Short Films For Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the name of this little kid drama?
    It's an old short film about little kids acting out as if they were mafia men they have these guns that shoot out pies or what not and there are two big "gangs" its by all children ...HELP

    • ANSWER:
      I'm pretty sure your talking about Fat Sam's Grandslam(bugsy Malone)
      you can go to google and click on videos and type in Bugsy Malone and it will be the first one its 89 minutes long and its about pure little kids its a musical the main characters are : Bugsy malone, Blousey Brown, Fat sam, Dandy Dan, Knuckles, Fizzy,Tallulah, and Leroy smith

    Short film about kid who kills mannequins who turn out to be people.?
    I saw a short film about a year ago online. This kid drives into town, hits a mannequin. The mannequins start freaking him out and threatening him so he kills a family of them with a baseball bat. Then he gets arrested as they turn out to be people. Does anyone know the title or where i could watch this again? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      "Still Life"
      Nathan Evans, a young college student suffering from sleep deprivation, drives along a highway after finals. Stopping in a small town, he discovers the towns people are mannequins. In an attempt to escape his nightmare Nathan runs into a residential, to find a mannequin family.
      Breaking under the pressure, Nathan loses control and smashes the family to pieces. Catching a glimpse of himself in a mirror, Nathan is shocked to discover not everything appears, as it seems. A non-stop thrill ride in the likes of the Twilight Zone, Still Life takes the audience on an adventure ..

      EDIT: I'd watch it here but my computer security system won't allow it unless I agree.

    Whats better a camera or cam recorder?
    I'm doing a little scary short film about kids gettin creepy calls. What's better to film. A camera or a cam recorder?

    • ANSWER:
      Most cameras have camcorders built in nowadays (except for some Nikon DSLRs). By "camcorder," I'll assume you mean a camera that was designed with video instead of photos in mind.

      It depends on the camera and camcorder. Generally, for digital video, what you should look for is resolution (and I know that many disagree). However, you're NOT looking at "megapixels." Though video also has megapixels, the "megapixel count" of a camera usually only means anything when you're talking about video and not photos.

      There are five main resolutions in use today:
      640x480 (VGA): this is what you see on old computer screens
      720x480 (NTSC): videotape and old TVs
      1280x720 (HD): lower-priced and smaller new TVs
      1440x1080 (4:3 HD): people use this to cheat and say that they have full HD 1080p, even though this is only 1440 and not 1920 pixels across
      1920x1080 (Full HD): higher-priced and larger new TVs and big computer monitors

      New "4K" resolution is much better than Full HD, but it's waaaay too expensive and there's only a few TVs that work with it.

      Cameras often use these terms instead of the actual resolutions:
      "standard definition," "480p," or "SD": this is usually 720x480, though it can also mean 640x480
      "480i": 480p, but "interlaced," which makes the picture look crappy; avoid it at all costs.
      "720p": HD
      "1080p": In good cameras/camcorders, this usually means Full HD, though some cheaper cameras use 4:3 HD instead
      "1080i": 1080p, but interlaced. Use 720p instead if possible.

      Shoot for higher resolutions, whether it be a camera or camcorder, whenever you can, UNLESS you have a choice between a low-resolution "p" and a high-resolution "i" (many cameras have both 720p and 1080i, for example). In that case, ALWAYS GO FOR THE "p."

      Between a camera and a camcorder with the same resolution, go for the camcorder, as these are specifically designed for video and will usually (not always) produce a better result. However, if you have a choice between a 1080p camera and a 720p camcorder (or something along those lines), the higher-resolution one will almost always work better.

    Im 16, How would I finance/gain equipment to shoot a short film during the summer?
    Is there anyway I could get equipment or finance it to make a short film with friends?
    Not some big high tech equipment, just something simple but yet effective.
    A part time job in this economic climate? YEH thats likely ^_^

    • ANSWER:
      Get a part time job maybe??
      So you can earn some money and buy/rent some equipment.

      Well, if you dont look, how do you know?
      I dont think that anyone in their right mind will loan f.o.c. a camera and all the equipment to a kid at school who wants to make a film with his friends.

      And YES. There ARE PT jobs around IF you care to get off your backside and look.

    How did Movie Theaters operate in the days of short cartoons?
    Back in the 20s-60s when short form cartoons like The Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and the rest, and even when short films for adults like those of Charlie Chaplin were popular were shown in theaters, how did tickets work? Surely a kid didn't buy a ticket to see just a 7 minute film. So how did it work? Day passes? Hourly prices?

    • ANSWER:
      There would be a variety of films/movies/cartoons shown at each sitting so you'd get a couple of hours of entertainment for the price of your ticket.

    Is HP T500 a good camera for filming short films?
    I want to buy a camera. I don't have to much money to spare so I decided to buy FullHD camera for little more then 250€. I saw this (Hewlett-Packard T500) camera and I want to know can I film short films. I'm just a kid who wants to have fun but I also want to record movies so they look good. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      The t500 digital camcorder allows you to record videos up to1920 x 1080 high resolution, enabling you to capture videos of your life’s moments in more detail and in vivid colors.

    How to pitch a commercial idea?
    I am only 17 and have been filming short films since I was a kid but now want to make my way into the proffessional field of commercials. I realize they won't hire me because I don't have any experience but am still willing to try. I have already went out and filmed a commercial so I can show them somthing. I am planning on going to acouple local car dealerships around my town and show them my car commerical. Does anyone have any advice on how to start out and break into the commercial business.

