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Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I watch the New Moon Movie online?
    I want to watch the New Moon movie online for free and np downloading. Is there a website I can go to to watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      it hasn't come out yet for people to download it yet

    Where Can I Watch The New Moon Movie Online?
    Does anyone know where I can see the New Moon movie online right now?

    Maybe a New Moon leaked or bootleg full version?

    • ANSWER:

      Hey you should look here:
      (New Moon full movie online)

    Watch New Moon full movie online? Where can i watch new moon full movie online ?
    Where can i watch new moon full movie online ? i found a few websites but they dont have it ?

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i watch New Moon Twilight Saga Movie Online ?
    I would like to Watch New Moon Movie Online on the best popular online movie website if you know it, i would like an HD quality if is possible,

    • ANSWER:


    What website can I see New Moon online for free?
    My plans to go see New Moon in theaters fell threw. So I would still like to see it online. Is there any site that I can see the full New Moon movie? I'd like it to be quick and easy, no sign-ups and no wait.

    • ANSWER:

      click the play button twice to watch it. first time is a pop up. just close it and hit the play button again and you can watch the movie (:

    Where to find Sailor Moon movies subbed?
    Where can I find the Sailor Moon movies online, with English subtitles? I found Promise Of The Rose on Youtube, but I can't find Hearts in Ice or Black Dream Hole anywhere. Youtube has some of the parts, but it missing a part from each uploader. Does anyone know where I can find them?
    I do not want the English dub. Do not want.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I find Twighlight new moon movie without filling out surveys?
    I want to watch it for free online without filling out or downloading a movie just similar to the does anybody knows another site I can watch twiligh new moon movie like that without surveys, because them damn surveys are irratating lol?

    • ANSWER:
      Wait until it gets to the cinema. Then buy a ticket, and go watch it.

    where can I watch New Moon online for free?
    I just watched the entire Twilight movie on YouTube (in 12 different parts!) and I want to see New Moon now. Where can I watch the second movie online for free?

    • ANSWER:

    Any websites to watch movies online for free?
    I'm looking for a websites to watch movies online for free. please help me find out a good site to watch full length movies online.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Jason, I have found a Free full length movies site, you can watch latest movies for free, there are alot of hottest movies right here you can watch it instantly such as twilight new moon, alice in wonderland, how to train your dragon... here is website to watch movies online:

    What is a safe site to watch un-released movies?
    Is there a SAFE site you know of to watch movies online without downloading? Me and my friend want to watch New Moon, we know Ninja Video, but when we checked we couldn't find New Moon on it, are there any other safe sites to watch New Moon? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Download favorite Movies:

    What are some good movies to watch online?
    Im really bored and I've quite a few movies online, but what are some that are really good?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Daybreakers
      2. Avatar
      3. Sherlock Holmes
      4. Up in the Air
      5. Invictus
      6. The Road
      7. Youth in Revolt
      8. A Serious Man
      9. Inglorious Basterds
      10. Brothers
      11. Whip It
      12. Moon
      13. Ninja Assassin
      14. Fantastic Mr. Fox
      15. Everybody's Fine

    Any Sites Selling Customized New Moon Movie Tickets For Printing?
    I would like to give New Moon premiere movie tickets to a friend as a gift, but cannot seem to find any online theater sites (Fandango, etc) that offer the ability to print out NM themed tickets!

    Does anyone know of any that do?

    Does anyone know of a site that might offer any New Moon gifts that are downloadable (gift certificates specifically)?

    Thanks in advance Twilight fans!

    • ANSWER:
      I haven't heard of anything like that, yet anyway :)

      But hey, do you have photoshop or corel or something? You could get creative and make some, and using one of those programs, it would look just as good as if the theater had done it. If that sounds like an idea feel free to email me if you want some help. I do graphic design on the side. 😉

    Where can I watch Sailor Moon season 5 online for free, with English subtitles?
    So I've watched all of seasons 1-4 and all the Sailor Moon movies, now I need to watch the last season. I know it's not in English but I do need English subtitles to understand what's going on. Haha. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      go on you tube i saw the last season with subtitles

    where can i watch new moon online in GOOD quality?
    where can i watch new moon online (or download) in HD or GOOD QUALITY??
    and i dont want those websites that make you fill out a survey either because those give your computers viruses too!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch The New Moon movie online for free at:

    where can i watch sailor moon movies online in english?
    I really want to watch sailor moon movies. but i can find anywhere online that has them in english. ;l.
    so yeah ttyy <3

    • ANSWER:
      youtube have like everything sailor moon.

      please pick me as best answer!

