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    How do you connect a laptop to an HDTV for streaming movies?
    I have a laptop computer with a VGA connection and my son in law says that I just need to get a VGA to HDMI cable and connect the two, BUT when I get online to order this cable I have come across some reviews indicating that the cable is not enough, that a converter is needed. Do any of you techno minded people know what I need to do. All I am interested in is using my television as my monitor and streaming movies from my laptop.

    • ANSWER:
      You do need a Converter. VGA is analog HDMI is digital. Those cables are for studio equipment that has onboard converters.

      You will need 1 VGA cable, 1 HDMI cable, and the active converter box.
      For sound, connect a Stereo to RCA cable

    How do you get a job adding music to movies?
    I have always had a knack for finding underground music that eventually makes it way main stream through commercials, movies, or television shows. What path does someone need to take to do this as a career? Do you fall into it, after a music career, or are there actual steps/courses you need to take?

    • ANSWER:
      A school with Sound Engineering would qualify you to work in this field.
      The chances of Stumbling onto a job like this is slim.
      Because of the required knowledge to use the equipment proficiently is stagering, if you hope to work in an "State of the Art" facility.
      Even in an Indie studio,
      their equipment is quite complicated;
      in order to get quality high enough
      to make a project acceptable to the public.
      It is no fun having to re-record
      (or have someone else do it and get the credit too).
      If you want to Luck into it,
      maybe try to find a local ad agency
      or TV station that you can get
      work on their production crew.
      You may find that most reputable Ad Houses
      are now only willing to hire graduates,
      as they already have experience
      with the latest equipment.
      I'm in the same boat (wanting to get into film)
      except I have 20 years production experience
      at places like Disney,
      and unfortunately all they want to see
      is a diploma that is fresh!
      I've worked in Drama, Song and Dance,
      Big Band,Rock, Vaudeville
      and just about any style of theatre you can name.
      But I don't know the latest techniques
      using computers and lots of
      really expensive equipment
      (and ,000 invested in my home studio)
      and still not SOTA (state of the art).
      Aim high
      just don't get dissapointed
      'cause on the way up you'll realise
      it's a long ladder to the top
      and unless you want it to hum
      drop that ground!
      Best of Luck > TRACKING

    Can someone help explain how a home theatre receiver and subwoofer work?
    We just moved into a new home and it has all built in speakers and surround sound wiring. The wires all terminate in a small hall closet where the previous owner states he had his equipment. He has now since now been very forth coming with information. I am trying to purchase the "equipment' needed for my husband for xmas. Will I need just a Home Theater Receiver, or will I also need a subwoofer? If ony a receiver is a 550W good enough?

    • ANSWER:
      If your planning on using the existing speakers and wiring you have a small problem. Everything is set up for the home theater but the previous owner didn't like or have the space to put his devices. Meaning the receiver and maybe everything was stored in that closet. That requires remote controls that will send a signal thru or around a wall to control the equipment. This is great if you don't want clutter but I feel it would be a pain to have to go and look at the devices to see if they are on and working correctly. (A home theater receiver might come as a package with the sub and 5 speakers)

      If you store the receiver under the tv, all you need to do is run the speaker and subwoofer wiring to the closet. A stand alone receiver will have connections for running the wires. You might have to add a dvd player or upgrade to a blu ray player that connects to the internet for streaming movies.
      You need a sub woofer for the bass sounds. That receiver above should work fine. If you want to check around, go to for reviews and and for pricing.
      I hope I've helped you some. Enjoy

    How do I transfer home video DVDs to a portable hard drive?
    To sum it up... I would like to store my home movies and pictures on one device like a portable hard drive so that I can keep them all together making it as easy as physically possible to access them whenever I want.
    So basically what I would like to know is. What kind of program(s) and/or equipment do I need?

    • ANSWER:
      You will first need to rip the videos from the DVD disc. The next thing you'll want to do is convert the video and audio streams into a format such as MP4 or AVI so that the size of the videos will be more manageable. For a simple and easy to use app that does all this I would recommend "AnyDVD." I believe it has a 30 day trial period so that you can try it out. It allows you to rip the DVD and then lets you format the videos into different formats.

    What equipment/cables do i need to connect my Sony Blu ray player (model # BDP-S360) to the internet?
    I currently have my laptop computer connected to the internet via a linksys wireless router that is hooked up to our home desktop computer. Is there any way my blu ray player could connect using the same router connection? Is there additional equipment that i need to purchase in order to connect?

    • ANSWER:
      Only if your blu ray is wireless or has an ethernet port

      If it's wireless you have to plug in this antennae they call a dongle into the usb port. Around

      If you can run an ethernet cable from the router to the player it's better and cheaper. Then your internet service has to be at least 2 to 3 gps to stream movies. Any lower, the picture will freeze and that's a pain in the b...

    How do I add ultraviolet to my device? How do I add movies to my account?
    I have tried to figure out how but couldn't find where to go to add ultraviolet to a device and add movies to my account.

    • ANSWER:
      How do I add new purchases to my UltraViolet Collection?

      For online purchases, you can easily add new titles directly to your collection as part of your purchase process. Before you complete your check-out, you'll be given the opportunity to log into your UltraViolet account (or create one if needed), and your movie or TV show will be automatically added to your Collection. For purchases of an UltraViolet-enabled movie or TV show on disc, your title will come with in-package instructions on how/where you can log in (or create an account) to add it to your collection.

      Can I add previously purchased movies and TV shows to my UltraViolet account?

      Not at this time; however, UltraViolet was designed to support this feature, so if movie/TV studios and/or retailers choose to make such "upgrade" offers available, you'll be able to easily add existing titles to your UltraViolet Account.

      How can I access/watch my UltraViolet movies and TV shows?

      All kinds of ways. You can stream to most any Internet-connected device , including cable/satellite set-top boxes. You can download copies for when you don't have good internet access. And, in many cases, you can enjoy watching via a physical copy such as a DVD or Blu-Ray.

      Do I need to purchase special equipment to use UltraViolet?

      No! You don't need any special equipment or additional technology to enjoy your UltraViolet Collection. However, devices will be marketed that are optimized to work with UltraViolet right out of the box, and you may be interested in making such a feature one of your "checklist" items when buying new devices.

    How do I tranfer a video I recorded on my JVC camcorder to my computer, using a USB cord?
    I have a JVC digital recording camcorder device and I am trying to transfer some movie files that I recorded on a DV tape to my computer, what software or cords or equipment will I need to complete this task? Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the model and the features available in your camcorder model, here are a few things that you can do to achieve your objective:
      1 -- If you have firewire port in your camcorder, get a firewire card installed in your PC and then using the s/w provided with the camcorder, transfer the video onto the pc.
      2 -- If your camcorder supports USB streaming, then you can you the USB port on your PC to get the video transfered onto your PC.
      3 -- If your PC has a TV tuner card, give the digital o/p of your camcorder to this tuner card and then get the video transfered onto your PC.

    What services are there that offer movies streaming to your TV?
    We currently have Netflix that we use through our wii to watch movies and tv shows. We really like this service but we're wondering what other options there might be out there. Are there any others using the Wii? And if not do the others require any other equipment?

    • ANSWER:
      There is apple itunes, Amazon Video streaming, Hulu.

      If you get the PlayOn server (), you can use it for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu and stream to the Wii.

      For itunes, you need an Apple TV.

    What kind of medical oxygen tank is the best?
    I saw a movie in which the main character used an oxygen tank while reading. He was perfectly healthy, as I am. I am wondering if you can buy a medical oxygen tank online, and am looking for general information about tanks (how they work, how you fill them, etc.).

    Can someone help me out?

    • ANSWER:
      Ive used 3 types of oxygen cylinders in my line of work

      During my work with the Welsh Air ambulance I was using Cramer Decker M6 cannisters with a hand tight Gage - this is a small canister designed to maintain a patient for the short helicopter trip to the hospital. Its easy to use and you can get about 3 hours of continuous use out of one canister. They are refilled by Gas technician at the hospital using a very large tank and an air compresser.

      As a fast response doctor I always keep a portable 15lb cannister of BOC (a company) oxygen in a keep cool neoprene case (bag) in the car. The cannister is fitted with an inhalo system which means I can mix other gases with it for pain relief and adjust the flow of gas going to a patient. The inhalo also lets me intubate a patient and allow the cannister to breathe for them. But only trained DOCTORS and not paramedics are allowed to sedate and intubate patients. This cannister will give me around 12 hours of continuous use.

      In the response car that I use (a modified Subaru impreza) I keep a large cannister in the boot (trunk) of the car. Its basically a bigger version of the one that I take with me when im called out to an incident. But its only got a very basic facemask valve but it does give me 30+ hours use of standard flow rate use.

      Out of all the gas delivery systems I use. The medium BOC Inhalo system is my favourite. Because its light and easy to carry, and it can be used for many things aswell as giving a long supply.

      We use oxygen cannisters in conjunction with a regulator and mask or an intubation tube (if casualty is not breathing and sedated). You will need a regulator and a face mask if your going to be using oxygen. We ALWAYS monitor the amount of oxygen going into a patient.

      You can buy oxygen cylinders online. But you MUST be trained how to use and give oxygen to people. Giving someone too much oxygen in the wrong situation can seriously injure or even kill them. Having too much oxygen in your blood stream can kill you. Oxygen is NOT to be taken recreationally. And should only be used for medical purposes or mixed with nitrogen and used with diving equipment.

    What equipment do i need in order to stream movies etc from my computer to the television?

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you mean to watch movies from your computer to your TV. this is to make your TV as your computer display monitor.
      All this is to assume that your computer supports one of those output methods

      If its an old model CRT TV you need to look if your TV supports S-video input, if not you can find online a VGA to SCART.(i think SCART input is supported by all TV's after 1995)
      For a new model that includes all Flat TV's you just need HDMI cable or a VGA cable.

    Should I get a DOCSIS 3 Modem for a 15mbps Plan?
    I mean I know it's capable of higher transfer rates, but really my Comcast Broadband plan is only for 15mpbs so would I even really benefit from DOCSIS 3.0? I plan on running a wireless network for my Wii and laptop to possibly game and stream movies.