    • ANSWER:
      You tube, do it there if you get popular there with a few different kinds you will have the experience for your resume. Let the public see if they like it than a employer has to see what you can do. But you do have to know what those jobs require its not like there going to hire you and give you a camera and a whole bunch of money and say OK now make something. Learn the tech skills!

    What are requirements of short films or documentaries?
    frnds plzz help ma for this.......
    i want to do it........
    then plzzz suggest some ideas,,,for short films..

    • ANSWER:
      I had an idea for a short film just the other day. I was thinking about finding an old house, like, more than 100 years old, and tell the story of the five generations of one family that lived and died in the house.

      No more than 15 minutes, and don't just shoot from the hip with a camcorder. Get yourself some lights, even if they're those crappy Lowells, and some gels, and a book called "Set Lighting." Can't remember the author, silver cover - found at Barnes & Noble.

      Have your beginning, middle and end clear-cut. (Your act 1, act 2, act 3.) Too many artsy kids think they can tell a short in some kind of neo-modern, cutting edge way and all it does is confuse the audience. If you want to show your filmmaking stuff, then do it right.

    Does this sound like a decent short film idea?
    I just came up with this short film idea about this odd black teenager that fantasies about committing suicide. He hates every aspect of his life and he's had just about enough with everyone. No one really wants to be around him and he doesn't fit in. It works perfectly for me since suicide is a subject that we all can relate to. Do you think the protagonist should die or punk out? Any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      OK, it sounds like you have the gem of a decent conflict, but it needs to be stronger, and there needs to be some real tension, like a time limit.

      Maybe start with his voice over. "I decided that tonight, at exactly eleven o'clock, I'm going to kill myself." Now you can repeatedly show the clock, and it's a deadline. By eleven o'clock, we'll know, does he do it, or does he change his mind?

      To build the tension further, there should be things that happen, that either make him start reconsidering or push him further towards making his plans certain. And honestly, if you play THAT part up REALLY well, you could even get away with ending the film at 10:59. But there would need to be so much there that half the audience is convinced he would definitely opt for life, and the other half certain he would absolutely go through with it.

      I saw a movie on Sundance recently about a Muslim girl who accepts a suicide mission to Times Square, and it shows her inner conflict as she goes to the location. It was brilliant.

      So this could definitely be a successful film.

      You really need to demonstrate, either through flash backs or current events, why he would want to kill himself, and it NEEDS to be a very strong reason (or preferably multiple reasons). Just having enough of everyone isn't strong. The audience needs to see him as so pathetic and his life so horrible that death actually seems like a reasonable option.

      Like the girl in Boston who was constantly harrassed: On the bus, she got tormented. In the hallway, tormented and spit on or punched. In class, made fun of. Between classes, more torment. Lunchroom, food spit on. In the bathroom, ganged up on and her face forced onto the dirty floor. More torment in gym. More on the bus again. Finally home, phone calls harrassing her. Text messages. Web sites dedicated to bullying her. Kids throwing things at her window. Her mother yelling at her. Her father. Teachers sending emails home complaining that she's not paying attention in class or that SHE'S starting trouble all the time. It's so horrible that there's no way out... except death.

      If you can deliver that with your character's situation, it's not only a decent idea but very timely and appropriate.

      Of course, his situation will be unique, but make him a similar outcast and make his circumstances dire, VISIBLY dire. (It can't just be him TELLING how bad it is, we need to SEE it for ourselves.)

    What is a kids movie about not giving up, or has a scene where a character wants to give up but doesn't?
    I am doing a talk about overcoming discouragement, and need a short film clip to introduce the topic. it will be aimed at 4-8 year old kids, so an animated movie would be best. Thanks!!!
    Or a kids book on the same topic?

    • ANSWER:
      Horton Hears a Woo!!! That's a great one i promise!

    How long would it take for a human body to decompose?
    Hi, at school we are doing a global warming campaign. Me and two friends are making a short film that is aimed at kids. SO we are going to talk about plastic bags and explian how long they'll last on earth and say for example "Thats longer than a human body to decompose!" but I want to have my facts straight first!

    Thank you so much and i hope you dont think im crazy for asking a question like this =]

    • ANSWER:
      an average human being start to decompose after 24-48 hours once the ATP supply of the muscles are depleted and the body begings to get rigor mortis. the time of decomposition greatly varies with where the body is lying and in which condition along with physical factors like temperature,humidity etc

    Does anyone have any good short film ideas?
    Hi, i have to do a short film for school. Im only in gr. 8, it has to have a moral or lesson and it can only be 3-5 minutes long.... Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to do something dark, like visualize the childhood of The Joker. Moral of the story, don't smite your kids. They will grow up to be homicidal maniacs.

    How can I film in/fake a courtroom for a student film?
    I'm working on a short film that I need to make as part of my applications to art colleges and my script contains a courtroom scene. The problem is, I have no idea how I can get a hold of a court room. Any ideas on how to either actually do this or fake it? I've considered green screening it, but I'm having trouble finding the right angles I'd need in online photos of courtrooms.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your local county court and ask them if you can reserve a court room on the weekend, or sometime in the evening. It may cost you a small fee to rent out the room, but usually it is free. I used to do this when I coached my mock trial kids, and never had a problem.

    Can anyone suggest me with some tips to make a horror short Film?
    Its my dream to make a short film, Make it true with some valuable Ideas...

