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    What are some foreign films(not American) that are really worth watching?
    I don't care what country the film is from, I just want to broaden my horizons a bit beyond Hollywood films. Let's see if you guys can just shoot me some names of some good movies and maybe a sentence of what they're about or why they're good. The movies section on Y!A is kind of dead so I'm asking here. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      OSS 117 (French) They're kind of like Austin Powers, but from France, pretty funny stuff. If you're looking for something more serious, then check out The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish? I think? Something Nordic..). Both are on Netflix.

    How can a Hollywood film be considered a success or failure at the Box Office?
    Let's say a Hollywood film costs 100 Million Dollars to make, we all know that in order to break even it would take more than 100 Million dollars worth of ticket receipts, but I really don't have an idea about the exact percentage to surpass in order to create profit from sales...Care to explain how the Hollywood industry works?

    • ANSWER:
      It's complicated. First, they give half of ticket price to the movie theatre that shows the film.

      But U.S. ticket sales are only a small part of the overall profit picture. First, there's overseas box office, which for action films can often be larger than the U.S. returns. Then there are sales of related merchandise such as souvenirs, posters, books, toys, costumes, etc. Then, once the movie leaves the theatres, it follows a route that includes DVD, Blu-Ray, pay-per-view, premium cable TV, Netflix, broadcast network TV, local TV channels... with each stop paying a handsome profit to the studio.

      But out of that comes the cost of making the movie, the cost of advertising the movie (which can be huge), the cost of making film prints, taxes, shipping, etc. The initial costs are so high that it's not uncommon for studios to actually lose money at the theatres, even with successful films, but then make it back via home entertainment. In recent years, studios have made five times as much profit from home entertainment (DVDs, etc) than they have made from theatre ticket sales.

      So the profit for a film varies widely from movie to movie depending on a number of factors: Does it appeal to foreign audiences? Is it the kind of film that inspires people to buy merchandise? Will people want to buy it at home on disc? Will the networks want to air it? A family-oriented action film, such as the Harry Potter franchise, scores on almost every front. But other films, including excellent dramas which are considered Oscar material, such as "The Artist" or "Black Swan" or "The Social Network", often don't do as well. People admire them, but they don't run out and buy action figures based on the movies, or pick up copies of the video for their kids to watch over and over. So their profit potential is limited, despite their quality.

    What are the differences in the Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas book and movie?
    Hola I just got done reading Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. I've heard some people say the movie is one of the truest adaptions from book to film. Would anyone elaborate on this? Also do you think it's worth it to watch the movie after reading the book.

    Cheers and thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I watched the movie first, then read the book years later, then watched the movie again recently on Netflix.

      Other than perhaps a bit more detail in the book--because you can fit more in without losing dramatic effect--they are pretty much bang on. Most of the monologues are taken right out of the book, and Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Torro are absolutely brilliant--the finest performance of each of their careers IMHO.

    What are the best movies on netflix streaming?
    I like quirky, 80s, early 90s, romance, and indie.
    Help me out if you know any!
    I feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack when I'm looking for a decent movie on netflix..


    • ANSWER:
      Two films that I watched recently might be worth a look. Both are
      watch instantly.

      Nothing but the truth with Kate Beckinsale
      Evidence of Love with Barbara Hershey

    Is Netflix worth the money, or is there a better alternative?
    I want to rent movies but I don't know if I should rent through Netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      I belong to Netflix and like it a lot. You don't have to worry about late fees which is nice - you just keep a film until you have time to watch it however long that takes. It drives me up the wall to go to Blockbuster and find that they're out of the film you want to see - you just set up your queue once at Netflix (and update whenever you want) and they're sent to your house as soon as they're available in the order you specify. The only thing that can be annoying is that they don't mail anything on Saturday so if you don't get your returns in early enough in the week, you have to wait until the next weekday for your return and new film to be processed. That's a small problem though if you go with one of the plans with a few films being checked out at a time.

    What do you think of the Trueblood season based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels?
    I've read most of the novels. Since my family doesn't have HBO I can't watch the television show. So, I was wondering if it was worth it to buy. Or I was going to at least ask for it for my birthday. Is it good?
    I have tried finding it online, but you have to download or it only gives you brief clips.

    • ANSWER:
      I've been reading the books for years and got really excited when I heard HBO was doing a series. I don't have HBO either but caught a handful of episodes when I was away with friends. Initially, I was really irritated and yelled at the tv a lot. There are some major changes and I was upset at the creative license they took with the storyline. I bought it anyways, when it came out. I was more prepared for the variation it took from the books and was able to view the show on its own merits. And I really liked it. I love the way it was filmed, I love the way it was directed, I love the music score and I love the grittiness of it. I've watched it probably 3 or 4 times since I got season 1 and I got most of my friends hooked. If you aren't sure or if money is tight, rent them from Blockbuster or Netflix. That way you can still see them but aren't obligated to buy.

    Is there a show similar to Ballykissangel?
    I have recently fallen in love with Ballykissangel - Irish tv show. I found the series on accident on netflix, and have become an addict! Are there any other Irish tv shows with the same type of drama that you could recommend to me that I could become addicted to!? You can never be addicted to too many tv shows. I've already finished all the Ballykissangel series that are out, and need something new. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Fair City is OK but I think it Lacks Polish and the Standard of Acting is not very good. The Actors themselves are very Professional but the Roles they play are badly made,it lacks that something that makes a Show stand out. Also it tends to be very Politically Correct,real Life is not Politically Correct. It panders to the Government view of things,Highlighting Social issues. Alright for a Rainy Night in and nothing else on the Box.

      Pure Mule about Life in the Midlands,I think it is in Offaly,This was an Excellent Series about the High Jinks of some of its Citizens Extra Marital Affairs etc ,well worth watching if you can get it.

      Raw about a Restaurant in Dublin ,again Highly Polished Performance about the Life and Times of its Staff ,very Worth watching.

      The Clinic is about a Medical Clinic,this is a Great Series very well worth watching with some very Quirky People in it.It was very Professionally made and Acted.

      There was another short series about a Village Policeman who had a Father that was the Sergeant in the Police who Controlled the Village and was a Bully and always got his way. It had a rather surprising Ending,this is worth getting to I forget the Name of it .

      For a Comedy Series about a Country Village there is the very Funny Series Killinascully with the Comedian Pat Short playing several Roles. You can get this on DVD in the Shops here in Ireland and I think you could Order it from RTE the National TV Service look it up.

      There is the Comedy Series The Single Ladies with the Comedienne Katherine Lynch making a show of herself. She plays several Roles The Dublin Chavvy Girl, The Country Chavvy Girl etc Her Language is not for the faint Hearted. A lot do not like her Humour but I like her,I think she is very Funny. She turns up in London and Paris and generally Slobs her way around. You can get this on DVD as well look at the Site you may be abe to Order this.

