. Everybody at my school seemed to find out about Slenderman through watching people on youtube playing the game. People like 'PewDiePie' and 'TheRadBrad' are popular youtubers, who film their gameplay. That's where people in my class found out about Slender. They simply watched the video, downloaded the game, played it and are now suddenly obsessed with it. Slenderman has been a myth for as long as I can remember and is classed as some kind of paedophile, so I find it very worrying that girls are saying he's their husband. It's just some craze that school kids have, once something new comes along, everyone forgets about it.

    Can anyone list a bunch of film remakes?
    I was wondering if anyone could list remakes of old films, mainly well know ones. Not a really well know but "The Island" was a remake of the movie "Parts: The Clonus Horror." so if you know any, please answer.

    • ANSWER:
      left: year of remake, right: year of original

      The Longest Yard (2005) (1974)
      The Mummy (1999) (1932)
      Ocean's 11 (2001) (1960)
      The Italian Job (2003) (1969)
      Scarface (1983) (1932)
      The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) (1974)
      Clash of the Titans (2010) (1981)
      Dawn of The Dead (2004) (1978)
      The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)(1951)
      Footloose (2011) (1984)
      The Fog (2005) (1980)
      Friday The 13th (2009) (1980)
      The Hills Have Eyes (2006) (1977)
      Karate Kid (2010) (1984)
      I Am Legend (2007) - The Omega Man (1971) - The Last Man On Earth (1964)
      My Bloody Valentine (2009) (1981)
      Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)(1984)
      The Nutty Professor (1996)(1963)
      The Parent Trap (1998) (1961)
      Red Dawn (2012)(1984)
      Total Recall (2012) (1990)
      The Wicker Man (2006)(1973)
      Fright Night (2011) (1985)
      Halloween (2007) (1978)
      Freaky Friday (2003)(1995)(1976)
      King Kong (2005)(1976)(1933)
      The Last House on The Left (2009) (1972) - remade from The Virgin Spring (1960)
      The Haunting (1999)(1963)

    how should the layout of a teen acting resume be?
    Im 13 and i am going to be sending in a resume, headshot, and cover letter to kim dawson agency soon. I have a lot of film training and theatre training and experience. I haven't been in any commercials or anything like that. So how should the layout of a teen resume be? Should i put my height/weight?

    • ANSWER:
      The layout should be basically the same as an adult resume. It's a pretty standard format.

      Start with your name at the top. Then list your contact information (your parent's cell phone or e-mail address). DO NOT put your cell phone or home number (use your parents cell phone number) or your home address (use a PO Box or your parent's work address) on your resume. That's just for safety sake.

      Then put your stats: age, height, weight, hair color, eye color

      Then you can list your experience. Use a 3 column format - the first column is the name of the project, second is the role/type of role, the third column is some identifying info--the studio, the director. Most list experience in this order (except in NY where THEATRE may be listed first).


      Then you list your training and finally your special skills.

      Since you're only 13, your parents should be doing this. This is a pretty important piece of marketing that you're sending out and you'll want to make sure it's the best it can be. Here are some tips about resumes for kids:

      Here's an example:

    Why are movie sequels the only type of movies were seeing lately?
    God, if I could make a list of them I'd faint probably lol. Why are the majority of movies recently almost all been sequels? Of course we have some original new ideas but there minor compared to the reboots, uneccesary sequels ect.

    Is this because of new young directirs, have they ran out if ideas and going the easy way? What's up with 2012 eh.

    • ANSWER:
      You are SO RIGHT.
      Hollywood is about MONEY $$$$$. The studios are all run by money men whose only goal is too make money. Rather than look for new,interesting scripts -they all feel safer re-making something that's been done before and made LOTS of money. They figure if they continue making sequels and re-makes they are assured the money will pour in just like it did for the original film. They have no integrity and no creativity.
      There are thousands of interesting scripts floating around Hollywood that no studio will ever bother to read. It's a shame.
      The other thing we have to face realistically is movies are made for teens and 20-somethings. They don't have the greatest taste in movies. Their main interests are vampires,werewolves,car chases,bloody chainsaws, exploding heads and hot babes in bikini's. Kids have NO interest in something that might make them think. If they actually had any intelligence they wouldn't be wasting time on Facebook and Twitter.

      When I was in college I took a film appreciation course. I that we were going to see cool movies. We DID see cool movies,but they were all foreign films where you had to read subtitles. I never thought I'd go for it but I fell in love with foreign film. I'm smart,I can read and I don't mind reading. Foreign films are (generally) so much better than American made formula movies. Interesting stories that are not reduced to the dumbest dialogue possible. There are great foreign films in every genre-from Sci Fi and horror to great,hard hitting dramas. No matter what kind of films you like there is something there for you to enjoy.
      Lazy people always give the excuse-I don't want to read subtitles. I want to be entertained. Their loss.
      The bottom line is as long as kids go to see a Twilight movie 5 or 6 times in the theater Hollywood will keep churning out the same crap over and over. Sadly,there is no chance that kids will smarten up and demand BETTER movies.

    Gold Coast attractions suitable for a one year old toddler?
    Me, my partner and our daughter are off to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) in February 2012. Our daughter will be one year and two months old at the time, are there many attractions suitable for my family. I know there's Sea World which we plan to go to but are there many more?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, all of the below are VERY suitable for a 1 year old.
      There are attractions like...

      Theme Parks...

      Dreamworld- Soak up the fun with Spongebob Squarepants a kids zone with many attractions and rides. Ride the Big Red Car or perhaps sail on the S.S. Feathersworld and meet the Wiggles at Wiggles World.

      Wet and Wild- Wet and Wild has 14 attractions all based around water. There are many Kid pools and playareas, and many food stalls.

      Movie World- Movie World has some great rides and exhibits all based around famous films. Lots of Kids rides (nice and slow)

      Animal Attractions...

      Currabin Wildlife Santuiary- A GREAT zoo...Where else can you cuddle a koala, experience wild Lorikeet Feeding, see an amazing Free-flight Bird Show, “close encounters with friendly marsupials & deadly snakes, feed Kangaroos, encounter one of Australia’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles, see Aboriginal didgeridoo & dance performances, plus much more.

      David Fleary Wildlife Park- Visit the rare and threatened species amongst a backdrop of rainforest. A programme of shows is run each day. Walk through the rainforest aviary, visit the nocturnal house. During the summer there is a spectacular saltwater crocodile feeding during summer. West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads (07 5576 2411).

      Fun Things...

      The Train Place-A fascinating world in miniature and very popular with model railway enthusiast. Open 10am – 8pm 7 days a week at 3 Orchid Avenue , Surfers Paradise (07 5592 4848).

      Time Zone-Over 300 games for the whole family. Level One, Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise (07 5539 9500)

    What is the name of the young boy in the midwest that is trying to save his town by making a Zombie movie?
    I saw this week of a young boy from the midwest is trying to make a zombie movie and Mel Brooks and someone else is possably going to film it. Who is the kid and what is the production company?

    • ANSWER: Does this help? Is the movie Red Scare?
      Maybe you're thinking of Super 8?idk.

    What villain will be in the third Batman movie?
    I'm a big Batman fan. I been watching the animated series since I was a kid. I've seen all the Batman films. I really liked Batman Begins. I didn't really like The Dark Knight because I think it's the most overrated film ever. It's disappointing how many people liked it and it's only gotten where it's at mostly for Heath Ledger's performance and death.But I'm wondering which villain will be in the third Batman film which will come out in 2012. I hope it's the Riddler.

    • ANSWER:
      it might be the Penguin
      to tell the truth I have no idea and I checked and this website most likely help u down below

    Can you name all the action/war films with air dogfights?
    Really love fighter jets and WW2 dogfight battles. As well as space battles(star wars) I watched top gun and Red Tails. Both are pretty good films. I want to know if they are others as good.

