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    Question about R-rated movies and the underage people seeing them?
    I know that if you want to see an R-rated movie and you're underage, you have to make sure the parents are with you. But does it matter if they actually watch the movie with you or not? Can they just walk into the theater with you and give the people working there permission for you to see the movie?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the theater. Some will let you in if a parent/guardian purchase the tickets for you... others have very strict policies that require the parent to accompany you. If you really want to know, you'll have to call you local theater and ask what their policy is. There's no law regulating such requirements... theaters are free to enforce the ratings policies as they see fit, for the most part (though they run the risk of getting fined if they don't at the very least require an adult to permit underage patrons to see R rated movies).

    Can I use my free movie pass to get an R rated movie ticket?
    I'm 16, so I'm almost old enough to get one. I've seen R-rated movies before. Maybe I can pull off looking older? My friend and I want to see The Dictator.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 16, me and my friends just bought a ticket to see another movie and went into the dictator theater, and it was hiliarious! I suggest you do that because you probably won't get the ticket for the actual movie.

    If the constitution gives us so much freedom, why bother having laws at all?
    Do children / minors have the same rights as adults? Shouldn't they have restricted rights based on the assumption that they are too young to make decisions based on good judgment?

    I'm talking about the supreme court's free speech ruling that allows 13 year olds to become desensitized towards raping and harming human beings by playing M rated video games, but not be able to buy alcohol or porn, or watch R-rated movies.

    • ANSWER:
      The supreme court made a horrible ruling. Why give a video game a M rating if kids can buy it anyway? It's disgusting how people use this outdated constitution to defend things we know are wrong. Pretty soon they'll say its ok for a 13 year old to buy porn. It makes me sick.

    How young is too young for R rated movies?
    My BF and have been arguing for months about the fact that he lets his 12 year old son watch R rated movies, as long there is no sex or nudity. Endless swearing and graphic violence are common in the movies the kid watches, and the boy does have emotional problems.My parents were strict and I was a bit sheltered as a child, but I think R rated violence is to much for a troubled 12 year old.
    all we do is fight about this...I dont agree with the way the boy is being brought up

    • ANSWER:
      The same as an adult! Garbage in, garbage out! Ask The Greatest Father in the universe! His way is the way of Divine favor,wisdom, goodness and purity, He'll never tell you to lead anyone into a place of addictive bondage's,fear, and selfish seductions.This is advice you need to ask yourself as well, do YOU allow,trash into Your mind? Whatever you tolerate you'll never be free from! Your parents cared about the protection of your mind,will, and emotions.True Love,God inspired, does these things. What you see most, and listen to is what your behavior will follow! As long as your with this loose guy, your set as a steward over this boy ,Fight for him,he can't! It breaks my heart to hear and witness those who have all but rejected The Only God, this a the result and fallout!The ways of a man seem right in his own eyes, but in the end lead to death. But in Christ Jesus all things are possible. This boy life is a garden, God Himself has given to YOU to sow seed(words and thoughts) into. At least for a time.Let me leave you with this: Lean not to your OWN understanding, but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He SHALL DIRECT your path! ( answers that work all the time!!!)

    Can my parents see itunes movie ratings on their bill?
    I have a different itunes account then my parents, and I wanted to rent an R rated movie, (The Hangover) so I know that the weekly billings are just sent to my email address, not theirs. But I was wondering when my parents get their credit card bill, will they be able to see that I rented an R-rated movie, or will it just show the total itunes amount? Thank you to everyone who responses!

    • ANSWER:
      No. All the movies I've bought just had the name of the movies. But ur parents might end up looking up the movies u download. Try downloading Justin tv for streaming movies, tv shows, sports n more. It's in the app store. Or veetle.com on the web. It's free with no registration with plenty of movies to watch. Hope this helps

    what priveledges do you think adults should give 18 year olds?
    like spending the night at a bf/gfs house with their parents there and their consent, or being able to watch an r rated movie, etc.
    please provide your answers and your opinions of the two suggested ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      - The privilege to move out of the house, and pay their own rent and food bills so they don't have to live under another adults rules. Until then, any "morals clause" attached to free or discounted rent, food and/or car is more than valid. In fact, it's a good idea. Gets the 18 year old "adult" out on their own faster.

    Question for Mormon's; Why are the members of your Church not allowed to watch R rated movies, But?
    several of your members do watch R rated movies ?

    • ANSWER:
      “We counsel you … not to pollute your minds with … degrading matter, for the mind through which this filth passes is never the same afterwards. Don’t see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic. Don’t listen to music that is degrading” (President Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1986,

      We are also given the freedom and ability to choose..... Free agency. Nobody forces us to do anything, good or bad.

    How do I write a release letter for parents to sign, authorizing me to show an R-rated movie in class?
    I teach a 9th grade Honors history class, and I would like to show the movie "Mongol," which is rated R for violence.

    How should I write a release to the parents to let them know why I want to show it? Anyone ever do this before?
    I did clear this with my administration, but they're asking me to write the letter first and then get it approved.

    I seem to have writer's block though!

    • ANSWER:
      I taught an Art of Cinema class in high school. This was on the bottom of the fact sheet which I sent out to the parents. I only had one parent in 5 years refuse to sign it. Feel free to adapt for your needs.

      “R” rating permission
      Some current films such “Saving Private Ryan” have an MPAA rating of R: "Restricted, Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian." These films may contain some adult material. An R-rated film may include hard language, or tough violence, or nudity within sensual scenes, or drug abuse or other elements, or a combination of some of the above, so that parents are counseled, in advance, to take this advisory rating very seriously.

      I given permission for __________________________to view “R” rated movies in the Art of Cinema Class._________________________________date_______

    If I buy an R rated movie ticket online, will they card me at the theatre?
    Do i have to buy one adult ticket at least in order to get in or will student be fine. im 15 but they usually don't care i just don't want to worry about the hassle but i've never bought an R rated ticket online before. would it be easier at any theatre in general?