      There is the Comedy Series about Irish Priests,this basically Lampoons them and it uncannily gives a rather true attitude of what they are like in real Life , Father Ted ,made by the English Television Company Channel 4 with all Irish Actors and set on a Mythical Island Craggy Island Filmed in the West of Ireland. The main Actor Dermot Morgan Died several Years ago and alas the end of the Series. This Show won Rave Awards and is still highly Popular in Ireland and Britain .

    How did Facebook become bigger than other sites?
    I just watched "The Social Network," (amazing film) and I noticed how a few people asked, "how is your idea different than myspace or friendster?" and the answer was, "Exclusivity." Well, it stopped being exclusive to Harvard, and college students in general, a long time ago. So how did it hold onto its power? It was the new thing that came along and made MySpace "less cool," so why didn't something else come along and make Facebook less cool? Or did it just do everything "right"?
    Any thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      First off, The Social Network movie is part FICTION.
      Now, from a "tech guy" point of view, there were major things. MySpace became slow, unresponsive, too much spam, too many Fake accounts, etc. Facebook is the total opposite of MySpace if you pay attention to the small details. Facebook is fast, very responsive, real names are in and fake MySpace names are out of style, Facebook is simple, really simple. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) is about simplicity, uptime, and having the site stay fast and responsive. Facebook killed over 90% of the spam. Facebook is more unique when it comes to technical details that the over user wouldn't know about. Facebook is open-source, which means developers can easily make addons to Facebook (Apps, software, programs, games, etc.). Facebook's system of status updates, commenting, liking, etc. made it also stand out from MySpace. On MySpace you could only Add, message, and post profile comments. Facebook added their Status Updates which changed the meaning of a social network. If you compare 2009 Facebook to 2007 MySpace, MySpace wouldn't even seem "social", it would just be a network, a place for people to connect. It's very easy to find people that you know through Facebook search. I can keep going and going since I am a developer and I understand the technicalities that the average user wouldn't. Now that you read this, you can see there were tons of difference between the two. Most people who don't understand the technicalities would just generalize them as "social networks", "they are the same thing" etc.

      Now, another thing people will say is "MySpace was cool, you could design your profile, listen to music, watch videos, etc." but it's not even worth it anymore. For music, people use iTunes; for movies, people use Netflix; for TV, people watch Youtube, Hulu or actual TV; instead of adding those fake celebrity MySpace pages people can now connect directly to the celeb via Twitter or through their Facebook "Like" page. MySpace was purchase by a corporation in 2005, the corporation knew nothing about technology or innovation, and that lead to downfall. You are not supposed to sell your tech company or website to a corporation, unless your selling it to a tech corporation (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.). It's like selling a construction company to a record company, it won't work, only possibly if you keep the original team to continue to run the construction company.

      Try to visit MySpace now, I just did a few seconds after reading your question and my browser almost crashed. I don't understand how their homepage can even be slow and unresponsive, it wasn't even that slow in 2007/08.

    Any good Asian horror movies on Netflix instant?
    I'm a big fan of horror movies and love Asian movies - I own plenty of Korean, Japanese and Chinese films with a few from other Asian countries as well. But it occurred to me that I've never seen any Asian horror movies. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for movies on Netflix instant? It doesn't necessarily need to succeed at being scary, just at being a good movie. But scary is good too.

    • ANSWER:
      They have a fair amount of Asian horror on instant play, but even more on dvd-actually most of the really great ones I went to list are dvd only. Some of the ones I watched on Instant Play now appear to be dvd only too. But these are some on Instant Play that are worth a watch.

      Infection-this is actually an interesting psychological horror.
      Retribution-almost more of a crime thriller
      Audition- I see a lot of people recommend this one, it wasn't for me. I found it slow and boring, and the gore that was in it was too much for me. The concept was interesting though.
      Ju-On 2-this was a pretty good movie. I'm not sure where this fits into the series as there are two sets Ju-On movies. One set is "The Curse" and the other is "The Grudge" All I can tell you is that it is not the movie they made the American movie, The Grudge 2 from. Storyline is something different all together.

      I Saw the Devil-somewhere between horror/thriller. Similar to Old Boy if you have seen( if not you should-not on instant though) it but more graphic.
      No Mercy-horror/thriller

      I'm just gonna put it out there that I saw Ju-On after seeing the remake The Grudge and actually found the remake to be better which is unusual for me. The Grudge is scarier and has a more linear storyline than Ju-On. I would also like to note that Ju-On is not currently available on instant play.

    Is it possible to download free movies off the internet then burn them onto blank DVDs?
    I want to download free films and put them onto a DVD so that I can watch them on a DVD player is this possible? Can anybody suggest any website that is free to use and downloads are available??

    • ANSWER:
      you'll never find what you are looking for without paying for it ! especially not anything worth putting onto a DVD. It;ll never happen....i looked before everywhere and its easier to invade the DVD bin at Wal Mart. Netflix is a great place too.....

    What are some cry worthy eomance movies?
    I want some thing like...

    Waiting for forever (saddest movie ever, titanic and all of the Nickolas Sparks movies don't even compare)

    Whats eating Gilbert Grape

    Clueless (omg I love this movie so much!!!)

    Romeo and Juliet (new version, so sad)

    Please don't say...
    Hachi a dogs take (lol, its not even romance)
    Anything Nickolas Sparks...

    And, like yea. I don't care if they are placed in collage or anything...unless its like old people, cause then its kinda.....weird.

    • ANSWER:
      What about "Blue Valentine"? I've recommended it so many times on here, but it's one of my favourite films. I didn't cry during it, but it was quite a sad film and definitely worth watching.

      I also recommend "Lars and the Real Girl". I wouldn't really call it a "romance" film, but it deals with love and I found it to be an absolutely amazing movie.

    What are some scary movies to watch instantly on netflix?
    I've been looking for some but mostly all of them look soo corny and not scary at all.
    I want a scary movie that will make me jump.
    Please helppp!!

    • ANSWER:
      The Bottom Line My 10 favorite Horror films, plus a few honorable mentions.

      Grab a bag of popcorn, a big gulp of soda, and an easily-scared girl (or guy, be that your preference), and don't forget the anti-nausea liquid. With that said, allow me to share with you my personal list of the top 10 greatest Horror flicks of all time. Forget that "I know what you did..." and "Scream" junk, we're talking the true horror here, kiddies.

      1. John Carpenter's THE THING. A true experience into the realm of psychological horror, isolation horror, and gore. Who do you trust? Absolutely no one. This movie has everything a horror fan could want: a great story (based on the short story "Who Goes There?"), gore, believable characters, and a downright frightening environment.

      2. EVIL DEAD TRILOGY. Okay, not one film here, but I think this is okay considering how closely related they all are. This is the definition of slapstick horror, mixing elements of gruesomness and hilarity, which combine perfectly in all three flicks to create one of the most original storylines to grace horror.

