New Moon Calendar 1963

Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the date Easter is on decided each year?

    • ANSWER:
      Easter is determined by the "ecclesiastical moon" as defined by church-constructed tables to be used permanently for calculating the phase of the moon. This full moon isn't necessarily the same as the astronomical full moon. This means that Easter is not necessarily the Sunday after a full moon -- it could be the next Sunday after the ecclesiastical moon. This happened in 1876.

      ­ Because of these calculations, Easter can fall between March 22 and April 25. This was decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 as part of the Gregorian calendar.

      In New Testament times, the Christian church celebrated Easter when the Jews observed Passover. By the middle of the second century, Easter was celebrated on the Sunday after Passover. The Council of Nicaea decided in 325 A.D. that all churches should celebrate it together on a Sunday.

      The Eastern Orthodox church may celebrate Easter up to a month later, since its calculation of the date is based on the Julian calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. In 1865 and 1963, Easter observance in both Eastern and Western churches coincided.


    Where are Mayaland, Nagaland and Togoland located? Can their salient features be described?

    • ANSWER:
      Maya land is an ancient land.

      The Mayan civilization is considered to be one of the more complex and brilliant of its time. Dating as far back as 1,500 B.C., the Maya flourished until about 900 A.D. in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and parts of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and el Salvador. Because they made science, writing, mathematics, astronomy, and religion pillars of their lives, the details of this mysterious group continue to intrigue us. Many of their complex hieroglyphs are still undeciphered, making it difficult to fully understand the few scriptures we have from their time. What has been concluded, however, is that Mayan people were fascinated with the sky, and most of their activities were based upon different cycles of the sun, planets, moon, and stars. Their astrological observations were written down in several codices, which now provide us with a multitude of data related to the paths of celestial bodies. From the observations they made, the Mayan people were able to predict agricultural events, eclipses, and develop a calendar that was more accurate than the one we use today.

      Chichen Itza was the major city of the Post classic Maya. It was a place for mystery and magic, and power so pervasive, that centuries after its decline it was considered holy. Monumental architecture marks the center of a city that in its day covered more than 25 sq kilometers.

      Nagaland is a state located in the far north-eastern part of India. It borders the state of Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Burma to the east and Manipur to the south. The state capital is Kohima, and the largest city is Dimapur. With a population of nearly two million people, it has a total area of 16,579 km² (6,401 sq mi)—making it one of the smallest states of India. This farthest lying state in northeast, Nagaland, was born on 1 December 1963. The state is divided into eleven districts: Kohima, Phek, Mokokchung, Wokha, Zunheboto, Twensang, Mon, Dimapur, Kiphire, Longleng and Peren. It is a largely mountainous state. Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Nagaland. Principal crops include rice, corn, millets, pulses, tobacco, oilseeds, sugarcane, potatoes and fibres. Other economy boosters are Forestry, Cottage industries, Insurance, Real estate and Tourism.

      Togoland was a German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914, encompassing what is now the nation of Togo and most of what is now Volta Region District, Ghana. The colony was established during the period generally known as Europe’s imperialist "Scramble for Africa". The German explorer, medical doctor, imperial consul and commissioner for West Africa Gustav Nachtigal was the driving force toward the establishment of the West African colonies of Togoland and Kamerun. From his base on the Spanish island possession Fernando Poo in the Bight of Bonny he traveled extensively on the mainland of Africa. On 5 July 1884 Nachtigal signed a treaty with the local chief, Mlapa III, in which he declared a German Empire protectorate over a stretch of territory along the Slave Coast on the Bight of Benin. With the small gunboat SMS Möwe at anchor, the imperial flag was raised for the first time on the African continent. Consul Heinrich Ludwig Randad, Jr., resident agent of the firm C. Goedelts at Widah, was appointed as the first commissioner for the territory.

    am i a dragon or a rabbit in chinese astrology?
    I was born on Feb. 7th, 1964. I think it was in the weee hrs. of the morning. Different web sites have me as a rabbit, others have me as a dragon. I read about both and they both sound like me. Anyone got thoughts on that? I'd really like to get it resolved. Is there such a thing in Chinese astrology as "being on the cusp"?? thnkx