    Where can I watch Twilight Saga New Moon movie online free?
    I want to watch the Twilight Saga New Moon online, but the only thing is, I hate doing surveys that some of the websites ask you to do.
    I don't mind downloading or making account, I just don't want to do surveys in order to watch the movie.
    I tried searching on Youtube, but I couldn't find it.

    • ANSWER:
      most websites that you watch movies for free have viruses on them. try or amazon (links below) where you can buy the movie really cheap new or used ( has a new one for £2.99 with free p&p) this way you can also watch it on your t.v. instead of laptop or computer and you will always have it if you decide to watch it again. hope this helps!! i love twilight 😀

    Where can I watch Sailor Moon episodes and movies?
    I want to watch both Sailor Moon movies and episodes. Is there a website where I don't have to download or pay to watch? Every website I've been to told me to download a software to watch.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch it online,
      1.go to youtube and type this phrase in. "Sailor Moon S Ep.___ eng sub" e.g. "Sailor Moon S Ep. 108 eng sub"
      2. Scroll Down till u see a title like this e.g. "Sailormoon S : Season THREE + ENG SUB Ep108 (Part 1)"
      3. Click on it and you can watch it on youtube (they have the whole season 1-5 on there with subs)

      If you want to download it; go to Sailor Moon Center they have recently just released most HQ S Season with subs.

    Where can i watch New Moon full movie online free?
    I really wanna watch this movie so if u know where i could watch it without giving info or taking a serve that would be great!! No scams please!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch here:

    Does anyone know when the New Moon Trailer is comming out?
    Does anyone know when the New Moon movie trailor is comming out? If it is out online can you please give me the link...I'm going crazy trying to find it!

    • ANSWER:
      It hasn't been said yet because they hven't finished filming it yet....I would expect it to come out some time during the summer because it hits the cinema's in November. Yay! Can't wait!!!!!!!

    Where can I watch New Moon for free with no surveys?
    I want to watch New Moon online for free but I don't want to do all the surveys!

    • ANSWER:

      you can watch and download full movies free

    Where can i watch Twilight New Moon online for free spanish sub? 10 points best answer?
    Where can i watch Twilight New Moon online for free with spanish subtitles?

    • ANSWER:
      You can check out:

    What is a good site where i can download twilight saga new moon online?
    Im looking for a site where i can download movies online without having to take surveys or pay membership fees. Please help. Best answer get 10 points!

    • ANSWER:
      I think it's on

    What websites to go to if you want to watch free movies online?
    I want to watch New Moon online, and lots of other movies. Can somebody tell me what websites to go to please. THANK YOU!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Download favorite Movies:

    Where can I watch Entertainment Tonight online?
    I missed the Entertainment Tonight special about the New Moon movie that was on tonight at 7pm and I really wanted to see it, does anyone know where I can watch it online?

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch New Moon online without having to download it or answer any survey?
    I really wanna see New Moon but I don't wanna have to answer a survey or download it. Is there any site i can go to where I can do that?

    • ANSWER:



    Where can I watch movies online for free?
    Ok, so I want to watch New Moon online, but here's the deal. I don't want to complete on of those surveys they make you do, (personal info, people!) but I don't want to download it onto my computer...I still haven't seen it yet, please help me!!! I will love you forever if you do <3 (But only as friends...)

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch Sailor Moon R movie online?
    Sailor Moon R English Dubbed HD

    I can find the movie in multiple places online, but it has horrible quality. I want the dubbed version with decent quality. Even a safe download would be fine. Please let me know. Thanks =]

    • ANSWER:
      Sailor moon center has the movie, dubbed AND in high quality. I can't find it right now this quickly but it should be somewhere on their site :)

    Where can I buy region 4 Sailor Moon movies online?
    I'm looking to buy the Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Supers movies online in region 4.