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps, my child, Lindsay Lohan has the answers you are seeking.

      Ah, yes, Lindsay once said, in her great wisdom, "I'm 20 years old. I like to party as much as anyone my age. Going clubbing is my way of relaxing or releasing a lot of stress. I don't feel that I should have to justify that part of my life. I don't know that I'm necessarily an addict."

      I think what we can take from this bit of Ms. Lohan's wisdom is that you should wait until you are of age to engage in adult activities, and then you will be free to engage in those activities to your heart's content.

      As Lindsay said, "I don't fell as if I should have to justify that part of my life," and neither will you when you turn 18 and go to see R rated movies.

      Lindsay Bless You, Go in Peace.

    What to do for my 17th birthday in Fremont or Union City ,CA?
    I Turn 17 in September and have no idea what to do? i have plans to go see an R rated movie but have no idea to after or before?
    money is not an issue i just the location to be near fremont or union city california.

    • ANSWER:
      The Formal Party
      Since adulthood is veering around the corner, many kids this age will appreciate a birthday party that beckons upon this premise. Formal birthday parties are actually rather easily thrown. Create formal invitations that require an RSVP. A hired catering company that will provide a menu is also advised--this way you can even ask guests on the invitations what their menu choices will be. Most local hotels will offer smaller ballrooms that you can rent for a decent bargain. You can even set up tables with fancy drinks like sparkling cider and juices, which mimic a real cocktail bar. A hired band that performs songs all night or a DJ for dancing and some fancy decorations will net you a formal birthday party that your teenager won't soon forget.

      Rock and Roll Birthday Party
      Perhaps one of the more popular of birthday party ideas for teenagers is a rock and roll birthday. Your best bet is to find out if they have any friends who are in local bands that they really like. You can easily hire these local bands for pretty cheap and get them to play at your home in your backyard. Make sure that you acquire a live music permit from your local authorities so that your party does not get shut down.

      Flashy rock themes include the birthday cake--you can even decorate a print-on cake with their favorite rock band on the frosting; all you need is a picture. Include free music download cards in your party teasers and create invitations that look like real concert tickets that you tear at the door as guests enter.

      Video Game Themed Birthday Party
      Most teenagers love video games--even girls these days are playing more and more video games. One of the more popular varieties of these video games are games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Set up a video game console in the living room and hold showdowns to see can rock out harder. Cool invitations can resemble game controllers and attendees can be encouraged to purchase video game-related gifts for the birthday kid. Offer a prize for the winner of a video game showdown.

    Can what I watch on-demand be tracked by my parents?
    So I'm 16 and not allowed to watch R-rated movies but me and my friend want to watch a movie on-demand that is free because of my parents' subscription so it wouldn't show up on the order because it doesn't cost anything.

    If I delete the movie after my friend and I watch it, is there any way my parents could find out?

    By the way, the movie isn't even bad, IDK why it is rated R. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, the movie will show up on the bill.

    what is are some good web sites where you can watch movies for free?
    ...i've been to some web sites, but some u have to pay and then others don't even have R rated movies??!! anyway, i would appreciate it if you guys could give me some movie websites,,,so i can watch a GOOD movie.
    thanks you guys!! =]

    • ANSWER:
      Is any of these websites LEGAL? you do know that you could get in trouble if you watch on a illegal site. I even got comment that i have low brain cells just because i wanted to know if there is a legal site to watch movies. in return i got NON !! if you are watching on internet its illegal. So please if somebody know what site is legal to use without getting sued or fained, do answer..please

    What's the point of playing R-rated movies on a network if they bleep out every sentence?
    They play good movies on channels like TNT, TBS, whatever... but ending up changing the words around & bleeping things out. What's the point?

    • ANSWER:
      it isnt the networks responsibility to make sure you see the movie un-cut, and un-edited.. they have to please a wide audience and they have FCC rules to comply with.. they get fined for use of foul language... buy or rent a dvd of the movie.. its un-cut, un-edited and commercial free..

    Mormons, What's a good way to tell a convert to give up all the things he is used to so he can be a member?
    and pay 10% on top of that.

    That convert is me. I find the endless restrictions to be somewhat suffocating. You can't drink a beer, can't see an R rated movie, you have to wait till marriage, and so on and wait you also have to pay 10% of your income to the church.

    Please tell me the easy way or anyway to accept all of this.

    • ANSWER:
      Ether 12:6 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

      Obey the law, and then you will receive a witness that it is true.

      Commandments are not God's way of restricting us, but rather His way of ultimately making us free. Maybe it doesn't seem that way for you now, it is a big change. But when we decide to do a lot of those things you mentioned, we give up our freedom, and become slaves to another power.

      Tithing is an awesome blessing. It is a difficult adjustment to make, but I promise you, you will be blessed for obeying that law--I have been. Like Malachi says, make an experiment of it, see if God really will bless you. He has blessed me.

    What tips or tricks have you used to get into a rated R movie when you were underage?
    Title says it all. I remember i used to do things such as tip the ticket vendors and concession stand people and they would let me slide. My favorite thing i used to do is when i turned 16 my gf at the time was 17 and working at a local theater so i got into any movie i wanted for free :)

    What are some things that you have done to get into a Rated R movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Bought a ticket for a PG movie and went into the R rated theater.

      Waited by the exit door. When the people were leaving, I put a rock in the door jam so it wouldn't close. Once the theater was cleaned I went and sat down.

      best thing is to have a friend working at the theater. They sell you the ticket even though they know they shouldn't

    Is it possible to get in an R rated movie this way?
    Me and a couple other friends are gonna watch Insidious this weekend (i wanted to watch Scream 4) but my friend is buying all of us our tickets online. Can we get in online tickets w/o an adult? Cuz some people let minors in if a parent or guardian is present at the ticket window thingy and buys the tickets on the spot.

