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    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Me and some guys need to make a short comedic film for a high school film fest. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes. If it could be a high-school related story it would be great. I would give you credit.

    • ANSWER:
      Just make up your own idea. I write plenty of scripts, and most of them are based on the trouble me and my friends get into. One thing I did when writing a short film script when I had a writer's block was ask my self a question like, "what would my friends and I do if a really attractive foreign exchange student from France came to our school for only two weeks and we all wanted to date him?" Or whatever works for you, good luck on the test.

    How to film a scene in a school?
    I have a short film idea, and about 70% of the scenes take place in a school setting. There are scenes that are both in hallways and in a classroom. I really don't know how I am going to film this.
    My first idea was to film the hallway scenes during the time where everyone is packing up their stuff, and everyone who actually has a role in the movie would just film around everyone. For the classroom scenes, I had a crazy idea that probably won't work, and that was to make sure that first I have a class with one of my friends who wants to be a part of the movie in the term, and second that my teacher is cool enough to let me disrupt class and film for a few days.
    I think I'll do the hallway scenes the way I've planned (unless you guys can come up with a better way). My second idea for the classroom scene, though, was to get a large enough group of people, and either after hours, on a weekend, or even in the summer time, we ask for permission to film in a classroom, and I get some adult who can act as the teacher in the scene.
    Which method is better? And is there another method out there that I can use that I haven't mentioned to make the hallway and classroom scenes possible?

    • ANSWER:
      Either way is good. But I think it would be best not to disrupt class. Not just because class is important, but because some students are stupid. They're going to be making faces and throwing up signs. Its better to have students who are as serious as you in the classroom. I'd say film the scene in hallways with the smallest camera possible so that you get how school hallways 'really' are and not people posing for a camera

    Does anyone have any good short film ideas?
    Hi, i have to do a short film for school. Im only in gr. 8, it has to have a moral or lesson and it can only be 3-5 minutes long.... Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to do something dark, like visualize the childhood of The Joker. Moral of the story, don't smite your kids. They will grow up to be homicidal maniacs.

    How to make a short film for high school art class?
    I need help. I have to make a short film for my art class.It has to be under 5 minutes. I need ideas on how to make the film and what to base it on.I don't know anything about making a short film.If you have any ideas,tips,and websites. I also need to know what equipment to use. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      It seems that you should ask your teacher how to get started. S/he should be able to point you in the right direction. It's nearly impossible for anyone to help you very well with this because we don't know much about your specific situation.

      But, generally speaking, you need (at least):
      1. a video camera
      2. video tapes
      3. video editing software on a computer (e.g. iMovie or Final Cut)

      And you probably (but not necessarily) need:
      1. one or more other people to be actors in the video

      The thing is, if you really don't know anything about making a short film, you are going to need help at every stage of this process. It's easy if you know what you're doing, but not if you don't. So I really highly recommend talking to your teacher, regardless of whatever help we random internet people can give you.

      May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

    What are some good short film categories for a school club?
    I recently started a film club at my high school and we are doing these small short film competitions. We started our first competition where there were four teams that had to make a fake news show because i figured make the first one easy. I need some help coming up with other categories. I was thinking a game show, do your own version of SNL celebrity jeopardy, parody a tv show, parody a movie scene, and film your own SNL style skit. Are these good ideas and can you help me thinking of some others?

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest something like a funeral or a breakup, but since you're in high school just turn on VH1 there's bound to be something you can use.

    What are some good short film categories for a school club?
    I recently started a film club at my high school and we are doing these small short film competitions. We started our first competition where there were four teams that had to make a fake news show because i figured make the first one easy. I need some help coming up with other categories. I was thinking a game show, do your own version of SNL celebrity jeopardy, parody a tv show, parody a movie scene, and film your own SNL style skit. Are these good ideas and can you help me thinking of some others?

    • ANSWER:
      Your ideahs sound fun, see if any of these might work

      silent movies,
      stop motion
      tv sales commercial, "if you buy the waffle maker in ten minute, you get a laser hair remover free"
      a tutorial video, like a cooking show or excersize vid,could be funny or seriouse,
      PSA= public servise announcment
      reality tv show
      soap opera

    How would I get someone to make a short-film from a story that I've written?
    I have written a short-story and would love to see it being made into a short-film but have no idea where to start or who to contact. I've have no directing or any type of film-making experience so probably would want to collaborate with someone to make the short-film...any ideas where to start?

    • ANSWER:
      You can contact your local college or other school that has script or screenwriting courses.

      What the writing needs to be formatted into is called a 'treatment' -- basically it's telling what's happening, not only with the actors, but also what the viewer is seeing (e.g. camera shots, music, whether it's an interior shot or exterior). It's really a fancy outline.

      Here's a site with some info. on treatments:

      Also, you can check out your local library which should have many books on this topic as well.

      Finally, consider having someone (a neutral person--not friend or family) read and critique your final treatment; if you can find someone like someone who is in the entertainment business or a professor of film that's the best.

      Good luck!
      PS: Be wary of blogs, and people phishing to steal ideas.

    Is it illegal to walk into the mall in a bunny suit?
    For my film class in school we are assigned to do random funny short films.

    My idea was a tad bit wild. I was to have my friend walk into the mall dressed entirely in a bunny suit and start dancing in the middle of Best Buy, the food court, and etc. We were then going to ask a mall security officer if he would pretend to arrest him so I could film it and end the film with him getting arrested.

    It makes no sense and it's completely bizzare but we just wanted to know, is this legal?
    The state is New Hampshire. He would not be threatening or harassing in any way.

    • ANSWER:
      In some states it could be illegal. Get the permission of the mall office.

    How do you get permission to use a copyrighted song in a student-made short film?
    I have a few ideas of short films I want to make, but some of the songs are copyrighted (such as "The Funeral" by Band of Horses or "The Howling" by WIthin Temptation.)

    Can I still use the songs regardless of copyright issues because I am a student film maker or do I still need to go through the legal technicalities to gain rights to the song for my videos? If so for the second question, how do I do that?

    • ANSWER:
      You do not need any license for classroom use by students or teachers in a non-profit school.

    How to use a hard hat in a one person short film?
    So for a school project we need to make a super short film (like 2 minutes) with only one actor and our only prop is a bag and a hard hat. We also were told that we must film in this underground sorta hallway. Any ideas for a cool/short/creative story to utilize all of these things. (nothing about construction workers, please!)

