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Frequently Asked Questions

    why does Netflix only stream certain movies and tv shows?
    I was really excited at the idea of streaming movies and TV shows until i saw how limited the selection is. Almost everything i wanted to watch was DVD only. Why does Netflix do this? Wouldn't it be a lot more effective to charge a little extra for the plan and upload all of them? Will there ever be a time when everything on Netflix will be streamable?

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix does this, probably because, they dont want to overload their servers. For example, a recent movie may be way too much in demand, and their current servers and technology may be inefficient to handle heavy number of requests. I guess, they are still young as a company, in terms of revenue. If they earn a lot, they can have many more servers, and related technology. There by, allowing streaming to even movies on high demand.
      There could be other reasons. But this one strikes to me.
      Regarding future,
      I hope so. If people who think like you and me exist more, obviously there will be more demand and where there is demand, there is a better product with better technology! But, it might take a least a couple of years, according to me.

    Is there a Freesat 'Free Time' device which streams from NAS AND can access web pages to stream video?
    I have a Boxee Box.
    The device is great and simple for streaming movies from my NAS drive and from Websites via it's basic web browser.

    I am leaving Sky and am looking to simply go to Freesat with my existing dish and cabling.
    New Freesat devices have built in Free Time (Freesat's version of YouView) which has on Demand services such as iPlayer, 4od etc.

    The Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ HD box has the capability to stream movies from my NAS, but I cannot find out whether it can access the web via a browser to stream video from websites.

    If anyone has information or knows of a device which offers both of these capabilities, I'd love to hear about it.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi, thanks r

    Unfortunately, that's a Freeview player. I'm after a Freesat player, which will plug straight into my existing Sky dish and cables.

    Also, it's a tad over what I wanted to pay really.

    Thanks again, much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Have a look at Samsung bdc8900m, it should do all what you want and much more.

    Is there a service like netflix that I can stream movies, and I won't have to get them in the mail?
    I know netflix offers this as a plus, but I want just the streaming movies, not the dvd in the mail.

    • ANSWER:
      There are quite a few.
      Itunes: (You down iTunes then you can rent movies for .99 apiece.)

    Netflix or Blockbuster? Which is better for streaming movies?
    I'm planning on signing up to stream movies, but I wanted to know which offers the largest selection on movies for streaming?
    I don't plan on receiving hard disc copies because it's more of a hassle.
    Also, will I be able to stream new releases?

    • ANSWER:
      Blockbuster On Demand and Netflix are very different services. It is best to think of Netflix as an internet based premium channel. Blockbuster On Demand is a PPV streaming service like VUDU. Blockbuster On Demand and VUDU are competitors. Netflix is not trying to compete with either of them. You will get a better a selection of movies including new releases from Blockbuster because the cost is .99-5.99 for each selection.

    what are the top three movie streaming services aside from NetFlix "watch instantly"?
    Are there other movie streaming sites on the web that allow movie streaming on demand? What are they and how do they match up to Netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      Note: You will need an IP address in the respective county to access these sites. You can get a foreign IP address at this website:

      Apple iTunes & Amazon are the best - but you pay 'per movie rental'. There are no subscription 'all you can watch' programs (except for Hulu Plus - but this more for TV shows , but have some Movies)

      1. iTunes -
      2. Amazon VOD (USA) -
      3. Hulu Plus (USA) -
      Fancast (USA) -
      BBC iPlayer (UK)-
      SeeSaw (UK) -
      iTV (UK) -
      4OD (UK) -
      ABC (Australia) -

    My parents are going to buy me a laptop for college and I need help picking one out?
    I am going to be doing chemistry/ pre-pharmacy.

    I want a laptop for streaming movies and videos, and casual gaming, along with coursework of course.

    What is a really good computer brand?
    I am thinking I will make one online custom on their website.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd highly suggest a Solstice 15 from Lotus Computer.

      I bought one recently for gaming and Photoshop and it's worked flawlessly! It's a 15" screen so it's a great size and uses NVIDIA graphics and an Intel processor and I've not noticed any lags in my gaming (even in more demanding games like Bioshock or Dragon Age.) And of course the performance is stellar in Photoshop as well, so it won't have any issues streaming movies or videos.