    • ANSWER:
      You ask two questions - the entire list, and then which are really good. Here's a substantial list of films with aerial dogfights in them:

      1 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
      2 Andrey Rublyov (1966)
      3 Kaze no tani no Naushika (1984)
      4 Amores perros (2000)
      5 The Women (1939)
      6 Kurenai no buta (1992)
      7 Wings (1927)
      8 Hell's Angels (1930)
      9 The Holy Mountain (1973)
      10 Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira (2001)
      11 The Dawn Patrol (1938)
      12 Profondo rosso (1975)
      13 The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
      14 Fresh (1994)
      15 The Last Flight (1931)
      16 Brestskaya krepost (2010)
      17 The Eagle and the Hawk (1933)
      18 Lassie Come Home (1943)
      19 The First Great Train Robbery (1978)
      20 Sag-haye velgard (2004)
      21 Speed & Angels (2008)
      22 Battle of Britain (1969)
      23 Death Hunt (1981)
      24 Independence Day (1996)
      25 Good-bye, My Lady (1956)
      26 Die Verrohung des Franz Blum (1974)
      27 God Is My Co-Pilot (1945)
      28 Zero Hour! (1957)
      29 Hot Shots! (1991)
      30 Oscar and Lucinda (1997)
      31 Age of Consent (1969)
      32 White Fang (1991)
      33 Washington Square (1997)
      34 Half Baked (1998)
      35 Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio (1996)
      36 Task Force (1949)
      37 Flying Leathernecks (1951)
      38 The Kentuckian (1955)
      39 Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
      40 Hart's War (2002)
      41 Flying Disc Man from Mars (1950)
      42 Petits frères (1999)
      43 Today We Live (1933)
      44 Clipped Wings (1937)
      45 Bombers B-52 (1957)
      46 Red Tails (2012)
      47 Pearl Harbor (2001)
      48 The New Kids (1985)
      49 Sheitan (2006)
      50 Sign of the Wolf (1941)
      51 Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
      52 Tarzan & Jane (2002)
      53 Eyes of an Angel (1991)
      54 Skyline (2010)
      55 Kill Speed (2010)
      56 Freedom Strike (1998)
      57 Iron Eagle II (1988)
      58 Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992)
      59 Dead Space (1991)
      60 Battlefield Earth (2000)
      61 Midnight Lovers (1926)
      62 Across the Atlantic (1928)
      63 My Grief Is My Own (2008)

      As to quality, that's a lighter tougher to nail down. Some are good movies, with only minor or so-so aerial dogfights, and some have great air battles, but the movie is weak. Also, some on this list are going to be tough to track down. Wings (1927) is a well-done, Academy Award winning, cutting edge for its time silent film, where it's made more impressive by virtue that you know there's no CGI used - it's all real, but the movie due to its age is difficult to track down. Same for some of these foreign films.

      Ones I would consider noteworthy on the list purely from the aerial cinematography (since that appears to be what you're most interested in): Wings, Hell's Angels, God Is My Co-Pilot, Flying Leathernecks, Battle of Britain, Independence Day, and Pearl Harbor.

      Hope that helps!

    What Happened to diary of a wimpy kid the last straw movie?
    i just saw the dog days commercial and im confused on why they totally skipped the last straw..

    • ANSWER:
      There have been 3 Wimpy Kid films and none have been last Straw and there in nothing in development right now for a 4th.

      The third film has been converted to merge with Dog Days as the actors are getting older; The Last Straw and Dog Days will be combined and have mostly Dog Days in the film. This is not a two-parter. The third film is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and will be released on August 3, 2012.

    When is the movie 2012 going to come out already?
    I'm sick of all the hype and all this talk about Mayans and their ancient calender! And I'm pretty sure the movie is going to suck, have bad CGI special effects and a plot that is as stupid as any recycled made-for-tv teen drama.

    • ANSWER:
      Just like all other disaster films, people will go see 2012 in droves and make a lot of money for Sony.
      Personally, I refuse to see the film and I am boycotting all things Sony - their marketing for this movie, while creative, was also destructive and should be considered criminal (there are kids dropping out of school and thinking about suicide because of this trash).

    Is Hugo entertaining for a seven year old?
    I might go tomorrow but I want to know if he will get bored easily. He's seen movies like Jurassic Park and 2012 where it makes you wait for the action, but is Hugo different?
    BQ- Is the 3D worth it?
    BQ 2- What did you think of the film?
    BQ 3- What previews did they show?

    • ANSWER:
      Hugo may get boring to a 7 year old. It's barely a kids' movie, really. I'd imagine older people who are fans of film history would enjoy it more. There really isn't much action.

      The 3D is worth it. This usually isn't the case, but the 3D adds to this film.

      I thought the film was pretty good, but again, maybe not that fun for kids. It really depends on your kid. But I do think the advertising makes it seem like more of a kids' adventure that it really is.

      The previews I saw were mostly for 3D animated kids' movies. But trailers vary based on whether you are seeing the 3D or 2D version, and they can even vary from theater to theater.

    What are the best movies of 2011 and 2012?
    I am searching for movies like comedy or heroic or science fiction or something which contains vampires just anyone from the above but something which does not contain unsuitable stuff for kids ,just anything from above doesn't matter whatever it is just your favorite movies

    • ANSWER:
      girl with a dragon tattoo
      talk about kevin
      super 8
      skin i live in (i love this film)
      tinker tailer soldier spy
      black swan

      Amazing SpiderMan
      cabin in the woods
      21 jump street
      Iron Sky
      The Grey

    Is Lucas Arts going to make any more Star Wars movies?
    I think all of the star wars movies are great,but what happens after Luke save the galaxy?? Some people would like to know. I have read stories of him and Leia getting getting married and having kids but i don't like to read books i want to watch it in a action film.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately no amount of "waiting, or kicking back, or being patient" will change the facts. The fact is that there will NOT be anymore live action Star Wars movies ... anyone who says differently is so full of it that it is pouring out of their ears. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the book series come out in an animated form, doubt it will be to theaters more likely direct to DVD things, but there will not be anymore live action movies.

      We all know that Lucas has the ability to change his mind with the direction of the wind but in this case I think we can believe him. In the years since the release of ep III Lucas has been asked two questions over and over and over and over again ... first, will he ever make anymore Star Wars movies and will he allow someone else to pick up where he left off. For the past four years the answer to those two questions has never changed ... NO ... and ... NO ... that's about as close to written in stone as you can get from Lucas. It only came to light last year but shortly after the release of ep III Lucas made a "minor" change to his Will. Everybody still gets all the same "stuff" BUT it has a condition to it now ... if any one of them ever allows anyone to make more movies or remake the ones already done everybody looses everything. We are talking millions and millions of dollars here ... do you really think they will risk it ... neither do I.

      I do have to say that this is the first time I've ever seen anybody "witching" about Luke and Mara getting married ... personally I thought they were the perfect couple.

      The future of Star Wars is animation ... the current series is running full steam ahead and will be around for a long time ... the live action TV series set in between ep III and ep IV is on track to debut in the fall of 2010 ... Lucas is still looking at the target date of 2012 to bring all 6 movies back to theaters in a true 3-D format. There's a ton of stuff that will be going on in the Star Wars world but none of that stuff will be new movies ... ticks me off too but George owns it all lock stock and barrel and what he says goes.

      May The Force Be With You ...

      EDIT: To "Boba Fett": Not really ... lol ... keeps my point total up. Now the "reboot" Star Wars questions ... hell hath no fury like an old school fan having his memories messed with ...

      EDIT 2: Unless Lucas changes his mind ... then I'll be just another idiot who took him at his word and got hosed again ... I think might have to grab my toy lightsabres and go have a "talk" with the man if he does that ... lol ... but only after he's done making the new movies of course.


    How do i go about moving from scotland to England?
    Hello there

    Im a 4th year Pupil sitting my standard grades over the next 3 months - most people are 16 by now but i wont be until my 2nd trimester of 5th year.

    I live roughly on the outskirts of edinburgh and would very much like to move down to Devon in 2 or 3 years. You may have geussed i have Q's or i wouldnt be here!

