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    Astrology: Question for Mr Nupakry?
    Dear Sir,
    My birth date is 3rd February 1977, at 10:08 in the morning and I was born in Singapore. I have two areas of concern sir. My career and my relationship.

    For my career, I have had a lot of trouble getting a permanent job. I love to write and want to know if I will get a good job that will allow me to travel and will pay me well so that I can build in my life? And should I stay in my birth country or do you think I should go elsewhere? I have tried very hard to get a good job, but no luck. Please tell me what I should do or how long I have to wait for before I have stability and happiness in my career?

    And also sir, can you please tell me when I will marry? I am seeing someone now, this is my second relationship. It has been difficult but I love him very much. Do you see us marrying and settling down? Thank you vey much and God bless.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I am very very happy to reply to your question because I am on 9998. This two points will take me to 10,000 and 6th level.

      As per Vedic System.

      Born on Thursday, Pushyami Nakshtara, Cancer is your Moon Sing and Aries Rising sign.

      From 1989 to 2006 it was Mercury’s major period. This period would have given you mixed results but the negative aspects gaining upper hand.

      Then started the Major period of Ketu (from 2006 to 2013). In Ketu’s major period you still under the Sub-Period of Venus till December 2007. Therefore, you maintain patience till then. However the Ketu’s period will be overall normal.

      Your horoscope is above average and has got good merit. Especially, you have a powerful Yoga called Ishta Bala-meaning-you will not like any one dictating you and you like to be alone and free. You will be having extraordinary imagination power. [You must have good knowledge in astrology also-if NO, and then start learning]. You tongue should be sharp and powerful with measured talk.

      In the past you would have got many golden chances but you would have let many of them to skip away due to your OWN weakness. Please see the Rahu occupying the seventh house thus putting you under negative aspects very easily. You have a habit of taking quick decision and many a time your quick decision would have proved costly to you.

      In other word you were under Saturn’s grim grip till July 200t (from September 2004 to July 2007). That part is over, so you will feel major relief form now.


      (Last week I wrote an article for a local magazine, you read the same:)

      After getting divorce from the legal court, and marrying for another time in her life, Richa, who hailed from a reasonably well to do family and only daughter to her parent, personally approached us to find the fact for facing disappointment even in her second married life. We analyzed her Chart and found the lord of inauspicious eighth house being powerfully placed in the seventh house and lord of seventh house (house of marriage) attaining debilitation in her horoscope. Hence a clear indication of disappointment in the married life was traced in her horoscope.

      Richa’s story goes in this way: Her marriage was performed in a grandest manner in a traditional way. Nevertheless, after her divorce, Richa’s father blamed the astrologers for mismatching the Charts; her mother blamed the pundits for choosing wrong time for the auspicious ceremony (marriage). Her relatives blamed the boy and his parents…. Thus, nobody paid any attention to the planetary position in the girl’s horoscope.

      At home she did not enjoy the same aromatic atmosphere that she enjoyed before her first marriage. She saw frown faces alone with every one instead of those broad smiles. After initial denial for remarriage, she finally accepted for marriage and her second marriage was performed in a temple in small way but after through matching of horoscope from leading astrologers.

      After being ‘happy’ for three months, she once again started developing misunderstand with her new husband. This time she did not dare to complain to her parents and she decided to consult astrologers to find out the real cause for her suffering in her married life through her Birth Chart thus she approached us with her horoscope.

      Richa came under the nasty Maha Dasha of Rahu just two months after her first marriage, Rahu, which was placed in the seventh house in her Chart had to cause hurdles and disappointment in her married life whether she married X or Y or Z and there was no escape from paying the penalty. However, in order to escape the “punishment” in the married life she approached the court to get legal divorce and got legally separated from her first husband.

