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    What is the most disturbing movie on netflix?
    I've already seen both of the human centipede movies,dogtooth,irreversible,antichrist,hobo with a shotgun, and dumplings

    • ANSWER:
      A Serbian Film

    What is the significance of the scarecrows in Serbian Culture and movie "Go West"?
    Just saw a movie I ordered from Netflix entitled "Go West" it was in Serbian with subtitles. Jeanne Moreau produced it and did a cameo in the end of it. There was a big issue made about these horrible scarecrows during the film. Do they have a special meaning for the Serbs?

    • ANSWER:
      In Serbia they don't even have a scarecrows. I mean, they don't use it.

      I know, because I'm from former Yugoslavia.

      Hope this helps.

    What are some sick, twisted, scary movies I should watch on netflix?
    I have already seen the Human Centipede and Teeth guys so don't recommend those.
    I have also seen Deadgirl and Feed..
    What are some other good ones?
    I'm looking more for independent films.. Please don't recommend the obvious because I have seen them all

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good omedy movies on netflix?
    i have netflix on my xbox.....i need suggestions on new movies like around the 2006s to now
    Thx 😀

    • ANSWER:
      A Serbian Film (2010)

    Does anyone have a GREAT horror movie to recommend me on Netflix?
    I'm a new member of Netflix. I need something that's going to be REALLY disturbing, something that's going to have your boy up all night thinking "omg, what if I was in that situation?" type thing. Thanks yahoo! =D

    • ANSWER:

      A Serbian Film


    what are the most messed up movies you have ever seen?
    also are they on netflix stream?

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, it takes a lot in a film for me to consider it messed up and disturbing. However, I think foreign films are always go to if you really want something fucked. A serbian film, martyrs, man bites dog, ichi the killer, bennys video.. again, wasn't really distrubed by them but most people are. Try Dead Girl tho, should be on netflix.

    what is the most disturbing, sadistic movie you've ever seen?
    i normally dont watch movies like that, but i would say "stoic." netflix tricked me!! i didnt know it was gonna be that fked up. i hear irreversible is pretty bad too, but i havent seen that one... dont know if i want to.

    • ANSWER:
      A Serbian film is the most sadistic,sickest most disturbing film I have ever seen in my life I dont think their will ever be anything worse.Watch the trailer on youtube.

    Frightening movie for Halloween party?
    I'm having a movie night where we will be watching a scary movie for Halloween. I'm just drawing a blank as to which one I should choose. I'm thinking more of a ghost, supernatural, psychological thriller/horror, with gore, but not too much. I'm going to first search Netflix instant, then PSN movies, and Vudu.

    • ANSWER:
      A Serbian Film.
      August Underground.
      Murder Set Pieces.
      The Horseman.

    Does anyone know any movies like this?
    I like movies that have kidnappings in them or with sexual predators. I want to watch them on Netflix instantly. I already watched trust and Megan is missing and liked both of them. Thx

    • ANSWER:
      the girl next door (2007)
      a serbian film
      hard candy

    Most TERRIFYING movie you've ever seen?
    I wanna see the scariest movie known to man with my fiancée this weekend. Any suggestions??
    Netflix or Red Box movies preferably.

    • ANSWER:
      The thing is, it's hard to describe something as a 'scary' film. The 'scariest' film these days will most likely only be a 15 Rating. 18+ are more based on gore, violence, nudity and sexual references. A film being 'scary' is more based on someone's personal fears. For example, I'm pretty unfazed by horror films, other than shark horrors, because I'm terrified of them.
      You could go down the line of hardcore horrors, which are either 18+ or were banned/still banned. But you're unlikely to find these on Netflix.
      Films like:
      The Audition
      Cannibal Holocaust
      Faces of Death
      A Serbian Film

      But actual terrifying films are more personal. Some films scare the crap out of people, but don't bother others at all. Here are some that are considered quite creepy:
      'The Grudge
      The Ring
      Steven King's 'It'
      Evil Dead (there's a remake just released)
      Paranormal Activity 1+2 (not 3) --- (doesn't bother me personally, but a lot of people find it scary)
      The Omen

      Try and work out what scares you personally, be it demonic possession, ghosts, crazy mad-men with chainsaws, monsters, cannibals etc. then just google it.
      Hope that helped :)

    should i even bother watching this movie?
    i was going thru netflix and i came across the french film irreversible. i read reviews because it got some really good ones and they say its really graphic and violent and has one of the most graphic rape scenes ever. like, how bad is it? i sat thru last house on the left (original and remake) the girl next door, stoic, antichrist and so on. yeah, the girl next door, stoic and antichrist kinda bothered me a bit. i can handle graphic violent sadistic movies, to an extent... i can sit thru them, but for a while afterwards, they get to me. should i watch it or just forget about it? and what all does the guy say to the girl as hes raping her? that would bother me more than anything, i think.
    actually, it was me who gave you the thumbs down. i didnt ask what i should tell people when they ask me why i didnt watch the film.... i dont care what people think. also, i dont care about the movie not being in chronological order... i actually like those type of movies because they make you think. when you said “Even aside from the question of how disturbing the content might be, I don't like that method of storytelling because it makes the movie next to impossible to follow” you totally avoided my question all together. and really, what was the point of stating that you were “not furnishing the link” for wiki? that just sounded like an a$$hole statement to me. that being said, you can take your comments and stick them where the sun dont shine :o)
    have you personally seen the movie or are you just going by what wiki said? if you have seen it, i'd like your input on it. :o)

