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    What movie do you think was the best out of the twlight series?
    What movie do you think was the best out of the twilight series?
    Twlight, Eclipse, New moon, Breaking Dawn part 1, Breaking Dawn Part 2

    I think breaking dawn part 2 was the best!

    • ANSWER:
      Breaking Dawn Part 2. The twist was incredible. I loved it!

    Why do I get so upset when I see or hear anything about breaking dawn?
    I have seen Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn part 1. Every since I saw breaking dawn I have been getting really upset everytime I see or hear anything that has to do with the movie at all. Everytime I see a magazine with pictures or anything pertaining to the series I start bawling and I dont know why?? Has anyone else experienced this and how can I stop doing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Me and my sisters are getting that way too. It's cause its ending,it feels like yesterday when we watched New Moon. It's just too much too fast =)

    Why do I get so upset when I see or hear anything about breaking dawn?
    I have seen Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn part 1. Every since I saw breaking dawn I have been getting really upset everytime I see or hear anything that has to do with the movie at all. Everytime I see a magazine with pictures or anything pertaining to the series I start bawling and I dont know why?? Has anyone else experienced this and how can I stop doing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe it's because your sad or upset that the series is coming to and end, you want it to continue but sadly it shall not, if that is the case then you can always go back and enjoy the saga from the beginning as if you were watching it for the first time.

    Where can I look at movies without downloading, paying, taking a quiz, or becoming a member?
    I was looking ath new moon, and I saw part 1, then I was going to look at part 2 - but I couldn't. It did that thing when you have to take a quiz, then it asks you for your number at the end of the quiz! I need your help. Where can I look at movies without downloading, paying, taking a quiz, or becoming a member?

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch Sailor Moon episodes and movies?
    I want to watch both Sailor Moon movies and episodes. Is there a website where I don't have to download or pay to watch? Every website I've been to told me to download a software to watch.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch it online,
      1.go to youtube and type this phrase in. "Sailor Moon S Ep.___ eng sub" e.g. "Sailor Moon S Ep. 108 eng sub"
      2. Scroll Down till u see a title like this e.g. "Sailormoon S : Season THREE + ENG SUB Ep108 (Part 1)"
      3. Click on it and you can watch it on youtube (they have the whole season 1-5 on there with subs)

      If you want to download it; go to Sailor Moon Center they have recently just released most HQ S Season with subs.

    At what part of Breaking Dawn should they end the part 1 movie?
    Breaking Dawn was my fave Twi-Book and I was wondering where they will end part 1.

    • ANSWER:
      After Bella and Edward learn that Bella is pregnant.A cliffhanger like New Moon except this time she will be "Edward...I'm Pregnant,"Then the credits come.

    What was the best Twilight movie so far and are you team Jacob or Edward?
    I love new moon and eclipse but what is you favorite? Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn part 1? And Why! Are you a team Jacob or Edward! And Why? I love Jacob so much!!!! No hate please!!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm definitely Team Edward but it took a LONG time for me to make up my mind 😀

      Breaking Dawn is definitely my favourite movie so far by a MILE! I love love LOVED it!!!

      First off, I liked how true it stayed to the book.

      I loved how beautiful and romantic the wedding was! The dress was beautiful and I cried so much at the vows! The honeymoon was great too 😉

      It wasn't that cheesy though compared to the other films which I liked.

      My favourite thing about it though was the humour. It was really funny! The other movies didn't really bring the funny parts from the books into them but this one did!

      The wedding speeches were hilarious! Mike and Jessica were funny at the wedding. Emmett was funny throughout. Even Jacob lightened up a bit! I loved his face when they were asking him what they thought of the name Renesmee!

      Definitely my favourite movie! I can't wait to see it again 😀


    what happens in the twilight series after new moon?
    help please im going to the movies with my friends tonight to see breaking dawn part 2 and i have only seen the first 2 movies of the series. i read all of the first book and half the second. so my question is can someone fill me in up to the end of breaking dawn part 1??? please ill love you forever!

    • ANSWER:
      All the characters make due, and then start singing Thriller

    What is the name of this sailor moon movie?
    I can't really remember what it was about but I remember near the end Sailor moon was in a white dress. There was a song playing and it was saying " the power of love" I also remember that tuxedo mask was there. I think the movie cover shows her in a white dress. Sorry I haven't seen watched sailor moon in a long time!

    • ANSWER:
      Sailor Moon R-"The Promise of the Rose"

      You're thinking of the English version, which had the song, "The Power of Love," before the year 2000. After that, the English version had the Japanese song, "Moon Revenge." Any version you find online or on dvd will have the Japanese song, but if you buy the vhs (which does have a picture of sailor moon in a white dress) it has the English song you remember. You probably watched the English version when you were younger, but I'd really recommend the Japanese version now. In my opinion, it's a lot better.

      Here's part 1 of the movie, and you can click on the side links for the rest of it

    What part of twilight breaking dawn part 1 is the sex scene?
    My daughter has been begging me to watch it. I just want to know what part to fast forward. Like the exact time like 1 hour 6 min into the movie.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say about (i dont know the actual time) like 30-40 minutes in. Because in the movie it is when they get the invites for wedding, getting ready for wedding, wedding, reception, leaving for honey moon, on way to honey moon, get to honeymoon, then its that scence. So i think mayb like 30 minutes in or so

    what were the total sales in the opening of The hunger Games and Breaking dawn part1 movies?
    I want to know how much money the Hunger games got during opening week and i want to know how much Breaking Dawn part 1 sold. I want to know this bc the 2012 MTV movie awards are tonight and i think that one of these is going to be the winner of the movie of the year. tell me who u thinks gonna win.... and how much each of them sold please ... thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      as above,and breaking dawn won because it has had dedicated fans for 4 years!! I voted 10+ times, and when I saw them win was over the moon 😀

      especially when rob and kristen won best kiss, 4th year coming!!

    Where was the first walk on the moon being filmed from on the Apollo 11 mission?
    It seems as if the cameraman is already on the moon filming from far off the the first walk off of the ship and onto the moon.
    Thanks Tim and Questor for answering my question with a forgiving thoroughness...
    To the campbelp, yes sorry please forgive me i've only seen a couple minute clip, and i'm sorry my ignorant yet sincere question offended you so much... It's people like you who make this site worse, not better. This is about people who are seeking knowledge, asking questions to expand their mind and getting quality answers. My question is nothing more than a question, i don't imply anything in my question except my lack of knowledge on the matter. I say "it seems", obviously not stating anything i say as a fact.

