Streaming Movies Free Without Downloading

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a website were i can watch FREE movies without downloading anything or doing any bogus surveys?
    Need a website that streams free movies online without needing anything, just movies. Thanks :D!

    • ANSWER: open this URL and watch free movies without any surveys

    Where can I watch Hannah Montana the Movie (2009) online for free without having to download?
    Where can I watch Hannah Montana the Movie (2009) online for free without having to download anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Amazon streaming

    Can I rent a movie from iTunes without downloading it to my computer?
    I have a macbook air and it doesn't have much storage, so I don't want to download a bunch of movies. If I rent them, can I stream them to my macbook or iPad without downloading them? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      When you rent on iTunes it does download to your computer for viewing, however the space is not terribly large and will be removing after the rental time expires.

      If you do not want to download anything, check out subscription services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Video - all of these offer a wide selection and stream.

      Free alternatives for streaming include Crackle, and various TV station apps like CBS, ABC, etc

    When is Splice going to be online for streaming?
    I mean I have searched for hours now and the only ones I have found have been the ones with surveys! I don't want to take a survey, or pay for anything and I don't want to download. Does anyone know where I can Stream the movie "Splice" came out June 4 2010 for free WITHOUT the surveys? And if not when will it finally hit the net?

    • ANSWER:
      probally the day it hit theaters, usually, sometimes it takes a week or two to find a good link

    What is a site that streams movies for free without having to download or buy anything?
    No surveys no downloads good quality? any sites

    • ANSWER:
      Well The Best Site To Use Is Definitely They Have Movies Uploaded In Less Than 5 Hours From When They Are Released In The Cinema.

      If You Need Games, Music Or Want To Download HD Movies Go To And If That Doesn't Work Use Web Proxy.

      And To Stream TV Use

      Hope This Helps!


    where can i watch a replay of mtv movie awards 2011 online?
    i wasn't able to watch it live streaming. does anyone know where i can watch the replay online for free, without downloading anything? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The entire show on demand is on their official site:

    How can i download movies on my Motorola Xoom?
    For when I want to watch when I dont have wi-fi to stream movies can i watch movies on HD without it? i dont want to buy any converters and whatnot so is there any other way, like how ipads can just download movies on itunes? do we have that kind of app for android?

    • ANSWER:
      I know a free video downloader, it can free download youtube videos, yahoo video and other online video, the free software is called foxreal youtube downloader, you can try it.

    Safe website to watch the Golden Compass online?
    I just fnished the book and would love to watch the movie. Can someone tell me where I can watch it safley for free without downloading it?

    • ANSWER:

      you can watch this movie along with around 600 streams movies just like you dont need to download anything. Also no sign up required

    What is a good Movie Streaming site?
    what is a site you can watch movies for free without surveys or downloading? Just online streaming only?

    • ANSWER:

    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays when you can watch films in high definition online for free?
    It's illegal to download and legal if you just watch a stream... In UK anyways.
    There are lots of websites that stream films online for free without the need to download anything and you don't get any virus plus you can use something from google chrome that blocks all the adds.
    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays?
    I believe they are not right in the head but I would love to hear other people's comments.
    Thank you.
    My mother is mentally retarded and she likes buying DVDs, nearly all films that is out on DVDs have the same quality as the ones online, the quality only changes when the film still on cinemas...
    Personal experience

    • ANSWER:
      myself I like watching the movie on the tv & having my phone free 2 do phone things like check my facebook.

    Is it illegal to watch movies online for free?
    I know it is illegal to download movies, but is it illegal to watch movies without a download, just a stream?

    • ANSWER:

      here's an article if you need more info

    Do you agree with charging people who download mp3 files for free on the internet with felony theft?
    By that, I mean *really* throwing the book at them: fining them anywhere between 0,000 and ,500,000 if they are found guilty of using peer-to-peer file sharing sites, sentencing them to spend anywhere between 2-5 years in maximum security prison.

    The same goes for: distributing and/or using video game emulators or derivative works; streaming movies online for free; downloading pictures without the owner's consent (eg. using "Ctrl-Print Screen" to copy/paste an image from Flickr or elsewhere into Paint when its uploader has disabled downloading); using programs such as Audacity to record streamed audio for personal use (regardless of whether or not distribution is intended).