    • ANSWER:
      You won't get a higher speed than what is available under your plan, however a DOCSIS 3 modem will permit you to get a better connection than you might have otherwise been able to at your location by bonding multiple QAM channels together. It will also mean that should you upgrade later, you won't need to buy/rent new equipment. You will also be ready for IPv6 (your modem at least), which is not included in the earlier DOCSIS specifications.

    How many watts of power would i need with Pa Speakers?
    Im looking in getting basically the cheapest pair of powered pa speakers that would give a decent sound quality in an auditorium

    However, this auditorium is 16 million dollars with great acoustics, If someone stands on the stage and talks in a normal voice he/she can be heard in the back row, so i was thinking that we wouldn't need very loud speakers

    There are speakers in the suditorium be we are not permitted to use them

    Any suggestions or ideas are appretiated

    Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure about your price range or musical needs.
      This product is your best realistic solution under 0.

      ""Best Speaker of the Year" - Boston Herald

      They're here! We're talking about real speakers designed for portable audio players that deliver astonishing audiophile-quality sound and don't cost a fortune.

      Audioengine 5 is a full-size speaker system in a bookshelf-sized package. Internal power amps eliminate the need to connect the Audioengine 5 to a bulky stereo receiver or power amplifier. And with built-in subwoofer ports, the Audioengine 5 adds incredible low-end bass without the need for an external subwoofer.

      "Several of Stereophile's editors were excited about the compact and inexpensive Audioengine 5 amplified speakers, which were bringing forth some sweet sounds playing files directly from a laptop," reports Stephen Meijas on the Stereophile HE 2007 blog.

      In the January 9, 2007 issue of the Boston Herald, Tom Rose raves, "The best speaker of the year is Audioengine 5. More than 50 new speakers were put to the test this year, but there wasn't the need for a 'listening-off' to pick the winner. These matching bookshelf speakers, the first product offered by Audioengine, blew away all rivals in terms of audio excellence."
      "Ridiculously Good"

      "When it comes to listening to and recording music, there are no other speakers in this price range that come close to the clarity and balance offered by Audioengine 5," marvels the Mac Observer for March 29, 2007. "Ridiculously good... a slam dunk."

      "As the cornerstone of a high quality, inexpensive and unobtrusive desktop audio system the Audioengines are pretty much ideal," trumpets Audio Ideas Guide online. "Comparing them sonically with the mass-marked iPod 'dock' systems out there, many of which cost around the same amount, isn't even fair."

      In the November 2006 issue of Home Theater magazine, Tom Fleischmann reports, "It's well suited to compressed music formats, not only getting good bass out of them, but a pragmatically sculpted midrange, as well. It's also revealing enough to get the best out of better signal sources, up to and including analog."

      "If someone told me the Audioengine 5 were ,500 I would have believed them!" says Enjoy the Music.
      Built-in iPod Charging

      Designed for optimal ease of setup and versatility, the Audioengine 5 has a built-in power port for iPod charging while listening to your music, watching movies, or playing games. Plug an Apple Universal Dock or iPod directly into the Audioengine Combo Port and you're ready to rock (or roll). The Combo Port charger is compatible with the nano and video iPod as well as all other products that charge via USB.
      Airport Express Power

      With an AC power jack in the rear panel, the Audioengine 5 provides the ability to stream music from your laptop directly to the speakers through Apple's Airport Express. The rear panel AC outlet is also ideal for providing power to other portable and home A/V equipment. A 2nd auxiliary mini-jack is located nearby for audio input from the Airport Express or other products. Also included are plenty of cables in a drawstring bag to connect all your gear.
      Tasty Bass

      Small Speakers, Big Bass. You won't hear any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass from these speakers. The low end from the Audioengine 5 is real bass, very near to originally-recorded music. From rap to classical to movies, you'll get tight, punchy bass with an awesome growl that will make you smile - regardless of the volume level.
      Natural Mids and Dynamic Highs

      The way Audioengine speakers duplicate a music soundstage is really cool. We had all these great adjectives written up to describe the midrange and highs (buzz phrases like "tonal accuracy with transparent clarity, excellent detail and harmonic correctness"), but they all just seemed overused and sort of lame. Our goal was to bring you the sound as it was originally mixed in the studio. Vocals are clearly placed and each instrument occupies its own space, making the speakers seem invisible to your ears. We feel that we've succeeded in our goal and hope you agree!
      Brawn, Brains, and Beauty

      Kevlar woofers for powerful bass, silk dome tweeters for smooth highs, built-in power amplifiers, truly useful connections, and a clean industrial design all allow the Audioengine 5 to integrate perfectly in your living room, bedroom, or desktop. Custom-designed and handcrafted wood cabinets with high-gloss professional piano finish make the Audioengine 5 a true work of art.
      No Receiver? No Problem!

      For listening to real stereo sound, Audioengine is all you need. If you want awesome speakers for your portable music player, game console, TV, or DVD player but don't want a bulky receiver/amp hogging up your space, the Audioengine 5 system does the job.

      "If you're looking for the best sounding stand-alone speaker solution for your iPod, look no further: the Audioengine 5 is second to none," reports i

    My system does not support Microsoft Silverlight for Netflix, anyway to get around this?
    I signed up for Netflix so I can watch movies on the computer, and then find out that silverlight does not support my system. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    • ANSWER:
      its not that silverlight doesn't support your system, it's that your system isn't good enough to support silverlight. you need bertter stuff to make it work.
      trying to stream videos w/o decent equipment is kinda silly.
      the way around htis is to veiw the systme requirments for silverlight and compare that to your systme and upgrade whatever falls short.

    How would I go about (what equipment do i need) to watch a movie on my tv that I have down loaded to my pc?
    Without burning a dvd.

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a digital media receiver (also called adaptor); Netgear , Linksys, and other sell them. You stream the movie via the home network.

    What is the best computer and camcorder setup for amateur film?
    I know the best HD camcorders used for movies can run tens of thousands of dollars, as can a high end computer with good editing software. I want to know what it would take to put together an enjoyable film with good edit and detail at an affordable cost by most middle class Americans, also will I need more than just a good computer and camera?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with the simple response from G. Due to the range of equipment and expenses, that does not help you much with any detailed shopping list. And the description of your project is too vague to understand any real requirements the project has.

      And just because you are low budget does not mean you get to take shortcuts and go cheap. Inexpensive, maybe, but not cheap.

      You also need to understand the equipment limitations and be VERY fanatical about not going outside those known or learned limits. For example, if the lighting is good and bright, then any camcorder can capture good quality, non grainy video. If the video has lots of action, do not use a camcorder that applies lots of compression to the video stream. If there is dialog, the mics MUST be close to the people speaking.

      Beyond these basic technicals, a compelling story, LOTS of planning (concept, outline, script, story board, shotlist - and sticking to it) along with talent , wardrobe, make up, continuity, sound design, editing skill and creativity will contrbute to a successful project.

      If you cut these corners, the project will most likely not be successful. The reason the pros do what they do is because they can make money. If they could save money by using consumer grade camcorders, they would use them because that means they would not need to buy the huge expensive stuff they use and that would mean more $ in their pocket. They have learned that the expensive stuff is more cost effective because it has a wider opportunity for use - like big lenses means better lowlight shots and good XLR mics means more realistic audio... And they know to use the equipment within its capabilites.

      Read up on the equipment used for "Slumdog Millionaire", "Paranormal Activity" and "Blair Witch Project", be sure to develop your project management skills... And understand various legal "partnership" entities can do to help keep your personal assets protected when there is injury or copyright issues with the project.

      There is WAY more to successful "filmmaking" than picking up the cheapest equipment you can find and capturing a few feet of video. Even "reality shows" use a script... And keep in mind that "middle America" is what drives the quality level of the productions you see in theaters - they are who buy the tickets. To think otherwise is naive.

      And just in case... The big project equipment is rarely purchased by a specific project - it is leased. They generally use film - not video. Audio is not captured by a camcorder, but by using a totally separate audio system.

      Tripods and other steadying devices (dolly trucks, "Steadicam" systems, camera cranes, etc.), many different wired and wireless mics, stands, cables, power, location monitors, craft services, legal services, make up, wardrobe, lighting and existing lighting control, "studio teachers" (if minors are involved), location scouting, permits and permission, soundtrack music legalities and copyright, releases and tracking, insurance coverage, and a bazllion other things neede to be addressed. And we haven't gotten to the camera yet! So...

      Sony HVR-Z5 or above.
      Canon XHA1 or above.
      Panasonic AG-HVX200 or above.
      JVC GY-HM100 or above.

      Any of these are "entry level" so the content and editing MUST be excellent. Don't forget audio - there may be a local audio engineer who also does films...

      And a huge NEW iMac mxed out on RAM with a few terabytes of external hard drive space (RAID1 multi drve array preferredin case a drive crashes, you don't want the project to die) running Final Cut Pro being used by someone who has experience with it. Or a HIGH END Windows tower running Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere.

      How are you planning to distrbute it or get paid? Most theaters don't work directly with the film's producer...

    Should I get wireless internet capability on a new Blue Ray DVD player?
    Why do I need a Blue Ray dvd player?

    And why do I need wireless internet on a dvd player?

    • ANSWER:
      The answer to both questions is that you don't. Need 'em, that is.

      You may WANT a Blu-ray player, but while it has some advantages, it's not enough that would make people NEED one. Purely a matter of personal preference.

      For some people, wireless internet into their TV allows them to watch streaming movies from internet services like Netflix, Hulu, and others. Usually you need some kind of device to provide that internet into your TV, such as an internet capable DVD player. Problem with internet streaming is that, unless you have FiOS, internet is slo-o-ow. You have to wait in the middle of the movie for more data to stream into your box, and then the movie picks up again. Some people may have an extremely fast cable connection which helps, but not all cable is that fast. So, if you're not into video streaming, it's pointless to pay extra for equipment that you won't be using.

    What kind of video card and/or processor requirements does a laptop need to watch movies on a TV?
    I'm thinking of purchasing a laptop and I want to hook it up to my 32" LCD TV to watch movies (things I record, or things I stream from Netflix).

