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    Have you heard predictions for a collision courses with our moon? What if XF11 missed us but hit the moon?
    Asteroid 1997 XF11 will pass well beyond the Moon's distance from Earth in October 2028
    Worrisome to asteroid watchers is the exceptionally close flyby of Earth by Apophis on April 13, 2029. So close in fact, the space rock will be naked-eye visible as it darts by. And what can't be ruled out at this time is that Apophis may pass through a gravitational "keyhole" - a spot that alters the asteroid's trajectory as it zips by our planet and might put it on the bee-line lane for banging into Earth seven years later.

    Is an asteroid really coming to hit the Earth and cause an ‘extinction level event’, similar to that which wiped out the dinosaurs? Scientists say it just might happen, with an Asteroid called Apophis having a 1 in 45,000 chance of impact.
    I really wish people could look past the numbers and address the questions. The statement has very little relavance in the questions.
    I truley do not have answers for my posted questions. I posted them hoping for a response.

    • ANSWER:
      Granted that's a higher chance than hitting the Mega lottery, but still very unlikely. And we will know for sure after 2013, leaving plenty of time to take a corrective measure such as altering its orbit.
      No one is sweating the possibility of the Moon getting whacked. For one thing, it is smaller and has a weaker gravity field, leading to its being a less likely target. For another, at the moment, no one lives there, so it's not a real problem, any more than people worried when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 rammed into Jupiter.

    Buy or Sell: The Magic get the #1 pick overall in the 2013 NBA Draft?
    There has been a controversy the past few years that the NBA is rigged, and usually gives the #1 pick to a team that has a really low chance of getting.

    Here are some examples:

    In 2008, the Chicago Bulls (a big market team that suffered after the great Michael Jordan left) had a 1.7% chance of winning the draft somehow won the lottery to get Chicago native Derrick Rose.

    In 2011, after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost LeBron James, the Cavaliers got the #1 pick in the draft (Originally the LA Clippers draft pick which they traded along with Baron Davis for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, and the pick had a 2.8 chance of winning the lottery)

    In 2012, after the Hornets traded a way Chris Paul to the Clippers (Originally traded to the Lakers, but the trade was overturned by David Stern since the Hornets at the time were owned by the NBA), and end getting the #1 pick to get Anthony Davis, who was by far the best player in the draft.

    Orlando has now lost their big superstar, Dwight Howard who they traded away to the Lakers.

    Do you buy or sell the Magic will somehow get the #1 pick, even though they will most likely not be the worst team in the NBA this upcoming season (they can't be worse than the Bobcats)

    BQ1: Do you believe the NBA is rigged
    BQ2: Do you think there should be a draft lottery?

    • ANSWER:
      The NBA draft is designed to favor teams that performed poorly during the regular season. For example, the Bobcats had a 25% chance of winning the #1 pick this year due to their abysmal performance. But it's a little more complex than just the winning percentages - things like protected lottery picks, picks to be granted within a time span - these things all come into play.

      1. I think the NBA is rigged in some ways. Not as much as conspiracy theorists would love to think, but I like to look at the Hornets as an example of this. Stern desperately needed a buyer, and nobody was going to be enthusiastic about buying a gutter team. So he nixes the Lakers trade and gets a better deal, he gives the new owner the All-Star game in 2014, and they end up with the #1 pick to boot. I find that rather suspicious.

      2. Yes. However, I think they need to rework some of the rules used to determine the draft order. Obviously the lottery is composed of the higher picks - the more valuable ones. However, I think the team with the worst record should have more than just a 25% chance of winning the #1 pick. A 40% sounds more fair. But at the same time, you have to avoid situations where teams compete to be the worst to land that #1 pick.

    lost planet nubia in our galaxy?
    I believe that is the wrong spelling on the name but anyway..there is so much written evidence of a planet Nubia in ancient civilizations that floats around the universe and has a tremendous gravitational pull on any planet that it comes close to. The ancient theory is that the planet pulled pluto away as it was a moon, tilted saturn on its side etc....

    In 1999, nasa identified a planet that did not revolve around the sun, they named it something starting with a s.

    What is the deal with this "planet"

    Just trying to find some answers

    • ANSWER:
      Nibiru is a fictitious member of the solar system, supposedly five times the size of earth and due to pass close enough to cause catastrophic damage on 12/21/2012. We know it's fictitious for several reasons:

      1. An object five times the size of earth would be visible in backyard telescopes decades before it could approach the earth. No such object has been seen despite decades of observation by millions of professional and amateur astronomers.

      2. Such an object would also have a large gravitational effect on nearby objects, including the rest of the outer planets, and they would not follow their predicted orbits. In fact, the planet Neptune was discovered based on errors in the predicted orbits of known planets. Since the planets are where we calculate they're supposed to be, there is no large unseen object pulling them off course.

      3. Believers in Nibiru change their prediction every time an old prediction proves false. Nibiru was originally predicted to appear in 2003; now it's supposed to be in 2012, so who knows what they'll be predicting in 2013?

      Why do they continue to insist that Nibiru is real? Money. They sell books and videos, and one website even features a lottery for "guaranteed" space in a Nibiru-proof shelter supposedly under construction in Antarctica. Fear sells, and the best antidote to fear is knowledge.

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