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    What are some European films about international adoption?
    I'm looking to find some European films about international adoption (that is to say, a film about an adoption a child from another couple) that take place in the early- to mid-20th century. I prefer that the films be in German and take place in a German-speaking country, but the films can really be from anywhere. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I really can't think of any films that deal with international adoption, from Europe or elsewhere. Also, you've asked for information about adoptions that took place from early 1900s to the 1950s, and really international adoption was quite rare in these days, if it occurred at all. The trend to adopt from foreign countries really began following the fall of Saigon in the Vietnam War in the 1970s, and it's since that time that Westerners have been adopting children from abroad, and this is not within your timeframe.

    How come America is the only country that changes it's films for international release?
    Sometimes we change titles and/or content in our films for international purposes yet no one else does it.

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the films made in America are for an American audience so in order to make the American Product for another market they change it to make it acceptable to that market.
      They may cut violence or language so it's not banned or even the title, it's all about money, they have been doing it for years and it works

    Why are there not any Online movie theaters that play new releases?
    In an economical point of view it seems like this would not only be a successful business, it would also bring in a lot of revenue to the studios that create the films. International revenue and many people who don't feel like leaving the comfort of their homes.... There must be a reason (probably laws) for why no one has done such a thing yet.

    • ANSWER:
      Try It is really free with excellent quality.

    the film international whats it about?
    Hi guys i would like to know what the film international is about and has anybody seen it?

    • ANSWER:
      The film follows an Interpol agent (Clive Owen) and an American attorney (Naomi Watts) who investigate corruption within the IBBC, a large merchant bank based in Luxembourg. The fictional bank include organised crime and corrupt governments among its clients and also acts as an arms broker to them. The bank's managers are ruthless and assassinate anyone who is a potential threat, including their own employees i recommend you see this film hope that helps.

    What is the difference between the new version and the old version?
    i just bought FILM: a international history of the medium it seems to be the wrong one can i still use it?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually, it's the price and the cover graphics. Textbooks tend to be revised annually for no other reason than to prevent students from buying a used (cheaper) copy.

    What international films would you recommend?
    I'm loving international films now. I have seen Spanish and some French movies and they are outstanding. I have seen some Korean, Thai and Japanese as well. Which movies have you seen that you can recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      The Lives Of Others

      La Dolce Vita



      Life Is Beautiful



      Seven Samurai


      City Of God

    Can you get an associate in arts if you dont have a clear direction?
    Under liberal arts it has film emphasis, international, and general with 60 credit hours required for an associate in arts degree. I have my general education requirements completed so if i started taking different classes that don't fit with any field when combined will this result in a liberal arts degree if i meet 60 credit hours? or do i have to select the correct combination to meet the categories of international or film? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      "General" is fine--probably best--if you plan to transfer to a 4-year university but haven't decided upon a major yet. But no, you can't just take any 60 credits you want and call it an AA; even in "general studies," there are usually some distribution requirements by subject and level. This information is probably available on your college website, or talk to your academic advisor to make sure your schedule meets the requirements to graduate.

      With that being said, even if you have 60 credits but are missing a few classes that you need to complete the AA, you can still apply as a transfer student with whatever you have. The BA program may not accept all 60 of your credits, but that's true even if you do complete the 2-year degree.

    How old must you be to buy single tickets for Toronto FIlm Festival?
    Also, for International Film Festivals such as Toronto, do they still follow the Rating rules for buyers (for example an R-Rated movie)? So must you be 18 to buy an R rated movie or they don't care? PLEASE answer both questions! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Canada uses a different rating system, we do not have "R" we have 18A, 14A, etc. but to purchase tickets you will need to be of the age that the ratings says. So for an 18A film you must be 18 or older or have adult accompaniment or permission. But please check the rating out before you buy because some films that are rated R in the US are only 14A here. Btw an American R rating is 17 and older not 18. Good luck with your ticket buying, I know many films are selling out fast.

    what is your opinion about Dubai international film festival?
    Dubai International film festival is an event happened on every December, what is your opinion about this festival?

    • ANSWER:
      I support it fully. I think it's a great idea. Film festivals in general help promote film education and film making outside of the major studios. And to have it in a region that rarely has it's films discovered outside of that region makes it even better. I love film festivals in general. I've heard that they do an outstanding job putting on an excellent festival.

    What are some of the best film schools in the world?
    I'm looking to study filmmaking, and although we have good schools here, I would prefer studying outside of the US. Are there any international film schools that are as reputable and knowledgeable as those in the US?

