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    What is the title of the song always played on pinoy, filipino bold movies that sounds like Careless whisper?
    usually it is played during the "pumping" scene and usually it's on cheap bold, sexy pinoy movies

    • ANSWER:
      Try to check this Link, hope it helps

    Old Pinoy Movies - who were the top female stars in your generation?
    Are you old enough to recognize any of these names?
    *Gloria Romero *Charito Solis *Nida Blanca

    Or maybe you belong to this era - *Amalia Fuentes *Susan Roces or the time of *Nora Aunor *Vilma Santos

    Still nothing? What about *Stella Suarez *Divina Valencia *Elizabeth Oropesa?

    • ANSWER:
      The first three you mentioned I've never known in their younger days. I remember Gloria playing mother or mature woman roles in drama. Nida was a comedienne and appeared as Dolphy's wife in the TV sitcom John en Masha (I think she was a child actress too). Charito Solis was better known as a dramatic actress, but flashed her breasts in "Igorota", and later appeared in some bomba films (though she didn't show much skin).

      I didn't watch Amalia and Susan. Nora Aunor was known as a singer of the masses, but later made her mark as a fine actress as well. Her rival Vilma Santos took the opposite route (acting to singing) but was a big flop with "Sweet Sixteen" and was never heard singing again outside of her shower.

      The original bomba stars were Stella Suarez and Divina Valencia, but I only got to watch reruns of their movies later. Then the term "bold" came into being with Merle Fernandez ("Uhaw") and Rosanna Ortiz ("Saging ni Pacing", not sure), followed later by Gloria Diaz and Elizabeth Oropesa, both of whom started the wet look in "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa". Then there were Yvonne Salcedo, Chanda Romero, among others.

      My favorite female stars were Hilda Koronel and Charo Santos.

      Welcome to YAP, Princess, I'm sure you're as sweet and as nice as your name. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, it's a nice place, really, where you can learn a lot. You'll find out, just stick around.

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