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Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a live action short film get to be nominated for Oscar?
    how can a short film enter the race for a nomination ? besides being good and stuff, and from where do the academy members choose the short films?

    • ANSWER:
      You put your name in a bucket, light a match, and hope yours is one of the 5 names that remain after the rest light up the sky.

      Actually, I think it's more related to being a short film that wins another festival (i.e. Sundance) first. If it's not a winner of something else first, there's no way in hell it's getting selected for the Oscars.

      As far as which 5 they'll choose, maybe that's determined by the Academy's mood that day. It probably wouldn't hurt to have connections, though!

      Beyond that, good luck!

    How to make a short film for high school art class?
    I need help. I have to make a short film for my art class.It has to be under 5 minutes. I need ideas on how to make the film and what to base it on.I don't know anything about making a short film.If you have any ideas,tips,and websites. I also need to know what equipment to use. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      It seems that you should ask your teacher how to get started. S/he should be able to point you in the right direction. It's nearly impossible for anyone to help you very well with this because we don't know much about your specific situation.

      But, generally speaking, you need (at least):
      1. a video camera
      2. video tapes
      3. video editing software on a computer (e.g. iMovie or Final Cut)

      And you probably (but not necessarily) need:
      1. one or more other people to be actors in the video

      The thing is, if you really don't know anything about making a short film, you are going to need help at every stage of this process. It's easy if you know what you're doing, but not if you don't. So I really highly recommend talking to your teacher, regardless of whatever help we random internet people can give you.

      May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

    How does one get funding for a short film?
    I am interested in putting together a short film but wonder where in the world I can get funding for my short. Producers must know something that I don't since their job requires them to find the money.

    • ANSWER:
      there are many many ways to get money for your short film:

      1. the first thing to do is reach into your pocket. if you want people to help you out
      you need to show them you believe in your movie
      2. go to your mom and dad. not joking dude. anything you get is good.

      3. check the web for funds. there is a lot of funds from the government depending what the topic of the movie is.

      4. endorsement. ask car dealership for a car to shoot in, for ex., and you will give them credit at the end of it.

      5. you can put stuff in the movie for money. for ex. close up of a zippo lighter for money from zippo.

      6. you can sell tickets before you make the movie to all your family and friends.

      7. you can sell shares in your " company" which will produce the movie and maybe sell it later making money for the share holders.

      8. lower yourexpensee. ask people to work for free. loan cars from friends to pick up the crew etc.that'ss about it... im sure there is more ways you just have to beCreativee

      good luck

    How do I make a short film like the twilight zone and do you have any plot ideas?
    I was watching twilight zone (the old one) and found it compellong and a excellent work of science fiction and then had a strong desire to make a short film. So can you tell me how to do this and if you have any plot ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      Making a short film on the theme of 'Twilight Zone' is tricky because you would need special effects and photography.

      I have a an idea for a plot. How about a story where the character has the ability to visualise the past through a memento. Thereupon, the character uses the visualisation to solve a mystery. But this plot will need special effects.

      You can also think of improvising on a few existing 'Twilight Zone' episodes. Let's say, 'Person or Persons Unknown'. Try to tweak its ending. The original ending was a cop-out.

    What would be a good idea for a short film?
    We have made "hunting sasquatch" short films a few times, but would like to make a different type of short film. Low quality and not much to work with, just alot of land and woods. There is only 3 of us to do the video, but we do have a tripod. What would be a good idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Mockumentaries are a great choice and sounds similar to what you are already doing. Woodland is a classic backdrop for a horror short film.
      Best thing about a short film is that you can imply the horror without actually showing any. Audio is the key!

    What are some tips for making a short film?
    My whole life I always wanted to be a director. I always make videos with my friends and there not little crappy ones you see on YouTube, there pretty good. But anyways, I never no what to do with these short films, but now I'm in a film class in high school and we need to make a short film. I just need some tips for making an A+ material short film. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Apart from having to make a short film for a class, before you put in the effort to make a film, ask yourself what you hope to achieve with that particular project.

      As an aspiring filmmaker, your body of work will be used as your calling card to attract financiers or an agent when you are ready to make larger projects on a professional level. So it is important that you take the time to make everything you do as excellent as it can be within the parameters you have to work within at any given time.