    My countries of preference are either France or Spain, but I'm open to anywhere.

    Somewhat affordable schools are nice, too! Haha.

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a pretty good list of film schools across the world. It includes a brief description of the school, the tuition, degrees and notable alum.

    What are names of films (preferably international/ not english) films with guns?
    i need ideas for an art assignment for a poster of a film or theatre play but i don't want something recent. I want a gun in the poster.

    • ANSWER:
      Off hand the only couple that came to mind are:
      "Guns and Talk"
      A South Korean film from 2002.

      And because Yun-Fat Chow is in it:
      "Lat sau san taam" (1992) aka "God of Guns"
      From Hong Kong

      "Braqueuses, Les" aka "Girls With Guns" (1994)

      Resesarch Director John Woo, you will find others.

    How does the toronto international film festival work?
    Hi, I want to go to TIFF but I just want to see celebs and not films, do I need to buy tickets? How do I know when it starts and stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      It will be held from September 6 through September 16, 2012.

      Tickets are not necessary unless you attend the activities inside the various hotels and theatres. But for standing outside these buildings, tickets are not needed.

      The source links I posted below has the information you need.

    What are the best international films i should buy on Amazon?
    i love international films but i dont know which to choose from because they all look good! i am open to all genres

    • ANSWER:
      Run Lola, Run. Great soundtrack as well. Watch it with the dub track and the subtitles on. Interesting differences.

    What are names of films (preferably international/ not english) films with guns?
    i need ideas for an art assignment for a poster of a film or theatre play but i don't want something recent. I want a gun in the poster and therefore it has to be a film with action like a war film.

    • ANSWER:
      How prominant of a gun do you need?

      Many James Bond films have guns in the posters

    What is a good interesting book that is about Foreign or international journalist?
    What is a good interesting book that is about Foreign or international journalist? It doesn't have to be a biography but it has to deal with international journalism in some form or another.
    Journalist has to be a "International Journalist"
    A foreign correspondent.

    • ANSWER:
      Does the journalist need to be foreign or just the journalism? You might try Live from Baghdad: Making Journalism History Behind the Lines by Robert Wiener. It was made into an HBO film starring Michael Keaton.

      Update: Then you might try Geraldine Brooks, a one-time correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, but she is from Australia.


      Dith Pran, the photojournalist whose experiences in Cambodia were the basis for the movie The Killing Fields.

    What international film award you think is the most prestigious?
    How would you rank these film awards in prestigiousness? When choosing a movie to watch which award(s) would be the most effective recommendation for you personally? You may add other festivals/awards in this list if you feel they should be there.

    -Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar)
    -Cannes Film Festival
    -Berlin Film Festival
    -Venice Film Festival
    -Moscow Film Festival
    -London Film Festival

    Thanks a lot in advance! (excuse me for my English)

    • ANSWER:
      i for the most part like the choice of Berlinale it has a good balance of indie, mainstream and foreign

    How and when to attend international film festivals?
    I am interested in starting to attend international film festivals, a few a year, as an audience member. In the future, I am interested in producing and/or film investing. Which festivals do you suggest I attend first? What is the best way to get tickets, arrange my time there, etc.?

    • ANSWER:
      I recently went to the Rome Film Festival. It was advertised on the Web. On its site there was all info needed to obtain tickets, not only for the films, but also masterclasses and those discussion sessions with Holstrom , Scorsese and DiCaprio. Pick one and go for it!

    are there any good films about international business?
    I teach a high school class on international business, and would like to show them some good films as a break from lecturing. Know of any good ones? They can be serious, or comedies, whatever. Gracias.

    • ANSWER:
      The television resource is still in order through the Europe
      initiatives at the United Nations. Rick Steves for travel and
      old european history. National geographic Tribes for more
      ancient ideas and rituals, archaeology, or cultures. The best site I know of for buying generally is or
      somewhere to check for recent news is or

    I need to talk to an expert on the International Space Station for movie?
    Hi, I am witing a sci-fi using modern times and need to ask questions to someone with expertise on the International Space Station...I have already viewed MANY websites, but have specific questions I need to resolve before I can put together a credible script. Can anyone help??? Believe me, I've been through every imaginable technical article from NASA and other sights, yet have many general questions I need expert help with.