      I was also able to work down the price a bit so it certainly helped, but I genuinely have no complaints. I had a 15" Macbook Pro before getting my Solstice and although it performed well I didn't realize how overpriced they were until I noticed the drastic performance difference between my Macbook Pro and my Solstice 15. The Solstice definitely runs and loads just about everything tons faster and was about half the price.

      Also, as a plus, when it comes to support I've been most satisfied with Lotus's support team over any other computer company's. And that's saying something after switching from a Mac! It's extremely personal and friendly support even for things as little as setting up programs. Thankfully I've had little need to contact the support team but I don't dread the thought of having to if the time came!

      Hope that was helpful!

    What's the cheapest video on demand movie service on the net?
    I've noticed more and more websites offering subscription video on demand and video on demand movie streaming and limited lifespan downloads. Most seem to be priced the same, about £3.99 in the UK. Is anyone cheaper?

    • ANSWER:
      YouTube DOT com

    Why can't cable companies make TV available on computers or laptops?
    I don't know if watching TV on laptop is technologically feasible yet. I rent on-demand movies from iTunes all the time and nowadays most people use computers and laptops to watch videos or stream movies both legally and illegally. Why don't TV cable companies just offer a package to watch cable on computer screens? These companies are also the ones who offer internet too so isn't there a way to offer TV cables on computers?

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously you never researched P2P?

    Why do movies dissappear in my netflix instant queue?
    I added some movies to my Netflix instant queue to watch but after a little they dropped down into saved instant queue and now online it says I have until March 18, 2011 to watch another movie in my queue. Why does Netflix take down streaming movies and turn them into DVD only?

    • ANSWER:
      I often wondered that myself. I am assuming it is because they rotate their selections every so often or it could also be that the movie is not watched that often, and they remove it so they can make room for more demanded ones.

      I have noticed that the more popular stuff stays available a lot longer.

    How good is the selection of movies w/ Netflix?
    the last movie store in my town just went out of business so now my only source for movies on demand. I'm looking for old classic movies to rent. i was wondering if anyone who has Netflix is pleased w/ the selection. how many movies do you have to choose from?

    • ANSWER:
      i have it they have tons of movies and shows

      and you can order dvds

      the streaming is both new and old but there are many old
      but the dvds are both new and old but mostlly new

      its worth it about 8 dollars a month

      u have one month free trial
      try it free for a month
      if u like it good if not
      you lose nothing

      oh ya u can watch on big tv or cumputer or ipohone

    How does Netflix choose its tv shows and movies?
    I used to watch it all the time because it has some of my favorite animes, but now they're gone ;-; so now I'm wondering how does Netflix choose which shows and movies to stream? By popular demand or what?

    • ANSWER:
      business decision. how much companies charge them for the right to stream the movie balanced against popular demand.

    Is there any way I can stream food instantly to my refridgerator?
    I know they can do it with things like movies and television shows with services such as Netflix and Movies on Demand, but is there any service that exists that instantly puts food in my refridgerator?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately not yet. Once they figure out teleportation and how to reduce some down to electrons transmit over a wire or through the air then re-solidify it in its original form they might be able to stream food instantly to your fridge. So i wouldn't hold your breath. Till then you'll just have to make do with delivery pizza and Chinese food. Either that or invent time travel and travel to a time where that is possible.

    Is streaming movies live (password protected for friends only) illegal?
    If I were to stream a movie on my website to friends only (I would give them the password), not on-demand (so they couldn't choose to instantly see a move) only when it is playing. They would have to come on the site at the right time and enter the password to see it. Is that illegal?

    • ANSWER:
      Ironically, it's the digital equivalent of them watching it on your couch, but it's still illegal distribution.

    Is there a way to copy a DVD movie onto a hard drive for shared viewing over a network?
    I have a handful of external hard drives and thought it might be cool to copy some movies over to them that way we could setup our own "on demand" thing on our home network. That way we could load movies onto it and then be able to stream the movies onto the TV's that we have plugged into computers on our network.

    • ANSWER:
      hi, i know a really powerful dvd ripping software.
      it can help you to rip your DVD to MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc. with super fast DVD ripping speed and excellent image and sound quality. Free download it here:
      it can also do many video editing works, such as trim, crop, merge and so on.