      3. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD. Another trilogy worth combining. Enter George A. Romero's terrifying world where the dead walk amongst the living. These flicks re-defined gore in a time when gore was barely beyond the norm of taboo. Isolation horror in an utterly hopeless world. DAY is probably the weakest of the three, DAWN probably the strongest, with NIGHT somewhere between.

      4. DEAD ALIVE. One of the new "great horror" flicks from the early 90's. A funny, realistic approach to the zombie genre with a great storyline, though a few scenes COULD be shortened in the beginning. Easily the goriest film of all time.

      5. HELLRAISER. He11 or Heaven, or both? Clive Barker outdid himself with this one, creating an entirely new world of horror that no other movie can even touch, and a new cast of scary monsters to invade our dreams.

      6. THE BEYOND. Italian Horror at its best. Lucio Fulci creates an epic masterpiece dealing with everything from zombies to Hell itself. Some of the best make-up and gore effects of all time can be found here.

      7. RE-ANIMATOR. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's story? Eh, not really. Set in our present time, this is one of the most original "zombie" flicks available, adding humor and introducing a great, humorous actor: Jeffrey Combes.

      8. HALLOWEEN. Forget the new-age sequels. The original was scary enough focusing again on FEAR rather than gore. John Carpenter uses the night to his advantage to set the scary setting, and the freaky music puts this one over the top. I try to shy away from the slasher flicks, but this one is too good NOT to include.

      9. THE EXORCIST. Frightening, realistic, based on a true story? No, not REALLY based on a true story. But even without that element, this is one of the better horror flicks out there that doesn't focus on gore so much as FEAR.

      10. PET SEMATARY. Stephen King's best book-to-movie flick. Excellent acting, great scary music, and a great storyline makes this one clip the other close ones to nudge its way into my top 10.

      HONORABLE MENTIONS: Zombie, Friday the 13th part 6, The Howling, Phantasm, Cemetary Man, the Dead next Door ...

    Is it really worth it to upgrade to Netflix unlimited?
    :Keeping in mind that I don't own a DVD player or even a TV. I suppose that I could watch DVDs in my macbook, but is it that much better than the .99 plan?

    • ANSWER:
      Few dollars of subscription cannot pay the convenience and amusement that you get from watching films through Netflix. It's worth it. I have it pre-installed on my LG Smart TV menu which makes it more convenient and enjoyable to watch films via Netflix.

    Anyone have any suggestions for some really good movies?
    I am bored and want to watch a movie..any one have any suggestions for a really good movie?

    I do not like Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies!! Besides that I am open to any ideas!

    • ANSWER:
      Flywheel, really good Christian film about a used car salesman & what happens when he starts feeling guilty about the people he's cheated

      March of the Penguins, documentary that is as exciting as any made up story you've seen

      The Ron Clark Story, based on a true story about a great teacher

      Goodnight, Mister Tom, a Masterpiece Theatre production, about forgiveness, real tearjerker drama

      Eight Below, a tense drama in a beautiful setting, for older kids & people who love dogs

      The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, another good documentary, great footage of birds & their interaction with the crazy guy who feeds them in San Francisco

      Empire of the Sun, teens & adults only, about coming of age in a Japanese interment camp in occupied China, 2 1/2 hours long but worth it

      See the link below for more of my reviews on Netflix.

    What are some good movies on netflix?
    It doesn't matter what genre really. Just nothing in horror or children/family.


    Oh and also it doesn't matter what its rated.

    • ANSWER:
      These are a few of my favorites

      From Paris With Love - Action/Adventure: I think this is a very underrated movie and thus why some people don't give it a chance. It's about two guys trying to take down a drug/terrorist ring one goes by the books the other one uses unorthodox methods. John Travolta is in it and he's hilarious. Kind of a shoot em' up action type movie. Very good though.

      Starship Troopers - Action/Adventure: futuristic army going off and killing a massive alien bug army. Plot sounds boring but again another good just fun flick.

      Meet Joe Black - Drama/Romance: About death taking a human form and in exchange for being shown around, extends a rich man's life for a few days to do so. This movie got a lot of hate for some reason when it came out but I always thought it was a good movie.

      The Fifth Element - Action: Another futuristic movie, in order to save the planet a fifth element is created (a woman) Good action movie with comedy mixed in. Definitely worth a watch.

      The Cutting Edge - Romance/Sports: A hockey player is doing well but ends up getting hurt. He's hired to be the partner of a spoiled ice skater girl. This is an older movie early 90's I think. Good movie if you don't mind that.

      The American President - RomCom: The president falls in love with a lobbyist. Just a good old fashioned romance =) I'm not a huge romance fan but this movie was good.

      Groundhog Day - RomCom: A weatherman is forced to re-live the same day over in a town he hates on a holiday he hates. Bill Murray is hilarious, another older romantic comedy but everyone should see this.

      The Lincoln Lawyer - Drama/Mystery: A lawyer is hired to help prove a man innocent of a murder he claims he did not commit. General synopsis but a pretty good movie. I'm not a fan of Matthew McConaughey but was great in this.

      The Skulls - Action/Crime/Drama: A college student joins a prestigious secret society and thinks it's the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Then his best friend is found hung in his dorm and things change. Good popcorn flick, "teenagery" movie

      The Secret - Drama: A mother and daughter get into a car accident and the mother comes back in the daughter's body. A sad movie and I thought it could have been better but it's worth a watch.

      Tears of the Sun - Action/Drama: A special ops team is sent into Africa to gather a woman doctor, a priest and two nuns. Africa is in the midst of hostile takeover and the team goes against orders to help the villagers the doctor and priest/nuns are helping. Another great film with Bruce Willis, it's got some really horribly sad/graphic parts but I definitely recommend it.

      Tucker and Dale VS Evil - Horror/Comedy: I know you said no horror but you can think of it as a classier version of Scary Movie. Plus it's hilarious =)

      That Thing You Do - Music/Comedy: A movie about the real-life band The Wonders. Very good/cute movie definitely worth a watch.

      Limitless - Drama/Action: Interesting movie, a writer takes pills that make you use all of your brain so he becomes smarter etc...this is usually a hit or miss with people. I found it to be a great watch.

      Apocalypto - Action/Drama: Based in Inca/Mayan times, a village is attacked and survivors are taken to the big city to be sacrificed. However, a prophesy is being fulfilled. I'm not sure the language they use but it's all foreign with subtitles. So if you don't mind that it's a good movie.

      I'd keep going but that seems like a good list. Sorry there's so many and if by chance some have been taken off Netflix for some reason I apologize!

    What great fantasies are there to read and/or watch?
    I already know about Harry Potter. What other ones are worth getting into?

    • ANSWER:
      The most popular and acclaimed series include:

      1. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien - book trilogy and films
      2. Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis - books and films
      3. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin - books and HBO TV show called "Game of Thrones"
      4. Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind - books and TV show called "Legend of the Seeker" (available instant stream on Netflix if you're a member)
      5. Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin - books and Sci-Fi channel miniseries

      Also, just a fair warning if you go with Ice & Fire that it's very, very grim, graphic, and adult.