    • ANSWER:
      Hi as an expert in the field I am dealing with Chinese astrology many years now... Let's see what the Eastern Lunisolar Calendar tells us: From [January 25, 1963] to [February 12, 1964] rules the Yin Rabbit of Water and from [February 13, 1964] until [February 01, 1965] rules the Yang Dragon of Wood. So, my dear friend [Feb 7th 1964], you are not only a Yin Rabbit, you are also affected by the energy of the element of Water. Your secret signs or ascendants are: [February:Tiger] and [~morning:Snake or Horse]. More explanation: The Chinese New Year of 1964 fell on February 13th on a New Moon phase as always, this is when the Dragon year of 1964 begun. But since you where born on February 7th you are still a Rabbit but very much affected by the qualities of the Dragon.

    what is wrong with me ??????
    I know that this is so dumb but there can be a movie on tv and ill watch it and it turns out to be a really werid movie and all that day or nite i feel werid and i freak myself out .LOL i dunno why i get like this ...I dont mind being alone in the day but at nite i get freaked out easiely ...Im freaken 23 , is there something wrong with me....???????

    • ANSWER:
      hahaha i remember wen i watched it! i went and found tons of stuff:

      The Number 23 (Enigma)

      Mayans = December 23rd 2012 (20+1+2=23)

      Titanic sunk on April 19th1912 (1+9+1+9+1+2=23)

      Hiroshima bomb dropped on 8:15 (8+15=23)

      Kurt Cobain:
      born 1967 1+9+6+7= 23
      died 1994 1+9+9+4= 23
      he was 23 when Nirvana became Famous

      September 11, 2001 (9+11+2+1=23)

      Jeffrey= 6x5-10-25+5+6+17 = 23

      My bday = 09/01/1994 (0x9x1+1+9+9+4=23)

      23 sec for blood to circulate through body

      # of chromosomes in a human germ line cell 23

      23 letters on every US coin

      Shakespeare April 23~april 23

      Caesar stabbed 23 times

      Michael Jordan Jersey 23

      David Beckham Jersey 23

      OJ Simpsons Jersey 23

      W= 23rd letter of alphabet:
      -2 points down 3 points up
      -standard keyboard under 2 and 3

      Human biorhythm cycle is 23 days long

      23.5 degree axis

      5 = 2+3


      W=23rd letter
      T=20th letter
      C=3rd letter

      W= 23

      9/11/01 = 9+11+1=23

      Tried to bring down in 1976
      1+9+7+6 = 23

      Bill Clinton = BC

      B=2 C=3

      Oklahoma City bombings = 4/19 = 23

      Jan 23rd Adolf Hitler organized National Socialist Congress and tried to seize power on November 23

      JFK= shot Nov. 22 1963

      B=2 U=21 S=19 H=8

      Smallest prime number that consists of consecutive digits

      Saddam was hanged Dec. 30 2006

      Charles Darwin Origin of Species = 1859

      Ea parent contributes 23 chromosomes to start life

      Michael Jordan’s father’s murder = July 23 1993

      Princess Leila Star Wars movie prison Cell= AA-23
      Final Assault Death Star = Red 2 Red 3 start the bomb at 23 degrees

      23 mph is max speed of American Crow
      Jim Carey Production name changed JC23

      The Knights Templar= 23 grand masters
      Jacques de Molay = 23rd master:
      -Oct 13 (10+13) (Friday 13th)

      Pi’s first 6 digits= 3.14159 (add it all)

      First morse code transmission: ‘’What hath god wrought?’’ bible passage #23

      23 letters in Latin Alphabet

      Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Calendars begin July 23

      Mars-> nearest moon = 23 5000 km

      Movie The Number 23 began filming Jan 23 2006

      (sorry if i left sum weird ones, it was personal things)

      anyways, u'll get over it. its supposed to be like that, its a psycological thriller

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