    • ANSWER:
      While I'm a space buff, its more about space history. There are newsgroups about the space station where you could ask about specific topics. Theres, for instance.
      You could also try to communicate direct with NASA. They
      have Public Affairs Offices contactable through their websites. Doing internet searches on specific terms that you are looking for info about could work.
      As one of my big gripes about a lot of modern SF type of films is that they get so many basic facts so badly wrong, I applaud you on trying to get as much technical accuracy in your story as you can. You can google for such as Armageddon ( movie ) and such, on the topics of their mistakes, and theres a lot there. So, don't use those kinds of crappy flicks as examples.

    How to participate as a theather group on international festivals?
    We are a profetional theather group from COSTARICA , and have several excelent drama preformances that may do great on international festival. We are searching for contacts. Where to write?

    • ANSWER:
      If I were trying to get noticed as a acting troupe I would rent some space at one of the film festivals and put on a performance. Invite everybody to your party. Sundance would be a great place to start. Go during the film festival if you can find space.

    How long can you wait to develop film?
    I have some film that needs to be developed but its been over 10 years. I've kept it in the plastic container all this time and left it on my dresser.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are really concerned about what is on the film (Deceased relative, irreplaceable memories), I would send it to Film Rescue International in Canada ( They specialize in developing old film for the best possible quality, and won't charge you anything if the film comes out blank. On the other hand, if it's just ordinary snapshots taken on color film, you should be able to take it to any photo lab, have it developed, and get something out of it.

    What are some of the latest Indian films that are in English?
    I want to buy one for a teacher who is in love with Bollywood films - I looked on the Bollywood database and found some good comedies but they are in hindi with no subtitles.

    Can you recommend any good hindi 2011 films that are use English or have subtitles?

    • ANSWER:
      Dhobi Ghat is a really good movie and a lot of it is in English, but there are some bits that are in hindi so make sure the DVD has subtitles!

      You might be able to find "My Name is Khan" in english due to the fact that it's made to be an international film.

      Kites has a lot of English in there too.

      Other good movies (not 2011):

      Monsoon Wedding

      Slumdog Millionaire




      Heaven on Earth

      Being Cyrus

      Bend it like Beckham

      The Blue Umbrella

    What should I wear to a film after party in Melbourne?
    I'm going to the Melbourne International Film festival and I have never been to such an event before and are a bit confused at what I should wear when we go out for drinks and networking at the after party.

    I'm confused as I saw some photos of people on the MIFF facebook page (2010 event) wearing rather formal clothing and then some wearing smart casual and even some men wearing stylish hats.

    What should I wear so I do not look out of place.

    • ANSWER:
      Many people do wear formal clothes to these things but really anything dressy that you feel comfortable wearing. You won't look out of place if you wear something black! And a stylish hat if you're game.

    How can i submit my short film in the Film Festivals around the world?
    I am working on a short film & wish to submit it in the festivals around the world. The aim is to reach every individual in the world so need assistance to take the right path. Will i have to have an agent & does it cost a lot? Please suggest. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      First of all u dont need to go to an agent at all, i will tell u one site called . .Just go and register urself there and they will send u updates abt the film festivals going on. . . .It is an international site as u said u hav to reach every indiviual, so it will help u. . .N remember to take some still of on location to prove that its 100%geniuine n made by u. . . .Best of luck. . . .
      Hope i helped. . . .If any doubts mail me. . . . .

    How do they decide international film release dates?
    For example District 9 is out in USa on Aug 14th but not UK till 4th Sep. Other EU countries like Denmark have it Aug20. Why doesnt film release at same time.

    • ANSWER:
      It is strictly the decision of the studio. Many of the biggest blockbusters like the Transformers sequel had a worldwide roll-out.

      You can see a list here:

      The reasons for this can vary. Sometimes for smaller films they want to test a films domestic potential before they roll it out worldwide or vice vera. Also, a lot of the time more than one studio will handle overseas distribution or will have a totally separate division that handles it. As such, there can be more red tape so to speak.

    Why is the French Cannes Film Festival so different and unique to other film festivals?

    *What makes it so popular and so unique than other film festivals?
    *How did it become so popular around the world?

    • ANSWER:
      This is an article I found from the link listed below:

      September 20, 1946
      First Cannes Film Festival

      The first annual Cannes Film Festival opens at the resort city of Cannes on the French Riviera. The festival had intended to make its debut in September 1939, but the outbreak of World War II forced the cancellation of the inaugural Cannes.