    • ANSWER:
      you could have the hardhat represent another worker that has died and the others are talking to it like the person was still there.

    Any good films highlighting the relationship between a little girl and her grandfather?
    i'm making a short film and looking for ideas for shots and stories and visuals. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Personal Sergeant (2004) - Drama
      Director:& Writer : Anthony V. Orkin
      Stars:Victor Argo, Celine Marget and Jerry Della Salla A very touching movie about a spunky young girl who plays soccer and her moody grandfather. When the girl's mother has to start working longer hours at a clothing store, the girl's moody grandfather must start taking care of her after school. The development of this relationship is sweet and entertaining. Also, it's something we don't see depicted very often in the movies. The acting in the movie is generally excellent. As the girl bond's to her grandfather and begins to reject her father, family tensions increase. I was particularly impressed by the actress Julie Carpenter, who portrays the girl's mother. She brought a very real quality to this character who tries to keep peace in the family,.

    I need some help on making a short film?
    I am making a short film. I am only an eighth grader and I have no idea how to make one. It is horror/suspense and I need tips on what to do. I have written the script and everything, I just need to actually put it together now. Like actors(probably classmates), camera crew (I wish), BUDGET, and the worst is, it takes place in a school at night, so how do I do that?! If you could at least answer a few of these questions that would be great. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      BUDGET:Go to party city they have lots of horror things but probably not in stores go online and go to the Halloween section, most things don't cost to much
      CAMERA CREW:You could get a classmate or friend who is a tech geek or likes to take pictures, maybe ask the class nerd. But it's really not that hard you just get a camera(if you don't have one barrow a friends) and point and shoot.
      SCHOOL AT NIGHT:well seems easy enough most janitors are there at night from the television shows I've seen, go in the hallways turn on the lights or bring flash lights and point them where you wanna shoot it's good being in the dark for horror so get a flash light And point in not IN the scean but Maybe close to the camera, so it shows enough light to shoot good quality or maybe turn on school lights there must be lamps or somthing...
      ACTORS:classmates are good, mabye even family! Chose people how there character seems; if the main character is easily scared get a friend whose like that, or if the main character is brave get someone like that.

    Is there any movies/short films on youtube about racism for children?
    I am looking for a short film/movie what is on youtube for children aged between 4-10 ( around primary school aged)
    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure, because I don't have access to YouTube at the moment (I'm at school)
      but I'm sure you will find some if you go to and search for "racism for children"

      Hope this helps!

    How can i promote or take to the next level my film ideas?
    I'm only 14 but i have fantastic film ideas, i've done so much scripting and everything for it including storyline, music, directing and casting ideas. I've worked hard and enjoyed it, and i'll continue working on it.

    How can i one day promote these film ideas? Who should i talk to, to maybe make it into a film one day?


    • ANSWER:
      When you graduate,go to film school and make these into shorts to start with. You as well as millions of others have ideas too, its getting into a film school and networking and making them into shorts to start out.

    I need some help on making a short film?
    I am making a short film. I am only an eighth grader and I have no idea how to make one. It is horror/suspense and I need tips on what to do. I have written the script and everything, I just need to actually put it together now. Like actors(probably classmates), camera crew (I wish), BUDGET, and the worst is, it takes place in a school at night, so how do I do that?! If you could at least answer a few of these questions that would be great. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm, you are facing a lot of the same problems that big budget movies face, so don't be too worried. This will take a lot of work, you'll have to be patient, and keep in mind that you might have to improvise on the fly.

      Alright, with the budget you'll have to prioritize. Since you probably won't be paying cast or crew what you want your budget to focus on is production design. You'll have to try and figure out how much it will cost to make your movie before you even shoot a single second. First, price check all the things like props (since this is a horror you'll be looking at stuff like stage blood and stage knives, etc.) costumes. This might cost a lot, or a little, it will depend on some things. If your actors can provide their own costumes, that they don't mind getting dirty (even ruined) it will be cheaper. Also, stage blood can get expensive, if you want you can make batches of your own (there are plenty of recipes online that can give you specifics). As for any other props, it will depend on where and in what condition you buy them in, but props can be fairly cheap.

      Sorry to stay on the budget, but budget is very important, I would suggest investing in some kind of light kit (there are expensive ones, but you could put one together yourself using a work light from a hardware store and then getting some light gels). I'm guessingyou're most likely using a camcorder so look into getting a couple of extra tapes/SD cards in case something happens to the one in the camera or it gets full. And finally, this is one of the most important parts of budget making for movies is, you will want to have extra funds available just in case something goes out of control.

      Onto the camera crew. A camera crew can simply be made of 2 or 3 people, and you may include yourself as one of these people;
      -a camera operator, someone who knows the camera fairly well and can do minor troubleshooting in case something isn't working properly.
      -a 1st AC who takes care of the memory card/tape when it is filled and has another at the ready, they also will watch the camera when the camera operator is away (bathroom, food, stuff like that)
      -(optional) if you decide to invest in lights a gaffer is a good person to have, they move the lights around, make sure that the lights have power, and they put gels on them.

      Now for locations; this may not be as tricky as you think. Granted it may take a bit of working the system, but it can be very educational. First, talk to the school you want to shoot at, specifically, talking to the principal is a good place to start. This will be a time to pitch your movie, you are trying to sell this to the location. Because this is a horror/suspense, it might be good to downplay the horror and focus on the more suspense aspect of the script.
      Even, then the principal might ask that you go through another person (the school board, the janitorial office, somebody), don't get discouraged, keep on going and if necessary make the same pitch you made to the principal. Now the thing about shooting at night will be tricky to sell. You could try that just to see, however, it is probably not going to happen. In that case, suggest shooting during the day when no classes are taking place (if that's the case, remember that extra money in the budget? You can use that to buy this stuff called duvetyne and gaffer tape. Then you can tape the duvetyne over windows and stuff to make it look like it is night in the school).
      And if the school doesn't go for it then you can maybe try a local community college or see if you can get permission to film at a place that looks like a school and then you can edit footage together to appear as if you are shooting at some school.

      I hope that helps; movie making is hard work, but it can be the most rewarding experience you have. Good luck and I have attached some URL's to some of the film supplies I was talking about:


      Gaffer Tape

      Gels (I recommend only getting Blues and Oranges, specifically CTO Full and CTB full)
      CTO Full
      CTB Full

    How can i get a job in the film industry in Chicago? if u wanna become a film editor?
    I know that Chicago isnt really the place to have a career in filmmaking but i live just south of chicago, about an hour away.