    • ANSWER:
      some teenagers tricking a little boy by telling him a fake scary story about a boy that falls behind and gets killed by a (spirit ,ghost, monster, vampire) you think of that? well they finish telling the story in a camp fire...when they finish, then they all say lets go back home its getting dark so their walking home. and they suddenly ditch the little boy, then he was lost all the other kids made it to their homes but the boy that was left behind made it to the front page news missing child. well the teenagers thought that the kid was kind of dumb by getting lost in the woods. so they look for him, well they did his body lying on the ground ripped apart blood every where...not knowing what happened.

    Need to film someone as if they're crawling through an air vent for a short film. Any ideas on how to do this?
    I am making a short film for my college media course. In one scene the main character crawls through a ventilation shaft like in every spy film. Does anyone know an effective way of creating this illusion and making it look real or know a place we can film this or a real, non-working vent we could use?

    • ANSWER:
      Find a playground with those big tubes kids can crawl thru.

      Get drums, attach together?

      Creative use of cardboard and gray paint or tin foil.

    What is the lens with Larger Depth of Field for my Canon EOS 60d?
    Ok. I recently purchased a Canon EOS 60d and shot a short film with it, although it looks great when I went to do a kids birthday party the same Depth of Field that gave my short a cool look was a nightmare, Im in the market for a lens with a larger DOF but Im not very familiar with the subject. I have my kit lens and the 50mm one.


    • ANSWER:
      There are only 3 factors that affect Depth of Field (DOF):

      1) The focal length of the lens.
      2) The aperture (aka f-stop) used.
      3) The subject distance.

      This site will help you learn about DOF - what it is and how to control it:

      You can use the DOF Calculator to compute the DOF for any combination of the 3 factors imaginable.

      You don't need another lens to achieve a deep DOF - the 18mm end of your kit lens will do fine.

      18mm @ f16 focused on a subject at 10 feet DOF is from 2.6 feet to infinity.

      18mm @ f16 focused on a subject at 5 feet DOF is from 2.07 feet to infinity.

      So now you know how to achieve the maximum DOF with your kit lens at 18mm.

    What is the next step in acting for me?
    I've really got into acting over the last few years and I really enjoy it and it's a lot of fun and I've been often told that I'm good and that I should keep it up. Like I've taken courses in an acting school and I've acted in a number of productions and I'm also in the drama society in my college and I've been going to auditions for short films or plays. But I'm kind of unsure right now of what the next step in acting is for me. Like I've been often told that acting is a tough business to break into and that I might need an agent to find me more auditions. But I don't know how to get an agent.

    • ANSWER:
      first, you move to Los Angeles, spontaneously get 1 major audition for a leading role in a blockbuster hollywood film, then you obviously land the part and start acting for the movie and then you'll be called to do more blockbuster films and then you get millions of dollars and move in to a 50,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills and live the star studded luxurious lifestyle.

      Just kidding, yes get an agent and work with him or her on landing you roles for TV/film or local productions/short films whatever you are interested in doing. And always stay true to the passion of acting! You never know when you actually might get discovered, if you've really got it, they'll want it. Sexuality sells, so be sexy without being slutty. Get the "look", be courageous and bold, but humble about your work. You can do anything and be anything if you really want! After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take! So take a shot at it! Reach for the stars, literally.

    What's the best camcorder to use when making a film in media?
    For my practical production in media, I have decided to make a short film. But I am clueless about what camcorder to buy...Preferably one that's HD/HQ and is compatible with my laptop...I'm not made of money so nothing too drastic anything ranging from £80-£200

    • ANSWER:
      Im on my
      Mobile device so it won't let me comment on my own question but. Yeah I know my mom
      Is half white half Chinese and my dad is black they're married and have two kids me and my brother. I was just curious to what the outsides world perspective was just out of curiosity. I know it doesn't matter but I wanted to know. Thanks

    Any films with a relationship or date montage?
    Hi there! Can anyone think of any films that have a montage of a first date, or of the build up of the relationships, including flirty interactions and that type of thing? Even adverts or short films also.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      the karate kid

    What is some advice for me, for becoming a filmmaker?
    I am 16, and want to become a director, film is my passion. I love Kubrick, Scorsese, Fellini, Bergman, ect. How should I shoot my first short films? Should I but an expensive camera (which one is good in particular) What equiptment will I need to shoot a great short films? Thanks.

    Btw do you recommend film school? Which film school is the best to get noticed from?

    • ANSWER:
      I wanna be a filmmaker too!!!! Watch the video Cinemassacre 200 (just look it up) that will basically tell you what you need to do. By the way, nice to see a kid like myself into films and filmmaking.

    What film festivals can I submit to?
    Hey! I'm 17 I've made a really great short film, I was wondering which film festivals In North America, Europe, Far East accept films made by kids from all around the world? Also which competitions (they're usually in the festivals) are for films made by kids worldwide?
    Please answer quickly!

    Thanks a lot!

    • ANSWER:
      try, a festival at Potsdam close to Berlin, Germany or maybe, the International film festival Berlin, they show shorts, otherwise a short film festival at Berlin

    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Me and some guys need to make a short comedic film for a high school film fest. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes. If it could be a high-school related story it would be great. I would give you credit.

    • ANSWER:
      i got one

      Shawn "The Kosher Clemens Express" Clemens was one of the best Jewish ballplayers and one of the best ballplayers of his time w/over 400 wins under his belt. He had 100 perfect games with 27 strikeouts each in his first 2½ seasons. He was in the All-Star game in each of his MLB seasons of his career. He was always the starter in each.

