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    Is there any website where I can watch free Anime shows/movies? Streaming them on my Mini in English?
    Thats not being streamed by mega-video because they only give you about 72 minutes to watch the shows. I also registered for mega-video but it still does it.

    • ANSWER:
      try but as for megavideo that a hard one the reaosn it still does it even tho you registered is because they want you to pay for the premium pack and unless you have that it will still shut you down the easyest way around this is to change ur ip adress (wich is hard if u dont know how) or do what i do load 3 or 4 videos at 1 time because it dosent shut down what uve watched just whats been streamed so if u stream 3 or 4 videos at a time by the time u reach about midway thru the 4th one or so it should ave already reset the time limit and let u stream the next set its up to you to get the video stream rate timed but this will help get u past the megavideo problem without buyign a premium account

    Asian Boy's Love Movies Available With English Subtitles In The Internet?
    I have recently watched a Boy's Love Movie, "Bishounen", that had a sad ending and the other ones I have access to don't seem to have happy endings either and they're hosted on MegaVideo with it's daily 72 minutes streaming limit so I have some time to watch them.
    Who knows of good Asian boy's love movies, with happy endings or not, available for free in the Internet with English Subtitles?

    • ANSWER:
      www, --- > Korean dramas : Save the last dance for me, IRIS, Tree of Heaven, and A Sad Love story. All these dramas are tears jerk-er. and oh, that website is free! All movies/dramas on that site are WITH English subtitles!

    Where can i watch Bride Flight with English subtitles?
    I'm looking for a streaming online video of Bride Flight (it's a dutch film) with english subtitles included. I would prefer either youtube, megavideo, videoweed or potlucker video where I don't have to download anything or do a survey. Please respond back as soon as possible it'll be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! There are lots of options all listed on our site:

      Options include:
      1. iTunes:

      2. Amazon on Demand:

      3. VUDS:!content/216804/Bride-Flight

    Where can I watch Pokemon Destiny Deoxys online without Megavideo streaming?
    I realized that this is the only pokemon movie I haven't seen yet and I want to watch it, but the only place I see has megavidoe streams and nothing else.
    On the only stream that works is megavideo.

    • ANSWER:

      This website not only has Destiny Deoxys, but all the Pokemon episodes and movies that have been dubbed into English.

    what is a good website to watch tv seasons and movies for free?
    i am obsessed with grey's anatomy but missed the first four seasons, and want to catch up. any good websites?

    • ANSWER:
      You can't change the language from german to english, but almost every american show is there also watchable in english, Just type in the name of whatever you wanna watch in the bar in the right upper corner on the site... you'll know what I mean when you're on that page. Then there's a lost of shows to come. just click one of the choice possibilities that is marked with the Union-Jack, so you're gonna get it in english.

      Or I'm just gonna give you the link:

      In the flied that says "Staffel" you're selecting the season.
      In the field that says "Episoden Auswahl" you can select the episode you want to watch.

      Then choose (whenever possible) Megavideo, that's the easiest way to go.
      Whenever that's not possible, choose "", which will open another site where you can watch your episode.

      Okay, I'm definitly making this way too complicated. The site is easy to handle.

    Where can I find movies online that are in English, but have German subtitles too?
    No downloading, surveys, or anything like that, just simple free online streaming like putlocker, megavideo, loombo, novamov, frogmovz, karambavidz, ...etc.
    If I absolutely totally cannot watch online, then download has to be free and mac compatible.

