New Moon Movie

Frequently Asked Questions

    How big are the werewolves of twilight saga new moon movie going to be ?
    For people that read the book new moon already. There the werewolves are describe to look just like wolves but theyre big as a horse.
    but in the trailer of new moon movie, when jacob transforms he doesnt look that big??

    but i mean come on. its ok if the wolf in the movie doesnt look like the one describe on the book, but they cant put a simple sizes wolf on the movie either

    what do you guys think?

    • ANSWER:
      They spent like the 3 remaining months working on CGI, so hopefully they've edited the wolves more.

    How can I watch the New Moon Movie online?
    I want to watch the New Moon movie online for free and np downloading. Is there a website I can go to to watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      it hasn't come out yet for people to download it yet

    Why do the werewolves have tattoos in new moon movie?
    I've been looking at pictures for the new moon movie and I noticed something. All of the werewolves have a tattoo on their arms. I didn't remember the book mentioning that so i was wondering if anyone knew why they are there.

    • ANSWER:
      Its true that it wasn't mentioned in the novel, but I think it was a bright idea for the film. It signifies the werewolf "pack" and their unity.

      If you would like to see proper pictures and wallpapers of this (including Jacob Black with his pack), visit

      or just visit for more

    Where is the new moon movie premier going to be and when?
    I want to go to the new moon movie premiere with all the actors and red carpet. where will it be? will anyone be able to go? when is it?

    • ANSWER:
      it hasn't been announced where, but it is set for November 20th, 2009. The Twilight premier was in L.A. so its possible it will be there too.

    What will happen to Taylor lautner's fans when new moon movie come out?
    When a New Moon movie come out in Thanksgiving. Do you think Taylor lautner and Robert Pattinson's fans will chase Taylor crazy just like Robert? If that does happen, I am sure Taylor and Robert will have a good friendship bond and understand each other situation. What do you think what will happen to Taylor lautner once the movie is out? Do you think Taylor wont be popular just like Robert?

    • ANSWER:
      That is a good question since that brings up the subject of Team Edward and Team Jacob. I will say it may be an all out war. No really i don't think it will have any effect (sp) on what happens.

    What did you think of the new moon movie?
    I am just about to go watch the Twilight Saga: new moon movie and wondering from who has already seen it, is it good? And how does it compare to the book?

    • ANSWER:
      new moon is really really good go see the movie you will love it
      i saw NM on nov 19

    What should my diet and exercise routine be like in order to look like Jacob from the Twilight New moon movie?
    I'm at about 15% body fat right now, 170 lbs and 6'2. I'd like to get in shape more and I was wondering what my diet and exercise routine be like in order to look like Jacob from the Twilight New moon movie? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Im a bit heavier than you but about the same height maybe a bit taller and i was wondering the same exact thing. But i have tried something myself before and i lost 10lbs in 1 week. Idk if it's because im only 17 or what but it works. I cant imagine it if i would have continued to do it. Your answer: P90X sir, P90X. It works!

    Where can I find the Sailor Moon movies in Japanese?
    I have watched the movies in English but now I wanted to watch them in Japanese. I have looked at several websites but they are all English dubbed or the English subbed ones are broken. So does anyone know of a website where I can watch the japanese sailor moon movie with english subs. Doesn't matter which movie I wanna watch them all with english subs.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I download the sailor moon movies in japanese with eng subs for free?
    I wanted to watch the sailor moon movies AGAIN, cuz i love them, but i hate the voices the characters have in english, and i love the japanese voices.

    I already found them on youtube but I want to download them too. can YOU help me please????!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      or try or youtube to watch them =]

    What did you think of the New Moon Movie?
    If you have seen the new moon movie, how many stars would you give it?
    And who was your favorite character?

    • ANSWER:
      i would give the movie five stars!!
      i found it to stay very true to the book and only skipped little parts. i liked it much better than twilight because in twilight you couldn't feel the emotion between bella and edward and see their relationship progress. while, in new moon you were able to feel the emotion of everyone. edward and bella's love was much more evident. taylor was an EXCELLENT jacob. they couldn't of found a better person!! there was also more color in the movie, twilight seemed really...dull to me.
      my favorite character was jacob. i've been team jacob since the books. but the fact that taylor was soooo sexy just made it better.