    Is it common to have withdrawal symptoms when a diet is changed?
    Is it common to have withdrawal symptoms when a diet is changed?
    Lets say someone eats nothing but junk food and goes to having five pieces of fruit or veg a day with a lack of salt and sugar
    What kind can occur and how long do they last?

    • ANSWER:
      Just like with anything, we can get used to something and then we think we 'have to have it'... ESPECIALLY sugar! Sugar is the worst 'drug' we have in the western world... many many many people are addicted to it.
      The first thing you want to change is your mindset. You have to WANT to change that... and KNOW that the health results of eating poorly will make you feel poor and become more and more unhealthier.

      Secondly, know that Experts claim that completely stopping a bad habit for 21 to 30 days will be enough to break it.
      What you need to do is challenge yourself to keep away from that habit for 30 days. Take up the 30 day challenge and see through it. Go through 30 consecutive days and start back at day 1 if at any time you fail to go through the full 30 days.
      Best thing to do is start a good habit for those 30 days -JUST LIKE YOU ARE! :)
      Great work.

      Addictions from sugar and withdrawls: you may feel physical pain/hunger/uncomfortable craving for sugar ... here's what I do:
      1 Drink a lot of water -drink REAL lemon water (not fake lemon with preservatives -squeeze your own -or buy a electric squeezer) this is very refreshing and feels good
      2. Eat flax seed - Brain Omega 3 Flaxseed is powerful for helping tell your brain you are satiated while at the same time giving your body the nutrition it needs - . -Feed your body right and you can have more energy, feel better and avoid the hospital.
      3. Write your goals out on a big paper -and the reasons why and what you will do to accomplish them (a modified vision board)
      4. Stay busy -exercise, do fun projects, hang out with friends.
      5. Watch Aspartame - Sweet Misery A poisoned World -
      King Corn (on netflix)
      The Future of Food Film -
      These (among others) will motivate you, I think! :)

      You can do it! Don't give up! It is SOOO worth it!

    Is netflix worth it if you live in Canada?
    I know how to download torrents and all... but does it have a good selection? If you are a customer.... are you happy with it?

    • ANSWER:
      If you like to watch tv shows the downloadable content is real good. The movie downloads are not as great. They have a wierd selection of titles if you like blockbusters. If you like small budget films, again it's great. I like it because I can watch movies on my iPhone at work.

    What have been your favourite movies so far this year?
    Ive watched alot of movies this year but am wondering what your favourites are because maybe I missed a couple of gems.


    • ANSWER:
      Gosh, this year hasn't been the best. I think all of these are worth seeing, though:

      - The Artist, if you haven't seen it.

      - First Position, a documentary about ballet (out now where I live)

      - Gayby - I saw this one at a film festival, but it is coming to Netflix. A straight woman and a gay guy decide to have a baby together. Hilarity ensues.

      - Return ( about a woman returning from Iraq to her Rust Belt town

      - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt

    Is it worth getting both LOVEFiLM and Netflix?
    My dad offered to pay for one of them for me but I was thinking of paying for the other my self. But is it really worth it. I watch a mass amount of films and TV shows so it seems like a good investment. I am mostly interested in their streaming services but I will use LOVEFiLMS DVD postage if needed. I will most likely let my dad pay for Netflix while I pay for LOVEFiLM. I am 15 years old and I get an allowance of £40 a month so is the deduction of £5 really worth it. So to all Film and TV fans is it worth getting both? And if not which is better?

    • ANSWER:

    Did the My Lai massacre contribute to America's decision to withdraw from Vietnam?
    I am writing an essay on the impacts of the My Lai Incident 1968 and am trying to find out what the greatest impact of it was on America. Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It horrified people, and it turned more citizens against the war, but that was a building tide at the time. My Lai was just a part of the whole thing.

      If you have Netflix, there is a streaming documentary under Genres/documentary and I think war documentaries called My Lai. The reaction you would have to the special is the reaction most people had. Quite simply it was a massacre of civilians; however there were extenuating circumstances. Civilians in that conflict were civilians by day, but very, very often guerillas by night and by stealth. Americans did not know if this person was a friend or an enemy Viet Cong, had seen unthinkable violations, heard buddies captured and tortured to death within earshot. The land was stinking wet and hot; the violence sudden and absolute and came from anywhere. In the end, My Lai was a terrible lapse in judgment and a failure to deal humanly with human beings. Many American citizens did not, could not grasp the conditions of our own soldiers, and very much sympathized with the Vietnamese people who suffered horribly, without appreciating the viciousness and from a western perspective, depravity, of the Viet Cong, a depravity which sometimes elicited a depraved response from our own troops. Many people sympathized far more with the Vietnamese people and even with the Viet Cong than with our soldiers, and soldiers returning from war were actually booed when they got off the planes back home.

      My Lai bumped this phenomenon up considerably, and our soldiers were considered degrading animals, spoilers, interlopers. The Pentagon was seen as a monolith and simply hated. Jane Fonda went to North Viet Nam and rallied our enemy against our own troops. There are actually photos of her riding in a north Vietnamese tank, fist raised, and she was not arrested for treason. Although her response was probably pretty extreme, she did mirror a growing sentiment among the general American citizenry, most surprisingly among staid, conservative, apolitical adult and even middle aged citizens.

      There is another good film available on Netflix streaming and it is called "Hearts and Minds," so named because the general in charge in Viet Nam said we needed to "win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people," and the title is ironic. This film reflects the popular attitude at the time toward the army and the military leaders in Viet Nam. A third film worth watching is not a documentary but is called "The Strawberry Statement" as it dramatizes the surprising resistance to the war among the folk who tend not to resist.

      My Lai was shocking at the time it happened. Just shocking. Of course, it would be shocking today as well, but today, I suspect there would be less attempt to cover the story up (which deepened mistrust in military brass and actually made the situation worse). But My Lai happened in the context of a very unpopular undeclared war at a time of general social upheaval in the U.S. (civil rights movement, the beginnings of the feminist movement and the gay rights movement), in the wake of shocking bloody assassinations of national political leaders, at a time when little Iowa farm boys (where I went to school) were taking over fortresses on the tops of hills and rolling huge cement pipes down on police in full riot gear doing sweeps up the hill while military-like helicopters flew overhead, to protest the draft. My Lai was just a stunning act of depravity and violence perpetrated by our own on a group of innocents. It blew people's circuits, was the last straw for many citizens, who then actively joined the antiwar movement that derailed Lyndon Johnson's presidency, led to the election of Richard M. Nixon and the bombing of the north, and ultimately the withdrawal in disgrace from Saigon, leaving so many loyal Vietnamese citizens behind to be killed or destroyed for their service to the Americans.