      What this means for you right now is that you write a script that doesn't push the limits of what you are capable of achieving. For instance, you likely don't have the budget for a million warriors coming over the hills of Ireland, so you wouldn't bother writing a story that needs that. Instead, think about the resources you DO have available and then think of a story that is within your reach. What will likely happen is that because you don't have access to a lot of "production value" type elements, like amazing locations or special effects, you'll be forced to concentrate on CHARACTERS. And the key to all great movies is that the characters come across as real for the audience. In time, your access to resources will grow, so those extras will be there if you need them, but even the biggest movies with lots of fancy FX still need solid characters at the core.

      It's one thing to write a great script with great characters, but you are making a movie from it. So, you'll need great Actors who can bring your words to life. Skip your friends and move on to the drama department in your school. Better yet, go to the Theater Department at the local University and audition Actors there. Look for a local Theater group that may have older talent who are all interested in doing more work. If your script is good enough and you can convince those people that you have the skills to make the movie look as professional as possible, then before you know it, you'll have a cast and crew who are all enthusiastic about making a movie...your movie.

      Look below for some links to resources that will help you as you sit down to write and begin thinking about production of the film itself. If you have enough time, I urge you to also volunteer your time on other productions near you... University projects if possible, but if not, then look for local production companies. Offer to carry cases or get coffee and explain that you are interested in learning how actual professionals really shoot their projects. The experience will be invaluable as you take those lessons and apply them to your own work.

      If you have any additional questions, email me directly at

      Good luck!

      Brian Dzyak
      IATSE Local 600, SOC

    What would I classify an online short film/ awareness video as on my acting resume?
    I just finished a video that will be broadcasted across youtube and different websites that is a short film and an awareness video. What would I classify this under (film, commercial, etc) Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You can classify it as a "short film" or you can also call it an "industrial video." has many registered short films. You can also try to get your project up on there for more exposure.

    How do I know what genre my short film falls into?
    I'm in a television writing course and I'm not sure if my script for a short film falls in the category of comedy, drama , or dramedy... How can I tell what genre it is? Is there a way to specify what category it falls under.

    • ANSWER:
      If it's a short film, it falls under the category of short. Now, the sub-genre's of short films are most likely the same as regular films. But the genre of a short film is always "short."

    What are you required to do in a short film audition?
    Well I'm auditioning for a short film (it's my first time) so I'm not quite sure what is expected and what I'll be asked to do.

    So far the only information I have received regarding the audition is the fact that it will only take about 10 minutes.

    If this helps, the film is about a friendship with an autistic boy, and a girl (who I'd be playing) that becomes a powerful force for self-discovery for Joe, another boy.

    Does that give any clues? Will I have to be emotional in the audition because it sounds like an emotional film? What do you think I will be asked to do?

    Thanks. All help and tips are appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      The answers to this question are as many and as varied as there are directors for short film projects. No two of them are going to be quite alike. I know that's not much help, but I can't give you more than the truth. Just go in, be confident, don't be afraid to ask questions about the character, and give it the best you can muster in such an ambiguous circumstance.
      Break a leg!

    Are there any short film contests available in Toronto or online?
    I'm looking for any short film contests I can enter online or in Toronto. It doesn't matter if the final deadline for this year has passed, I can enter next year as well.
    So far I've only been able to find The Indie Short Film Competition.
    I don't need many details, just a link to the website would help.

    • ANSWER:
      The Worldwide Short Film Festival is taking place as we speak in Toronto (it's in Toronto every year) and I highly recommend submitting. Even if your film isn't accepted in the festival competition, it'll be available in the festival "marketplace" where industry delegates browse all the submissions and choose films they may want to distribute or purchase.

      Also, if you're a student, many programs include one or two student films, so they won't dismiss you if you're a bit experienced. Just keep in mind that the longer your short is, the more spectacular it has to be for them to justify the time length.

      The National Film Board of Canada also has an annual online short competition:

      I recommend calling or visiting the NFB (it's in Toronto) to get info about submitting.

      And, in Toronto, a smaller film festival:

      The Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival

      Finally, if you want to find more competitive festivals to submit to, try this directory:

      It has a lot of great international options.