      We made her understand the position of Rahu in the seventh house in her horoscope due to the severe sin committed in her past birth and also advised her to adopt adjustability at least till the end of Rahu’s sub-period in the Maha Dasha of Rahu or wait till a new soul to come in to her life (in the form of birth of a child). Richa agreed with us and sincerely followed our advice. No doubt she experienced a horrible life till the end of Rahu’s sub-period with her drunkard husband and heartless in laws but she conceived at the fag end of Rahu’s sub-period and delivered a child thereupon. She immediately sent message of birth of a child and its birth detail to us and requested us to read immediately the horoscope and found whether the power of the horoscope of the newborn would rescue her.

      We understood the anxiety of Richa and her curiosity to know whether her newborn child would bring her luck. We analyzed the Chart of the child and found certain powerful Yoga present in that. We prepared a brief astrological report of the child and sent them to Richa to her hospital bed. While she read our analyzed report, there rolled a river of tears from her eyes. Perhaps those tears should have finally washed away all her previous birth sins…. because in course of time after the birth of child, Richa’s husband started loving her as anything… her in laws started treating her as their own daughter…she felt as if she had entered in to new hopeful life… and as of now Richa has become grandmother.
      N P Krishnan Iyer

    Interesting night sky formation. Should I worry?
    I just discovered this neat little program on Ubuntu called Stellarium. A lot of fun to look at the planets and where they'll be on a certain day.

    There's hardly anything in or around my constellation - Aquarius, but I'm also a border case with Capricorn, so I check both.

    While playing around with the program I saw that on the 22 February 2009 - there will be six visitors between the two at once - the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Mars and the Sun. They are pretty much in a line...Uranus (7th) will be in Pisces, a distance away, but also in the path. This sound dangerous...

    Just curious....

    • ANSWER:
      Even if all the planets and the Moon were aligned on one side of the Sun, there would be no danger. The gravity of the Moon and the Sun have more strength than all the other planets combined. And Stellarium shows that things continue fine months later. For that matter, Stellarium shows that everything is peachy keen in 2013, so 2012 isn't a big deal either.

      Now if you're into astrology, and want to know it's significance, this wasn't the right place to post this. Expect people who are totally ignorant about astrology, and even people who are actively hostile towards any mention of astrology. I count myself on the totally ignorant side. For example, i'm in Aquarius, but have little or no idea what that means.

      If Aquarius is your Sun sign, that's the sign that the Sun was in at your birth. But if you look it up in Stellarium, don't be surprised to find that the Sun was in fact in Capricorn on your birthday. The signs were made up at least 2000 years ago, and the constellations and the signs lined up back then. But these days, due to precession, the signs have all drifted a whole sign off. I used to think that astrologers were so stupid that they hadn't noticed this. This isn't correct.

      But Aquarius and Capricorn come up in my observing plans fairly frequently, so it can't have nothing. This isn't the best time of year for these constellations, as they're nearly lost in the glare of the Sun.

    I´m trying to find astrological answers... born november 15, 1965... specially for "nupakry"?
    I just turned 42, date of birth above, born in São Paulo, Brazil. My life is a mess, has always been a mess in many ways. Lost lots of money, don´t really have a decent career, had it, lost it. Have deep concentration problems (easy diagnose of ATHD).
    I´m wondering if I´ll ever amount to something or I´ll just continue with this boring life, doing something I dont like, having no relationship, a huge void... I´m a deep believer in Karma, and maybe thats the reason for all the bagage I carry. But I was told once by an astrologer that my ascendent (Capricorn) tends to go into full bloom later in life... well how much later man!
    Anyway, nupakry, love your answers and would like your input, if you care to coment.
    My email is wide open.
    Thanks folks.

    And smartassed who like to reply with meaningless answers... go ahead, MAKE MY DAY PUNKS. :-)
    DOB: November 15th, 1965, at 09:35AM in São Paulo, Brazil.

    • ANSWER:
      Born on Monday in Capricorn Ascendant. Moon sign being Leo and Sun sign being Scorpio.

      Planetary position: Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Leo; Exalted Mars in Capricorn; Mercury in Sagittarius; Exalted Jupiter in Cancer; Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Pieces. (Rahu (dragon’s head) in Gemini and Ketu (dragon’s tail) in Sagittarius.