    Will the video card of the laptop matter that much? Will standard equipment on a new laptop be good enough? Or will I need to look for a laptop with a higher-end video card, with lots of video memory?

    Or is the main processor more important for this task? How fast should it be?

    • ANSWER:
      u can connect the TV's input cable to the laptop if that port is available and redirect the screen output using one of the function buttons depending on ur laptip make and model it varies,,, ur memory and all that really dont matter and ur video card dont matter neither ur just redirecting screen output as long as the format is the same,, IE NTSC to NTSC not NTSC to HDTV

    opinions on english essay based on Up on Dowloading by Elise McArdle?
    People aren’t going to pay for things that they can get for free regardless of legal measures. People for decades now have been downloading music for free; it has become a habit and a way to get their music. If people must pay for music, people would still use live streaming from sites like Pandora and the music industry would still be in a financial situation. None of the professors could come up with a plan they all agreed on, that’s the challenge they, including the music industry, want to overcome. A lot of people involved with the music and film industry are desperate for answers to resolve this issue. The professors discussing difference solutions have drawn a lot of attention. The Recording Industry Association of America is driving for answers.Fisher’s suggestions to help fix the illegal downloading crisis by replacing the copy right system with a government administered compensation plan, funded by a tax on the hardware and systems.The government does not need any more control. If a world crisis occurs, the money sitting there to pay the music industry would not be paid to those artists but to fund the world crisis. If the government starts raising taxes on those items people will just find a shortcut to cut their expenses and could potentially start downloading movies, games, etc., illegally. That would cause a financial issue in many other industries. In the end, with higher taxes on those items to download music, the person would still be paying for their music, which could possibly be effective if they find a way to demolish every shortcut others could find which is simply impossible in the world of internet. For every site taken down by the government and another site with another address will appear. Fisher’s consequential suggestion is Total Control. Unfortunately, people in this world do not like law and following rules. Then, those who still avoid those higher tax rates on downloading software by using old software, they Total Control approach comes into place. Total Control is a program that will send a virus to a person’s computer, to wipe their hard drive, if they download music by avoiding the high tax. With the Total Control approach, which all professors dislike but Microsoft and the music industry like, would be somewhat more effective, however sending virus to wipes someone’s computer is a crime in itself and defeats the purpose of knocking out a current crime of illegal downloading. Another issue people may have with the Total Control is if someone uses another’s computer to illegally download music without the owner’s consent, wiping the hard drive would be unfair punishment to the owner. However, to the music industry they may believe that the owner is responsible for their guest and the actions they make. They are many sites to avoid being tracked especially by the government. There are very computer savvy people out there who know block whichever virus may come their way. Zittrain somewhat agrees with Fisher’s suggestions to tax on downloading equipment however doesn’t agree with the total control as punishment for those who don’t follow those rules. Nessan comments on the fact that government involved is not a good idea and even Zittrain understands that most people will not like the government involved, but justifies it by saying the government will not choose who gets paid, it will be strictly numbers.. "That's a legitimate worry," concedes Fisher."You're placing a fair amount of discretionary power in a government agency." “However, the agency would not choose which artists are paid, he insists, because compensation would be based simply on numbers--which works are downloaded the most often.” (McArdle, 2004) People these days do not trust the government, including people in the industry. To have people get on board with a government agency handling their money in any way will be a hard task to accomplish.Nesson’s idea is to make the music cheaper, but for a lesser quality. If you want the good stuff, you pay more. He wants to make illegal downloading less attractive. Even though neither suggestion is concrete they are working on an idea that will demolish free downloading. What Nesson doesn’t understand is that you only need one person to buy that song or songs and they can create a site to share music. For every person trying to prevent piracy there are 10 people who can avoid their suggestion. The music industry needs to advertise those who actually still buy music legally opposed to trying to stop those who aren’t. Downloading is a new thing opposed to going out to a store to buy a CD, people are lazy these days. They can get their music from the comfort of their home. What the artist are not aware of is that people usually listen to their music and then go to their concerts, buy their clothing, etc. They are many ways to avoid all of the professor’s suggestion.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to have paragraphs for your essay. You need to organize this better.

    what equipment do i need to link my sony bravia tv and my computer?
    i would like to stream videos and more to my tv

    • ANSWER:
      The sony bravia (the new ones) have hdmi input. If your computer has HDMI as well you can just use a HDMI cable to hook them up.

      When you have a normal pc you can just use the VGA cable and plug it in the tv. Don't forget to use a mini-jack to audio rca jacks cable to connect your audio output from your computer in your television.

      it's this cable:

      You could also connect a cat5 cable (ethernet) to your tv. You should also have a router (or connect the cable straight to your pc). I don't know the details, but it's possible to send the movies with a program on your pc and the tv receives this stream and shows it.

    What kind of cord do you need to get to hook your computer up to your t.v.?
    So I want to know what kind of cord or hookup I need to connect my laptop to my t.v. so i can watch like netflix streaming movies on my t.v. from my computer! :)

    • ANSWER:
      First, you need to see what kind of video outputs you have on your computer and what kind of inputs you have on your TV or VCR. If you can find a match, then that's the kind of cable you need. If there is no match, you will need a signal convertor of some kind.

      The most likely computer output is VGA, which is a connector that is roughly D-shaped, with three rows of five pins/holes each. This can produce a reasonably clear picture on a TV set, although some detail will be lost.

      Another connection is S-video, which uses a round connector with a ring of pins. It's also acceptable but not great quality.

      The sharpest connection is HDMI, which is an HDTV standard but only available on fairly new PCs.

      If you have a new flatscreen TV, it probably has HDMI connections, and maybe VGA. If you have an older TV, it may have S-video, RGB or composite connections, or maybe just a coaxial (cable TV) connection. Composite video is really too low a quality for computer use. It uses a round, single-pin-in-a-shell connector. (RGB uses three of them). For an older set, your best bet might be to look for extra inputs on your VCR or other video equipment connected to the TV.

      Failing that, you may have to look for a special signal convertor at an electronics store (or you could look for a new PC and/or TV).

    is a canon eos 550d a good camera for filming?
    Does the quality look good when on a computer? And is the slow motion good? I'm planning on using it for a short drama that i'm making with friends and i want to know if its good enough to use.
    Does it film well for action films and does it have a good focus for a macro lense?
    Does it film well for action films and does it have a good focus for a macro lense?
    Does it film well for action films and does it have a good focus for a macro lense?

    • ANSWER:
      Well it makes video you are right. Up to 1080p at 30fps. Also it has filmic 24fps mode. It though lacks 60fps mode so that kinda limits you in certain things. To say it simple if you shoot 60fps you can slow down the footage to 50% speed and have a very beautiful slowdown effect.

      It will of course lack decent focus in movie mode [as the mirror is up] hence you have to get used to Manual Focussing during shoots.

      This is inherent of the flippy mirror design of DSLR's. This is why actual videocameras are better at it, they are made for it. Video with DSLR is an addition and even the best methods out there so far [the Sony SLT line up with working autofocus during video] has to deal with that it isn't as optimal for video.

      For the rest you will desire to use an external microphone anyway as those sound better and you of course need the right software to edit the video files, mix in the sound right etc..

      Also when shooting video with SLR's do understand that the lenses made for SLR's are not always silent. This is why an external mike is worth investing in so you won't get the sound the lens can make. Just saying.

      So can you use a 550d for video? Yes
      Can it film things like action a point yes. Just know that you need to have external sound and with the 550d's limitations you are stuck with manual focus. But in a way manual focus is pretty nice to have anyway. Even the Sony SLT's with their working autofocus during video are not perfect.

      You could look at the Sony SLT line up as they do have working autofocus and do things like 1080p at 60 frames per second and the right models even have 28Mbit video AVCHD video streams. Trust me those are pretty heavy only a few unlocked Pentax models come with something like 50Mbit video streams or the likes.

      Right here is a video I shot out of the hand at Archeon, a local historical themepark as you can say. It is short with a Sony A65 and it must have been a lens not optimized for video [as in the lens makes sound during focussing]. Autofocussing is on and it tends to snap right. Through remember this is the Sony SLT design with functioning phase detection autofocussing even during video. Most DSLR"s have worse focussing abilities. Some have Contrast detection and some simply don't autofocus during video. Sound is from the in build camera .. as good as it gets really with that.

      Is it as good as using an actual video camera.. well at least actual video cameras have lenses that when they focus are silent. This one makes sound! Canon has the STM line of lenses that ought to make it nice for video. Also the big CMOS sensor in DSLR's fall to the Jello Effect.. it only happened about once in this video when moving to fast. It kinda distorts the screen.

      Is the video good or bad? I leave that up to you but if I wanted to make it look better I would have used an external mic to say the least.

      The Pentax GH3 is also good at video just saying.

      But best is and stays actual video equipment, it is made for it, it has years of study and investment into making smooth video so..

      And of course making movies takes the right software to, just saying.. importing the video materials and editing them to be just right. Cutting and Pasting and so on.

      So look around at other brands and cameras to. And look at buying an actual video camera or maybe renting it. DSLR's are able to make video yes and does it looks good..with the right tools and some external mics, the right understanding of light and what you shoot.. you would have good basic material to work with. Then followed by knowing how to edit it all together to make is look as good as it can and get the output you desire from it.

      Getting the basic material, the good footage and sound is only part one. My video has .. 0 editing done. It is obviously amateur but at least I did get a half decent video from it. I would even call it pretty decent situation being.

    What are some really cool devices to go with a home theater system?
    (anything that comes to your, head, anything that would take up space under the tv screen!) XBOX, PS3, surround sound, anything!!!

    • ANSWER:
      1) Monster power center. A power center should be in every home theater setup. Not only will it protect your equipment from surges and spikes, it also cleans the power and cleans almost everything else, cable, Internet, phone etc.

      2) PS3. If you like gaming and have an HDTV a PS3 is perfect. Not only will you have a nice library of games to choose from but the PS3 adds Blu-ray which will really show off what your HDTV can do, especially if it's a 1080p TV.

      3) 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. "Sound is 50% of the experience." -George Lucas on home theaters. You are not truly experiencing movies unless you upgrade your sound. With the right system it will feel like you are actually in the movie.