    • ANSWER:
      It would definitely depend on the theatre. Some will card you at the ticket window and at the entrance. Some, I might even say most do not check at the entrance when they rip your ticket. Although if you guys(or girls) are really young and it is obvious you are not old enough and there is no adult then they might be hesitant. Age restrictions for films are stupid, in my opinion unjust and puritanical and really have no place in a free world. Freedom of information and freedom to choose, anyways good luck.

    Would you/Do you allow your children to watch R rated movies?
    Some things to consider in your answer:

    At what age would you allow them to? Would you allow them to watch "soft R" movies (like The Matrix) at a lower age than "hard R" movies?
    What if you watched the movie with them?
    What if you watched the movie before and deemed it appropriate?

    Please feel free elaborate as much as you want on your answer.

    • ANSWER:
      My son is only 20 months, so my opinion may change when he's older. But for now, it would totally depend on the movie. Is it R because of the theme, language, sexual content, violence? I would be more inclined to let my child watch something with sexual content than really gorey, realistic violence. I think too many kids are numbed to violence and horrific acts. However, I know I grew up and watched lots of horror movies. So I would be okay with horror I guess because it is really not "real". It's meant to be stupid and scary. But again, depends on the content to some extent.

      As for an R movie rated R because of the theme (adult topic), I may allow him to watch with me. I would discuss it afterwards with him. I think there are some films that are rated R that are good for teenagers to watch because they are realistic and discuss important topics.

      I think it will really all depend on the movie to me. And I also realize that kids have access to R movies when parents aren't around. We can't control everything, but we can be good role models and not just let them watch anything and everything. And I don't believe in this "it's just a movie, it's not real". Kids learn about life, society, stereotypes from movies. That would be my biggest concern. Especially how women are portrayed in so many films and videos.

    How much does it cost to rent the Dige players on Hawaiian Airlines?
    How much does it cost to rent the Dige players on Hawaiian Airlines?
    Can you pay it cash or credit to rent it? Can Unaccompanied minors rent them?

    • ANSWER:
      " Question
      What type of entertainment do you have in flight?
      We offer personal entertainment systems (Digeplayers) for rent at each. These Digeplayers are pre-programmed with movies, music videos, and television shows. Note: Digeplayers may be programmed with rated “R” movies. The number of Digeplayers on board is limited and cannot be pre-reserved.

      We also show inflight movies, and the cost for a headset rental is . Hawaiian Airlines only accepts credit cards for payment in flight. "

      Can I pre-reserve a Digeplayer for my child traveling alone?
      Hawaiian Airlines does not rent Digeplayers to unaccompanied minors due to some adult content (“R” rated movies) that is pre-programmed in the unit. However, all unaccompanied minors are provided with a free headset to watch the inflight movie which has been edited.

      The number of Digeplayers on board is limited and cannot be pre-reserved."

      " Question
      Can we use cash on-board to purchase items in flight?
      As of October 16 all Hawaiian Airlines flights will be cashless. In-flight purchases, such as headsets or drinks, can be made using your debit or credit card. "

    How to convince my parents to get netflix?
    So i really want netflix so i can watch tv and stuff, but my parents don't want it. Me and my sister are both willing to pay the a month, so we would pay. I can't pay by myself because i don't have a credit card, I am 13.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, your parents may have good reasons for not wanting Netflix but here are some good points you can make:

      Parental Controls can be activated to limit the type of movies available (Example: no R rated movies)

      There is a free trial and you can access your account online to change your plan or cancel it anytime you want, instantly. This can be a big deal if they have ever had to call and cancel something on the phone and gotten the runaround.

      There are lots of family movies, classic movies and old TV shows from the 60's, 70's, 80s, and up. (Examples: The Andy Griffith Show, MacGyver, Twilight Zone, etc.) You might want to check Netflix and see if some of your parents favorite oldies are available - and be willing to watch with them :)

      Good luck, and try not to get too upset if they still say no. Ultimately it is their credit card or bank info that is on the line so they have to be comfortable with it.

    How exactly did "Cultural Marxists" and the Frankfurt School help spark the hippie movement in the late 1960's?
    This is probably right-wing propagandada but here goes -

    In around the late 1960's the USA and the West went through major liberal changes, a lot of older people say it was Communists, feminists and atheists who were responsible because they knew if they could destroy Western morality they would eventually destroy Western Civilization.

    How does this even make sense?

    • ANSWER:
      The answer is education. A long march into the institution.

      It started off when they brainwashed youths into radical sex education and free loving. Then they gave liberty to Gays and Lesbians. These values and morals were against Christianity. Christianity was the dominent culture/religion at that time. Somewhere there the church just gave up and then it spawned all these rebellious youth culture (hippies, rock, disco, skaters, R rated movies and later on hip hop, porn).

      All these new ideas about values morals tradition and culture has replaced the older ones. The old ones are now being looked down upon as old fashioned and evil. And thats the reason why divorce rate skyrocketed and birthrate declined. They broke down the family unit. Women are focusing on careers as a priority over motherhood. So basically America has changed its culture radically that its original culture morals traditions and values are lost. All for the price of suscribing to Marxism.

    Does anybody know the exact filiming dates for blazing saddles?
    I know the movie came out in february 1974, so that means it was done in '73 sometime, but just want to know when

    • ANSWER:
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blazing_Saddles
      Blazing Saddles ~Release date(s) February 7, 1974 so you just have to know it was shot in 1973, but I think it was even some of 72... there is a making of video... as part of the Blazing Saddles: 30th Anniversary Special Edition http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/blazzingsaddles30se.php#

      These are the so-called "special features…"

      Scene-Specific Commentary by Mel Brooks
      Nice try. This is a 55-minute interview apparently recorded during postproduction on Dracula: Dead and Loving It, in which Mel riffs on the development and making of Blazing Saddles. This audio is overlaid onto the film, with no reference to what is happening on screen (obviously), and abruptly ends by the 55-minute mark, at which point the film's audio track returns. If it's an interview, showcase it as such. Don't lie about it. To make matters worse, this feature is repurposed from the original DVD release, where it was correctly labeled as a "55-minute interview."