    Im 17 and would really like to be a film editor. I plan on going to a 2 year film school after High School. But i would love to maybe work somehow in chicago over the summer.

    It doesnt nessessarily have to be movies, but commercials, short films, anything that involves some sort of production.

    I would really like any ideas or tips. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to be an editor, make family videos to start out (birthday parties, etc.). That's what I'm doing. I shot my nephew's 4 birthday parties, my aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party, and a video of Christmas at my relative's house. I'm in film school now, so I've only finished 1 video so far because I've been busy with school. I've helped out as a camera operator and editor on 3 films.

      So, my advice would be to go to a film school, get involved with film projects, and (if you can) during the summer, shoot some family videos, to get experience.

    Do you think starting a film club in school is a good idea?
    I am very interested in having a career in the film and television industry. At my school, the only thing they have that is close to a film club is the AV club and the photography club. I really want to start a film club where people that enjoy directing and writing short films could get together and make them. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think a few people will join? I wouldn't want too too many.

    • ANSWER:
      Good clubs do many things by getting people involved in extracurricular activities, bolsters their social lives, gives them positive bullets on their scholastic admission application for college and assists the school as well. Film would be a super idea and could be tied into the drama club as well.

    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Me and some guys need to make a short comedic film for a high school film fest. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes. If it could be a high-school related story it would be great. I would give you credit.

    • ANSWER:
      i got one

      Shawn "The Kosher Clemens Express" Clemens was one of the best Jewish ballplayers and one of the best ballplayers of his time w/over 400 wins under his belt. He had 100 perfect games with 27 strikeouts each in his first 2½ seasons. He was in the All-Star game in each of his MLB seasons of his career. He was always the starter in each.

      But after his MLB record 30th season, something happened to his arm. He had already had a record of 1,154 wins, a record zero losses, a record 9,232 innings pitched, no saves as he has always been a starter, and a major record of 31,164 strikeouts (an avg. of 25 strikeouts/9 innings). His arm was badly hurting. He went to the team’s doctor in New York.

      "So, Dr. Johnson, what has exactly happened to my arm?" asked the star pitcher Shawn Clemens.

      "Well, Shawn, I am afraid that you have injured your right elbow," responded Dr. Will Johnson, the team’s New York-based doctor for the Yankees.

      "Do I have any choices?" asked the Kosher Clemens Express.

      "Yeah, you can have Tommy John surgery and sit out this upcoming season. You can have Tommy John surgery and end your career immediately. Or you can choose not to have surgery and jeopardize our career. Do me a favor?" said the doctor.

      "What is that favor?" Shawn asked.

      "What ever your choice is, just do kvetch about anything," Will told him.

      "I think tight I have decided not to pitch next season by having Tommy John surgery this year, and you have my word. I will not kvetch," said Clemens.

      "Great, come back tomorrow at 9:00 AM in the morning," replied Johnson.

      "Okay, sounds great," Shawn said. He then left with his wife of 28 years, and a beautiful mother of three kids (Nathan Scott, 20 Rebecca Leah, 15 Jonathan Richard, 10).

      One season later, he had started a new season after he completely recovered from Tommy John surgery. He threw harder than he ever did before. He fastball was timed at 110 mph. He had to refrain from the curve as those had hurt him to throw them.

    Do you think starting a film club at my school is a good idea?
    I am very interested in having a career in the film and television industry. At my school, the only thing they have that is close to a film club is the AV club and the photography club. I really want to start a film club where people that enjoy directing and writing short films could get together and make them. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think a few people will join? I wouldn't want too too many.

    • ANSWER:
      We used to have a TV club at our school, but because of our school's spending money on a million auditorium we use like 5 times a year and 4 gyms, along with the economy, our in-debt school cut out all the clubs. =(

      But, it was pretty popular. The films the kids in the club made were posted on the school homepage and were very fun to watch. I say, Go for it!

    What are some good ways of making my short experimental film look pro?
    I'm making a short art film for Film and Tv and it has to be relevant to youth. I have the scenes in my heard, but I want to know some cheap ways of making good use of the schools camera. I already know about floodlights making the film look nicer, but I need something I can easily buy and use.

    any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You can edit gritty effects (like have the film much grayer and darker than usual) to add effect, or add extra colour to make everything look really good. I dunno how you would do this (i use my editing stuff, but it cost £60, and you don;t wanna spend any money) unless you have a mac, and then it ought to be somewhere...but change the gamma's and options like that (low gamma means less light adding grit, high gamma makes area's of light more coloured so gives it a light effect)

    How to make a short film with zero budget.?
    I am a high school student and I would like to make a 5 minute film. I would like to know some techniques that may help me, or a website I could go to. I have a digital camera and a tripod. That is it. I know that I can make a good short film, but all I need is some advice.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Choose your equipment, something that can record video. There are many choices. This process might take months or even years, but you have to keep looking. Make sure your video recorder works with your VCR or editing equipment.
      2. Learn a few features, and review how your recording device works. Learn how to start and stop recording, fast forward, rewind, playback, and anything else you might need. Save the special effects for your second or third project.
      3. Choose a subject -- what you want to make a film about. Remember, you'll need to complete the project. Think about who, what, and where you'll shoot. Form a basic idea for a story and if you're having trouble, read short stories for inspiration.
      4. Type out a script. Make sure to develop your characters with different personalities; your movie won't be interesting if everyone acts and talks the same.
      5. Draw out a storyboard, illustrating the shots you plan to use. Don't worry about following the storyboard perfectly. It's just a good idea to get your thoughts on paper and a great way to see if you can communicate an idea "visually" rather than needing the actors to verbally communicate the concept. The viewer is watching first and listening second.
      6. Find people who aren't busy and are willing to work hard on your film. Provide food for your crew. They'll appreciate it and be able to hang around longer.
      7. Shoot your footage. If you want to highlight your pet, you can shoot video of your pet eating, sleeping and playing and perhaps put it to music.
      8. Edit your film. Many cameras edit in limited ways and some have special effects. Learn how to "cut" pieces of your footage together and put music or speech over your video. Check your camera's manual or use a software package like iMovie to make your final cuts.
      9. One way is to use your VCR or DVD burner to make copies for friends and auditions. If your film is digital, you can also output your final edit to a readable format to send via email. Also if your film is in digital format you can upload to YouTube or another video sharing site. Check up with the website's video formats to see if you can upload your movie.

