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    I feela angry all the time?
    In October 2009 I lost my dad,( he got shot),and at first I didnt cry I was just sad and well shocked I guess, he was my best friend, and since the end of 2010 to middle 2011 I was getting mad at everything for no reason, for example my mom sneezed and I got pissed off, like if I wanted to punch a wall mad, and I got mad at my friends,family or random people for stupid things(im 16), for a short time I stopped being angry, but it has returned and I dont like it, and I get into a lot of fights with my friends because of this.I went to the sicologist for some time, but that was early 2010, what do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Try expressing this anger through a hobby of yours. Maybe sports, arts, or music. You should also go back to the psychologist if talking to him/her helped you back in 2010. Talking about your problems can really help you feel better. If you're stopping yourself from crying and holding back your emotions then that's really bad. You're only hurting yourself more. Cry for as long as you need to because then you'll be getting all that sorrow out of you and you will feel better. Try watching comedy because laughing helps too a lot of times. You need to think positive, and i'm not saying this with the intention that every other clueless person says it with when they don't know what to say. Staying positive WILL pay off for you. The law of attraction, my friend. Always remember that. I suggest you watch The Secret or read The Secret to Teen Spirit.

      Here's the link to the movie online incase you can't purchase it. It may seem boring at first but TRUST ME and watch the entire thing before you finalize your thoughts on it. I'm 16 too and my family is so messed up that if you asked me to tell you what I had to go through since I turned 4 I seriously would not know where to begin. I know what it's like to be full of anger and hate, but what people like us don't realize is that we're the ones who are causing ourselves to fall into deeper depression. So give the movie a try, because it really helped me (WASN'T easy at first and that itself is a long story but we all have to start over somewhere).

      Here's the link to a trailer that may get you interested in what this guy has to say

      and if you are interested in how a guy without limbs can smile through all his hardships here's the first part to what he has to say

      I really hope that you'll give these a try because they may be able to help you. Good Luck, and here are some songs that may help you cope when things get tough

      Tears of the Dragon by Bruce Dickinson

      Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory

      Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

      Run by Collective Soul

      Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

      Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap

      On My Own by Ashes Remain

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