    Do you think police should have the technical ability to scan IP addresses and access personal files to check for possession of illegally downloaded media, or to monitor the activities of people while online (i.e. keeping a record on every site they visit, as well as every internet search they have entered)? Should they confiscate PCs and detain people found guilty of doing any of the above?
    I personally am against those sorts of measures. I think it would be a ridiculous restriction on internet freedoms.

    • ANSWER:
      Fair use Milady, Fair use, but also no they shouldn't because they are not gaining any money for it, also they are only making it more popular, so I see no problems there

    what are some good movie websites to watch full moies online?
    ok im at a sleep oer and we dont rele have any good good movies to watch so i need to kno if there is any websites that you can watch full legnth movies on line for free without any downloading..... NO DOWNLOADING AND FREE

    • ANSWER:
      I watch my movies online at HDTheaterz. Always have a ton of movies to choose from and all in high quality.

      It streams in your browser so no download necessary! And Always FREE!

    What is the best service to buy movies to stream / download to watch from your computer.?
    I want to actually buy them, and preferably watch offline too. Not like netflix's watch online as movies on there come and go/
    I'm looking for something other than netflix, I want to be able to buy movies so I can watch them any time I want. I do currently have netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the source which I usually use to watch movies or use to download movies for free without any surveys. you can try this:

    Where can i download tv shows and movies online for free without downloading any programs?
    I try to download video files but a lot of them require DivX or Torrent or something of the sort. Do any of you know a website that i can go to to download for free and just have it on my desktop. No other programs, no buying, and no registering (unless its absolutely necessary to register)

    • ANSWER:
      if you are looking for multi-lingual tv, online tv social community, social tv network, internet tv stations, tv channels, free global internet tv, broadband channels, live webcast, customized tv programmes, After testing various TV software and visiting loads of sites. most of them offer a free trial or preview and then they make you pay to sign up, or are cluttered with ads. I think that is ridiculous... so ive done my research and have found a couple of really decent sites. The first one Id like to draw your attention to is ( This site has almost 1300 channels from around the globe and counting. it is free to register and they dont ask for stupid details, just your username and email address. It actually streams live channels so you dont have to download any and they have a pretty easy way of finding the channel you want. You can search through genre, country, region or name of the channel. oh and there are no ads either. Check this one out. With over 1300 channels from hundreds of countries, loads of features like channel rating, user recommendations, live chat, profile pages and much much more.

      now we have Vista Gadget (
      Created by ( , this TV gadget gives you access to free Internet TV channels from around the world !

    What is the best way to put movies into iPhone or watch movies on iPhone?
    I wanna put movies which is saved on my computer for watching. But it is troublesome to put movie to iPhone. Please recommend me a simple way to put movies in to iPhone or watch these movies on iPhone.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I am glad to help you. You can use Air Playit to have a try. This app can help you wirlessly remotley control and watch vidoes stored on computer on iDevice by streaming any video to iPhone via wireless networks, such as WiFi, 3G and 4G networks. So you can enjoy any movie on iPhone from your computer without taking up iPhone's memory.

      In addtion, with this appk, you can wirelessly download videos & music from computer to iPhone without sync.

      Air Playit is totally free. You can download at

    Where can I watch Light It Up online for free?
    They don't have it on youtube and ive been looking on other sites and can't seem to find it.
    does anyone know where I can watch it online free without downloading?

    • ANSWER:
      *i cant promise any quality but, this site has it. also it has so many pop ups that come up. Don't worry it wont harm your computer you just need to make sure you exit out of them before you start watching. I had like 3 pop up on my will I looked for your movie just now.

      I would have told you to go to but it was shut down last year.

      I watch movies online all the time and if there is a movie I really want to see I just type in google "MOVIE TITLE streaming" and then a few result will come up as long as it didn't just come out in theaters. Most free sites will give you a list of links with a quality rating. Sometimes they are correct the only way to find out is by clicking on them. I have also found that alot of places offer xvid links. This requires you to download xvid player which is just like windows media player that was made to stream movies online.*however if you want this go to the xvid site and download it directly here:

      hope this helps... its getting harder and harder to find places that have movies these days. recently I have found that has a ton of TV shows.

    Where can i watch a good version of the new Ninja Assassin movie online for free without havin to download it?
    ive been trying to find a link with a decent showing of the movie all night but i cant seem to find one, all the ones im getting are bootlegs with horrible graphics, the color is off, or they couldnt even position the camera decently, does anyone know where i can stream a copy of the real movie and not a bootleg for free without having to download it or sign up to the site its on????