    Do you think starting a film club at my school is a good idea?
    I am very interested in having a career in the film and television industry. At my school, the only thing they have that is close to a film club is the AV club and the photography club. I really want to start a film club where people that enjoy directing and writing short films could get together and make them. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think a few people will join? I wouldn't want too too many.

    • ANSWER:
      i think that sounds fun :)
      find one of your friends to go the first meeting so your not the only one.

    What are some movies which ends with the protagonist committing suicide?
    Doing a short film project for school and i need to get some ideas on how to dramatize my ending scene. The ones i can think of off the top of my head are devils advocate, and romeo + juliet.
    anyone else have any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      Thelma & Louise

    How do I make male friend/actor comfortable during his nude scene?
    I'm doing a scene with a colleague from drama school in a short film for tv in the uk. He is worried as one of the scenes requires him to be nude facing me but only have his back to the tv.

    He's stressing about it but I'm trying to reassure him it will be fine.

    Any ideas of how I can help him through this?

    • ANSWER:
      try not to stare at his 'assets'.

    What specific physical injuries can a person get in a car crash?
    I'm in the middle of producing a short film for school and in the original ending, one of the main characters was going to die while after getting run over by a car. Now I feel that is too overly dramatic, so I'm in the process of re-writing the ending so that one of the characters gets in a car crash, but I am not sure what kinds of injuries he might have after wards.

    The accident happens when the character notices a person in the middle of the street and since he is going too fast to stop, he swerves and hits a parked car. He is not wearing his seat belt. Any ideas on what kind of injuries he would have two or three weeks after wards?

    • ANSWER:
      Why don't you google "car crash injuries"? I'm sure there's PLENTY there for you, and then you wouldn't have to bother us with questions that are simple to find the answers to.

    Idea for short film with one actor in it?
    Hey my friend has a school project in which she has to make a short film. She wants to use me in it because I have acting experience but she's really struggling to think of idea/ themes to base the film on. She would like to set it all to music so no dialogue. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Like Castaway?

    How can I film in/ fake a courtroom for a student film?
    I'm working on a short film that I need to make as part of my applications to art colleges and my script contains a courtroom scene. The problem is, I have no idea how I can get a hold of a court room. Any ideas on how to either actually do this or fake it? I've considered green screening it, but I'm having trouble finding the right angles I'd need in online photos of courtrooms.

    • ANSWER:
      Contact your local theatre (or sometimes a school will have a good drama unit) and ask if they have any scenery flats or furniture. tell them what it is for and that you need it in order to progress and they may be able to help? Also, go to a courtroom, have a real good look at it and ask yourself if it reminds you of anything else that you may be more easily able to utilise, a church say or a village hall perhaps? Near me in Marlborough is an old Masonic hall that would pass for this so keep your eyes open, think creative and you may find it right under your nose?
      Lastly, does it have to actually `look` like a courtroom in a modern city? Old Eastern block, archaic rural community or Congolese, Arab or South sea island courtroom drama's might have a whole different space to represent? If they have asked you to do this as a `brief` for film school then don't fall into the trap of thinking of the first set of images that come into your head as they, the academic body, might want to see how you cope with thinking `outside the box` perhaps? (unless the brief is very specific) If your local courthouse wont let you film in there then try a local lawyer who might have influence and who might ask you to return the favour when you are famous???
      Stephen Hope this helps

    I need a good idea for a short film, featuring up to two people, and having a small science fiction twist.?
    I am doing a short film project for school. I need a good idea for a story that is simplistic, but serious, and features some sort of a fantastical twist. Please provide some inspiration

    • ANSWER:
      I liked this movie, it had an interesting premise.

      The Cold Equations (1996)

      Lt. John Barton is sent on a special mission to deliver a special vaccine to a distant mining colony. He is infuriated to find Lee, a stowaway aboard his spacecraft. Barton has only enough fuel to carry himself and his precious cargo, and Lee's added weight insures that they will crash if she stays on board. They have gone too far to turn back, and Barton's superiors make it clear: the mission takes precedence and Lee has to be dumped into space. But she won't go quietly.

    Do you have to go to film school/get a degree in film to be a movie director?
    Do you need a degree in film or do you just go out there and call yourself a director (okay, maybe not exactly, but is there some other important process if you don't need a degree)? And I'm not talking about indie films or short films... I've already called myself a director for that stuff.
    And if you DO need a degree, what's the best film school to go to? I'm thinking UCLA but they don't offer scholarships. Any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Short answer: No. You do not need to go to film school in order to become a movie director. Steven Spielberg is a film-school reject and still became a director despite not having a degree in film.

      Longer answer: Only Steven Spielberg is Steven Spielberg. It's extremely difficult to become a feature film director, or even a commercial director, and you'll need an extraordinary amount of talent, tenacity, technical skill, and luck. Movies are expensive to make, and the director is the one who is essentially the captain of the ship and will ultimately determine if it sinks or has a glorious sail. Convincing a movie executive that you are the one capable of commandeering that ship is hard. Very, very hard. If you're labeled the creative genius of your class at a top film school like USC, NYU or UCLA it's very possible your reel of student films will help you land your first job. And if you knock your first job out of the park, you might get your second. Most film school students aren't the stars of their class, though, and many struggle to find and maintain work while paying off their debt. There are a lot of ifs and maybes involved for a degree that can be very costly and time consuming to obtain. Most people who do have film degrees don't become directors. They wind up working in development, distribution, acquisitions, marketing and in other capacities. Many either can't find work or burn out and pursue another career.

      Many people working in the film industry never went to film school. Some start their careers as low-paying assistants and climb up the ranks, and others make connections through their "day jobs" working in the industry in other capacities. Still, very few become movie directors due to simple supply and demand. There are far more people who call themselves movie directors than there are movies to be made. You might want to consider getting a degree in something more versatile and attending a summer program or a study abroad where you can get more experience in the craft of filmmaking. FAMU in Prague is ranked as the one of the best film schools in the world, and two top US universities (NYU and American University) have programs with them that are open to non-majors from other colleges. I know several kids who've gone there, and they've gotten a lot of useful technical experience in writing, editing, lighting, directing, producing, and sound.

      Take advantage of the resources you might already have available. It's free to create a YouTube channel to potentially broadcast your videos to millions, so if you don't already have one, get one. Cameras and editing software can be quite affordable. I'm not trying to suggest that this is the way you'll become a movie director - it's not - but it could give you a chance to exercise your creativity now and to get feedback from others.