    How can I find out what movies Netflix are going to release for instant play(streaming) in the near future?
    I just want to know what upcoming titles will be available to watch via streaming. Some movies say when they will be available for instant play (streaming), but I want a list.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if there is a list. Probably the closest thing you'll find is a list of movies coming to Starz since Netflix basically uses the Starz on demand catalog.

    why does my live streaming stop and start when watching horse racing and videos?
    when i start my streaming the video will stop and start and spoil the video i am watching.

    • ANSWER:
      The primary reason that video can sometimes stop is that your PC is waiting to receive further data. There are a number of possible causes for this which we have discussed below. The problem can even be attributed to more than one of these situations being true at the same time.

      • The next possibility is a situation similar to the first one we discussed, but in this instance, it is not the fault of the video producer. In this instance, you might be using a 28.8 modem and trying to watch a video which has been encoded specifically for 56K modem users (or faster). It is common for companies to offer multiple versions of the same video clip so that their visitors who are connected to the Internet at higher speeds can enjoy a clearer video. Normally, your choice of videos are clearly labeled, so be observant, and don't ever attempt to watch a video clip encoded for a speed which is faster than you're connected at.

      • A third possibility is that there is too little bandwidth available at the source (the originating ISP). The only thing you can do is try again later to see if there is less bandwidth demand at a different time of day. Assuming the movie has been encoded correctly, and the problem isn't one of the next two situations we discuss, then the problem is indeed with the originating ISP. He has oversold his available bandwidth connection to the Internet.

      • The fourth possibility is that there is network congestion along the path or route that the data is being sent to you. This is the same as rush hour traffic and happens frequently on the Internet at different times of the day depending upon your geographic location. Your solution is to try watching during non-rush hour times.

      • The fifth and final possibility is that there is too little bandwidth available at the point of reception (your ISP). This again is symptomatic of an Internet service provider who has oversold his available bandwidth connection and is getting more common. Bandwidth is like a hose in that only so much water can come through at a time. If your ISP has a lot of their customers logged on at any given moment, and they're each requesting various forms of data from different websites, each user can only receive a limited amount of data. It's time for your ISP buy more available bandwidth.

    What are some crazy scary maybe unrated or unreleased movies?
    Ive noticed that good horror movies are becoming a rare thing. Whatever the reason I was wondering if anyone knows of any ridiculously scarry ones or just a good movie

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many great horror movies out there! Check out this site, I stumbled across it a little while ago and it's great. They have a huge library of free movies to stream and depending on what cable company you have, you might get them on demand for free too.
      They also have great article and reviews that might be able to help you out in selecting a great movie.

      Best of luck finding something you like, let me know how it works out!

    How does Netflix decide and authorize what movies they put on their "Watch Instantly" list?
    what is the process in which netflix goes through to get certain movies. obviously they have to choose them first, but who actually is in charge of choosing the movies? and after that, how do they get permission to put the movies on the Instant list. also, i find it peculiar that they would have every matrix movie on the Instant list instead of the first movie? I'm sure if my first question is answered i might find the answer to this question.

    • ANSWER:
      It's in Netflix best interest to have as many movies available on their "watch instantly" list as possible. But it's not always up to Netflix, it's often up to the studio.When studios license their films for TV, cable, Video-on-demand or internet, they can put limitations on how long it can stay on each service. For example if you search for movies on Hulu, some movies have an date and some say expire never. What is likely with the first Matrix movie, is that since it came out before the Netflix "watch instantly" service was available someone has "exclusive rights" to it for a certain period of time and it can't go on Netflix "Watch Instantly" until that time has expired. Since The Matrix is on I-Tunes, I would suspect that I-Tunes has the license for this title at this time. Licensing deals are written differently now since services like Netflix "Watch Instantly", Vudu, and Hulu are more popular. The major studios are now licensing just about any major DVD releases to Netflix and and I-Tunes for streaming or download, but I-Tunes usually gets it first because they pay for the exclusivity.

    What are some James Mcavoy or Micheal Fassbender movies on comcast I can watch?
    I already paid and watched the king of scotland (found it by accident on demand) so what are some other ones? Besides Xmen of course.