    Why Devon!? I was mabey thinking of Newton Abbot or somewhere close to that! - I Like the accent and would like to live down the bottom of england instead of towards blackpool or anything - i've been to blackpool tuns of times!.. and i stopped in dover whilst heading to france.
    I just wish i'd grew up in england - My dad would like to live there too but my mum wont move cause my sister and my 2 year old niece live here.



    When is the Best time to move down? ( end of school,after college or uni, or after ive had a bit of a career ect?)

    How do i go about moving? Like how do i get my things from edinbrugh to devon?
    Would i need to go down and stay for a week or two to see what its like first?

    Housing - Up here my parents rent there house from the council & pay council tax. Do i do that down there? Or do i Rent somewhere like i duno...?


    So I hope to have my first child before the age of 25 or there abouts!

    How does English Education Differ from the Scottish Education?
    ( I know you have to pay for uni down there - but i mean for futur kids ect :p )

    Primary 1-7 and then High school years 1-6 ect. in scotland but just years 1-12 in england?

    Are GCSE's harder or easier than Standerd Grades or just the same? ( Scotland are now changing froms Standard grades to Nationals so i don't know if england is too!?)

    When the time comes i want to call my first born daughter 'Brighton Leigh' - i don't know how close the place Brighton' is to devon and if it is close would she get bullied because of it?


    Dont be mean! Im a curious teenager! yes i do modern studies and geography so i do know im free to live anywhere in the uk/eu and tuns of other stuff!.

    • ANSWER:
      Best time to move down? End of college/after you get a bit of a career. It really depends on what career you would like you persue, but if you would like to be a geologist or a writer, move to Devon straight after education or you could get the job before you do.

      How do I go about moving?
      Getting around:  use national rail services or flight/coach services from Devon to Edinburgh, or if your getting from Edinburgh to Devon, I'd advise you to get transport from Edinburgh to London then on to Devon. Here is a website which will help you otherwise research on google etc. 

      God bless and Thankyou :-) -- I hope I was some help
      Housing: use - to search for houses in England (its a website with all the possible houses you can get anywhere in England), then stay in a bed and breakfast hotel (they have beautiful country ones-very friendly and cheap) nearby to the houses you are visiting, and in your free time go and look around the area.
      Tax: yes you will have tax one way or another, but Devon isn't all that expensive, depending on what area, and yes you can rent which is cheaper.

      English and Scottish education?
      English education is very high, as most of its school are the best in the world, I'm not sure about how different it is compared to Scottish education though.
      Devon education is very good, and the primary schools are very good for children growing up, most schools are church schools, farm schools, or any other schools you desire.

      High school?
      England- you are at high school for 6 years in England.

      It wouldn't matter really because, England is well known for having one of the best education systems and schools in the world. But I would say about the same as scotland or harder in terms of how hard it is.

      Name 'Brighton'?
      No your child will not be bullied, as Brighton is not near by, and they probably won't know a anything about Brighton, or even if they did nobody would mind, as there are children with the name of football clubs such as Chelsea or something, but they don't get made fun of, and that I think would be more of a bullying matter then the name of a place, besides people are admired for being from other parts of the country, so I don't think being named Brighton would cause bullying at all, but if there are concerns the schools dealing with bullying is excellent and you can just move schools. Besides its a beautiful name.

      What do I think of Devon?

      Ever seen the landscapes in the film war horse, that's in Devon, and it's a beautiful area to grow up. The smell of Devon is very fresh and sometimes smells sweet and irrestiable.
      also, your child is likely to go running around the towns just like in the olden days, because the towns are safe and beautiful, it's beautiful to grow up, and the neighbourhood is lovely and friendly, many Anglo Saxon ancestors living there, there are pubs, and even when I went there as a child, it had that sort of irish atmosphere of singing along to country tunes and the people there were not freaky but very kind people. The pubs are beautiful, and the countryside is amazing, and It's also next to some other very beautiful countrysides, and only about 3 hours away from London, so if you want to visit London, it's not as far as you may expect, but it's covered in other beautiful English countryside (all very uniquely differnt although i love devon bestonce you go out of Devon. Many people come on holiday every year here and are not disappointed. There are also many beaches, one of them was held for 2012 Olympics, trust me you won't be disappointed, and it's hot in the summer without rain for days maybe months every year, and when it rains at some point in the summer you will want to go outside in the rain because it was so hot, but it's not too hot. P.s the English love the Scottish, there were Scottish people in my school in Devon, and they were admired for being foreign even in local neighbourhoods they admire anyone who isn't English or is from any other part of England because it is a great compliment for Scottish to move to Such a beautiful place, my uncle is Scottish and he is a farmer and has lived in devon all his life (since he got married) and is complimented when people hear he's from Scotland, anyway loads of tourists across the world come here, and live it! Swedes and Italians live here also. Loads of foreigners came to my school. There are no chats over here either, just country boys and girls that sometimes work on farms live in houses, and run around everyday getting fresh air. You won't be disappointed, and if you move here the English would be complimented.

    Do you think modern cartoons are better than 90s cartoons?
    By modern, I mean like 2005-2012. And there's a troll on YouTube that seems to think that modern cartoons have better animation, great story telling and better jokes. I just don't see what he's seeing. Do you think today's cartoons are better? If so, why?

    • ANSWER:
      I grew up in the 90s, so of course I'd like to look back on the shows I watched as a kid with those nostalgia-tinted glasses....but I won't.

      Now, as an adult (which I'm going to assume you are if you grew up in the 90s) or as an older teenager (since they like to get in on the "omg 90's" trend also), you are perfectly capable of seeing cartoons in an objective light.
      Cartoons give off a completely different mood when being watched as a kid than as an adult. Really? You think 90s cartoons were amazing?
      You know what I remember about 90s cartoons? The majority of them focused around an "inner city" theme where there were cool "street-wise" city kids wearing tacky clothes and backwards caps while listening to cassettes. Guess what? Cartoons these days do the EXACT SAME THING, only modernized. Now it's suburban kids wearing modern fashions and listening to ipods and making jokes about the internet. Go figure.

      Going back to watch cartoons from twenty years ago now, as an adult...they're so PAINFULLY cheesy. Most themes the 90s cartoons focused around wouldn't even be relevant today.
      Yeah, most of the cartoons today suck, too. You know why? Most cartoons are made to please children, not adults. And yes, as hard as it is to believe, your sense of humor does change over the years.
      I divide cartoons into four main focused age groups.
      -Toddlers and small children (this can range from Baby Einstein up to Dora the Explorer)
      -10 and under (My Little Pony)
      -Preteens and teenagers (Regular show, Adventure Time)
      -Older teenagers and adults (Family Guy, South Park)
      (Many Disney/Pixar films try to grab all of the above)

      Am I saying you should stick to cartoons aimed at your age range? No (though you'd be more likely to find shows you'd enjoy). But you have to realize that the same things that were relevant in the 90s are different now. It's different for every decade and the people who grew up with those "good ole" 70s and 80s cartoons probably think the cartoons in the 90s sucked.

      So do I think today's cartoons are better than 90s cartoons? No. But they aren't any worse either. They're just different. And it will be different in the next decade, too.

      But I know "vintage" and "retro" is the cool thing to do these days. So it all makes sense in the end.

    How did Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez get their parts on the tv shows?
    How did Ariana and Selena get their part on Victorious and Wizards Of Waverly Place! I'm a big fan of Ariana but i dont know how she got the part, i know she was in broadway musicals before....
    •Did that help?
    •were they open auditions?
    •did they have agents/managers?