      As to online contests, not festivals, Filmaka usually has something running open to different nationalities:

      I think your best bet, though, is to submit to competitive festivals. Even if you don't win, being included in a festival is great exposure.

      good luck!

    What should be the name of my short film fest?
    I am hosting a short film fest on May. I have to begin the work from now. Please suggest me a good name for the fest. Its going to be a awards ceremony and short film fest. Its help independently by myself and not by any organisation. I tried names like Cinereel Short Film Rest and Phenom Short Film Fest but all are already taken. Please suggest a good name for the short film fest. Remember it should be unique and creative.

    • ANSWER:
      No Name Short Film Fest

    How can i submit my short film in the Film Festivals around the world?
    I am working on a short film & wish to submit it in the festivals around the world. The aim is to reach every individual in the world so need assistance to take the right path. Will i have to have an agent & does it cost a lot? Please suggest. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      First of all u dont need to go to an agent at all, i will tell u one site called . .Just go and register urself there and they will send u updates abt the film festivals going on. . . .It is an international site as u said u hav to reach every indiviual, so it will help u. . .N remember to take some still of on location to prove that its 100%geniuine n made by u. . . .Best of luck. . . .
      Hope i helped. . . .If any doubts mail me. . . . .

    What is the name of the short film about an instant movie button?
    It's a short film about a guy who buys an instant movie kit off the internet. The kit is basically a button that he pushes to turn his life into a movie/add special effects, etc. Each time he presses the button things become crazier.

    • ANSWER:
      Click is a film like that but it's a full film and it's about how he fat forwards his life and misses important bits and his life falls appart but work couldn't be better and he can to the past and see his childhood

    How do you add a lot of story and depth to a 15 minute short film?
    I feel like I have to sacrifice so much character development and plot depth )=

    What's the best way to approach directing a short film that's limited to 15 minutes? What filming techniques should I employ? What should I keep in mind, do, and avoid doing?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm really no expert at this so take my advice carefully.
      Firstly I don't know how old you are so I'm just going to say make sure you plan everything out (e.g script and/or storyboard). Although some directors just work off small story/character notes about a page long, have everything they want in there mind and then shoot a lot of footage and edit it down. For example Gareth Edwards directing 'Monsters' (2010) did that and ended up cutting a 100 hours of footage down to 90 mins, however as you can tell that was not a short film.
      Anyhow in my opinion you've got to remember a lot of the time it's the little things that count. So you can still have the character development and plot depth, but you got to find little ways of making that happen at the same time. Try not to go into detail for things that don't really matter, and remember unless your characters are particularly 'strange', they're just normal people so don't make them say anything too obvious and that 'actions speak louder than words' if you get what I mean.
      Also if you're still having trouble try and simplify the larger things to make it more effective and at the same time easier for people to understand (just not to simple though, as people do like being fascinated even by short films).
      And finally if you have trouble shortening it down, just find the more effective and needed moments and edit it carefully.
      So all I can say is I hope this was helpful and don't take my advice too seriously as I'm only going by what I know, and I haven't been taught anything about film.
      Good luck!

    Difference between a short film and documentary?
    For English class we're doing independent projects. I'd like to create a short film or documentary, but I'm confused about the differences between them. Can you combine them into one thing?
    Also are there any suggestions for good quality cameras for someone with a small budget ( no more than 150)? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      A short film is strictly on time. You can have a short documentary (half hour or so) and a short film can be on anything (fact or fiction).

      A documentary is true (or real), not always so wtih a short film

    How to get exposure for a short film?
    I'm planning to make a short might be between 10-40 minutes long, depending on how I iron out my screenplay. I was wondering how would I go about exposing this film and reaching out to more people, perhaps even garner the attention of a few studio executives. Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • ANSWER:
      Making a short film, particularly one that attempts to 'garner attention from a few studio executives' is a worthy goal that requires a lot work before you write the script or shoot your film. First, I would suggest attending a number of film festivals and internet sites that specialize in short films before embarking on making your own short film. See what other people are doing before making your film. Second, do not make a short film that is from a 40 minute script. Third, I would buy Roberta Munroe's book" How Not To Make A Short Film". Read this book like it was a textbook! She knows more than you (and me and most everyone else) about making a winning short film! Trust me, she does. In fact, read her book and if you can hire her you are better off! The sooner you read the book, or hire her, before you shoot your film, the better your film will be. Best of luck to you.