    • ANSWER:
      Atonement is an excellent film which was nominated for several awards, including Oscars. McAvoy was nominated for Golden Globe for it. It is an R rated period romance and nice contrast to the action films. If you get Netflix, they have a large selection of his films and British TV projects available. Several are streaming.

      Early works to watch are Starter for 10 with several rising stars when they were unknowns, Rory O'Shea Was Here and Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway.

      Recent films are The Last Station and The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford

    Is there a way to watch movies before they come to theatre?
    I was wondering, is there a way to watch a movie before it hits theatre? Is there a site or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Try the movie streaming sites such as


    How does Netflix choose which movies are Watch Instantly and which have to be rented?
    What criteria do they use? I know it's probably not just the demand for a particular movie because there are new releases and some very popular movies on it but then there are others that aren't, how does Netflix choose which should be streamed and which need to be rented out?

    • ANSWER:
      It's not that Netflix chooses the films. It's a matter of which films the studios are willing to let them use for Watch Instantly. You'll notice that the majority of the movies are old B movies - movies the studios don't really care about. Until they started an agreement with Starz to use their On-Demand library, the selection was horrible. As they have more people using the Watch Instantly feature, I'm sure they will be able to get agreements with more studios to use their tent pole films.

    Are there any good programs similar to Boxee for a home media pc?
    I need to find a free program that can stream internet TV and function for an HTPC. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

      The best sites without question are ...



      Colbert Nation



      Nickelodeon (for kids)

      Boxee will do nothing but bring you to these exact same sites.

      I also use Netflix for streaming movies on demand which is pretty awesome to have any movie ever at your fingertips. Here's a link for a free 30 day trial.


      Have fun.

    Why are only some movies Watch Instantly on Netflix?
    How come on Netflix, only a few movies are available with Watch Instantly? If I am a Netflix subscriber, why can't all the movies be available to me to watch instantly online?

    • ANSWER:
      Because netflix doesn't own the rights to them

      they have to have permission from the film company to stream them over the internet, they rarely have new movies for streaming. Most of the ones they do have are Stars on Demand movies as well

    Can you watch Blockbuster On Demand on a PS3?
    I can get Blockbuster On Demand on my Blu Ray player and know you can get the Netflix On Demand darn near on any device. Is it possible to get the Blockbuster On Demand on my PS3? Blockbuster On Demand being the ability to stream online movies from Blockbuster.

    • ANSWER:
      Not at this time, Only Netflix and some videos on the PSn Store.

    How to sniff streaming FLV actual URL address?
    I like to watch streaming media and listening to streaming radio. I want to consolidate my list of stations into a player that supports flash files, such as VLC. I can use Orbit Downloader Grab ++ to download the actual .flv files, but I do not want to save the stream, just find out the referrer URL to view on VLC, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      That won't work a lot of times because the streaming server demands to authenticate with a proprietary browser plugin (Real Media, the BBC and others). The server won't just hand you the file, it will only stream.

      The streaming server may also be set to only authenticate from the url you visited to watch the movie. It won't respond to a request for that file from anywhere else.

      Orbit works well enough.

    How much better than Blu-ray can the picture quality become?
    I wonder what the benefits of future video formats for the viewer would be. How much better than Blu-ray can the picture become? Would we even be able to see the difference with the naked eye? Usually I can't spot any flaws, like visible pixels, in Blu-ray movies. Maybe a higher resolution can become relevant when larger TV screens become more affordable and common?

    Will 3D eventually replace the conventional movies or will 3D remain just an alternative?

    • ANSWER:
      Remember most of this is speculation but they are working on Ultra-High Definition which is roughly 16 times more resolution than HDTV. This would mean that a movie in UHDTV would take up a half terrabyte of space. Ouch. It probably puts it out to about 2020-2025 from a practical standpoint if ever. Then there is the issue of 3d which potentially doubles the storage requirements of the film as each eye get a different picture.
      The problem with UHDTV is that the increase in resolution is unlikely to make as much of an impact as other factors on image quality. Increased contrast, grayscale, color saturation and so forth are all likely to visually improve the image more than an increase in resolution on a moving picture than the higher resolution and none of that requires an increase in storage capacity or in the case of a streaming image over the internet, increased bandwidth.
      I think that with the convenience of streaming movies over the internet people won't be demanding higher quality as much.
      Just like with MP3, the convenience of downloading movies trumps the quality of CDs and the CD business has suffered because of it.
      Hulu, netflicks and other online video sources will continue to grow and the demand for higher quality will deminish until way down the road when internet bandwidth can handle all the added traffic.
      So for now and way down the road HDTV will be good enough.

