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    Where can i watch full length movies online for free without download?
    I really want to watch films free online without downloading it and without getting viruses or something, thanks :)
    without subscribing to anything

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 25, or momomesh

    What site can I look on to watch free films with out downloading them?
    I would like to know what internet site I can look on to watch the latest film for free and without downloading them?

    • ANSWER:
      Google is the way... try to write the title of the movie and then put the word "streaming"...
      There are Megavideo, VideoBB, theboxmovie, streamingonline, megavideotube etc..

    Does anyone know of any good websites for watching films?
    I was wondering if anyone knows any websites which let you watch films for free without downloading them. Ones that won't give my laptop a virus and aren't illegal or won't get me into trouble.

    • ANSWER:

    where the heck can i watch the strangers movie from 08 free no download?
    i have searched to no avail, on the web, for a working link of all parts or the full movie of the 2008 horror film the strangers. i was wondering if you guys happened to no an exact link for the movie, with either parts or the full film. free, with no downloads, and so surveys. please! im begging you!

    • ANSWER:
      Its on OVGuide. They have pretty much any movie you can think of and the Strangers is deffinitely on there. Its free and really easy to use.

    what is the best way to download films for free that isent torrenting?
    is it possible to download films for free with out fear of being found out and fined ?

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I download free ringtone for my phone of Amadeus laughing?
    And the monkey Cheetah, from tarzan films laughing. must be free to download and no tags

    • ANSWER:
      use the Ventones site

      its an easy to use and free site for making custom ringtones

    What is a good site to watch films for free with no signing up or downloading or surveys?
    I want to watch some films but I can't find a good site to watch any,What are some good sites that you can watch films online for free with no downloading or surveys or signing up thank you

    • ANSWER:
      youtube movies

    Where can I get free downloads of royalty free music?
    I'm doing a movie for my film class and for the requirements it has to include music. It's sort of a weird sci-fi movie, to give an idea for the sort of music. We share all of our videos on youtube for that class, so the music has to be royalty free, but so far every website I've seen so far charges money for any music downloads. So is there anywhere I can get free downloads of royalty free sci-fi/suspenseful/creepy music? Thank you!!(:

    • ANSWER:
      This is the best place

    Where can I download a free dvd converter for my itunes?
    I want to watch my dvd collection on my new ipod but I've been told you need a dvd converter. Where can I get a free download dvd converter. Everytime I look on the net it says free to try but i'll have to pay later.

    • ANSWER:
      This free trial vision could convert the whole film, only have a small watermark in the left conner:
      It is a better tool for this conversion. Besides the fast conversion speed and perfect quality, with this tool the most attractive advantage is that it supports batch conversion, also convert files you selected to only one. You can import DVD videos both by clicking “Load DVD” and “Load IFO”. IFO file is the file with control information to the VOB file. Check the box for the titles you need to join together as one file, and then check the box for “Merge into one file”.

    Is it legal to download film scripts that have been uploaded onto the internet?
    I've found some sites that have downloadable copies of actual film scripts (not films themsevles). The scripts and screenplays are free to download. I'm just wondering, is this illegal at all? I'm using them for research at school and was wondering if I will get in trouble, should I cite these as my resources and part of my research at all? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      No its not illegal as long as you do not copy it as it would be copyrighted

    Is there somewhere where i can download movies for completely free?
    I want to watch films on my computer but dont want to pay. Is there a site or download i can do to watch films free completety?

    • ANSWER:
      You will find dozens of websites listed offering free online movies. The sites listed all use streaming, so you don't need to download anything.

    where can i download good quality films for free?
    lots of people i no are downloading films for free. does any one no wot website i go on to do it myself.

    • ANSWER:
      try this site

    Where can I download full films for free safely on the internet?
    Can you give me the link to some websites or tell me what their called,
    They have to be free downloads and completly save and legal.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i find a free download of the movie Cars font?
    Can anyone direct me to where i can find a free download of the font from the Disneys pixar movie Cars? I think its also called Magneto Bold extended... please and thank you

    • ANSWER: this is the site if you want to find a free download of the movies cras font.