    • ANSWER:
      Go here;

      Best site ever. <3

    Where can I watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels episodes online ?
    Im trying to find the episode called 'British Invasion'
    Does anyone know where I can watch it online for free, without downloading ?
    Thanks =)

    • ANSWER:
      check out OVGuide - I use it all the time for lots of different shows

      - its tight because it searches all the free TV show sites (Fancast, hulu, veoh, TVshack, etc etc) - which means you can easily find the site with the best quality/fastest stream -

      it hasFamily Jewels and every other TV show, its free and you dont need to signup/fill anything out

      BONUS - it also has every movie too!

    Where can I find Degrassi: the Next Generation episodes for free without download?
    I've already watch all the degrassi episodes on the n under full episodes and I want to watch more except i can't find them. Help me out?

    • ANSWER:
      MTV is playing episodes Monday-Friday at 10:00 and they also have full episodes on their website. Here are the full episodes they have:
      I'm not sure if these are the same ones that the "N"'s website has though too.

      I'd check out this site too:

      Here's what they say:

      Welcome to Watch Degrassi: The Next Generation Online, the ultimate community for those who love to Watch Degrassi: The Next Generation Online for free. Here you can stream all Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes online without downloading any extra software on your computer. Watch Degrassi: The Next Generation Online is a spam free organization that is dedicated to bringing you the latest episodes from Degrassi: The Next Generation. We update our website on weekly basis, so if you missed the latest Degrassi: The Next Generation episode on TV, make sure to check our website to follow the action. To start your navigation, use the season menu located below. This menu can also be found on the left side of the website under the "Watch Degrassi: The Next Generation Online Season Guide" section.

      And here's another site to check out:

      I really recommend that you join Netflix which has like every movie and tv show ever made and it's super cheap and so much better than having to go rent DVDs from the stores. I watched every DEGRASSI season on Netflix in 1 week to catch up on all the seasons I missed. I couldn't believe how like Emma, Manny, Ellie, and all of them looked so much younger!
      There is a FREE TRIAL FOR NETFLIX! You do need a credit card but if you don't have one, you can get a prepaid one from like Wal-Mart. It is so worth it.

      DEGRASSI is an awesome show and I'm so excited for the new episodes coming out on the "N" (I guess they are changing the name though) in September. The movie was fun to watch too. HOPE THIS HELPS! Sorry, if I have lots of misspellings but the stupid spell check won't open up!

    Where can I watch any movie online free, without any downloading or surveys?
    I used to have a website to go to, but now they make me do surveys. and I hate them.

    • ANSWER: free downloads free streaming a few popups but no creditcards or registering

    Where can i watch Hannah Montana the Movie online for free without downloading it tomorrow morning?
    Please post links that will let me see the FULL movie--virus free. Thanks so much:)

    • ANSWER:
      Your best option pal is to watch movies on or to watch live streams at they both have everything you need from adult to documentaries!

    How to watch naked idol online?
    how do i watch naked brothers band movie naked idol online for free without downloading or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Your best option pal is to watch movies on or to watch live streams at they both have everything you need from adult to documentaries!

    where can I watch movies for free?
    Is there a website where I can watch movies for free without having to download anything? Like, movies that are still in theaters?
    please and thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      DivX Movies is the best site around for watching free online movies in high quality and fast streams and watch the latest movies....

      All the movies are in high quality DivX and you can watch them online or download them and all free!


    What sites will let me watch some free lesbian romance movies?
    I want to be able to watch some lesbian romances for FREE. I can't find a site that will let me for free, with no risky shit on it.

    • ANSWER:
      TBH it is almost impossible to stream sexy vids online without being taken for a ride. Your best bet is (and its not a legal one) to download full videos via torrents. You should easily find some torrents if you search for something like 'lesbian romance torrent'.
      Let me know whether you know how to download torrents. I could talk you through it. x

    How do you but movies and songs on your iPod touch without iTunes?
    We cant download iTunes at the moment because we're getting a new computer but I just got a iPod touch for my birthday I have a laptop but I'm not aloud to download iTunes on it help please ?? Thanks a million:):;))

    • ANSWER:
      You either need iTunes on your computer or use the iTunes app, only way.