    Or is there a way to add german subtitles to either go along with movies I owe on DVD, or have digital copies of?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try this site:

    Where can I stream high quality or download full quality D.Gray-man english dub episodes besides youtube,veoh?
    Basically anywhere that allows me to stream in pretty good quality or somewhere to download the episodes at besides sites like youtube,dailymotion,megavideo, and veoh.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you a free tool that can help you download youtube video easily. and it can convert the donwloaded video to many portable player or mobile phone. such as, iPod, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry and son so.

      this free tool called "Next Video Converter"; Beside downloading YouTube video, Next Video converter can also help you convert video and Rip DVD to most popular video formats including DVIX, Xv iD, MOVE, RM, RM VB, MPEG, VB, DVD, MV, and AVI to MPEG-4 movie format for iPod, PSP, PS3, iPhone, XBox360, Zune, Apple TV, Archos, iRiver PMP, Epson Player, Creative Zen, Rubi Blue, Sony Walkman, Commodore PMX, Palm TX, Game Boy, SmartDisk, Windows Mobile Smart phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Ketti, LG, Sony-Ericssonon, Samsung mobile phone, etc.

      you can get this tool at here:

    Where can I get Detective Conan Movie 11 with English Subtitles to download?
    Where can I get Detective Conan Movie 11 with English Subtitles to download? I don't want to watch it streaming online. I'd be happy with a place just to get the subtitle files.

    • ANSWER:
      Paste the link of the movie (which can be found on megavideo, veoh and youtube) and paste it to Then download FLV player and change the extension of the file to .flv. Then you can watch it any time that you'd like.

      Note: The subbed movie currently has 4 parts, with the ending after the credits cut out - you'll have to wait for it to come out. Hope this helps.

    Where can you watch episode 47-200 sailor moon english sub?
    I have watched episodes 1-46 but I want to know where you can watch the rest of the episodes. But don't say youtube! TTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there! If you don't want to watch them on YouTube, you can try this link:

      It has all the eps, subbed and the movies ^^

      For some reason though ep 77 and the Sailor Moon R movie are dubbed...

      I know you said don't say YouTube, but if you really are desperate to watch them in sub I think that is your only option. Most webpages now use Veoh for online streaming so it is hard to find megavideo uploads >__< Veoh is very unsafe so I would recommend not downloading it. It accesses you personal information in order to "give you a better experience" or whatever... I don't trust it. Pretty dodgy stuff. These links are really good (they're DVD rips): Episode 77: Sailor Moon R movie: I'm not sure what you have against YouTube, but if you are like me and you hate the fact that they split the eps in parts, then you can download a free version of YouTube Downloader and just download the parts and put them in a playlist on your media player ^^ Anyways, hope this helps!

    where can i watch "Sweet Rain" (Kaneshiro)?
    I found an online stream from Megavideo but the subtitles are overlapping (as in there are two subtitles and the other is not really from the movie.) Where can i find a better quality of this movie for online watching with English subtitles still?


    • ANSWER:
      If you have the tv channel NHK

    Are there any websites I can go to watch a full movie for free?

    • ANSWER:

      Hulu is for USA only at the mo I think, so if you don't live there it's no use =(

      Tudou is the Chinese equivalent of Youtube, but loads of English vids up there just with translations.

      Also, check out it has loads of links to loads of TV stuff, think it's number 1 streaming site on the web!

      Hope this helps =]

    Where can I watch Summer Storm online?
    originally in german (sommersturm) i'm looking for a free streaming english subtitled version on line, where i don't have to sign up for anything, give my e-mail/phone number, do a survey etc

    some thing like megavideo - where i have found the original version, but i need one with subtitles

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch movies online for free at: .-

    Naruto shippuden movie 2 bonds?
    is there a place where i can watch it english DUBBED, not SUBBED? please list a couple sites and having it streamed instead of downloaded is prefered. L, the kakashi dude, the site you gave me, do i only download one part, and can i delete the download after? please, list lots of sites.

    • ANSWER:
      the link i gave you lists some of the sites where you can watch it like,, and just click whichever link you prefer. but yeah, it doesn't have a dubbed version.
      here's a dubbed one

    where can i download or just watch....?
    ....naruto shippuden movie 4? im looking for it english !SUBED! not dubed. anything will help.