    • ANSWER:
      Selena Gomez's story to fame: { In 2004, Gomez was discovered by the Disney Channel in a USA-wide scouting. Gomez appeared as a guest star on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and had a guest appearance – that later turned into a another role – on Hannah Montana from seasons two to three. Gomez previously taped two different pilots that were spin-offs to two previous Disney series. The first one, "What's Stevie Thinking?", was the spin-off to Lizzie McGuire. Gomez played Stevie Sanchez, Miranda Sanchez's little sister. The other show was titled "Arwin!", the spin-off to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, in which she played Alexa. Neither series was picked up.
      In early 2007, Gomez was cast in the Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place" as one of the three main characters, Alex Russo. The show premiered to an audience of 5.9 million, becoming a hit. Many news outlets began dubbing Gomez the next 'Miley Cyrus' causing some controversy and a reported 'feud'. Gomez clarified that there was no feud and that she was flattered by the comparison, saying: "It's a little overwhelming, but I think really, it's a compliment. She's obviously extremely successful, and I think she's a wonderful performer ... So being compared to her, I was very, very flattered." Gomez recorded four songs, one of which was a cover, for the Wizards of Waverly Place soundtrack, only one single ("Magic") from the album was released. In 2008, Gomez recorded a cover of "Cruella de Vil"—which included a music video—for the compilation album DisneyMania 6. Gomez also recorded "Fly to Your Heart" for the 2008 animated film Tinker Bell. In July 2008, before Gomez' sixteenth birthday, she signed a recording deal with Hollywood Records, a music label owned by Disney. In May, of the same year, Gomez was featured, with Forever the Sickest Kids, on a duet version of the non-album song "Whoa Oh!". The same year Gomez appeared in Another Cinderella Story, the direct-to-DVD sequel to the 2004 Hilary Duff film, opposite Drew Seeley. She also had a minor voiceover role as one the Mayor's ninety-six daughters in Horton Hears a Who! which released in March of that year. In April, Lacey Rose, of Forbes ranked Gomez as being fifth on their "Eight Hot Kid Stars To Watch" list; and Rose described Gomez as having been "a multi-talented teen". }

      Ariana Grande's story to fame: { In her early years, she has been a soloist with various symphonies including South Florida’s Philharmonic, Pops and Symphonia Orchestras, and has had repeated appearances singing at NYC’s own Birdland. Ariana performed the National Anthem for the first live Fox Sports broadcast of the Anthem for the Florida Panther’s hockey league at age eight, her first National TV performance.
      In 2010, she created the original role of Miriam in the reading of the new musical, Cuba Libre, written and produced by Desmond Child.
      Grande played the character Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon television show Victorious, which premiered in March 2010. Grande was also featured in Dream Magazine as the cover girl for the August 2011 issue. In 2011, Ariana voiced an animated fairy, Princess Diaspro, on the Nickelodeon series, Winx Club. Grande also made appearances as a panelist on Figure It Out. Grande starred as Snow White along with Charlene Tilton and Neil Patrick Harris in the Pasadena Playhouse's production of A Snow White Christmas from December 13–23, 2012. In 2012, Grande sang a duet with MIKA on the single version of his track Popular Song. }


    Can you list your favorite movie that was released each year from 1950-2012?
    BQ: top 3 hardest years to choose from
    BQ2: 3-D movies yay or nay
    BQ3: What is the most depressing movie you have ever seen?
    BQ4: What actor do you want to see make a comeback?

    • ANSWER:
      IM GUNNA DO IT...even though no one will read it

      1950- Cinderella (i cant think of one)
      1951- Strangers on a Train
      1952- The Greatest show on earth
      1953- The Wages of Fear
      1954- Seven Samurai
      1955- Lady and the tramp
      1956- A Man Escaped
      1957- 12 angry men
      1958- Vertigo
      1959- North by northwest
      1960- Psycho
      1961- The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer
      1962- To Kill a Mockingbird
      1963- The Great Escape
      1964- Gold finger
      1965- For a Few Dollars More
      1966- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
      1967- The Jungle Book
      1968- 2001: A Space Odyssey
      1969- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
      1971- A Clockwork Orange
      1972- Deliverance
      1973- The Exorcist
      1974- The Godfather: Part II
      1975- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
      1976- Taxi Driver
      1977- Star Wars
      1978- The Deer Hunter
      1979- Apocalypse Now
      1980- The Shining
      1981- Das Boot
      1982- Blade Runner
      1983- Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
      1984- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
      1985- Back to the Future
      1986- Aliens
      1987- Full Metal Jacket
      1988-Back to the Future
      1989- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
      1990- Goodfellas
      1991- Terminator 2: Judgment Day
      1992- Reservoir Dogs
      1993- Jurassic Park
      1994- Pulp Fiction
      1995- Twelve Monkeys
      1996- Fargo
      1997- Good Will Hunting
      1998- American History X
      1999- Fight Club
      2000- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
      2001- Donnie Darko
      2002- 28 Days Later
      2003- Oldboy
      2004- Shaun Of The Dead
      2005- Batman Begins
      2006- Casino Royale
      2007- I Am Legend
      2008- The Dark Knight
      2009- Inglourious Basterds
      2010- Kick-Ass
      2011- 50/50
      2012- not sure about 2012 seen as its only march so the best films haven't been released

      just through the 90s haha
      dont know
      will smith or maybe jack nickleson

    Looking for a book where the protagonists have ESP?
    With the 2012 film "Chronicle" in mind, I'm looking for a book where the main character/s have a psychic power of some kind. This power shouldn't be common in the world the book is set in (preferably only the main character/s should have it). Any ideas?

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • ANSWER:
      The Girl With the Silver Eyes, Willo Davis Roberts (young adult/kids) ESP, telekinesis
      Firestarter, Stephen King (adult horror) ESP, mind influence, telekinesis, firestarting :)
      Through Violet Eyes, Stephen Woodworth (adult horror) 3 sequels Communicate with the dead
      Grave Sight, Charlaine Harris (adult mystery) 3 sequels Communicate with the dead, some ESP and precognition
      Stardoc, S.L. Viehl, (science fiction) 9 sequels Telepathic linguist, minor character in first book, more important in following books
      In the Company of Others, Julie Czerneda (science fiction) Empathy (reading feelings)
      Touch Not the Cat, Mary Stewart (romantic thriller) ESP, limited to family

      I've read all these and they're all good, some better than others. :)

    That movie where aliens invade London UK council flats and kids fight them?
    Came out in 2012 i think?
    Aliens invade London UK council flats, estate kids fight em?

    • ANSWER:
      Attack the Block

    What is your personal point of view you had after you watched the movie Knowing?
    What did you think of the movie and did you watch it at the movies or did you buy it on DVD.
    I myself give the movie 4 stars.

    • ANSWER:
      i actually thoroughly enjoyed it, mainly because I fully expected it to disappoint me on every level, and Nicolas Cage hasn't made a truly GOOD film since Adaptation. But it was actually very thought-provoking, entirely probable (the solar flare aspect), and I enjoyed the religious overtones at the end. I don't know about you, but I personally think they weren't aliens, but actually angels. You can even see what look like angel's wings, especially when they start floating into the air, which actually makes the ending that much better with the kids running towards the tree of life on the new planet. And the earth's destruction definitely one-upped 2012.

    What all movies and shows is Devon Bostick in?
    I just love Devon Bostick! I want to know all the movies and shows that he's in. Either major or supporting roles.....I don't care! If its a episode please verify what episode it is along with what show. Thanks people!