      I'm linking an article below that might be interesting and helpful to you as well as the HR film school rankings.

      ~ skylark : )

    How much would the royalties cost for my amateur film adaptation for stage?
    Hi there,

    I am adapting a well-known Hollywood comedy into a musical to put on stage. Entrance will probably be free, performing to my school and some outsiders. The music will be entirely composed by us, with heavy alterations to the script by us too. I am in the UK. The script was found online to allow to start working on ideas immediately.

    In short: Hollywood film, adapted for stage by us, music and words by us.

    How much in royalties would we have to pay, and how do we find out who to and how to pay them to?

    Many thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      If you were even able to get the rights to said movie, it would cost more than your school could afford!

    What music would be good for this?
    I am planning to make a short film for a project i have to do at school and I need to find some music that can be playing in the background for the duration of the film. I already have a couple of ideas of using some music that a friend suggested from World of Warcraft.
    Does anyone have any suggestions that would fit, I'm looking for something that has a wintery feel as the film is an animation about a polar bear. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      "Winter" Joshua Radin

      "River Flows in you" Yiruma

      "Violet Hill" Coldplay

      "Naval" Yann Tiersen

    Any ideas for a short story on the back-story of the magic mirror from snow white?
    So I am making a short film this summer called Mirror Man and I need some more ideas for the plot of the story.

    • ANSWER:
      There once was man named Tristan. He was a librarian to a King. He spent days and days in the massive library. Cataloging, reading, dusting the shelves. He was the happiest he had ever been. Then the King asked him to tutor his daughter, the princess. She was young, sixteen or seventeen, but this shy, quite librarian was only twenty two himself. For the next three years the two of them studied every morning and afternoon. The queen, who was jealous of her own fading beauty and her daughter's youthful glow, watched the two of them as they would lean over a book together or as he would whisper a joke to her.

      Then the king grew sick. His daughter, Princess Thorne, sat by his bedside every night. Turning to Tristan (her only true friend) for comfort as she was the apple of her father's eye. The queen grew more bold, and tried to seduce Tristan. But he rejected the queen, for his heart had already been give.

      Then, one day the queen saw Princess Thorne kiss the librarian in a fit of weakness and passion. Her anger grew, and by the next morning Thorne had been sent away to a boarding school for only girls. Tristan was let go. But, as he stormed from the throne-room he vowed to find Thorne and marry her.

      That night, the queen told the court sorcerer (her secret lover...who may or may not have had something to do with the Kings mysterious illness) to find Tristan and imprison his soul. The sorcerer followed Tristan to the inn where he was staying. As Tristan slept, the sorcerer performed an incantation where his soul would leave his body and become entrapped in a mirror hanging over his bed.

      The next morning the sorcerer presented the mirror to his queen, who hung it in her throne room. And forever more the mirror would have to answer all her questions.

      Sorry...ran out of steam towards the end...still...the story is yours if you want it!

    Do you think starting a film club at my high school is a good idea?
    I am very interested in having a career in the film and television industry. At my school, the closest thing they have to that is the AV club or the photography club. Neither of these help me pursue my career, so I thought I should start a film club where people who like to make short films or want a career in the film industry could join. Would you say this is a good idea and should I do it?

    • ANSWER:
      I think this is such a great idea! You should definitely pursue what you love! This will also look great as an extra-cirricular activity for your college applications! GO FOR IT! :) Good Luck!

    How can I develop this idea into a plot?
    So I was thinking about making a conventional short film (30 min) and I have a pretty nice idea in my perspective about a kid trying to make a movie for his school's film festival and he is in love with film and really wants to win. But one day, this mindless kid comes along and guess's that it's good for his transcript if he wins. So he steals the other dude's film. I just need some help probably getting to a good climax and things that would make it a little more dramatic. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      the main element in any type of story is conflict. So dose the film student chase after the mindless kid? do they eventually have some kind of stand off? (you can incorporate different film element like silent chases, or slap stick comedy or western for the stand off, it's your interpretation at the end of it all that counts)
      twists in the plot are also a good way to enhance a story line. Is the mindless kid working for that teacher who every time the film student has a great idea crushes it? Is the mindless kid actually a robot and working to destroy the world of film?
      It doesn't have to be an extreme plot line just enough to keep your audience captivated enough to want to watch the end.
      In the end it's up to you how you want it to end. weather you want the film student to win the day and get his film idea back from the mindless kid? or does the bad guy win and maybe even kill the film student? or you could even get the mindless kid to realise that he 's done wrong and wants to stand up to his master, the evil teacher, and the two join forces to destroy him.

      you have to work through how you would like it to end then figure the bits out in between. try writing bullet point of pinnacle moments in the plot were action takes place and see if you can figure how point one goes in to point two.
      Either way i hope this has helped.

    What's the best technique for using a dolly?
    I'm making a short film for school. A good amount of my shots requires the camera to move smoothly backwards, as one of my actors move towards it. I need a dolly to move the camera but I'm trying to avoid skateboards and the like as they may create a shaky shot.

    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Huh.. "skateboard" wat the hell are you talking about. If you are using a STUDIO DOLLY which doesn't seem to be the case, the it's not a problem, but if you are using a FIELD DOLLY.. that is the one with 3 legs. you will need a set of wheels for it.. it's a "T" shaped plate with 3 casters mounted under it. you have to SET UP THE DOLLY in the direction you want it to move by swinging it in a short arc, ending in the direction you want the dolly to move for the shot so when you start to move it, you already have it going in the right direction with the wheels all tracking in the same direction.

    How can I look like I'm on drugs (marijuana) physical appearance??!?
    My friends and I are making a short film for school and I play a girl that smokes weed constantly.In advance thanks for the help!
    ***In one scene I have to smoke weed, which Im not going to so is there like a smoke type thing I could use because my friend said I could use a cigarette but Im trying stay clean.***

    • ANSWER:
      The age-old advice given to actors who are supposed to play "drunk" might also work for playing "stoned." That is... you don't try to play someone who looks and acts drunk (or stoned) but you play someone trying not to let anyone know you're drunk or stoned. You know, when you're straight or sober you don't have to make any effort to appear so. However, who would try to appear straight but someone who isn't? So you think "Okay, I'm really high, but I don't want anyone to know," and so you give the character the goal of trying to not to look high. For example, you know how most people when stoned get that droopy eyelid look? Well, instead of trying to make your eyelids droop, you play it like someone who's fighting to keep their eyes open. Just like when playing "drunk" you try NOT to stagger instead of staggering - and the funny thing is that focusing so hard on that naturally makes you stumble because we never really have to concentrate so hard on just walking. get the idea?