    • ANSWER:
      When Neil Armstrong backed out of the hatch of the Lunar Module "Eagle", he paused at the top of the ladder and pulled a line. This released a section of part of the LM to his left which swung down from the vertical position through about 120 degrees. This had a black-and-white TV camera fixed to it which was set to point towards the ladder, and it was this TV camera that gave us the live pictures of Armstrong coming down the ladder and stepping onto the surface of the Moon.
      After Edwin Aldrin had joined him on the surface, they set up another TV camera on a support, which they placed some distance away, pointing back towards the LM.
      Additionally, a 16mm movie camera was fixed inside the LM, pointing out of one of the windows, taking 1 frame per second.
      Finally, the astronauts had a 70mm Hasselblad camera to take photos whilst on the surface. Armstrong used this for almost all the pictures that were taken, and the famous sequence of colour stills of an astronaut coming down the ladder are pictures that he took of Aldrin.

    What is the list of the complete Naruto set including all movies, episodes, manga, shippuden?
    I really want to know every single movie of Naruto all the episodes and all the shippuden. And how many seasons there are and how many episodes are in each. I find it really hard to watch these on youtube because after a certain episode i cant find the next one on youtube. Another thing is, like at what store might I be able to get the full series??

    • ANSWER:
      naruto :season 1 :220 episodes

      Movies :
      Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
      Legend of the Stone of Gelel
      Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

      naruto shippuden :season 2 : 246 episodes and ongoing
      Movies :
      Naruto: Shippūden the Movie
      Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds
      Naruto Shippūden The Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire
      Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Lost Tower
      Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

      The manga currently has 59 volumes and is updated weekly you can read it here :

      To know which episodes are fillers so you can avoid them if you like , they are not part of the plot and at most not worth buying :
      the above link also shows which chapter belongs to which episode so you can read the manga when you finish watching the anime .

      I wouldn't know where to buy from because I don't know where you live and is probably living somewhere else but you can download the episodes from sites like these : <<---- needs registering but worth it For watching naruto :

    How many naruto movies are there in all?
    Hey guys, I watched Naruto shippuden 86-87 and it left me craving for more Naruto, so i started watching the naruto movies.
    I watched one about the stone of Gellel, one about the Demon Country, and one about them protecting a prince. ( The names and order number were screwed up when they were posted, so It's not my fault)
    But I heard that there were 4 movies,and that was two years ago. Can anybody give me links to the rest of the movies?
    It would be highly appreciated 😀 thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      So far there are four Naruto movies out which are in English. The fifth one is currently only available in Japanese. It should be out in English sometime in the middle of 2009.

      If you want to watch the ones in English, here are the links:

      Naruto Movie 1 Part 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow!

      Naruto Movie 1 Part 2: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow!

      Naruto Movie 2: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel

      Naruto Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

      Naruto Movie 4: Naruto Shippuden: Hurricane Chronicles the Movie 1

    What causes the moon to switch from east to west positions in the sky.?
    One day the moon will be in the west part of the sky and the next day it'll be in the east. And sometimes it moves a bit from the position its at if I look a few hours later. What causes this to happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing in the sky "switches around": everything follows simple laws but can be confusing if you don't watch the sky moving. Two different things affect the Moon's position: 1) the Earth's rotation once every 24 hours, and 2) the Moon's revolution around the Earth once every 29.5 days. If you spend a few hours under the sky on a particular night, you'll see how the Moon (along with any planets and the stars) moves in a large arc across the sky. But you'll only see this if you watch continuously for a few hours. Everything in the sky (except for the stars close to the pole) rises in the east, crosses in an arc, and sets in the west. There are no exceptions to this. The Moon also moves across the starry background, like a character in an animated movie moving across the background scenery/ Thus, if you look at exactly the same time every night, the Moon will be in a different location, moving from west to east. That's why teachers ask their students to draw the Moon's position every night or a month. Because the Moon is moving relative to the stars, it rises and sets about 50 minutes later each night. Many people don't realize that the Moon spends a lot of time in the daytime sky.

    What is twilight movie breaking down part 1about ?
    Well i haven't seen it but i really want to but i couldn't go watch it at the movies cause i had alot of stuff to do well can someone tell when the beginning middle and end the whole thing what happened in the movie please no mean answers ?

    • ANSWER:
      bella and edward get married, they go on a honey moon, and have amazing sex.
      bella becomes pregnant and immediately the family know there could be something dangerous growing. they return home and lie to everyone that she's sick and wont be back for a while longer.
      jake doesnt believe it and goes to the cullens house. the family are a nervous wreck. jacob becomes furious when he realises she's pregnant and she is growing weak because of it.
      the wolf pack find out about it, creating a problem between jacob and the other wolves. the pack break up, as two others follow jacob .. jacob hangs out with the cullens.. to protect them.. we learn that jacob is the actual leader of the pack because his grandfather was the tribe leader, but he didn't want anything to do with the wolves when changes first started happening, so sam became leader.

      jacob thinks the baby in side bella is probably a vampire and wants blood, so the cullens let her drink it and she likes it.

      edward can hear the baby thinking..

      then the baby decides it's time to get the hell out...
      so bella's body literally bends and breaks and snaps.. ( yes it's pretty gory, she looked horrible )

      the wolves attack the cullens while edward does his best to revive bella by putting his venom into her blood to turn her before she dies..

      jacob thinks bella is dead, and goes to kill the baby, but imprints on her

      edward tells the wolves that jacob has imprinted and it's the wolves number 1 rule that they can't hurt of kill the person one of their pack has imprinted on...

      they clean bella as she lays dead on the bed, and she slowly transforms into a vampire, her skin and hair all comes back to life.. everyone is nervously waiting... and finally she opens her eyes..

    Poll: Put the Twilight movies in order from worst to best?
    My answer: Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn (part 1), Eclipse.

    • ANSWER:
      Eclipse (I still like it, but the others I like more), Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn part 1. In this one they added so much more humor, and it was so accurate. Almost everything happened in the book. I loved it. :)

    What song is playing in New Moon when Jake and Bella are fixing the bikes?
    What song is playing when Bella turns off the radio, when Jake starts to fix the bikes in new moon?

    • ANSWER:
      Shooting the Moon by Ok Go.

      This might be it. I'm not entirely sure. You can listen to part of it here:

      Here is a list of every song in the movie:

      1. New Moon – Alexandre Desplat. Opening credits

      2. Bella Dreams – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Gran and Edward in the meadow.

      3. Monsters – Hurricane Bells. Bella driving to school on birthday and Edward walking through school parking lot.

      4. Romeo & Juliet – Alexandre Desplat. Edward and Bella in English class, discussing vampire suicide.

      5. Volturi Waltz – Alexandre Desplat. Edward explaining the Volturi to Bella. Aro kills bad vamp.

      6. The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf. Bella’s birthday party.

      7. Blood Sample – Alexandre Desplat. Paper cut fight between Jasper and Edward.

      8. Wandrers Nachitlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 – Ulf Bastlein (iTunes bonus). Carlisle is stitching up Bella and talking about vamp souls.