      But after his MLB record 30th season, something happened to his arm. He had already had a record of 1,154 wins, a record zero losses, a record 9,232 innings pitched, no saves as he has always been a starter, and a major record of 31,164 strikeouts (an avg. of 25 strikeouts/9 innings). His arm was badly hurting. He went to the team’s doctor in New York.

      "So, Dr. Johnson, what has exactly happened to my arm?" asked the star pitcher Shawn Clemens.

      "Well, Shawn, I am afraid that you have injured your right elbow," responded Dr. Will Johnson, the team’s New York-based doctor for the Yankees.

      "Do I have any choices?" asked the Kosher Clemens Express.

      "Yeah, you can have Tommy John surgery and sit out this upcoming season. You can have Tommy John surgery and end your career immediately. Or you can choose not to have surgery and jeopardize our career. Do me a favor?" said the doctor.

      "What is that favor?" Shawn asked.

      "What ever your choice is, just do kvetch about anything," Will told him.

      "I think tight I have decided not to pitch next season by having Tommy John surgery this year, and you have my word. I will not kvetch," said Clemens.

      "Great, come back tomorrow at 9:00 AM in the morning," replied Johnson.

      "Okay, sounds great," Shawn said. He then left with his wife of 28 years, and a beautiful mother of three kids (Nathan Scott, 20 Rebecca Leah, 15 Jonathan Richard, 10).

      One season later, he had started a new season after he completely recovered from Tommy John surgery. He threw harder than he ever did before. He fastball was timed at 110 mph. He had to refrain from the curve as those had hurt him to throw them.

    Where can I find a good non bb gun that has blowback, in Canada?
    I'm a 16 year old kid who's currently directing a short film this summer and we're getting close to the filming. We're arranging the props and I'm having a hard time looking for good props that a teen under 18 years of age can get. I was hoping to keep the price under 50$ for the gun(s) but I'm not to sure where to buy them. If you've got any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Around here is more than enough for a Saturday night special. A real one. But I see you're in Canada where they don't have such things.

      I don't know much about BB guns these days that would be appropriate for filming, but you might attempt to find what's called a "starter's pistol". The one I had, you'd load little blanks into it and it made one HELL of a racket when fired. Somewhat of a visible whisper of smoke too as I recall, which would be great for the film.

    How do you clean blood off your car?
    We made a short film today and this resulted in some fake blood being all over my car, it's really hard to clean, so I was wondering if there were any solutions to clean the blood off. Also, will this still work on real blood?

    • ANSWER:
      Cover the rest of your car in "fake blood" (wink, wink) - voila, problem solved.

      Or, Nature's Miracle is a live-enzyme cleaning solution that law enforcement use to clean up human gore and blood stains at crime scenes. Get it at Pet-Co or Pet Smart (because pet owners are statistically more likely to kill, oddly enough...just kidding - Nature's Miracle is also wildly effective with dog pee so they carry it by the mega gallon).

      You're welcome.

    Where can I find a good non bb gun that has blowback, in Canada?
    I'm a 16 year old kid who's currently directing a short film this summer and we're getting close to the filming. We're arranging the props and I'm having a hard time looking for good props that a teen under 18 years of age can get. I was hoping to keep the price under 50$ for the gun(s) but I'm not to sure where to buy them. If you've got any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      the best place is this one:

    Where can I find a good non bb gun that has blowback, in Canada?
    I'm a 16 year old kid who's currently directing a short film this summer and we're getting close to the filming. We're arranging the props and I'm having a hard time looking for good props that a teen under 18 years of age can get. I was hoping to keep the price under 50$ for the gun(s) but I'm not to sure where to buy them. If you've got any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • ANSWER: u can find some good airsoft pistols fairly cheap there plenty under that have blowback

    Any ideas for a final project for my Media and Culture class?
    It can be basically anything- a short film, article, tv spot, commercial, anything at all related to mass media in anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      How about a short film on scene hair:

      Why kids go for it, what kids who put in all the time and money that goes into scene hair get for their efforts, what they'll probably think of it when they're 40, etc.

    Where Can I Get Professional Grade Costumes For Movies?
    I Am A Studying Media At University, And As An Task Over Easter Us And Some People For Our Class Had To Make A Short Film That Shows Off Our Skills In After Effects, We Have Chose The Common Choice And Gone For A Mage Battle. We Have Build A Set, Got Actors And Are Ready Would Be Ready To Film, Yet We Do Not Have Costumes To Use. So Far All We Can Find Is Some Halloween Crap, And Some Bad Quality Fancy Dress Party Shops. Can Any One Show Me To A Website That I Can Get Quality (As In Movie Standard, Cost Is No Problem) Costumes?

    Just A Website Will Do, But A Link To Mage Costumes Would Be Great. Here Is The Sort Of Thing We Are Looking For.

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot believe that anyone bright enough to go to university would use such poor English!
      Capitalising every word is something that junior school kids sometimes do.
      What does "... Shows Off Our Skills In After Effects..." mean?
      What is a 'Mage Battle' or 'Mage costumes'?

      But to answer your rather odd question - have you tried your uni's drama department? Or the Textiles department? Or even make the costumes yourself?

    What are the kids talents in Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children?
    Hey I'm doing a short film for a book report in my English class and I want to know if someone can tell me what is Hugh's power please

    • ANSWER:
      Hugh has a colony of bees living inside him.

    What was the name of the dinosaur movie that was NOT a cartoon, and had a kid and his family in it?
    What was the name of the dinosaur movie that was NOT a cartoon, and had a kid and his family in it, and in the beginning of the short film he packs his backpack and gets all ready, and then his family takes him to a real dinosaur park where he gets lost in the park.