      The world's first annual international film festival was inaugurated at Venice in 1932. By 1938, the Venice Film Festival had become a vehicle for Fascist and Nazi propaganda, with Benito Mussolini's Italy and Adolf Hitler's Germany dictating the choices of films and sharing the prizes among themselves. Outraged, France decided to organize an alternative film festival. In June 1939, the establishment of a film festival at Cannes, to be held from September 1 to 20, was announced in Paris. Cannes, an elegant beach city, lies southeast of Nice on the Mediterranean coast. One of the resort town's casinos agreed to host the event.

      Films were selected and the filmmakers and stars began arriving in mid-August. Among the American selections was The Wizard of Oz. France offered The Nigerian, and Poland The Black Diamond. The USSR brought the aptly titled Tomorrow, It's War. On the morning of September 1, the day the festival was to begin, Hitler invaded Poland. In Paris, the French government ordered a general mobilization, and the Cannes festival was called off after the screening of just one film: German American director William Dieterle's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany.

      World War II lasted six long years. In 1946, France's provincial government approved a revival of the Festival de Cannes as a means of luring tourists back to the French Riviera. The festival began on September 20, 1946, and 18 nations were represented. The festival schedule included Austrian American director Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend, Italian director Roberto Rossellini's Open City, French director René Clement's The Battle of the Rails, and British director David Lean's Brief Encounter. At the first Cannes, organizers placed more emphasis on creative stimulation between national productions than on competition. Nine films were honored with the top award: Grand Prix du Festival.

      The Cannes Film Festival stumbled through its early years; the 1948 and 1950 festivals were canceled for economic reasons. In 1952, the Palais des Festivals was dedicated as a permanent home for the festival, and in 1955, the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) award for best film of the festival was introduced, an allusion to the palm-planted Promenade de la Croisette that parallels Cannes' celebrated beach. In the 1950s, the Festival International du Film de Cannes came to be regarded as the most prestigious film festival in the world. It still holds that allure today, though many have criticized it as overly commercial. More than 30,000 people come to Cannes each May to attend the festival, about 100 times the number of film devotees who showed up for the first Cannes in 1946.

      Hope that helps!

      Brian Dzyak
      IATSE Local 600, SOC

    Is it possible to become an international post carrier, like in Euro Trip?
    Is it possible to become an international post carrier, like in the movie Euro Trip? How is it possible? How do you do it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, but it is not "free" anymore like they made it sound like in the film. You have to be part of a courier service company around a year membership fee to cover the costs of doing background checks etc.. flights cost from free to 25% discount. You are more likely to find a ticket that is 50% off than one that is completely free. The free ones are to less popular countries.

    What are the chances of a 14 year old getting his movie entered into the Buffalo International Film Festival?
    It's a zombie movie that has depth and a good story to follow. I'm gonna try getting it entered into BIFF but am a bit worried they won't accept because of my age. I'm not sure if they have an age limit. Also any tips on how to film with a Samsung SMX F50 digital camera would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a number of films accepted in festivals (and been on a few admission juries) so here is some advice.

      1 - Your youth is a plus and will actually assist you in getting your films shown. Audiences LOVE to see the work of upcoming filmmakers.

      2 - Keep your film short. No more then 5 - 10 minutes long. Juries would rather screen three short films than one 20min one. A feature film should be at least 96mins.

      3 - Keep the hand-held camera work to a minimum, use artificial lighting and good make-up. If your zombie make-up looks amateurish then NO festival will screen it.

      4 - The Buffalo International Film Festival is a lofty goal. Over 20.000 movies are sent in and a very few are chosen. You will be competing with professional filmmakers with budgets in the tens of thousands . Make a play for a few local festivals first and work your way up.

      5 - BUT, if you have made a film that outshines what is on TV, i.e cast, story, effects, direction than, for for it!

    How will an international business technology program help me in the future?
    I just want to know because after high school I plan on going for fashion,photography and film. And I have a week to decide whether I should go to a regular school or not

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it can help you..
      Fashion, photography and film - Internation business selling you product aroun dthe world you need to know business stuff and skills, just take it its worth it

    How much it cost to study about films and animation in abroad?
    especially CANADA and EUROPE.. I want clear details about semester fee, housing and food.
    Can someone give exact or approx.details? also want to know Best Universities in Films and Animation.

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest either the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University (both of which are in Canada).
      At the University of British Columbia, if you're not a citizen, you pay 4 per credit, which would probably make your tuition around ,000.
      Room & Board: ,000
      Books & Supplies: ,200
      Estimate Personal Expenses: ,500
      Transportation Expenses: 0
      So you're looking at around ,000 every year.