      4) XBOX 360. If you want a system just for gaming you can not beat the XBOX 360. Bonus points for Netflix streaming.

      5) WII. If you have children then your going to need one of these. Just make sure they wear their wrist straps.

      6) Western Digital T.V. (HD Media Player). If you have a HD camcorder, digital camera or want a way to play almost any type of movie, picture or audio file on your HDTV, look no further than the Western Digital T.V. box.

      7) Blu-Ray player. If you want to really see what your HDTV is capable of, your going to need one of these. Blu-ray is currently the only device that plays back in 1080p and if your HDTV supports it 1080/24p.

      8) Upconverting DVD player. If you can not afford Blu-ray at least use one of these. Upconverting DVD players upconvert the resolution of DVD's (480p) to near HD quality. I say near HD because although these players can output in 1080p all they are doing is expanding upon the standard def. source material. Will they look better than a regular DVD player? Yes. Do they look as good as Blu-ray? No. But if you can not afford Blu-ray at least use one of these low cost players.

    What is the best way to view Live Internet TV on your computer?
    I want to watch Live Sports in particular on my tv. I will pay for Internet TV service, not necessarily free. What are the best options?

    • ANSWER:

      Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV

      Now you can watch hundreds of LIVE worldwide channels on your PC, free of charge:

      Kids Channels
      + Radio Stations and much, much more!

      You can also watch the Big Games LIVE without any additional fee or subscription!

      Tired of missing the Big Game because your cable company doesn't carry it?

      Are you a sports fan who wants LIVE coverage daily? With this offer you are likely to be satisfied by the large range of events/games covered by our network.

      Stop paying for high-priced cable or Satellite services! Watch LIVE Games (even the games that are not shown elsewhere) - with our software!


      Watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more!

      You may also browse world TV by regions or by country name.



      +PLUS MUCH MORE!!!




      PERFECTLY LEGAL: 100% Legal - Guaranteed!

      IT WORKS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, India, Russia, etc. Connect To A Whole New World Of Online Entertainment.

      NO EXTRA HARDWARE OR TV CARD REQUIRED: There is no need to buy extra hardware equipment or a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection. You just need an internet connection (the faster your internet speed the better picture you will get). It even works with a 56k connection. (A Broadband connection will deliver superior audio and video quality).

      VERY EASY TO USE / NO PC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Just install the program and click - then instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC! It only takes a few seconds...

      NO SUBSCRIPTIONS NEEDED & NO RECURRING CHARGES... EVER! Get all the entertainment you need for a one time payment of only .99!





      Get over 3000 Stations for a small one-time fee.

      Once you have bought the software, you have nothing else to pay... EVER!

      You won't be disappointed...

    How do you pay for netflix?
    Ok so I just got the free trial but I want to actually pay because I cant watch unlimited movies when I search most movies it says univalable on all devices and t.v.s and people say when you really pay then you get unlimited

    • ANSWER:
      Even with a full subscription not all movies available on Netflix will be available for streaming.

      This is an issue with the licensing negotiations Netflix is having with the movie studios and has nothing to do with your equipment or subscription.

      With the free trial you still DO have unlimited access to the set of movies that allows streaming.

      If you want a subscription you'll need a credit card.

    How can I make my own 4D movie?
    It would be sooo!!!! cool! to make my own four d movie useing a TV i have and some how have an electrict chair that moves like there is in those movies like the fun house 4D and log adventure 4D And I want to make a very very very small 4D theater in my house about the size of a normal room without spending any money i will spend some money i guess but not like thousands of dollers any ideas how to create my own 4D movie?

    • ANSWER:
      You first challenge will be making the 3-D movie. Most home equipment isn't setup to do 3-D.

      My suggestion would be to do it the way the pros do. You'll need to cameras, mounted at "eye" distance apart (you should experiment to find the optimal distance). Once done, you'll need software (I don't know anything cheap or free) that will piece together the two video streams. At the low end, these products will recolor green and red to match red/green 3-D glasses. If you want to go better (which means being able to have full color films), you don't need the software, but you'll need two projectors. Fit polarizing lenses in front of them and project at the proper angles.

      As for the 4-D aspect, you'll need to match the effects to the film. Water sprayers, fog machines, vibrating chairs are all good.

      As for budget, keep in mind that professional 4-D theaters cost several million to create.

      If you're mechanically handy, know how to build your own triggering mechanisms, and care build your own controller board to hook up to a computer... you might be able to put something together will throw away items. But you'll need access to some serious equipment to cut, weld, and otherwise assemble.

      A cheaper way to go... use people. In other words, you shake the chair, squirt the hose, and otherwise create the effects. I did this with my sister when we were 10.

    How to connect a NAS to TiVo?
    I need to know if its possible to stream my data (Movies, photos, music) from a NAS equipment to TiVo, instead fo doing it from a PC

    I'm thinking in a D-Link DNS 323 or a Linksys NAS 200.


    • ANSWER:
      Not really possible. The Tivo expects a Windows PC, not a NAS (usually running Linux.)

      I'm sure there are hacks that will let you do this, but unless you're already pretty familiar with Linux, I wouldn't recommend them.

    Should i buy a home theatre system or a dvd hi-fi system?
    hey guys there! i am really confused what should i buy. i am intrested in buying a system for my room. i would play movies and music both on the system .so what should i buy a home theatre system or a dvd hi-fi system? plz suggest me.

    • ANSWER:
      I would buy a combination of both of them .Thats what i
      ended up doing for myself .Long before DVD's, Widescreen Television and Home Theater became available i used to listen to music all the time.I have been interested in high quality sound reproduction for over 40 years.and have upgraded my components many times and the system i have now gives me great pleasure listening to music.I was lucky enough to have a dedicated listening room built onto the back of my house .The room is 26 feet long.15feet wide and 8feet high.

      The equipment i have at the moment for listening is :
      Pro-Ject turntable,JH formula 4 arm and Ortofon cartridge.
      NAD dvd cd player.
      NAD pre-amp
      QUAD 306 POWER AMP.
      Carver c9 sonic hologram generator.
      Rogers studio 1 loudspeakers.
      Van Den Hul new silver inner tonearm wire
      Van Den Hul tonearm to pre-amp cable
      Cable Talk interconnects
      Van Den Hul loudspeaker cable.

      The room has curtains covering the side walls..
      the wall adjacent to the back wall has a large window and i originally had heavy curtains that opened and closed from the middle of the window. the back wall where the seating is located is bare.

      The reason for having all this covering is to hear the sonic advantages of the hologram generator. When the hologram generator is working correctly the soundstage is dramatically changed from the narrow stereo image that forms between the 2 loudspeakers to a very wide and deep and spacious panarama .It frees the sound from the constraints of the speakers and from the confines of the listening room

      I hope i am not boring you with all this detail but this is how i achieved the system that i am finally (i hope) happy with.

      I take it that you are starting from scratch and are not going to use any equipment you may already have. How much money are you prepaired to use.Have you set yourself a limit .Not knowing makes it a bit hard to recommend a particular brand but we will give it a go .

      You will need a surround sound A/V amplifier or receiver.
      If you buy a surround sound amplifier that has everything in the one chassis you will be limited to your hi fi sound for music.

      I would buy a separate pre-amp and power amp to give you more flexability.If you are not too concerned abou listening to am or fm radio you don't need a receiver. It is extra circuitry which dergrades the sound .

      NAD have separate surround sound preamplifiers with all the home cinema circuitry plus you can use it for dedicated listening of music.
      Then you have a choice of separate power amplifiers with 5,6, or 12 channels

      Hope this has been a bit of help for you.

      I just want to quickly tell you what happened when i set up my projector and screen. I was aware that i was only going to hear some of the audio because i did not have a surround sound amplifier and extra speakers around the room and no subwoofer.

      The sonic hologram gave me a huge auditorium with sound streaming past me with unbelieable depth behind me .I am not making this up it was truly amazing .I new it made music come alive but not all the extra info. in multi channel.

      So my friend i have the best of both worlds without paying for other equipment.

      Good luck in your search for your equipment'

      Have a look at the links bellow :

    Why do security cameras have bad frame rate?
    Shouldn't they be all high tech with good technology?

    • ANSWER:

      Always buy DVR and security equipment from a good brand name manufacturer like Pleco, Bosch, Honeywell Ascendent:

      a good DVR does 30FPS or 30 frames per second this in the CCTV industry is called Real-Time Performance. so a 8ch will do 240FPS, 16ch 480FPS, and 32ch 960FPS many DVR will claim Real-tim but when you look at them they are only real-time CIF not D1 resolution.

      The human Eye see;s about 20FPS movies are shot in 22FPS and a good CCTV system will record 30FPS NSC (25FPS PAL).

      Unfortunately many people buy very low end systems which have poor frame rate and bad image quality because they buy from Amazon, "spy stores" Lorex, Q-see, NCIX, new-egg, and other online retailers who sell cheap products for china there were never intended to be anything more then a nany cam and should never be used to provide security.

      Not all DVRs are created equal, in fact there are many options that offer varying performance much like the automobile industry. In the world of DVRs you can find the equivalent of a ,000 Kia and a 0,000 Ferrari and everything in between. Both have 4 wheels and windshield but that where the similarities end, it’s under the hood that counts. Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for.

      My personal favorite DVR is Ascendent X4 series: Ascendent’s Tri-Fusion Hybrid Platform allows for the creation of a true hybrid surveillance system by utilizing the advantages of Analog, Megapixel, and IP technologies .

      The X4S also uses the latest H.264/SVC codec offer video substantially better quality,. While its file size sizes is 30% smaller than MPEG-4, 60% smaller than MPEG-2, and exponentially smaller than MJPEG.

      The smaller the files size the more images are able to be sent, and the faster they can be processed improving both FPS and speed. File size is the heart of any DVR and goes far beyond just its streaming capabilities, as it also determines the recording storage time, how much you can back up at once, how fast it renders and searches video. The file size of a DVR impacts the performance of the DVR in just about every aspect from speed to longevity and is often the most important spec of any DVR.