      Two Blazingly Boffo Documentaries
      These are neither "blazingly boffo" nor documentaries.

      • Back in the Saddle is a 28-minute featurette culled from interviews with Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Burton Gilliam, producer Michael Hertzberg, and co-writer Andrew Bergman, showcasing clips used from the G-rated televised broadcast. It's a nice look back at the film and its genesis, but again, don't sell chopped liver as prime rib. And don't steal things from other releases to pad your bonus materials! This one was taken from the 2003 Special Edition VHS release.

      • Intimate Portrait: Madeline Kahn is a four-minute excerpt from Lifetime Television's Intimate Portrait series. Why Warner didn't include the entire hour-long episode is beyond me, especially if they're labeling this as a documentary.

      Additional Scenes
      If you're looking for deleted or extended scenes, forget it. If you've ever seen Blazing Saddles on broadcast television, there is nothing new here. These are the filler clips used to cover for the R-rated scenes that were cut to meet broadcast standards.

      Black Bart: 1975 Pilot Episode
      Aha! The one gold nugget reward we receive for sifting through the previous rock and silt. Don't get too excited; it's only gold-plated. This 25-minute pilot starring Lou Gossett Jr. as Black Bart, Barney Miller's Steve Landesberg as Reb Jordan (a re-envisioned version of the Waco Kid), and Millie Slavin as Belle Buzzer (a one-eyed, limp-legged reworking of Lili Von Shtupp) isn't the least bit funny. Within the first three minutes, you'll be able to tell why network execs didn't pick up this series.

      Round out the package with an original theatrical trailer and unimpressive menus, and you have a 30th Anniversary disappointment. Then again, we came for the reception, not the party favors.



    New Halloween movie? Is there a website on the web 2 watch the new Halloween movie on ur computer?
    I wanna see the new Halloween movie that came out on August 31st! But is there any websites that i can watch it on my computer?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch the movie for FREE and with NO sign ups at


      Click on the movies tab, then scroll down a bit till you see the halloween poster, click on it and enjoy. I must warn you though before you watch it, the version on this website is the R rated, directors cut not seen in the theatres so it is a LOT more graphic. Anyone else who reads this and saw the movie, you should watch it again on this site for the reasons I mentioned above.

      Here is a direct link to the movie page on this website


    Can someone give some kinky ideas for my wife and I to try?
    We have been experimenting lately with some new things, but we are running out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestions? Give any and all suggestions as long as it doesn't involve a 3rd person.

    • ANSWER:
      Great news. You said WE a few times. That is way different than "I am bored and how do I get my wife to..."

      First keep in mind you have fantasies Well your wife has fantasies and hers are WAY BETTER. Tap in to them. Just laying there having her tell you about them is hot. Trying the ones she wants is amazing.

      Start by doing some home work on her fantasy world. Women are different. Do some homework on women and their fantasy. You will be amazed. Read about the world she opened to you. But read it all as some fantasy is just fantasy and they do not want it to become real. Keep this idea they don't want them all to happen in mind.

      LIke you have thought of things...probably a 2nd girl...and you don't love your wife less. And if your fantasy lady had bigger breasts or a nicer butt it is not that you don't find your wife attractive. So guess what...your wife thinks the same things you do. Do not be bummed by that.

      The good news is if she shares this with you it will be amazing. But she is afraid to tell. Did you ever tell your wife she was great but you wanted to sleep with another? Probably not since you didn't trust her enough to react nicely. Your wife doesn't trust you to react to this without freaking. So do not betray her trust.

      If your wife has opens the world to her fantasy life to you it will be great. This is a major hot gift. Guys start the sex process with their eyes...women with their brains. So women have deep sex fantasies. They usually don't share them with guys as they are afraid that the guy can't handle it

      But the more active the fantasy life the better lover a woman becomes. So encourage the hell out of the lady.

      Next look at the fantasy.. a classic 3 some ...just like you have. But get her to tell you hers. Notthing wrong with that. Keep in mind it is one you two can enjoy with pillow talk for years and never try for real. A nice night out and point out a guy who stares at her. That night...'imagine if he was here'. Or mabye a toy...go shopping with her for her 2nd lover....enjoy the shopping..enjoy the after shopping.

      There is a nice web site called wifelovers with people who share these fantasies and real life exploits. You can read what they post and ask questions. Read it with her and see what she thinks.

      Lastly, for fun...rent a movie called the Sex Monster. It is R-rated and on Netflix. With one of the Hemingway girls. A funny story about a husband who talks the wife into a 3some and she LOVES it. A great way to show it in a funny way to get you two talking.

      Second break the 'wife equals good girl' and 'stipper equals fun girl' pattern you have in your mind. After all you know she can be as hot and exciting as any stripper when she chooses and a good woman at the same time. If that makes sense here is what to do.

      Find a strip clubs. Have her check it out when you are not there...like a week day or two. See what the girls do. Learn. Talk to them.

      Next tell her to ask the owner she'd like to do something for her guy and will work there for free one night...even offer him a few free dances that night to prove she can do it.

      Get a nice outfit...it doesn't take much...and get a little mask to cover her eyes. When you come to the club...do her show...then go up and give other guys a lap dance.


    What are the different ratings for stories on fanfiction.net?
    I have just created an account on fanfiction.net and I am completely oblivious as to what the ratings are. I have just finished writing a story on the Hunger Games and I don't know what to rate it! If anybody knows all the ratings, please list all of them and what they mean and what each would include. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It mentions on the site, but it's easy to tell you.