    Whats the name of the movie with the journalist that solves murder?
    I remember minimal details. I just recall a reporter/journalist. The movie starts out with an interview with a homeless woman (I believe) in a park. Her fingernails are very weird. There's an attorney or political figure they try to kill in a parking garage because he's trying to solve the case. At the very end the journalist finds that VHS tape of the old interview with the woman (from the beginning) and recognizes the fingernails (of either the woman or cameraman, I can't recall) and figures out that the man she's been with the whole time is the actual murder. She's about to sleep with him. She ends up calling the cops and the film ends with the flashing police lights pulling up to the apartment. Sorry I can't recall more details. I just remember this being a really good movie. And I know I rented it through Netflix. Any ideas what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009) starring Amber Tamblyn and Michael Douglas
      Last scene synopsis:
      "Hunter is arrested, and CJ is freed. Back home together, Ella (Tamblyn) is watching the news as CJ sleeps beside her. The newscaster points out that CJ's exoneration means that the real murderer of the prostitute is still loose. When Ella sees the picture of the prostitute on the TV, she immediately recognizes the star tattoos on her hands as the same ones on the homeless woman from CJ's award-winning report. She quietly calls the cops and puts on her clothes. When CJ wakes, Ella confronts him. The homeless woman never existed, and CJ paid the prostitute to pose for the completely false story. She followed him to Shreveport and was blackmailing him. CJ insists that catching Hunter was worth the cost of the prostitute's life. Ella walks out on him, yelling at him "Fuck you", as the police arrive."

    The latest films online: Is there a good website to watch films (quality reproduction) online?
    this "free" or "pay-to-see" movies online is so confusing.Is it worth paying to see a latest movie online? or is the quality just as good not paying..?? please recommend a decent site either way..

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix is pretty awesome if you're willing to pay, but otherwise i always use this:
      It's free and you can find almost any movie.

    Should we stop the production of fast food?
    We know junk food (fast/processed food, fizzy drinks etc) is not healthy (and plays an unnecessary part in our diets) and it is contributing to the obesity epidemic such as in the UK. So surely it isn't wise to still produce it.

    Yes it provides jobs but perhaps employees could work in an industry which supports people's health or maybe in the production of healthier foods?

    What do you think?
    Yes, perhaps education can improve the situation.However just like prevention is better than cure, removing the cause of obesity will help to eradicate the problem, as many who are educated (or think that eating healthy is common sense) in what a healthy diet consists of still eat poorly.

    In addition, I agree that income does play a part in quality of a diet.

    • ANSWER:
      No. No. No. Let's see if I can explain this without creating a wall of text.
      Fast food is not responsible for the health problems that are more prevalent these days. It's the overwhelming amount of misinformation, being spread by so called experts, that's to blame. The USDA and it's counter parts in other countries have spent the past 40 years pushing a diet that is higher and higher in "heart healthy whole grains" and lower and lower in saturated fats. And people do listen to this advise (at least in part). Meanwhile the average weight has gone up as well as the incidents of diabetes, and heart disease and other nutritional related health problems. Why? Because your body quickly converts carbohydrates to sugar, and as I stated above we are eating a diet extremely high in carbs thanks to the so called experts. The human brain needs fat and cholesterol to function properly and yet these days you can't find a drop of whole milk in schools (it's all 2% fat or less with massive amounts of artificial flavor and sugar added) and seemingly half of the adult population is on cholesterol lowering medications. What have been the results of these trends? Ever increasing numbers of cases of ADD, ADHD, Autism and a variety of learning disorders in our children as well as more and more cases of Alzheimer's and dementia in adults, and the average age of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients is dropping at a steady pace. Thank you government agencies and big pharmacy. A couple decades ago restaurants started using vegetable oils instead of animal fats because yet another group of so called experts managed to convince the government that trans-fats were healthier than saturated fats. That's right, trans-fats were sold as a healthy option! Consider this, how do you get fats from an animal? You simply cut it off. How do you get fats from corn? You have to put it through an incredibly complicated chemical treatment to create an unnatural fat like substance. Also consider that The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the folks that were pushing the use of vegetable oils, are not a group of nutritionists - they're a vegan activist group. Then you have public opinion being manipulated by out right lies from folks like Morgan Spurlock. In his "documentary" (Super Size Me) he ate nothing but McDonald's for thirty days and gained twenty-nine pounds. He consumed over five thousand calories per day to accomplish this. If you were to eat five thousand calories per day worth of broccoli and salmon you still gain massive amounts of weight. He claims that only ate three meals a day and yet if you look at the nutritional information available, you can't reach those numbers on only three meals a day. Almost ten years later, Mr. Spurlock still refuses to publish the food diary he kept during the filming of his propaganda piece. Here's and interesting note, it took Mr. Spurlock nine months to drop weight, on his vegan diet. He claimed that McDonald's practice of Super Sizing was to blame and the general public believed him, McDonald's even dropped that option from their menus, he even compared the restaurant to drug pushers because they were so instant that customers up size their meals. However out of the, at least, ninety meals he ate at McDonald's he was offered the Super Size option only eight times. That's less than ten percent.

      No, fast food is not to blame.

      If you'd like to learn more, I'd recommend that you watch the film "Fat Head" which you can find on NetFlix,, YouTube and other sourecs

    Who here has seen the movie Braveheart?
    I would like to, its on Netflix Watch Instantly, but its 177 minutes long. Is it worth it?

    Also, can you guys recommend me any good movies that are 165 minutes or longer?

    • ANSWER:
      I've seen it a million times and I love it! It's totally worth it but I would recommend renting it and watching it on a big screen and not on a computer screen. But yes absolutely worth it!

      Other Films:

      The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World 2880 mins (48 hr)

      The Godfather 175 mins

      Heat 172 mins

      Magnolia 188 mins

      Titanic 194 mins

    How does Emma Bovary define love?
    I'm writing an essay on how Emma Bovary doesn't find true love. Emmas quest for love and happiness is a main focus of the novel. I'm struggling to come up with examples(textual support) on why or how Emma doesn't find true love. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Well honestly... I think the fact that she bankrupted her family in the hopes of her lover running off with her on a whim, the fact that he refused, and then as a result, she swallowed a mouth full of arsenic would be the biggest clue to her unhappiness in her relationships...

      She was a miserable failure at love actually and didn't realize what it was until she was already dying. The last chapter is all you really have to read... I do believe on her death bed while the Doctor is watching over her, she narrates her own private thoughts on love but Im not positive? You'll have to look?

      You can rent the French language movie version (if you have netflix or a good rental place with foreign films?) It is a great book and worth reading but the movie is great for a quick report...

    What are good classic dvd's for a 18 year old female to watch?

