New Moon Soundtrack Songs Listen

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I listen to the New Moon Soundtrack?
    so is there somewhere where I can actually listen to the New Moon soundtrack, or are they only releasing the track listing right now??? Because I can't seem to find most of the songs.

    • ANSWER:
      The track listing is out,that's all.You can search YouTube for the artists' songs,if they were already released and they just added them to the soundtrack.Or if they were recorded specifically for New Moon,they might have been leaked anyway.Just find the track listing,and look up the artist's name with the title of their song.

    What song should I listen to if I read the book The Diary of Anne Frank?
    I'm in the middle of reading the book The Diary of Anne Frank on my kindle and I was thinking of putting a music file in my kindle for when I read it. What would be a good song to listen to while I read the book The Diary of Anne Frank? I'm looking more for scores but if not, then any song is fine. Give me a specific song please. If you don't know what song, then don't bother writing anything at all. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Drive Away (Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack):

      Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Pan's Labyrinth Soundtrack):

      Stuff We Did (Up Soundtrack):

      Nara (Cold Case Soundtrack):

      In the House, In A Heartbeat (28 Days Later Soundtrack):

      Welcome to Lunar Industries (Moon Soundtrack):

      One Last Wish (Casper Soundtrack):

      Surface of the Sun (Sunshine Soundtrack):

      The Last Waltz (Oldboy Soundtrack):

      (The original is blocked on YouTube. But imagine this song, except with a full orchestra. Very pretty.

      Hope those were kind of what you were looking for. Sorry some of them are super depressing. Happy reading, anyway! 😀

    Does anybody know the song playing in Twilight in the opening scene with the deer chase?
    I have the movie's soundtrack but this song is not in it and I really liked it. Do you know how it's called or where I can find it?

    • ANSWER:
      The song is How I Would Die by Carter Burwell off of the Twilight Score. Here is a link to the song if you would like to listen to it on youtube...

      Full Moon by the Black Ghosts plays as Bella is leaving Phoenix for Fork, WA -- as the plane is flying away and as she is riding in the police cruiser with her dad.

    What songs would you recomend me to listen to?
    My 2 favorite bands are paramore and the silversun pickups

    favorite songs by silversun pickups: Lazy eye, rusted wheel, and little lovers so polite

    Favorite songs by paramore: Misery Business, whoa, for a premises im pretty optimistic,

    I kind of like the new moon soundtrack My favorite songs on the soundtrack are:Monsters - hurricane bells, Friends - Band of skulls a white demon love song - the killers I also like full moon -the black ghosts (from twilight soundtrack)

    I prefer rock and maybe something that not many people have heard

    thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      the only ones i recommend from the asnwers are ''the avett brothers''

      they are the only decent band there, im sorry but i am not a fan of paramore and that general teenage music. (im a teenager myself)

      eh il post some alt rock links that you MAY like they are underrated artists. just browse at them

      Elbow- Forget Myself (they should have been famous years ago, i found them there
      like 4 years ago they are brilliant)

      Ash-Burn Baby Burn (very underrated irish band ALT ROCK/new wave Punk)

      Bell X1-Rocky Took A Lover (ALT ROCK rock f*cking unreal band)

      Avett Bros- Murder In The City (acoustic)

      The Frames-Everytime (cover of britneys song ACOUSTIC)

      Seasick Steve (legend hobo guy Rock/Blues & on jools holland)

      Rory Gallagher-Wheels Within Wheels (acoustic)

    any songs similar to the meadow from new moon?
    I love the song 'the meadow' from the new moon soundtrack, does any one know any similar songs?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I don't know what's your taste in music, but personally I feel that the songs by Rob Costlow - Reconstruction seems similar to The Meadow in New Moon. You can listen to it at this link:

      You might wanna listen to track 3, 4 and 6 first? But they all sound good. (:

    How do you get onto the New Moon soundtrack?
    I have some songs revolving around different themes for New Moon, and I want them (Stephenie, Summit Entertainment and so on) to check them out...Please tell me A.S.A.P!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, but it's highly unlikely they'd even consider a fan's ideas. They simply don't have the time to listen to everyone's suggestions.

    What are your favourite songs off the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks?
    I enjoyed the soundtracks and wanted to know if anyone else agrees...

    • ANSWER:
      OMG, awesome soundtracks, terrible movie!! Iiked Decode from the first Twilight. From New Moon: A White Demon Love Song (I liked the "Let us be in Love part the most), Monsters, Roslyn, Possibility(!). I have the soudtrack and listen to it ALL THE TIME.

    What's the song name in dexter this season last episode during the near of ending credits?
    dexter just killed trinity,he's on the boat,thrown the body,watching the moon,thinking about rita,what name is it???thx

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a slightly slower variation of "Epilogue/Bloodroom", by Daniel Licht, from the "Dexter" soundtrack.

      Listen to a sample of it here and see if you agree. (The guitar part you're looking for will kick in about 10 seconds into the sample.) If so, you can opt to pick it up for 99 cents.

    What is the name of the classical song in Driving Miss Daisy?
    It is the song that plays when the season is changing into spring, and she is sitting inside, knitting or something, listening to a beautiful classical instrumental song with an opera singer. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe it's SONG TO THE MOON.
      (excerpt from the opera "Rusalka")
      Composed by Antonín Dvorák
      Performed by Gabriela Benacková & the Czech Philharmonic
      Conducted by Vaclav Neumann

      You can listen to a music clip here on (the last song on the list # 7--just click on the word LISTEN)

    What songs do you think they should play for New Moons soundtrack?
    I think when Edward leaves bella they should play "I can feel you all around me" by Flyleaf, Cuz i remember hearin that when i was reading New Moon and i was like hey this song would be perfect for that movie.
    What do u think? or is there better songs out there?
    Just curious and really excited for the movie to come out =]

    • ANSWER:
      My favorite right now that I think would go perfect would definitely have to be "Breathe Me" by Sia. The moment i heard that song, I knew that it reminded me of the part in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella and she's gets all depressed and then she ends up getting closer to Jacob. I swear if you read or listen the lyrics to that song, you'll totally agree with me.

      Either that song or "Fix You" by Coldplay. That sounds like a song written in Jacob's point of view. Other songs I think work perfectly:

      "The Crawl" by Placebo

      "Ghost Of You" by My Chemical Romance

      "Never Say Never" by The Fray

      "I'm with You" by Avril Lavienge

      Maybe "Thinking Of You" by Katy Perry?

      "Better In Time" by Leona Lewis?

      Some people may not agree with me but these are my suggestions and I love these songs. Anyway, I can't wait for the movie to get here!!

    What song is played in the movie New Moon?
    At the part when Jacob climbs into the window of Bella's room and they start talking. Jacob tells Bella to try to remember more about the story that he told her on the beach awhile ago. It's just an instrumental, no words, but I'm pretty sure it's not on the soundtrack because I have it and it only has one instrumental on it and it doesn't sound like it at all. Please help me?