    • ANSWER:
      Im pretty sure there is no Naruto Shippuuden movie 4. There is the first 3 Naruto movies involving characters before part 2, and 2 Shippuuden movies. I would recommend for downloading and for streaming.

    Do you know any online movies with english subitltes?
    So I told everything in a question.
    I'd really like to watch some good movies online, without downloading anything.

    I know there's Megavideo and it's great, but the problem is that there's no english subtitles in videos at Megavideo and also, you can watch only about 70 minutes of movie at once.

    So I'm looking for a website or something when I can watch good movies online with english subtitles ... Thanks!
    I'm from Europe, actually Slovenia, so many websites with movies doesn't work. They say 'not available in your country', because I'm not in USA.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think subbed movie streaming services are available in Slovenia yet. Just one more reason to turn to illegal downloading, I guess... Try or for english (or slovenian) subtitles for any downloaded/ripped movies you might own.

    is there a veoh-like site where i could stream anime? not anime streaming sites where it is veoh based?
    also no youtube, dailymotion, megavideo, or crunchyroll <--- doesn't host licensed anime BOOOOO

    • ANSWER: is the only other site that many of the sites have links to.
      They can get there anime posts removed for copyright infringement and that does happen to many of them.
      (One Piece English dub is very hard to find anywhere because of that)

      I joined to see the Anime movies and some of the ecchi comedies they have.

    where can i watch the Full Metal Alchemist movie with English SUBS online. I do not want to download?
    I have searched EVERYWHERE for the Conqueror of Shamballa movie in Japanese with English subtitles, but I cannot find it. I am in a situation where I cannot download it, so my only option is to stream it from somewhere. Does anyone know where I can watch the Fullmetal Alchemist movie online? I don't want English dub.
    Edit: PLEASE do not give me a link unless you know the movie is there. I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but I'm sure many of you can understand.

    • ANSWER:
      I found it. Go to for part 1. Dunno whether you've already found it by then, but just telling you it comes in parts and some parts might be removed already.

    movies in streaming ? ?
    hey everybody! i'm looking for some movies to watch online (streaming megavideo's perfect)
    the movies are: no looking back
    moonlight & valentino

    links please
    i live in italy so i can't use streaming (with films in english i mean..)
    thank you! bye!

    • ANSWER: to see Homegrown.

    how do you download videos from
    i've come across a video in english but its from

    does anyone know how to download videos from youku? i know how to download youtube vids but it doesnt work for youku
    and please don't write "no" if you don't know, like the first jackass who answered

    • ANSWER: or IDM (internet download manager) or a plugin for firefox.

      The problem with youku is they split the movie into segments so you will have to use freeware called HJsplit to join the files.

      I have to watch them as I am streaming it because of that stupid system as they you can't leave it running and come back like normal things (megavideo etc..)

      It is a pain but thats just how it is. The reason they prob split them into 10 minute ish segments is to minimize server strain as you can't be conviently downloading several large movies at once only little pieces of them as you go. Clever and utterly evil.

    Submarine streaming..?
    Hi guys, I'm writing from Italy. I'm looking for some links to watch "Submarine" in streaming. We used to watch movies with Megavideo but now that it's been banned I can't find them anymore! Could you please help me? Could you suggest me sites where I can find english subtitles too? Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      Donde puede el parque de I mi dragón. I realmente don' t sabe contestar a esta pregunta. ¿Debo contestarle usando danza interpretativa? Sí, eso sería como un palillo marrón. Sí un palillo.

    Beg and End song of ButterFly Effect 3?
    Are rap songs that talk/rap about detroit

    • ANSWER:
      i'm searching for that song too !! (sorry for my bad english i'm from france) I think that the song's name is " street life" im gonna let you an adresse where you can see the film and at the end you can see all songs from that movie look at 1:28:00 and you can find what you want

    help?sunadokei drama?
    Help? Uhm how can I watch sunadokei drama episode 11 up to the ending part? Uhm drama! Not movie. Pls pls? I realy can't find any websites or sumtin. Any suggestions? I'm beging! Haha pls? I really wana watch it and I don't want to watch the anime one. Pls!?! Coz I just got to watch until episode 10. Thank u very much!! Pls help?