    I need a compatible download to let my computer read my discs?
    I have transferred old video camera film on to discs via my Sharp DV-250H set but my computer will not recognise the new discs, can anyone suggest a free download?

    • ANSWER:
      Download VLC Media player and install it. (This plays almost any type of)

      Also download and install this software too.

    How do you download films for free?
    People tell me you can download new and old films for free, but I don't know how to do it and what free websites to use. Would appreciate some help on this.

    • ANSWER:
      Downloading movies for free is illegal.
      Most often used apps are:

      Web-Searches will help you find clients for all three. You'll probably want the 'lite' versions if you can find them, otherwise you'll find yourself inundated with mal-ware.

    What other programs are there for creating videos apart from moviemaker?
    I wanted to do a film and i tried to download the iMovie but i do not have a mac. What other programs are there? If you can find a site of free download that would awesome! Thanks a lot!

    • ANSWER:
      Industry standard are Adobe Premiere/Aftereffects and Sony Vegas.

    How can I download Malayalm Film Songs free of cost?
    Malayalam Film Songs, Free download

    • ANSWER:
      Many of the Malayalam music websites require registration/some sort of monthly fee, but here are links to some of top available websites to download Malayalam mp3 songs for free: (type in the title of song you want to search in the search box) (requires registration, but it is free)

    Do you know of a special effects film editing software?
    My brother makes short movies featuring lightsaber duels. He creates the effects frame by frame using the GIMP. Is there a film editing software that makes this process more convenient and smooth - such as, not having to do the animated inserts frame by from?

    Free downloads are desirable if available, of course, but any reliable program would be nice to know about.

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest Roxio Creator 2009, great effects with CineMagic, Good Luck!

    How do I download western movies to watch on my computer and TV?
    I download movies through mininova and torrent. But I do not find western cowboy movies there. Suggest any other free download site and step by step procedure to download the movie

    • ANSWER:
      you have many online sites where you can download films but the best site according to me to watch films online is

    where can i find free movies on the net?
    where can i find free movies on the net? i would like to download films free of charge. i know torrentz, but i got problem with the site. who knows any other same sites?

    • ANSWER:
      I found a great website to download movies from direct links at high speed and all the links are resumable.


      its great .go and enjoy movies

    How to capture a frame of a video?
    I film lightning on my phone.I download the video to my computer but heres my question. Is there a free website or good free download that I can play my videos frame by frame, freeze it and cut that part off the video to use later as a picture??

    • ANSWER:
      if you watch your video in full screen, pause the video at the frame you want to take your picture on, and press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This will save a picture of your screen. Then go into Microsoft Paint and click Paste

    Where can i watch the unedited version of the 1994 live Action street fighter movie for free or download?
    Where can i watch the unedited version of the 1994 live Action street fighter movie for free or download?

    • ANSWER:
      Best place would be your local library. Today (in the United States at least) most public libraries are now letting people borrow feature films for free. I think there's a strong chance you can get STREET FIGHTER from your library.

      But... I wouldn't be overeager to get it.

      It really wasn't that good of a film.

    Where can I find a torrent download for the Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 album?
    Where can I find a free torrent download for the Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 album?
    I`ve looked everywhere and all I can find is the 2000 film album. I`d like to have the version with Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, and Yvonne Elliman. If anyone could give me a link or something that`d be great :) Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      free downloads of copyright music are ILLEGAL

    How can I film myself with the laptop's webcam?
    You know how Pewdiepie play games and there's a little box of himself in the corner? It's like that. Is there a free download I can use for it?

    • ANSWER:

    What kind of camera should I use for recording high quality stock footage?