    • ANSWER:

      Listen to some of these... ;D

    Can anybody tell me the scenes where the songs from the Twilight soundtrack were played in the movie?
    I guess I was too involved in the movie to notice the music very much but now that I am listening to the songs, I can't remember where they were played in the movie and I would like to know to settle my curiosity. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Shopping for Prom: I Caught Myself by Paramore

      Basball Scene: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

      Scene Where Edward Plays the Piano for Bella: Bella's Lullaby

      Scene Where the Cullens are Cooking Italian: La Triviata

      Bella and Edward Out to Dinner: Never Think by Rob Pattinson

      Song in Edward's c.d. Player: Claire de Lune by The APM Orchestra

      Credits: Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park

      Scene Where Bella Leads Edward to the Woods: Decode by Paramore

      Scene Where Edward and Bella are Dancing at Prom: Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

      Scene Where Edward was Sucking out the Venom in Bella: Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson

      Opening Song: Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

      Bella Confronts Edward: Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

      Edward and Bella Arrive at School Together: Spotlight by Mutemath

      Edward Saves Bella from the Car: Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul

      Arriving at Prom: Go All the Way by Perry Farrell

    When does the New Moon Soundtrack come out?
    Please don't say it comes out the day new moon the movie does because it doesn't. The twilight soundtrack came out before the movie so please help me find out when?

    • ANSWER:
      There has not been a set date yet. But, from what I've heard, it will be coming out around the time when the New Moon Movie Companion is released, which is on October 6th.

      If it helps, Stephenie Meyer has a playlist of songs on her website that she listened to while writing New Moon, so maybe you could check that out.

    Best songs to listen to while smoking weed?
    I am not asking for anyone's judgment about me smoking weed, just recommend some songs to me.

    They could be either techno, rap, or rock.

    Thank you for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      Breath in the air- pink floyd
      (basically the whole dark side of the moon soundtrack)
      any skrillex will work
      ganja gun by bob marley
      anything from the lords of acid
      anything from bass nectar

    what is the song played in Due Date when Robert Downey Jr. is driving from the grand canyon?
    He is at grand canyon , gets phone call from wife says her water broke and then shows him driving and its like a rock song.

    • ANSWER:
      New Moon rising by Wolfmother I believe?
      go onto itunes and look up the Due Date soundtrack and listen to it to see if it's the correct song.

    What are your top 10 favorite songs RIGHT NOW?
    They don't have to be songs from right now, just songs that you are into at the moment.

    • ANSWER:
      A rocket to the moon-Mr.Right,Anabelle,She's killing me (I'm counting those all as one)
      Anberlin-The feel good drag
      Austin Gibbs-I like the ones
      Call the cops-Motion sickness
      Green river ordinance-come on
      Breathe carolina-I.D.G.A.F
      Mayday parade-Kids in love
      Owl city-Vanillia twilight,fireflies,If my heart were a house (counting as one also)
      Runner runner-she will be loved
      Forever the sickest kids-She likes
      I'm including extra because for me it goes beyond 10 songs...
      The scene-breakeven
      The summer set-chelsea
      Never shout never-can't stand it
      Valencia-listen up
      We are the in crowd-Never be what you want,For the win
      A smile from the trenches-Bad romance
      Hot chelle rae-never have I ever
      Any songs from We the Kings,The maine,All time low,Augustana,The graduate,Artist vs poet,Hey monday,Motion city soundtrack,The rocket summer

      I think that's it.

    What is a song that has lyrics that mean a lot you or that has a deep meaning to you?
    I'm just looking for a song with a deep meaning. What are yours?

    • ANSWER:

      Soundtrack 2 My Life- Kid Cudi <--my favorite Man on the Moon- Kid Cudi You should listen to his other songs too and read the lyrics while listening (: I'm obsessed.

    What's a rnb song when you miss that someone?
    Rnb songs just to chill out and listen to while your missing that someone bf/gf that you haven't seen in a long time.

    • ANSWER:
      Difficult- Eminem.. Look it up on youtube

      Listen to any song by Kid Cudi.. Thats what i do when i feel down 😉
      Pursuit Of Happiness
      Soundtrack 2 My Life
      The Prayer
      Man On the Moon
      Sky Might Fall


    Twilight-What is that song called in the starting of movie?
    Hi ppl! I want to look up lyrics, so do any of u no the song when it is the starting of the Twilight movie, when she is in the car and it's the very starting of the movie.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah it's full moon - the black ghost and it's pretty good, but in twilight soundtrack I love song never think - robert pattinson, I think u should listen to this. Here's the side:

    Looking for a love song in the alternative and acoustic genre?
    I'm looking for some love songs about wanting to be more than just friends, about wanting to be somebody's something, and falling in love. If you could stick with alternative and acoustic that would be awesome! Oh, and the song doesn't have to cover ALL of those topics. Just one of the three. But if you know multiple songs that include those, pleeeeease list them and I'll give them a listen. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      alllll of these songs are amazing!!! i made a playlist on youtube with all of them and a few more. so here is the link to one of the videos and on the right hand side it should say playlist, and u can either scroll through those options or click on see all to see the songs. they all fit one of your catagories! hope you enjoy!

      the frames- falling slowly
      the follow through- so high
      the morning of- shine
      john legend- someday
      go radio- why im home
      the fray- never say never
      secondhand serenade- why
      we shot the moon- perfect time
      a rocket to the moon- i think about you everyday
      death cab for cutie- i will follow you into the dark
      teddy geigher- for you i will
      the calling- wherever you will go
      gary allen- best i ever had
      we shot the moon- sway your head
      FM Static- definatly maybe
      secondhand serenade- stay close, dont go
      LifeHouse- you belong to me
      Paraschute- she is love acoustic
      never shout never- here goes nothing
      FM static- moment of truth
      Boys like girls thunder- acoustic
      Motion city soundtrack- this is for real
      the friday night boys-high school
      a rocket to the moon- fear of flying
      demi lovato- catch me
      incubus i miss you acoustic

    What are some rap songs about depression?
    I tend to listen to depressing music when Im sad it makes me feel better for some reason im looking for some artists such as: Kid Cudi, Eminem, Lil Wayne, anything like that I don't care..

    • ANSWER:
      Kid Cudi - All Along
      Kid Cudi - Rain

      Kid Cudi - Mr. Solo Dolo

      Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon
      Kid Cudi - Do It Alone

      Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life

      Kid Cudi - My World

      Atmosphere - To All My Friends
      Eminem - Mockingbird
      Purple Monkey Sircus - F*ck My Life

      And when you wanna get out of being depressed:
      Atmosphere - The Best Day

    What's your favorite song on the Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse soundtrack?
    Well, the movies were terrible but I LOVE the music! So what was your favorite songs from all three movies?
    For me: Twilight - Decode, Full Moon
    New Moon - Possibility, Hearing Damage, and Monsters
    Eclipse - Eclipse (All Yours) I haven't listened to all the songs since I just got the CD from the library today but I LOVE that song!