      As for whether or not 3D takes off, it will need to happen without glasses.

    How to copy videos on demand through LAN network?
    In a cyber cafe, there is a video on demand app I found which when clicked it, the VOD will launched with a web browser.

    When I clicked a movie, it will be opened with a webvideo player..

    My question is, how to copy the videos?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several stream ripper applications available. They detect the video playing in the web browser and you are able to save them in various formats. Or use a screen recorder. (hypercam, bandicam.)

    When do Amazon Video On Demand rentals expire?
    I would like to know how long you can keep a movie or television episode in the video library and if they are then deleted by Amazon from your library? Also, does the rental expiration start from the time of purchase or once you've first start viewing the movie/show?

    • ANSWER:
      You have 30 days to watch the movie; your rental period doesn't start until you begin the movie, after which you have either 24 or 48 hours (depending on the movie). For example, "Salt" has a 24 hour period, but "Red" (Bruce Willis) has a 48 hour one. You can only watch a rental on your main computer or streamed to your television/device (Roku, etc.), you can't put it on a portable device.

    I want to know what is the best media center device to use.?
    I have a hard drive full of movies and shows and I want to know what would be the best media device to use to stream the movies from the hard drive to my tv. I've been told programs like XBMC and Boxee are good but I don't know on what device to run it on. I also want to stay away from apple tv so please don't suggest that, I'm looking for other alternatives. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Convert TiVo to Apple TV format on Mac OS X

      Are you still frustrated at how to play your plenty of TiVo recordings on Apple TV? Still eager to experience a wonderful audio-visual enjoyment by viewing TiVo shows on your Apple TV? While, here I offer one simple resolution for you-an excellent tool for converting tivo files to Apple TV format.

      Convert TiVo to Apple TV on Mac, Tivo to Apple TV

      Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac excels on converting TiVo files and what’s more, it’s the only one software you need to fulfill your exact demands of playing TiVo recordings on your Apple TV. That’s to say, it’s not necessary for you to have TiVo Desktop Software at all.

      Now, let’s take a look at what exactly how marvelous the converter is. The following is the detailed steps you may find helpful for converting your TiVo files to HD Video format Apple TV supports.

      Step 1: Enter Media Access Key
      First of all, after you launch TiVo Converter, click the “Option” button to enter your Media Access Key for TiVo files.

      Convert TiVo to Apple TV on Mac, Option Button

      Convert TiVo to Apple TV on Mac, Enter Media Access Key

      Step 2: Load TiVo files and choose Apple TV format
      Click the “Add Video” button on the menu bar to load TiVo files. The time for importing depends on the number of your TiVo files loaded. After you finished loading, it’s time for you to choose your output format for your Apple TV. You might have no idea what video & audio codec to choose for your final device. For example, it might be hard for you to specify the appropriate output format if you don’t know which video format does your Apple TV supports. Now with is humane converter tool, you don’t have to worry about it any more. The software lists output formats according to devices you use. As you can see from the screenshot below, there is actually a separate format catalogue for Apple TV from “Format” drop-down list. Now you can simply choose the specific format you want for playing on Apple TV.

      What’s worth mentioning more about the software is that TiVo batch conversion is also supported. You can simply realize the function by checking ”Merge into one file”.

      Convert TiVo to Apple TV on Mac, Apple TV Format

      Step 3: Edit the files
      You are able to edit your TiVo files by clicking “Editor” on the menu which enables you to add various water marks, crop, trim, audio replacement, etc.

      Convert TiVo to Apple TV on Mac, Edit

      Step 4: Convert
      Click the “Convert” button to start TiVo to Apple TV format Conversion!