    Where can I find Twighlight new moon movie without filling out surveys?
    I want to watch it for free online without filling out or downloading a movie just similar to the does anybody knows another site I can watch twiligh new moon movie like that without surveys, because them damn surveys are irratating lol?

    • ANSWER:
      Wait until it gets to the cinema. Then buy a ticket, and go watch it.

    What Songs Do You Think Should Be On The New Moon Movie Soundtrack?
    Hey Guys, I Wanna Know What Songs You Think Would Fit Good On The New Moon Movie Soundtrack?I Think "Haunted" By Kelly Clarkson Would Be Really Good From Bella's POV. Oh, And If You Wanna Come On Here And DIS THE TWILIGHT SERIES OR ANYTHING ABOUT IT, DON'T!CAUSE NOBDOY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR STUPID OPINION ANYWAYS!

    • ANSWER:
      potbelleez - Don't hold back, for the fighting scenes with other vampires.

    Where can I find Sailor Moon movies cut with english music on DVD?
    Where can I find Sailor Moon Movies (Promise of a Rose, Hearts in Ice and Black Dream Hole) on DVD in an ENGLISH DUB WITH ENGLISH MUSIC? (not the uncut english dub) I don't know if they only have come out on VHS, and I have never found them on DVD, not even bootlegs.

    • ANSWER:
      sorry, the english music was never put on the dvds, just the vhs. I don't think you can buy them anywhere (believe me, I've looked). Your best bet, I think, it to buy the vhs, and then (if this is at all possible) convert them into DVDs. I'm a total technological retard, and have no idea if that's even possible though.

      If you watch them on youtube, it will have the Japanese songs (ie, moon revenge instead of power of love). Actually, anything you find will most likely have the Japanese songs, but I'm sure you already knew this. =)

      If you don't have the movies on vhs, and I highly recommend you do, here they are for very cheap from amazon. But this is the only way I know of to get the English songs. Sorry.

    when does the new moon movie come out in australia?
    does anyone know when the new moon movie, the sequel to twilight comes out in australia? do you know where i can watch a trailer for new moon?
    i have been trying to look for one, but they are all fan made and dont make sense. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      In the US, New Moon will be released 20 November 2009, so in Australia it may be released some time in December. But wait until there is an official release date. There is no trailer yet for New Moon as filming has not even begun yet. Filming commences March.

    When will they be releasing the Twilight saga New Moon movie clips and tv spots?
    on the New Moon movie website when you go under media and click videos it has the 3 trailers and on top it says "clips" and "tv spots" and when you click them it says "coming soon" i was just wondering if anybody had any idea of when or around what time would they be releasing any movie clips and/or tv spots??? would that not be til October and/or beginning or middle of November?

    • ANSWER:
      the movie comes out in 65 days. i have a countdown on my dashboard, november 20 2009

    has new moon movie any differences between the countries?
    i saw new moon movie official trailer and i noticed some other scenes that weren't in the movie.does anybody know if the movie has 2 version?

    • ANSWER:
      not yet boss :)

    What did you thought about New Moon movie?
    Did you enjoyed the New Moon movie? It doesn't have nothing with the book. Specially all that fight scene with the Volturies!
    What is your opnion about the movie? :)

    • ANSWER:
      It's twilight, therefore it sucks.

    When is the REAL trailer for the New Moon movie released?
    Hey Twilight fans [: when is the real Β΄trailer for the New Moon movie released? I've seen the teaser one, and i'm curious bout the real one...

    • ANSWER:
      the next full length trailer for new moon comes out in august during the previews for the movie bandslam.(august 14th 2009)

    Does anyone think that the New Moon movie will be any better than Twilight?
    In my opinion, the Twilight movie did no justice to the book, so does anyone think that the New Moon movie will be any better?

    • ANSWER:
      The budget is bigger so hopefully the special effects will be better. that would help a lot.