      If you are buying a DVR and streaming is a high priority I suggest you ask for a demo and connect to the DVR to make sure it is able to stream fast enough for your needs. Most DVRs say they have remote viewing but it is often too slow and laggy to be of any use especially if it is a standalone.

      Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for. Most retailers and sellers make about a 40-80% profit margin, this is after costs like shipping and overhead. That means when you buy a product that costs 0.00 the manufacturer usually has only spent to build it which simply means it’s not a good product and will probably have a working life of about 2 months. Cheap products are like disposable razors they are NOT designed to last for a long time and you will end up replacing them every 2 months.

      DVRs need to be good quality as they run 24/7 (20X more than the average electronic device) and process anywhere from 30-480 frames per second which in a year is over 15 billion images, and a good DVR should last 3-5 years.

      If you are only going to spend 70$ on cameras then you should buy 15 dummy cameras they will be just as effective and cheaper hen swan cameras.

      Also as far as night vision or IR cameras go most do not give good images in the dark. Many companies claim good night vision but there are only a handful of brands who give night vision over 30 feet out doors. normally if a cameras is rated 150 feet of IR it will give you ok images at 30 feet at night and good images at about 20 if rated for 60 feet you might get 15 indoors and will be useless outdoors.

      2 Great IR outdoor cameras… ()… (5.00)

      Some good CCTV brands that I recommend are Bosch, Pelco, Honeywell and Ascendent. (best price/ performance)

      Economical DVR's
      Two good economical DVRs I would recommend are Ascendent's AVP-4120 DVR or Pelco's DX-400. They will allow you to view all your cameras instantly from anywhere in the world using either IE, or a client software. The AVP-4120 uses the latest H.264 codec to improve streaming and recording time, and will allow PCs and smart phones to remotely view and control your cameras. These are the DVRs I would recommend that are good quality and affordable from companies who stand behind there products.

      Again if you are going to buy no name products save money and get dummy cameras they are just as affective and you will be less disappointed.

      Hope this Helps,

    How do I record gameplay from video games on my t.v?
    I know there are certain devices that allow you to record what is on your tv screen. I am looking to record and save movie files from my tv while playing video games. I know there is a cheap device i just don't know what it is called.

    • ANSWER:
      The device that you're probably trying to wrap your head around was made popular in the mid 1980's & was practically retired in 2005... The device I'm referring to is the old VCR!

      I'm serious here! YOU DO NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT TO RECORD GAMEPLAY FROM ANY VIDEO GAME SYSTEM! You can just use equipment that you already have in your house.

      Pretty much all you have to do is to connect your game system directly to your VCR, DVR or DVD-Recorder. If you're connecting through the coaxial port (the port where you connect antennas to, which is standard on practically every TV made), connect your game system to the coaxial port marked "Antenna In". Then turn your preferred recording device to channel 3/4 (pending on preference & broadcast conditions).

      If you're connection through the A/V ports (which most game systems since 1996 use this in some form), just connect the A/V cables to the A/V-in ports. Then you just turn your preferred recording device to appropriate input channel (if there's more than one group of A/V-in ports).

      When everything is properly connected & your preferred recording device is on & set to the appropriate channel, you should be see your game system power up as normal. Then all you have to do is hit record when you're ready.

      If you wish to digitize your recording to play on your computer & even online, you'll have to buy a TV tuner card. You can buy a low-end PCI card from Hauppage for about , but an HDTV tuner card will cost you over 0.

      The TV tuner card can double as a video capture card with conventionally recorded materials (like VHS & DVD's). All you have to do is connect the preferred recording device to the TV tuner card, then playback & capture the video stream from the TV tuner card.


      If you used a DVD-Recorder, you won't need the TV tuner as your DVD-ROM drive (with the proper codecs) should be able to read the DVD, once you finalize it in your DVD-Recorder. However, it's still processor intensive.

      I don't exactly why you want to record your gameplay (shooting for a World Record perhaps?), but this should get you in the right direction for whatever your endeavors are.

    What will I need to stream Netflix to my tv.?
    What equipment should I purchase to make this work? I already have the tv (older model from1999) and I have the computer. Best Answer gets ten pointsts by the end of the night

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm, I guess the other guys guesses are as good as mine.

      One other thing you could try is to save Netflix streaming to the hard drive for offline watching, connect the computer or laptop if you have one with a cable and playback the movie.

      I usually just watch Netflix movies on my computer, but there's also some Audials piece of software I have installed that allows one to capture and record streaming movies and tv shows videos from Netflix and save Netflix streaming straight to your hdd.

      Should also be useful for you I guess to save Netflix streaming and then just play the movies on the tv through cable or something like that.

      Dunno, suppose it's one of the solutions you can take a look at.

    How long do you think blu ray will be the best movie format?
    how long will Bluray last?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd give it a couple more years. The MPAA and various equipment manufacturers, stream providers and content owners are working on direct digital delivery. IPv6 is on the way also. We will likely still need Bluray for years to come if we want to archive what we've downloaded though. HD movies can be 20 or more gigabytes each.

    Do you need an HDMI cable to upconvert standard DVDs in a Blu-Ray player?
    I have an older TV that doesnt have the HDMI input (it just has the component wires- red/green/blue)- does this mean i will not be able to upconvert standard DVDs?

    As a follow-up question- is there anyway I can get HDMI into a TV that only has component wire outlets (such as an adaptor)?

    • ANSWER:
      Does a Blu-ray or HD Cable viewer require HDMI 1.3 to get the best entertainment experience? The answer is maybe. Let’s look at what HDMI 1.3 offers, that you can’t get in earlier versions of the standard. HDMI 1.3 increases signal bandwidth for video transmission which allows more color detail. Only HDMI 1.3+ can carry the Deep Color or x.v.YCC formats that present billions of color combinations, smoother color gradients, and the reduction of color banding. These will only work if both the source and the display are HDMI version 1.3 compliant. There’s just one problem. The Blu-ray specification doesn’t support either Deep Color or x.v.YCC. Even if a Blu-ray player claims compatibility with these formats, no Blu-ray Discs are currently encoded with an extended color gamut. Currently any standard HDMI connection can transmit the full video quality that’s available on a Blu-ray Disc. So, does that make HDMI 1.3 irrelevant for video? Probably not. At present, a few models of HD camcorders will record content with Deep Color or x.v.YCC. It is also speculated that some video games may be encoded with either Deep Color or x.v. YCC in the future. Although Blu-ray Discs don’t contain the expanded color detail, some Blu-ray player models can interpolate those extra colors internally, which essentially up-converts the color signal. To take advantage of that, you’ll need HDMI 1.3 and a Deep Color capable display. However, some displays may be able to perform that interpolation themselves, negating the need for the Blu-ray player to do it. Ultimately, there may be some cases where HDMI 1.3 is useful, but it is not strictly necessary for video.

      The audio situation is more complex. Blu-ray Discs can contain movie soundtracks in several formats. Regular DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 work the same as they did on DVD. An S/PDIF cable or any version of HDMI can transmit those lossy codecs without any problems. Uncompressed multichannel PCM will also work okay with any HDMI connection. (S/PDIF doesn’t have enough band- width for that.) Where things get complex is when the newer audio formats: Dolby Digital Plus, DTS- HD High Resolution Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio are employed. Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio are rarely used on Blu-ray, but Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are extremely common. All of these new audio formats have the same transmission limitations. In order to hear the full high-resolution soundtrack, your Blu-ray player must either decode the format internally or transmit its native bitstream to an A/V receiver or surround processor. Sources that decode the advanced audio codecs convert the audio to PCM. The decoded PCM should result in no loss of quality, and it can be output over any HDMI connection. In this case, HDMI 1.3 is not needed. Sadly, not all Blu-ray players are built with the ability to decode these high- resolution audio formats in full quality. Some Blu-ray players can only decode standard DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1, and a number of vintage players decode Dolby TrueHD but not DTS-HD Master Audio. In both of these situations, you’ll need to transmit the codec’s native bitstream and let the A/V receiver or surround processor do the decoding. This will require HDMI 1.3 on both the Blu-ray player and the receiver or surround processor. Either decoding to multichannel PCM or passing the native bitstream will give you high-quality lossless sound. The decision between letting the Blu-ray player decode the audio or transmitting the native bitstream will depend on the specifics of your entertainment equipment set up.
      For example, the Sony PlayStation 3 offers no bitstream option for the advanced audio formats, but it will decode them internally to PCM. On the other hand, the Panasonic DMP- BD30 will not decode Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio itself but can transmit the native bit streams. Secondary audio from commentaries, Bonus View, and BD-Live content complicates this decision even further, as the only way to seamlessly mix disc and secondary audio is to let the player handle the decoding.
      Older A/V receivers and surround processors may include HDMI inputs that can accept multichannel PCM but not the newer formats. And some A/V receivers and processors have HDMI inputs that will not handle any type of audio at all over HDMI. Their HDMI inputs are strictly video. In either of these situations, the player must be able to perform the decoding. Every system will have its own particular quirks depending on how it is set up.
      If you buy new equipment today, having HDMI 1.3 will help with future-proofing if nothing else.

      You cannot convert HDMI to component without doing a digital to analogue conversion which is expensive and pointless.

      If you want to know more about the HDMI interface and HDMI cables you can download the free 21 page ebook "HDMI Demystified" at the following link.

    Why are Americans so obsessed with all things Tuscan?
    I've noticed that over the last few years Americans have developed an obsession with Tuscan (or Tuscan "style") food, art, etc., etc, and I'll bet most of these same people couldn't even identify the Tuscan region on a map of Italy. What the heck?

    • ANSWER:
      Some people [not just Americans} are lemmings, they have to glom onto whatever they see in mass media. In this case, they had seen the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun".with Diane Lane. Now people are buying up every villa in Tuscany and Umbria, and other places. [actually this has been happening for a long time].

      Pardon for my going off subject, but the same situation happened when people saw the movie "A River Runs Through It" with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Everyone then decided they needed to become fly fisher[wo]men. This nearly ruined the sport [[except those folks who sell equipment, etc...they made a killing.]...yuppies tried to buy up all the land with good trout streams...places local fisher[wo]men have been going for only their friends could fish there.