    • ANSWER:
      really depends on ur genre of choice.

      if ya enjoy comedy, give the Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin collections a try.
      if ya enjoy action, give ya attention to Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood or Jackie Chan.

      honestly ur best bet is to jus sign up for Netflix..if u havent ever, u do get a month free to try. its well worth it if ur a fan of film. they have many movies dating back to the 50's.

      some titles worth lookin for tho:
      Enemy at the Gates
      Duck Soup
      Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
      Enter the Dragon
      Long Kiss Goodnight
      The Sweetest Thing
      The Peacemaker
      True Grit
      Gran Torino
      The Breakfast Club
      Ferris Bueller
      The Boy Who Could Fly

    Does Netflix Have a Large Streaming Library?
    I am thinking about getting Netflix, but only Streaming for the 7.99 a month fee. Not the mail-in DVDs. So, is their streaming library good? Does it have a lot of good and/or popular movies? Does it have a lot of movies in general? Is it worth the monthly fee? Thanks. I have both an Xbox and a computer to stream on.

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix streaming is the best deal in the world. A lot of people say there are too few movies to watch,but they just don't know how to search the site.
      Here are 2 external sites that list ALL the movies currently playing on Netflix. You can look movies up by title or genre. These sites also list which films are being deleted soon and which new films will be added.

      Don't believe anyone who says anything bad about Netflix. It's a phenomenal bargain for

    Can you name something on Netflix instant que that is worth watching?

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean instant streaming, there's a fantasy movie, 'Ink' that's really cool. Also a Japanese movie called 'Goemon' about a legendary ninja/Robin Hood-type character, and a Finnish/Chinese film called Jade Warrior

    How does Netflix work?
    Netflix just came to Canada, how does it work and what do you need to set it up? And is it worth it?Unlimited movies and TV for seems too cheap?

    • ANSWER:
      In the last few years home, video delivery services like Netflix have become the preferred method of renting movies. You can order up to four movies at a time, and have them delivered to your home for a flat fee. All it takes to start is a computer, a credit card and a mailbox.

      1.Visit the Netflix website: and click on the "Free Trial" tab and register for two weeks of free service. Input your name, address and credit card information in the appropriate fields. After the trial, your account automatically rolls over, and Netflix will bill your credit card each month.
      2.Pick a number. Netflix allows you to retain from one to four movies at a time. The higher the number, the higher your monthly fee. Decide how many movies you want to hold at one time and pick the appropriate plan.
      3.Manage your queue. Browse Netflix's library of 100,000 titles, and place the movies you want to see in the order you would like to view them. You can rearrange, add and delete movies at any time.
      4.Watch movies on your computer, your home theater system or on your television set using a DVD player. There's also a popular set-up option with Netflix. Depending on what program you choose, Netflix gives its customers the option to download films directly to their computer for viewing.
      5.Cancel your account. If you decide this is not the program for you, go online and click the "Cancel" button.

      I am a Netflix customer myself and is very satisfied by their services. Good luck

    where can i watch this foreign film online?
    i want to watch a Finnish movie called 'Beauty and the Bastard/Girl You Are a Star' in Finnish it's 'Tyttö sinä olet tähti', i've been trying to find it online with either english or spanish subs. can i please get a link of where to watch it or to a website where i can find free forein films. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix has surprisingly good selection of foreign films that you can stream online.

      Girl with Dragon Tattoo was the last one I saw online. Also Let the Right One In.

      Check it out. It's not free, but for a month, WELL WORTH IT!

      I saw Inception, 2 1/2 hours later, .50 gone.

    Good Crime Movies To Stream on Netflix?
    I need some suggestions for a good movie to stream on netflix. I want a movie that has something to do with crime and is worth watching. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Following -- chris nolan's first film, about a writer who meets a serial burglar
      Brick -- highschool murder mystery with HEAVY noir dialogue
      Criminal -- john c reilly is a grifter with a new protege

    is it worth it to watch this movie even though it doesnt come in english?
    the movie is a horror movie called Frontiers. Its a French movie and it doesnt have an english verison. should i get it from netflix and watch it with subtitles?

    • ANSWER:
      quite often foreign films are better than horrors in english. After about 5 minutes you sort of forget your reading the subtitles and there not speaking english

      And i really want to see that film to, found it for sale on amazon a while ago,

      Ive watched rec. and the orphange (their both in spanish) but there both good. Rec has been remade into english though with like a whole new cast, not even spoken over think its called quarentene.

      Quite fancy seeing a french film called swicthblade romance, ever seen it?

    are there any movie plots that involve opera or classical singing?
    something a young woman would like...kind of in the vein of Black Swan with Natalie Portman, except opera or singing instead of ballet....could be a love story..doesn't have to be.

    • ANSWER:
      Any movie featuring Mario Lanza will be full of the better operatic arias.
      They are old (1950s) but still worth the watch if she likes operatic music.
      He was one of the greatest tenors who ever lived.

      Franco Zefferelli's film "La Traviata" if you can find it. I have it on VHS but
      it's very expensive on DVD through ebay or amazon.

      Some of the musicals like Showboat, Carousel, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers
      are sung in English but are quite good.

      Netflix has many operas on DVD. If you have it just type operas in the search and enter.

      My favorites include:

      Verdi's "Rigoletto" with Luciano Pavarotti and Edita Gruberova

      Verdi's "La Traviata"

      Puccini's "La Boheme" with Rolando Villazon and Anna Netrebko.
      (This is a movie version rather than on stage in an opera house).

      Two shorter operas which are usually together on a single DVD are
      I Pagliacci and Cavaleria Rusticana..

      Hope this helps.

    Is the film black swan any good?
    I am thinking of buying the film the black swan on DVD, so is it worth it?

    • ANSWER:
      Such a question is obviously dependent on your tastes. I personally own the movie on Blu-ray and don't regret the purchase.

      This is not a popcorn flick. You do have to pay attention, and are given a unique perspective. The story kind of mirrors the ballet, so if you're familiar with Swan Lake, that should draw some interest. Also, familiarity with the works of the director, Darren Aranofky, will let you know if you'll like this film. Thematically, he treads on the well worn themes of unhealthy obsession as seen in his previous works (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler and Pi). If you've seen any of those films and liked them, you will like this.

      Otherwise, I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else. Put it in your Netflix Queue and watch it. Then you'll know if you like it or not...

    A film you like, but will never watch again?
    This is a film you like, maybe you really like it. But for certain reasons, you don't want to see it again. Maybe because its sad, cruel or just hard to watch.

    • ANSWER:
      Mad World It's an idependent film that can be found on netflix that is actually really good its about a group of kids living a very messed up life with very messed up people and one ends up killing him self because of a messed up abusive father and the rest shoot there school and it shows a different view on school shooters and its a very emotional twisted messed up film that makes you feel like crap because you see stufflike this happen every day its life changing I really really reccomend it force yourself to watch because it takes a bit to get started but its really worth it.

    How much can I sell the movie I made for?
    I made a bunch of short films but never a feature so lets just pretend i made a feature. Say it turned out pretty good, had b-roll shots, jib shots, good script, good acting and good cinematography. The film was funny. However, the people involved are no namers. How much could i make from my movie? Netflix? Itunes? Whats the best way to going about selling my movie? Then, the movie is guranteed to sell/download/watch more than 30,000 times as that is the population of my town. I know paranormal activity had no name people but made the money. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If you don't have a distribution deal, your movie isn't worth a thing because nobody but your family is going to see it.