    This used to be a movie I watched when I was really young a while ago, and I can't remember the name! someone help!

    • ANSWER:
      It might be Prehysteria.

    Do you have to go to film school/get a degree in film to be a movie director?
    Do you need a degree in film or do you just go out there and call yourself a director (okay, maybe not exactly, but is there some other important process if you don't need a degree)? And I'm not talking about indie films or short films... I've already called myself a director for that stuff.
    And if you DO need a degree, what's the best film school to go to? I'm thinking UCLA but they don't offer scholarships. Any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Short answer: No. You do not need to go to film school in order to become a movie director. Steven Spielberg is a film-school reject and still became a director despite not having a degree in film.

      Longer answer: Only Steven Spielberg is Steven Spielberg. It's extremely difficult to become a feature film director, or even a commercial director, and you'll need an extraordinary amount of talent, tenacity, technical skill, and luck. Movies are expensive to make, and the director is the one who is essentially the captain of the ship and will ultimately determine if it sinks or has a glorious sail. Convincing a movie executive that you are the one capable of commandeering that ship is hard. Very, very hard. If you're labeled the creative genius of your class at a top film school like USC, NYU or UCLA it's very possible your reel of student films will help you land your first job. And if you knock your first job out of the park, you might get your second. Most film school students aren't the stars of their class, though, and many struggle to find and maintain work while paying off their debt. There are a lot of ifs and maybes involved for a degree that can be very costly and time consuming to obtain. Most people who do have film degrees don't become directors. They wind up working in development, distribution, acquisitions, marketing and in other capacities. Many either can't find work or burn out and pursue another career.

      Many people working in the film industry never went to film school. Some start their careers as low-paying assistants and climb up the ranks, and others make connections through their "day jobs" working in the industry in other capacities. Still, very few become movie directors due to simple supply and demand. There are far more people who call themselves movie directors than there are movies to be made. You might want to consider getting a degree in something more versatile and attending a summer program or a study abroad where you can get more experience in the craft of filmmaking. FAMU in Prague is ranked as the one of the best film schools in the world, and two top US universities (NYU and American University) have programs with them that are open to non-majors from other colleges. I know several kids who've gone there, and they've gotten a lot of useful technical experience in writing, editing, lighting, directing, producing, and sound.

      Take advantage of the resources you might already have available. It's free to create a YouTube channel to potentially broadcast your videos to millions, so if you don't already have one, get one. Cameras and editing software can be quite affordable. I'm not trying to suggest that this is the way you'll become a movie director - it's not - but it could give you a chance to exercise your creativity now and to get feedback from others.

      I'm linking an article below that might be interesting and helpful to you as well as the HR film school rankings.

      ~ skylark : )

    Movie consisting of short films about taxi drivers in NYC?
    I'm trying to remember a movie I watched that was a compilation of short films (I think) about taxi drivers in NYC. Does anyone have any idea what movie i'm thinking of? I think it was about different taxi drivers but it may be the same one. I don't remember much more about it but I think some lady was stranded somewhere on the streets at one point and another short film was where a kid tries to pick up a girl in central park or some place like that.

    • ANSWER:
      There is a movie called "The Taxi Driver". I will give you the link to it's website so you can see if that's it.

      Hope this helps.

    Does anyone have any short film ideas/subject?
    I have writers block and I want to make a short film for fun. Does anyone have any ideas? It can really be about anything, but nothing that's hard for kid to accomplish like crazy stunt ideas. I just really need more of a subject.

    • ANSWER:
      Try a creepy story about a family trapped in a blizzard in the mountains in the dead of winter, and a mysterious mountain man shows up. they feed him supper but the daughter of the family, around 13, doesn't trust him but she doesn't say anything. That night the mountain man kills them all, steals their possessions, and sets off wandering again.

    What would you like in a youtube mini-series?
    I plan on making a mini-series and short films for youtube.

    What sort of thing do people like (comedy, action, etc)?

    What would you like in it (What sense of humour, what kind of characters)?

    What attracts attention?

    • ANSWER:
      I think most people like a bit of comedy in everything. If you add that and it's good, what Genre you do won't matter as much.

      I wouldn't do anything that appeals to a certain age directly. Kids might like "OMG SO RANDOM" stuff but adults won't as much. You want to keep viewers hooked. Also, hiding in some sort of dark back story or setting/fridge horror could be good. A show that did that successfully was 'Adventure Time'.

      For characters, I suggest having the typical '5 Man Band' with some sort of enemy they have to defeat which could be the whole point of the series. Of course, it doesn't have to have 5 people but the concept is the same.

    What would you like to ask?Has anyone seen the french film tittled "The Red Baloon"?
    If you have seen the short film call "The French Balloon.Please tell me what you think about it.Anything.
    {short summary or whatever} thx

    • ANSWER:
      Short summary... kid is followed by a red balloon with a mind all its own. Kid begins to feel it's his friend.

      Personal review: DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

      Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

    Looking for a movie of a done in a certain style of animation?
    For those of you who've watched the first Kill Bill the animation where it explain's O-Ren Ishii's background? I'm looking for any movies, short films and animations where it uses that style of quickly drawn animation that uses the same style of art.