      Remember, also, that you need to tone down anything you do for film. Your facial expressions and movements don't have to be as "big" or accentuated as they would if you were on stage. The camera magnifies everything, so don't overdo it.

      As for the "smoking" part, they make herbal cigs for that. And you don't need to really inhale to make it look real. Sounds like a fun project. Best of luck to you!

    How to get ideas for a short-film?
    I am a 15 year old guy. I've written and directed several short films for school projects, and found that I enjoy it and have talent. I'm ready to begin work on a new film. I have limited special-effect capabilities. My problem is that I do not have any ideas for a storyline. So my question is: how do I go about finding a suitable topic and storyline?

    • ANSWER:
      War, parkore

    What can you contribute to our short film?
    We've made up a story...
    a girl has just returned to school after a year her parents was killed in their own home. She tries to forget the incident by becoming a normal student but things were getting difficult. One day while going to the bathroom she sees a girl passes by heading to same direction. But when she got there she finds a dead girl lying on the floor. The school pointed out that it was just an accident, but for the main girl she thinks otherwise and believes there is a murderer in the school.

    Since then the number of students deaths were increasing and the main girl is getting obsessed who the killer is.

    To cut the story short, The girl investigates the killings only it ends with her being the killer. Having a dual personality.

    The problem is our teacher thinks this story is too common already and we need a more twist in the end. She suggest that we make the janitor in the very end of the story the real killer who also murdered the main girl parents.

    Can you give us your opinion, suggestion to the story. Or even your own idea of a story.

    Please be reminded that this is a 15min short film and we need to shoot it in a day only.

    Thanks ^-^

    • ANSWER:
      Instead of the janitor why not replace him with the girls twin sister who was snatched at birth by and old girlfriend of her father. She then tracks down with the aid of her mother to kill the guy who ditched her and his family,but then to complete the circle the ex girl friend kills the twin sister so the whole family is wiped out.

    How to make an actors face look dirty?
    I'm doing a short film for a project at school, basically I need my two actors to look like they've been in the wild for months. They should be covered in a layer of dirt on their faces but I have absolutely no idea how to do this, is there a simple way to do it?

    • ANSWER:
      go outside... get some dirt?

    Need Help with coming up with costumes designs any ideas?
    So i'm making a short film for school and i need help creating costumes for my actors. It's a spy/sceret agent film. I can't really think of good costumes. They wouldn't be wearing suits or anything because they'll be out in the field. So i guess i'm asking what would be a good costumes for field CIA agents and SOG agents?

    • ANSWER:
      Well the basic idea off any secret agent (real agents never call themselves spys, thats only the other side that does.) is to melt into the society around them so youre agents wardrobe should reflect whats the people around them have, say if theyre at a school they might have the cloths that teatchers have or if theyre young school uniform or simular. Johan.

    How to hold an open casting call?
    I need some actors for a short film my friends and I are shooting during the summer. We've already gotten some of our friends cast but we need more people.How do I put the word out that we're holding an open casting call? What info do I put? Where can I put it up? How do I audition people?
    Sorry, I live in the US.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the steps on hosting an Open Call.

      1) Create a list of breakdowns (description of characters that you are still looking for).

      Here is an example:

      "DETECTIVE TOM" - Any Ethnicity. Male. 40-50. Not balding. Dark Hair. Not skinny, not too heavy. He is an obsessive, nerdy, borderline-autistic who had his lunch money stolen as a child and is now taking it out on the bank robbers.

      2) Depends on where you want to host the Open Audition. If you have access to an empty studio, a class room at school, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you can yahoo-search any Dance/Acting studios that's local to the area for rental. Determine the Date(s) and Time that you want to do the Open Audition.

      3) Creating an Open Casting Call Note. On your note, you should include a brief description of your project, the story line, compensation, production dates and production location, and open call date, time, and location. Then after that, you should list the character breakdowns that you are looking for.

      Here is an example:

      Open Casting Call for Short Film “Thanks Mom”

      "Thanks Mom" it is a film that tells the tale of two young filmmakers who make it through all the obstacles of producing an independent film only to face their greatest challenge yet: their mother.

      Filming Duration: July 9 thru July 13
      Filming Location:Chicago, IL
      Compensation: No Pay, but will provide Meal, Credit, and a Copy of the final film.
      Open Audition Date: June 19 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm
      Open Audition Location: Champion Dance Studio, 12345 Yahoo Street, 5th Floor, Room 1280, Chicagoo, IL.
      What to Bring:
      Prepare to read sides. Sides will be provided at the location. (if any of these characters have lines, then you can extract those lines from the script onto a seperate piece of paper. These are call 'sides.' Give the actors at least 5 minutes to look them over, and then call them in to perform those lines) If you don't have any sides, you can simple ask the Actor to prepare a 1-2 min. monologue.
      Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume.

      Character Breakdowns:

      "DETECTIVE TOM" Any Ethnicity. Male. 40-50. Skinny. Dark Hair. He is an obsessive, nerdy, borderline-autistic who had his lunch money stolen as a child and is now taking it out on the bank robbers.

      "SUSAN" Caucasian. 20-25. An eccentric young mother who is a bit too overbearing, but loving and caring to her core. Good comic ability a plus.

      4) Depends on where you are located, you can post an Open Casting Call notice online. Mandy.Com and Craigslist.Org are two most popular internet resource for free postings. I would also recommend you to include an email address that you feel comfortable with exposing to the public on your notice. Just incase if any of the actors have questions. They can also email you their headshot and resume, so you will get an idea WHO and how many people are actually coming to the Open Audition.

      5 - A) Setting up the Audition. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the Open Call time. Outside of the room, prepare a 'sign-in' sheet (Name, Name of Role, Telephone Number, and Email Address) - so when the actors arrive, they can sign in. (You will call them into the room to audition in the order of arrival) You can also leave your sides outside, the actors can study them.

      5 - B) Inside of the audition room, like American Idol, the 'judges' should be sitting behind a table. It's ideal that you have 2 - 3 people hosting the casting session. If you are using Sides for the audition, make sure you assign someone in your room to be the 'reader' (the reader will read lines of other characters than the auditioning actor)
      The director should focus on the Actor's performance. (Have a pen and note pad ready to take notes) The coordinator can Film the audition, monitor the session (making sure everything is on time and on schedule), calling people into the room, sending people out of the room after they are done.