    • ANSWER:
      Twilight: Radiohead - "15 Step" (I know, it's not on the CD, but it is part of the film's soundtrack)
      New Moon: Editors - "No Sound bt the Wind"
      Eclipse: Beck and Bat for Lashes - "Let's Get Lost"

    What 5 songs could be relatable to the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte?
    I need a song for each section; exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion.

    • ANSWER:
      I can't match up the songs with what you've asked but for me any song by Two Steps From Hell -Moving Mountains.
      Here it is on youtube:

      You may think it's cheesy but it was used in the 2nd portion of the Twilight New Moon movie trailer 3 (the instrumental portion during and after Jacob rescues Bella from drowning). I thought the music was gorgeous. Listen to the high notes of the music in that trailer (even if you hate Twilight). The music is gothic and powerful (and not on the soundtrack).
      Here it is:

    What are some good Halloween music soundtracks to download ?
    Were throwing a party, but the main attraction is gonna be a maze and I have no clue what to download, help ? It needs to be scary too!

    • ANSWER:
      it depends what you like to listen to. a lot of hard rock and metal can be halloween style scary....stuff like metallica, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, black sabbath, the misfits, alice cooper, pantera, korn, type o negative, mindless self indulgence, rob zombie and white zombie.

      here are some specific songs:

      classics like "the monster mash," "ghostbusters" and the "addams family theme"

      michael jackson - "thriller"

      yeah yeah yeahs - "heads will roll"
      **on glee, they did a mash up of "thriller" and "heads will roll" that was fantastic, it's in itunes and on youtube

      ozzy osbourne - "bark at the moon"

      white zombie - "i'm your boogie man"

      rob zombie - "dragula," "living dead girl," "spookshow baby"

      green day - "misery"

      creedence clearwater revival - "i put a spell on you"

      type o negative - "black #1"

      the pixies - "is she weird?"

      korn - "freak on a leash," "dead bodies everywhere"

      alice cooper - "welcome to my nightmare" and "feed my frankenstein"

      warren zevon - "werewolves of london"

      mindless self indulgence - "kill yourself," "tight," "goldeneye"

      bravery - "jack o lantern man"

      misfits - "dig up her bones," "kong at the gates," witchhunt," pumpkinhead," "scarecrow man," "die monster die," "kong unleashed"....just to name a few 😉

      the jacksons - "torture"

      cranberries - "zombie"

      smashing pumpkins - "eye"

      almost any song from nightmare before christmas, but specifically "this is halloween" and "oogie boogie's song"

    What Are Some Good Songs To Put On My iPod?
    I restored my iPod & lost most of my songs. Can You Name Any Good Songs To Download So I Can Put On My iPod?
    It does not matter what genre, i love all music.


    -They Can Be New Songs Or Old Songs.

    • ANSWER:
      Listen to the Beat 94.5 and get some ideas from there. Also, Check out

      My fave song right now is on 'Top Of The World' By Pussycat Dolls. It's the theme song for the reality show 'The City' On MTV.

      Some of my other songs on my playlist are
      Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls
      15 Step - Radiohead
      I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
      Sugar - Flo Rida feat. Wynter Gordon
      Goodbye - Kristinia Debarge
      Right Round - Flo Rida feat. Keh$a
      Knock You Down - Keri Hilson feat. Kanye Wast and Ne -Yo
      Africa - Karl Wolf featuring Culture
      Look How I'm Doing - Heidi Montag
      Unstoppable - Kat Deluna feat. 'lil Wayne
      Let's Make This Last Forever - Mitchel Musso (It's not on iTunes so you have to download it)
      Cruella De Vil - Selena Gomez
      Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
      Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
      Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
      Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
      Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
      Labels Or Love - Fergie
      Dare - Gorillaz
      Seven Days Of Lonely - I Nine
      The Heart Of The Matter - India.Arie
      Until I Stay - Jully Black
      Trouble Is A Friend - Lenka

      And here are some of my fave Artists/Groups;

      Lady Gaga
      Demi Lovato
      Avril Lavigne
      Kelly Clarkson
      Selena Gomez
      Mitchel Musso
      The Ting Tings
      No Doubt

      Here is the only soundtrack I can think of ;

      - Twilight:

      1. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
      2. Decode - Paramore
      3. Full Moon - The Black Ghosts
      4. Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
      5. Spotlight (Twilight Mix) - Mute Math
      6. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) - Perry Farrell
      7. Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul
      8. I Caught Myself - Paramore
      9. Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
      10. Never Think - Robert Pattinson (I Love Rob but he sings horrible)
      11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
      12. Bella's Lullaby

      If you don't know the songs, Listen to a preview of them on Itunes Store or on Youtube.

      Hope I helped. I love all the songs.

    What are the lyrics to Get Thru This?
    As I was listening to the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack (yes, I'm a proud loser), I came across the song "Get Thru This" by the band Art of Dying (it's track 6 of 14). I've looked all over, and all the lyrics are missing parts. Does anyone have the complete and correct lyrics? And yes, it is spelled "Thru", not "Through".

    • ANSWER:

      it's the lyric video that art of dying made :)

    What are some good easy listening guitar songs, like Jack Johnson, but maybe even more instrumental?
    Any suggestions?
    Youtube clips are great.
    I'm looking for some easy listening soft guitar songs.
    Something for the car, listening on the computer, etc.
    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a few suggestions...maybe you'll like some of them. :)

      Jose Gonzalez
      Rocky Votolato
      Iron & Wine
      Elliott Smith
      Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst (probably not so "easy-listening" sometimes, but one of my all time favorites, so I had to include him. :))
      M. Ward
      Sufjan Stevens
      Devendra Banhart
      DeVotchka (If you search for this, there's also a punk-ish/hardcore-ish band called Devotchkas, just so you know the difference...DeVotchka was the main artist in the soundtrack for the movie Little Miss Sunshine, if you're familiar with that...)
      Nick Drake
      Jolie Holland
      Andrew Bird (unique combo of violin & guitar...he's awesome.)
      Damien Jurado
      Ray LaMontagne
      David Gray
      Gary Jules
      Two Gallants (more bluesy rock guitar most of the time)
      Katie Melua
      Bon Iver
      Bonnie Prince Billy
      Ben Harper
      Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova/The Frames
      Laura Veirs
      Anna Ternheim
      Emiliana Torrini
      Vashti Bunyan
      Alexi Murdoch
      Sun Kil Moon
      Red House Painters
      Mark Kozelek

      I'm sure you'll find at least a few you'll like there, or at least I hope so. A few of them use piano more than guitar, and some use other string instruments, but it's the same nice mellow sound. I could probably come up with hundreds more, really. These are just off the top of my head, and I'm sure I'm missing quite a few who I'd consider favorites. 😛 You could probably find something by most of them on youtube. Maybe I'll add some links to videos later. If you're not already familiar with or, you might want to check them out. Great ways to discover new music...

