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    What is the song that plays during Disney's "Paperman?"?
    I just saw Wreck-it Ralph and loved both the movie and the short film before it, named "Paperman." I know the score was composed by Christophe Beck, but I would love to know the name of it. It's so good!

    • ANSWER:
      you can find a video of it on tumblr. just search 'disney paperman'

    Where can I watch Paperman Short film by Disney?
    I would like to know where can I watch Paperman by Disney which was presented before Wreck-it Ralph.

    • ANSWER:

      Youtube is the only way at the moment because Paperman is still a very new film and all the rights and ownership is with Disney. Disney wouldn't want anyone to post it online so people would watch it for free, thats not how they wanna make money at this early stage.

      I'm projecting Disney, to release Paperman on Itunes in three to four months time in 2013

    I couldn't watch Wreck It Ralph in the theaters, and I'm planning to watch it once it comes out on DVD or whatever, but HOW CAN I WATCH THE PAPERMAN? I really want to watch it :(

    • ANSWER:

    Music similar to that of from Paperman short film by Disney?
    Hi I want music similar to that found in the Disney Paperman short film. Does anyone know of any music that is like that?

    • ANSWER:
      Music is composed by Christophe Beck,
      watch here:

    Good love songs for this?
    Watching the disney short film Paperman on Youtube.

    Love songs about him being in love with her and wanting her to know how he feels.Preferably with a happy ending.

    Please Don't Suggest:
    Make someone happy
    Thanks CC. I think I'll use Crazy for this Girl.
    Best answer as soon as Answers permits me that option.

    • ANSWER:
      Crazy for the girl by Evan and Jaron
      Sugar were goin down is awesome too.

    What are your predictions for Oscars 2013?
    Here's who I want to win:

    Picture: Les Miserables
    Actor: Hugh Jackman
    Actress: Emmanuelle Riva
    Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin
    Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway
    Animated Feature Film: Wreck-it Ralph
    Cinematography: Life of Pi
    Costume Design: Les Miserables
    Directing: Lincoln
    Documentary Feature: The Invisible War
    Documentary Short: Mondays at Racine
    Film Editing: Argo
    Foreign Language Film: Amour
    Makeup and Hairstyling: Les Miserables
    Music (Original Score): Life of Pi
    Music (Original Song): Les Miserables
    Production Design: Les Miserables
    Short Film (Animated): Paperman
    Short Film (Live Action): Curfew
    Sound Editing: Life of Pi
    Sound Mixing: Les Miserables
    Visual Effects: Life of Pi
    Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Argo
    Writing (Original Screenplay): Flight

    Here's who I think will win:

    Picture: Lincoln
    Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz
    Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway
    Animated Feature Film: Frankenweenie
    Cinematography: Life of Pi
    Costume Design: Les Miserables
    Directing: Lincoln
    Documentary Feature: The Invisible War
    Documentary Short: Mondays at Racine
    Film Editing: Life of Pi
    Foreign Language Film: Amour
    Makeup and Hairstyling: The Hobbit
    Music (Original Score): Skyfall
    Music (Original Song): Skyfall
    Production Design: Lincoln
    Short Film (Animated): Adan and Dog
    Short Film (Live Action): Curfew
    Sound Editing: Life of Pi
    Sound Mixing: Les Miserables
    Visual Effects: Life of Pi
    Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Argo
    Writing (Original Screenplay): Zero Dark Thirty

    • ANSWER:
      Here's who I think deserves to win..
      Best Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis
      Best Actress Emmanuelle Riva
      Best Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz, unless they give it to Tommy Lee Jones or Robert De Niro, which again would be a travesty, since this year Waltz did it again.
      Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway
      Best Director - Ang Lee or Michael Haneke, unless of course they give it to their golden boy Spielberg
      Best Picture - Argo, unless of course they give it to Lincoln, which would be a travesty, really.
      Best Original score - John Williams Lincoln
      Best Original Song - Adele - Skyfall
      Best Original Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino - Django Unchained
      Best Adapted Screenplay - Argo

    I was going to see Wreck It Ralph, and right before the movie came on there was about a 5 minute short film that was so cute, but I dont know what it was.
    It was about a boy and a girl that see eachother at a train stop (all animated) and then he sees her again and throws paper planes at her window but keeps missing. Eventually all the paper planes drag the boy and girl together at the same train stop.