      K-- kind of like a G rating for movies. For it to be rated K, it should be completely kid-friendly, without violence, swearing or sex. Here's what the site says: 'Intended for general audience 5 years and older. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes. '

      K+ -- kind of like a PG rating for movies. Some mild language or violence can occur. Here's what the site says: 'Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes. '

      T-- kind of like PG-13 rating for movies. T can include some violence and language and minor adult themes. Here's what the site says: 'Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes. '

      M-- kind of like R rating for movies. M can contain strong language, violence, and sexual themes. BUT, it can not be extremely explicit. Here's what the site says: 'Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered MA'

      MA-- kind of like NC-17 rating for movies. NOTE: fanfiction.net does NOT accept this rating! There are stories on the site which are rated M and include graphic violent or sexual situations, but technically it's not allowed, and the site has been taking a lot of those down. Here's what the site says: 'Content is only suitable for mature adults. May contain explicit language and adult themes. '

    What is the parental content of these animes?
    I heard these animes are really good, but I need to know if how much fanservice/ ecchi elements are in them. If there is any in them, then how bad is it for these animes:

    Steins Gate
    Madoka Magica
    Ano Hana

    • ANSWER:
      I would put Anohana at 13+

      Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica (Madoka especially) are both 17+. Not for fanservice, but for violence and just being dark in general.

      All of them are, like Mandy said, pretty fanservice free, and Anohana is fairly tame as far as anime goes. Steins;Gate has a fairly "average" R-rated movie level of violence, as for Madoka... don't let kids watch that one.

      And yes, they're all really good, and you should watch all of them.

    virus free websites for downloading adult movies?
    Hii guys need your help ,i am looking out for best virus free websites to watch online and to download asian and other adult or r rated movies (like korean japenese indian russian american etc) if any one of u can please help me on these and i would appreciate if you please suggest some decent websites

    • ANSWER:
      I think no matter what you want to download, you have to keep yourself computer safety,right? I suggest you open the antivirus tool first, then you download the things you want. After your things have downloaded, do not open it directly. Scan it first, if there is nothing, i thing you can open it.
      I have always used Kingsoft Free Antivirus, which is simple step to install and it is useful to kill the virus,Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware.
      (GO TO---> http://www.kingsoftsecurity.com/kingsoft-antivirus.html )

    Looking for a list of movies with nice upskirt scenes?
    These don't have to be R-rated scenes. PG or PG13 would be good.

    Feel free to call me pervert or whatever you like, different guys like different things. Just give me the list.

    • ANSWER:
      Bird on a Wire

    Should Marijuana be Legalized in the USA?
    ...if so, what would it's guidelines be,if you were the one drawing up the bill? Age restrictions? Medical use only?.

    I'd say "age restricted" -using the Age of ENLISTMENTas the gvmt decides to see fit (-God 18yo is SO YOUNG to be going to War), same as it should be for being allowed to purchase alcohol,or to get into an R rated movie.

    Anti's... I would Love to see a "Bad List" . Can you think of any GoodSide to the Legalization Idea?

    Pros.. Give me a "Good List". .. and C'mon you Know there are always downsides to everything .. be honest and state one of them for me, too.

    I'll go first.

    i think one DownSide is the Lung Cancer issue,

    I think one UpSide would be that , Legalized ,they could openly go about figuring out a way of ingesting it ,so that was a lot more health conscience,without being wasteful.
    Please keep in Mind That I said "MARIJUANA", and am not talking about any other drug ,except marijuana,in this question.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it should be legalized and put under the same controls as alcohol.

      It would be a huge tax revenue at a time when we really need the revenue.

      Free up large law enforcement resources to go after other narcotics, gangs, etc.

      Commercial hemp is a multi-billion dollar industry that our farmers are being kept out of ( China is the worlds top producer of commercial hemp).

    Movie hopping is illegal, so why isn't reading magazines at the bookstore for free ?
    I was told that going from one movie to the next is illegal since its "stealing" but then why is OK for people to go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and read all the magazines there for free and then leave ?

    The management at these stores doesn't prevent it either like at the movie theater you would be asked to leave or be banned.

    So what's the deal ?
    Why is this allowed ?

    • ANSWER:
      The major problem with theater hopping occurs when kids who are too young to watch R rated movies end up doing so. Here you have a liability issue. By law theaters have to enforce the rating system otherwise they could loose their business license.

      You've also got the fact that theater management considers your price of admission good for only one feature. In their eyes sneaking onto another theater to watch another movie after viewing the first movie, the one you originally paid to see is stealing.

      You're comparing apples and oranges, book stores do not charge admission like movie theaters do. Some book stores encourage people to walk in and browse otherwise they'll never sell anything. Some like Barnes and Noble even have coffee shops. Still keep in mind at a lot of smaller shops once someone gets a reputation for hanging around too much without ever buying they'll be asked to leave. After all a bookstore is not a library.

    Im 14, and I want to see a R rated movie, can I go with a 18 year old and be let in?
    Im seeing paranormal activity on friday, and me and my friends are all under 18, but if we go with a 18 year old friend would we be allowed in ?

    • ANSWER:
      That would depend on the movie theatre. The movie ratings system is completely voluntary and every theatre is free to decide for themselves how to enforce the ratings - or whether to enforce them at all.

      At my theatre, you would not be admitted unless your parent was present to say it's ok. And 18 year-old friend/boyfriend/sibling is not sufficient because they often have different ideas of what's appropriate than your parents would.

      I would strongly recommend contacting the theatre to see what their policy is before you go. Otherwise you might show up at the theatre and get turned away.

      By the way, we won't accept a note or a phone call because we have no way to know who is on the other end.

    Who else here thinks Amc is a bs theater company ?
    They took over my local kerasotes theater and here are the changes they made

    No more popcorn tubs

    No more free refils on everything

    They wont let my mom buy me and my friends r rated movie tickets anymore

    They dont put the showtimes in front of the theater anymore

    They don't have food combos that save you money

    No more 5 buck club

    The prices went up on everything

    I HATE AMC !!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      i have a amc club card that saves me a little money, but i agree their popcorn and soda prices are worse then normal.

    Editing of Standard Cable vs. Commercial Network Programing? How are they the same/different?