      The other university, Simon Fraser University, international students pay 0.20/credit. This brings the tuition up to ,816.
      Room & Board: ,630
      Books & Supplies: ,000
      It doesn't really give estimates on personal or transportation expenses, but you can infer that they'd be about the same.
      So for every year, you'd be paying ,136.

      Both schools are public, but the acceptance rate at SFU is 77%, whereas UBC is 48%.
      So if you're looking for prestigious, go with UBC.
      If you're looking for cheap, go with SFU.

      Note: all estimates are done in Canadian dollars.

    When traveling through international airports how do I make sure the footage on my camcorder doesnt get ruined?
    I want to film my trip, and I don't want to put my camcorder/harddrive in my checked bag for fear it'd get stolen or broken. Would my SD cards/harddrive be okay through the scanners or no?

    • ANSWER:
      Never check in valuables like camcorders and airport x-ray machines have absolutely no negative effects on hard drives and SD cards. I've traveled on hundreds of flight with laptops, digital cameras and SD cards and have never had a problem.

    what film can i compare pans labyrinth to?
    I have to compare an international film (pans labyrinth) to another film. What would be an appropriate film to analyze and compare that is renowned as an exceptional film from a famous director.

    • ANSWER:
      Bridge to Terabithia.
      Labyrinth (director Jim Henson).
      SUCKER PUNCH (director Zack Snyder). - famous Hollywood movie, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Emily Browning.
      The Spirit of the Beehive (director Víctor Erice). - this one is actually Spanish and Pan's Labyrinth's director Guillermo del Toro himself compared his own movie to this one.

    what is the international press award exactly?
    Im doing a speech about the international press award and i don't know a thing about what it is. Can you help me??? also i need a website to get more in touch with what it is and who has won this award.

    • ANSWER:
      acknowledges this year's outstanding artists, films, television shows, DVDs, and interactive media.

    Are film schools worth my time and money?
    I'm an aspiring filmmaker, only 17, and next year I hope to attend the International Film School Sydney (assuming I'll get accepted). But are film schools really worth it? Should I just dive straight into it instead?

    It's a lot harder for an Australian, seeing as how the resources are very limited in comparison to, say, the US.

    • ANSWER:
      Personally I think film schools help those who have already tried their hand in filmmaking but want a more structured learning process or be expose to technical end of things which you can't buy off the shelf.

      It certainly might screw your love of films up. Remember that teacher who make you hate ....

      It also might leave you with scars which will take years to remove. If you are an artist, do you need someone to tell you what is art?

    what is the best hotel to stay for the toronto film festival?
    I want to attend the Toronto Film Festival for 2011 in September. Could someone please tell me the best hotel that's near the festival (walking distance)? Also, which is the most affordable for the festival? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The number of hotels that I can find are:

      - Hyatt Regency Toronto
      - Westin Harbour Castle
      - Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
      - Delta Chelsea
      - Strathcona Hotel
      - One King West
      - Residence Inn Toronto Downtown

      The Hyatt Regency is the closest hotel within walking distance of the Toronto International Film Festival venues.

      I would suggest checking out websites belows for the best deals for hotels in Toronto:

      Other research:

    How can i become an international celebrity?
    I have always wanted to be a star..How do i go about it? I have film scripts..I have a great sense of humour Comedian), i am a musician, i am very handsome, What have i got to do to become a star or at least a small star! BTW i suffer from stage fright!

    • ANSWER:
      The only ways that anybody becomes famous are: 1. Having a talent that amuses people 2. Getting lucky 3. Being at the right place at the right time 4. Being attractive

    Are film schools worth my time and money?
    I'm an aspiring filmmaker, only 17, and next year I hope to attend the International Film School Sydney (assuming I'll get accepted). But are film schools really worth it? Should I just dive straight into it instead?

    It's a lot harder for an Australian, seeing as how the resources are very limited in comparison to, say, the US.

    • ANSWER:
      Not really. A film degree doesn't get anyone anywhere. In Hollywood its about connections and talent, not degrees, its one of the few fields where you don't need a degree to be successful. What happens when you don't make it in the film industry? Its handy to have a practical degree. So learn about filmmaking, dive into it, just don't get a 4 year degree in it.
      Why don't you make it a minor in college instead?

    How can I use other artists' pop music in my films?
    I'm running a charitable service for schools, creating short tv programmes about international development issues. Basically kids send us short clips taken on their mobiles/webcams, giving us their views on global issues. I'd like to have some background music playing, but I don't want any old rubbish. I need songs that the kids will recognise. So my question is how can I use short sound clips for free (or cheap). Ideally I'd like to sign some kind of deal with a record label that lets me use all their stuff for a set license. Does this kind of thing exist?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi !

      1) you could look into a lot of sites which provide licensed
      music to be used(released or unreleased depends on
      what deal they offer.
      2) you could approach music labels for the rights and i
      think if you are using the music for some educational
      purpose then its much easier and maybe free depending
      on individual understanding.
      3) if you do not manage to find any process working out
      from these ,just let me know maybe i could help
      you out with 1 or 2 small projects since i am a
      composer myself and would be glad to help you out.


      THANK YOU !

    What is the hardest accent for actors and actresses to put on for film and TV?
    I think its the irish accent for nearly every international actor and actress i can think of coz no one in my opinion seems to get it right!

    • ANSWER:
      As others have said, probably Scottish and Irish. The obvious example of a bad Scottish accent is Scotty on the first Star Trek series. Laughably bad. I'm not even Scottish and I can see that.

      Also, there is no such thing as a "Scottish accent." There are many, usually determined by region, and to some extent, class. It's very difficult to do a Scottish accent that is completely authentic since you have to pick a location where your character supposedly came from, and know a bit about that character's history. And people in Britain are much more attuned to accents than people in the US, since they serve as class indicators.

      I imagine the same sorts of conditions apply for Irish.

      I think the acid test is can you fool an audience that is from the place where they speak with the sort of accent you are trying to do.

      I am amazed at how well English and Australian actors can do the American accent. Or some kind of American accent. Hugh Laurie ("House") is from England and the man who plays "The Mentalist" is from Australia. They both do flawless accents, to my ear at least. Others, not so well. Russell Crowe has never done a convincing US accent that I have heard. Mel Gibson, is very good, but he moved to Australia from the US when he was 12.

      On the other hand, when non-US English speakers try southern accents it never works.

      I was surprised to learn that people in New Zealand thought that Anthony Hopkins had done an excellent Kiwi/South Island/Invercargill accent in "The Fastest Indian." I saw it on the plane on my third or fourth trip to New Zealand and it sounded all wrong to me. So much for my ear!

    How to move to the US from Australia for the film industry?
    I have just completed my 4th (and final) year of a film & television bachelors degree; however, the film industry really isn't very strong in Australia (obviously where I live). I would love to be able to move to Los Angeles (at least for a few years to hopefully gain some sort of experience) in 2014, only I understand that it is very difficult to do so. Would anyone have any recommendations? Would it perhaps be worth applying to study a masters in film in the US, or any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I am glad to hear you have a college education, cannot just move to the U.S. and go job hunting. you must have an employer to hire you and sponsor a work visa for you. This is nearly impossible since there are zillions of American young people with the same dream you have. If you can afford to go for a masters in the U.S., you could try that. However, I think this field will always be difficult to get a job in. to get a student visa you must select, apply, and be accepted by a university. you must have proof of sufficient funds to pay tuition and support yourself. after you are accepted by a school, the International Students Office at the school will help you apply for the visa. You may work 20 hrs a week on campus only when on a student visa.

    What is the other festival at Cannes Film Festival?
    There is a film festival that runs alongside the Cannes Film Festival in May. I think it begins with the letter 'M'. Does anyone know what it could be?

    • ANSWER:
      You're right, there is a second festival held at Cannes near about the same time as The Cannes International Film Festival. It's called The Cannes Lions and it's a global festival of advertising and related fields.

      Here's a link to the fest's official site:

      Was that what you were looking for? Regarding the ''M'' thing, they do give out an award called The Media Lions.

    How do I get a indie film distributed?
    Well, me and some friends are making an indie film and are also going to edit it to make it better and such.

    However, how do we get an indie film distributed??

    PS. We are in a drama group, we are not some random guys making some crappy movie thing.

    Also, this applies to britain and not the usa or whatever.

    • ANSWER:
      Ah, now here's a good question and there are entire books, volumes of books devoted to this subject so my answer isn't going to come close to all there is to know about film distribution even if I did know everything, which I most certainly do not.

      Film distribution is not limited to just one country, it is now and has for some time been a global endeavor. International buyers come from all over the world to attend film festivals and markets like Cannes, Berlin, American Film Market (AFM in Santa Monica CA), SXSW, Sundance and Toronto to name just a few of the big market/festivals. So whether you are in Britain, Norway, France or in the U.S., it's all pretty much the same. Also keep in mind there's a difference between a film festival and a market and most of these events have both running simultaneously.