    I think it was a pixar film

    • ANSWER:
      Disney's 'Paperman'

    Anybody seen Wreck it Ralph yet..?
    got special preview tickets today and took my daughter(or rather she took

    what a brilliant film once again from Disney.....

    great to see a film based on the retro arcade games...

    and the short film The Paperman before the film is superb...

    Should be a big hit once again for Disney...
    wont say a word Hugs and Kisses...apart from you'll love it....

    • ANSWER:
      i love thi movie, my cousins like venellope is so crazy and funny, and wreck-it-ralph, is the best disney hero, he wnts dead to venellope alive, i love hero's duty, i thinks lol, why is halo in wreck-it-ralph, eh move was so funny, and i want to win in the oscars, the nominatios are this, paranorman, brave and frankeewenie, i love wreck it ralph!!!:)
      -sorry for my english, but i speak spanish too

    Watch Disney's Paperman short?
    Does anyone know where I can watch the Paperman short film that played before Wreck-It Ralph online? I can't find it anywhere and I missed it in theaters :c

    • ANSWER:
      It's a shame you missed it. Loved that short film. I didn't even care if the movie itself turned out bad. Seeing Paperman was worth it already. There's one video up on youtube but the people recorded from their camera so the video isn't that great. I recommend you watch the legit version for the full experience. Here's the link to it.

    Where can I watch short animated films online for free?
    What I mainly wanna watch are the animated films that are nominated for an Oscar: Adam and Dog, Fresh Guacamole, Head over Heels, Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare". I've already watched Paperman, but I can't find any of these anywhere online.

    • ANSWER:

    what is this disney short film?
    Its about a man who likes this girl he is a buisness man and he meets this girl and he has his work papers with him. One of these papers flies into the girls face leaving a lipstick stain in a lip shape
    on his document. He immediatley likes her but before he can say anything she leaves on the train.
    The next day at work he is pretty depressed when he sees the girl he saw in the other window
    he begins throwing paper aeroplanes at the building window with love notes stapled to them trying to catch the girls attention. When he is out of paper and work day is over he walks presumably home with a glum look on his face when he sees all the missed paper aeroplanes he used to ge the girls attention. These aeroplanes made of paper surround him dragging him somewhere. Earlier on he threw his only memory of the girl - an aeroplane made of the document she had accidently smudged with lipstick - the girl begins to follow the levitating aeroplane and the man is being led by the planes.
    at the end they realise that they like eachother and it was the planes that led one to the other
    What is this short film called. I saw it at the cinema before the start of wreck it ralph.

    • ANSWER:
      It's the Oscar nominated Paperman.

    Who will win the Academy Award 4 Short Film (Animated)?
    The nominees are...

    "Adam & Dog" Minkyu Lee
    "Fresh Guacamole" PES
    "Head Over Heels" Timothy Reckart & Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly
    "Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare'" David Silverman
    "Paperman" John Kahrs

