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    What are everyone's thoughts about the world ending 2012?
    I keep watching T.V. And when they talk about the world ending they seem believable lol I just what other peoples thoughts :)

    • ANSWER:
      it's not a theory, it's a set of lies intended to make money from the gullible just like the end of the world on 31 December 1999.

      What you first have to understand is that the orbits of planets are totally predictable and are governed by an "iron law" of gravity. We can tell where the Sun, Moon and all the planets will be in a thousand years from now to within an umpteenth of a degree. This has been known with greater and greater accuracy for many centuries.

      There is no prediction of doom from the Maya, Aztecs, Toltecs, Chinese, Indians, Islam or any other person, tribe, clan, ancient or modern civilisation, including the old French fraud, Nostradamus. for 21 December. What does happen is that the first cycle of the Mesoamerican count of 1,872,000 days ends and another begins. This has to do with their counting systems and nothing more. The date is no more significant than 31 December 1999 was. Less, in fact, since no computer problems are anticipated.

      There is no error in this caused by ignoring leap years, because it is a count of DAYS. 21 December was calculated in the 20th century on the basis that the Maya said the world began on 11 August 3114BC by our calendar which the Maya obviously did not use. There are other ideas about what day the Maya believed, but that is the one most usually quoted

      There is no planet X or Nibiru. If there was it would be the third brightest thing in the night sky and would have been for several months. Planet X was supposed to be here in May 2003 according to the original version of this garbage. When it didn't happen, the frauds running the 2003 scam just postponed it to 21 December 2012.

      The planets will not line up and it would not matter if they did. Their combined gravitational pull at the Earth would not take the skin off a rice pudding.

      Solar flares happen about 5 times a week on average over the past 50 years, more when the Sun is very active, but they are rare when it isn't. Coronal mass ejections can happen at any time and can knock out power and communications on Earth, in a few places for several hours. The last time this happened it affected only the north eastern USA and eastern Canada. Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia was not affected much or at all. These are totally unpredictable but do tend to happen more often at solar peak activity. The last one was in October or November 2011 as far as I recall, but there might have been one since.

      The supposed alignment with the centre of the galaxy is only very, very approximate, it happens twice every year in June and December but not on the 21st of December. More like the 18th.

      We will not be crossing the central plane of the galaxy and it would not matter if we did.

      There are no known large asteroids scheduled to pass near the Earth in December 2012.

      The photon belt business is an old German fraud and was supposed to happen by 1958. In any case photons cannot form a "belt" and our solar system is slowly moving away from the place where it was supposed to happen as well.

      Much more detail of the scam and the frauds running it at -

    Will the world end in 2012?
    What do you guys think? I confident the world, and all of its misery, will continue for a long time. Even if the world "ends", there will still be a few crafty rats with enough money to live on the moon, or mars, or whatever. I feel the universe and beyond will be plagued by the foul stench of mankind for eternity...oh well.

    • ANSWER:
      It's complete NONSENSE! Here is WHY:

      The 2012 hoax is FANTASY, and SUPERSTITION not SCIENCE!

      Do you really believe that the 30,000+ amateur astronomers just in the USA!!, and the hundreds of professional astronomers, would have just MISSED seeing Planet X! No where on the internet can you find the sky coordinates for this fake planet..

      No Near Earth Objects are on a collision course with Earth right now for 2012, and a magnetic pole shift takes thousands of years to occur. The rotational AXIS of the Earth has NEVER shifted 90 degrees!

      Also, the Earth and the sun line-up on the center of the Milky Way Galaxy EVERY YEAR on December 21st! We are actually about 6 degrees away from the center and moving further AWAY! Further, the planets NEVER actually align in a straight line; their tilted orbits prevent this.

      So please forget about this 2012 nonsense. It's just junk science gone wild on the internet!

      Watch this famous astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson as he makes fun of the 2012 hoax.
      Read NASA's 2012 debunking web site and see what REAL scientists say about 2012.