    • ANSWER:
      Film 2003 The Truth About the Head Boy
      2004 Godsend Zachary Clark Wells
      2005 Land of the Dead Brian
      2006 King of Sorrow Low Man
      2006 Aruba Mark
      2006 Citizen Duane Maurie Balfour
      2006 American Pie Presents The Naked Mile High School Student #4 Direct-to-video
      2007 The Poet Guard #1
      2007 Fugitive Pieces Ben - Teen
      2007 The Stone Angel Young Marvin
      2007 Saw IV Derek Uncredited[7]
      2008 Adoration Simon
      2008 The Dreaming Boy
      2009 Survival of the Dead Boy
      2009 Saw VI Brent
      2009 Assassin's Creed: Lineage Ezio Auditore da Firenze Short film
      2010 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Heffley
      2010 Verona Christopher Short film
      2011 The Entitled Dean Taylor Post-production
      2011 Hidden 3D Lucas
      2011 Sacrifice Mike Direct-to-video
      2011 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Rodrick Heffley
      2012 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Rodrick Heffley
      TBD Dead Before Dawn Casper Galloway [8][9]
      [edit] Television
      Year Title Role Notes
      Television 1998 Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science Son 1 episode
      2003 Odyssey 5 Gothic Teen 2 episodes
      2003 DC 9/11: Time of Crisis Fireman's son Television film
      2003 Jake 2.0 Young Kid 1 episode
      2004 1-800-Missing Zack 1 episode
      2004 Hustle The Kid Television film
      2005 Shania: A Life in Eight Albums Mark, 14 yrs. Television film
      2005 Knights of the South Bronx Darren Television film
      2007 Degrassi: The Next Generation Nic 3 episodes
      2007 Stump Ryan TV series
      2007 A Life Interrupted Young Bobby Television film
      2007 The Altar Boy Gang Terry Television film
      2008 Princess Older boy Television film
      2008 Roxy Hunter and the Horrific Halloween Drew Television film
      2009 The Good Germany Dale Mackay 1 episode
      2009 Guns Boy #3 2 episodes
      2009 The Border Ali Jabir 1 episode
      2009 Being Erica Leo Strange 13 episodes
      2010 Rookie Blue Martin Blentz 1 episode
      2010 Flashpoint Paul 1 episode
      2010 Haven Jimmy 1 episode
      2011 She's the Mayor Doctor Jimmy 1 episode
      2011 The Listener Bennie 1 episode

    Is there no life on earth after 21 December2012?
    i feel fear these days after watching the trailer of film 2012. I could not understand that this the end of earth or life.

    • ANSWER:
      You have got to be kidding me...

    Can anyone suggest me a good movie to watch?
    i just finished watching the social network and it was an alrite film....

    now i need more

    • ANSWER:
      You again
      Knocked up
      My sisters keeper
      Letters to Juliet
      Shakespeare in love
      Dear John
      A very long engagement
      The karate kid
      Journey to the centre of the earth

      This is some stuff I watched this last few weeks, they were all fairly decent films :) Enjoy!

    Where did Sarah Palin and Romney get the idea of naming their sons crazy names?
    Tagg Romney, the eldest of Mitt Romney's five sons, said on Wednesday that he wanted to “take a swing” at President Obama during Tuesday night’s debate,

    Bonus question:

    Like father like son, Is Romney a chicken hawk?

    = He was a chicken in the Vietnam War and got a Mormon exemption, now he is a hawk to go to war with Libya and Iran.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, darling, Palin's kids' names seem to be very, very literal, based on where she was or what she liked when the kids were born (arguing a distinct lack of creativity and ability to think beyond the moment). Maybe it's the same with the Mittster - maybe Tag was the game Mittens was playing with Ann when she went into labor.


      The Martian's rant made me laugh...with derision.

      First, Obama wasn't eligible for any draft, since there was no draft of men his age, and has no "draft papers" to reveal. All he - in common with other men his age - ever had to do was register with Selective Service. So much for THAT bogus attempt at sliming.

      Second, Mittens had multiple deferments, some of which were student deferments like Biden's. However, Mittens also got a “minister of religion or divinity student” deferment - one of the few given to Mormons (before the Mormon church, which actively supported the war, limited them). A lot of people had multiple deferments (again, like Biden), but they're honest about them. Mittens has lied repeatedly about his:

      Third, Bollywood is the name of the center of the Indian film industry, located in Mumbai. I think the dimwit meant Hollywood.

      Fourth, not all actors are liberals...not even all actors who name their kids weird names are liberals.

      Ahh, the Martian... so full of fail.

    Could someone help identify this movie please?
    It is a story of two teenage girls. One is very mean to just about everybody, and she is especially mean to her best female friend, who sort of just takes it. Anyhow they meet a group or gang of skateboarding homeless boys and I think they get into a lot of trouble because they run away to be with the boys who live by robbery. It is supposed to be a pretty bleak film. I do not think that it has major stars in it.

    Anyway thanks for considering this question.
    Yup, that's it. Thanks so much!!! It is too soon to give points now though. Will do so later.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, it may be LITTLE BIRDS (2012)

      Fifteen-year-old Lily and her best friend, Alison, live on the shores of the Salton Sea. Sprinting toward adulthood, Lily wants to escape her depressing hometown. But Alison is content with her life; she enjoys being sheltered from the uncertainty of growing up. When the girls meet three street kids, Lily convinces Alison to follow the boys to Los Angeles. Thrust into a world of excitement and danger, the girls must decide how far they are willing to go to get what they want.



    how long is it reasonable for copyright protections to last?
    Slate recently had an article about the impact of copyright stifling the publication of books not in the public domain:

    Is US copyright protection of 70 years after the death of the author too long? too short? just right? and what justifies any particular length of time?

    Also to what degree, if any, do you think copyright duration plays into the relative obscurity of modern classical music?

    • ANSWER:
      We *know* that you know copyright law - and that this is a purely hypothetical question. We also respect the intellectual property of artist, and want them to be able to make a decent and fair recompense from their works. And we ALL know places where you need not BUY many works, if you just want to see them - all or part - before you make a purchase decision. (Conversely, we all have shelves of stuff we bought on faith - and sometime large expense - because we trusted it to be good or suitable - and now we cannot even unload it on Most of the general public has their ears stuck in another century - things that film score or even popular music fans call *amazing* are constructed of things that were old-school in the late 1800s. If a film score even sounded like early Mahler, not to mention Stravinsky - people would be stunned, and not know how to handle the modernity of it - even when it is over 100 years old. So - modern classical/art music is not obscure becasue of copyright issues - it is obscure because outside of academia, performances of this great stuff just do not exist. Those of us who will DIG for it, can find places to hear it, or buy the strange-label CDs of it - and gasp at the cost of a score, if in fact we can get one. IN every professional chamber music concert we play, we try to perform something that NOBODY has heard here or anywhere in a LONNNG time - if ever. Some of this stuff is old by the calendar - but just about as modern as the audience's ears can take - and it is but one work among others (eat your vegetables - and there will be a tasty dessert!). That one work feeds US musically - but a concert of it and its kin would make sure that we never would be asked back to play again. The relatively few ensembles that do ONLY *new* music, have indeed small audiences - loyal, but small - and artistic pride - but betcha that most of the players need to do other things to support themselves, and play what they wish. We supported ourselves for decades by teaching school - we were good at it, kids loved us, and we endured so we could pay the bills and then PLAY WHAT WE WANTED on our own. So did the math teacher who played incredible world music on many ethnic string instruments; the reading teacher who played many blues gigs, etc. Some of the BEST musicians I have worked with were biologists, dietitians, engineers, etc. - and some of the worst, music teachers - ick ick ick. In our society, if you want to be truly musically creative, you need to pay the bills by another source - even the BIG venues and performing groups need to do the Old Lady programming to survive. How long the copyright is on any of the music they do is the LEAST of their worries. Want to survive at this? You need butts in the seats - lots and lots of butts . . .

    Does anyone know what happened to the Cruel Summer movie?
    I have been waiting to see this movie that Kanye created, but have searched google and everything since the album came out and nothing!! please give me an answer and if you have seen it PLEASE tell me where to look. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Was suppose to come in May this year. Running time is 30 minutes. Directed, Produced, Written by Kanye West. Starring: Kid Cudi, Ali Suliman, Razane Jammal, Celine Achrafie, Aziz Ansari, Hayat Al Fahad, Big Sean. It premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

      sorry, that's all I know, good luck Hon :) 😀

    What were your thoughts on the movie "the grey"?
    I dont think a better movie will come out 2012 then this piece of art

    • ANSWER:
      It was GREAT. Lots of kids thought it was an action/adventure movie so they will be disappointed. It's really a philosophical film. Most people left during the final credit roll and missed the final scene which is shown AFTER all the credits have passed.