    What are some good alternative rock bands?
    I'd also like to know their best albums/songs too. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      bands - (mainstream alternative)
      the academy is... - Santi - everything we hand
      all time low - so wrong its right - dear maria count me in
      boys like girls - boys like girls - great escape
      cute is what we aim for - rotation - navigate me
      forever the sickest kids - ??? - Whoa! (me vs. everyone)
      gym class heroes - ??? - clothes off!
      jacks mannequin - ??? - holiday from real
      jimmy eat world -futures - pain
      less than jake - dont rlly listen to them much
      metro station - metro station - shake it
      the maine - punk goes crunk - the way we talk
      motion city soundtrack - commit to this memory - everything is alright
      panic at the disco - ??? - i write sins not tragedies
      paramore - riot - thats what u get
      plain white T's - ?? - hey their deliyla
      the red jumpsuit apparatus - ??? - face down
      secondhand serenade
      we the kings

      ok now some other alternative bands but not as mainstream
      story of the year
      single file
      sing it loud
      the rocket summer
      rocket to the moon
      the morning light
      mayday parade
      hawthorne heights
      from first to last
      the hush sound
      danger radio
      cinematic sunrise
      the audition
      angels and airwaves
      the dangerous summer

      ok soo now a little more hard core emoish
      the chiodos
      the pink spiders
      escape the fate
      devil wear prada
      drop dead gorgeous
      sky eats airplane
      scary kids scaring kids
      van atta high
      bless the fall

      ok now industrial kind of
      kill hannah
      mindless self indulgence

      ok now foreign music
      tokio hotel
      cinema bizarre
      nevada tan

    Where can I listen to the new moon soundtrack online, with no interruptions?
    Could some one send me a link... I will be buying this soon.. but, until I get then money I'd still like to listen to the whole cd with out having to click after every song. Anyone know an ACTUAL working site, with no downloads? I'd really appreciate it!

    • ANSWER: sign up..its free

    What is so great about Dark Side of The Moon, really?
    And why is it so famous when The Final Cut (also by Pink Floyd) could have gotten as much attention?

    By the way I only like two songs on the album, they are Brain Damage and Eclipse.
    If the band was at the end of their run when they made the Final Cut, why did they make Momentary Lapse of Reason and the Division Bell?

    • ANSWER:
      Dark Side of The Moon was Pink Floyd's Introduction to the world and the record that made them Rich. before Dark side of the Moon, Pink Floyd made 5 Studio Albums and 3 Soundtracks
      Which are often Forgotten by people like you

      You are a Novice in Pink Floyd's Music, A Beginner who enjoys stuff like the Wall, animals and the Final Cut,
      Dark side of the Moon and before that, is for a More Musically mature Pink Floyd Fan. They experienced more with tonality, Sound, Instruments, Equipment, and much much more
      Dark side of the moon is mostly Gilmour's music with Roger's Lyrics
      All Lyrics were by Roger, But Roger specializes mostly in creating that dramatic Atmosphere to the Song with his haunting lyrics.
      That type of Floyd started in DSOTM when Roger made eclipse and Brain Damage. The others have that more psychedelic Feel to it, that more progressive artistic feel to it. Obviously it's too much for you to handle,
      Can you listen to The Great gig in the sky all through?? That's right it has No Lyrics and No Guitars
      Just vocalizations, Bass, Drums and Keyboards

      The thing why DSOTM is so famous because it started that Pink FLoyd era that people usually like (1973- early 1980s)
      I bet if you heard Atom heart Mother or Echoes, You will be very surprised on how Pink Floyd's Music can be genius

    What is the song in the twilight trailer?

    I've seen the twilight trailer a few times, and as much as I don't care for the series, I like the soundtrack to the trailer.

    Does anyone know this song?

    • ANSWER:
      The song is called Power of One Choir by X-Ray Dog (

      X-Ray Dog has produced the music for dozens of movies, as well as all three trailers for Twilight. Their music is not released to the public, but you can listen to the songs on the YouTube trailers.

      The song in the first trailer is called The Vision (
      The song in the second trailer is called Gothic Vision (

      The music in the movie is brilliant too. Here's the complete list of songs from Twilight in the order they appeared in the movie, with notes on the scenes they were used in when I could specifically place them.

      The videos and downloads for all of them are here:

      Opening song - Full Moon by The Black Ghosts
      Before school, wants to confront him but not there - Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation
      Song on the radio at the boathouse - The Cat’s Meow by Adam Smalley and Scott Johnson
      Saves her from car crash - Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul
      Shopping for prom dresses - I Caught Myself by Paramore
      Dinner - Never Think by Rob Pattinson
      Goes to the Cullen house - La Traviata by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Arrive at school together & everyone stares – Nature Within Us / Spotlight by Mutemath
      On Edward’s CD player and playing piano - Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy
      Baseball game - Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
      Ballet studio - Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson
      First song playing at the prom - Go All the Way by Perry Farrell
      Prom dance song outside - Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine
      First credit song - 15 Step by Radiohead
      Second credit song - Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park
      Third credit song - Decode by Paramore

    Did anyone else think the Twilight soundtrack lacked?
    I had a very strong feeling that Evanescence would be on this soundtrack. Maybe because I thought of them while reading the books. Maybe in New Moon? The song My Immortal will be perfect for a certain part. Also if you are a fan listen to the Fallen album by Evanescence you'll understand! Any opinions?

    • ANSWER:
      I liked the soundtrack but yea evanesence would have been good on the track

    What are the best album covers of all time?
    Make the list as long as you like, but please mention the band and what it is called. Also include whether it was a good album of not. For example, Ministry's filth pig wasn't good but the cover was amazing.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, I know many good covers, and i will name you all of those.


      Abbey Road - The Beatles: A brillian cover made of a funny picture: Excellent album by the way.

      American Idiot - Green Day: The symbol of a hand holding a heart that its actually a granade it's very dramatic and conceptual. I like the album, but it's not even near to a masterpiece.

      Automatic for The People - REM: I like the strange painting of the front cover, gives the album some kind of dark atmosphere. One of the best albums I've ever listen, from begining to end it's perfect.

      A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Coldplay: Half a head that fits withe the title. A good alternative album, good to listen before going to sleep.

      A Trick Of The Tail - Genesis: It apperars the character of every song. The best album Genesis had made.

      Best Of 1980 - 1990 - U2: A little kid with a soildier's helmet, it's a strong image. As a "best of" album, it should be good.

      Blood, Sugar, Sex & Magic - Red Hot Chili Peppers: Strange cover of a collage of various tattoos the band members have. I just love two or three songs, but many people love it.

