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    How has Charlie Chaplin impacted the Silent Era?
    How did he influence the Silent Era?

    What is the significant of "The Tramp" character and how did it impact silent movies?

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    • ANSWER:
      Charles Chaplin's impact in the Silent Era was tremendous.

      "Chaplin's "tramp" character is possibly the most imitated on all levels of entertainment. Chaplin once entered a "Chaplin look-alike" competition and did not make the final round. The influence of his 'Tramp' character could be seen on other artists and media providers. Beginning early on there were many tributes, and parodies made. E. C. Segar's 1916 comic strip "Charlie Chaplin's Comedy Capers" is an early example. Segar's 'Chaplin' comics would later be collected in 1917 into five books, precursors of the later comic book format. Two different animated cartoon series also starred 'Charlie' a tramp character, the first a series of nine shorts from 1916 by Movca Film Service. And later ten films by the Pat Sullivan Studio from 1918–1919, which would later use the 'Charlie/Charley' gestures to create Felix the Cat, the character made one later appearance in one of Felix's 1923 cartoons "Felix in Hollywood".

      * From 1917 to 1918, silent film actor Billy West made more than 20 films as a comedian precisely imitating Chaplin's tramp character, makeup and costume.
      * The third of composer Karl Amadeus Hartmann's 1929–30 composition Wachsfigurenkabinett: Fünf kleine Opern (Waxworks: Five Little Operas) is entitled 'Chaplin-Ford-Trot', and features the character of Charlie Chaplin (in a speaking rather than operatic role).
      * Kamal Haasan moulded his character "Chaplin Chellappa" on Chaplin in the Tamil film Punnagai Mannan
      * In 1985, Chaplin was honoured with his image on a postage stamp of the United Kingdom, and in 1994 he appeared on a United States postage stamp designed by caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.
      * John Woo directed a parody film of Chaplin's "The Kid" called Hua ji shi dai (1981), also known as "Laughing Times."
      * A minor planet, 3623 Chaplin, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina in 1981, is named after Chaplin.
      * In 1992, a film was made about Chaplin's life entitled Chaplin, directed by Oscar-winner Richard Attenborough, and starring Robert Downey, Jr., in an Oscar-nominated performance, and Geraldine Chaplin playing the part of Charlie Chaplin's mother, her own grandmother.
      * In 2001, British comedian Eddie Izzard played Chaplin in Peter Bogdanovich's film, The Cat's Meow, which speculated about the still-unsolved death of producer Thomas H. Ince during a yachting party thrown by William Randolph Hearst, of which Chaplin was a guest.
      * On 15 April 2011, a day before his 122nd birthday anniversary, Google celebrated this with a special Google Doodle video on its global and other country-wide homepages."

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    What short films got nominated in the oscars 2011?

    • ANSWER:
      This has them here:

    2011 short films online?
    does anyone know where i can watch the animated short films that were nominated for the oscars? the full versions too please. thanks! :)

    • ANSWER: but it might be 15 not fifteen

    Your Top Five Movies of The Decade + the 10's and 11's?
    I like making lists. Whaddya gonna do bout' it? :)

    Just your 5 favorite movies from 2000 to 2011 should be fine.
    Short films may be used as well.

    1. Memento(Christopher Nolan - 2000) - Incredibly meticulous but understated tale of mystery with suspense with wonderful performances from Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne-Moss and Joe Pantoliano. Memento has always been a favorite of mine. It's an emotion-wrecking, intellect-fucking suspense drama that transcends the gimmick of its parabolic structure. I hesitate to even call it a gimmick because the structure actually mimics the character's journey of not knowing what just came before.

    2. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King(Peter Jackson - 2003) - This is truly a vital piece of cinema and one that should be cherished for generations as one of the greatest films of the decade. If you haven't watched it yet, you're crazy. 😛

    3. The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan) - Without a doubt, the best comic book movie EVER. The fact this film didn’t even get NOMINATED for Best Picture is a goddamn crime against film. The stigma attached to comic books is bullshit and this film is a prime example of why. Heath Ledger gives one of the best performances ever put on film (EVER) and gets the Oscar for it, deservedly so, but for some reason the director and producers get snubbed because the Oscars don’t want anything to do with a genre of film based on something that was once called “the funny books”.