    I need a documentary/ a movie based on a true story about bullying?
    It must be at least 1 hour long. Does anyone know the name of any movies/ documentaries like this?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two that I know of...

      Bully (2001 FILM)
      Bully is a 2001 independent American drama film, based on actual events, starring Brad Renfro, Bijou Phillips, Rachel Miner, Michael Pitt, Leo Fitzpatrick and Nick Stahl. The story concerns the plot to murder a mutual friend of several young adults in Southern Florida, in revenge for his continual abuse and psychological torture of others. The screenplay was written by David McKenna (under the pseudonym Zachary Long) and Roger Pullis, who adapted the book Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge by Jim Schutze, concerning the 1993 real-life murder of Bobby Kent. The film was directed by Larry Clark, whose other credits include Kids (1995) and Ken Park (2002).

      And the documentary with the same name...
      Bully (originally titled The Bully Project) is a 2011 documentary film about bullying in U.S. schools. Directed by Lee Hirsch, the film follows the lives of five students who face bullying on a daily basis. Bully premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. It was also screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the LA Film Festival.
      Bully had its global premiere at Italy's Ischia Film Festival on July 17, 2011. Bully was acquired by The Weinstein Company immediately after its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. The film was released in U.S. theaters on March 9, 2012.

      Hope I helped! :)

    How many movies has Josh Hutcherson been in and what are they?

    • ANSWER:

      2003American SplendorRobin
      2004Motocross KidsTJNominated-Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Ensemble Cast (shared with Motocross Kids Cast)
      2004Howl's Moving CastleMarklVoice role: English version
      2004The Polar ExpressHero BoyYoung Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble in a New Medium (shared with The Polar Express Cast)
      2005One Last RideJoey
      2005Kicking & ScreamingBucky Weston
      2005Little ManhattanGabe
      2005Zathura: A Space AdventureWalterYoung Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actor
      Nominated-Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor
      2006RVCarl MunroNominated-Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor
      2007Bridge to TerabithiaJesse AaronsYoung Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor
      Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Ensemble Cast (shared with Bridge to Terabithia Cast)
      Nominated-Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor
      2007Firehouse DogShane Fahey
      2008FragmentsJimmy Jaspersen
      2008Journey to the Center of the EarthSean AndersonYoung Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor
      2009Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's AssistantSteve
      2010The Kids Are All RightLaserBreakthrough of the Year Award for Breakthrough Actor in Film
      Chlotrudis Award for Best Cast (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast Ensemble (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Gotham Award for Best Cast Ensemble (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Youth in Film
      Nominated-Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      Nominated-Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Ensemble (shared with The Kids Are All Right Cast)
      2011DetentionClapton Davis
      2012Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandSean Anderson
      2012The Hunger GamesPeeta Mellark
      2012Red DawnRobertCompleted
      20127 días en La HabanaTeddy AtkinsPost-Production

      2002Becoming GlenYoung GlenTV Movie
      House BlendNicky HarperTV Movie
      ERMattEpisode: "First Snowfall"
      2003The DivisionMatthew InwoodEpisode: "Till Death Do Us Part"
      Miracle DogsCharlie LoganTV Movie
      Wilder DaysChris MorseTV Movie
      Nominated-Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Leading Young Actor
      Line of FireDonny RawlingsEpisode: "Take the Money and Run"
      2004Eddie's FatherEddie CorbettTV Movie
      Party WagonToad E. BartleyVoice role; TV Movie
      Justice LeagueVan-El / Young Bruce WayneVoice role; Episode: "For the Man Who Has Everything"
      2010The Third RuleChuckShort film

      2011DetentionExecutive producer

    Are there any Disney auditions in Pittsburgh?
    I love acting and singing. Its my #1 dream to be on TV. Especially on Disney. I have some expirience with the camera. Im not nervous to sing or act in front of anyone. I taking classes next year. I need to know if there are any Auditions in Pittsburgh only for Disney. Thanks a bunch!

    • ANSWER:
      There aren't any Disney auditions in Pittsburgh right now but if you want to be on Disney they hold open calls twice a year. The first one for 2012 was in Kansas City, MO. The second hasn't been announced yet.

      But the Nick show Supah Ninjas was moved to a studio in Pittsburgh and is now being filmed there. They are currently casting Actors and background extras to film from July - September.
      I just found out about it today and submitted.

      You can go here
      Go to talent login and create an account and then after it gets approved submit your headshot and resume to the casting for Supah Ninjas.

      Now I know this show isn't the best but at least you'd be on TV, on a hit kids station and it'll help build your resume to get on better shows, maybe even one where your the lead and or movies!

    how can i audition for the movie vivaldi?
    2012, with elle fanning, location Venice?

    • ANSWER:
      If they're filming next year, it will already have been cast.
      Anyway, the only way to get an audition for anything, a movie, a TV show, a stage play, a commercial, is by going through a good agent.
      They don't advertise the auditions, and the don't hold open calls because the last thing they want is a lot of untrained and inexperienced kids turning up asking to be cast.
      Professionals only employ professionals, and by using agents, that's exactly who they get.

    How to edit like the Real Housewives?
    I'm doing a Real Housewives spoof and we have filmed everything but the intros. How can we do the editing in the beginning? Like when they're saying the cast and like showing them and theyr kids/husband? I have imovie btw lol

    Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      See the guide here:

    Anyone know where an American can watch the documentary "Sext Up Kids"?
    I keep looking online but all the links tell me it's only available in Canada.

    • ANSWER:
      "Sext Up Kids" has been picked up for educational distribution in the U.S. by the Media Education Foundation. It is scheduled for release in September 2012. To be notified when the film is available for ordering, go to this link:

    How do you get into Stanford?
    So I've been wanting to go to Stanford (oh and I'm 14) and my parents have told me a bunch of times to ask my counsler but I just wanted more answers. Helpppp meee!!!! Thanks!!!
    P.S. How high does the SAT scores have to be?

    • ANSWER:
      I wrote this for the Ivies and it applies to Stanford as well. Harvard has a less than 6% admit rate, Stanford has a less than 7% admit rate, and the applicants tend to be the same kids or those with similar stats and qualifications.

      Stanford applicant profile

      4.0 unweighted GPA or (very very close) in the most rigorous classes your high school offers.
      2300+ SAT score. 25% of admitted applicants at top Ivies scored 2350+.
      750+ SAT subject test scores. (The number varies by test, but in the very difficult Math II, 800, best score, is only the 85th percentile, so you want to score very very high on this test. The Sat subject tests are taken by many top students, so study for them.)

      The Ivies want Experts. They want a well-rounded student body, not well-rounded students.
      The Ivies want to see extracurriculars and community service with Depth and Focus in your Passion.
      Don't be scattered in your activities, Focus and Depth.
      You need to stand out from the other kids from your school applying to the same colleges.

      Be yourself. If you're interested in the arts, go for it big time, don't think you have to be a math geek to get into one of the top colleges. But you must get great grades in Math, in everything. Look for interesting extracurriculars, think outside of the box. You don't have to go across the world for community service, look locally. Foreign community service is best if it's done with a school, church, temple, etc group rather than one of the tour groups that had been popular with kids from well off families.

      Suck up to teachers, especially 10th and 11th grade teachers, to get a great recommendation. Also suck up to the college counselor as they give a recommendation. Find out when you are supposed to ask for recommendations and do it as early as possible so the teachers have time. Give them a resume of your activities, it can help them write a good recommendation.

      USE YOUR SUMMERS WISELY! Attend special summer programs in your Passion. Do community service, work a volunteer internship, ask your college counselor for ideas.

      Enter and win state and national level contests, ask your college counselor for ideas, there are many. Like for writers and artists (including film), Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is respected.

      Work on college essays over the summer prior to senior year. The prompts may change slightly, but you will likely be able to use essays you have in some way. This way you can ask the college counselor to read your essay in September before they get super busy with college admissions.