      5 - C) After an Actor comes into the Room, here is a typical list of things that will take place.

      a. Director ask the Actor if he/she has any questions about the Sides/Characters.
      b. The Reader will start reading with the Actor. The Coordinator films the process (Optional)
      c. If needed the Director can give adjustments on the Actor's performance. (Example: "That's a good read. Let's try it again, 'Susan' is actually very sad in this scene, because her husband left her for another woman....")
      d. The Director/Coordinator explains the production schedule, location details, and see if there are going to be any schedule conflicts. At the same time, answer any production-related questions that the Actor may have.
      e. Tell the Actor by what day the casting decision will be made. Either the actor will be informed by phone, or by email. (Example: "We will be making the decision by Friday via Email. Thank you for coming.")
      f. The Coordinator walks the Actor out, and call the next Actor into the room.

      5 - D) Bring an envelope to collect Actors' headshot & resumes. (Keep them in file, incase you are planning to cast for any future projects) And make sure that the Actor's contact information are indicated on their resume. If they don't have a resume, make sure their Phone Number and Email address is clearly written on the back of their picture. The purpose of the taping of the audition, is that later, the Director and everyone else who's involved in the production can review their audition, and then make their choices on who to offer the role. If you are not planning to film the audition, make sure the Director take REALLY GOOD notes on each actor's performance. So after you seening 60 people's audition, you can still remember who gave a better audition.

      7) Upon offering the part to the selected actor. You need to provide the full script, wardrobe options, and the day & time for rehearsals or production meeting.

      Final Note: Always be friendly and open minded. You want the actors to do their best at the audition.

    I want to shoot a realistic fight secne?
    I'm a senior high school student and I love films. I mostly write scripts but this time apart from that im also directing and starring in a short film.In this film I want to have a fight scene between me and the "bad" guy. Changing angles and putting the correct music score will be enough to make it vivid or do you have any extra tips that would make more realistic? Feel free to advise on anything from the camera to the characters movement. Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some fun ideas where nobody gets hurt…

      1) Film only the feet scuffling on the ground. It gives the illusion of struggling.

      2) Film the “good guy” head on with shoulders squared. He draws his fist back and throws a punch at the camera. (Actually, to the left of the camera).
      Cut to: an empty frame, camera pointing towards the ground. The “bad guy” who got punched falls into frame onto the ground with a bloody lip.

      3) The camera is behind the bad guy. Bad guy throws punch and misses. Good guy grabs his shoulder with left hand and punches bad guy in the gut several times. You can’t see the punch but it looks real enough.

      4) Good guy puts his fist on the face of the bad guy and quickly draws it away. Run the video in reverse. If needed, run it at 2x the speed. It looks like the bad guy really got hit.

      Have fun!

    Any film ideas for my college portfolio?
    I have to submit a portfolio for college admissions and I have to make like a 5 minute ish film. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can make a short film about. I think i'd like to do a documentary of some kind at my high school. Any suggestions for what I could make my film on are greatly appreciated. Thanks =]

    • ANSWER:
      You can make a parody of another film. Its something the admissions would get and remember and will show off your creativity. Also if you do a parody, you can enter it in this competition here and make some money:

    How does one get into film school after completing an undergrad degree?
    I have an undergraduate degree in biology, but I want to go into film rather than med school.

    How plausible is it to try to get into a graduate film school in this situation? How difficult or easy is it to get into film school in general? And would film school be a good idea for someone with little to no movie-making experience?

    I'm looking to be a screenwriter or producer (but I'm not aiming as high as director just yet). I would also be interested in being a medical/technical advisor for a TV show or movie. Any advice would help.

    • ANSWER:
      do a short course - eg two months, in screenwriting or general film production techniques. Get some books on screenwriting and go to Drew's script-o-rama and download some good scritps and analyse them. a good book is Ray Frensham' s 'teach yourself scriptwriting'

    How to convince my parents to let me choose my college major?
    I come from a Muslim South Asian background, so in my parents' view it's kind of set that they get to pick my career and college and I just have to go with it. They want me to go to a UC and do engineering or something in the medicine field and become a doctor, etc. I've been trying to force myself to go with this for the past few years but I've just come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate the both of these, I'm not good with any of it, I don't understand it, it's not the least bit interesting, and if I was forced to do this my entire life I would honestly probably just end up killing myself.

    I'm REALLY passionate about film and working in the film industry. I already have done a few short films and know a lot about the technology and want to go to USC to major is cinematography & film production. I've spent so much of my time learning about everything in the past few years. My parents think this is the dumbest idea ever and say USC is horrible and that this is just a stupid hobby I need to let go of. Also, the school is private so it's expensive and they don't want to pay for it. When I told them I wanted to do that they scolded me and said I was being crazy and that no daughter of theirs would ever do this. I ultimately think that it's because they want me to be rich and successful and just have the name "doctor" in front of me.

    I'm only a sophomore in high school right now, but I am absolutely positive this is what I want to do as a career and there are film courses available at universities around me I can take as a high schooler to get a head start and better chance, but of course, parents won't let me.

    How can I convince them to let me do what I want? I don't want to be forced to do something I don't want to. It's my life after all, not theirs. PLEASE PLEASE help, I'm so desperate. If I can't do film, I'd just want to do nothing at all because there's nothing else for me. please and thank you in advance, i'm open to any answers I just need help
    I don't really care about the pay of the career as long as it's enough to live sufficiently. I'd rather have a low pay job that makes me happy than a really high paying job that makes me feel miserable. :)

    • ANSWER:
      The chance to get one of the 54 spaces in USC SCA film & tv production is less than 5%, and many of those spaces go to applicants who will be accepted to top Ivies (2350+ SAT, 4.0 unweighted in the most rigorous classes), they use it to draw them from the Ivies with full tuition scholarships, the Thematic Options program, special scholarship housing, etc. So don't fight with your parents on the chance that you'd be admitted, because the odds are extremely heavily against it. It's more competitive than Harvard and I know kids who were accepted to both Harvard and USC SCA.

      The other good film programs in the area are also extremely competitive (Chapman Dodge, LMU), and UCLA's is a junior transfer program (from UCLA, and other UC's and colleges) with an admit rate of 3%, so you can't apply as a freshman.