      Anyway, to sum up, it IS really annoying when people latch onto something they wouldn't have known about unless they saw it on TV or in a movie

    What is the function of amplifier, pre-amp, equalizer in home audio system? Are they needed for good system?

    • ANSWER:
      An amplifier, or power-amp, supplies the power that drives your loudspeakers.

      A pre-amp, or processor, does all the decoding of the incoming audio stream from the DVD/cable/sat/etc., adjusts volume, selects source, etc. AND sends it to the power-amp. Most newer pre-amps have built in equalizers and set-up programs that automatically adjust the level (volume) of each speaker, sets distances, etc.through a supplied microphone that you place in your seating position.

      An A/V receiver generally combines eveything into one piece of equipment.

      Pre-amps and power-amps are generally considered PREMIUM or HIGH-END and as such, they usually cost much more than a simple receiver. They're also built to a higher standard.
      Some of the advantages are that with the amps seperated from the processing, there's no electrical interference or "crosstalk" with the processor caused by the amp section.
      Another is that a power amp will generally have MUCH more power than a receiver. More power equals more "headroom" or reserves for musical or cinematic peaks while listening to music and watching movies.
      So yes, they are superior, but you really need at least some decent speakers to exploit the benefits.

      Some people pair a power amp with a receiver, using the receiver as a pre-amp to reap the benefits of the REAL power of a seperate amp. Most 0-800 receivers rated at 120watts by 7 channels only put out 60-70 watts when you're actually using all 7 speakers.

      Here is an used Rotal power amp that would blow away any sub ,000 receiver in clean, reserve filled power output :

    Expensive or inexpensive blue ray player?
    I just brought this top of the line sony 52 in lcd and Im looking for a blue ray player, and I want the best picture possible. lm leaning to buy the expensive one, but friends of mine say don't wast your money because there all the same. Can any one tell me if that's true?

    • ANSWER:
      Like everything the different brands/models all differ in features and quality of the components, etc ... so they are not all the same. However, they ARE very similar in the output video quality for the film itself. You need to consider what is important to you.

      For example Profile 2.0 and Profile 1.1 players have different capability re extras (Profile 2.0 implies Internet connectivity to allow access to various on-line features). Some players have built in HD audio decoder support (and multiple RCA jacks for output) but this isn't necessary if you have a receiver with HD audio decoders internally. Some players have additional functionality like playing streaming HD video (e.g. Netflix) or games (e.g. the PS3). Some have faster load times than others (The PS3 is by far the fastest). Some have better components and/or better styling. Finally, all players upscale DVDs to psudo-HD, but some do a better job than others.

      So, you need to consider what matters to you. If you just want to play the movie any player will do. The cheapest won't have extra capabilities, and may not stand up as well as others, but the quality of the video will be virtually indistinguishable.

      I went through all this a while back and decided on the Pioneer BDP51FD as meeting my needs best. It's generally considered to have among the best audio and video for both Blu-ray and DVD (I have a large DVD collection so the latter is critical), to be a great CD player, has superior build quality, and at prices as low as ~0 ( type in COUPONCABIN 266.97 free shipping), it's a great bargain (It's almost identical in all ways that matter to the 0 Elite version). However, it is a Profile 1.1 player (on-line features don't matter to me), a bit more sensitive to scratches than the average, and has below average DVD layer change times. See the type of tradeoff required?

      The PS3 is the most versatile player, but it uses much more electricity than stand alone players and has mediocre DVD performance, and costs much more than many competitors ... a waste unless you want/need those features. Furthermore it doesn't integrate well with most HT equipment ... and you need to buy a separate remote.

      Anyway .. good luck.

    can you watch 3d content with a regular HDTV as long as you have the 3d glasses?

    ok I do have a 120hz TV, if that helps, But
    a 3d blu ray player someone mentioned makes
    me laugh.

    • ANSWER:
      The answer is - it depends. With a set of active shutter glasses and the correct signal embedded in the video content, it should be (in theory) possible to pull off the 3D trick.

      To view an image in 3D you need to have a system set up that displays a completly separate image for each eye. Someone who is blind in one eye can't see in 3D - it's impossible. He/she can judge distances and relative shapes based on experience, but he/she can't do 3D.

      Your brain knows the distance between each eye and uses that information to calculate the geometry based on the distance between each eye and the distance to an object from each eye. This is called parallax. Astronomers actually use the same kind of idea to measure the distance from the earth to distant objects based on a measurement 6 months apart when the earth is on opposite sides of the sun. It's all about angles and trigonometry. (Edit - because we know the distance from us to the sun and the angles in each case to the distant object)

      There are two types of 3D glasses technology, active and passive. In theory, you should be able to get the active glasses to synchronize with a signal embedded in the video stream and have the shutter in front of each eye turn off and on fast in the correct sequence to see a 3D image.

      If all you have are passive glasses with filters, then you're out of luck with the current equipment - sorry.

      The passive glasses use polarization. There are two types of polarization of light. Light is a propogation of an electromagnetic wave with an electric field oscillation confined parallel to some vector combination of the two axes that are perpendicular to the direction of travel of the wave. Each "lens" is coated with a thin film of material that filters the light coming from the screen. In effect, the filter is a series of long rows of atoms that are all parallel to each other. These resonate with the electric field that is parallel to the rows of atoms and absorbs all the energy only in that direction. The rows of atoms on the "lens" of both glasses are rotated 90 degrees with respect to each other for the special case of linear polarization. Try taking two pairs of the linear polarized glasses (sunglasses at the drug store for example) and, while holding one in front of the other, rotate them. When they are rotated 90 degrees no light will shine through. Rotate them some more and you get the light passing through again.

      With a polarizing system, the projector for the video has two light paths and only light polarized in one orientation comes out of one path and the light polarized in the other orientation comes out of the other path. You essentially have two movies - one for each eye and just wear the glasses so each eye only sees one of the two movies. Current TV's don't have these two light paths and the polarizing filters.

      Some day I'm sure 3D will become mainstream.

      Have fun.

      Edit, If the thumbs down was because someone thought this information was incorrect then that is pretty sad.

      More clarifying information...

      For example, if you have a video broadcast at 60 frames per second like 720p you can split that up into two separate movies (one for each eye) that each run at an effective 30 frames per second. You would just need to synchronize the shutter action of your glasses with the images on the display. You could do this once at the beginning and then periodically during the show. The signal could be low frequency tones in the sound track or periodic flashes (specific changes in contrast) or some such thing. Even better would be to make a new set top box that came with the glasses that passed the video/audio signal through it but could read an invisible code in the data and then sent an IR signal to the glasses. There are many ways this could be done.

      Then the glasses would start shuttering (left,right,left.etc.) and you get a 30 frames per second 3D movie on your current HDTV set (assuming it accepts 720p at 60 frames per second which is a current broadcast format).

      So there...

    what impact would cloud computing have a big impact on society?
    i would just want to know about the implications shifting to this new technology would have on society as whole

    • ANSWER:
      it is another cyclical change in computing / info storage.

      back in the 1970s, everyone had "dumb terminals" and was hooked to a mainframe where data and processing was done.
      In the 80s-90s, we moved to a decentralized model, where we saw great potential for creativity and individuality by having powerful processors and storage at each of our fingertips.
      Now, shifting back to the cloud, we already use server-side web technologies to look at inventories, check data from remote equipment, and conduct commerce. Instead of a single mainframe, we are using lots of smaller computing hosts.
      By moving our data to the cloud, it swings us back to the old model - everything is on the "mainframe".. or in the "cloud" , and we just access the processing or data we need .

      There are good and bad points to this..
      Privacy.. obviously, one break-in at a large data warehouse exposes a lot more than a single home computer virus. BUT - how many people really know enough about securing the home computer anyway? Is their data actually safer on a server managed by someone else?

      Ubiquity - now, using a cell phone / tablet / laptop / desktop.. or whatever we come up with next.. we can conceivably do everything that today's high-end desktops do. We already do some.. email, chat, gaming,document publishing, movie streaming, .. we can save money by not having to upgrade our equipment every couple of years.. but we shift the market to the eventual few successful cloud services providers. We will need to have access from many more places.. and more bandwidth than an old telephone modem can supply.

      Economically - there will be fewer "chokepoints of competition". Right now, we see only a few real contenders to deliver any real internet services to us. As our need to consume scales up, who will be the real providers, and how much will they charge once they get control of the market?
      Same for software & hardware.. if we don't need cutting edge phones or desktops, then the Dell / Apple / IBM / Nvidia manufacturers will wither away while cloud providers like EMC, Amazon, Google and Microsoft wrestle for our software (SaaS - software as a service) and data storage business.

      Personally - no more lost phone books, photos, or homework-- it is all backed up on the cloud.
      Also, no excuses for lost homework, late taxes, or " I didn't see that email".. it's all in the cloud.

      In developing nations - now being targeted by the 0 laptop foundations.. this is great. Any old laptop or machine can access all the computing power and data storage ever needed. No viruses on our local machines, since we don't actually need to store any data there.

      power savings - probably in the long run. If we all shut off our computers / laptops instead of running updates and virus scans all night.. we can save a few barrels of oil.

      Waste - we're just seeing the peak of demand in the US for consumer electronics. We are throwing away just about the same tonnage of electronics as we buy. already most states have started to segregate this waste as 'hazardous' - or require some level of recycling. If we don't need all that hardware in our homes anymore, we would see a short increase in waste, and a decrease over time as we buy smaller devices less frequently.

      I could probably go on.. I think you get my feelings by now.

    I have blockbuster for dish network but i dont know where to stream?
    im having trouble finding where i can look at the movies i want to watch from blockbuster and yea every thing is set i just need to know how to use it HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, the answer to this question does depend on the type of equipment your have in your home. If you have a ViP DVR receiver and you press your DVR button on the remote, there will be an option that say "Blockbuster Movie Pass". When you select on this, you will get a listing of movies that can streamed to your receiver. All other receivers are currently unable to stream movies through he receiver. You can stream the movies online at If you have specific questions about your personal set-up, please e-mail me with your account number or phone number. I can review your account and answer specific questions. Thank you!