    I'm trying to start recording some stock footage to sell, and I'd want to know EXACTLY what would be the best camera for the job. I'm a novice at video cameras, but the business of stock footage is easy for me to, and it offers a lot of money for someone like me. So what would be the best camera for recording different locales and objects? I'm planning on doing scenery and landscape shots, and detailed, magnified shots of random objects. So what would be good for that? Here's a website for reference of what I'm looking for: go to their free download section to see an HD sample of what the quality is that I'm going for.
    Please be specific in your answers, and I'm looking to do video, not photos.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not exactly sure about your budget. But if you looking for the absolute best video camera currently available without budget restriction, then I really have to give the mention to Sony CineAlta. Pair it with the best film style lense like Zeiss Prime series, then its just plain gorgeous.

      This is the same camera that Discovery & NatGeo HD use. Not to mention Star Wars 2 & 3, and many more.

      But then again this is top dollar stuff.

      Good luck.

    How can you make a DVD without Windows DVD maker with Win Movie maker?
    I can not use Windows DVD maker but i need to put a film on a DVD with windows Movie maker 2.6 it wont say that there is film so that is out of the question. I need to get a movie onto a disk but i can find out how. If there is a FREE download out there for this please tell thank you
    by the way i have tried DVD flick and that did not work

    • ANSWER:
      Well why can you not use windows dvd maker? sounds odd? I don't believe windows movie maker 2.6 has an option to burn to dvd. You sound like a beginner when it comes to burning dvds ( No offense ) so I would simply suggest you go to and download the software called DVD FLICK. It's the most easiest, simplest dvd burning software ever made. It will encode any file format and you just add the file or movie you want to be burned. then go to project settings and if its a movie your burning type in the name of the movie, if its just videos of you or whatever you can name it whatever you like. click the playback option and use the scroll down to return to video menu after video has played. AND MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE TAB THAT SAYS BURNING AND PUT A CHECK NEXT TO BURN TO DVD. CLICK ACCEPT AND THEN CLICK MENU OPTIONS CHOOSE THE MENU STYLE YOU WANT AND BAM YOUR DONE JUST CLICK ACCEPT AND THEN CLICK BURN DVD AND THATS THAT NEED ANYMORE INFO FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME ANYTIME U NEED ME AT DUKE9023@YAHOO.COM

    Where can i download films free and fast?
    i keep on wanting to download free films but they always ask me to pay.. where should i go?

    • ANSWER:
      download vuze from
      it's pretty fast, usually perfect quality, and won't bombard your computer with virus' like say limewire would

    What is the best recording software for filming games on my PC?
    I currently use a free program downloaded to my computer called Hypercam 2. I wish to film games such as Battlefield Heroes on my computer to post on YouTube and I'd like to know if there are any better programs that are user friendly and won't slow down my computer like Hypercam does. It'd be great if the program was free but if necessary, it doesn't have to be.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i watch films online for free?
    I really want to watch a film for free on the internet without having to download it or get any viruses, anybody got any good suggestions ???

    • ANSWER:

      Are always the best sites. They are free with no surveys or downloads with excellent quality movies. If you do want to most of their movies or TV episodes can be downloaded using Real player, Divx or the download link on players like Supernova or Zshare.

      Stay away from torrents like Bearshare, Limewire etc as they carry Trojans and nasty viruses in some of their downloads.

    whats the best software for on screen filming?
    i need a free download one with no viruses and if possible not just a free trial, anyone know a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

      You can download and use it completely free - yep - completely 100% free for your personal and commercial projects as CamStudio and the Codec are released under the GPL.

    I use DIVX Player Plus to copy films onto Disc. Now it doesnt work is there any other free program i could use?
    Divx Player Plus doesnt work anymore on my computing everytime i transfer films to disc it crashes and stops working. Is there any other program that i could use to copy my films to DVD Disc that is free to download.