    • ANSWER:
      this might help:
      Kazuto Nakazawa (中澤 一登, Nakazawa Kazuto?, born March 4, 1968) is a Japanese character designer and director of numerous anime series and video games. His directorial work includes Parasite Dolls, the anime sequence in Kill Bill volume 1, and the Moondrive segment of Genius Party Beyond. He has designed characters for many anime, such as Ashita no Nadja and Samurai Champloo, for which he also served as animation director. In addition to his work with anime, he designed the characters of Tales of Legendia and was the animation director of Devil Kings. Throughout his career, he has worked also as an animator, providing key animations to anime such as The Animatrix's "Kid's Story" and "A Detective Story". He has made two appearances at anime conventions in the United States: at Otakon in 1999 and 2006. He also animated the Joe Hahn-directed music video for the Linkin Park song "Breaking the Habit."

    Can underage kids send in short films to film festivals.?
    I'm a junior in high school and I want to be a film writer and director. I have started shooting short films and I would like to send in a film short to a festival, my parents would gladly sign something if that's the case, but do you have to be 18 no matter what to send in a short. Also I have another question if I send in a short is it okay if it's adapted from a horror comic.

    • ANSWER:
      Contact the people who run the film festivals to find out if there's a minimum age requirement. You will likely need to have permission from whoever owns the copyright to the horror comic to make the film, especially if you want to release it or adapt it to a longer form film.

    Is it very annoying to manuel focuse in video mode in a DSLR?
    I will mostly be filming kids, nothing professional.

    • ANSWER:
      DSLR's with video are not designed for the "family videos", they work with professional shoots that only require short takes. So yes, unless you learn to pull focus, it will be annoying.

    Is it a good idea to go to as many casting calls and auditions as possible?
    I want to be an actress, is it a good idea to be an extra or have a small part in short films and plays just to help get everything started?

    • ANSWER:
      Casting calls, yes, if you can find any genuine ones. Most are scams or publicity stunts.
      Auditions - definitely - but you'll need an agent to find good ones.
      Being an extra - that won't help your career at all - extras are not actors, they never get 'spotted' or 'noticed' and you can't add that sort of work onto your resume/CV. But they can give you an idea of what goes on on a film-set.
      Short films and student films are great experience - do any you can get, as long as they're by real university students and not some random bunch of kids!
      Plays - do hundreds of them! All you can get involved in.

      Building up a good resume is essential, and as long as you also have a few years of attendance at a good acting class or stage school as well, that's a really good start.
      After high school, the next step would be to get onto a degree-level course for 3 years.
      Good luck!

    How to convince my parents to let me choose my college major?
    I come from a Muslim South Asian background, so in my parents' view it's kind of set that they get to pick my career and college and I just have to go with it. They want me to go to a UC and do engineering or something in the medicine field and become a doctor, etc. I've been trying to force myself to go with this for the past few years but I've just come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate the both of these, I'm not good with any of it, I don't understand it, it's not the least bit interesting, and if I was forced to do this my entire life I would honestly probably just end up killing myself.

    I'm REALLY passionate about film and working in the film industry. I already have done a few short films and know a lot about the technology and want to go to USC to major is cinematography & film production. I've spent so much of my time learning about everything in the past few years. My parents think this is the dumbest idea ever and say USC is horrible and that this is just a stupid hobby I need to let go of. Also, the school is private so it's expensive and they don't want to pay for it. When I told them I wanted to do that they scolded me and said I was being crazy and that no daughter of theirs would ever do this. I ultimately think that it's because they want me to be rich and successful and just have the name "doctor" in front of me.

    I'm only a sophomore in high school right now, but I am absolutely positive this is what I want to do as a career and there are film courses available at universities around me I can take as a high schooler to get a head start and better chance, but of course, parents won't let me.

    How can I convince them to let me do what I want? I don't want to be forced to do something I don't want to. It's my life after all, not theirs. PLEASE PLEASE help, I'm so desperate. If I can't do film, I'd just want to do nothing at all because there's nothing else for me. please and thank you in advance, i'm open to any answers I just need help
    I don't really care about the pay of the career as long as it's enough to live sufficiently. I'd rather have a low pay job that makes me happy than a really high paying job that makes me feel miserable. :)

    • ANSWER:
      The chance to get one of the 54 spaces in USC SCA film & tv production is less than 5%, and many of those spaces go to applicants who will be accepted to top Ivies (2350+ SAT, 4.0 unweighted in the most rigorous classes), they use it to draw them from the Ivies with full tuition scholarships, the Thematic Options program, special scholarship housing, etc. So don't fight with your parents on the chance that you'd be admitted, because the odds are extremely heavily against it. It's more competitive than Harvard and I know kids who were accepted to both Harvard and USC SCA.

      The other good film programs in the area are also extremely competitive (Chapman Dodge, LMU), and UCLA's is a junior transfer program (from UCLA, and other UC's and colleges) with an admit rate of 3%, so you can't apply as a freshman.

      I know a kid who was in the same situation as you, his parents insisted he go into engineering even though he wanted to do film or they would not pay. USC would have cost him about 00 more a year than UCLA (after aid, scholarships, etc), so he ended up at UCLA. It is very hard / impossible to get film classes if you're not in film at UCLA, but he is in an extracurricular film club, making films, entering festivals, having a great time. The weird thing is, both of his parents are underemployed or unemployed engineers, very respected in their fields but not fully employed, and the kid has been earning money assisting in film projects since he was in high school. So go figure.