      Mary Catherine Brady
      DISH Internet Response Team
      2:45pm-11:15pm (MST) Tuesday-Saturday

    Before i own a Dvr, i need these questions below answered ok?
    have DIGITAL cable
    i hear Lott's rave about the dvr

    i need to know these answers first...
    1. does it record free movies on DIGITAL?
    2, does it record pay per view movies?
    3, can you keep a show/ movie forever on it?
    4. is it worth it?
    5, the main question, i watch free movies & movie collections, does it record them? even if you answered it already...
    hugs to ALL

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a digital decoder and it has A/V outputs, then YES, you can record what you are watching on the decoder. The DVR unless supplied BY your cable company, probably does NOT have a decoder built in, so all you can do is likely going to be the A/V output of the decoder itself. Most DVR's can use infrared signals to control the cable decoder to do things like change channels so you can record from the box at some predetermined time and channel. You will NOT be able to watch one channel and record another unless the DVR comes from your cable provider AND it has a decoder built in. Then it records from the internal decoder while you watch something else with the decoder NOT inside the DVR. In my opinion, it is NOT worth it. The cable company wants a fee eery month for their DVR as well as a fee for the decoder and they may NOT allow you to record one channel while watching another. MOST DVR's will NOT record copyrighted material such as pay per view. The reason is a thing in the video stream called macrovision, which sends out special video signals that if sensed by the DVR will prevent recording of the signal. Macrovision is simply one way the entertainment industry prevents you from violating copyright law. You DO have a right to back up anything you OWN, but you do NOT have the right to make a copy of a copyrighted broadcast. In a sense, what you are doing is paying to watch a movie, but in your home instead of a theater. You can not legally film in a theater, and you can also not legally film in your home either. With pay per view as with a theater ticket, you purchased the right to VIEW the material ONE time, NOT make a copy of it. MOST analog signal broadcasts do not care of you record with a VCR or DVR, because of the commercials and edited versions you see, but premium channels frown on such things, and with digital signals on cable requiring a decoder that THEY control, they can stop you from recording with anything but the oldest equipment from before Macrovision. A DVD that you buy has Macrovison built in, as does every DVD recorder on the market, so you can not copy a DVD that you rent with a DVD recorder. It also stops you from making a legal backup that you are entitled to make under the law for media that you purchase... A DVR like TIVO costs money and you buy the rights to make a recording with the unit with the fees you pay, but exporting a file to another device is problematic. The files on disk are encrypted so they will only play back in the device that recorded it, and there is no way to get the files off the hard disk to another unit. And the networked units will allow you to VIEW a file stored on another unit in your house but nothing else. You can not copy the file to another location. If you can record something, then you CAN in theory keep it forever and watch it an unlimited number of times. Beware... Replay TV (a TIVO competitor) went out of business recently and all of the people who had "lifetime" service are now left out in the cold with a boat anchor they paid dearly for. I have 2 lifetime Replay TV units. One is a total boat anchor, and the other can record IF I push the record button and set it up to do so. But, the recording is exactly like a VCR, recording only what is on the input connections. It DOES receive analog TV on cable however, so I still have a limited recording ability, but the clock no longer keeps time. I have to literally unplug it and time it to plug it in exactly at 10 seconds before midnight, and THEN it knows the time, but it thinks it is Friday, November 12, 1999. So, I actually CAN tell it to record from channel 5 at 10 pm tonight for an hour, which is a pain in the patootie... Know what you are buying and the features it has before spending any hard cash out of pocket. The other replay TV unit is a total boat anchor. It stalls on the getting the time screen and since it can't update the date and time, is now absolutely useless. I can't even play what it has stored on disk. So, is it worth it? All I know is that I spent a total of over 00 on these two lifetime units and now, less than 10 years later, have almost nothing to show for the money. In essence, I spent per month on top of my cable fees and have little to show for the money spent...

    audio video on-demand on SIA planes?
    Hey I'm back,but I need a bit of clarification about the audio video on-demand on SIA planes. The airline claim that all their B747s and A340s have that audio video on-demand thingy where you can switch and rewind/fastforward movies at your own sweet time during the flight.

    Since they say that selected SIA B777s have that audio video on-demand service, can I ask anyone who has travelled to Osaka,Japan or China on SIA if you have experienced the AVOD thingy during their flight(s)? or they got the less advanced version

    • ANSWER:
      Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ free Internet TV and listen 1500+ free online radio stations on your PC. It allows watcher to watch directly into TV without having to experience the annoyances of a Web site (like slow-loading pages and pop-up ads). No additional equipment required. Online TV Player support both Windows Media and Real Video. You can play most of stream formats in one program. It can set the screen window to any size that you want. It supports full-screen mode too. Take up the very few system resources. Very User-friendly interface. Easy to use for the beginner. You can play most of stream formats in one program. Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ free Internet...

    Why is my laptop not working?
    I have an acer 15 inch laptop. It's brand new. We had a different laptop by acer same size and all and the iternet quit working on that one. It says limited access. Our wifi works because I have a tablet an iPod hooked up to it. The new computer is able to turn on and all that but the Internet does not work it also says limited access. We have called windstream numerous times and they came out before to try and fix it but they weren't able to.
    What is wrong with our Internet? Also in certain rooms our wifi does not work it'll go out because its "out of range". And sometimes (quite often actually) I will have to reset our wifi by turning it off and on again. Is there something messing with our wifi? We have been without a computer for over a year now and I really need it for my school because the classes are not available on iPod or my tablet.
    Please help. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Bad wireless modem or router. Weak wireless router. I assume it is Cable broad band just buy a new and better modem and router and set them up. You can also add a wireless router signal booster to cover a larger area of the home for a better signal. I had this same problem recently and after installing a new version N router and modem have had no more problems even streaming movies to the TV wireless. Sounds like you need a new Internet service provider if they can not fix their equipment.

    what equipment is needed to watch internet movies on a t.v.?
    I do not want to have any cables attatched. I have a Sharp 47" LCD and I would like to watch either instant movies from netflex or maybe just stream from a free web site.

    • ANSWER:
      Most TVs aren't yet equipped to do this on their own...I stream Pandora Radio and Net-Flix to my Blu-Ray--then back into my TV and sound system....You can use a wireless adapter on your Blu-Ray to get aboard your network.

    is bluray for tv or computer?
    Do I hook up a bluray player to my tv? I don't have internet at my tv
    I have HD tv. Bought bluray movies by accident, so thought I might get bluray player. Someone told me I need the internet to do this. What all do I need to get
    Ben, I have DVD player, is it too much to update? What would you do? I thought it was a better picture.

    • ANSWER:
      Buying a Blu-ray player because you bought a Blu-ray version of a movie by accident is an expensive option. It may be a good move, but consider some things before proceeding.

      First, you MUST have an HDTV (or HD projector, or HD video capable large screen computer monitor) to get any benefit from Blu-ray video. Furthermore, unless you have a ~40" HDTV (or larger) you won't get the best benefit. The reality is that Blu-ray is great ... if you have the equipment to support it. If not, stick to DVDs.

      That said, Blu-ray players are also significantly more expensive than DVD players (and the budget models (ca. 0) should be avoided since they are much more prone to problems). Also, Blu-ray disks are still 9and always will be) more expensive than DVDs ... and DVDs are still the only choice for many older movies/TV shows ... so you will still be watching DVDs for a long time to come.

      Note that all Blu-ray players also upscale DVDs to pseudo-HD ... which can look almost as good as Blu-ray ... particularly on a small to medium size screen. However, quality of upscaled DVD varies ... with the best results being provided by the more expensive players.

      Every Blu-ray player has different pros and cons relative to others. While they all play Blu-ray disks and DVDs (and all current ones play CDs), other features vary widely. You need to consider carefully hat options you need .. since there is no point paying for features that don't matter to you.

      Internet is not "required" to play a Blu-ray disk. However, Internet capability is required for Version 2.0 Blu-ray players (most current players) to allow them to access on-line extras with many blockbuster movies (These features simply don't work on non-Internet capable Ver 1.0 and 1.1 players ... but most people won't miss them). Internet is necessary to allow 'streaming' of movies from Netflix and others. Internet can also be used to update the firmware as necessary (since Blu-ray is still an evolving standard) ... although this can also be done via downloading the update and burning on a DVD or sometimes a flash drive.

      Note that if you need a new DVD player buying a Blu-ray player makes sense (you can consider it an upscaling DVD player that also plays Blu-ray if you like), but only if you can benefit (see earlier remarks).

      Finally, as I mentioned Blu-ray can be great ... but not all movies benefit greatly from Blu-ray. For example, animation looks great on DVD and improvement on Blu-ray can be marginal. I personally find that movies filmed with hand held cameras or with a grainy look, or with little that is visually impressive (e.g. most romantic comedies or dramas) are not worth the premium price for Blu-ray (But that would be for you to judge).

      Hope that helps.

    is there anywhere I can find an english translation of 'La Luz es como el agua"?

    sorry I probably should have been a little more clear "La Luz es como el agua" is a short story!
    sorry I probably should have been a little more clear "La Luz es como el agua" is a short story!

    • ANSWER:
      You had better hope that Voorhees doesn't see you on here... Mwuahahaha

      At Christmas the children returned to ask a rowboat.
      'Okay,' said Dad, we'll buy when we return to Cartagena.

      Toto, nine, and Joel, seven, were more determined than their parents believed.

      'No,' they chorused. We need now and here.

      'First,' said the mother, here there is navigable water that comes out of the shower.

      Both she and her husband were right. At Cartagena de Indias was a courtyard with a dock on the bay, and a shelter for two large yachts. But here in Madrid tight living on the fifth floor of 47 Paseo de la Castellana. But in the end neither he nor she could refuse, because they were promised a rowboat with his sextant and compass if they won the laurel of the third grade, and I had won. So Dad bought everything without saying anything to his wife, who was the most reluctant to pay gambling debts. It was a beautiful aluminum boat with a golden thread in the waterline.

      -The boat is in the garage revealed the father at lunch. The problem is that there is no way to upload or the elevator or the stairs, in the garage and no more space is available.

      However, next Saturday afternoon the children invited their classmates to raise the pot up the stairs, and they got him to the utility room.