      You can either wait to get iTunes on your computer so you can import stuff on to it then sync it with your iPod, or just pay and download on to your iPod with the iTunes app.

      But there are apps like Netflix and Pandora that let you stream music, movies and T.V shows, either for a subscription, or in some cases, free.

    where cani i watch movies online without downloading them?
    I don't want to download anything, or get a virus on my computer.

    • ANSWER:
      My favorite site is ... they are a directory and search engine for all online video sites. IT is great, because you can search on OVGuide and search through only the sites that stream movies for Free.

      You just go to search for whatever movie or tv show you want to watch and the OVG tells you the best places to watch it for Free. Take you pick, and they link you directly to the video.. It is way faster than manually going to each site individually.

      I put an example of the serach results for 'Marley and Me' below, just to show you how amazing this site is:

    Where can I watch I gilmore girl episode?
    Where can I find episode 22 of season 4 gilmore girls (raindrops and recipes) online for free without downloading anything?

    • ANSWER:
      You have 2 Choices
      one is a all free stream website
      the other is a torrents download Site

      CHOICE # 1

      the best site for streaming
      100's of sites to choose from.
      you can watch Literally anything you can find
      The Latest movies, tv shows, music videos.
      its an all FREE stream site.

      CHOICE # 2

      Get Utorrent p2p client from online
      takes only a few seconds to download.
      after you install it, look for torrent sites
      There are plenty of torrents sites

      The top sites are
      pirate bay

      you can start downloading
      Movies, Music, Games, TV shows.
      anything thats available.

    How can I record sound from the speakers of my computer?
    When I had Microsoft XP I could record the sound playing from my computer speakers by using the audio option in Windows Movie Maker. It meant that I could stream music from the internet and burn it to disk for free without using dodgy sites like Limewire! I've got Vista now and Microsoft have obviously spotted this great flaw in the Movie Maker program as there is only the option of recording sound from a mic! If anyone could help me it'd make my day!!! :)
    Follow up - the files that I was previously able to record were protected files i.e Napster files. Therefore I cannot directly record them. I just want to be able to record the sound as it's playing, like I could with the old Movie Maker software. ??????????????

    • ANSWER:
      download audacity build 1.2.6

      if you want to export as mp3, you will need to download the Lame encoder that is also on that site.

      if your sound card supports it, you can select "Stereo Mix" in the recording source drop down in the toolbar. once you have that, goto edit>preferences> Audio I/O under recording, change channels from mono to stereo. now you can record in stereo. now click on the file formats tab, click on the find library button and link to the lame encoder to enable the mp3. now select the bit rate you want the mp3 to be. the higher the bitrate, the better the quality but the more space it uses. 128 is a good balance of quality and small size. now all you have to do is hit the record button, press play on the internet, whatever is played through your speakers will be recorded. once finished, you can edit the wav to get rid of the extra silence. then click on file, export as mp3 or wav, and there you go. if you have any other questions about audacity, let me know, i've used it for over 5 years.

    How do I upload video from my mini dv, without a fire wire connection on my computer?
    I went out a purchased a USB port with fire wire attachment, but the computer does not recognize the camcorder. All I want to do is upload the video onto the hard drive. Do I have to download a driver, or buy a fire wire port, and hard wire it into the computer?

    • ANSWER:
      a miniDV vcam must be FIREWIRE400**-connected to pc to upload video thru video capture or video editing* software while vcam is ON PLAYBACK. Note: DV or Firewire port of vcam is 4pin. Before cable purchase** (Vcam/4pin=>firewireCABLE=>PC (4/ 6pin?), check pc for DV or firewire port, whether 4 or 6 pin. If none, install firewire card: pci for pc or pcmcia for laptop.

      for starters, free Windows Movie Maker* (XP-wmm2 & Vista-wmm6) provides simple & easy way to learn the ropes < click help for details>. Upgrade to intermediate video editing applications accdg. to need & skill level

      video editing process- XP/wmm2
      >>> open wmm- start/all programs/wmm->TASK pane
      1. Capture video stream** - editing software remotely controls vcam operations
      2. Edit- drag/drop video files->timeline & enhance w/effects, transition, music & titles
      3. Finish (render)- save Movie file, also save Project*** .msmmw file
      4. Share-burn to CD (if DvD, use DvD authoring app, e.g.,DvD Flick, Nero, etc.)