    How are broadcast networks and cable networks the same/different with regards to dealing with the editing of program content? For instance, in many cases, a Standard Cable service in my area, Turner Classic Movies will usually show uncut R-rated filmes after 10PM and try to keep all of their filmes uncut. (I did see a censored version of Raging Bull on that channel, but it was skillfully edited.) However,most other broadcast stations will show movies and programs with editing.
    I recall when Schindler's List was first broadcast by NBC, very minimal editing was done with a strong advisory warning and the first big movie to be shown on broadcast networks to recieve a "TV-M" for mature audiences rating. Why can a channel like TCM show uncut movies but broadcast networks can't? Are there free speech concerns here?


    • ANSWER:
      The FCC regulates "over the air" broadcast channels (generally your local ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS affiliates and some small indepedents) but cable only stations have never had any content standards imposed upon them.

      Used to be no such thing as cable stations when the original law was written, and all attempts to include them in the content standards have failed.

      That's why you can see nudity on Cinemax, but CBS gets fined for Janet Jackson's fiasco..

      In practice, most cable stations (TNT, TBS, ESPN) police themselves, but more recently they have allowed more risque content to slip through..

    Who are your favourite Saw characters?
    I have recently bought the goreology boxset and have marvelled at all the characters. Now it's YOUR turn to decide which is the best one! Also why?

    • ANSWER:
      I love the Saw movies, i own all 5 Saw movies on their original dvd's, the first two R rated cuts and the last three the Unrated Directors cut, bought them all first day, and saw them all first day in theaters, so yeah, i am a huge fan.

      It's hard not to love to hate and sypmathise with John aka. Jigsaw, but my favorite character is Adam, from the first one and is in some of the sequel's flashbacks, he was great (played by Saw co-writer, Leigh Whannel) i found the character very funny at times, very entertaining throughout, the fear and determination to be free, in his face was great, good acting and an even better character to watch play out, his despair over the credits..............

    How do the movies recieve ratings?
    I have been asking myself that question for a long time. How do the movie experts know how to rate a movie? If there is no porn or any nudity why cant it be Pg-13. And if there isnt any adult language why isnt it rated PG? These questions have been haunting me for quite a while now! Pleae answer them

    • ANSWER:
      The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), originally the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), is a non-profit business and trade association based in the United States.

      The MPAA administers the voluntary film rating system.

      Some of the MPAA's actions have been controversial. One example is the film rating system. Many believe that the intent of the various ratings has been subverted. For example, there is widespread access to R-rated movies even for those under 17, while the NC-17 rating spells commercial death for a film, undermining its purpose.

      Film critic Roger Ebert has called for an entirely new system of ratings designed to address these issues. Some people criticize film-makers for editing their works to conform to the various ratings. For example, they might excise some extreme violence or sex to avoid an NC-17, or even "spice up" a children's movie so as to move from G to PG and appeal to older children. The ratings system itself is attacked as de facto censorship by free-speech activists, and conversely as too lenient in its content standards by some conservative critics, religious leaders, lawyers, and parental review sites. Kids-In-Mind is a parental review site that does not criticize the rating system, however they do mention that the rating system is malleable and inaccurate for several reasons. The site has also shown that an R-rated movie may be similar in content to a PG-13-rated movie at times. A Harvard study suggested that in 2003, more inappropriate content has been allowed in PG and PG-13 rated movies than in 1992. Another criticism is that the MPAA tends to be considered more complacent with violent content than sexual one. Other criticisms have included that there is more bias against homosexual sexual content than heterosexual. Also, movies with male genitalia tend to get a "harsher" rating than those with female genitalia.

    So there is this big long list of things Christians cant do?
    From what I understand, no smoking, drinking, eating food that tastes good, having sex, drugs, playing video games, watching 'r' rated movies, ect, according to what I have been told by Christians.

    I was just wondering, what do they let you do?

    • ANSWER:
      you are simply wrong. Once you get saved or get an illusion that you got saved, you are free from all restrictions.

    Where can I stream and/or download the new Bruno film?
    I would go and see this at the theatre but my theatre is pretty strict on the R rating, where can I find a link to view the film?

    I've tried nearly all recommended sites from here, but the good ones (or appear to be good ones) make me answer annoying surveys which never unlock the fucking page.


    And some others. Help please.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely no surveys at http://www.graboib.com plus I love the quality that I get there.

    Which of the following do you find most inappropriate for a preteen?
    1. Watching R-rated movies
    2. Listening to explicit music
    3. Playing M-rated video games

    • ANSWER:
      As a preteen I did all of the above. Well, not so much #2 because my tastes in music has always been decent, even when I was little (classical, meditative, soundscapes, pop, rock, etc...). My parents were never anal about banning me from watching R-rated movies. They treated me like a young adult, and as long as I didn't disappoint them, I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted as long as it wasn't illegal or scandalous. They never let me watch porn, obviously, but I was totally able to watch R-rated movies. I got into porn and stuff at an early age (like, 13), but it was never because of my parents. That was all school and other hormone-driven kids. At 19, I can't really say if those things have "messed me up" in any way, though I really don't think so. I'm a good student, a good daughter, a good person, and, believe it or not, a virgin. I've never drank liquor (though my mom let me taste champagne when I was 14), never smoked, never took drugs, never got into trouble with the authorities...SO. Despite watching R-rated movies and porn (which, I reiterate, was not because of my parents letting me watch R-rated material), I think I turned out damn good, and frankly, I don't think my parents raised me wrong at all.

      THAT SAID. There are some kids that are simply NOT mature enough to go about the things I did when young, and I would not suggest letting them view/listen to any of the above. No matter how much of their best parents give their children, some still turn out really stupid.

    How do YOU sneak into an R-rated movie?
    Im not asking how to do it, but what is your way of doing it.

    have you ever got caught?