      9. Satellite Heart – Anya Marina. Edward taking Bella home after party in her truck.

      10. Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent. Bella at school without Edward and finding Edward in her yard.

      11. Edward Leaves – Alexandre Desplat. Edward dumping Bella in the woods.

      12. Possibility – Lykke Li. Months passing for Bella.
      13. I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) – Muse. Bella and Jessica on Girls Night Out.

      14. Friends – Band of Skulls. Bella on Some Random Loser’s motorcycle.

      15. All I Believe (iTunes Bonus Track) – The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam. Bella and Jake fixing motorcycles. It is the song playing that Bella turns off.

      16. Shooting the Moon – Ok Go. Bella and Jacob fixing motorcycles with pizza toss.

      17. Werewolves – Alexandre Desplat. Sam Uley and gang jumping from cliff.

      18. Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco (iTunes Bonus Track). The song that is playing in Face Punch the movie.

      19. I Need You – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob vies for Bella outside the movie.

      20. Break Up -Alexandre Desplat. Bella confronts Jacob at La Push. Jacob dumps her.

      21. Memories of Edward – Alexandre Desplat. Bella going to meadow by herself and finds Laurent.

      22. Wolves vs. Vampire Alexandre Desplat. Laurent and wolf pack: Partytime!

      23. Victoria -Alexandre Desplat. Bella’s fear of Victoria bubbling up while talking to Charlie.

      24. Almost a Kiss Dreamcatcher - Alexandre Desplat. Jacob in Bella’s bedroom to make amends.

      25. Done All Wrong – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Bella at Emily’s house.

      26. Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke. Charlie & Harry hunting wolves, wolves chasing Victoria, and Bella getting ready to jump.

      27. Adrenaline – Alexandre Desplat. Bella jumping off the cliff.

      28. Slow Life (With Victoria Legrand) – Grizzly Bear. Bella drowning.

      29. Dreamcatcher Almost a Kiss – Alexandre Desplat. Hugging Jacob in the car outside house and Bella and Jacob in her kitchen.

      30. To Volterra – Alexandre Desplat. Alice and Bella going to Volterra, and Bella running through the town to the clock tower.

      31. You’re Alive – Alexandre Desplat. Bella and Edward reunited under the clock tower.

      32. The Volturi – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Edward and Alice see the Volturi and get their fight on.

      33. Die Fledermaus – Duettino : Ach, Ich Darf Nicht Hin Zu Dir – APM Orchestra. (iTunes Bonus track) Elevator music on the way to visit the Volturi (“The Volturi” track continues to play after they get out of the elevator)

      34. The Cullens – Alexandre Desplat. Bella asks for a vote from the Cullens to join the family.

      35. No Sound But the Wind – Editors. Edward driving Bella home.

      36. Marry Me, Bella – Alexandre Desplat. In the woods, talking to Jacob, Edward and Jacob’s fight, and negotiating on time for Bella to turn.

      37. Full Moon – Alexandre Desplat. End Credits.

      38. A White Demon Love Song – The Killers. End Credits.

      39. Meet Me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie. End Credits.

    What is neptune in the 1st house perceived?
    i have the moon , neptune , uranus and jupiter in the 1st house
    what would people think of me ?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, that is a packed First House. It's a nice blend of energy ... with the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter "softening" Uranus. It would be a different story if you had the Sun, Mars and Pluto in the First ... all very aggressive, "masculine" planets (not that's that is bad .... but when there are "harder" planets in the first, people may come on too strong). Especially because of Neptune here, you seem to be able to read how people are receiving you and tone down (and sometimes even tune out -- on the more negative end) when you're not "getting anything" from someone else; as in positive signals that they like you. There are many facets to your "mask" (the ascendant) with each of those planets playing a very specific role and making a unique blend that should seamlessly be expressed via your persona ... Neptune the Mystic, the Moon as the great mother, receptive, kind, nurturing (of course we don't know what sign it's in), Uranus the revolutionary, or lion in the herd of sheep and Jupiter, the larger than life, charismatic, seeker of truth ... Yes, quite a combo. Movie star with a complex? You probably have a fairly "big" personality, kind, avuncular, giving ... but wonder if you'd become out of touch sometimes with Neptune and Uranus here. You wear this pronounced sensitivity (the Moon and Neptune) amidst this very selfish, individualistic streak (Uranus) so perhaps you seesaw between these two extremes. Can people trust you? People may not quite get you ... and that may feel just fine to someone with your combination. You come across a little outside the box ... part of you also very much lives through other people ... but whenever you go too far, get too attached, or chameleon-lke, I would think Uranus snaps you back, shocks you into being that self-reliant rebel ... I think the best way to get a handle on first house energies is just to realize it is a mask and to not take your persona too seriously. If you feel you're getting a little top-heavy, look to your 4th house and your Sun sign for some balance. There's some ability/liability here of being a shape-shifter, molding to others ideas of you or how you desire to come across ... I'd suggest grounding yourself so you're able to express all that lovely energy to pursue your goals rather than feel like you have a reputation, or more likely, reputations to live up to. Take care.

    What are some of the songs from any of the twilight movies ?
    I like most of the songs from the tiwlight saga movies.
    Can someone tell me the name of some of them ?

    • ANSWER:

      1"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
      2"Decode" by Paramore
      3"Full Moon" by The Black Ghosts
      4"Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park
      5"Spotlight (Twilight Mix)" by Mutemath
      6"Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" by Perry Farrell
      7"Tremble for My Beloved"
      8"I Caught Myself" by Paramore
      9"Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation
      10"Never Think" by Robert Pattinson
      11"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine
      12"Bella's Lullaby" by Carter Burwell

      New Moon
      1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equinox”
      2. Band Of Skulls – “Friends”
      3. Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”
      4. Lykke Li – “Possibility”
      5. The Killers – “A White Demon Love Song”
      6. Anya Marina – “Satellite Heart”
      7. Muse – “I Belong To You (New Moon)”
      8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – “Roslyn”
      9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Done All Wrong”
      10. Hurricane Bells – “Monsters”
      11. Sea Wolf – “The Violet Hour”
      12. OK Go – “Shooting The Moon”
      13. Grizzly Bear – “Slow Life”
      14. Editors – “No Sound But The Wind”
      15. Alexandre Desplat – “New Moon (The Meadow)”


      Metric- "Eclipse (All Yours)"
      MUSE- "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)"
      The Bravery- "Ours
      Florence + The Machine- "Heavy In Your Arms"
      Sia- "My Love"
      Fanfarlo- "Atlas"
      The Black Keys- "Chop And Change"
      The Dead Weather- "Rolling In On A Burning Tire"
      Beck and Bat For Lashes- "Let's Get Lost"
      Vampire Weekend - "Jonathan Low"
      UNKLE- "With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)"
      Eastern Conference Champions- "A Million Miles An Hour"
      Band of Horses- "Life On Earth"
      Cee Lo Green- "What Part of Forever"
      Howard Shore- "Jacob's Theme"

    What twilight MOVIE will bella become a vampire?
    I was watching twilight: new moon. If you've read the book or watched the movies I want to know when she will become a vampire. I haven't seen eclipse yet. So will she become one in that movie or can you predict which movie she will become one in. I'm asking for movie. Not book.