      Yes, it’s really that simple. Don’t hesitate, get started for your extraordinary experience on your Apple TV!

    Is there anyway to record movies you bought on demand from Virgin media?
    I'm in the uk and i want to record a film off Virgin Medias on demand service but when you press record it says its not allowed and the dvd recorder refuses to record. I dont want to sit through a 3 hour hour film in 1 go and i might want to watch it again so is there anyway i can record it, short of filming the screen with a camcorder?

    • ANSWER:
      The block on our DVD in in the Signal of the video stream, and your DVD will read that and by law must stop you recording it.

      This is a new generation products feature, so to bypass it, you may have to use older generation products that do not know about this feature such as older VHS recorders maybe.

      You can try the following:

      1 - Get you Virgin media box to go via Scart to a VHS recorder and from there to your TV, see if your old VHS recorder can do it.

      2 - Use a room to room signal repeater and connect that to a Recorder, some repeaters may ignore the block signal and not pass it along.

      3 - If you have a TV in cad in your computer, connect the Virgin Media box to that and use a recording software on your PC to record it.

      4 - Rent the film instead, and watch it in your own good time, it ends up about the same price too often.

    If Blockbuster has so many movies and games why didn't it just lower its prices so that the quantity demanded?
    would go back up and they would be profitable?

    I don't presume to know what their books look like or anything, though.

    I do know, though, that things like movie cube etc. rent them for a dollar a day. I mean, Blockbuster has a ton of good old movies they already rent for a dollar or so. If they would come down on the new releases it would be better.
    Good Guy, I have had generally pretty good service at Blockbuster. Must be the area.

    • ANSWER:
      Price is only one of the factors that led to the demise of Blockbuster.

      Like Kmart didn't pay attention to how Walmart serviced the customer, Blockbuster didn't pay attention to how NetFlix serviced the customer.

      It's a matter of convenience now. For /month you can have your movies delivered to your mailbox; as many as you can watch and return for only /month. The turn around time for Netflix is now about 4 days, so you "could" get 7 movies a month for nine bucks without ever leaving your home if you watch and return them the same day they arrive.

      On line streaming is another area in which NetFlix has won the battle. You can use almost any gaming system now (Xbox or Playstation3) to watch streaming movies if you have wireless Internet access (and who doesn't nowadays). So if you're wanting to see older movies (that filled most of Blockbuster's racks) or if you want to replay TV series, then you can do it instantly through NetFlix, as much as you want all month long for the same . Not a gamer? You can use your laptop as well! How could anyone beat that deal?

      Then there's RedBox. One buck for a movie, .50 for a Blu Ray disk. Then you can return it to any redbox in the world! I've rented and watched a movie one night, drove a couple hundred miles away the next day to an appointment and returned it to the RedBox in that area. How convenient is that? And if I forget? Well another night is just another buck. MUCH cheaper than renting only one night a Blockbuster.

      So the key to their demise is that other venues had the pulse of the market and knew where the service was headed. Blockbuster tried to join the foray too late because by the time Blockbuster woke up RedBox and NetFlix already owned those markets.

      Same way Kmart was asleep at the wheel while the new kid Walmart put them out of business.

    can i watch movies from amazon on my wii?
    amazon has movies on demand, netflix just doesnt have the best movies to pick from anymore. are there anyother movie apps for the wii?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes by downloading a free app called Playon

      internet content on your TV before you know it!
      PlayOn works on the following devices.

      Click 'view setup instructions' to see how to use PlayOn with your device.

      Wii - view setup instructions | view demo for Wii
      Xbox 360 - view setup instructions | view demo for Xbox 360
      PlayStation 3 - view setup instructions | view demo for PS3
      iPhone - view setup instructions | view demo for iPhone
      iPad - view setup instructions
      Android phone (Requires OS 2.2) - view setup instructions
      Roku - view setup instructions
      Google TV - view setup instructions
      Kindle Fire - view setup instructions
      Moxi HD DVR
      NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000
      HP MediaSmart TV
      brite-View CinemaTube - view setup instructions
      Cirago Network HD Multimedia Center
      UEBO M200
      ZAAP TV
      Jadoo TV

      After you have installed PlayOn on your PC, be sure to start PlayOn on your PC by clicking on 'Start' under the General Settings tab in PlayOn settings if it is not already running.
      Go to your Wii gaming console, and be sure you have the Internet Channel, available on the Wii Shopping Channel if you don't already have it.
      Once the Internet Channel is active use your Wii to navigate to and you are ready to begin streaming content.