    • ANSWER:
      i dont need to sneak in now im 18 but i guess people just buy a ticket to a g rated movie and then go into a r rated movie.better than seeing a free movie.

    Is it okay to bring a 3 year old to an R-Rated movie?
    okay I'm not selfish so don't even say that.
    But Me and some of my friends are going to go see the movie "The Last House On the left" tomorrow night. And I have to babysit. So I was wondering is it okay. And will I have to pay for a ticket for the 3 year old if I do decide to take her? or is it free since she's not 7 yet?

    please help
    best answer 10 points!

    • ANSWER:
      That is a great idea. You will not have to pay for the ticket, but will have to pay for the baby's child psychiatrist to attend as well.

      Better still, why not just ask the parents if you can take their 3 year old to an R rated movie? They might pay for the tickets.

    Catholics and Protestants ! Do you think that your religion is perfect ?
    Is everything that you believe 100% perfect ?

    • ANSWER:
      One of the religions you spoke of was written about in the Albany, NY Times.

      "......In contrast, Babylonish religion often has unsavory links with big business. For example, in 1987 the Albany Times Union reported that the financial administrator of the Catholic archdiocese of Miami, Florida, U.S.A., admitted to the church’s owning stocks in companies that make nuclear weapons, R-rated movies, and cigarettes."

      Very hypocritical to preach against these thing and then turn around and own stock in them. Didn't Jesus say to keep free from the world? It's sickening to say the least.

      There is a reason we are told to get out of Babylon the Great because it will be destroyed.

    Where can I watch American Pie legally/free?
    YouTube says I have to be 18 years and older, goddamn it! Where can I watch it now?? I'm 15 and don't say it's too old for me, I watch R rated movies...
    haha the bakery
    I haven't seen the f*cking lion king in a decade, nor have I watched nickelodeon in 5 years!

    • ANSWER:



    how can i convince my mom to let me see an R rated movie?
    I want to see the movie girl with the dragon tattoo the american version but my mom wont let me because of the bad rape scene she has been hearing about? is there anywhere i can watch it online for free? how do i convince her to let me watch it?
    i am 14

    • ANSWER:
      Depends... How old are you?

    Where can I watch movies online?
    I really want to find a movie website where I can watch movies without signing up, downloading and for free??

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu.com has a free option, but you do have to sign up. Crackle.com is new, and you can watch the movies they have for free without (as of this writing) signing up (you do have to check a box that swears you're over 18 to watch R rated shows). Both require watching some commercials (they have to earn enough money to stay in business) but they are much fewer than commercial OTA TV (in fact Crackle has yet to sell many of their positions, so after a brief pause where a commercial should be, the movie continues - except when it starts completely over, a glitch that needs to be worked out). The only problem with both of these sites is they don't have the most desirable movies (they're either old, or not very good, or both). Hulu was formed by a consortium of TV networks (ABC, NBC & Fox) so they have many really good recent TV series, as well as many foreign (mostly british) imports. There are other movie sites. but I would caution you about torrent sites - their legality is very shaky and therefore risky. Search "free movies" on a good search engine for more options (that I haven't tried).

    15 and really want to get emancipated?
    I know that it might sound stupid to you, but when I turn 16 I want to get emancipated. I just really feel like my parents are tying me down. There not letting me be a kid. I have a place to live and a school to go to (pretty good grades) and a good paying job. I just want to make my own decisions and not have my parents control my life anymore. Do you think this could work?

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter was emancipated. She was determined to do this so that she would be eligible to apply for seasonal jobs not open to minors (she turned 18 in June, after the application period would be closed). I was not thrilled, but I helped her, because the cause was righteous :)

      To be emancipated you need the consent both of your parents, unless you are an abused or abandoned youth, in which case you need the testimony of counselors and psychologists you cannot afford, and so will not have. The obvious problem with this is that if your parents do not consent to your moving out on your own, they can call the police and have you picked up and you will then be in detention until you are 19, at which time you will be released with no diploma, no job, and no personal belongings. The other obvious problem is that the kids who genuinely need to be freed of various kinds of abusive parents are almost never able to manage emancipation.

      You will also need recommendations from at least three adults (usually supervisors at work, landlord and teacher), a high school diploma and/or plan for continuing education and means to pay for it. Generally you have to demonstrate that you have lived on your own for 3 months or more, are fully employed, and that your school work is not suffering.

      Because you are a minor, you cannot sign a rental agreement (so you cannot prove you lived on your own, or paid utilities). You cannot deposit any of your paychecks unless your parents name is on the account. So if your parents do not back you, or you have none, you cannot work for a paycheck and must support yourself in some other way (those who really need to be emancipated usually are stuck with prostitution and recreational supplies sales, neither of which produce the pay stubs required by the court for emancipation).

      When and if you are emancipated, your parents will have no further responsibility for your housing, food or health care (so you will not be covered on their insurance as a dependent). You will still be subject to statutory age rules, such as curfews, and age limits on being in places where alcohol is consumed, drinking or smoking cigarrettes. It will be illegal for you to go to an R rated movie *at all* because you have no guardian to grant permission to do so. You cannot own or drive a car until you are actually 18, because statutory requirements demand parental consent, and after emancipation you don't have any. The same goes for leaving the country, and theoretically for leaving your state of residence... but in general there is nobody checking state borders :)

      My daughter, at 17, with a perfectly clean record and 2 years of college already finished, and a reason (better work) that even a judge could love, was the first minor in 12 years to be granted emancipation in what amounts to our county. This is not something you have a right to do, it is something you have to sell the judge as substantially in your best interests. "my parents are cramping my style" is not a likely sell, so you had best frame it in terms that sound like a good idea to a judge, who sees a lot of kids in trouble every day.

      If you are determined to do this you will need the complete cooperation of your parents, so start getting it now. The forms to do this are online for just about every state (they differ somewhat state to state). They include a houshold budget for yourself, be sure and include things like medical insurance, transportation, laundry, food, school supplies, clothing and toiletries.