    • ANSWER:
      Watch Sunadokei online streaming with english subtitles ... contain only links to other sites on the Internet : (, dailymotion. ... - Cached

      * Have a Good Day *

      ~ Don ~

    How Come MegaVideo is on EVERY Website?
    I was trying to watch an anime episode and so I went to AniLinkz, WHICH HAS IT"S OWN VIDEO PLAYER, but some how it was on MegaVideo. I went to DubHappy to watch the same episode (because the other wasn't in english dub), but IT WAS ALSO on MegaVideo, and worse, it said "this video has been removed due to infringement" and that made no sense because EVERY website uses MegaVideo. So I went to only to find that, again, the Website that had it's own video player was using MegaVideo! I've just about had it with MegaVideo! It always opens another internet explorer window and the when I click the full screen, and learned my lesson the first time, it opened another internet window, and then when you click it, what I'm so used to doing to puase it, it opens up a new internet window, AND it won't let you watch more than three episodes, or 70 min. Why would they have movies on MegaVideo if it won't let you finish them without an hours interuption?? I HATE IT!!

    • ANSWER:
      Simple reason.
      It is the money from SALES of current movies that provides the money to make new movies.
      If everybody is watching movies for free online, there is no money available for making new movies and so the release of new movies will slow down.
      Therefore any movie streaming that is not on the studio's own website is strictly unofficial and the website concerned places restrictions to try and bend the law

    Is it illegal to download anime or watch it online?
    For a year now ive been watching anime from sites like youtube, megavideo, veoh, myspace and more. is this illegal?

    I recently started watching code geass english dubbed on myspace and started to download for the first time. is this illegal?

    I live in the UK and if there is any way i am doing something illegal here please tell me, because if i am i will stop.

    I do not sell and make profit in any way from this and only use for personnel use. Is there an expert that can tell me the laws for this kinda thing.

    Thanks in the future :)
    i understand that it costs money for them to create the anime but why would they allow free veiwing on sites then? such as youtube and myspace?
    thanks for the replies that have been sent already. i only watch about 5 episodes in 1 day for 1 day a week. if that makes any sense ;), would that be ok or will that get me a heavy fine on my door

    • ANSWER:
      Of course it's illegal, it's a violation of copyright. If you live in a country where a particular series is licensed, it is illegal to download or watch the series on streaming sites. That's exactly why fansub groups will remove anime they have subbed once it becomes licensed. Sites like CrunchyRoll are completely legal, as they stream unlicensed anime and/or get permission to stream licensed ones.

      Honestly, it's no big deal if you're downloading and watching the stuff. No one has ever gotten arrested for watching a couple episodes of Naruto one night.

      ~YouTube AND Myspace are far too large for the owners to watch every single video that gets uploaded--when they do find a violation of a copyright, usually after they've been contacted by a company, they do remove it.

      Similarly, there are thousands of torrent sites out there that provide downloads for music and movies. Isohunt, Mininova, Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, Torrentbox have all gotten their behinds sued for providing illegal downloads.

      ~ I promise you the cops aren't gonna come knocking on your door, asking about your stash of downloaded anime.

    Is Mega Video even legal?
    I realized they charge you to watch movies that are not legally paid for.
    I just went on it today. A friend of mine has a teenage daughter who watches some teen show and so I decided to check it out. It looks real and like an actual website but the only thing is you can kinda tell it was dubbed off the actual site illegally.Because the pixels are off.

    What bothered me is this: my friend's teenage daughter wants to pay for the vids on Mega Video. But I am leary of it and so is her mother.
    Her mother doesn't speak English well(From Spain) so I decided to check it out...and I don't know; it doesn't seem legit. So I told her not to do it. Is there anyway to find out if this site is indeed illegal? And if so why are they allowed to charge people for illegal pirated videos?