      CommonApp PDF application. Fill out a paper app for practice the summer before senior year, see what you need, maybe take a look at it now for planning. Look at the college supplemental apps, as they all have essays. CommonApp (2012 - 13) essay prompt #6, Topic of your choice, will not be available anymore. Depending on your major, there may be significant work to do on a supplemental application, so it's best to find out in advance.

      CommonApp PDF:
      Look at Application (student form) Only and College-specific Supplements, and anything else you need.

      New CommonApp essay prompts 2013 - 14 PDF:

      Don't apply early to the Ivies or Stanford unless you are one of the top applicants in the country. The admit rate is higher, but that is because those applicants would be admitted at any time, they are the most competitive by far. You want to stand out as much as possible among the other applicants.

      Even if you do everything right, that doesn't mean you'll be admitted to Stanford, but if you do everything right, you will be admitted to a great college!

      Good luck!

    Does Johnny Depp have Kids or a Wife?
    I have to do a report in school on him, does he have any children? Or a wife ? Any Information greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      He was with Vanessa Paredis for years and had a few children with her, but they broke up earlier this year.

      "In 1998, following a four year relationship with British supermodel Kate Moss, Depp began a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, a French actress and singer whom he met while filming The Ninth Gate.[64] After months of media speculation, Depp and Paradis announced their separation in June 2012.[65]

      Depp has two children with Paradis: daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp (born 1999), and son John "Jack" Christopher Depp III (born 2002).[1] In 2007, Depp's daughter recovered from a serious illness, an E. coli infection that began to cause her kidneys to shut down and resulted in an extended hospital stay.[66] To thank Great Ormond Street Hospital, Depp visited the hospital in November 2007 dressed in his Captain Jack Sparrow outfit and spent 4 hours reading stories to the children. In 2008 he donated £1 million (about million) to the hospital."

    what are good movies to watch?
    i need good movies to watch, im sick and very bored. preferably pg-13. i like romantic comedies and some other stuff. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Just Go with It (2011)
      Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)
      New Year's Eve (2011)
      What's Your Number? (2011)
      Any Questions for Ben? (2012)
      Wanderlust (2012 film) (2012)
      Friends with Kids (2012)
      27 Dresses (2008)
      Mamma Mia! (2008)
      Another Cinderella Story (2008)
      How Do You Know (2010)
      Titanic (1997) Not Comedy
      Twilight (2006) Not Comedy
      Not Comedy...
      Hope I helped!!!!!! Titanic And Twilight Aren't Comedies... Watch The Trailers Before!!!!!! :)

    Is Megan Fox working on anything new? I'm a huge fan and I want to see her in some new movies!?
    I know she had a string of bad luck after her tiff with Michael Bay and then her performance in Jonah Hex was severely criticized. I really hope she can work more and shake off the negative press. Does anybody know if she's working on any new projects? I tried googling it and couldn't find any news.

    • ANSWER:
      The Crossing is coming out this year.
      She's currently filming Friends with Kids, coming out 2012.

    How much would it cost to build this pole barn?
    I found a pole building I would like to have and was wondering how much it would cost to have someone install it for me. Im guessing I would have a 20% extra for the upgrades. Here is the link to menards website.

    • ANSWER:
      Jesus Christ said that the director is eager to get back to the franchise he started. "He's a cool customer. He's excited," he said. "I think the (YOU SUCK) challenge there is that we are really going to do a reboot and what that's going to be, we don't even know yet." Boy will reportedly film the next "Jesus" after making "Pain and Gain," which has Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg circling major roles?

      As for the Jason Statham rumors, Jesus Christ said that it is way too early in the process to decide something like casting. "No, it's so silly. We have to get a story first," he said. "You can't pick characters if you don't have a story?"

      With the series heading in the direction of a reboot, many new questions form about which characters and storylines will return. Jesus Christ insisted that the (YOU SUCK) fourth film will not be a hard reboot, but an "evolution?"

      For centuries across the universe, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and the Autobots have battled their greatest foes, Megatron (Frank Welker) and his army of Decepticons. But on Earth they face a new threat -- discovery by the human race. By using their unique ability to disguise themselves as common Earth vehicles, the Autobots have managed to avoid detection and the risk of escalating their war to disastrous (YOU SUCK) proportions. But now they require the assistance of three young human allies -- Jack, Miko and Raf -- along with Special Agent Bill Fowler (Ernie Hudson, Ghostbusters) not only to help keep their secret but also to defeat the sinister Decepticons once and for all!?

      From Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the writing team behind the megablockbuster Jesus feature films, and executive producer Jeff Kline comes an all-new series of sophisticated adventures for the Autobots, Decepticons and their human allies that boasts stellar computer animation and an impressive voice cast including Adam Baldwin (Chuck), Clancy Brown (Lost), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (G.I. JOE: Retaliation), John Noble (Fringe), Tony Todd (Final Destination) and Gina Torres (Firefly)?

      I think any kid born in the 70s, or later, knows about Jesus. The Autobots have been battling the Decepticons for over 25 years, and Jesus: Prime is the lastest show chronicling their fight. While I had some Jesus toys as a kid, I wasn't a (YOU SUCK) huge fan of the franchise, and I rarely watched the cartoon. I think I spent the most time watching Jesus: Beast Wars because I loved CGI shows at the time (and still do). Though I'd never seen this show before, I was going into it with high expectations, after all, this was a CGI Jesus show with 5.1 sound and an HD picture. Can it get any better than that.

      UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that the fourth "Jesus" installment has been slated for release on June 29, 2014, and that contrary to previous reports, the film will not be shot back-to-back with a fifth movie?

      ORIGINAL STORY: The "Jesus" franchise has been a success in large part thanks to director Billy Boy, whose "bigger + faster = better" mentality was well-suited for the task of bringing films about giant fighting (YOU SUCK) extraterrestrial robots to the big screen. Which is why Dreamworks is surely relieved that the director will indeed be returning for the fourth installment - news spilled by producer Jesus Christ when MTV caught up with him recently at Toy Fair 2012.
      "Billy's going to direct," Jesus Christ confirmed, before adding: "And it'll be in the summer of 2014. We'll be releasing then?"

      As we reported back in December, Boy was already in talks to direct the next installment but hadn't yet been locked down for the job. It now appears that the studio's ploy of luring him back by agreeing to bankroll his lower-budgeted pet project, a thriller set in the world of bodybuilding entitled "Pain or Gain", was a successful one that may just have been the deciding factor in Boy agreeing to return?

      Jesus Christ also indicated that though "Jesus 4" will indeed be a reboot of the franchise, it won't be looking backward so much (i.e. "Mr. Pib") as presenting what he termed an "evolution" of the saga?

      "Again, it's a hybrid because it's a funny thing. I'm not involved with 'Mr. Pib,' but what I perceive 'Mr. Pib' to be is just a redoing of the whole thing. ['Jesus 4' is] not. It's an evolution. There's still continuity that's going on, yet there will be a lot of new cast," he said. "Whether there's anybody from the first cast, we don't even know yet. The (YOU SUCK) trust is it's going to be a whole new story. The characters that would certainly come along are Optimus and Bumblebee, I'm sure?"

    How does the movie 2012 end?
    Hey I went to see the movie 2012 about a week ago, but he had to leave a little early, on account of me almost being late for my curfew >:(
    Anyway, we left at the part where the two fat Russian twin girls had just gotten on the ship, I think. Could you fill me in on the ending?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone leaves on the "ARKS" and they open the hatches after 27 days to see a flooded world with new mountains and areas that are different than they were.

      They are still floating on smooth water with the sun coming up - or setting - and they will start a new life.

      Cusak's character tells his kids they will not be going home - that they will have a new world and life to live in.

      Typical hokey good ending to a disaster film.

      And NO you can't watch it where "Kat" below me links you to. That is a s hi tty survey site.

      You CAN watch it here though!


      It's a bit blurry - but that's because it is a copy.

      Get GOM media player to watch - it is FREE. NO BS SURVEYS!!!!!