      I agree that Twilight the movie was a letdown compared to the book.
      Hopefully this one will stick to the story line more and not leave out so much of the story.

    I have a question about the Twilight and New Moon movies?
    When is the New Moon movie coming to theaters and does anyone know if it's going to be better than the first? Give me your opinion, which twilight book do you like better?

    • ANSWER:
      As others have said, New Moon is being released November 20, 2009.

      It was just announced the Eclipse will hit theaters earlier than many expected (June 30, 2010). That is very exciting.

      I love all the twilight books, and really can't pick a favorite. I'd probably pick Breaking Dawn. Or maybe Twilight. I'm really not sure. They're all great!

    Is it true that there might be a new Sailor Moon movie coming out?
    I heard of a rumor and I hope it’s true that there might be a new sailor moon movie coming that true

    • ANSWER:
      Ok well supposedly there's going to be a new live-action Sailor Moon movie. No animation, just actors acting the parts.
      Check this website out it talks about it.

      Also I think it may not be true. Although there is a live action series consisting of a total of 51 episodes called acts. But it only premiered in Japan. This is where I got this information.

      I believe you may be able to see those live action episodes in subs on you tube.
      Hope I helped.

    What day does the New Moon movie come out?
    I'm confused about the date of the New Moon movie. I think it's June 30th, but some people say it's November 20th. Please tell me if you know. :)

    • ANSWER:
      New Moon comes out on November 20th, 2009.

      If you haven't already, watch Twilight. It is absolutely amazing!

    When is the New Moon movie coming out?
    A lot of my friends are telling me differant days when the New Moon movie is coin out. I just want to know waht the date is.

    • ANSWER:
      New Moon comes out November 20, 2009.

    Where can I get Bella's yellow coat from the new New Moon movie?
    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase the yellow coat that Bella wears in the New Moon movie? It's the one that she is wearing in the forest scene when Edward leaves her.

    • ANSWER:
      i found:

      sorry, i could only find those :(

    When will you be able to pre-order the the new moon movie?
    When will you be able to pre-order the the new moon movie? Whens the new moon movie going to be out in all stores also? I NEED TO KNOW ITS IMPORTANT!

    • ANSWER:
      dont you just lovee when you get answers like "twilight hater" i mean srsly........but anyway.. i heard that it should be on dvd in like 3 to 4 months after it gets out of theaters..but the longer it stays in theaters and is making money the longer the wait till dvd production.

    Any news of the possibility for the Sailor Moon live action movie?
    In 2006, it was stated in that Fox Entertainment had claimed the rights to make a Sailor Moon movie, starring Lindsay Lohan.... Has there been any news as to weather they are or not?

    • ANSWER:
      It was also rumored that they went from Lindsay to Melissa Joan Hart and such. Also Joss Whedon was said to make it. I once saw a whole cast list with pretty well known names but it's been two years since that. It was apparently fake.

      Those rumors are all pretty old by now, and I don't think (and hope) there will ever be an American Live Action movie about Sailor Moon.

      Here's a video stating other cast members:

      But it still sounds unlikely.

    Where can i watch the full new moon movie on youtube?
    Where can i watch the full new moon movie on youtube?
    so alot of people told me they already saw the new moon full movie on youtube but when i looked it up youtube removed the link due to copy write reasons so does anyone know a place that i can watch it on youtube?

    • ANSWER:
      The people who told u that they had watched it were pulling your chain!!
      its not even out in thearters yet... it will come out at the movies on november the 20th sorry but ul have to wait till then :)

    when is the new moon movie supposed to come out?
    does anyone know when the new moon movie is supposed to be released?

    • ANSWER:
      The New Moon movie has only been greenlit by Summit Entertainment. Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart both said that they will begin filming in March 2009, after all the Twilight Hype dies down (like that'll ever happen).

    What is the purpose of a movie trailer?
    Have you seen the Twilight New Moon movie trailer and what do you think the age group is for that movie?