      Here's a tip: Save it as a Favorite for easy access in the future. Just click on the "Favorites" button (star) of the browser's onscreen tool bar. Click on the "Add Favorite" icon along the bottom. "" will now be added to your Favorites.

    How can I request faster internet?
    I want to start to watch HD movies but if I want to I will need 3mbps. I currently have 768kbps but the highest connection speed that is currently available is 1.5mbps. My internet connection is verizon dsl and is the only fastest in my area. I can't get cable because its too expensive and comcast is the only available one in my area. How can I get my service provider to get faster speeds.

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard of some people switching to Satellite internet providers. 3 MB should be enough to stream HD movies but may require just a few seconds of buffering/loading time at the beginning of the film.

      Usually if your provider does not have high speeds in your area it is because there is not a high enough demand in the area to invest in upgrading the infrastructure to support higher speeds because it wouldn't be profitable.

      Also, double check your cable companies specials list. I currently am getting 20MB connection for .99 a month for a year. Opposed to the normal .99 regular price.

      I know this isn't very helpful but I hopefully answered your question and to why your provider only has such speeds.

    Ok i need to know what the advantage is to having Apple TV over netfix or blockbuster or cox on demand?
    I can stream netflix and blockbuster and on demand all to my TV so why would i get apple TV?
    Please i need a detailed answer!

    • ANSWER:
      You can stream itune movies

    How can I record a movie on demand onto a Samsung DVD recorder?
    In very simple terms, please. I am not greatly familiar with the system, so instructions in layman's terms would be very helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      To record a movie, you can try this software: Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder.
      With it, you can download and convert Video and Music from your favorite video and music websites and automatically convert it into formats suitable for portable media centers such as DVD recorder,PSP's, MP3 and MP4 players.
      I've been using it these days, and it works like a charm
      For more info, you can go to:
      Hope it can help you.
      Wish you have a good time on Christmas!

    What piece of equipment can I get to play internet movies on my TV in the living room.?
    My TV is about 30 feet from my monitor. I hope there is a wireless device that will let me play internet movies on my TV wirelessly.

    • ANSWER:
      ROKU makes a device that will stream Netflix and Amazon On Demand.

    Does Block Buster On Demand Charge Shipping and Handling Every time I want a new Movie or Game?
    Does Block Buster On Demand Charge Shipping and Handling Every time I want a new Movie or Game? Are there any other additional fees to the monthly payment?
    I am thinking about this as an alternative to Game Fly and or NetFlix, but I can't seem to get straight facts.
    So after I pay my monthly fee will it charge me more for shipping and handling? What about streaming?
    Also is it possible to stream it via my wii?

    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Ok Blockbuster online is awesome and it does NOT charge extra for shipping and you can take the discs back to the store and exchange them for new movies, or send them back in the mail.
      On the down side there sill working on there on getting there streaming movies up to snuff.

    What are websites i can watch movies completely free with no download?
    Hi guys, i'm looking for a website where i can watch movies old/new online with no survays,fees,downloads and without having to make an account,
    Please help my kids my husband and i all like watch movies and a lot of times there not on demand, or you have to pay,

    • ANSWER: Seriously. Putlocker , sockshare and megavid are the best sites to stream from once on letmewatchthis. Completely free no surveys or downloads. Iv been using it for months

    Clear Wireless and Hulu/Netflix to replace a cable connection?
    Is Clear Wireless (with Hulu and Netflix) a viable alternative to Comcast or at some point does the bandwidth just run out.

    What is the average bandwidth required to stream a movie to a HD TV.
    In my house it is possible for 2 televisions and 3 computers to all be placing demands on on our current Comcast system. It doesn't have a problem meeting my demands. Would Clear be able to meet that?. Or would that require two Clear Wireless connection. Even with two it is still less expensive than my current set up.
    Are there any options for watching sports through the internet. Full games.