      As for the Mayans, they believed that the Earth was flat and had 4 corners. They also believed the sky was held up by 5 trees each a different color, and the Earth was resting on the back of a gigantic crocodile floating on a huge pond of water lilies! and of course, they worshiped the SUN god! Their calendar was about as accurate as the ancient Chinese, Romans, Greeks, and Arabs. All of them were used for farming and religious ceremony.

      Good grief! Just "new age" hocus pocus! and junk science gone wild on the internet.

    2012 Question... (10 points!)?
    If 2012 isn't true, why is it so famous?
    Why don't the scientists tell us that this is fake?
    Why is there a MOVIE about this?
    Does it make this "2012" subject a fact?
    The millenium bug?
    What's so important about it?
    And personnaly i think it's fake.
    I just want to prove it to other people that are panicking with this crappy hoax.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Many hoaxes get famous, especially if a movie is made about it. In the case of 2012, the hoax was famous before the movie was planned. That is because the people behind it practiced before: they had invented Planet X for the end-of-the-world of May/June 2003 (planet passes too close to Earth, causes global tsunami; 90% of people die, 10% are saved by alien spacecraft -- this is, in essence, the plot of the movie "2012"). Their 'marketing' approach was much better for 2012 than it was for 2003.

      2. You cannot prove non-existence. That is why, for example, the justice system requires the accuser to provide proof, not the defendant. How can you "prove" that you did not commit the crime? Same thing with hoaxes.

      How can you prove (in science, proof must be absolute, not just 'beyond a reasonable doubt') that the Moon will not explode tomorrow morning?

      3. Because money is to be made.
      There are plenty of movies about Santa. Not because Santa exists, but simply because many people will pay money to bring their kids to a movie about Santa.

      4. No. It does make it a subject. Subjects can be discussed. There can be facts about 2012.

      For example, it is a fact that the Mayan calendar does NOT end in 2012. There are ancient Mayan writings that use the Mayan calendar to date events the Mayans predicted for well after the year we call 4000. If nothing else, the writings 'prove' that the Mayans who wrote these lines expected neither the world nor their calendar to end in 2012.

      The "end-of-the-Mayan-calendar" on the date we call Dec. 21, 2012, was invented in a book written in the late 1980s.

      5. Y2k: The "threat" was that older computers would be unable to tell that after the year 1999, came the year 2000. The idea was that memory space was rare on older computers, so people did not use the first two digits of the date (the "19" of 1983, for example). One real problem (there was one, but it was relatively minor) was the manner in which PC's would store the information about the date.
      The other real problem (also relatively minor) was that some programs and databases used "short versions" for dates: this could lead to misunderstandings, such as calculating interests on investments. Money was invested in 1980 (stored as "80"). Interest is x% over so-many years. We are now in year "00". Time elapsed = 00 - 80 = -80 years, therefore the interest you "gain" is suddenly negative: -80 * x%

      6. Millennium bug was the same problem. Outside USA (where the real millennium began on Jan. 1, 2001), the variant was the bug that many of us expected once the hastily applied (but expensive) computer "patches" would run out at the end of 2000, causing the Y2k problems to appear in 2001.

      And they did appear (for example, the digital clocks on the shuttles to Dulles airport did fail in January 2001).

      7. The Y2k was 'important' because it was used to scare a lot of people into spending very large amounts of money to update their computers (most of the time, without any need) or even buy new computers.

    When is the next APOCALYPTIC-day?
    With this year (please correct me if I am wrong) December 21 (122112) recognized by those who follow the Asian calendar as being ARMAGEDDON-day, I am curious in how the Asian calendar was designed.
    How / why do these-two calendars (Roman / Asian) connect or defute each other (somewhere back in-time, these two systems had to agree that "point-x" was THE BEGINNING) and why do some cultures still stand so strongly on their own beliefs that THEIR METHOD IS STILL RIGHT? (Not to imply that either one is More-right than the other.)
    I wonder where / how or if I should be making any Final plans with the Financial-economic-binge called "Black Friday" upcoming, this Friday in The USA with Armageddon soon-upcoming.
    The MAYAN-calendar is what I mean to imply.
    (I knew this ^ was "some culture" from eons-ago.)