      For Vista/wmm6, t’is similar: Import/ Edit/ Publish/ WindowsDVD or Nero for authoring

    Has anyone ever been prosecuted for watching streaming television programs?
    Something I've been wondering about for a while is the illegality of watching streaming videos of television programs or movies online, without actually downloading them. I know that seeding a video like this is illegal, and that downloading one is, but is simply watching one without saving it to your computer a crime? If so, has anyone ever been prosecuted (successfully or unsuccessfully) for it, and could I have the case name for further research?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch it in 1080p HD quality for free here:


    where can I find RENT the movie online for free, without downloading, or signing up for an account?
    I keep watching the videos for the songs on you tube and now I have this huge urge to watch the whole thing.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch it online for free at

      Have fun!

    Where can I stream 21 Jump Street for free with no ads, no downloading?
    I can't find one website that will let me stream the movie without having to take a stupid quiz. Heard the movie was really funny, now I'm dying to watch. Anybody willing to help? Please?

    • ANSWER:

      The Sockshare link has perfect quality. Just go to "free" user when the question thing pops up.

    Where can I watch The Haunting (1999) online for free without downloading it?
    Every time I finally find I either have to download it or it has been "removed due to infringement". Does anyone know where I can actually find the movie?

    • ANSWER:
      My favorite site for watch mvoies and tv shows online is OVGuide ... they have never let me down. You just search for the title of the movie and then tehy tell you the best places to watch it online for Free. They give you lots of options too, so if one happends to be 'removed due to infringment' then you can try a different option. They only search through streaming sites, so you wont have to worry about downloading anything.. Here is a direct link to the haunting:

    How to record computer with a camera?
    I have a samsung camera. How do you record my computer screen without using a tripod or holding it up to the screen? Ten easy points! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Use TotalScreenRecorder to record your computer. It can record onscreen activity, record live streaming movies and make slide-show training videos.
      free download and more info at:

    where can I watch every single furturama episode online for free without having to download?
    i am trying to watch every futurama episode ever made. even the new seaseon thats out. but every website i try, doesnt work it takes me to another website for realestate or something stupid. please, if anyone can help me out, it will be greatlt appreciated. i will give whoever's website works the best, and i like the most, will get best answer.

    • ANSWER:
      I swear by this website. Every single episode, including the new ones are on this website. You don't have to download and it even has the futurama movies. It's all free too.

    What program can I use to record my computer screen to make Youtube videos?
    I need something to record my screen. I really just want one that captures sound on my computer, and a good quality picture of the screen. I don't know what people use, since there's tons of programs so I just need a free one, which I can download without stress. Best answer goes out easily, so help me out!!

    • ANSWER:

      Programs that will fulfil your needs:

      1. CamStudio. FREE

      CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)/.

      2. Desktop Screen Record 5

      Desktop Screen Record 5 is an easy video screen capture & screen recording tool that can record screen activities and sounds into video movie files.

      You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen, and you can record the cursor's movement, and add highlight to the cursor.

    Where can i watch free movies without downloading it?
    And i also want it to have a good quality i will choose which answer is the best

    • ANSWER:

      the best site ive found for free streaming movies, tv shows & animation with no sign up no surveys no catches no spyware 100% genuine !! everyone should go check it out !!

    How much memory do I need to stream Netflix through my PS3?
    I am looking to buy a new PS3, but am unsure how much memory to get. I want to link my Netflix account up to it and watch movies on my TV. Does anyone know how much memory I should be looking at to stream videos without smoothly and without interruption?

    • ANSWER:
      You wont need much free memory to stream content as you wont be actually downloading it. You'll probably just need 500MB or so of free space on the HD to act as a buffer.

      That said I recommend you get the 250GB ps3, its not much more money than the 120 GB one (I wouldnt bother getting one of the old models), and over time youll be glad you got the bigger HD.

    What is the best site to watch movies for free without having to download them?

    • ANSWER: has movies and tv shows. has movies also.. no downloading, all free. Now they may not be the newest of movie, but you can watch them. If you have a netflix account, you can watch streaming movies... they have TONS of movies, TV shows you can watch instantly. The two sites below takes you to hulu and crackle.

    Where can i find a site that lets me watch movies for free without needing to download?
    I want to watch another cinderella movie etc but i need a site that lets me watch without all the download rubbish

    • ANSWER:

      has links to vid streams although usually the quality is poor.