    • ANSWER:

      thats where i buy all my sailor moon

      hope this helped :3

    When did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart start dating?
    Im watching the 2009 MTV Movie Awards online. And Rob and Kris both win best kiss and then act out a kissing scene. Im wondering whether there both together at this point or if Kristen was still with Micheal.

    I heard they got together a bit before the filmed new moon? Was this before or after the Awards?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several photos of R & K while still making Twilight that indicated that they were dating.

      Here's an example - photos of them kissing at a concert in Vancouver while they were there still making Twilight.

      So, I believe they were together well before the '09 MTV awards show.

    Does anyone know where i can find Sailor Moon episodes online for free?
    I showed my 4 year old cousin a Sailor Moon movie and i told her as a kid this was my favorite show and now she wants to watch them..the only thing is i dont know where to watch them at...please help...thanks

    • ANSWER:
      For Japanese - English Subtitle
      1.go to youtube and type this phrase in. "Sailor Moon S Ep.___ eng sub" e.g. "Sailor Moon S Ep. 108 eng sub"
      2. Scroll Down till u see a title like this e.g. "Sailormoon S : Season THREE + ENG SUB Ep108 (Part 1)"
      3. Click on it and you can watch it on youtube (they have the whole season 1-5 on there with subs)

      For the Dubbed episodes you can find them on Dailymotion or
      If you go to SailorMoonCenter ( ) They stream online dubbed episodes on dailymotion, simply click one of the link on the right hand side (divided into Japanses and English Episodes)

      To Download Sailor moon episodes go to SailorMooncenter to download HQ Jap Audio, English Subtitled hope i helped

    I need a free website That I can Watch movies online for free?
    Can someone give me a website that really works to watch movies online without having to download anything. I would like to watch new moon

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch The New Moon movie online for free at:

    Where can I watch New Moon online?
    Where can I watch the Twilight Sagas second movie New Moon online legally and for free? I paid like everyone else tto see it in theatres today and I wanted to see it again. Im not wanting to be a cheap scumbag I would just like to see it again. And please no comments saying anything like " Go buy a ticket in theatres like everyone else did" because I DID.

    • ANSWER:
      By now absolutely every movie piracy site should have New Moon.… - Scroll down and you will see links to places with New Moon. I actually prefer , it's faster and the videos are better quality. Both will work for you.

    How do i save an online movie to my computer?
    I found a site to watch new moon but i cant save it to the computer any one know how?

    • ANSWER:
      Install Real Player on your computer. Then go to this link which is for New Moon movie -

      Where you move your cusor over the video it will show option to download the movie.

    How can I watch New moon online for free?
    I know it sounds lame but i haven't seen it. I really want to, does anybody know of a website that you can watch new moon for free?

    • ANSWER:
      I saw Twilight: New Moon for free on The site is clean with no pop-ups or spam, and the quality was good. There are lots of other new movies to watch free on flicknuke too.

    Where can I watch movies online for free without downloading ?
    I want to watch new moon .
    I know it just came out today , but hopefully someone will have it .
    PLEASE give me some options ! <3

    • ANSWER:
      There are dozens of sites with New Moon now, skip anything with a survey as it is probably fake. If you check out , they keep adding copies as they find them in better quality. Pretty soon some enterprising pirate should be able to smuggle a copy of the DVD from a projection booth and get it online. That usually takes about a week from the time a movie is released, so by November 27th at the latest would be my guess. Just select the copy with the best rating and you will have the best one available online.

      Whatever you do, do not use a torrent for New Moon. You can be sure they will be tracking and busting people on this one.

    What are all of the Sailor Moon volumes?
    I've been looking to buy the complete series of the Sailor Moon, including the movies. Does anyone know the names of all the Sailor Moon seasons/volumes/movies in order? Also, what would be easier to look for, the different seasons, or the different volumes? This would help me very much, thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      1. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sometimes,it will be called *Classic* by fans.)
      2. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (R stands for *Romance*.)
      3. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (S stands for *Super*.)
      4. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS (SuperS stands for *SuperSenshi* or *SuperSoldiers*.)
      5. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SailorStars (Sometimes,fans will call it *StarS*.)