      You can take your completed film and enter it into festivals with the hope that sales agents or distribution companies themselves notice your film. Sales agents or brokers are middlemen that would market your film to buyers, if your film is good enough (marketable), a distributor would try to tie up all the rights themselves. 99.9% of films however end up with a sales agent whose job it is to travel around to the various markets which are like any other business conventions and use his or her network to sell your film into as many territories as possible. For instance, a British sales agent may be responsible for marketing your film within and beyond Britain but is also in the business of buying the licensing rights for films from the world to show in theaters or put on shelves within Britain.

      Because of the steep commissions and costs involved when dealing with a sales agent or broker and the relatively low licensing fees most films garner on the open market, some indie producers are choosing to self distribute via the web, and using storefront software and social media to drive traffic to their site where they sell not only the film but all kinds of ancillary stuff like T shirts, hats or coffee mugs.

      Also, you should know that starless dramas are a hard sell in the market. Horror and action move the quickest, even when somewhat poorly done. Dramas, documentaries and comedies are a much tougher sell. You owe it to yourself to spend a few hundred dollars and visit one of these film markets so you can see what you will be dealing with. You should also familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of "Delivery" which ALL buyers both domestic and foreign are going to require of you before buying your film. Delivery covers all aspects from your legal paperwork being in order to the master tapes and sound passing QC (Quality Control) checks before releasing payment to you. The vast majority of first time filmmakers get blindsided by delivery issues both in cost and technical involvement and it train wrecks their projects. Getting through the delivery process of your film often adds several thousand dollars to the cost of production which you never thought about or even accounted for.

    Is it worth to study politics or rather international business?
    Hi, I would love to study politics or international relations but I was told I might not get a job and I should go for business...where are you likely to get a job?

    I´m doing some research too, but I just wanted to further opinions

    What do you think? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Neither of these lead to a job.

      Before the early 20th Century, a four-year college degree wasn’t meant to lead to a specific job but for personal enrichment, intended to turn you into a critical thinker for a career in public administration, the clergy or business where you would learn on the job.

      Since the 1940’s perception of a higher education changed & college is now expected to lead to a career.

      The following are considered “personal enrichment degrees”:
      Art History
      Creative Writing
      General Studies
      Interdisciplinary Studies
      Language & Culture
      Liberal Arts
      Political Science
      A language
      Music History
      “Anything” Studies & basically anything you get a “bachelor’s of arts” in

      There are far more grads than jobs in these. You can have a good life with one of these degrees but the job market does not value them highly:

      This is not to say you will not get a job but odds are that your job will not be related to your degree & may not pay as well as some other majors.

      I’m not saying we should all be engineers, economists or doctors. But society is voting that way with its money

      With a degree in the above & a GPA over 3.0 you can:

      1. Get into law school. However law schools today graduate far more lawyers than needed, thus depressing wages.

      2. Pursue a master’s in a field with a defined career path, for example business administration, social work. Hopefully such a program will not require many prerequisites you do not have. A graduate degree is more valuable than a second bachelor’s degree.

      3. Go to grad school in the same field & earn a PhD so you can become a college professor. However, there are far more PhD grads in some fields like Philosophy than there ever will be any kind of faculty positions

      Or with a lower GPA

      4. Take a K-12 teaching qualification, which is usually 2 more years, so you can teach your subject at a public school

      5. Look for a job in fields where they want you to have a degree, any degree. Where they want the degree because they want people who have proven they can stick with something difficult. There are more jobs like this than you may think

      6. If you join the military you are more likely to enter as an officer instead of enlisted personnel

      What is an English major supposed to do after college?

      This link considers certain degrees useless as the number of jobs that will be created in the field up to 2018 is less than the number of graduates in one year in that major

      Here is a listing of the average starting & mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. Note that these stats only apply to people who actually got a job in their field. Many graduates in the lower half of the list never get a job in their field & are not counted.

      The higher they pay, the harder the major & generally the more math they require. Just be aware that high pay does not mean high demand.

      The Highest Starting Salaries of 2011:

      Most in demand degrees:

      Hot Jobs 2011


      Look here to find the job prospects for most all occupations in the USA.,8599,2040964,00.html

      But on the bright side, if you have a genuine interest in the field you are pursuing & are willing to throw yourself in it & do anything for it, you will fare better than someone doing something because they can’t think of anything better to do. Those with a real passion for something can move mountains to become successful, but if you don’t have that fire in you, you are at a disadvantage.