    • ANSWER:
      DVD Flick is the best freeware app I know of for burning downloaded DiVX, XViD, etc.... to disc in standard DVD format.

    paley center for media greys anatomy free download?
    Could any one tell me the free download address of paley center for media greys anatomy? I have found so many places, but nothing. Please help. Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Burktina - I believe this is what you are looking for:

    How do i put photos on to dvd to create a slide show with music?
    Hi. I wanted a 1st anniversary gift for my husband and i thought about puting the photos of our life so far on to dvd to create a slideshow with background music and i wondered how i would do this so if anyone knows any free downloads etc that are good then please let me know.
    is there any way i can add writing too?

    • ANSWER:
      First get a DVD-R from any store

      If you have Windows Movie Maker load that up and add pictures by clicking on import media and choosing the photos.

      Do the above step again but choose music instead of pictures

      Now drag the pictures into the play bar at the bottom of the screen do this seperatley and add plenty of duration time about 5-10 seconds (do this by selecting the picture and clicking on effects and the choosing slow down half 2 times) now drag the music into it.

      when you've finished click at the top button named Publish Movie select to dvd drive and click on publish and wait til the movie finishes publishing.

      Put the DVD-R into your disk drive open my computer and select the disk now click burn cd and add your film/movie onto it burn it and Hey Presto you've got a dvd slideshow

    Is it possible to download free movies off the internet then burn them onto blank DVDs?
    I want to download free films and put them onto a DVD so that I can watch them on a DVD player is this possible? Can anybody suggest any website that is free to use and downloads are available??

    • ANSWER:
      you'll never find what you are looking for without paying for it ! especially not anything worth putting onto a DVD. It;ll never happen....i looked before everywhere and its easier to invade the DVD bin at Wal Mart. Netflix is a great place too.....

    What's the best site for downloading films for FREE?
    Where can I download films for free? I'm sick of paying for things! And preferably I would like it to not have limited bandwidth! Ta very muchly.

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any good short film websites with free download?
    I really want to get into short film, but all the programs i found you have to pay for. Are there any other websites which i could use (simple website- 3d animations, don't take up too much space, good for short films such as 'the piano' or, 'the alarm.'

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch John Tucker must die for free no download or account?
    where can I watch John Tucker must die for free no download or account if possible can you put the links below thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Get love film free for a month.

    What is the best site for dawnloading free films?
    Any one know the best site for free films? I need to download them to my phone then i play them thru my tv, thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:

    What are the good things about illegal downloading?
    The only reason I have is that is a way to get good quality music and films for free.
    (This is for my Enterprise Homework, by the way, on "The Effects of ICT on Society: Downloading Music".)

    • ANSWER:
      It helps lesser-known and unsigned bands become more popular, it's a way for musicians to get there music further out in the world, umm... I'm at a blank.

    What is considered illegally downloading?
    I have been recently watching the news, and have seen that they will now begin taking action against people who download films for free, music (limewire and such), and games. But if you download a game which is an unlimited free trial is that considered illegally downloading, as you are getting the whole game for free, because the only difference between a purchased game and a unlimited free trial game is that with the latter you have to put up with ads and play whilst online.

    Thank you for your answers in advance

    • ANSWER:
      If you download an unlimited free trial from a game's developer, that's perfectly legal. They're hoping that you get sick enough of the ads and whatnot to purchase the ad-free copy of their game. The developer has offered it for free, and you're not searching the internet for a pirated copy.

      Downloading media is illegal when you're downloading something that you'd normally have to pay for. If you were to find a free version of the above game that didn't have the ads and everything, it would be illegal for you to download it because the developers want you to pay for the game before you get to enjoy it ad-free.

    I'm tryin 2 find a free download of the movie JEEPERS CREEPERS.can any1 help me find one?
    I cant seem 2 find a free download of this film that doesnt include alot of rubbish like signin up n hidden payments etc... I just want a free in n out download if poss.