      There is saying in our astrology: “When an exalted planets aspects another exalted planet –then the native will lead a miserable life”.

      You have exalted Mars placed in your ascendant and powerfully aspected by exalted Jupiter from the seventh house. The mutual aspect of two exalted planets clearly revels your past birth inexcusable deeds and thus punishment in the present life. In general Jupiter becomes ‘useless’ planet for Capricorn ascendant due to its lordship over third and 12th house from Capricorn, and when the useless planets gets afflicted then its negative results will indigestible.

      Before proceeding further let us peep in to your “Maha Dahsa” (the planet that ruled you): Venus ruled you till June 1982 (from your birth to June 1982). Then the Sun ruled you till June 1988. Strictly speaking, you would have ‘enjoyed’ you life to some extent under these two major periods-till your 23rd age.

      Then started the major period of Moon (from June 1988 to June 1998). Moon, being the lord of auspicious 7th house is placed in the inauspicious 8th house in your Birth Chart. Therefore its period (88 to 98) would have proved to be worst for you. Then commenced the major period of Mars. As told earlier, Mars is exalted but afflicted heavily due to its placement, hence its major period (1998 to 2005) would have also made you to suffer as anything. At present you are under the major rule of Rahu (dragon’s head) from June 2005 to June 2023.

      Rahu will rule you for 18 years and inside the 18 long years all the planets (except Neptune, Pluto and Uranus) will get a stipulated time to rule you, which we call SUB-PERIOD. Sub-Period is much more important than the major period. Accordingly, as a first turn, Rahu’s Sub-Period is ruling you from June 2005 to February 2008. Once Rahu’s Sub-Period is over you will come under Jupiter’s Sub-Period from March 2008 to July 2010. Then Saturn’s Sub-Period from July 2010 to May 2013 and so on…

      Although Jupiter is heavily afflicted in your Chart, but at the same time the Jupiter is also exalted. It has punished you severely in the past due to its afflictions. Now the same Jupiter will come to rescue you under its Sub-Period starting from March 2008!! Therefore I give you fullest guarantee that you will start enjoying your life from March 2008. You deserve to enjoy so you will enjoy and there is no doubt about that.

      Ascendant (00 degree) is very important for every person because it is the starting point of our life. The seventh house (180 degree) is just opposite to our ascendant. Any damage to the seventh house OR its ruler will make our life miserable. In your case the lord of seventh house from your ascendant (Moon) is ill placed in the inauspicious 8th house. If we take the Moon sign-the seventh house from your Moon sign (Saturn) is ill placed in the 8th house. Therefore it was the decision of the Supreme God to punish you (during your prime age) for the wicked act committed by you in your past birth.

      The degree of curses following you in this birth for your committed sins is further traced from the position of Saturn (in the 8th house from the Moon at the time of your birth). The 12th house (house of loss) is mercilessly occupied by Ketu and Mercury and cruelly aspected by Saturn---thus reveling the way you had tortured your own people in your past birth for you own profit.

      You may ask “how could I know your past birth deeds when there use to be an impenetrable iron curtain hanging down at birth and death, separating the past, the present and the future. The planetary positions clearly revels your past birth Karma.

      Never mind, --you committed sin in our past birth and you received curses for the same and you suffered a unbearable punishment life in this birth. Now the Chapter Is Over.

      Let Come March 2008…the Rays Of Blessings From The Court Of God will Start Reaching You…. You Will Feel As If You Have Come To A New World…There Are Certain Benefic Yoga Present In Your Birth Chart Which Confirms Your Good Deeds Also (in your past birth)…When The Punishment Life Will Get Over …You Will Start Seeing Golden Days…And The Golden Days Will Commence With The Coming Of March 2008…Till Then ….Sit In Front Of God…Shed Tears For Your Own Committed Sins…. Pray The God To Show Kindly Light…. You Deserve Enjoyment In This Birth And The God Knows That Very Well… God Will Bless You.

      Sorry for eating up your time!!!!

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