    Do people at the movie theaters check if your 18 for an R rated?
    Well, me and my friends wanna watch Paranormal activity, and all my other classmates watched it already, and i'm pretty sure an adult didn't go with them.
    Well, imma freshman(14). Would they let me buy the ticket, and even if they do, will they check once i'm in the movie theater?
    cuz a year ago, at a different movie theater, me and my friends were watching a pg-13 movie and the ticket seller person was all like,"u all 13?"

    • ANSWER:
      Just watch it online for free at http://onlineflixzone.com/

    Anyone know any old adult cartoon tv shows?
    I dont mean like hentai or Japanese animation like the US ones like the movies Heavy metal and Fritz the cat like those kinds of tv shows that have nudity but also a good deal of comedy and violence. Anyone know some shows like that Ill give you 10 points right away

    • ANSWER:
      Hello ,
      Heavy Traffic ;
      "Michael Corleone (Joseph Kaufmann) is introduced as a 22-year-old virgin playing pinball in New York City, in live action. This scene is then thrown into animation. New York has a diseased, rotten, tough and violent atmosphere. Michael's Italian father, Angelo "Angie" Corleone, is a struggling mafioso who frequently cheats on Michael's Jewish mother, Ida. The couple constantly bickers and try to kill each other. Michael ambles through a catalog of freaks, greasers, and dopers. Unemployed, he dabbles with cartoons, artistically feeding off the grubbiness of his environment. He regularly hangs out at a local bar where he gets free drinks from the female black bartender, Carole (Beverly Hope Atkinson), in exchange for the sketches from the somewhat annoying Shorty, Carole's violent, legless barfly devotee. One of the regular customers at the bar, Snowflake, a nymphomaniac transvestite, who gets beat up by a tough drunk who has only just realized that Snowflake is a man in drag and not a beautiful woman. Shorty throws the drunk out and the bar's white manager abusively confronts Carole over this and she quits."
      The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat ;
      "The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat is a 1974 animated film directed by Robert Taylor. It is an adult animation featuring a series of drug-induced vignettes both related and unrelated to life in the 1970s. Starring Skip Hinnant as the voice of the titular feline protagonist , the film is a sequel to Fritz the Cat, the first animated film to receive an X rating in the United States. Unlike its predecessor, Nine Lives received an R rating. It was also less well-received by critics and audiences alike, although it has since gained an audience as a cult film. The film was entered into the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.[1]"
      You may like Ghost in the Shell 2 : Innocence ;
      "Genres: drama, psychological, science fiction
      Themes: Cyberpunk, Military, Police
      Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
      Plot Summary: The heavily cyborged police officer Batou, newly partnered with the mostly-human Togusa after the diappearance of Major Motoko Kusanagi, is assigned to investigate a series of murders committed by prototype "sexaroids" - female androids created for sex. "


    How old were you when you saw your first R-rated movie?
    Also feel free to share what it was. FYI, I'm sixteen and still haven't seen one. Afraid of gore and such, I guess...

    • ANSWER:

    Becoming a teenager is so difficult? Depression?
    I'm 14 and male and I used to be so happy, loved, cared for, etc. it seems now that I'm hated by everyone. My cousins, parents are all proud of my brother and sister, but not me. I'm a bit messed up. I don't really talk with my cousins, or spend time with family members. I have no family relationships. My grandfather died 2 years ago, my grandma almost did but held on to this day and is doing better, my aunt had breast cancer but is doing better and I almost lost my dog to cancer but we caught it in time. I think all this stuff has took a toll on family relationships. I don't eat dinner with my family very often. About once a week. I read that unhealthy family relationships increases possibilities of teens taking drugs, smoking and drinking. I've gotten drunk 3 times, last year and twice this year. I've drinking alcohol maybe 8 times in the past two years. I almost smoked a cigarette but I had homework so I missed out. Me and my friends were gonna do weed and smoke cigs 2 weeks ago and this weekend but were still on for Friday. So I guess, what I'm asking is, why am I so depressed/sad. I don't like the way I act but it's like I'm stuck and falling deeper. I never thought about doing this stuff until I realized how alone I was. I said one word to my dad tonight. I often have 1 conversation with my brother, dad and about 8 with my mother and my sister has moved out. So that goes to show that I have pretty much no relationship with my family members. I normally don't even speak to them and I rarely see them, even when they're at home. How can kids still be so happy at home? I know a lot of kids who are still kids at heart. I grew up at 6, I played m17+ games, watched R rated movies, and listened to rap. It seems like my happy childhood was short-lived. I wish I hung around with my cousins, had family dinners, conversations, stayed away from drugs, alcohol, smoking, pain, etc. why does life fucking suck so much? How can I be happy again?

    • ANSWER:
      I understand completely. I'm 16, I'm also distant from my family, many sick cousins/aunts/uncles, I was depressed and depression runs in family. But please, please please PLEASE do not go to drugs (drinking specifically) because i saw depression and drinking combine to tear my family apart. It effects everyone, it's heartbreaking. If you think nobody cares, you're wrong: ill care if there's no one left, but I'm begging you to stay away from drugs. I dont know the cure for depression. Sometimes just finding someone with similar probs helps, but please don't do drugs, it's heartbreaking for too many and for you.

      Go out and be spontaneous (nothing stupid, just say yes to everything): it opens u up, you're free and alive and it helps. The feeling is never gone, but you'll forget it if you just live responsibly without regret

    where can i watch the movie bad reputation for free? without torrents this is an R rated sexual thriller movie?
    its basicaly r rated and its a sexual thriller

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, you can try: http://www.movieswamp.com
      Just search the movie titles that you want to watch.
      It also have a list of popular free movie sites.

    Why you can"t watch free christian movies online,but you can watch free porn and R rated movies?

    • ANSWER:
      The studios are a business that exist to make money. They aim their product to what people want to see. Obviously religious movies aren't popular enough to invest in.

r-rated movies free