    4. Let Me In (based on "Let The Right One In) (Matt Reeves - 2010) - A vampire romance movie that is actually a real vampire movie. Solid in every form. One of the few times I have watched a remake of a foreign film and have to say they did a quality job.

    5. Cidade De Deus(City Of God)(Fernando Meirelles & Katia Lund - 2002) - Assured, compelling and often sardonically funny piece of film that takes us to a real-life deathtrap, making us feel twice as alive from the time we spend there.

    • ANSWER:
      Solid list right there, although i'm surprised you liked the american adaption more than the foreign.

      1. Oldboy (Chan Wook Park)
      2. Memento (Christopher Nolan)
      3. Vanilla Sky (Cameron Crowe)
      4. Mulholland Drive (David Lynch)
      5. Enter the Void (Gaspar Noe)

      The last two are risky picks, but while Mulholland drive has shakey reviews, I found it to be both mind boggling and artistic in it's own way.

      With enter the void, I almost have a love hate. Most of my friends would say that they will never watch films like "Requiem for a Dream" ever again after seeing it once. I never had the feeling, until i saw this movie. It's visually the most stunning thing I have witnessed. I hate the pointless nudity towards the end however.

    Favourite movie that is adapted from a short film?
    Mine would be A Short Film About Killing, adapted from one of the Dekalogue films.

    As a side note, it's the best movie about the Death Penalty ever in my opinion.

    So.... favourite movie that is adapted from a short?

    BQ: Se7en or Full Metal Jacket?
    BQ2: Happy birthday to the following people, favourite movie starring
    -Jeremy Renner
    -Nic Cage

    BQ3: Did any 2011 movies disappoint you?

    enjoy the rest of your weekend all

    • ANSWER:
      Favorite Movie adapted from a short film:
      Sling Blade -

      Short Film Adapted from:
      Some People Call it a Sling Blade -

      - Billy Bob won an Oscar in the Adapted Screenplay category, which confuses me. I guess b/c he also did a play based on the material..? He was also nominated for a Best Actor for his portrayal of Karl Childers. I hold this film close to me, not only b/c its an excellent movie, but also the movie was shot a few miles from where I grew up and we saw some actually filming. Great memories when you're 14 yrs. old. Plus, Billy Bob grew up 45 minutes from me.

      My favorite Short Film still waiting to become a full feature:( that will probably never happen)
      The Accountant (2001) -

      -An Oscar winner for Best Short Film Live Action. Ray McKinnon, the writer/director, probably best know for role as Reverand H.W. Smith in Deadwood. Among others. He was married to the Late, Great Lisa Blount. Who was a collaborator on most of his films. As a main character, in Chrystal ( or an EP on others. She also was from my state and lived the last years of her short life in my hometown.

      BQ: Se7en
      :You don't see this Caliber of Excellence in One film, with Pitt, Freeman, Spacey, and David Fincher. IMO.

      - Renner in The Hurt Locker. I read he got in a "bar fight" and tried protecting a friend. He just went up a notch in my book.
      - Leaving Las Vegas: Cage was perfect as Ben Sanderson. One of the most depressing movies I couldn't stop watching.

      BQ3: Big Disappointment of 2011:
      - Plenty to pick from but I'll list Larry Crowne. It was advertised as being mediocre and I still watched. And it was bad.

    Every Owen Wilson film? pleeaaassseee? :)?
    What are all the films owen wilson have been in?

    please DON'T leave a link :)