      I know a kid who was in the same situation as you, his parents insisted he go into engineering even though he wanted to do film or they would not pay. USC would have cost him about 00 more a year than UCLA (after aid, scholarships, etc), so he ended up at UCLA. It is very hard / impossible to get film classes if you're not in film at UCLA, but he is in an extracurricular film club, making films, entering festivals, having a great time. The weird thing is, both of his parents are underemployed or unemployed engineers, very respected in their fields but not fully employed, and the kid has been earning money assisting in film projects since he was in high school. So go figure.

      Some things to consider, if you take enough APs in high school, you may be able to graduate from USC in 3 years, therefore saving a year's cost of attendance. For some programs, you can graduate in 4 years with a Masters. UCLA may take longer than 4 years to graduate. You can take film classes at USC even if you aren't in the film program, not all, but many of them. USC is actually more prestigious than UCLA with employers, they have an amazing alumni network, the classes are more rigorous (kids from my son's local private school say UCLA is like 9th grade level and they're in the most difficult classes, USC is more difficult), there is no comparison with community spirit. USC is more competitive for admissions, the 3.8 average unweighted GPA of admitted students is a very strong 3.8 as it gets a lot of applicants from top public or private schools where the curriculum is very rigorous. Their admitted freshman average SAT score is 100+ points higher than UCLA's, around 2140.

      For Film Graduates, an Altered Job Picture

      The chance that you'd ever pay your rent from making movies is about zero. USC graduates end up as assistants (not asst directors, but like a secretary). The way you get to direct movies is by making your own movies that are noticed in film festivals, then you get a development deal, then you have to remake your movie in a bigger expensive way, or do a new bigger movie, and finance it all yourself, no help from the studio or production company, and then once you secure financing (enough to buy a nice condo or house in LA), then if your distribution deal hasn't expired, the studio or production company will help you get distribution. They prefer to do these deals with grads from top film programs, or top college like the Ivies. Most films are never made, it's just too hard to get the financing together. This is Development he!! you might have heard about.

      Unless you're of National Merit Scholar level, the chance of being admitted to a top med school is 2% to less than 10%. Engineering isn't a great field right now either.

      If your parents won't allow you to apply to film programs, and unless you really are competitive for admission, why get into fights over it, attend a college where you can take film classes, and production classes if possible (most don't have any I think), and have outside production opportunities through clubs, etc. It's likely easier to get film classes at UC's other than UCLA, but UCLA has a strong film club. UC Irvine has a growing film community outside of their film studies program. As a very involved parent, I can't imagine your parents are going to have total control over you, especially if you live on campus.

      Oh, and stop being so over dramatic, it's hard to take you seriously and film is a very serious business. If you act like that, it's like you are clueless and don't stand a chance in this very competitive field. It's a tough field for tough competitive people.

      Good luck!

    How do creators of short films reach and build an audience for their work? help for school essay?
    i need primary sources for a 800 words school media essay and in case if you can help me with this question it will be greatly appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      I'm not real sure, to be honest. I know I've come across shorts on TV channels such as AMC or TCM and have wondered why I didn't know about them. I did a Google search on "movie shorts," and that was a big mistake. So, I tried "Short films" and came up with lots of them. It seems that the film festivals show a great deal of these. If you look it up and click on one, you'll see the sponsors somewhere on the page. They would be promoting the film.
      After that, I have no idea.
      Let me know if you find out! I accept emails.

    What video Camera should I buy?
    I am starting my own company and I am planning on filming weddings plays and special events as well as doing nature videos and documentaries and possibly a short film...In other words a good all around camera? Any Ideas or things I need in a camera would be nice. Please give Urls.

    • ANSWER:
      Sony HDR-SR12 10.2MP 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

      This camcorder is phenomenal! The shots are beautiful and clear - the auto focus is very intuitive. The sound is fantastic. I love this camcorder. This takes very high grade professional videos in HD. I love that it shoots in widescreen.

      I haven't had any problems with the software it came with; but if you don't like it then you can rest assured that you don't have to use it much. The only thing I've used the software for is to open the videos; you can immediately and easily convert them to a different file type (using the software); then you can use any software you want to work with them.

      I've seen a lot of people give bad reviews for items because they didn't like the software it came with. In my opinion that's a bit like saying you hate a cereal because you didn't like your free toy surprise. The software is a bonus; it's the company's way of insuring that the buyer is able to use every part of their new device. The free software discs aren't generally intended to be your primary video editing software - they're just included for convenience.

      This camera so far is excellent; I'm beginning my career as a filmmaker and I bought this camera to help me make a high quality film portfolio for grad school. I was absolutely right to do so - this camera will definitely help me make high quality films. (I actually bought two because it's almost impossible to do an entire film with one camera, even with a dolly.) Both cameras work great!

      Price: ,147.97 free shipping

    Is it a good idea to go to as many casting calls and auditions as possible?
    I want to be an actress, is it a good idea to be an extra or have a small part in short films and plays just to help get everything started?

    • ANSWER:
      Casting calls, yes, if you can find any genuine ones. Most are scams or publicity stunts.
      Auditions - definitely - but you'll need an agent to find good ones.
      Being an extra - that won't help your career at all - extras are not actors, they never get 'spotted' or 'noticed' and you can't add that sort of work onto your resume/CV. But they can give you an idea of what goes on on a film-set.
      Short films and student films are great experience - do any you can get, as long as they're by real university students and not some random bunch of kids!
      Plays - do hundreds of them! All you can get involved in.

      Building up a good resume is essential, and as long as you also have a few years of attendance at a good acting class or stage school as well, that's a really good start.
      After high school, the next step would be to get onto a degree-level course for 3 years.
      Good luck!

    What are some good ideas for movies?
    I need to make a short film for school. I need some ideas about stories for the film

    • ANSWER:
      The life of a clown, a character dressed in clown costume and makeup is followed documentary style, the character would be normal (except the costume) and everybody around them would be making snide jokes about them.

    What is a good idea or plot for a short-film that is all about Science?
    Any good idea for a plot?
    Any topic that could be discussed and be filmed
    inside the school grounds? We're making a short movie that's
    all about science, and we don't have any ideas how to start it off.
    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated :)

    • ANSWER:
      Two students are working on a science fair project. One on the second floor is experimenting with chemical compounds and pours some reagents down the drain which has a leak that drips chemicals into the experiment of the person on the first floor resulting in remarkable results for that persons project. Pick two totally different personalities for the two students. Pick a reason for adversity between the students. Have the science fair judges astounded by the results.

short film ideas in a school