    Here's another thing if your downloading it illegally should you at least 'THINK' like a criminal and lay low under the radar?And not let yourself be known through other sites.
    And how is that possible? to upload films on a site that promotes illegal usage of pirated films? And then tries to make a profit for a videos that were not given permission for? This site should be taken down. It is basically sending out a message to young viewers it's okay to watch pirated movies free but you have to give me your credit card information.Which may get stolen if it is indeed a movie stealing site. So anyone who gives out their credit card information to this site is one dummy.
    you looked at the site? Are you sure it's legit? How do you explain me being able to watch 78 minutes for free then there is a "special" way for me to bypass it according to users and administrators of mega-video. Think about it..if this site was good why all of a sudden you have to pay? It seems fishy. What was the motive for the "sudden" change?
    Thanks for the heads up. I guess people will buy there service no matter what. I went elsewhere to see if we could buy some of the shows my friend missed. But most of the shows are only located on mega video. I find it odd.

    • ANSWER:
      I just looked at the site and it is totally legit. It is run by the same company that maintains, and I use that all of the time.

      However, the videos uploaded to are videos you can find for free on the internet if you searched hard enough. You can even save files from, which is where most of the videos come from, I'm sure. But going about it that way really is illegal.

      So, don't say no because it looks fishy, say no because you can find it for free elsewhere. It's a waste of money.

      As for thinking like a criminal, it doesn't even matter. If your ISP wanted to give the police a records of where you went and what you did, it would be very simple. No where you go on the internet is completely safe from prying eyes, even if you change screen names.

      It's legal because the website isn't based in America. I believe it is out of Germany or the Netherlands where there is little in the way of piracy laws. And what you are essentially paying for is bandwidth usage. Because you are allowed to download whatever you want after you sign up, many servers are needed to provide adequite streams of information between them and your computer without the system getting bogged down.

      It's the same type of sales tactic used on infomercials. They let you watch movies for free, but only for a little bit. America Online did the same thing over much of the 90s, except they would then give more free internet to those who weren't satisfied rather than just taking it away from them. My friend effectively got free internet for close to 4 years from that. And Mega Video figures you'd be so entranced by the end of the trial that you'd automatically buy their service before checking the internet for a free download of the videos.

      The best thing I can suggest is for your friend's daughter to get a program called BitTorrent. The program itself is completely legal, but it can be used to download TV shows illegally, but there is no money involved.

    What is a good site for Streaming TV?
    A bit more detail:
    I'm in Australia
    I badly want to watch The Wire Season 5
    I am a Mac user
    I want the site to be as safe as possible
    Finally, am I too demanding?
    The best peer agreed answer will win my heartfelt thanks, plus points!
    These are ok but omg the buffering gets my goat, is their a way to make that stop or is that part of the price you pay for being naughty and watching things not so legal(?) Maybe I will get a mate from the states to send him his copy, thanks anyway
    Damnit, I went out and bought the show I was pining for, but any additional answers would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the buffering trick. I guns were legal in Oz I would have blown my computer away into electronic heaven. But reason got the better of me.

    • ANSWER:


      I get that too. here's what I do:

      open the show and then press the" pause" buttton for about 10 minutes and let it "load" onto your computer. I'm not sure if that is whatt is happening but it seems to fix it.

      I am hoping these will work for you in Australia!!!(??)

      here are a few sites i like:


      (this second site is better)


      with this site go to "channels"
      go to "television" then search for your show

      most sites use Megavideo,which only lets you watch like 76 minutes, then makes you wait 54 minutes, then you can watch again.