    P.S. I have visited the Mayan ruins, years ago. - They did / do use quite a sophisticated building-setup that still fascinates builders of today.

    • ANSWER:
      Any turn of the millenia is a candidate for an Apocalypse. It had happened before. On the eve of 999 AD everybody thought that the world will end. Again on the midnight of 1999, that belief was repeated. When it did not happen, some believed it was perhaps only delayed for the next 10 years which was 2010. When it did not happen, it was extended again for 2 years --- 2012. It goes on and on.

      Every culture have their own Apocalypse and the Judeo-Christian is not an exemption. The Bible's Revelation is one fine example. The Mayan Civilization has their own version too. But if one would deeply analyze those apocalyptic visions, they all actually tell of the passing of the old period and the coming of a new age.

      Asian Calendars differ from one culture to another. The Hebrews have their own calendar. Islamic Calendars are based on the moon and started during the Hejira. The Chinese too observe a Lunar type of calendar system. Gregorian Calendar (which is the replacement for the previous Julian Calendar) uses a Solar type calendar system. You cannot mix the two types of calendar systems because the dates will not synchronize. The movement of the moon around the Earth does not correlate with the movement of the Earth around the Sun. There will always be big fractions. So it's either you use a lunar calendar system or a solar type calendar system.

    hows life treating you?
    lifes too short to care what anyone else thinks. if its what i prefer, and it aint harming anyone, then thats the way its gonna go. all these conspiricy theories and stuff, is it just me, or were these conspiracies happening more recently. maybe due to some mayan calendar? i feel that earth is indeed going thru a stage, but it is not the end of mankind. i just feel that there are things man cannot control, and things that I cannot control, so i cant care about tomorrow. i only feel and do regardless what others think. and i hope you enjoy your life. without restraints set by others.

    • ANSWER:
      Life is treating me just great. I'm struggling for my life, my husband is struggling for his, medications costs a small fortune but we get to spend a lot of time together. Our kids are adults but still live at home because they can't get jobs, so we get to spend much time with them too. But, I'm guessing that's not what you are really asking about...

      I was around in the 70's. We didn't have Internet, no cell phones or whatchamacallit gadgets. We still had conspiracy theories. We still has crazy people running around thinking that the end of the world was near. The madness spread through the old fashioned way but it was still there. The Cold War was still ongoing and there was no end to the mad theories about what would happen to us.

      The same basic things happened in the 80's and the 90's but there something changed, people started to log on to the WWW and the madness started to spread much faster and more people started to get exposed to it. That's what we have today. It's not more of the mad prophesies or more conspiracy theories, it's just the spread of it that's greater.

      The Mayans didn't make a prophesy, their calendar does not end on 2012. It's a hoax created by an artist in the 90's. The truth is out there for those who want to see it but people don't want the truth. It was the same for people back in the 70's, that part has not changed.

      I'm actually amused to see some "theories" from the 70's being used today. The most heard of is the "Planet X" idea. The "Planet X" is today connected to 2012 and is also called the planet Nibiru.
      In the 70's Nibiru was a moon circling a planet named Marduk, the 12th planet, a mysterious planet in our solar system that passed close to earth regularly. The aliens living on the planet Marduk created life on earth as a convenient source for life/food/slaves.
      Today Nibiru is a large planetary object and it will collide with earth or nearly collide, in 2012. The old story has been given a makeup to look more credible and it's out there again. Just as 70's fashion... oh the horror.

      Experience makes you wiser. I wasn't all that bright in the 70's and I did believe in those who said that the USA would nuke us one day, but I'm not buying into all the crap that floats around today.

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