    • ANSWER:
      to advertise the movie and give a taste as to what's to come (get you excited)

      the new moon movie is more for pre-teens and teens
      but on a whole its to get readers of the book excited!!!
      let them see how well they have recreated the book

    What is the entire cast list for the 2009 movie New Moon?
    I want to know all of the cast for the New Moon movie.

    • ANSWER:
      All of the actors and actresses who played the Cullens are coming back. That includes
      Robert Pattinson as Edward
      Ashley Greene as Alice
      Nikki Reed as Rosalie
      Kellan Lutz as Emmett
      Jackson Rathbone as Jasper
      Elizabeth Reaser as Esme
      Peter Facinelli as Carlisle.

      Kristen Stewart is also coming back as Bella Swan, and it has been made official that Taylor Lautner is definitely coming back as Jacob. Billy Burke is still going to play Charlie, and Gil Birmingham will still play Billy. I think the rest of the human characters are going to stay the same as well, such as Renee, Jessica, Eric, Mike, and Tyler.
      Also, Solomon Trimble is returning as Sam Uley, and it will also be the same actor for Embry (I forget his name) as far as I know.

      As for the Volturi and other members of the pack, nothing has been announced yet. Casting decisions are still being made because filming is scheduled to start in March.

      And if you hear any rumors about Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah, its NOT TRUE. It's been confirmed that there's nothing of the sort going on, not to mention the fact that Leah is not even set to be in the New Moon screenplay according to the script writer Melissa Rosenburg.

      Hope I helped! =]

      P.S. The Twilight DVD is coming out on March 21st, and you can already pre-order it from Amazon. The New Moon movie is set to come out at the end of November.

    Where can I watch Sailor Moon episodes and movies?
    I want to watch both Sailor Moon movies and episodes. Is there a website where I don't have to download or pay to watch? Every website I've been to told me to download a software to watch.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch it online,
      1.go to youtube and type this phrase in. "Sailor Moon S Ep.___ eng sub" e.g. "Sailor Moon S Ep. 108 eng sub"
      2. Scroll Down till u see a title like this e.g. "Sailormoon S : Season THREE + ENG SUB Ep108 (Part 1)"
      3. Click on it and you can watch it on youtube (they have the whole season 1-5 on there with subs)

      If you want to download it; go to Sailor Moon Center they have recently just released most HQ S Season with subs.

    What do you think of the new movie comming out?
    What dose every one thing about the new moon movie? Would you go see it? What happens in it, do you think people would like it? Is it going to be better then the last one? Why do you think you would like/dislike new moon?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh Twilight right it's more of a girls movie then a guys.

    Did your movie theatre do anything for the Twilight movies?
    Hi, I'm looking for ideas on what would be cool for an event that I will be hosting for the Eclipse movie coming in June. For the New Moon movie, I had a fundraiser for wolves and trivia, but I would like to do so much more this time. I plan on working with the American Red Cross and Radio Stations, however, I would like to hear about what others have seen at their movie theaters for the Twilight movies, or any other movies. Or if there is anything you personally have an idea about, feel free to suggest.


    • ANSWER:
      Our movie theater had Edward, Jacob, and Bella based theater rooms. They just decorated the theater based on that character, which included basket gifts filled with Twilight Saga: New Moon memorabilia. They also had Twilight trivia, a raffle, and Twilight games, which included some embarrassing re-enactments of the book by some of the crazier fans. I am a huge fan of the books and felt pretty good that there were other fans of the book there. It got crazy at times because of the psychotic fans, but it was pretty fun. I really enjoyed the games, raffle, trivia because they gave out good prizes like shirts, tickets to restaurants, soundtracks, Twilight dvds, etc. I'm sure whatever you decide to do, the fans will appreciate it. :)

    Any Sites Selling Customized New Moon Movie Tickets For Printing?
    I would like to give New Moon premiere movie tickets to a friend as a gift, but cannot seem to find any online theater sites (Fandango, etc) that offer the ability to print out NM themed tickets!

    Does anyone know of any that do?

    Does anyone know of a site that might offer any New Moon gifts that are downloadable (gift certificates specifically)?

    Thanks in advance Twilight fans!