    • ANSWER:
      If even thinking about it is making you stress this much, then take a pass on the movie and quit worrying about it. If anyone asks why you skipped it, just tell them it sounded too creepy for your taste.

      Also, I read the movie's entry on Wikipedia (I'm not going to furnish the link) and it's told in reverse chronological order. Even aside from the question of how disturbing the content might be, I don't like that method of storytelling because it makes the movie next to impossible to follow. The Grudge movies jump around in time, which is annoying enough, but telling the story backwards? No thanks!

      Anyway, if you decide not to see the movie and someone razzes you about it, if you don't care for the storytelling style, you can tell them that as well. Hope that helps.

      EDIT - to the thumbs-downer: If you disagree, then let's hear YOUR take. Otherwise, stick that thumb where the sun don't shine!

      EDIT again - Fair 'nuff. :-) The reason I didn't furnish the Wikipedia link is because the movie is so out there I'd much prefer not to play any part in getting it into anybody's head. Not that it matters worth a damn,because the info is out there for anyone to find, but I just don't want to be a party to it. (For similar reasons, I declined to furnish a link when someone asked a question about A Serbian Movie.) I agree it comes off as standoffish to not explain, so that's my bad.

      For a better example of not furnishing information, check out Tom Clancy's foreword (or was it the afterword?) to the Sum of All Fears novel. Clancy is taking about sharing information on how to build a nuclear bomb, but my reasoning is similar to his. Clancy puts it a lot better than I did, though.

      Anyway, getting back on topic, you should just do what you want and let everyone else rot if they don't like your decision. My personal inclination would be to take a pass on the movie, but you do what you want and don't worry about anyone else's opinion -- mine included. Peace out and happy movie-watching. :-)

      EDIT again - No, I haven't seen it, but I checked out its entries at Wiki and IMDB. (It got good review marks at IMDB, and IMDB gives a better description.) The two things that appeal about it are 1) Monica Bellucci (I think she's smokin' HOT) and 2) that the movie is basically a revenge flick. On the other hand, the violence and reverse-chrono storytelling are a little off-putting as far as I'm concerned. I don't it would be my cup of tea, but I'm not going to trash the movie, either -- that would be unfair. Also, at IMDB even reviewers who **didn't** like the film gave it good technical marks. Honestly, now I'm dived about the movie as well -- it looks brutal, but intriguing. Then again, Passion of the Christ was also a brutal movie, but worth a viewing. Anyway, that's all I've got to say that's worth saying. :-)

      If you hear from someone who saw it, by all means give them the B.A. nod since they're better-informed. And since your original question was whether you SHOULD see the movie, I'll reiterate my revised (clarified) answer that it's your decision and anyone else's opinion can go hang. Cheers again.

    whats some good banned horror films?
    i watched that one where he stictches ppls mouth to there shit pipe already anymore

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there is one film, called 'A Serbian Film'. I don't know if this is the one you watched, because I've never seen it and don't plan to.

      Very, very strong stuff. Beware, it's got necrophilia (sexual attraction and rape of corpses), child - molesting, pornography and sexual rape/torture.

      Here's some info about it's banning:

      The film is banned in Spain. The film was banned for distribution in Norway and is temporarily banned for screening in Brazil. This was the first time a movie was banned in Brazil since the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution. The last banned film had been Je vous salue, Marie in 1986.
      The film was refused classification and effectively banned days before its release date in South Australia.
      Before its banning in Australia, major Australian DVD retailer JB Hi-Fi announced that they would not be distributing the film, either online or in physical stores. They attributed the "Disturbing content of the film" and a disagreement with the then R-rating to their subsequent ban. However, the film was evidently available for a time.
      On 19 September 2011, the Australian Classification Review Board again rated the film Refused Classification, effectively banning the film from distribution Australia-wide. According to the Review Board, "A Serbian Film could not be accommodated within the R18+ classification as the level of depictions of sexual violence, themes of incest and depictions of child sexual abuse in the film has an impact which is very high and not justified by context."
      In September 2011 Netflix removed the film from their list of titles available for viewing and from their in-site search results without any official explanation.

      So yeah, it's a bad, bad film.

      Also you can see a list of banned films:

      The Exorcist is very famous for being incredibly horrifying, I've never seen it so can't comment. It's probably too tame for your liking though. I hope this helped! :)

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