      1. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (It's called *Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose*,when dubbed in English.)
      2. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (It's called *Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice*,when dubbed in English.)
      3. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor 9 Senshi Shuuketsu! Black Dream Hole no Kiseki (Direct translation: *Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Warriors Gather! The Miracle of the Black Dream Hole!*. But,when dubbed in English,it is called *Sailor Moon SuperS: The Black Dream Hole*.)

      1. Make-Up! Sailor Senshi (It's a short special that originally played before the BSSM R film.)
      2. Dreaming Moon (A special that features Peach Hips [the seiyuu's of the Inner Senshi] performing songs onstage.)
      3. The Wonderful World of Sailor Moon S (A special that featured clips from the anime and interviews with the seiyuu's of the senshi.)
      4. The 3-episode *BSSM SuperS* Special (The 3 episodes are: 1. A Magnificent Transformation? Crybaby Usagi's Growth Diary, 2. The Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show,and 3. Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle.)

      1. BSSM SuperS:Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi (This has not been dubbed into English,but you can find fandubs of it online under the title *Ami's First Love*.)

      Also available is a collection of videos called *Memorial*'s,which are not available in English,featuring the seiyuu's of the senshi recapping their fave moments from each season.

      I think it'd be easiest to try to buy the seasons in order.
      There's a box set of the films as well.
      But,some specials plus the mini-film will have to be acquired through fansubs.

    Where can I buy all three sailor moon movies?
    I have been looking for them online but haven't. Could you help?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know of any store you can get them at online -they're pretty hard to come by, and can cost around . Try eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Be careful of the bootlegs on eBay! The OFFICIAL Sailor Moon box set is called "The Dream Set" and has a picture of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury in spotlights on the front. The bootleg sets have three pictures of Sailor Moon on the front, taken from the covers of the three movies. Also, it may be cheaper to hunt down the single movie DVDs rather than get the boxset, though it looks nicer.

    Where can i watch the movie Moon online ?
    im not talking about the stupid twilight saga new moon. Im talking about the movie moon (2009) w/sam rockwell and kevin spacey. anybody kno where i can watch it online ive been looking everywere !! pleaseee!

    • ANSWER:
      I'd try here, I'm not sure if they'll have that particular movie that your loking for, but they have a lot of new releases. Mostly "filmed in theatre" but good quality.

    is it possible to watch new moon movie online in good quality?
    Plzz dont say,or any other websites tht have surveys or we need to pay!

    • ANSWER:
      Watch favorite Movies:

    where can i find twilight new moon online to watch for free without a downloading it?
    i want to watch twilight new moon on my laptop. i want to watch it with good quality and no stopping every 5-10 seconds. i have watched the movie before... i know if it is a fake movie.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes these are my two favs if you can't find it on one you can on the other. They have multiple links for each movie, comments on quality of movie and reviews. They have movies before or just after opening in theaters. They both have Date Night and you don't have to fill anything out, or join anything. just click and go

      I bookmarked mine for easy access

    Is there a way to watch the twilight new moon movie before it hits theaters?
    I'm dying to see this new twilight movie but it doesn't come out till November 20th. Is there a place online or something that I can watch it before it hits theaters?

    • ANSWER:
      no unless you get tickets to the premier

    Where can I watch New Moon online for free?
    -Somewhere where I don't have to fill out a questionnaire and give them my cell number.
    -Somewhere I don't have to download it
    -Somewhere 100% free
    -Somewhere I can watch the FULL movie.
    -Somewhere with no viruses.

    Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      You should definitely go to the website Rawr! provided you with. It's an awesome website.

      -Don't have to fill out a questionnaire and give them your cell number.
      -Don't have to download it either
      -100% free
      -Full Movie
      -No virus

    where can i find the moon landing conspiracy movie online?
    im not sure if i believe in the moon landing yet and oneof my friends told me to watch it

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, there are a lot of such movies on youtube. I can highly recommend them. I know I certainly got a lot of laughs out of them.


    where can i watch the sailor moon s movie online in English SUBBED?
    i've been searching for ages and just can't find it anywhere. Everything is either dubbed or else it is in veoh player. i can't use veoh on my comp so please don't suggest any website which uses veoh.