    • ANSWER:
      I haven't heard of anything like that, yet anyway :)

      But hey, do you have photoshop or corel or something? You could get creative and make some, and using one of those programs, it would look just as good as if the theater had done it. If that sounds like an idea feel free to email me if you want some help. I do graphic design on the side. πŸ˜‰

    what is the song in new moon where bella is calling Angela?
    IN the New Moon movie, what is the song playing in the background as Bella gets in her car to go shopping with Angela?

    • ANSWER:
      "I Belong to You" by Muse

    when does the New Moon movie come out?
    When does the New Moon movie come out into theaters?

    • ANSWER:
      Article from: NahnExzistnt Magazine

      "'New Moon' canceled due to financing issues?
      HTT aHSI -- * The 'Twilight' sequel, 'New Moon,' from the international best selling series by author Stephenie Meyer has just been canceled. Angry, crazed little girls demand the movie be made, their love of Robert Pattinson, whom very few, if any, have met, and crappy movies driving this hate-filled machine toward perpetual, resounding stupidity.
      Story by: Ayemnaht Riel"

      Link to the Article:

    where will i get new moon movie for free download?
    i want to download new moon movie of high quality.where can i download it from.IT SHOULD BE A SAFE SITE AND THE MOVIE SHOULD BE OF HIGH QUALITY.i also want to know the total size (in mb) of the movie.please do not suggest any site where i would have to download some software first to download the movie.
    thank you very much for answering.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, but you ought to know that it is ILLEGAL to STEAL COPYRIGHTED material such as this by downloading/sharing it for FREE!! Having no money is NEVER an excuse to STEAL! Besides, would YOU work for 30+ years without getting paid?? I don't think so!!

    Will there be a new moon movie and 5th book?
    Is there going to be a new moon movie?? and is there going to be a 5th book to the twilight saga?

    • ANSWER:
      yess, their is going to be a New Moon movie, Robert Pattinson said that the script was already finished and the movie is in the making.
      and he's also signed up for two more movies.
      and as for the book, the 5th book is called Midnight Sun which is basically Twilight but from Edward's perspective.
      the book is unfinished but some of it got leaked on the internet which pissed of Stephenie Meyer, the book is on hold and she's not sure if she wants to finish it and publish it.

    Where can I find a trench coat like Victoria's from New Moon movie?
    If you've seen the New Moon movie, I'm sure you all saw Victoria's rockin' trench coat. I want one like that, but I don't really know where to look. If you can send me some eBay links or something, that would be great!

    Thank you, any and all help IS appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      no idea what or who made that coat but there's this site which i frequently visit ..they have the list of the stuff they wore in New Moon so far they have the details of the tops,jeans,jackets etc... the EXACT ones with photos of them wearing products you might find it there soon. hundred of fans are add products everyday!

      you might want to check it out

    What camera does Bella Swan have in New Moon?
    I saw the New Moon movie yesterday and it was brilliant! And I'm getting a camera for Christmas and I really want a camera that looks like Bella's because I'm a big fan!

    • ANSWER:
      OMg me too i want the orange back pack as πŸ˜‰ heheh xx
      i think it is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35

      hope it helped ,,, i want it for chirmboo toooo πŸ˜€

      happy christmass πŸ˜€


      p.s TEAMMM EDWARDDD πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    What website can I see New Moon online for free?
    My plans to go see New Moon in theaters fell threw. So I would still like to see it online. Is there any site that I can see the full New Moon movie? I'd like it to be quick and easy, no sign-ups and no wait.

    • ANSWER:

      click the play button twice to watch it. first time is a pop up. just close it and hit the play button again and you can watch the movie (:

    Where Can I Watch The New Moon Movie Online?
    Does anyone know where I can see the New Moon movie online right now?

    Maybe a New Moon leaked or bootleg full version?