    How many square meters is possible to print a photo from a film of 35mm and still look OK??
    I have to explain two things. The first is that by "still look OK". I'm asking about maximum resolution or quality. Maybe it will be useful to mention something about those issues.

    The other thing is about the unit measure, it will be good to have a measure with the "International System of Units". In this case is meters, but be free to move to centimeters if you like, but please specified this very precisely because it can a source of confusion.

    • ANSWER:
      I will let you do the math. a meter is a little over 39 US inches.

      So I will tell you that an unprofessional, but very good photo on 35mm color film of about 200 ISO should start breaking up at 18" x 27" (retaining the 3:2 aspect ratio). The higher you go in 1SO, the quicker it will start to disintegrate in quality. The converse is true also, the lower the ISO, will improve its ability to be enlarged. These are for better than average, but not professionally done photographs. Slides, or transparencies, can probably be developed larger, but again tht depends on the ISO of the film.

      There will be a lot of people disagree with me, but increasing grain is going to be your problem. Generally the lower the ISO (Ilford makes a 35mm 50 ISO), the better the enlargment.

    How do I become an Independent International Arms Salesman?
    Like Nicholas Cage's character in the film Lord Of War .

    I work in recruitment am a good salesman, I want to get into Independent / freelance Arms sales ?

    • ANSWER:
      Send an e-mail to Monzer Al Kassar and get some advice from him. I'm sure he would glad to help. Tell him Osoma sent you.

    What University of California campuses offer film and design?
    What University of California campuses offer film and design?
    Just wanted to know about the above.
    so..What University of California campuses offer undergraduate film and design?
    and if possible, please be specific. e.g - UCLA = film and design

    • ANSWER:
      You can go on any US school's web site to see what majors and minor they offer. They will list all of them.
      CA state schools accept very few out of state students and even fewer international students.
      UCLA international student population is 1%

    How to apply the short films to oscar awards?
    Hi,everybody anybody know how to apply our own short films to the oscar awards,plz reply me

    • ANSWER:
      You don't submit your short film to the Oscars. What you need to do is submit your short film to the big international film festivals for consideration - Berlin, Toronto, Venice, New York, Tribeca, Sundance, BFI London, etc. If you get into one of these festivals you'll be seen by critics and others in the industry, several of whom will hopefully nominate you for an Oscar

      You have to look on each festival site to find out how to submit.

    What is the International Film Festival Nagpur about?
    I wrote a short story on, and a man from india emailed me about it and offered to make it into a short film for the an International Film Festival Nagpur. I don't know what this is. Is it a big event? What is it about?

    • ANSWER:
      As a part of organising comittee of International Film Festival Nagpur, i would like to clarify that it is being organised on the directives of FFSI and collectorate Nagpur, NMC are organising this festival. For further details you can log on to:
      However this does not guarantee or athorise the person you came in contact, as the person's identity was not disclosed.
      thanking you
      dhananjay patrikar

    Book of stories about women of different riding disciplines, older?
    when i was young, I'd check out this book, a larger coffee table type book. It had lots of photos, and featured a stunt rider, i think a barrel racer, a mexican rider, and others. Only problem is I cannot remember what its called! The book must be at least 20 years old. now that I am more mature I would like to actually READ the stories of the women! I remeber the stunt woman worked on the film International Velvet.

    • ANSWER:
      I wonder if this could be Mary Steenwyck's _Rodeo_. It is not a coffee table book, I think, but it's a 1978 book, illustrated w. photos, w. biographical sketches of eight women riders. And it's classified as juvenile literature. If you'd like to see the book cover, one of the many online places to buy it (for next to nothing!) does show that, and it could job your memory if that's the one. I show that link below. Good luck! Just today I found a book from MY childhood on eBay, one whose name I did not at first remember!

      P.S. Alice van Springsteen was a stunt rider in National Velvet. Perhaps that will help you identify the book you seek.

    What are the best US graduate schools for an international student?
    I'm a final year student from Armenia and would like to persue my graduate studies in the States. But I'm not sure which school to apply that have best programs for international students, also great opportunities for finacial aid and fellowships.

    • ANSWER:
      It all depends on your major and what you like to do. University of Arizona had a good reputation for Journalism, but it wasn't terribly great at languages when I went there. USC or UCLA are tops for film.

      Johns Hopkins is a good school with a lot of international students.

      Armenia may have some exchange programs. There are also scholarships based on religion, major, what you've achieved in the past, etc.

      Fastweb is a good place to look for scholarships.

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