      To find out if it's worth something, you're going to have to hit the festival circuit.

    What is Netflix and is it worth it?
    I am aware that you watch movies and tv shows on it. Does that mean you can watch ANYTHING unlimited or does it have a small selection of what you can watch with a limited time?

    Do you think it is worth .99 a month? I'd like to be able to watch some movies that recently came out and old TV shows from my childhod,

    • ANSWER:
      One guy commented that he had to pay extra for the bandwidth use on his monthly internet bill. It's very rare nowadays to have that happen. Most internet is unlimited, but I guess you should contact your provider if you want to be sure.

      Netflix can be divided into two categories: Instant and DVD rentals. As far as the DVDs go, they have pretty much everything most people could ever want. If you're a cinephile and want rare films, it's hit or miss. The plans vary and you can only get a certain number of DVDs out at a time, but most of the plans allow for unlimited DVDs each month. The DVDs usually take 2-3 days to arrive and they are sent promptly.

      Instant has a decent, dynamic collection of films. It doesn't change too often, but they regularly add new films and they regularly drop a bunch of films. You also have access to all the streaming films that Starz has online, which expands the collection a good bit. They do have a good amount of old TV shows on instant, but not everything. It's really hit or miss. Also, many mobile devices, as well the Xbox 360, Wii, (I believe) PS3, and some DVD/blu-ray players can stream content from the "instant" movies, so you can watch it on your TV. Also, if your computer and TV can use HDMI, you can plug your computer into your TV very easily.

      I'd say it's worth the a month. There's a free trial you can get so that you can try it free for the first month. It's definitely worth trying. If you find yourself using it enough, keep the subscription; if not, it's really easy to cancel.

    Is blue ray worth the switch and extra money??
    I'm a big film geek, so I love watching movies. But I still use basic DVD. I thought about going to blue ray, but money is kinda tight right now. And I'm sure blue ray is more of a luxury than necessity since DVD is already good quality. Just thought I would ask your opinion on if it's worth it?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on your "environment". I agree that regular DVDs with widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) are probably "good enough". Keep in mind that internet streaming will likely make local optical storage (DVDs, Blu Ray, etc) irrelevant in about two years. Heck, you *could* make it irrelevant now... NetFlix, iTunes, BlockBuster and many others already allow high definition download and streaming of many movie releases (current and older titles)... I suppose the "extras" that some discs have are fun and all, but may not add to the "movie experience" you may be looking for. Of course, you need an HDTV or computer capable of dealing with high definition content to take advantage of the higher resolution that high definition movies bring... Personally, I am skipping Blu Ray.

    What are the top 10 steve Martin films in your opinion please?
    What are the top 10 Steve Martin movies in your opinion?
    Hi!i enjoy Steve Martin movies and i want to watch more of them,the trouble is i don't know which ones are the best and i don't want to buy something i don't enjoy.So i ask you in your opinion what are the top 10 Steve martin movies?If you can't manage 10,5 will do instead but try for 10.Many thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this and for your time.Cheers Paul.

    • ANSWER:
      Shop of Horrors

      Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favorite musicals. I saw it a lot as a kid (though with the darkness of the subject matter, maybe that is one of the things that twisted me into the insane person I am today. With that disturbing thought in mind, I am waiting a while longer before showing it to my own kids.) This only gets a 1/2 mention because even though his role is the best part of this movie, it is a minor role. Really this film belongs to Rick Moranis, who shows back up later in this list. I would go on about his portrayal but this is the Steve Martin appreciation post, so moving on.

      #6 Bowfinger:

      This film has the distinction of being the last really good film that either Steve Martin or Eddie Murphy has made. I know that Eddie Murphy stole the show, but Steve wrote this film as well as starred in it, and that seems to be the key to a good steve Martin film.

      #5 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:

      Yes, that is a hilarious clip and one of the funniest scenes ever. This was a delightful movie. Funny in every way. What more can I say. For 4 more films to be ahead of it, you can see that Steve has had a brilliant career.

      #4 Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid:

      This film was the predeccessor to Forrest Gump. I know that your mind is stretching to find the link and I will let it continue to stretch. Think, what the heck is Edgewriter trying to say here? The two films are nothing alike. Is he crazy? Is he insane? Well I may or may not be, but my statement is true.

      Forrest Gump totally rips off the idea of having the main character interact with people that aren’t actually in the film. In this case, Steve Martin’s character interacts with clips from old Film noir movies. Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney for instance. It is actually done rather seamlessly and makes for a hilarious experience.

      #3 My Blue Heaven:

      Steve Martin’s portrayal of a New york gangster in the witness relocation program is one of his best performances ever. This is a light hearted family comedy. I watched it countless times as a kid with my family. But most people wouldn’t even put it on their top ten list of Steve Martin movies. If you haven’t seen this film yet, trust me, you will enjoy it.

      #2 Three Amigos:
      This one deserves two clips. First The Three Amigos go into a bar where everyone thinks that they are cold hearted killers:

      Then my personal favorite just for sentimental reasons:

      Makes me smile every time. This is probably the funniest film Steve ever wrote. The only reason it isn’t number one is because it is an ensemble film. This film has more quotable funny lines than any other movie I can think of. If you have not seen it yet, fix that tragic error now. Join Netflix if you have to.

      #1. Roxanne:

      This has got to be in my favorite top ten films of all time. Steve once again wrote this one. It is hilarious and romantic. It is artistically his best film, his crowning achievement.

      Honorable mentions:

      These films are all worth seeing, but did not make the list only because I limited myself. I know that some people will totally disagree.

      The Jerk (most people’s number one.)
      Another you (I really wanted to include this one)
      LA Story (Has moments of brilliance)
      Father of the Bride 1 and 2
      Planes Trains and Automobiles

    Are the sequels to The Lost Boys (1987) film any good?
    I'm thinking about watching them, but want to know if its worth it first.
    Please don't answer with "Haven't seen it" or something similar.

    • ANSWER:
      My husband thought that the one (Lost Boys: The Tribe) was good but he was not impressed with the latest one (Lost Boys: The Thirst).
      Neither of us feel like they are as good as the original but that usually is the case.

      We got them off of Netflix.

    Hi has anyone seen the remake movie of "I Spit on your Grave"? Is it worth renting it on Blu-ray?
    Hi I want to rent movies on Netflix & I was thinking about "I Spit on your Grave" remake. Has anyone seen this movie & is it worth renting it on Blu-ray? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, I'd say rent the original. I saw the new version and it's quite tame in a manner of speaking. If you want more revenge...I'd say watch the new one....if you want to see more violence, and thus the REAL reason for her intense rage/revenge, I'd say watch the old one.

      I wouldn't say this is the type of movie worth renting on Blu-Ray, simply bc the visuals aren't the most important part of this film. Hope that helps.