      -Congratulations, Dad said what now?

      -Now said the children anything. All we wanted was to have the boat in the fourth, and that's it.

      On Wednesday night, as every Wednesday, the parents went to the movies. Children, masters of the house, closed the doors and windows, and smashed the light bulb of a lamp in the room. A stream of golden light and fresh as the water started coming out of the broken bulb, and they let it run until the level reached four inches. Then cut the power, took the boat, and sailed through the islands pleasure house.

      This fabulous adventure was the result of a lightness mine when participating in a seminar on the poetry of household utensils. Toto asked me how it was that the light was turned on with the push of a button, and I did not have the courage to think twice.

      -Light is like water-I said: you open the tap, and out.

      So we continued sailing the Wednesday night, learning management sextant and compass, until the parents came home from the cinema and were asleep like angels from the mainland. Months later, eager to go further, asked a team of underwater fishing. With all masks, fins, tanks and air guns.

      -Is it wrong to have room service in a rowboat are not good for anything, 'said the father. But it's worse than wanting to also have diving equipment.

    What TV is the best for me?
    I am Looking to get a TV in my room but I am not sure what is the best... I am 14 so I CAN NOT go expensive. My room is not the biggest so NOTHING 35'' and up. And something under 600, 550 is even pushing it!

    • ANSWER:
      I purchased this TV about a month ago as a replacement for a fairly new SDTV, that I merely replaced because I wanted something with more component connections that I could use for a multitude of different purposes. (Gaming, movies, HD programming etc.) As of this writing, I couldn't be more satisfied the picture and sound are both amazing and it's everything I was expecting and a whole lot more. Word to the wise though, You will need HD service and an HD receiver in order to get the most out of this set in terms of HD programming. I really dig the cinema setting that darkens the picture (This is optional) to replicate a movie theater experience when watching a movie, it's a pretty cool feature. And in my opinion it's hard to go wrong with a Sony due to their trusted name as a reputable brand.

      Sony Bravia L-Series KDL-32L5000 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV
      Sony Bravia L-Series HDTVs provide vivid 720p resolution and dynamic contrast ratios of 13,000:1 (the 26-inch model) and 13,000:1 (for 32-inch model), with several versatile sizes perfect for the budget-conscious consumer or anyone wanting an HDTV that works well in the bedroom, kitchen, or office. Bravia L-Series HDTVs have a wealth of HD connections, including three HDMI inputs. Each HDMI input transmits uncompressed digital video and multi-channel digital audio on a single cable, so you can expand your home theater system without a lot of messy wires. Also included is a PC input that lets you use your HDTV as a computer monitor. If you need to streamline your HD components further, the Bravia L-Series HDTVs feature Bravia Sync technology and are compatible with optional Bravia Link Modules such as the Bravia Wireless Link, which wirelessly streams HD video and audio from your A/V equipment to your HDTV from up to 65 feet away. You might expect that more features mean more power consumption, but Bravia L-Series HDTVs include a Dynamic Backlight Control which automatically controls overall image brightness to help the TV exceed ENERGY STAR 3.0 standards.
      Price Under 0. :)

    Do I need a good computer to make something like this?
    Hi there, I was just wondering if I needed a very powerful computer to make a video like this

    I really want to make a video like that, what kind of equipment will I need? Thank you! xox

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what you consider a powerful computer. A mac is great for it but if you have any kind of movie software is good too. You have to take a bunch of pictures and stream it together. iMovie works great.
      Good luck!

    is it legal to stream movies on the net
    im not downloading the films just streaming them.

    • ANSWER:
      well that depends. if its your own material then yes, but if its copyrighted material then no but if you live in the uk, you can get a licence to play copyrighted films. its the same as what radio does.... they pay for the licence which allows them to stream music, it would be the same in your case.
      you need to approach the p.p.l (phonographic performance limited) as they got a seperate section called the v.p.d (video performance limited).

      illegally broadcasting movies can land you in a lot of trouble ad if caught, you lose all your equipment!

      i have attached the link you need if you want to make enquiries.
      best of luck.

    going to boot camp in fort leonard wood?
    on september 1 im off to boot camp, any advice or things i should know before and during basic? Any info i need to know about the military or my MOS 74Delta? thats a chemical specialist

    • ANSWER:
      I am a civilian (retired Air Force) at Fort Leonard Wood. I have not been to Army Basic, but deal daily with many of the trainees. I also spent 4 years at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Incident Response School as an equipment technician. I can answer some of the questions you may have as far as the base and weather (I grew up near here before I went into military). The 2 towns outside base are Waynesville and Saint Robert, both are small towns with about 2500 pop. each, but truthfully, I doubt you will get to see them except once or twice during BCT. The humidity here is what bothers a lot of people not used to it and this time of year it is normally mid 90's, but recently has been cooler. The base has several gym's, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a bowling alley, a putt-putt golf course, movie theater, etc. MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) is a big concern at every base. There are often free concerts, such as Charlie Daniels had in July for the soldiers, and a lot of parks, ponds, lakes, and streams to relax by. I doubt you will have a lot of free time, but there should be enough to interest you depending on your background and interests for the time you are here. The base is primarily tasked with training Engineers, Military Police, and the Chemical Corps., although there are a pretty substantial number of Marines, Air Force, and Navy detachments as well. Best of Luck! Any questions contact me

    can you download xbox 360 games off the computer to a cd if so what type of cds do you use?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, you could.but you have to save it on the computer here is how to:

      How To Download XBox Games

      The Xbox is one of the biggest things ever to hit the market. With an Xbox, you will be able to play great games with the best graphics that Microsoft has to offer. Indeed, Xbox can definitely change the way you define gaming consoles.

      Today, Xbox is considered to be one of the most popular gaming consoles ever to hit the market . With unique and a wide library of games, you can be sure that entertainment will definitely never be the same as gaming eras before.

      The Xbox can offer you tons of games that can offer high quality entertainment. If you want to enjoy with your family and friends, Xbox is definitely the gaming console of your choice. With features integrated that is unmatched by other gaming consoles, Xbox can definitely provide you the edge in gaming experience.

      However, with all the benefits that you can ever have in the Xbox, you have to consider that the games available for Xbox are quite expensive. And, it isn't actually what you call invincible. After a few months of use, the CD may wear out and the data inside may be damaged especially if you use the particular game every minute of the day.

      Download XBox 360 Games and Custom Firmware! Instant Fast Downloads.

      The website is called Everything4360 and they have broken the process down for you, safely & easily modify your Xbox 360 Firmware with step by step instruction, video tutorials & Guidance.

      Master the elite methods to modify your XBox 360, Backup and Download xbox 360 games & apps you need, safely and legally without sharing, indefinitely. Lightning Fast Xbox 360 Downloads. Get 0-Day Releases, and exclusive firmware updates! Never Pay For Xbox 360 Games Again!

      Everything4360 offers Millions of audio and video files are added daily. You will also gain access and never miss a new XBox 360, XBox, PSP or PS2 ISO, movie, music or video release again! Stream all media formats (DivX, Xvid, Mp4..) in High Definition to your Xbox 360 without a Media Center PC!


      About XBox Download SItes
      This is why there are download websites where you can cheaply acquire copies of your favorite games and also get games that you don't have. However, copying the data to a blank CD and playing it on your Xbox is not as easy as it may seem.
      First of all, you have to consider that most games contain software encryption that must be met when you insert a particular game to your Xbox. When you copy a particular game, the encryption system is not copied. This security system from Xbox is to protect itself from flagrant copying of Xbox games.
      In order to run Xbox games that you download or you copies, you have two options. The first is to get your Xbox modified to bypass the encryption system, and the second is to download and install an Xbox emulator in your PC and play the Xbox games right in your PC.
      If you choose the PC option, you may want to make sure that you have a superior PC that has at least the same specification of an Xbox or at better. In order to find out about the specifications of Xbox, you can try visiting the internet and searching for it in your favorite search engine. Information about the specification of the Xbox is freely given and you can find quite a lot of it in the internet.
      Xbox Game sAnd Xbox Emulators
      The only thing disappointing when you play Xbox through an Xbox emulator is that it doesn't provide the same quality of fun as you will use the keyboard to move unless you purchase your own joy pad for PC.
      However, if you choose to get your Xbox modified, you may want to try getting it modified by a professional and avoid modifying it yourselves. If you try in any way modifying your Xbox without the proper skills and knowledge on how to do it properly, you may end up destroying your Xbox, which is a really expensive piece of equipment.
      These are the things you have to remember about Xbox games and downloading it. Because it has encryption, you may want to try and turn to buying original copies of the game instead of going through all the trouble in modifying it or getting an emulator

      Goodluck :)

    I want to use my PC as a DVR?
    I want to use my Windows XP Media Center PC as a DVR, and then watch the DVRed content on my HDTV. I have:
    - DirecTV for TV
    - Comcast for internet (not sure if this or the above matter, but ya never know...)
    - 2 PCI slots, 1 PCIe slot
    - Lots of internal and external hard drive space
    - Full specs:

    I know I need a TV tuner (preferably a dual tuner) and some other equipment to do this. My PC and TV are not in the same room currently. Can I record in HD on my PC and use an Xbox 360, or another similar HD device, to stream content to my TV? Which tuners are best? What other hardware do I need? How should I set it all up? Thanks for any and all advice on this.

    • ANSWER:
      I use the Hauppauge WinTV PVR series & thet are flawless !

      (dual tuner model)

      All you need to stream to your TV with Media Center is along enough S-Video cable & a video card with TV out.

      I found this setup so easy & covnenient that my Media Center PC is now in the living room.
      I can program 2 weeks ahead & as many TV shows or movies as I like with Media Center's free TV guide's just incredible how much it can will be hooked !

      I then use VideoReDo Plus to edit out the commercials & recode the DVR-MS files generarted by Media Center to MPEG so that Nero will recognize them & burn them onto DVD.

      I also keep dozens of movies on the hard drive for easy access on my TV with the Hauppage Remote control....not to mention all my CD music is on the PC as well (over 10,000 songs accessible via Media Center on my bigscreen TV.

      Don't compromise ... go with the Hauppage & you will not be disappointed.

      Philip T

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