    What are some short film ideas that at least 3 people can do?
    Me and a few friends are wanting to do a short film but we don't have any ideas for one. Could you help?

    • ANSWER:
      make a short comedy movie....

    What is the short film about the heroin addict pregant couple?
    I saw this short film on youtube once, its about the life of this guy and his pregnant girlfriend who ends up dying and all throughout the film she compares things to california saying, "its warm just like california" and she says it again as she is put in the incinerator after she is dead. It was a really good film, i wish i could remember the name!

    • ANSWER:
      You'll find the film you're looking for below in the following link. It's called Try and it's kind of a music video for a Smashing Pumpkins. It's very depressing though so... good luck.

    How do you analyze a short film?
    For my English final, we have to analyze the Pixar short 'Boundin'. I have no clue where to start analyzing a short film. Is there anything in particular you do to analyze a short film? Help!!
    I'm pretty positive the style of analyzing he wants us to do is the style you'd use when analyzing a poem. So I have to use a form of poetry analysis for a Pixar short.

    • ANSWER:
      What is the theme , what are the highlights of the plot and character(s) , are the voices natural or seem contrived , how does the animation and background add to the plot , atmosphere and character development , what/which character(s) are germane to the plot and theme , what are the symbolisms and what theme(s) are reiterated .

      edit: that's odd. There isn't any dialog really in that short film if I recall. You could analyze the way the theme was represented in the animation. The techniques used.

      If you're still unsure, ask your teacher about it. He'll like that you're interested and he surely will explain to you what he wants exactly.

    What kind of story would you want from a short film?
    My friend wants me to write a script for his short film that him and his friends are making. I'm an English major, trying to become a screen writer, but short films are not my area. I don't know what people would want from a short film (like 7, 8 minutes). What kind of story would you want from a short film?

    • ANSWER:
      Something unusual, something that catches my imagination, that looks in the world a new way.

      I would actually advise that you watch a few short films to get a sense of the kinds of things that happen in them. I've seen some amazing little stories put on the screen in a few short minutes.

      Also, don't be afraid to use stereotypes (obviously not racist ones) in a short film for your characters. Because time is short you want your viewers to instantly know who the characters are.

      I would check the web for a list of short films and then watch some of them.

      Good luck!

    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Me and some guys need to make a short comedic film for a high school film fest. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes. If it could be a high-school related story it would be great. I would give you credit.

    • ANSWER:
      Just make up your own idea. I write plenty of scripts, and most of them are based on the trouble me and my friends get into. One thing I did when writing a short film script when I had a writer's block was ask my self a question like, "what would my friends and I do if a really attractive foreign exchange student from France came to our school for only two weeks and we all wanted to date him?" Or whatever works for you, good luck on the test.

    What is this short film about homosexual brothers who commit suicide?
    In the short film, which I found online, two brothers develop an incestuous relationship. Their parents discover them, they run away and go to a hotel, where they commit suicide by handcuffing themselves underwater in the hotel pool.

    What is the name of this film, and where can I find it online?

    • ANSWER:
      good ending. haha

    Can someone give me some tips on making a short film?
    I'm making a short film for my English project, "The Social Death of Julia Caesar". I want to make it look professional as possible, instead of campy and poor quality. I have a decent video camera and the latest version of window movie maker. Can you give me some tips or links to guides or free legal programs (kind of like the gimp)?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a lot of short films info on !

    What are some ideas for a five minute short film?
    I'm in a video production class this summer and our goal is to create a 5 minute short film. I'm completely brain dead and need ideas! We can to any type of film (action, commercial, documentary, etc.) but we do have to show it to the whole I don't really want to do a music video where I have to sing (or anything else like that). Just remember that I'm only twelve....please nothing too gory, sad, or inappropriate.

    Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Why not a movie about Life as a 12 year old? That would be You could also take different approaches to this idea. You could make it a documentary about how your life is, or you could make it funny, in showing different types of 12 year olds lives, and it doesn't have to all be true! For my class my friends and I did a short film called 'Life As A Teenage Nerd' It was quite funny actually and we got an A+! The teacher loved it! We included the aspects of battling responsibilities, making friends, staying commited, and much more! It was basically about being yourself. The nerd was friendless, and was pressured by bullies to do all these drugs, and other stuff (But for your age I'd keep it at just drugs) And we made it a bit funnier from when he said no, the bullies were gonna beat him up, but then he took out his lightsaber, and they were too weirded out to bother him. Through the movie she was trying to make friends. Even the teacher wouldn't be her friend! (We showed this with under thirty seconds with a little video montage, with music) He then finally meets another nerd, and they become best friends. But wen the other nerd wants to go to a convention but that main character doesn't have enough money, he has to work for it (We made this part funny, and so can you) In the end it faded out and we said and when you're your own person, eventually everybody will recognize it. And it no longer becomes th life of a teenage nerd but the life of a unique teenager.

    What was the short film about a paranoid man trying NOT to follow a woman?
    I saw a short film comedy a good 6 years ago maybe more about a guy who is paranoid that a woman might think he is following her. He stops to tie his shoelace to let her go away. She then comes out of a shoop and it looks like he has been following her. By the end he is chasing her to tell her he is not following her. Cant find it anywhere . Anyone know what its called?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe Bruiser, episode 4?

    How do I go about producing my own short film ?
    Any advice on producing a short film, websites, books, courses etc.
    From buying a cheap camera to producing story lines.

    • ANSWER:
      Best you can do is get a camera, really any camera that can film, and start shooting.

      This may be a nice spot to start on th net

    Im 16, How would I finance/gain equipment to shoot a short film during the summer?
    Is there anyway I could get equipment or finance it to make a short film with friends?
    Not some big high tech equipment, just something simple but yet effective.
    A part time job in this economic climate? YEH thats likely ^_^

    • ANSWER:
      Get a part time job maybe??
      So you can earn some money and buy/rent some equipment.

      Well, if you dont look, how do you know?
      I dont think that anyone in their right mind will loan f.o.c. a camera and all the equipment to a kid at school who wants to make a film with his friends.

      And YES. There ARE PT jobs around IF you care to get off your backside and look.

    How could a person get funds for a short film?
    A friend and I are interested in making a short film, problem is is that we have no funds at all, and to make a good film you need money, how would a person in our situation get funds in order to buy props and start filming?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, that's the tough one that most indie filmmakers face. There are multiple ways to try, but money isn't necessarily the only way to get your film done:

      1. Guerrilla filmmaking - this is the no budget method, the beg, borrow, and steal. Ask friends and businesses to donate props, equipment, or locations. You'd be amazed at what you can get simply by asking. Negotiate - Offer to put their names in the credits or let them come to the set. I don't recommend the stealing part, but I've known filmmakers who have filmed on locations without the owner's permission or borrowed props (they did return them, which if you are going to swipe something to use, I highly recommend being honorable and returning it when you're done).

      2. Partial funding - This is all about negotiation. While trying to raise money, you still use the beg/borrow method as much as possible. Offer rewards to those who contribute to the film, like cameo's in the film, being background characters or even a speaking role. Again, it's all in what you ask for and your negotiation skills.

      3. Fully funded - this is obviously the toughest, but it can be done. Ask family and friends to give what they can, even if it's only . Be sure to be thankful no matter how much or how little (very important. This little step goes a very long way. Trust me). There are fundraising websites like Kickstarter ( and Indiegogo ( that you can use to crowdsource (offering rewards like copies of the film, posters, name in the credits, ect. in exchange for donation amounts). Once again, talk to businesses about sponsoring the film or donating to it. Hold a car wash, bake sale, ebay auction, garage sale, anything you can to bring in the funds. This is where your true dedication to your film is measured.

      All in all, there is no specific way to get funded. It's all in your devotion, creativity, and persistence. My advice is to try for the fully funded way, but be ready to accept the other two methods if you cannot raise all the funds you need.

      Good luck!