    • ANSWER:
      Breaking Dawn. I'm not sure if it will be part one or part two.

      My guess is, at the end of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, she'll wake up as a vampire and that'll leave you with a cliff hanger until Part 2 comes out. But that's just my opinion!

      Anyway, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is coming out November 18, 2011. 😀
      Hope I helped!

    What is a good part of Fellowship of the ring to read in front of class?
    Hi. I have to do prepared reading for English class. (English is my second language) I was thinking of reading Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the ring. What is a good short part to read to the class?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone will give you their favourite parts.....I can't pick just one. But you didn't state how long or short this has to be.
      Chapter 11: A Knife in the Dark is the first serious goosebump chill creepy thing that got me so very hooked on these books back in the early 70s:

      As they prepared for sleep in the Inn at Bree, darkness lay on Buckland; a mist strayed in the dells and along the river bank. The house at Crickhollow stood silent. Fatty Bolger opened the door cautiously and peered out. A feeling of fear had been growing on him all day, and he was unable to to rest or go to bed:
      there was a brooding threat in the breathless night-air. As he stared out into the gloom, a black shadow moved under the trees; the gate seemed to open of it's own accord and close again without a sound. Terror seized him. he shrank back, and for a moment he stood trembling in the hall. Then he shut and locked the door.
      The night deepened. There came the soft sound of horses led with stealth along the lane. Outside the gate they stopped, and three black figures entered, like shades of night creeping across the ground. One went to the door, one to the corner of the house on either side; and there they stood, as still as the shadows of stones, while night went slowly on. The house and the quiet trees seemed to be waiting breathlessly.
      There was a faint stir in the leaves, and a cock crowed far away. The cold hour before dawn was passing. The figure by the door moved. In the dark without moon or stars a drawn blade gleamed, as if a chill light had been unsheathed. There was a blow, soft but heavy, and the door shuddered.
      "Open in the name of Mordor!" said a voice thin and menacing.

      I'll leave the rest for you to pull directly from the book. This part and Fatty didn't make the movies, but this little passage stuck with me since the 1st time I read it. And Tolkien in any form is a good choice, especially for the class you need it in. VERY proper english indeed!!

    What are good comedy and mystery movies?
    Hello, I am looking for some good comedy and mystery movies to watch. I like mystery movies such as shutter island, the skin I live in I like hostage movies aswell like air force one and that movie on 911. For comedy movies, I've seen the more popular ones like super bad, hangover etc. could u please just name some good ones. Rating does not matter but preferably 14^-R because they are usually better.
    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1
      Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
      Transformers: Dark of the Moon
      Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
      Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol
      Kung Fu Panda 2
      Fast Five
      The Hangover Part II
      The Smurfs
      Cars 2
      Season of the Witch
      The Dilemma
      The Green Hornet
      No Strings Attached
      The Way Back
      The Roommate
      The Eagle
      Gnomeo & Juliet
      Just Go with It
      Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
      I Am Number Four
      Drive Angry
      Hall Pass
      The Adjustment Bureau
      Take Me Home Tonight
      Battle: Los Angeles
      Mars Needs Moms
      Red Riding Hood
      Jane Eyre
      The Lincoln Lawyer
      Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
      Sucker Punch
      White Irish Drinkers
      Source Code
      In a Better World
      The King's Speech
      Soul Surfer
      Your Highness
      The Conspirator
      Scream 4
      Atlas Shrugged: Part I
      African Cats
      Madea's Big Happy Family
      The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
      Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
      Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
      Jumping the Broom
      Something Borrowed
      The Beaver
      Hobo with a Shotgun
      Everything Must Go
      Midnight in Paris
      The Tree of Life
      X-Men: First Class
      Beautiful Boy
      The Lion of Judah
      Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
      Super 8
      Green Lantern
      Mr. Popper's Penguins
      Page One: Inside the New York Times
      Bad Teacher
      A Better Life

    In What Parts of the Movie are the songs on the Twilight Soundtrack?
    So I just got the Twilight soundtrack, but I'm not sure where some of the songs in the movie are. For example, Supermasive Black Hole is at the baseball scene, when Rosalie's running around the bases. And Spotlight (Twilight Mix) is when Edward and Bella are "going public". Thank you everybody!

    • ANSWER:
      This is in order as they appear in the film. I have included all the music used in the film, but none of the score (instrumentals).
      1. Opening Scene (Bella moving to Forks) - Full Moon by The Black Ghosts.
      2. Edward doesn't show up to school - Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation
      3. Bella almost gets crushed by Tyler's van - Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul
      4. Song playing on the radio in the boathouse - The Cat’s Meow by Adam Smalley and Scott Johnson #
      5. Trying on dresses in Port Angeles - I Caught Myself by Paramore
      6. Bella and Edward in the restaurant - Never Think by Robert Pattinson
      7. Bella and Edward are walking into school together (everyone is staring at them) - Spotlight (Twilight Mix) by Mutemath
      8. Cullen’s cooking - La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi performed by The Royal Philharmonic**
      9. Playing on stereo in Edward's Bedroom - Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy performed The APM Orchestra**
      10. Bella and Edward are in the trees / Edward playing the Piano - Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell
      11. Vampire baseball - Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
      12. Edward sucking the venom out - Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson **
      13. Entering prom - Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) by Perry Farrell
      14. Edward and Bella dancing at prom - Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine
      15. Victoria taking her hair down at walking away (credits roll) - 15 Step by Radiohead off of their album In Rainbows #
      16. End Credits - Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park and
      17. End Credits - Decode by Paramore

      # - not on soundtrack
      ** - available on iTunes as a bonus track

    a question about the timeline of sailor moon episodes to movies?
    okay, I'm currently watching the entire series in order for the first time. My question is, after which episodes should I watch each of the movies, in your opinion?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you would be better off watching each movie after that respective season ends. The movies don't ruin the plot of the actual show and aren't tied in any way, but the characters do use the transformations and attacks from that season. So if you wanted to watch everything, I'd do this if I were you:

