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Frequently Asked Questions

    Whats the best site to watch free movies?
    I wanna watch movies for free online. Is there a site, WITHOUT VIRUSES, tHAT IS A REALLY GOOD ONE.

    • ANSWER:
      Have had good luck with and Stream2k players on Movie2k are the best.
    What is the best online film site? Ie. netflix?
    My family is looking at getting a film website subscription but we are not sure which one is the best. We would want films for teenagers and adults. And we have a wii, iPad, laptops, TVs and DVD player. Which one would be the best us?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out There are movies and TV shows on there and its all free just use the Stream2k option for movies that are available and look for a yellow smiley face to let you know its in good quality and it works great. I use it all the time.
    Where can I watch The Hunger Games online for free?

    • ANSWER:
      It isn't amazing quality(only the new movies in theaters have bad quality, but they get upgraded), but if you're not picky(like me) then you won't have a problem with it:) I watch all my movies on here!:) Once a movie comes out in theater's, it usually comes up on the site(on the hompage) 1-5 days later(sometimes it's on the site b4 it comes in theater's):DI suggest(server wise): Stream2k, Putlocker, Sockshare, Videoweed, Movshare, VideoBB, VidXden! These are the servers I suggest, they're the fastest and usually the best quality!(Btw, you CANT get bugs on the website, they blocked it!)
      it's free & no sign up!Hope this helps!:)
    what site can I watch free online movies?
    it shouldn't have viruses

    • ANSWER: Click the stream2k links for the movies and it has the quality of the video vbeside it, click them and it will show a advertise box, just click out and play thumbs up please!!! 😀
    where can i find free movies online?
    no downloads

    • ANSWER: is the best website to go to. You can watch movies that are out in movie theaters on it. I have been watching movies on it for a long time.
    i want to watch sinister(2012)online and idk what website ..any ideas?!?
    help!??! please

    • ANSWER:
      I go to it's like the infinite movie library but be prepared to see some very mature pop ups most of the time. I think it's totally worth it because it's always free but it can have crappy quality and sometimes won't load. And sorry it doesn't have Sinister yet but wait a few days and it will be loaded up trust me and use the Stream2k when you watch it (it works the best with out any downloads). And don't worry about getting a virus it won't happen i've been using the website for about 2 years, Hope it helped!


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