    Can someone creative please help us with a short film idea?
    Please don't leave ideas if you're not serious about them. No rude remarks. Anyways, my friends and I want to create a short film and we've pitched hundreds of ideas to each other, but we can't think of a perfect one. We're teenagers, 13 and we want something family friendly and funny. We want short like about an hour. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do before you create short films is to see a lot of short films which will help you all to get more imagination. Hope watching the short films will help you get the ideas and the taste to build something that is unique as well as creative.

    How to find a location to shoot my short film?
    How to find a location to shoot my short film?
    Where can I find a location to shoot my short film in Los Angeles? Is there a web site for those kind of things, or somewhere I can go?

    • ANSWER:
      You must know what sort of location you need. Do what professionals do - scout the territory for what you want, then approach the land owners for permission. If they say no, go to your second choice. People don't exist on this Earth to make your film for you, you have to put in at least a little effort.

    I need an office location to film a few scenes of my 5 minute short film at in Orlando, Any places?
    I'm shooting a 5 minute short film. And so far it has been a pain trying to find a simple office location to shoot a few scenes at. I just need an office. and a waiting /reception area. In Orlando Fl.
    This is a film of social injustice. The scenes only contain dialogue nothing risky or inflammatory. Any Suggestions, know a place? Own a place? Have a friend, mother, uncle with a place? Please respond!

    • ANSWER:
      I would second a college office. See if you can film at a local college library or classroom setting.

      I made a short film dealing with teaching Shakespeare at my college utilizing various classrooms on campus. It shouldn't be terribly difficult to do.

    Is foul language a hindrance in short film festivals ?
    I am planning to direct a short movie and then I plan to enter into short film festivals. However, the script I have written has a lot of foul language. Will ithe foul lalnguage be any kind of hindrance in entering the film festivals? Please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually any festival doesn't really have a "no cussing" rule or anything like that. It may hurt the film's standing if you have a lot of unnecessary cussing in it, but if that's the way your characters would talk, then there's no problem with it. And any festival that doesn't allow cussing is a festival that you shouldn't bother entering into.

    What programme can i use to make a short film/slideshow?
    I have a few short film clips and photos i would like to put together into a abstract project along with music. It would probably be 1.5 to 3 minutes long. Do you know of any simple, free programmes i could download for this? I have windows vista. Just something that lets me cut quickly between the clips and maybe layer them??


    • ANSWER:
      Watch my Part 2!

      I've made these YouTube videos to answer questions just like yours.

      Please check them out:

      How to YouTube - Part 1

      How to YouTube (Movie Maker) - Part 2

      Movie Maker Tips:

      Movie Maker Titles & Credits:

    How do I present a quicktime file of a film for a short film competition?
    I wish to enter a short film competition and the conditions are that I present the film on DVD and as a quicktime file. I have the film on DVD, but am not sure about the latter. Unfortunately I'm computer illiterate and have no idea what this means. I've downloaded a program and successfully converted the DVD to a m4v file. So what next?

    • ANSWER:

      follow the link it will guid you exactly

    How could I get good lighting for a short film?
    I've worked strenuously on a short film, and 2mw is the day we film it. We have a good camera (It has CCD) but we don't have any lighting kits. We don't even have a key light. But then again we have a great camera. So for lighting anytips for indoor and outdoor use.

    • ANSWER:
      You can shoot using natural light and use reflectors for fill.

      However any inside shots, you will need some powerful lights, 500 watts minimum

    How to find a location to shoot my short film?
    Where can I find a location to shoot my short film in Los Angeles? Is there a web site for those kind of things, or somewhere I can go?
    I need an office location.

    • ANSWER:
      What scenes does the script call for?

      All you can do is drive around looking for suitable sites for the location shots of your film

      Remember, you need a permit to shoot a film in Los Angeles or other communities near by

      You will also need to pay for security and other incidentals associated with shooting on location

      When you apply for your permits, you will see what else you need to budget for while shooting on location.

    How to submit my short film to festivals?
    I am a new independent filmmaker. I had recently finished my short film (5 minutes) and I am willing to submit it to film festivals worldwide. It took me over 1 year to finish it and it isn't some low-budget film, it is extremely serious with serious crew and production. I want the film to be submitted to festivals and screened.