      Breakfast In America - Supertramp: Looking new york from the window of a plane, with a statue of liberty remplased for a fat waitress, and an orange juise as the torch; and the city as dishes. One of the best Supertramp's albums.

      Construction Time Again - Depeche Mode: A guy with a hammer about to hit a mountain. A good album in general.

      Crime Of The Century - Supertramp: A prision in the middle of the space. For me the best Supertramp's album

      Crisis? What Crisis? - Supertramp: A guy sunbathing while the world its collapsing. Its a descent album.

      The Cure - The Cure: A strange painting, I like strange paintings. It's a good album with melancholic energy.

      Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd: The iconographic image of Pink Floyd; the light that trough a prism becomes a rainbow. Another of the best albums in the whole world.

      Division Bell - Pink Floyd: Two metal faces looking at each other, and that two faces make a face. My favorite Pink Floyd's album; softer.

      Even In The Quietest Moments - Supertramp: A piano covered of snow in the middle of the mountains. As an album it's good.

      Famous Last Words - Supertramp: A man on a wire with giant scissors about to cut the rope. My personal favorite Supertramp's album.

      Inglorious Basterds Soundtrack - Various Artists: A baseball bat whitch hangs a soildier helmet. A fine compilation.

      Kid A - Radiohead: A computed mountain range. Very melancholic, but anyway good.

      More Songs About Buildings and Food - Talking Heads: The members if the band in relief. Good, strange album.

      Neon Bible - Arcade Fire: A strange Neon Bible. Most melancholic album of Arcade Fire.

      Never Mind - Nirvana: A baby in the sea fishing a dollar. The best grundge album of the world.

      Ok Computer - Radiohead: A computed, blue highway. Almost perfect album.

      Parachutes - Coldplay: A dry planet earth. Soft and catchy.

      Perfect Symmetry - Keane: Triangles and eyes. The best Keane album.

      Peter Gabriel II (Scratch) - Peter Gabriel: A guy scratching a glass: Peter Gabriel's album I like Less.

      Peter Gabriel III (Melt) - Peter Gabriel: A guy with half face melting. Has good songs.

      Soviet Kitsch - Regina Spektor: Regina drinking vodka from one of those russian bottle, with a military cap, and with "matryoshka dolls" for background. It's not a Rock album, neither pop, it's other thing, but great anyway.

      Tatoo You - The Rolling Stones. A guy with a stange relief in his metalig face. Good album from begining to end.

      Up - Peter Gabriel: Drops of water going up with a gray face on background. Various kind of sounds in a single album, good.

      War - U2: An angry boy's face, very shocking. One of the best U2's albums.

      I hope you like It, sorry for the lenght. Good Luck!

    What's your favorite song on the Twilight Soundtrack?
    My favorite song on the Twilight Soundtrack is Super Massive Black Hole by Muse. I listen to it all the time! Every time I do the baseball scene plays in my head. So what's your favorite and why?

    • ANSWER:
      Full Moon because ITS AWESOME (good guitar!)

      Flightless Bird

      Let Me Sign

      Never Think


      Claire de Lune

      Eyes On Fire

      (P.S Does anybody else think that Tattoo is a good song to resemble Bella towards Jacob in New Moon...?)

    What are some good pop punk albums to party to?
    I like stuff that I can dance to and just party to.

    • ANSWER:
      Tyr these:
      (album released on 2009 and 2010)

      A Hero's Fate(Great New Band! Flight 286 and Ron is Anthrax Proof are awesome songs)
      Lights Out Dancing(Underrated! They're so awesome, but they lack exposure!)
      Show Me The Skyline
      Select Start
      Skouts Honor(Check their myspace! They're pretty cool! Blink 182 sound alike)
      We Shot The Moon(Great vocals and great use of the piano mixing it with Indire Rock/Powerpop genre!)
      Downtown Fiction(they have a new album released couple of days ago. They're not lyrically great, but you still can't deny their young potential)
      Brothers at Sea
      Van Atta High
      You Me At Six(Just awesome! They somewhat define pop punk in a way.)
      Artist VS Poet
      Every Avenue(Their new album Picture Perfect is just a masterpiece it's worth a listen!)
      Motion City Soundtrack(Just speechless!)
      Forever and Never
      The Icarus Account(Stay is a great song)
      A Rocket to the Moon
      Ten Second Epic
      Forever On High
      Story of The Year
      Red Car Wire
      Rufio(Great new album! Worth your time!)
      The Cab

      got tons more! But it's kinda vexing to list them all! 😀 Just check Purevolume for awesome new bands and albums and absoulute punk for good reviews.
      I assure you all of these are pretty new! You should give them a listen! 😀

    What are your top 3 favorite Zelda games and why?
    For me:

    3. Ocarina of Time
    2. Wind Waker
    1. Majora's Mask

    I prefer majora because of how dark and at times creepy it is. You can see the true devastation in some of the areas and all of the temples are really creative. Ocarina I like for the intensity of the story. I enjoy wind Waker because of how simple, fun and different it is.

    • ANSWER:
      I really love all Zelda games (except CD-I), but this is my opinion to choose.

      For me is:

      3) Twilight Princess
      2) Majora's Mask
      1) Ocarina of Time

      Twilight Princess is really an Epic Link the Character, damn he's so strong, I love the gameplay and items and stuffs. I love the bosses and dungeons. The story itself I love it and the characters are awesome. I love the Midna when you a wolf. It is. Wolf it is so Creative and I love the song of bark voices. It makes calm down. It is epic and challenging.

      Majora's Mask it is great too, but it feels (to me) kinda short, creepy, also very fun game, I love the Mask to wear on, it is fun, but it is limit the time in 3 days. I like the free roam but it has limits so you can't go everywhere, you must be exact time to go. But I don't mind I love this game. I like the dungeons and replayable bosses. It feels Dark creepy and Scary. Damn you, The Moon and Skull Kid. (don't steal it again from Mask Shopper)

      Ocarina of Time it feels really correct to me, it has free roam very great story and so much fun to play, it feels very long to play. The characters themself are Great. Very fun to play bosses and Dungeons and very much stuff in there like Secrets/Easter Egg. I love the nostalgic music it keeps me back in the game. It is Challenging and fun. Oh, yeah Navi it doesn't really bother me after all. Except the Water Temple it bugs me (not Navi).

      For 2D games is:

      3)The Legend of Zelda (first one)
      2)Link's Awakening
      1)Link to the Past

      The Legend of Zelda that I love the Classic game, it has really challening, cool dungeons, it's an simple game that you'll never miss the game.

      Link's Awakening it's simple and fun, I love to play it. The music keeps me love it how she sings the Marin. The Dungeons are Great and so much fun to play. I

      Link to the Past I really love the great gameplay and the epic story, it is very challenging and it is free roam game, it has a lot of fun to play. Items are very many of it and fun, so much great to looking around to everywhere and Bosses are very cool. It has Great soundtrack to listen and so much fun to play.