    • ANSWER:

      Hey you should look here:
      (New Moon full movie online)

    Do you think the New Moon movie coming this year will be good?
    As you can probably see from my username i love the twilight books but unfortunately the twilight movie disappointed me a lot and i just can't get over how much the movie sucked. i mean after all they were based on such a great book series. So i was wondering if the New Moon movie will be just as bad or would it be improved?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm with you, I think the movie was horrible. I hope the new director will demand more/better acting out of Kristen Stewart. My main problem with the movie is the acting... so unless something is done about that, I don't have high hopes for New Moon.

    Who would be of Leah Clearwater and Alec in New Moon movie?
    Hello, I'm super FAN ! of Twilight saga...
    I would like to know who would make of Leah Clearwater and Alec in the New Moon movie ...

    THANKS !

    • ANSWER:
      Alec is being played by Cameron Bright

      And Leah Clearwater isn't going to be in New Moon, they cut her out.
      but they did consider Vanessa Hudgens for the role.

    Is anyone else really disappointed with the Twilight movie?
    cuz i am a HUGE fan of the book, and i was shocked at how bad it was. i was also really upset with all of the scenes they cut out and altered. Do we have any hope for the New Moon movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Even they make the second movie I probably won't go...
      To me, Bella's acting was so bad. Edward felt so fake sometimes. (to imagine if somebody act that way in real world, I had to laugh)

      All the sudden they were friends, all the sudden they were in love. Without any emotion building up.

      I didn't like the way the director made this movie. It didn't show good part of the book at all.
      It was like a armature documentary.

    Are there any open roles In the New Moon Movie?
    I am not trying to complement myself but I have been a hard working actress my whole life. I am only thirteen, but look younger. I have taken tons of classes so I was looking at auditions for The New Moon Movie. Like open roles. I know I probably won't be able to play a role at all but I would like to know all the open roles! Thanks! 10 points promise!


    • ANSWER:
      Robert Pattinson ... Edward Cullen

      Dakota Fanning ... Jane (rumored)

      Kristen Stewart ... Bella Swan

      Jackson Rathbone ... Jasper Hale

      Ashley Greene ... Alice Cullen

      Nikki Reed ... Rosalie Hale

      Kellan Lutz ... Emmett Cullen
      are the roles taken so far according to IMDB

    When is the New Moon movie coming out?
    I really want to know when the new moon movie is coming out! i have heard a lot of different dates! Two i heard were November 20, 2009 and i have heard March 24, 2010. i have also heard december. plese let me know i am a big fan and i need help!

    • ANSWER:
      november 20th 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      trailor 1:

      trailor 2:


    Do you think there will be a movie for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?
    I know that twilight already came out. And heard that the New Moon movie might be coming out at the end of 2009,close to 2010.Does anyone know if they'll make a movie on the last two books?


    • ANSWER:
      I can definitely see Eclipse coming out.. Catherine Hardwicke (sp?) mentioned that Stephenie wasn't thinking of budget when writing Breaking Dawn. I can definitely see that being more of a challenge with a (attention spoiler alert) violent birth and all, but I can see Eclipse coming out, especiallyw ith Success in New Moon. One proposal even stated to have them all done before 2015. So let's keep out fingers crossed and keep buying tickets, haha :) Oh, and also, one possibility was to film New Moon and Eclipse at the same time. For right now, I don't think that's the plan, but you never know!

    Who painted the coyote painting in the movie Twilight?
    There is a painting of a coyote on the hall way in the movie Twilight. Its in the Bellas Forks house with her Dad. In the New Moon movie its on the wall in her bedroom. We would love to know more about it. My husband painted it from an outdoor magazine abut 40 some years ago. Anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      My 3 year old sister and they still didn't pay her for it.


    What color are each of the wolves in New Moon?
    I'm creating a New Moon movie poster and am trying to find pictures of wolves that would match each one in the book. However they're not mentioned together in one place in the book and it's kind of a pain to search for each one so if you know them let me know. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Embry's fur is gray and he has dark spots on his back.
      Quil: is a deep chocolate brown that is lighter over his face.
      Leah: is light gray
      Seth: is sandy color (brown color of sand)
      Sam: is black
      Jacob: is russet, or a red-brown color.
      Paul: is silver, or grayish.

new moon movie