    Now 4tunately I got 2 c these cartoon shorts from start 2 Finnish on YouTube! Well, 3 of 'em; there were trailers for "The Longest Daycare" & "Paperman." But perhaps yall saw 'em...if you watched "Ice Age: Continental Drift" or "Wreck-It Ralph." & their4 it can't b 2 hard 2 watch the other 3 cartoons. In fact, "Fresh Guacamole" was only under 4 mins long & thus got over seven million hits. In other words, this Oscar-nominated cartoon was only as long as any video of some doofus rapping about the latest trends. (I guess rapping's EZr than rockin'. Is it inconvenient 2 get the bros in the garage & rock out Velvet Revolver style 2 a song about wooing a Kardashian?) But back 2 the animated shorts; the filmmakers totally get their audiences so I'm incredibly pleased they showed the whole movies on YouTube. & "Adam & Dog" & "Head Over Heels" just premiered on YouTube yesterday! Whatcha w8n' 4? OK, thyme 2 review: "Adam & Dog" was a very sweet story taking the legendary couple from Genesis (& I don't mean the Phil Collins band) & put a dog in it. So this should tug @ the heartstrings for fans of Charlie Brown & Snoopy or "Red & Rover," (which sucks, IMHO, as it c8rs 2 the elderly Baby Boomers). Sorry! No more rants & numerals from now on. Ahem. "Adam & Dog" had beautiful graphics. & of course in typical indie, film-festival fashion, no dialogue was the best dialogue. (There ain't dialogue in any of these cartoons, although I can't see that Simpson cartoon so you guys may wanna inform me if Marge says so much as "Bye!" to Maggie.) "Fresh Guacamole" also has the arty look of using sports equipment & board game pieces. Since this cartoon doesn't tell a story, it's more like a art exhibit. This is the winner. & "Head Over Heels," like "Adam & Dog," also uses the minimum of two protagonists & one "upside-down" quirk to tell the speechless story. I wish I could see that Simpsons short but I'm skeptical if it wins. Besides, me & my sibs haven't regularly watched "The Simpsons" since the 90s; we have little knowledge of any 00s/10s Simpsons. & from the "Paperman" trailer, I consider the story incredibly charming. It's perhaps as good a love story that involved paper as Pam & Jim Halpert.

    So which cartoon do you like? Which cartoon tells the best story? Did u c "Fresh Guacamole" on YouTube like the other 7 million? Again, "Head Over Heels" & "Adam & Dog" have just premiered on YouTube so I strongly suggest you c these wonderful films. & the 85th Oscars take place February 24 on ABC.

    • ANSWER:
      i think paperman wins, because it has a great history and amazing music, and i think that wreck-it Raplh wins the best animated feature, i love it, my favourite caracter was venellope, the history was interesting, funny and lovely. Love them!!!!

    Your Oscar Picks? (whats the winner for you?)?
    I would like to see Life of PI win best picture. Also what do you want to win best animated film? For me its brave or frankenweenie. What about animated short? For me its Paperman. I would like any opinions. :) (on any categories )

    • ANSWER:
      Best Picture - Lincoln
      Best Director - Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
      Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln
      Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
      Best Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
      Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway,
      Les Miserables
      Best Animated Feature - Brave
      Best Foreign Film - Amour

    Help! Name of this pic?
    What is the name of this short animated film? I think it's a short film and Idk what it's called. Please help me find out!

    Short film 733873_10152666337670094_562508748_n

    • ANSWER:
      hi there,

      Disney's "Paperman"

      Mike Dennis.

    when does paperman disney shot come out?

    • ANSWER:
      It already aired in theaters before Wreck it Ralph, as a mini-movie before the feature film. It may be released as a bonus feature on the DVD or it may come out in an anthology DVD of short films (Pixar does that occasionally), but there hasn't been any information on it.

    which is the best animated short film ?
    And the video should not be more than 10 minutes
    thanks in advance frendz

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely one of Disney's short films. 😀
      My personal favorite has to be 'Paperman.' c:

      Oh, my bad, the one I posted earlier was a preview, I think...

      New link. ^^

      Hope you don't mind that it's double screen... that version was supposed to be 3D... xAx

    Who likes the animation in Disney's "Paperman" short?
    BONUS QUESTION" Would you like to see it in a feature film?

    It's basically just CG with hand-drawn art "painted" over it.. I guess. A whole new form of animation (for those who don't know). I think it's really cool.