    What is the Theme Song of your life?
    What song makes you happy?
    What song makes you sad?
    What is your love life's theme song?
    What is your theme song?
    What song could you listen to over an over?

    • ANSWER:
      Morning Moon (Sailor Moon Soundtrack)
      Don't have one
      There is no song to describe my crappy love life.
      Moonlight Destiny (Japanese theme song of Sailor Moon)
      Uhhhhhhhh, well Carmelldansen

    Do u like any artists off the new moon soundtrack?
    do u listen to their other songs? which artist do u reccommend that i listen to?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, the twi soundtracks are really unique and i personally love them! They are all considered indie bands and artists, and the producers of the soundtrack always choose to pick about 2 well known bands and then some quite unkown bands.
      The Twilight Soundtrack has Paramore,Muse Iron and Wine, on there, and both songs are good! Its more happy indie music on that soundtrack.
      Personal Faves - Paramore - Decode, Muse - Super Massive Black Hole, Iron And Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth
      The New Moon soundtrack is quite depressing indie music, as it is the saddest film in the saga. Muse are on the soundtrack again, along with The Killers and Lykke Li. Theres 2 or 3 energetic songs on there, the rest are fairly 'depressing'
      Personal Faves - Monsters by Hurricane Bells, Roslyn - Bon Iver and St. Vincent, The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf and Shooting The Moon - Ok Go
      The Eclipse soundtrack is a good mix of happy indie music, average indie music and depressing. The Eclipse soundtrack consists of Muse, Florence + The Machine and Vampire Weekend. I personally think its the best of all 3 soundtracks, as it has a perfect balance.
      Personal Faves - Ours - The Bravery, Jonathon Low - Vampire Weekend, Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine, Neutron Star Collission (Love Is Forever) - Muse, My Love - Sia

    What are ALL the All Time Low songs and What Albums are they on!?
    What are ALL the All Time Low songs and What Albums are they on!?
    I recently became obsessed with All Time Low, so i want to know all their songs and albums so i can listen to them and buy them. Also, if you know anything about Alex Gaskarth, that stuff would be good to know. THANK YOU.

    • ANSWER:
      I LOVE ALL TIME LOW! biggest fan :) i went to their show last month, and met jack and alex. they are the sweetest guys EVER. <3 okaaay. here are all of the albums and the songs on them: album: put up or shut up songs: coffee shop soundtrack break out! break out! the girl's a straight up hustler jasey rae the party scene running from lions lullabies album: so wrong, it's right songs: this is how we do let it roll six feet under the stars holly (would you turn me on?) the beach dear maria, count me in shameless remembering sunday vegas (this song is actually a follow-up to 'remembering sunday') stay awake (dreams only last for a night) come one, come all poppin' champagne album: nothing personal songs: weightless break your little heart damned if i do ya (damned if i don't) lost in stereo stella sick little games hello, brooklyn walls too much keep the change, you filthy animal a party song (the walk of shame) therapy poison album: dirty work songs: do you want me (dead?) i feel like dancin' forget about it guts time-bomb just the way i'm not under a paper moon return the favor no idea a daydream away that girl heroes get down on your knees and tell me you love me my only one merry christmas, kiss my *** bad enough for you album: almost alice (music inspired by the motion picture) song: painting flowers album: punk goes crunk song: umbrella album: jennifer's body (music from the motion picture) song: toxic valentine also, alex appeared in the rocket summer's music video for "do you feel" if you wanna watch that. :)

    Songs to listen to when you find out your crush has a girlfriend?
    Btw, I'm 14.. No Taylor Swift though! I have too many Taylor Swift songs, so if you suggest any, I probably already have them :) x

    • ANSWER:
      Outch sorry to hear about that.
      Music is the best way to heal a broken heart so heres my playlist 😀
      (All from different genre's Im sure u'll find something you like :) )

      (Three days grace:)
      Bitter taste
      World so cold
      Lost in you
      No more
      Last to know
      Someone who cares
      Without you
      Goin' down
      Life starts now
      I hate everything about you
      Take me under
      Animal I have become
      Lets start a riot
      Let it die
      over and over
      gone forever
      Running away

      (David Cook)
      Light on
      Little Sparrow
      fall back into me
      Come back to me

      When it rains
      Let the flames Begin
      We are broken
      Loves not a competition (but I'm winning)
      Just like me
      All we know
      My heart
      Playing god
      Turn it off
      The only exception
      Feeling sorry
      Looking up
      Where the lines over lap
      Misguided ghosts
      All I wanted
      For a pessimist I'm pretty Optemistic
      Never let this go
      Here we go again
      Brick by boring Brick

      (The script:)
      Break even

      (Kings of leon:)
      Use somebody

      The reason
      running away

      (David Archuletta:)
      A thousand Miles
      Think of me
      A little too not over you
      My hands
      To be with you
      Touch my hand
      You can
      Waiting for yesterday
      somebody out there
      works for me
      crush crush
      Ill be (also by edwin mcain)
      Stand by me (also by the beattles)
      Your the voice
      I wanna know you feat. Miley Cyrus

      (Robert Pattinson:)
      I was Broken
      The meadow
      Let me sign
      Never think
      Midnight thoughts
      I'll be your lvoer too
      River flows in you

      (60's Music)
      La bamba-Richie Valens
      All you need is love-The beatles
      Bye Bye miss american pie-The beattles
      Oh donna-Richie Valens

      When I dip you dip we dip-69 boys

      No more-3LW

      Chicken fried-Zac Brown Band
      Got whatever it is-zac Brown Band

      Red Red wine-UB40

      (the twilight soundtrack:)
      Full Moon
      FLightless bird american motuh
      Mecy in darkness
      Going all the way into the twilight
      Never think
      I caught myself
      Eyes on fire
      Almost lover
      (The twilight saga new moon)
      Satelight heart
      I belong to you
      Slow lige
      Shooting the moon
      No sound but the wind
      The violet hour
      Solar midnight
      Done all wrong
      A white deomn love song

      Hey soul sister-Train

      Whatta Man
      No scrubs

      Remember-Tim Mcgraw

      Bad girlfriend-Theory of a dead man
      She hates me-Puddle of mud

      Over my head
      Angels with dirty faces
      Im not the one
      another time around
      all messed up
      fat lip
      heart attack
      with me
      sill waiting
      in too deep
      better off on my own

      40oz to freedom
      What I got
      dont push
      romantic girl
      same int he end
      date rape
      ball and chain
      ive seen better days

      after today (a gooffy movie soundtrack -LOL

      Second chance=Sinedown

      Suds in the bucket-Sara evens

      Maria Maria-Santana

      Shoop-salt and pepper

      Titties and beer-Rodney carrington

      Put your clothes back on-rodney carringotn

      Another night-The real Mccoy


      I gotta Man-Possitive K

      Hey there Dililah-The plain white t's

      Hypnotized- B.I.G

      Do you
      Never knew I needed
      Work it out

      Don't take it personal-Monica

      Love your memory-Miranda Lambert

      The climb
      the one
      bigger than us
      I wanna know you
      if we where a movie