      1 - Sailor Moon (season 1) [episodes 1 - 46]
      2 - Sailor Moon R (season 2 - make sure to watch both parts) [part 1: episodes 47 - 59 part 2: epidodes 60 - 89]
      3 - "Make up! Sailor Senshi!" (special short movie which was played before the R movie)
      4 - Sailor Moon R movie
      5 - "Dreaming Moon" (live-action fan Christmas special)
      6 - Sailor Moon S (season 3) [episodes 90 - 127] (there was a special that aired halfway through this season called "The Wonderful World of Sailor Moon S" with footage from the R and S movies)
      7 - Sailor Moon S movie
      8 - Sailor Moon Super S (season 4) [episodes 128 - 166] (***after the 3rd episode here, I would watch the 'Sailor Moon Super S Special' which consists of three mini-episodes***)
      9 - "Ami's First Love" (this is a special mini-movie which was played before the Super S movie)
      10 - Sailor Moon Super S movie
      11 - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (season 5) [episodes 167 - 200]
      12 - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action series - it is pretty much a different version of season 1, very old school Power Rangers-like kind of acting and fighting etc... but Japanese :P)

    What are some ideas for a halloween party?
    me and my friend are throwing a part on halloween after trick or treating, what are some good things to serve to eat, a group of 8th and 9 th grades, what should we do? dance? ideas please. we all still trick or treat. help!

    • ANSWER:
      -Food! Food is KEY! Order a pizza, or have a pizza pre-ordered.
      Next, have a punch bowl filled with water, and the other filled with kool-aid. [Preferably black or red colored]. Make rice-krispies a day before hand and add crushed oreos to it. It's really cute and delicious.

      -Movies! If people arent all into mingling and such and what you have, what a great oppertunity for them to relax and watch a movie. Have scary movies on throughout the night. The Ring is very scary, and is a good "Chiller" movie. [Keep this in a separate room]

      -Music! Keep a boom box blaring with tunes like these:
      [You can get music for free off of limewire]

      1. Candy Floss – Wilco
      2. Candy Man – Grateful Dead
      3. Chocolate – Snow Patrol
      4. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
      5. Like Eating Glass – Bloc Party
      6. Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
      7. Bats in the Belfry – Dispatch
      8. Spiders (Kidsmoke) – Wilco
      9. Wolves – Josh Ritter
      10. The Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band
      11. Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
      12. Devil’s Haircut – Beck
      13. Devils Painted Red – Golden Bear
      14. Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones
      15. Runnin’ with the Devil – Van Halen
      16. Friend of the Devil – Grateful Dead
      17. Undertaker – M. Ward
      18. I Will Be There When You Die – My Morning Jacket
      19. Dead Man’s Will – Calexico & Iron and Wine
      20. Death is the Easy Way – My Morning Jacket
      21. Drunk is Better than Dead – The Push Stars
      22. Died in Your Arms Tonight – Cutting Crew
      23. Eulogy for Bashu – Cracklin Moth
      24. Halloween – Dave Matthews Band
      25. Halloween – Matt Pond, PA
      26. Halloweenhead – Ryan Adams
      27. Brilliant Disguise – Bruce Springsteen
      28. Outfit – Drive-By Truckers
      29. Rodeo Clowns – Jack Johnson
      30. I Wish I Was A Girl – Counting Crows
      31. Resignation Superman – Big Head Todd & The Monsters
      32. Monster Ballads – Josh Ritter
      33. Searching for the Ghost – Heartless Bastards
      34. Monsters – Ari Hest
      35. Ghost – Howie Day
      36. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
      37. Magic Trick – M. Ward
      38. Casper the Friendly Ghost – Daniel Johnston
      39. Demons – Guster
      40. Darlin’ Do Not Fear – Brett Dennen
      41. Paranoid – Black Sabbath
      42. Superstitious – Stevie Wonder
      43. Anything by The Gore Gore Girls
      44. Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers
      45. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
      46. Blood – Pearl Jam
      47. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
      48. Pink Moon – Nick Drake
      49. Moonshadow – Cat Stevens
      50. What’s Next to the Moon – Mark Kozelek
      51. Monster Mash- Bobby Picket
      52. Thriller-Micheal Jackson

    What is Apollo 18 and what does the government know/hiding?
    I just saw the movie and im curious. Is this real?

    • ANSWER:
      The last three Apollo missions, 18,19 and 20, were cancelled due to a variety of reasons: changes in technical direction, the Apollo 1 fire, hardware delays, and budget limitations. The premise of the movie is a "what if?" and not based in reality though the part at the end about moon rocks being stolen was real.

    What is the song from the movie Twilight?
    Edward and Bella are just getting out of the car and everyone is staring and Edward puts his arm around Bella. What song is playing during that part. It's really bugging me. The right answer gets 10 points!

    • ANSWER:
      get the soundtrack....
      1. "Supermassive Black Hole" (Muse) – 3:29
      2. "Decode" (Paramore) – 4:22
      3. "Full Moon" (The Black Ghosts) – 3:50
      4. "Leave Out All the Rest" (Linkin Park) – 3:20
      5. "Spotlight" (Twilight Mix) (Mute Math) – 3:20
      6. "Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" (Perry Farrell) – 3:27
      7. "Tremble for My Beloved" (Collective Soul) – 3:53
      8. "I Caught Myself" (Paramore) – 3:55
      9. "Eyes on Fire" (Blue Foundation) – 5:01
      10. "Never Think" (Robert Pattinson) – 4:29
      11. "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (Iron & Wine) – 4:00
      12. "Bella's Lullaby" (Carter Burwell) – 2:19

      i think it might be spotlight but im not sure...

      ya ok im sure its SPOTLIGHT by MUTE MATH!

    How many books are in the Twilight series?
    And, can you find me a good review from the first movie, with details. Kinda like a summary, with details? Haha, thanks:D

    • ANSWER:
      There are FIVE books in the Twilight Saga.

      1: Twilight

      Having lost much of its bite transitioning to the big screen, Twilight will please its devoted fans, but do little for the uninitiated.

      2: New Moon

      The Twilight Saga's second installment may satisfy hardcore fans of the series, but outsiders are likely to be turned off by its slow pace, relentlessly downcast tone, and excessive length.

      3: Eclipse

      Stuffed with characters and overly reliant on uninspired dialogue, Eclipse won't win The Twilight Saga many new converts, despite an improved blend of romance and action fantasy.

      4: Breaking Dawn

      The movie is not made yet, so there aren't any reviews. This movie (part 1) will be released on November 11, 2011.

      5: The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner (An Eclipse Novella)

      This book is short, but it will still be made into a movie.