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      1996 Bottle Rocket Dignan Also short from 1994 of the same name
      1996 The Cable Guy--Robin's date
      1997 Anaconda--GaryDixon
      1998 Permanent Midnight--Nicky
      1998 Armageddon--Oscar
      1999 Heat Vision and Jack Heat Vision (voice) Television film
      1999 The Haunting--Luke Sanderson
      1999 Breakfast of Champions--Monte Rapid
      1999 The Minus Man--Vann Siegert
      2000 Meet the Parents--Kevin Rawley
      2000 Shanghai Noon--Roy O'Bannon
      2001 Behind Enemy Lines--Lt. Chris Burnett
      2001 The Royal Tenenbaums--Eli Cash Nominated - Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
      Nominated - BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay
      2001 Zoolander--Hansel McDonald Nominated - MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
      2002 I Spy--Alex Scott
      2003 Shanghai Knights--Roy O'Bannon Nominated - MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
      2003 Yeah Right!--Himself Cameo
      2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou--Ned Plimpton Nominated - Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast
      2004 Meet the Fockers--Kevin Rawley Cameo
      2004 Around the World in 80 Days--Wilbur Wright Cameo
      2004 Starsky & Hutch--Ken Hutchinson MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss
      Nominated - MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
      2004 The Big Bounce--Jack Ryan
      2005 The Wendell Baker Story--Neil King
      2005 Wedding Crashers--John Beckwith MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
      Nominated - MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance
      2006 Night at the Museum--Jedediah Smith Uncredited
      2006 You, Me and Dupree--Randolph Dupree Also Produced
      2006 Cars--Lightning McQueen (voice)
      2007 The Darjeeling Limited--Francis Whitman
      2008 Drillbit Taylor--Drillbit Taylor
      2008 Marley & Me--John Grogan - News Reporter / Columnist
      2009 Night at the Museum 2 Jedediah Smith
      2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox--Coach Skip (voice)
      2010 Little Fockers--Kevin Rawley
      2011 Cars 2--Lightning McQueen (voice)

    What do you think of?
    The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and do you think they should make a film about the book The Hobbit

    • ANSWER:
      I have read that Peter Jackson is in the process of transfering the hobbit on to film, I can't wait.

      And its not a cartoon version either

      From a film site:

      The rumors are true: Lord of the Rings trilogy filmmaker Peter Jackson and New Line have come to an agreement, and will band together to bring The Hobbit to the big screen, split over two live-action films. MGM and New Line will co-finance the project, with New Line handing North American distribution, and MGM handing the International. It is currently believed that Peter Jackson will not be available to direct either of the two films, as his schedule is full. The announcement says that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers of two films, which will be shot simultaneously.

      In the news today 28/01/08

      By Borys Kit Reuters - Monday, January 28 08:29 am
      LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Guillermo del Toro is in talks to direct back-to-back instalments of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," which is being co-financed by New Line and MGM.

      Del Toro's name was on a short list of directors who could tackle the project, one of the most anticipated literary adaptations of the past decade. An ill-chosen director for "Hobbit" could put billions of dollars at stake for New Line and MGM and could turn off an audience that encompasses millions of passionate readers, Tolkien fans and obsessive geeks.
      Few filmmakers have the cachet that del Toro has, as well as a deep love for the source material, an assured grasp of fantasy filmmaking and an understanding and command of geek culture as well as its respect. Del Toro has built that goodwill through such films as the Oscar-nominated "Pan's Labyrinth," "Hellboy," "Blade 2" (which was made by New Line) and "The Devil's Backbone."
      For New Line, making "Hobbit" had become a priority in the wake of its billion-dollar success with the Oscar-winning "Lord of the Rings" movies, which were co-written and directed by Peter Jackson. Jackson wanted to adapt "Hobbit," but when he got into a dispute with the studio over profit participation, the project went into limbo; neither New Line nor MGM, both rights-holders to the film, wanted to risk alienating fans of the trilogy by making an adaptation that didn't have Jackson's involvement.
      The December resolution of the Jackson suit, facilitated by MGM CEO Harry Sloan, paved the way for "Hobbit" to get back on the road to the screen. However, because of other commitments that included "The Lovely Bones" and "Tintin," Jackson could not take on writing and directing roles, opting instead to become an executive producer with approval over creative elements of the pair of films.
      Because of the Writers Guild of America strike, no writer has been hired to adapt Tolkien's children's classic, though that process will be fast-tracked once the strike is resolved. Del Toro and Jackson will oversee "Hobbit's" writing.
      Principal photography for the films, which will be shot simultaneously, is tentatively set for 2009. The production budget is estimated at 0 million per film. The release of the first film is slated for 2010 and the second for 2011.
      "Hobbit," which Tolkien initially wrote for his children, was published in the U.K. in 1937 to wide acclaim. It centred on Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who joins a group of dwarves and the wizard Gandalf on a quest to find the treasure of a dragon named Smaug. Tolkien went on to write "The Lord of the Rings" 17 years later.
      Del Toro is putting the finishing touches on Universal's summer release "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" and recently produced the critically acclaimed ghost story "The Orphanage."

short films nominated for oscars 2011