      Here is an interesting document about megavideo restrictions and they have a link to a "workaround"-a way to hack it-I have never tried it:

      On some sites, but especially the third, you can see choices of different types of links to watch the shows. I like the Chinese sites like Todou, and there are others. The shows are in English but have subtitles.THESE HAVE NO TIME LIMITS. You will see if your shows have that option. some of the links in the third site don't work but it is worth trying -I've had good luck on the whole.

      for movies I go to :

      sometimes,again I get a megavideo link, sometimes not, but you will see choices of different links to try for each movie.

      has movies, from the home page after you choose channels choose Movies, they have lots*****prob better than watch movie site anyway*****

      when you use surf the Chanel here are the directions

      click on a megavideo link

      go to host website
      press red play button
      IF a new window pops up CLOSE THE NEW WINDOW
      watch the movie/show


      all of these are free with no surveys, no joining or any junk like that...

    Black Lilith [ Hentai ] Anime .?
    Any can list me a name of Black lilith anime ? Example like Taimanin asagi or Kazama mana . What are others more ?

    • ANSWER:
      well what about bible black .. i don't know much hentai anime's umm kazama mana

      + → streaming
      + → streaming
      + → streaming
      + → streaming
      + → streaming/manga scans
      + → streaming


      Here is some yaoi... Boy x Boy 😀 vvv

      Gravitation - Really cute light yaoi =) good music too
      About a guy who wants his band to become famous. However he meets an author who tells him his lyrics suck.....

      Loveless - Another light yaoi... Also has fantasy elements
      A neko anime. This boy called loveless meets soubi, a friend of his late brother...

      Junjou Romantica - I love this series! its a very good love story
      Has three stories in it. Junjou Romanitca which is between this reluctant university student and a perverted author. Junjou Egoist which is between english grad and another younger guy named Nowaki. Junjou Terroist which is between an english professor and a high school student.

      Angel’s Feather - Weird plot... and not very much yaoi themes
      umm im actually not sure what this is about since i dropped it like 10 minutes in... Heres where you can get a plot summary

      Papa to Kiss in the Dark - Kinda strange (between a son and a father) also really quick
      The son and the father have a love relationship.... the son gets worried though when he finds out they might not actually be related

      Kirepapa - Another good one (not between the son and father though!)
      The father is overly protective of his son... little did he kno that he was being targeted by his son's friend

      Ikoku Irokoi Romantan - doesn't have that good of a plot.... just a quick yaoi
      This one japanese guy is an unhappy newly wed and a japanese obsessed Italian sorta takes advantage of that....

      Enzai - more explict (censored though unlike sensitive pornograph) and it has a plot
      This kid gets convicted for a crime he didn't comit so now he has to go to prison where being raped is a common event

      Haru Wo Daiteita - no plot at all really... just yaoi
      to guys work as adult film stars... They both compete for the better roles in other movies/shows

      Boku No Sexual Harassment - Kind of strange idea in this one.... gets repetivie after a while though
      The boss of this guy says the only way the guy can excell quicly in work is if he sleeps with other guys in important positions

      Fujimi Orchestra - Really short and it felt very awkward to me =S
      The conductor of an orchestra likes this one violinist but the violinist likes another girl...

      Level C - short and to the point with a bit of plot
      A guy, who constantly lives in the house of his current lover, finds this one young model. The model takes him in since he had nowhere else to go.... to pay rent the guy tells the model that he will make him feel "out of this world"

      Maiden Rose - didn't quite understand what was happening for like half of it.... also the ending is very strange and sad
      Um theres a captain or luntenent who likes the general/lord guy.... and sorta forces his feelings on him

      Heres a good site to find em online.... Just go to the details of the anime you want to see, click the download link (which will take you to megaupload) and then you can click the link that lets you watch it on megavideo

      ok..Sensitive pornograph
      Haru wo Daiteita
      Junjou Romantica
      Legend of the blue wolf
      Ai no Kusabi
      Boku no Pico
      Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
      Bronze:Zetsuai since 1989

      Hope i helped :)

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