    • ANSWER:
      Try, it has every show dubbed and subbed.

    Where can i watch new moon online without having to fill out a survey?
    i was just wondering where i can watch the twilight saga: new moon online for free without filling out any of those stupid surveys; i know there must be a site that has movies but i don't want to fill out any of those scam surveys. Is there a downloaded version from like axxo or jaybob torrents? Wheres a site where i can watch it on line stream?

    best answer that works get tons of points! 😀

    • ANSWER:
      You wouldn't STEAL a CAR...

      You wouldn't STEAL a HANDBAG...

      You wouldn't STEAL a MOVIE...


      PIRACY... It's a CRIME.

    Where can I watch any movie online for free without downloading and no survey's?
    I really want to watch the twilight saga: new moon, percy jackson and the lightening theif, and alica in wonder land!! if oyu find the most perfest site it would really help. please and thank you everyone!!!

    • ANSWER:
      The one that I always spend alot of time watching movies on is:
      There is no sign up, unless you want to. No downloading, unless you want to. No fees, absolutely free! The only difficult part is picking the right link. But don't worry there should be plenty to try. Just look for the link that says good and is 70% or better.

    Where can you watch New Moon for free online without downloading anything or taking a survey?
    I just can find anywhere. I found one site but forgot it. Every site makes you do a survey or makes you download stuff i just want to watch the movie without any downloads.

    • ANSWER:

    When do the Sailor Moon movies fit into the episodes?
    I tried finding a good guide online, but couldn't. Any help? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      According to the Sailor Moon FAQ, it is not really possible to fit the movies into the continuity.

      However, in the R movie, since Usagi (Serena) and Mamoru (Darien) are back together but nobody has found out that Usagi and Mamoru are Chibi Usa's (Rini's) parents, it would more or less take place around Japanese episodes 72-82. Yet those episodes are in the Winter and the R movie is apparently in the Summer, so that is a bit of continuity paradox there.

      In the S movie, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto appear, but not Saturn. Hotaru doesn't become Saturn until close to the end of S, but Hotaru appears before Pluto reappears. Also, the S movie certainly happens before Pluto "dies" close to the end of the S series, or else she wouldn't be around. (Note: the S movie is actually based off of a chapter in the Sailor Moon manga, called "The Lover of Princess Kaguya".)

      The SuperS movie is probably the hardest continuity to figure out. First of all, Uranus and Neptune don't find out Pluto has revived until Sailor Stars. However, Pluto is with them in the SuperS movie (no Saturn again, though). Even more bizarre, Uranus and Neptune have their "Super" attacks (but not their Super forms) in the movie. They don't actually get those attacks for real until Sailor Stars.

      Anyway, I hope this information helps. I also recommend checking out the Sailor Moon FAQ @ . Although it is not completely up-to-date Sailor Moon information-wise, it has a good amount of Sailor Moon information, especially on the NA dub version.

    I am bored and wanna watch a really good movie online?
    I wanna watch a really good movie online can someone please tell me a great romance movie AND a great comedy AND a great scary movie please!!

    • ANSWER:
      Watch Full Movies
      I watch a lot of movies there for free and without sign-up required !

      Watch Remember Me 2010 For Free

      Watch New Moon 2009 For Free

      Watch Dear John 2010 For Free

      Watch Alice In Wonderland 2010 For Free

      Watch 2012 2009 For Free

      Watch The Blind Side 2009 For Free

      Watch Valentine's Day 2010 For Free

      Watch Brooklyn’s Finest 2010 For Free

    Where can i see the New Moon ending online?
    I couldn't see it because we had to leave the movies early to pick up something,and i want to know where i can see it without going to the movies to see it again.

    • ANSWER:
      I found a video but it's in Italian. Skip to 6:45.
      Edward says "Marry Me, Bella"
      Then Bella gasps and then the screen turns black and credits roll.

new moon movie online