      Some things to consider, if you take enough APs in high school, you may be able to graduate from USC in 3 years, therefore saving a year's cost of attendance. For some programs, you can graduate in 4 years with a Masters. UCLA may take longer than 4 years to graduate. You can take film classes at USC even if you aren't in the film program, not all, but many of them. USC is actually more prestigious than UCLA with employers, they have an amazing alumni network, the classes are more rigorous (kids from my son's local private school say UCLA is like 9th grade level and they're in the most difficult classes, USC is more difficult), there is no comparison with community spirit. USC is more competitive for admissions, the 3.8 average unweighted GPA of admitted students is a very strong 3.8 as it gets a lot of applicants from top public or private schools where the curriculum is very rigorous. Their admitted freshman average SAT score is 100+ points higher than UCLA's, around 2140.

      For Film Graduates, an Altered Job Picture

      The chance that you'd ever pay your rent from making movies is about zero. USC graduates end up as assistants (not asst directors, but like a secretary). The way you get to direct movies is by making your own movies that are noticed in film festivals, then you get a development deal, then you have to remake your movie in a bigger expensive way, or do a new bigger movie, and finance it all yourself, no help from the studio or production company, and then once you secure financing (enough to buy a nice condo or house in LA), then if your distribution deal hasn't expired, the studio or production company will help you get distribution. They prefer to do these deals with grads from top film programs, or top college like the Ivies. Most films are never made, it's just too hard to get the financing together. This is Development he!! you might have heard about.

      Unless you're of National Merit Scholar level, the chance of being admitted to a top med school is 2% to less than 10%. Engineering isn't a great field right now either.

      If your parents won't allow you to apply to film programs, and unless you really are competitive for admission, why get into fights over it, attend a college where you can take film classes, and production classes if possible (most don't have any I think), and have outside production opportunities through clubs, etc. It's likely easier to get film classes at UC's other than UCLA, but UCLA has a strong film club. UC Irvine has a growing film community outside of their film studies program. As a very involved parent, I can't imagine your parents are going to have total control over you, especially if you live on campus.

      Oh, and stop being so over dramatic, it's hard to take you seriously and film is a very serious business. If you act like that, it's like you are clueless and don't stand a chance in this very competitive field. It's a tough field for tough competitive people.

      Good luck!

    how much do distributors pay for short films?
    If a film gains interest in a major film festival and a company/television channel wants the rights, what is the going rate?

    • ANSWER:
      I used to chat up with a guy who owned a guitar repair and sales shop. He was showing me a guitar he was planning to sell to a buyer out of town.

      I asked him, "How much do you plan to sell it for?"

      He looked at me like I asked the dumbest question in the world. "Are you kidding?", he replied, "As much as I can get!"

      Same advice for you.

      By the way, you don't even mention the channel: rates from PBS for example are going to differ vastly from NBC. And then there's the matter of in what season will it air, what will it air against, what sponsors/advertisers will be buying the commercial timeslots; you don't mention the length/subject of your film, what is it's target audience, whether or not kids can watch it, etc... so your question is too vague.

    Can I shoot a video outside and use air soft guns for props?
    So, me and my friends have been planning a short action film for a little over a week. It's a zombie movie, so we will be using real looking air soft guns. The thing is, we want to shoot this outside, on a little public trail, few people pass through it anyway. But will we get in trouble if someone sees us? Like, even if we hide our guns if someone walks by, could someone call the cops and get us in trouble?

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT hide anything or act shady. that will surely get you in trouble. when people walk by, smile and say "sorry, we are making a movie for school, these are just toys, dont be nervous." if you live in a small town or neighhborhood, its a GREAT idea to tell your local policeman what you are doing. dont worry, you are totally allowed to do it, but if he knows its going on, he wont come at you with his gun drawn.
      so the word of the day is TRANSPARENCY
      you want everyone to know exactly what you are doing. what you are doing isnt wrong. if you sneak around and act secretive, people wont care what you are doing, they will just assume its wrong.

      3 kids in my town got taken down felony style. they were playing "guns" with their airsoft toys and an old lady across the street didnt know the difference. cops came flying up like there were 3 people with actual guns. it all got sorted out eventually, but there is no reason to startle everyone. tell who you can, make it obvious what you are doing, and be friendly to those you come across while doing it.

    Ideas for a Film About the Desire to Revisit Childhood?
    I'm making a short film for class where the main character is expressing the desire to be a child again in a dream sequence.

    I already have most of my ideas, but does anybody know anything else I can have the character do to illustrate her desire to be a child? Ex. having a tea party, making daisy chains, staring longingly at a playground etc.

    Thoughts welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd say instead of just staring at a playground, have the kid on a swing or something. Or some kind of sequence were it's obvious the child feels like they're being taken care of. To me a childhood is about not having to worry about anything.

    Is there a term for having a dream over and over that progresses?
    One of my college teachers once told us a story about how when she was a kid, she had a dream where she was leaving school and saw a specific car as she walked by it. She didn't think much of it, but a few days later she had the same dream. This time as she walked by, the car door swung open, and she walked a little faster. Few days later, same thing, except a man got out. One more time, the man grabs her and puts her in the car. Next day or maybe a few days, I dont know, but she goes to leave school, and she sees that car, so she turns around and goes right back inside to tell someone about it.

    My point is, I would like to know what this is, and if there is possibly a term for it. I am actually a film maker and was thinking of possibly making a short film off this.

    • ANSWER:

    Writing a short film - What do you remember most about arriving in a foreign country? Smells, sights - what?
    Doing a film about a Chinese student arriving the the UK for the first time to study. Am asking as many people what they think I should put in, and what they remember most about the experience of living in a new country!