    • ANSWER:
      I loved it! It was so incredibly cute. It surprised me how good it was despite not having any dialogue :)
      I agree about the animation; it /was/ cool. It really intrigued me because of how different, how unique it was.

    Why do people prefer Tangled over The Princess and the Frog?
    The Princess (it's a lot shorter writing that that) came out in 2009 when I was 10 years old. When I watched it, I was blown away by it. The next day I went back to my computer to watch it again, and for the next few weeks I watched it again and again. But for Tangled I only watched it once, and that was in the movie theater. That doesn't necessarily mean I hated it or even disliked it, I was just more in love with The Princess than Tangled.

    A problem I have with Tangled is the music. Now, yeah, I guess it's catchy, but do you really think pop/guitar music works it that setting? For The Princess it works because the music is jazz and set in New Orleans.

    Second, the advertisement for The Princess was terrible. Tangled is a movie aimed MAINLY for girls -- admit it. After all, it *is* a princess movie. I guess it's just that there's more action/adventure/comedy in that movie is why it brought in some guys. Now let's talk about the title. I assume that it was originally going to be called "Rapunzel," however, after learning from The Princess' mistake of not changing the name, Disney changed it to "Tangled," thus making the name less "girly" and more for "the whole family," which is why it drew in a bigger crowd, which brought in more money for Disney.

    Last but not least is the animation. I find it sad that I (who was born in 1999, the turn of the century) prefer 2D animation over 3D animation, while most kids my age and younger prefer it the other way around. That doesn't mean I hate 3D animation, I actually love 3D movies (like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., etc.). But I guess why I'm starting to get more cold towards 3D is that every movie from Disney is now 3D (with the exception of Wreck-It Ralph -- I love that movie).

    Now as a final note, I'm not saying that The Princess is the most perfect 2D movie ever. I'm just saying that people threw The Princess movie to the side after Tangled came out, and that ticks me off. The Princess deserves a lot more attention than it has now. If Disney started making its movies with the animation from "Paperman," I would be A LOT more happier. Also...DO NOT answer with '"Because Tangled is a better movie"! Give me reasons why it is.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I am completely with you on 2D over 3D.

      Here are the problems I think affected the Princess and the Frog, apart from the ones you mentioned.

      I think they were a little over-conscious of the whole "We're making a traditional Disney princess movie" thing, and filled it with a lot of characters that felt sort of like rehash of previous Disney characters. While it did give the movie a traditional feel, it also harmed the movie's individuality.

      Secondly, Tangled was, as far as I remember, MUCH funnier. (By the way, I'm sure that part of the reason for the name change is that when all the cheap knock-offs hit the video store shelves, they would at least not be able to confuse the shoppers by having the exact same title as Disney's movie, as happened with Beauty and the Beast. Disney could officially TRADEMARK 'Tangled,' but not 'Rapunzel.'

      The race issue--while I do not agree that we weren't ready for a black princess, race did make a difference. I work in a library in a predominantly white and Native American area, and the sad truth is that films or books about black people simply do not get watched as often, except for a few big blockbusters.

      This MIGHT have been offset by a lot of black people wanting to see the film, but the movie was heralded by tons of controversy, with huge protests and accusations of its being offensive and stereotypical causing furious rants all over the net. The internet rumor (or maybe even the truth in the early stages, I certainly have no way of knowing) was that Tiana was going to be a lazy housemaid who dreamed of being a princess so she wouldn't have to work. People also complained that the Prince looked too white. And probably a bunch of other complaints I no longer remember.

      After all the flack they caught, I'm sure Disney was content to let P&F slip quietly into the video market without much fuss or marketing. They always treat their less-popular or contraversial movies like poor relations that live on the back porch.

      EDIT: One other factor: since both movies are aimed at girls, one has to factor in the fact that the prince in Tangled was kind of sexy and the prince in P&F was more of a dork...

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