      I used to lvoe him-Marry J. Blige

      3AM-Rob thomas/Matchbox 20

      Liek a prayer-Madonna

      I;m already there-Lonestar

      But i do lvoe you
      I need you
      one way ticket
      please remember
      how do I live without you
      cant fight the moonlight
      the right kind of wrong

      Need you now-Lady antebellum
      I run to you-Lady antebellum

      Sweet dreams-La Couche

      Live like were dying-Kris Allen

      I wanna love somebody like you-Keith Urban
      Kiss a girl-Kieth urban
      My kind of rain-Keith urban

      Twisted-Keith sweat

      No air-Jordan sparks

      Down-Jay sean

      Take another little piece of my heart- Faith hill

      Save tonigth-eadle eye cherry

      Bubbly-Colbie caillat
      Fallin' for you-Colbie caillat

      (chris daughtry:)
      Feels like tonight
      what I want
      no suprze
      what about now
      over you
      its not over
      life after you
      what if
      the letter

      Tears don't fall-Bullet for my valentine

      Neon moon-Brooks and dunn

      I swear- All -4- one

      Remember when-Alan jackson

      Eye to eye- A goffy movie soundtrack (LOL)

    Attention all Twilight Fans!! What songs do you think would be good on the New Moon sound track?
    I personally think Cant have you by the Jonas Brothers fits with the story perfectly what do you think? (and listen to the lyrics do not just say no caus they are the Jonas Brothers)

    • ANSWER:
      I really think they should put "unknowns" on the soundtrack.

      And I don't know if you heard it, but Hana Pestle's song "Need" would be perfect :)

    What did you Twilight fans think of the New Moon Soundtrack?
    I found its replay value really, really good. Actually I'm listening to the album on repeat right now, that's kind of what inspired the question. :)
    The sucky thing is my parents aren't letting me see the movie (YET XD). Anyway, what's your favorite song from it? Why?
    I'd have a tough time deciding. Just wanted to know what you guys think 😛

    • ANSWER:
      I love the New Moon soundtrack, it's more my style than the Twilight Soundtrack was.

      My favorite song is "Violet Hour" by Sea Wolf...and Sea Wolf is now one of my favorite bands. Thank you New Moon soundtrack. =)

    Any songs you know that i should on my mp3 player?
    well i just bought a sony walkman and i can have up to 925 songs but at most all i can get is 130 any ideas on songs? i listen to any music so any goods you know?

    • ANSWER:
      I'll list the band and then one of my favorite songs by them.

      Say Anything - Skinny mean man
      3OH!3 - Don't trust me // I'm not your boyfriend, baby
      Playradioplay! - Compliment eachother like colors
      Panic at the disco - That green gentlemen (i know you've probably heard their old stuff, but their new stuff is amazing)
      Motion city soundtrack - Everything is alright
      All time low - Dear maria
      Patent pending - Los Angeles
      The Secret Handshake - Summer of '98 // Saturday (look it up on youtube)
      Jacks Mannequin - Dark blue // The Resolution
      Andrew McMahon - I'm ready
      A rocket to the moon - If they only knew
      The killers - Human
      Shwayze - Polaroid
      Mayday parade - Jamie all over
      Sum 41 - Fat lip
      A change of pace - Weekend warriors
      The Fray - You found me
      The maine - I must be dreaming // Everything I ask for
      All-American Rejects - Gives you hell
      Forever the sickest kids - Catastrophe // Hey Brittany!

      My favorites are:
      Say anything, 3OH!3, The killers, & Forever the sickest kids
      I know I listed a lot, but they're all good :)

    Writing a book based off a musical album?
    I am interested in writing a book based off of an album by a certain band.

    Basically, my idea is that each song in the album would correspond to a chapter in the book. None of the lyrics would be used, but rather the story would draw inspiration form the message and feeling of each song, making the album more like a soundtrack for the book...

    My question is, are there copyright laws against this? Do I need the band's permission if I want to get it published? I would not use lyrics from the songs, but would title the book the same as the album title, and each chapter title would be the title of the song that inspired it.

    The idea is for the experience of listening to the music and reading the book to be intertwined, and to have the reader listen to each song before reading the chapter.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes and no.
      If you actually use the song titles or strongly reference the lyrics, then you may have some troubles.
      On the other hand, if you use the ideas of the music for the ideas of your story, without actually naming them, you might be alright.

      Look at Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz.
      Sort of the opposite of what you are talking about, but while they fit, nobody has admitted that Pink Floyd was inspired or ripped off the WB film.

      I think is sounds like a great idea. It is sure to spark speculation if anyone "gets it."
      Go for it and let the publisher sweat the legal stuff.

    What songs should i add to my ipod? *BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS*?
    I like all the popular songs at the moment.

    • ANSWER:
      these are some of my favorite songs.. i don't know what kind of music you like but you can kind of explore these haha..

      face down- red jumpsuit apparatus
      disenchanted- my chemical romance
      big city dreams- nevershoutnever!
      i will follow you into the dark- death cab for cutie
      sound of settling- death cab for cutie
      holiday- green day
      hands down- dashboard confessional
      guilty pleasure- cobra starship
      diary of jane- breaking benjamin
      im not okay (i promise)- my chemical romance
      teenagers- my chemical romance
      swing swing- all american rejects
      sugar were goin down- fall out boy
      the call- regina spektor
      viva la vida- coldplay
      flightless bird american mouth- iron and wine
      such great heights- iron and wine
      all the same-sick puppies
      were going to be friends- white stripes
      meant to live- switchfoot
      hallelujah- paramore
      cancer- my chemical romance
      welcome to the black parade- my chemial romance
      black cat-mayday parade
      shadow of the day- linkin park
      dark blue- jack's mannequin
      darlin- between the trees
      story of a boy- between the trees
      you cry a tear to start a river- between the trees
      bruises- chairlift
      bruised- jack's mannequin
      a-punk- vampire weekend
      the way i am- ingrid michaelson
      monsters- matchbook romance
      iris- goo goo dolls
      paint it black- rolling stones
      when you were young- the killers
      human- the killers
      mr.brightside- the killers
      jenny was a friend of mine- the killers
      all these things that ive done- the killers
      boston- augustana
      everything is alright- motion city soundtrack
      flavor of the week- bowling for soup
      ready set go- tokio hotel
      monsoon- tokio hotel
      gives you hell- all american rejects
      happy endings- all american rejects
      june gloom- the like
      the con- tegan and sara
      divided- tegan and sara
      suspension- mae
      misery business- paramore
      dont trust me- 3oh!3
      sweet tangerine- the hush sound
      until the day i die- story of the year
      green eyes- coldplay
      lost- coldplay
      failure by design- brand new
      millstone- brand new
      soul meets body- death cab for cutie
      reach for the sun- the polyphonic spree
      shut up and smile- bowling for soup
      decode- paramore
      way back into love- hugh grant and haley bennett
      yellow- coldply
      we are one tonight- switchfoot
      stars- switchfoot
      gone- switchfoot
      keep dreaming upside down- october fall
      smile in your sleep- silverstein
      blue orchid- white stripes
      the breakup song- bowling for soup
      i dont wanna be in love- good charlotte
      i hate everything about you- three days grace
      stare at the sun- thrice
      artist in the ambulence- thrice
      ill stop the world and melt with you- the cure
      friday im in love- the cure
      wake me up when september ends- green day
      boulevard of broken dreams- green day
      youre so damn hot- ok go
      baby, you wouldnt last a minute on the creek- chiodos
      you found me- the fray
      helena- my chemical romance
      walking after you- foo fighters
      up in arms- foo fighters
      cold december- matt costa
      shes a rebel- green day
      atrophy- red jumpsuit apparatus
      step right up- red jumpsuit apparatus
      kiss me- sixpence none the richer
      anthem of our dying day- story of the year
      shes a rainbow- rolling stones
      sweet november- tegan and sara
      power of love- sailor moon
      hotel california- the eagles
      lola- the kinks
      anyone else but you- the moldy peaches
      estrella- broken toy airplanes
      curse of curves- cute is what we aim for
      all you got- tegan and sara
      smells like teen spirit- nirvana
      dont stand so close to me- the police
      roxanne- the police
      speed of sound- coldplay
      tire swing- kimya dawson
      free bird- lynard skynard