    What do you think about the Twilight movie and books? And the movie cast?
    So, what do you guys think about the upcoming Twilight movie? And the books? And the cast? I want to hear what you think. I really like anything Twilight. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      OK let me start off by saying that i am a huge Twilight fan. I have read all of the books twice in less than 2 weeks and I research the movie everyday

      The cast fo twilight is amazing. Some people are fussing over the fact that Alices hair isn't short enough and that she is too tall. There is no way that Cathrine Hardwicke is really going to find a teenage actress that is 4' 10". Ashley Greene fits Alice amazingly.

      Now on to Edward. I think Robert Pattinson plays an amazingly perfect Edward. Some people were saying that he wasn't hot enough. I don't understand how anyone can get hotter. He does have an English accent but he does use an American accent for this role and he did put a lot of effort into this!

      Some people have to remember that Vampires in the Twilight Saga are amazingly hot and perfect but they are fictional and there is no one on the face of this Earth that is that. Get over the fact that Alice's haire is a few inches longer than described in the series or that there isn't a girl petite enough to play her because these little details don't make the movie.

      Moving on... Kristen Stewart is a great Bella. She is a great actress and fits the role of a normal teenager well. I believe Kristen is one of the best actresses in our generation. The chemistry between Kristen and Robert is really what makes the movie and Stephanie Meyer said it her self that from the clips she has seen, the chemistry is unbelievable. I trust Stephanie when it comes to her characters.

      As for the nomadic vampires... they were also a great choice. The way that they mix together looks great and they are a great mixture.

      The other Cullens and the Hales look great and I really believe that they took a lot of time and effort to create the characters within themselves because every single twilight fan has their own edward or bella or rosalie or alice so they did have a lot of weight on their shoulders while filming.

      As for Jacob taylor looks like a Jacob Black he is an excellent actor for this role. I am curious to see what he looks like as a wolf in New Moon. Taylor was always good with this genre.

      On to the books...
      I was never one for reading. I can actually say that I hated reading until I read twilight. i read the whole series in less than a week. You can say i was a late bloomer b/c didn't read twilight until Breaking dawn came out.

      I liked the romance and the suspense in the series. the secrets of the characters are crazy and the physical and emotional pain they are going through is what attatches the reader because no one want to read about Vampires who love some one SO much that they wouldn't ever do anything to hurt them where as edward actally expieriences pain and suffering to be with bella.

      I love everything twilight and my new hollywood crush is Robert Pattinson. The way everything in the series has a meaning is very hard to describe each decision that is made matters A LOT.

      I love reading interviews and watching the Comic Con with the twilight cast on you tube. If you havent seen it chectk it out. watch parts 1-5 they are hilarious

    What is the song playing when Queen Latifah is killed in Set It Off?
    There is a part in the movie when Queen Latifah gives up the chase and she is killed. I wanted to know what the name of the song is playing during that part and who sings it.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to Youtube that scene. Maybe if you have some lyrics, you can type that in Yahoo! Search and find the song.

      *edit* I did exactly what I suggested, and I found it :-)

      Up Against the Wind
      Lori Perry

      Verse 1:

      Day after Day seems like I push against the clouds
      They just keep blocking out the sun
      It seems since I was born
      I've wakened every blessed morning
      Down on my luck and up against the wind

      Chorus: Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry
      You'll do fine, you'll be good, you'll get by

      Verse 2:
      Night after night seems like I rage against the moon
      But it don't ever light the dark
      I curse the fowling rain
      But it won't stop for my complaining
      Down on my luck and up against the wind


      Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry


    When will New Moon come out in theaters?
    Also, where can I get the actual movie trailer- is it even out yet on youtube or something?

    • ANSWER:
      november 20th. the trailer hasn't come out yet but ET did a sneek peek of it last week.
      part 1-

      part 2-

      also eclipse comes out June 30th 2010 and they start shooting breaking dawn in 2010

    What are some other good names for twilight books?
    My friend asked me if I could think of any and I couldn't. Anything in the same category like: Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,Breaking Dawn...that type of thing would be supper helpful...Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      i have the best titles for those

      The Lamest book/movie on earth part 1
      The lamest book/movie on earth part 2
      the lamest book/movie on eart part 3


    How do I get in contact with someone working on the movie New Moon(serious answers only!)?
    Does anybody know how I can get in contact with somebody working on the movie New Moon? Because I have a perfect song for the movie that I would like to suggest to them but I have no idea who to get in contact with. So if anybody knows can you please let me know?
    Thanks in advanced! (like I said before if all you have to say is how you hate Twilight or whatever, keep it to yourself cuz idont wanna hear it!)

    • ANSWER:
      well the best thing for you to do is to visit their website and now on the website they say something about recording a 1 min video of you and you might end up being a part of the new movie so waste no time go to the website and you might get your shot at being in it plus your song here's the link:

    What is the name of every twilight movie?
    Ok so I'm a little behind times, I never thought Twilight would even interest me, but I picked up the first one, and now I'm hooked!! So anyway what are the names of all of the movies?

    And please don't ruin any of them for me lol I'm super excited about getting caught up!!
    Thanks alot!! So now I need to get Breaking Dawn, I'm Just now wattheng the 2nd one, excellent movies!! Do you know when the new one comes out by chance?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone has told you this but ill say it again!
      Twilight 2008
      Twilight Saga: New Moon 2009
      Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010
      Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 2011

    What are all the twilight movies from oldest to newest?
    And can i get a review on these movies NOT A SPOILER please lol ! But im kinda interested on watching these movies and i want to know if its worth my time. Rate it from 1-10 too . Thanks ^.^

    • ANSWER:
      1. Twilight- rate a 5
      2. New Moon- rate a 7
      3. Eclipse- rate a 8
      4. Breaking Dawn part 1- rate a 9
      5. Breaking Dawn part 2 (not released yet) -rate the preview a 10

      Twilight was the worst filmed of all in my opinion. The rest just continued to get better with the acting and development as well as the graphics. I enjoyed them all but that might just be because im a Twi-hard fan. Overall id would recommend watching them.

    Which scenes do the songs from the Twilight soundtrack appear?
    I have seen the movie I just don't remember which part of the movie the songs come in. It's really bothering me.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse - Baseball Scene
      2. Decode - Paramore - Wasn't in it, sadly. >> Maybe the credits?
      3. Full Moon - The Black Ghosts - When Bella leaves Phoenix
      4. Leave Out all the Rest - Linkin Park - The movie credits
      5. Spotlight - MuteMath - When Bella and Edward arrive at school for the first time as a couple
      6. Go All the Way - Perry Farrell - The prom
      7. Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul - The car crash scene
      8. I Caught Myself - Paramore - In the dress shop in Port Angeles
      9. Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation - When Edward and Bella are looking at each other in the school parking lot
      10. Never Think - Robert Pattinson - In the restaurant in Port Angeles
      11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine - The prom
      12. Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell - When Edward takes Bella up into the trees/when he plays the lullaby on the piano for her

      **. Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson - While Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella and she's having flashbacks of their relationship


    What do you think of the new Breaking Dawn trailer?
    Watching the official Breaking Dawn: part 1 trailer has made me really excited for the film!