    I am bored and need a good idea for movies to watch.?
    I am not a chic flick type of girl.. Can NOT stand romance type of movies. I really enjoy movies that make you think and or action type movies or even Guy Ritchie films.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you seen revolver by him? It's really good. A bit harder to get into than his others but worth the wait. It also has a message which is kind of weird for him though he does hit the nail on the head a bit so he might be better of sticking to violent capers. Also RocknRolla was like his best film ever.

      Other than that I would say headhunters if you have netflix it's german so you'll have to read subtitles but excellent excellent movie. True Romance and Dusk Till Dawn are good under rated tarrantino flicks.

    Netflix and Hulu Plus - is it worth it to have both?
    Just cancelled my cable service (kept Internet service though) and have been a long time Netflix streaming subscriber. We are fairly satisfied with it, but now that we are cable-less we are wondering if it's worth it to subscribe to both Hulu Plus and Netflix or if there is too much overlap and not enough different content to warrant both monthly fees.

    It's not really an affordability issue, just looking for opinions from people who have or have had both and can help us out in deciding if both make sense.

    • ANSWER:
      I have both because I feel they complement each other well. Naturally there is some overlap but not enough to be concerned about. Many times I have found an interesting show, caught up with the past seasons on Netflix and watched the current one on Hulu. The depth of Hulu's TV content assures you will have many options, especially now that they are getting more from networks besides ABC, NBC and Fox along with its subsidiaries. The major drawback with the Hulu is device availability. Unlike Netflix, a significant portion of their content is only viewable on their website. This is annoying, but it has not been a major obstruction.

      If you happen to like art house films Hulu has an always growing selection which is augmented by the Criterion Collection. Other than that their movie selection does not hold a dim candle to Netflix.

    Is NetFlix worth it in your opinion?
    Iv had it for a while. I got the free one month trial but now I'm thinking about paying the monthly 8$ fee so my question is... Is it worth it?

    Also how come the last time I watched it some of the movies shown in HD weren't actually HD? I have a plasma tv hooked up to an xbox using an HD cable? Anyone else experience this?

    • ANSWER:
      Not everything on Netlfix is in HD. Most of the older stuff especially.

      I love Netflix. It's perfect for my fetish for foreign films, documentaries, and low budget movies.
      For that, it's as good or better than Amazon Prime, and I know for a fact that everything's covered in my subscription fee, which I like.

      I also like the fact that it works on pretty much all of my devices (other than my Linux computer). I find the user reviews and ratings helpful as well.

      I don't think I would subscribe to their DVD service.
      I don't like the downside of having to wait for things. Their on demand service is pretty good, and it's one of three that I happily pay for right now (instead of paying for cable).

      Hope that helps.

    About start watching the Xfiles, is it worth it? all seasons?
    Believe it or not, i never had a chance to watch this series when i was young. I have netflix now and i found seasons 1 to 9 with all the episodes. I started yesterday season 1, i was wondering if i should watch all seasons episode by episode... is it worth it? let me know what you think.

    • ANSWER:

      I have all the DVD's and have watched them in order.

      The show arguably hits it's peak around season 4 (although my favorites are 5 and 6) but the whole thing is worth watching in order.

      You need to watch the first film, as it basically bridges season 4 and 5 together.

      I wouldn't watch the second movie, it's not very good.

      Season 8 and 9, have a flaw in that Mulder only appears in half the episodes, but they are still worth watching at least once.

      One thing to be warned about, the special effect in the early seasons, are about 20's years old, and it was also one of the earliest FOX tv shows. Still, the stories are good, well shot, and well acted as well.

      Once you get to season 3, the show really hits it stride, but I'd still watch the whole thing to get the back story.

      - 17R3W

    Are Any of these Lesser Known Horror Movies Worth Watching?
    I'm looking for horror films I haven't watched before on Netflix Instant for Halloween, and want to know for those who have seen any of these, are they good or worth seeing?

    Night of the Comet (1984)
    The Funhouse (1981)
    Waxwork (1988)
    Dead and Buried (1981)
    The House of the Devil (2009)
    Black Sabbath (1963)
    Deep Red (1975)
    Inferno (1980)
    Hour of the Wolf (1968)
    Shiver (2008)
    The Burning (1981)

    • ANSWER:
      The ones I like were
      Night of the Comet (1984) one of my guilty pleasures.
      Dead and Buried (1981)

    is there any other great films like 'kingdom of heaven'?
    I love this film
    do u know any other films i'd like just as much?

    • ANSWER:
      King Arthur
      The Last Samurai
      Letters from Iwo Jima
      The Warlords
      Haven't seen Red Cliff but am going to watch it on netflix

      These are the epic story type movies that also have history involved. They are all really good movies. I loved Kingdom of Heaven, so good taste.

      To add to this I just watched Red Cliff and it was a good movie as well. Definitely worth adding to this list.

    Don't you guys find Comcast pay-per-view films overpriced?
    I like the idea of Comcast, having the ability to see a film in my own house without having to move an inch. Albeit, it's not worth it to me. It is very overpriced. I mean for a new movie and if you want in HD. I think that's outrageous. That's why I Netflix my films because it's for unlimited movies. If you were to rent 5 movies from Comcast you'd be spending already that month, but if rented 5 movies from Netflix it would only be .

    • ANSWER:
      I totally agree with you!

      That is why I switched to movies capital (

      You can watch unlimited movies for just a one time fee!

    What are awesome movies on Netflix?
    Really bored and donno what to watch. Any good movies on Netflix??

    Btw im 14 so i want something that i would really enjoy. Nothing too kiddish and nothingg for Adults

    • ANSWER:
      Hiya im 15 so i may be able to help. I am a guy though, so I am not sure how helpful i may be, but I will give it a shot :D.

      Ok, Honestly, I love the movie PontyPool. It is a horror movie, and I will not give anything away, but it involves an outbreak of a bizarre disease that contains a very very interesting and mind twisting concept. O loved it. It was excellently entertaining, and I can promise it will keep you on your toes. it is an indie canadian film, which I know may not sound very appealing, but believe me it is worth the time to watch.

      if your not into Horror and you want something to pass the time, then I would recommend watching the Tv show How i met your Mother. trust me. best. Show. ever... It will pass the time like nothing, and Every season is available on Netflix currently. (i do not believe the latest one is, sorry D: ). But still, that is the greatest show out there.

      Last but not least... *Drum Role*... HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and THE ROOM movie marathon! Just kidding. those movies suck.

      ok, a good movie to watch is skeleton key. it is not especially scary, but is chilling and has an excellent ending that you will never see coming.

      Also, there is no strings attached, which is a very funny romantic comedy, which I believe most girls like :/
      Also, in my opinion, any marvel movie is great like Thor, iron man, and Captain america, So giving those a try would result in nothing other than being amazed by awesomeness!

      I hope I helped, I will ad a link to a more thorough and numerous list of movies in case none of these were appealing. i hope you find something to put your boredom at ease! have a nice evening 😀

new films on netflix worth watching