      oh and just so you know im not a weirdo im just bored and listening to my music so yeah :)

    What is your favorite New Moon song from the soundtrack or score && why?
    I know mah favorites are "Roslyn" because its intense..i love "Possibility" & "Slow Life"..i think i love the songs so much because of the scenes that they were in. I also am IN LOVE with "Memories of Edward" from the score.

    • ANSWER:
      Satellite Heart-beautiful problem situation song.Slow Life-WONDERFUL . The lyrics and rhythm are great. Shooting the Moon, It reminds me of Bella/Jake all the way. The Violet Hour, is the type of song you want to listen to when you're on the road, in a 67 Mustang Fastback. Love the idea? I do. I love Roslyn, it is great song to-god this is corny- but one to listen to when you're depressed. And for the last, it has to be Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke, that is just an amazing mellow action sequence-oxymoron much!-song.

    Demi Lovato is planning to record a song for New Moon?
    What do you think?
    Do you think she should?
    If not, why?

    • ANSWER:
      yes because some of her songs sound like they belong on the new moon soundtrack if you listen to the lyrics. Just because she is a disney star doesn't mean that she will mess it up. IF you listen to the song "until your mine" you will see that it is perfect for new moon. Listen to the lyrics and don't disregard it just because she is a disney star.

      My state of mind has finally got the best of me
      I need you next to me
      I'll try to find a way that I can get to you
      Just wanna get to you

      The world I see is perfect now,
      you're all around
      With you I can breathe

      Until you're mine, I have to find
      A way to fill this hole inside
      I can't survive without you here by my side
      Until you're mine, not gonna be
      Even close to complete
      I won't rest until you're mine

      Alone inside, I can only hear your voice
      Ringing through the noise
      Can't fight my mind, keeps on coming back to you
      Always back to you

      Wanted something out of reach
      It's killing me, you're all I see, yeah

      Until you're mine, I have to find
      A way to fill this hole inside
      I can't survive without you here by my side
      Until you're mine, not gonna be
      Even close to complete
      I won't rest until you're mine

      Just stop wondering
      If we were meant to be
      Forget about fate and just hold me
      I'm ready to begin
      The waiting has to end
      Right now, today
      I've gotta find a way

      Until you're

      Until you're mine, I have to find
      A way to fill this hole inside
      I can't survive without you here by my side
      Until you're mine, not gonna be
      Even close to complete
      I won't rest until you're mine

      My state of mind has finally got the best of me
      I need you next to me

    Am I The Only One Who Thinks Muse Should Quit The Twilight Thing?
    I Love Muse, And I Love The Song Neutron Star Collision That's Going To Be In Eclipse But I Do Think Muse Should Quit Twilight. Am I The Only One?

    • ANSWER:
      No why? It wouldn't be in their best interest to do so. Many people who have never heard of them before Twilight now know who they are, and this is because being on the Twilight saga soundtracks has given them more exposure than they would otherwise have. This goes for most of the artists on the New Moon soundtrack, since that featured more indie bands that people might not have heard of. BTW, I hated the New Moon soundtrack *because* of all the indie bands sucky music. No offense to anyone who liked it, though.

      @MUSE - you might like that as a "FAN" but that does not benefit the band who wants to have a long career making music. They need to sell albums and sell out concerts if they want to keep at it. Having a few people know your name isn't going to get you the career you want. Whether many muse fans like to believe it or not, there are many bands who wish they could get the exposure and opportunity Stephenie Meyer has given Muse and the other nearly unknown bands on the Twilight albums. Being unknown does not increase your longevity in the industry. What's good for you as a fan has no benefit for the band, which wants increased exposure and everything that follows (more fans, more money, more record deals, and a long career). What you want for them does not give them those things, that's why it's a bad idea, which is why they keep making songs for the albums, and I'll bet they'll do it for the last soundtrack if Meyers wants it. I think they're pretty lucky to tell you the truth, and I'll be everything that the band thinks they've lucked out, too.

      Also, what band does not want more fans, lol. I don't get your argument about hating it if people only like them because of Twilight. No, they don't like them because of Twilight, they like them because they like their music. That's why. Therefor, the group has new fans who enjoy their music just like you. There shouldn't be competition between you and newer fans which is how you're trying to make it out to be. No one's a bigger fan than the other. Personally, I don't like MUSE. But, as a result of the Twilight soundtrack, I've come to enjoy Paramore and Linkin Park and I listen to them all the time simply because I loved their songs on the twilight soundtrack and thought I'd check out their other work. Nothing wrong with it. In fact, that's what muse wants!

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the Woodstock scene in the movie 'A walk on the Moon'?
    Its the scene where the daughter has gotten to Woodstock and her mother and 'the blouse man' are painting on each other.

    • ANSWER:
      Here' s a link where you can listen to soundtrack samples:

    Anyone else disappointed with New Moon soundtrack?
    I haven't had a proper listen yet but the only good songs i've heard so far is Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie and White Demon Love Song by The Killers just wanted to hear your opinion.

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm yes.
      Its not as catchy as the Twilight soundtrack.
      Most the songs are slow, which I can understand with Bella's depression and all,
      but still, I agree with you.
      Not very impressed.

new moon soundtrack songs listen