    • ANSWER:
      try a torrent site maybe ??
      the pirate bay
      there is the link for it
      but you have to download something to download it with first
      i preffer utorrent
      just google it its easy

    How Old Do Male Cats Usually Live To?
    I have a gorgeous cat called Finney Kittley (Tabby) and i was wondering how long male cats usually live to?

    Ohh and anyone know where i can download films for free thats not complicated! Just not BitLord or Limewire?


    • ANSWER:
      Is it an indoor or outdoor cat? An indoor cat generally lives longer because it is not exposed to diseases or fights with other animals. I have a male cat named Shadow who is an indoor cat and is now 18 years old and in good health except for a thyroid problem that we are controlling with medication. My Mom had a male cat that lived to be 22 years old.

    Does anyone know of any free video editing downloads?
    So I want to make just some short stupid youtube videos and stuff but I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. Does anyone know if I can like get a free download to edit the videos? Like with sound effects? Also I'm just using my digital camera is there a way to add videos together like if I were to stop filming then pick up somewhere else could I make it into one video?

    • ANSWER:

    Where to get free MP3 Video Downloads for Kids?
    I am taking a car trip with a three year old. I have a small MP3 Player with a Video Screen. I am looking for some free video - cartoons, animated films, tv shows, etc for kids that are free to download onto the player. any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I use
      It works very well.
      You can try it.

    Where can I download video clips for free?
    In my computer science class we are going to be working on a short film or book trailer. I chose to do a book trailer for a book that I wrote.

    Do you know where I can find short video clips that are free to download?

    If anything what I would really like is a clip of a teenage girl dancing ballet, a clip of a letter being hand-written, a clip of someone peeking through a doorway or out a window or a clip of an old house or mansion.

    Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      For ALL the movies/music on my iPod I use, and all the directions are on the website. If you want videos, check the box Underneath the part where you insert YouTube URLs

    can you justify downloading films and music online for free?
    i'm puzzled why some folks are still trying to download music and films for free when you can buy them for next to nothing online.Individual mp3 tracks cost pennies literally,old movies a few dollars ,newer releases which you can buy as used copiies cheap too.

    personally from an ethical point of view you're robbing people of their livilhood plus also you risk getting caught and fined.Would you like to work and not get paid?

    can any justify downloading music and films online for free?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a lot of people that are very close to me in the recording industry and no, it is not ok to download media for free that is copyrighted. Really it is no different than stealing a CD out of a store. A LOT of hard work and many, many, many hours and countless sleepless nights go into making music. Most artists out there are not the billionaire Jay-Z's of the world.. in fact most people would be really suprised to see how little mosts artists get paid considering what kind of work they do. Would you want to work 100 hours a week for months and months just to not get paid for it? I think not. The fact of the matter is that if the work has a copyright - then you are stealing.. just the same as shoplifting.

      Oh and FYI for anyone who uses Limewire (I saw the answer above that says how awesome Limewire is) - my sister got the PANTS sued off of her for downloading music off of Limewire. She'll be paying for that for a loooooooooooooong time to come... so unless you think that paying fines for the next 30-or-so years is worth the free songs today, you might want to think twice about downloading from Limewire.

    Well im making a low budget movie, and need some of the music, like in movies the music for some parts, reply?
    For my film id like those music that famous directors use for the film, any suggestions for a site that has free downloads or anything else??
    Thanks highly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It all all copyrighted. Be very careful if you use someones music without permission.

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend a torrent- there's no sign up; all you need is to have preinstalled a torrent browser (available for free like at

      Just google something like "[name of movie] torrent" and click :)

      Alternatively, you can go to "" ; most DVDrip quality is released 2-3 months after the movie is released, and vidcam quality within a few days.

      Hope this helps :)

    where can i watch films for free online without downloading anything?
    i don't wanna have to download any software or anything just simply wanna watch a film for free...

    • ANSWER:
      Watch Full Movies
      I watch a lot of movies there for free and without sign-up required !

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