    • ANSWER:
      I can't wait to see the movie.
      He seems to be better than Eclipse so wayyy better the New Moon (the worst film of the Saga).

    How many twighlight movies have been made?
    1 2 or 3? I know there is new moon but IDK if that IS part one eclipse is the new one right?

    • ANSWER:
      so far theyve made three
      1 twilight
      2 new moon
      3 eclipse
      each movie has its own book they are not parts of each other
      they are currently filming the 4th book breaking dawn

    Is it realistically possible for humans to alter the course or destroy an asteroid that may destroy Earth?
    Or is this just the stuff of Hollywood movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Painting asteroids to a color that can absorb more heat from the sun is said to alter their orbits in time. Blowing them up is a bad idea, very bad. More pieces to control, more work to do.

      Here's the latest NASA update regarding the chances of Apophis hitting Earth dated October 2009.

      NASA scientists have recalculated the path of the large asteroid Apophis, significantly downgrading the odds of it hitting Earth. Using new information, the refined path indicates a 1 in 250,000 chance of impact in 2036, reduced from the 1 in 45,000 odds calculated earlier. The asteroid is expected to make a record-setting — but harmless — close approach to Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029, when it comes no closer than 18,300 miles above Earth's surface.

      The new information provided a more accurate glimpse of Apophis' orbit well into the latter part of this century. Among the findings is another close encounter by the asteroid with Earth in 2068 with chance of impact currently at approximately 1 in 333,000. As with earlier orbital estimates where Earth impacts in 2029 and 2036 could not initially be ruled out due to the need for additional data, it is expected that the 2068 encounter will diminish in probability as more information about Apophis is acquired.

      Initially, Apophis was thought to have a 2.7 percent chance of impacting Earth in 2029. Additional observations of the asteriod ruled out any possibility of an impact in 2029.

      The Apophis asteroid is approximately the size of two-and-a-half football fields.

      "The refined orbital determination further reinforces that Apophis is an asteroid we can look to as an opportunity for exciting science and not something that should be feared," said Don Yeomans, manager of the Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL. "The public can follow along as we continue to study Apophis and other near-Earth objects by visiting us on our AsteroidWatch Web site and by following us on the @AsteroidWatch Twitter feed."

      The new data were documented by near-Earth object scientists Steve Chesley and Paul Chodas at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A majority of the data that enabled the updated orbit of Apophis came from observations made by Dave Tholen and collaborators at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy in Manoa. Tholen pored over hundreds of previously unreleased images of the night sky made with the University of Hawaii's 88-inch telescope, located near the summit of Mauna Kea.

      Tholen made improved measurements of the asteroid's position in the images, enabling him to provide Chesley and Chodas with new data sets more precise than previous measures for Apophis. Measurements from the Steward Observatory's 90-inch Bok telescope on Kitt Peak in Arizona and the Arecibo Observatory on the island of Puerto Rico also were used in Chesley's calculations.

      "Apophis has been one of those celestial bodies that has captured the public's interest since it was discovered in 2004," said Chesley. "Updated computational techniques and newly available data indicate the probability of an Earth encounter on April 13, 2036, for Apophis has dropped from one-in-45,000 to about four-in-a million."

      The science of predicting asteroid orbits is based on a physical model of the solar system which includes the gravitational influence of the sun, moon, other planets and the three largest asteroids.

      NASA detects and tracks asteroids and comets passing close to Earth using both ground and space-based telescopes. The Near Earth-Object Observations Program, commonly called "Spaceguard," discovers these objects, characterizes a subset of them and plots their orbits to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet.

      Source: NASA and Universe Today

      Clear skies!

    Does anyone know where i can find Sailor Moon episodes online for free?
    I showed my 4 year old cousin a Sailor Moon movie and i told her as a kid this was my favorite show and now she wants to watch them..the only thing is i dont know where to watch them at...please help...thanks

    • ANSWER:
      For Japanese - English Subtitle
      1.go to youtube and type this phrase in. "Sailor Moon S Ep.___ eng sub" e.g. "Sailor Moon S Ep. 108 eng sub"
      2. Scroll Down till u see a title like this e.g. "Sailormoon S : Season THREE + ENG SUB Ep108 (Part 1)"
      3. Click on it and you can watch it on youtube (they have the whole season 1-5 on there with subs)

      For the Dubbed episodes you can find them on Dailymotion or
      If you go to SailorMoonCenter ( ) They stream online dubbed episodes on dailymotion, simply click one of the link on the right hand side (divided into Japanses and English Episodes)

      To Download Sailor moon episodes go to SailorMooncenter to download HQ Jap Audio, English Subtitled hope i helped

    What are some good quirky movies i should watch?
    Right now i am trying to find some odd yet interesting movies to watch any ideas or movies you have seen? Im pretty much making a list.

    • ANSWER:
      Different/Independent/Quirky Movies:

      1. Rushmore
      2. The Darjeeling Limited
      3. Delirious
      4. Trees Lounge
      5. Igby Goes Down
      6. Ghost World
      7. Little Miss Sunshine
      8. According to Greta
      9. Napoleon Dynamite
      10. Paris, Je T'aime
      11. Camille
      12. Saint John of Las Vegas
      13. Bottle Rocket
      14. The Joneses
      15. Fantastic Mr. Fox
      16. All About Steve (It got terrible reviews but I enjoyed it)
      17. 13 Moons
      18. Almost any Wes Anderson and Steve Buscemi movie

      Hope this helps!

    Does anybody know the name of the song played during the dance at 1:55:03 in the movie "Bitter Moon"?
    I have already checked all the songs listed in the credits at the end of the movie, but none matches the song played. I'll be grateful if someone can help me out. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You mean the part where she dances for him, right?

      That's part of the original movie score, written by Vangelis, called Erotic Dance.

    How many parts of a movie can you handle?
    For example Shrek 1 and you're all excited..yay! after a while comes part 2 and 3 and oh damn when will this on going story stop.

    • ANSWER:
      at first i was all like "omg twilight!"
      then i saw new moon a few months after it came out.
      and i havent even bothered to see eclipse yet :l

    What did everyone think about the Twilight movie?
    I thought that it was fabulous! The only criticism I have for it would be that a couple of my favorite quotes from the book weren't in the movie. But other then that the movie was, as I suspected, simply amazing! What did everyone else think?