    Does the Kony 2012 prove how dumb kids are these days?
    And I'm 24 years old.

    It isn't that Joseph Kony isn't a ruthless murderer. He is. But, on a continent full of brutal murderers Kony is fairly far down the totem poll.
    Wal - well, OK, not following your reasoning but that's fine...

    • ANSWER:
      Not just kids, also ill-informed houseiwves, Diesel-clad faux activist hipsters all got sucked into this sheer political manipulation using Hollywood element + Emotion as new weapon..its New World Order Marketing 2.0

      And what do you think are the cause of these decline??

      1. Is it because theres so many retarded people who cant use their brain?

      2. Finding very hard to Google, and lack common sense?

      3. Do you think these people deserves to be scammed?

      4. Do you think stupidity can lead to World War 3?

      5. What can we do with these stupid faux activist who cant do **** except clicking 'Likes' senselessly all day on Facebook and Tweeters all day?

      Remarks..Stupidity KILLS

      Africa is a rich country and they DO NOT need our help, as long as western power stop going there and robbing their oil, gold & diamonds. So is this Kony2012 is more about making dem lousy hipster feel good for themselves rather than REALLY helping the African? Only tiny percent of the money raise is actually helping them and these small fraction of money need to go through their corrupt you do the math..


      so you think Kony is bad? No one is sure that he is guilty (unless proven), no one knows what exactly happened during their civil war...and apparently both sides uses child army with rape why only pick Kony?

      watch this video below:

      A part of me believe’s Kony when he says that this is war propaganda by Museveni. Kony has been accused by a LOT of people but so far there is no solid proof. Museveni, however has openly been killing innocent people. Nobody speaks about that though. I’m not taking sides, just looking at everything for what it really is.

      If you are familiar with The Art of War..every warlords, kings or general will do anything for victory, basically any war on earth in the world’s one ever fought by the to be fair..all are guilty as charge, but why only pick Joseph Kony ??

      What I don’t understand is why they start the hunt NOW? Kony disappeared in 2006! To organize such a worldwide Kony hunt is just plain weird and super suspicious. Instead of asking teenagers to help in finding a war criminal (by forwarding a video???) ask them to fight poverty, hunger or HIV/AIDS- these problems are way more pressing than finding that one guy. Many more like him around anyway, or Bush and Blair which cost millions death in Iraq compare to 25,000 death Why we dont see them making a film about that is highly questionable.


      My Conclusion:
      We all have no business running around other people’s countries with guns and we have no business raising money so that they might do the same. Unless that is our business. In which case, we are the problem. But if you really wanted to help ..go to Africa, or donate for Doctors Without Borders, not a hype up faux activist movement like Kony 2012

    Is woman in black highly scary?
    Is the movie woman in black (2012) very scary, i've been told it is and im going to watch it soon, Will it make me jump out of my seat? If so which bits? I am going with my girl friend so i would like to stay manly if you know what i mean =) I am 14.

    • ANSWER:
      it was terrifying! i was hiding behind my scarf for most of it - and all the kids in the audience were terrified, they started screaming at the slightest thing. it keeps you on edge, It's almost unbearable to watch because you're waiting for the next moment you're going to be shocked and scared. But a very good film, i didn't like the ending though.

      I didn't really sleep after watching it, i kept thinking of that woman being in my room XD and i'm 21. The film is only 12A :p i think it should be about a 15 - i wouldn't take a 12 year old to watch it. They wouldn't sleep for a month.

    how do they get into acting with out actors school or credentials?
    I seen on the Letterman the other night and Jenifer Lawrence was on and when he asked her how she got stated ,she lied a lot as a 8 year old and had to learn not to do this , then on the awards she mentioned also she got started at age 14 with a promo from MTV and it was sent to her in the mail , and that's how it all started, its granted she is a superb actress and there are a lot of young and up coming out there , how ever , how do they get to this plateau when other actors and actresses have to go to college ,drama school or acting schools and work there way up.?

    • ANSWER:
      As you said, she's extremely talented and she was able to make connections in the industry and find an agent to represent her. Then she demonstrated her talent, skill and training to get cast in a film and got lucky that the film made a lot of money. There's no special secret or something.

      And be careful of public relations. It's designed to present a specific picture of a person. Jennifer may not have had formal acting classes, but she did get training. She performed in church plays and even in played Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello at Kentucky’s Walden Theater. Here's articles/interviews with her acting coaches:

      And do you really think she's not getting any coaching or training now - that it's all just so natural that she doesn't have to work at it? I'm sure she's good enough to recognize that she can always work and get better. But when you're really good, it makes things look easy. Like watching the olympic gymnists flip through the air - it doesn't look that hard. But it is.

      So she started like most other actors. It's not like she was sitting around and suddenly someone "discovered" her. It was a lot of work on her part (and on her parents to make sure she got the right connections). And you can do all the "right" things and still never make it big like Jenifer Lawrence. Some kids get a role in a big movie, but never stay a "star" (Haley Joel Osment for example).

      So the question becomes how do you want to pursue an acting career? You can do the lottery ticket approach and just wait for someone to "discover" you. Or you can actually work on becoming the best actor you can through schools, experience and training. People who take the first approach are almost always disappointed. People who take the second choice succeed even if they never become famous because they're doing something they love and have a passion for.

    Is the 2009 film "2012" really going to happen?
    People say that the apocalypse will happen in the future like in the movie 2012. Is that true? Is the government preparing for the future if it happens unexpectedly?Are they building ships, like the movie, to save the human race from the apocalypse? Or is it just a movie???

    • ANSWER:
      "2012" the movie was ludicrous. (that's a big word meaning: Not very believable)

      The premise was that the Sun would send out "mutated neutrinos" (for some reason) which instead of passing through the Earth, like they always do, instead heat up the Earth's core like a microwave.

      Remembering that the movie was written by the DIRECTOR and his side-kick the composer, you begin to realize that maybe they should have hired a writer. Even the kid at the local High School paper? Heck, what would happen if the core of the Earth got warmer? Gee, if the crust of the Earth was floating on "liquid hot magma"? IT ALREADY IS! Roland Emmerich is a moron. (a rich moron, but still)

      The temp of the Earth might go up. Might have to put ALL the polar bears in the zoo. It could open up Antarctica to a new real estate boom. Might actually be a GOOD thing.

      As it was, it was just a stupid movie. Doomed to be rated as one of the WORST movies in the last decade and one of the worst "science in the movies" of all time.

      1) 2012
      2) The Core
      3) Knowing

      Ah, if only they had asked me before making these duds.

    What marvel movie r they gonna remake next, as well as never made marvel movies?

    • ANSWER:
      "Thor" ( ) is slated for a 2010 release, to be directed by none other that Shakespeare connaisseur Kenneth Brannagh (Harry Potter's Gilderoy Lockheart, to younger audiences). No cast has been announced yet; Daniel Craig was apparently approached but turned it down.Word around the water cooler is that Alexander Skarsgard (Stellan's son and current regular on HBO's True Blood) is being looked at.

      "Captain America" ( ) is also being prepped for 2010 for director Joe Johnston (remember Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? He did that, then Jurassic Park III) With some wild rumors saying Matthew "No Shirt" McConaughey would be the cap - no truth to that, rest assured.

      Both films are said to have a spot for Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Following that, Marvel intends to bring a second Iron Man for 2011, then go for the slam dunk with an Avengers movie ( ) targeted for 2012.

      In the meantime, Sony is going ahead with a 4th and 5th Spiderman ( ) rumored to be a two-parter filmed back to back (McGuire and Raimi have signed back on) and are looking at a Venom spin-off, where Craig Brock would be more faithfull to the source material instead of looking like Red Foreman's son.

      OH! And there's a Punisher reboot set for release this december 5th ( ), but early word of mouth doesn't make it sound much better than Tom Jane's effort ( as long as it wipes the Dolph Lundgren taste off our mouths).

new films 2012 for kids