    I am from Israel.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not an expert at this, but I know there is one festival called the Shanghai Film Festival. They simply have a website where you submit your films, and there will be awards that are given out to the best films. Other than that, I have no idea. Good luck!

    How do get permision to use disney trademarks in a short film?
    I'm making a short film based in Disney World. How can I get the rights to show differant rides in the park?

    • ANSWER:
      You'll need to contact their licensing department:

      Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!

    How to make a short film look professional?
    I'm making a short film for my A2 films studies practical piece. I have been using proper lights, tripods etc and we have industry standard editing equipment.
    It still looks a little amateur, how do I make it look clean?

    • ANSWER:
      just wondering what editing programme are you using?

      how is it looking amateur? do you have music? is it a document or role play?

    What would you like to see in a short film?
    My friends and I are going to start filming short films once I get my new video camera and we have some ideas and screenplays written. But my question is, what would you guys like to see in a short film? What would interest you? We're planning to post these on youtube so it would be nice you guys had some opinion.

    • ANSWER:
      romantic scene of course!

    Anybody know how one can go about renting a bar to shoot a short film?
    I am making a short film this fall, in North Jersey, and literally just lost my bar location. I am going nuts trying to find a bar that will let me shoot my film in there! Were only planning on shooting for 3-4 days. I'm thinking I may just need to rent a space, but I don't know where to look.

    • ANSWER:

      Find a bar you like and offer the owner money. I assume you're planning on shooting only when it's closed, unless you have a large chunk of change to blow. Most likely you'll also need to offer to pay someone to watch over your staff, or at least kick a cameo out.

      If you're really low budget, find a little bar desperate for attention.

    How could I use a bike to film someone running in my short film?
    For my A Level art coursework, I am filming a short film. With a bog-standard 12MP HD video camera, at one point I'll be shooting someone running in a field. How can I achieve a smooth, effective shot? Bare in mind the ground isnt smooth, if you see what I mean?!?! Any tips at all would be welcomed, this is my first attempt at a short film!

    • ANSWER:
      A bike is a horrible idea! You can't expect yourself to be very still holding the camera while maneuvering the bike!

      Smooth freehand shots are usually taken with a steadicam - they can be rented from video equipment store. However, they can get expensive.

      watch the video above. They offer some improvisations that can be used in replacement of the commercial steadicam.

    What would be good subject Material for a 30 minute short film?
    Hi I am thinking of writing a 30 minute short film, and I was wondering what good subject material would be good for this project. I have an idea for a film, but I need some help fleshing it out. So if there are any film makers out there with some ideas, pass them my way.

    • ANSWER:
      free...try it...just download and register...

    What is the woman in the short film saying?
    Have anyone got a clue on what the woman from the short film "What's virgin mean?" is saying at the beginning. I mean the whole recipe.

    • ANSWER:
      Linda McCartney.

    What is the best type of camera to use for a low budget short film?
    I'm trying to make a short film on as little money as I possibly can.
    Part of this is considering what kind of camera to use.
    I was wondering, would it be better to use a super-8, and get reasonable quality, but have to deal with the whole analog thing, or use a rubbishy digital camera, but at least be able to edit easily, and have less messing around?

    Also, at the cassette cameras that are somewhat digital worth dealing with at all?

    • ANSWER:
      Samsung HMX Q10, Good Simple Little Camera And Has Really Good Quality And Sound!:D I Got One For A Really Low Price!

    Where can I find the insane short film about a fake spider prank?
    It's a fictional short film about a man who tosses a fake spider at a woman in the car. She freaks out and jumps out of the car only to be run over. Later, as he is worried beside her body, one of the paramedics sees the fake spider and jumps back sticking the needle he was prepping into the man's eyes. One of my friends posted it on facebook, but now I can't find it.

    • ANSWER:
      It's called Spider by Blue Tongue Films. You can find it on Myspace.

    What filming equipment would I need to make a short film?
    I would like to make some short films and need to buy equipment for them. However, I'm not sure what I'm going to need. The films will be fairly simple but need to look professional - Please help!!

    Is there any special lighting equipment and sound equipment that I might need? Also any editing equipment I might need?