    • ANSWER:
      -Bella was too serious

      -Edward was too rough (Velvet?! Ha!)

      -The Cullen house was too modern (AND NOT EVEN WHITE!)

      -Charlie was too akward with Bella, and when the dialogue between 2 characters is as short as 3 sentences a piece, back and forth for 4- 5 minutes-- you DO NOT have to switch the camera angle to be on the person that is talking each time! I was getting whiplash!

      -Alice was perfect, not overdone, not what I expected, but I still feel that she carried her burden well.

      -Emmett was perfect (Jock to the end!)

      -Jasper was different from what I expected, great at his part, but at the same time, I can see where he'd grow to be the Jasper we know and love!

      -Alice's vision-sketch scene was SO COOL!

      -Rosalie's body was glorious, but her face was hideous!(Can you say caky makeup?)

      -No one was really graceful (did you see when they were under the gazebo?! He struggled to dance with her!)

      -Jessica shuld'ove been more like a mean girl than a dorky wierdo

      -Billy and Charlie interacted better than Bella and Charlie (acting wise).

      -Mike shouldo've been scrawnier, but he was nicely done... Cute too.

      -Esme's hair was horrible!

      -Jacob's hair looked just as fake, and Halloween-Esque

      -Edward's inner-shimmer looked like gay sweat droplets... MAJOR letdown!

      -Charlie's beer cans seemed too big to be real. lol.

      -The tree scenes, and the forest was nice.

      -The fighting scene was to die for!

      -Bella's best part was when she writhed in pain...

      -I expected more animalistic junk and not this funny-looking mid-body hover in the baseball scene...

      -Laurent's coven's eyes looked like contacts to me... I know they were, but you couldn'tove picked redder ones?!

      -Victoria was more of a cute, smug vampire at the end scene, rather than someone who hates Bella to the very core of her existance.

      All in all, if you can separate the book from the movie, you'd be better off-- but at the same time, there were so many inside jokes! Tell me this, did the audience in the theatre laugh over 5 times during the course of the movie at something that'd be totally random to a non Twilight fan?! Yeah, I thought so. On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8 and a half... But I gotta admit, although the beginning was unbearable, it began to grow on me. The things listed above were just random things I was thinking. Please don't let my opinions spoil it for you. I think that anytime you make a movie from a book, the fans will always hold you to a higher standard, but given the finished product, and you have to factor in REALITY-- It was decent. Okay, more than decent. It was nice. I anticipate New Moon.

    What's the viewing order of the Twilight Saga movies?
    I have some time on my hands and I want to watch these movies, but I don't know the correct viewing order. Who can help me with this?

    • ANSWER:
      New Moon
      Breaking Dawn Part 1

      Coming in November 2012:
      Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    Who is composing the score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
    I googled it but none of the sites say the same thing. They do all say that Nicholas Hooper (scored the 5th and 6th) will not be doing it, which is the best news ever, because the music from the last two movies was horrid.

    • ANSWER:
      Alexandre Desplat, who did New Moon.
      only for Part 1, though. i don't think Part 2
      has been decided yet.

    What is the name of this old black and white movie?
    I remember this movie as a kid (i'm in my mid twenties). It's an older black and white movie where astronauts go to the moon to discover it's secrets, they journey into the inside of the moon where they meet strange alien creatures, and at the end of the movie the entire moon blows up. If you know this movie please help I would love to see it again! TYVM!

    • ANSWER:
      My first thought was this one:
      First Men in the Moon (1964)
      starring Edward Judd, Martha Hyer, Lionel Jeffries, Miles Malleson
      IMDb synopsis:
      Based on the HG Wells story. The world is delighted when a spacecraft containing a crew made up of the world's astronauts lands on the moon~they think for the first time. Delight turns to shock when the astronauts discover an old British flag and a document declaring that the moon is taken for Queen Victoria, proving that the astronauts were not the first men on the moon. On Earth, an investigation team finds the last of the Victorian crew: a now-aged Arnold Bedford, who tells them the story of how he and his fiancee, Katherine Callender, met inventor Joseph Cavor in 1899. Cavor has invented Cavorite, a paste that will allow anything to deflect gravity, and he has created a sphere that will take them to the moon. Taking Arnold and stowaway Katherine ,they fly to the moon, where, to their total amazement, they discover a beelike insect population who take an unhealthy interest in their earthly visitors.
      Here's the movie trailer:
      If this is your movie, YouTube has the complete film. Here's Part 1:
      However, it's in color, and the moon doesn't blow up though the caves where the Selenites lived starts to cave in toward the last part of the movie, which is framed by a story set in the present. By the way: The creatures and the "mooncalf", a gigantic caterpillar-type beastie, are the creations of stop-motion artist Ray Harryhausen.

      I'll look around for other possibilities because I might be overlooking an older, b&w film about the moon. I know it's not "Destination Moon".

    What is that song from the Blind Side, right when the movie ends and michael is getting drafted?
    After the part where Leigh Anne and Michael hug, it shows what happened from there on and the 2009 nfl draft. There was like a little country song in the back, I also heard it in "Have you heard about the morgans?". Btw im not talking about Chances <3 or Southern Voice (:

    • ANSWER:
      Ummm idk Great Movie huh well here's some things i found:

      1. "How High the Moon"
      by Les Paul and Mary Ford

      2. "Money Ain't A Thang"
      by Lawrence Edwards

      3. "Get Crazy"
      by Zombie Bank featuring Red Ride

      4. "Going Up the Country"
      by Canned Heat

    Why will there be an actual sex scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1?
    I mean, they know kids are going to go watch it.
    And many kids have read the book.
    And the book has like no sex scene. All the sex is IMPLIED..
    But according to MTV's interview with Robert, he is acting like there is an actual sex scene..
    Am I hearing what he is saying wrong or do you think they will actually have a sex scene in the movie..?
    (Im not too young to see it, it is just that it doesn't make sense to me.)

    • ANSWER:
      I feel as though this question is severely misplaced... or maybe not, "Twilight" just makes me cringe.

      Nonetheless! After seeing New Moon, where they couldn't even bear to say the word "sex" during Bella and Edward's steamy make-out scene, I highly doubt that they would make a sex scene. And even if they do, I don't expect it to be too... graphic. I'm sure the makers know their demographic well enough. At the same time, I think they overestimate their demographic. Who knows, I don't know. So long as Ashley Greene makes an appearance.

      I'm not going to waste any time watching Robert Pattinson interviews, but I'll take your word for it. There's nothing for sure yet; as you said, it's all implication, and he's only ACTING like there is. We don't know that for sure. No need to fret yet.

new moon movie part 1