    • ANSWER:
      The buildings,the chattering of foreign voices,different fashions.The stores and difference in their opening and closing times.The food,markets.Traffic system,and it seems that everything you look at or touch,has much more clarity and texture than back home.It's like being a kid in a toy store.You want to experience everything straight away.Good luck with the film

    Show about young film makers on HBO Family?
    There was a show that used to play on HBO family and it was about short films made by young film makers. They were usually films made by kids between 10 and 14. Does anyone know what it was called? It had a humorous host as well and I can't find it anywhere!

    • ANSWER:
      It's either Project Greenlight or the HBO short film cometition

    How to execute this concept through a silent short film?
    It's about a person coming out of a building labelled 'School of Dead". I want to show that person going to different places and look at things which are supposed to be very loud, but he cant hear because he is deaf.

    The idea is to showcase how differently deaf people experience things, that we experience daily without noticing how different they would be if they were silent.

    I am new to film making so please tell me the proper treatment on how to go about shooting it. Various shots, locations, camera angles etc.


    • ANSWER:
      Well you can watch the movie Mr. Holland's Opus (1995) to get some ideas. It's about a guy who loves music and he's a music teacher at a school. But when he has a son, his son is born deaf.

      There's a scene where the mother and the son (when he's still a toddler) are at a parade and firetrucks are going by with their sirens on or something like that. Anyway it's just very noisy and the mother looks around and sees that all the other little kids are putting their hands over their ears because it's too loud for them. Then she looks down at her own son and sees he's not disturbed at all.

      Of course the father, being such a huge music lover, is horrified to find out his own son is deaf. It's a really sweet story of how he comes around to accept his son. At the end the father puts on a concert for his son and other deaf kids but he sets up these huge lights around the stage so that the lights pulse in time with the rhythm of the music.

      For locatins I would just use places where sound/music is a focus. So concerts, movies, construction sites, a fire alarm sounding ect. For shots I would probably do a lot of focusing on the persons ears and eyes. Ears to visually keep reminding the audience that he can't hear and then a close-up of the eyes to portray the fact that he has to be much more observant since he can't hear.

      So maybe he's in a building where the fire alarm goes off but all he can see is that people are rushing to get out. He's confused, watching these people moving passed him. There could be a shot of his eyes and then a shot of what he's looking at until he figures out that it's a fire alarm.

      Roughly like this:

      shot 1: people rushing passed him.

      shot 2: his eyes or a close-up of his face; he's confused

      shot 3: still people just rushing out, looking worried but as the viewer you don't see what they could be worried about

      shot 4: back on his face, now he's panicking slightly because he senses danger but realizes that there must be a sound he's not hearing

      shot 5: something which reveals it's a fire alarm. Maybe he sees where it was pulled or manages to locate a flashing sign that says 'fire' or maybe the sprinklers suddenly turn on.

    I want to shoot an amateur war film, do I need permission to do this in general countryside?
    I'm 14 and me and a group of friends are writing a short film based on world war 1 for a school project. We need to film it in open countryside, and as we are using 'dummy' guns and explosions, we would probably be arrested as that's not what 14 year old kids generally do without hurting someone.
    Were could we get a license to film? I live in the UK, just in case the laws are different from the US.

    • ANSWER:
      Contact your local law enforcement office. They will tell you the legal channels you have to go through to get clearance for this type of thing. Since you're a minor, you will probably need an adult to do this for you and supervise the project.

    An old short film where a vine takes over a guys home?
    I watched it when I was a kid and it always scared me, now I kind of want to watch it again but I haven't been able to find it. I had it on a vhs with The Cat Came Back, and some cartoon like The Dogs Guide to Complete Home Safety or something.
    Thank you so much if you can find it!

    • ANSWER:
      You might be thinking of a Creepshow "short" from 1982.
      There's one called "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" -- (originally titled "Weeds", adapted from a previously published short story written by Stephen King)
      The plot:
      Jordy Verrill (Stephen King) is a simpleton who lives alone on his family's rundown farm. A meteor crashes to Earth, landing in his field, and Jordy has aspirations to sell the meteor to the local college for a small fortune -- two hundred dollars. He tries to pick up the meteor but it's too hot, and burns his fingers. Jordy's solution is to pour a bucket of water on it, but that causes it to split in two. A dejected Jordy sees his dream of a two hundred dollar windfall go down the drain. Still, he resolves to try and sell the halves, which are now covered in a greenish liquid.

      Later that night, the crater where the meteor landed is now covered in weird green plantlife, as is everything the meteor came into contact with. Jordy notices his fingers have green wounds on them, presumably from the burns, but later he discovers that the alien vegetation has now covered the entire farm, including his house. Jordy realizes that the alien plant life is now growing on his skin. He ends up shooting himself.

    Moments two strangers could share on a train?
    Moments two strangers could share on a train?
    Scenario: Two men sitting opposite each other and not using verbal communication, or very very little.

    It's for a short film for Tropfest in Feb. I was a finalist this year, so if i get in next year you will be credited if i use your suggestion!

    • ANSWER:
      =One man has something on his face and the other one is trying to point it, by pointing to his own face.
      =There's a fly or bee in the room and they are both bothered by it and take action to get it without talking.
      =One man starts eating or smoking and as he take the food or cigar out, the other man sees it, so the first man offers him some.
      =A kid or kids run in the room and both of them clearly don't like kids and the expressions on their face show that.
      =Something in the room smells bad, and they are both looking around for the source.

      Good luck. I don't want any recognition.

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