      Oh, and you have to buy the movies you watch. Otherwise you are breaking the law 😉

    where can i watch all full episodes of hannah monatana online for free without downloading?
    any help?
    i dont want to download
    and the reason is that i am going to see the hannah montana movie and i want to get caught up on the show first whether i have to or not :)

    help please

    thanks : )

    • ANSWER:
      I watched it here:
      You don't have to download it, it streams just like youtube.

    How can I watch movies online for free without having t download anything?
    A list of websites?

    • ANSWER: Completely free all streamed.

    How can I watch all Push for free online without having to pay money?
    I want to watch Push online, not have to rent it from Blockbuster or something.

    • ANSWER:
      Where on earth do you think the money comes from to make movies?
      Magic money tree outside the studio window?
      No, the money to make a new movie comes from the money raised from sales/rentals of existing movies - because that is how things work in the real world. You sell and existing item to get the money to create the next item.
      I accept you only want to watch the movie - as opposed to downloading it - but still you're likely to find yourself on an illegal site (not authorized by the studio) which might possibly infect your computer.
      Many "view movies" sites are actually based in China or Hong Kong and you can be sure these sites are streaming movies without permission

    Why is it hard to watch movies?
    free online now? I have tried but i have seen you have to download first and also other site it says you have to download is there any site where i can watch a movie free online without downloading?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch it on this site: . It has all the newest movies, and even movies still out in theaters in streaming HD.

    How to record video from a webcam?
    My friend and I like to talk over webcams on gmail. However, gmail never saves the videos and I always want to watch them again later. Is there any way to save videos being watched on my computer without actually pointing a videocamera at the screen?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is your answers…
      Total Screen Recorder
      Free Download ,No watermark!

      Total Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful video-recording software. You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen to video file, such as AVI/WMV/SWF/FLV, and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement. It can be used to record web cams from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, record movies from TV card or live streaming video, record DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG, or other video medias, make slide-show training documents.


      Record activities of full screen or part of screen into AVI / WMV / SWF / FLV

      Support recording audio

      Support recording mouse cursor movements and shapes

      Support 5 capture types: random region, window, full screen, fixed size, fixed region

      Support pause and resume recording

      Support user defined hotkey to start or stop recording quickly

      Support auto save recordings

      Support stop timer to stop recording automatically

      Support blinking when recording

      Support hide when recording, window can be minimized to icon in system tray

      Support sneak mode to record screen on the sneak

      Log computer usage by automatically recording screen on Windows start up

      You can select any available video/audio codec from your computer

      Support multi-language interface

      Fast speed and Very Easy to use

      →Use for…
      Total Screen Recorder assists to demonstrate features of a web site or program, for training, demo, or any other task that requires showing screen activity.
      Download the free trial version and see how quickly and easily you will be creating your own professional tutorials and demonstrations.

      You can create:

      Screen demos.

      Training videos.

      Teaching videos.

      Animated tutorials.

      Animated presentations.

      Animated help files.


    Where can I watch The last Exorcism online for free without downloading it?
    a lot of sites I tried you have to download it or pay anyone know any good sites to watch it on

    • ANSWER:
      either one works 100%
      just select the movie and stream it from one of the many links it gives

    how do you play a video from the internet on a blackberry?
    I would like to be able to play a streaming video on my blackberry 8700 series. Do I download an app from the internet to do it, or will it already play them? Also, how can I download a video and then watch it on the blackberry?

    • ANSWER:
      As BlackBerry only support AVI file. You need a Blackverry converter software to help you convert 3GP to AVI file. Just search such video converter on
      Otherwise, I recommend you to try Daniusoft Video to BlackBerry Converter which a friend told me. It could help you convert any video formats to BlackBerry with only three steps. Also let you set the movie effects.
      You can see detail and free download it here:
      Note: As it say convert any video, acturally it could convert any audio to BlackBerry without watermark.

    Where to watch free clear online movies without downloading?
    Any good websites please?

    • ANSWER:
      Your best option pal is to watch movies on or to watch live streams at they both have everything you need from adult to documentaries!

    How can I watch 17 agian free on the internet?
    I dont want to download it either I just want to go to the website and see it without doing anything please help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You can't. You have to pay for movies for a reason.

      Though there are streaming sites out there, just be aware...ILLEGAL!

streaming movies free without downloading