    • ANSWER:
      Dear Music Dude,

      The best and only advice you can rely on is this: do your research, watch short films online from reputable locations (YouTube Screening Room, Sundance Film Festival, Funny or, etc.), check out short film programs at local film festivals and see if you find a Director of Photography's work that you admire and believe is capable of making your film look like you want it to.

      Then start searching locally for a Director of Photography (DP) in your area who *has their own equipment* that could match the look you love.

      When making a short you want to have the best DP who owns the highest quality equipment and is in full agreement with the kind of film you have in mind.

      With a solid script, great casting, a professional editor and a clear vision of what you want - you cannot fail.

      All my best,
      Roberta Munroe
      Author -- How Not To Make A Short Film: Secrets From A Sundance Programmer

    How many scenes and characters should be in a short film?

    I have to produce a ten minute short film and I am really struggling with my script. I have noticed that my original solo character is meeting with up to eight others and the number of scenes just keep growing and growing. What makes a good short film? And by putting all these scenes and characters into the story, can it confuse the audience. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Phew, there are so many answers to that question, probably because it boils down to the big question, "what makes a good short?". Some random thoughts:

      1. Keep banging your head to get a pristine idea of WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY? Can you describe the movie in one clear sentence? This can be a real challenge. The better you know what you wanna say, the cleaer your story will become, and you might find yourself parting with some characters.

      2. 9 characters really sounds like too many. Try a new draft, with a goal to see what's the fewest you can get away with, while still telling what you set to. Do multiple characters serve the same purpose? Do you really need all of them, then?

      3. Please, give your precious draft to other people whose opinion you appreciate, and listen to what they have to say. If possible, watch for their reactions as they read. When do they get emotional? Ask them tricky and open-ended questions to see what they got out of the script, which will definitely differ from what you had in mind. That's fine, it's art, but pay attention to what confused them, and what they didn't care for. My motto is that the worst movies are not the ones you hate, but the ones nobody understands and nobody cares for.

      4. Learn from others! Search Netflix or for "academy award short", and watch some Oscar-winning shorts. Concentrate on the story. If you're serious, pick the ones you like, and count the scenes and characters, even transcribe the scripts.

      5. The true answer is, you'll struggle with these questions all the way to the final edit of the film. Writing can be painful, learn to enjoy it like a good masochist! :-)

    what is the price of making a short film?
    i want to make a short film for about 30 minutes, it is about a love between an aussie boy and an asian girl. i am planning to use most of the money on photographers cause i want to use perfessional shoots. characters i will only pick the free ones and also myself. the process will be continue for about 5 days, how much does it cost in australian dollars? i have about 00, is it enough?

    • ANSWER:
      There isn't exactly a set price. You use whatever money you have. Obviously you would have to set a budget etc.. The money you have should be enough. You need to write down a budget and write down all of your spendings, then you can calculate whether or not you'll have enough. You can film it yourself, you do not need to pay "Photographers" to do it. They aren't called photographers, they're cinematographers.. All you need to do is buy a very good video camera and film it yourself. With the money you have, buy your own camera. It will be better in the long run. You would be wasting your money if you was to pay cinematographers to do it. It's easy, just film it yourself. It can still be professional. You just need to learn a few things about directing and stuff. It sounds like you're directing it anyway, so why don't you just film it yourself. I do the same thing. I'm a filmmaker.

    I just got my script for this short film I have to do what are some ways for me to get into charector?
    I just got my script for this short film I have to do what are some ways for me to get into charector?

    • ANSWER:
      Read the script read the script read the script!
      A good way to get in character is to know the character. (yet still be fluid enough to take direction as given.) Ask yourself questions about the script and the character, then answer them as "the character."
      1. Why am I in the script?
      2. What is my "big scene?"
      3. Why does my "big scene" happen? How does it drive/ move the action of the film?
      4. Am I the protagonist or the antagonist?
      5. How does my character change throughout the script?
      6. Where is the character at the end of the play? What caused that to happen?
      Remember: every character is there for a reason, find out why you are there. Also keep in mind that this is life or death. Whether or not the character physically dies, it is important to view each choice are life or death so that it doesn't fall flat. (That does not mean be melodramatic) It is much easier for a director to scale back a performance than to constantly be asking for more.

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