    I want to see if anyone has attempted this and what they thought of the outcome.

    • ANSWER:

      By nature, interference in wireless systems causes problems with smooth, consistent speeds. A direct cable connection is much better than satellite or cellular mobile broadband. DOCSIS 3.0 cable or fiber-optic Internet would be my first choice if it's available in your area, next choice would be DSL and finally satellite or cellular.

      Comcast uses DOCSIS 3.0 cable technology to provide fast and reliable broadband Internet service.

      While on the surface this sounds great, you will run into problems with your usage.

      Streaming video such as Netflix consumes a lot of bandwidth. Streaming HD video can consume up to 1 GB per hour

      Most cellular mobile broadband providers charge hefty overage fees when you exceed their low monthly limits.

      Even Cricket which advertises unlimited broadband will throttle your Internet speed to a crawl if you exceed 5 GB of bandwidth in a month. Read their Fair Usage Policy.

      Cellular mobile broadband is not intended to replace broadband DSL and Cable Internet services which usually have fair usage limits of 150 GB per month or more. Mobile broadband is for travelers and business people to get on the Internet when they're away from home, it was not intended for heavy download usage.

      Good Luck...

    What are the shortcomings of the IPAD 2?
    I've heard mixed feelings from people who say it can and can't do this and that. What do you say? I'd basically wanna be able to stream video content and use analytical sites, and even look at and edit PPTs and Spreadsheets via the device. Is all this possible? And what are the setbacks?

    • ANSWER:
      You can stream video and you can also create/edit word,excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint files.iPad has iWork which is incredibly easy to use.
      iPad 2 sold more than all other tablets sold combined. Motorola Xoom is lying on shelf eating dust. iPad 2 are selling at double of it's original price on eBay that depicts the huge demand and frenzy for iPad.

      Few tech knowledge deprived people say it doesn't support flash so you can't watch online video which is totally wrong.
      You can watch all the TV shows from channel like abc for FREE. You can watch movies online or from Netflix,HULU.
      Cartoon Network,Disney,ESPN, have free apps on iPad that let you stream full length TV show and LIVE sports event.

      Many hospitals,schools,universities and corporate houses have incorporated iPad into their business and educational process that clearly give us cogent reason to believe iPad has changed the way we do computing.

      It's amazing even if you want to download video right on device. You can create PowerPoint file and by one tap you can convert it into PDF and upload to any WebDAV server. It has the best PDF reader/Editor on the planet

    What is the best online movie website,for example netflix or blockbuster?
    Does Blockbuster offer instant movies that you can watch like Neflix does

    • ANSWER:
      I say go netflix. I currently have both services. blockbuster 3 at-a-time and 5 in store exchanges / month. Netflix 4 at-a-time and unlimited live viewings /month. prices run fairly competitively however each has one perk that the other doesn't. blockbuster you can return (with the right plan) movies to the store in exchange for a free rental. netflix you can stream movies directly to your computer. unique advantages for both. however i've noticed (just my personal experience not necessarily everybody) that with blockbuster the turn around time is horrible. with netflix i can send a movie via usps monday they receive it tuesday and i have a new dvd on wednesday. with blockbuster i send a movie same day monday, they MIGHT receive it tuesday, but not normally before wednesday and i'll be lucky to have another dvd by friday. i have only one time had a turnaround with blockbuster that took 3 total days from shipping to receiving, most of the time 4-5 days. with netflix i have never had a turnaround take more than 3 days. i may not always get the new releases through either because of the demand, but my que is quite substantial so that i never have to wait to see SOMETHING that i want to. this is my opinion with both services over several months comparison.

    Why does Netflix have such a poor selection?
    All the seasons of the shows I like are not up to date, and all the movies and other tv shows I want to watch aren't even available. When, if they even do, update their selection?

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix and all other companies have to buy the rights (actually leasing the rights) to stream movies and or Rent the DVDs and Blue Rays.

      Three different items and three different rights that have to be negotiated for. Depending on the Studio or Distribution company, certain rights may be able to go to more than one DVD outlet for sale and rental, and then the streaming rights may only be for Cable for a certain amount of time, before they can go to Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster, and sometimes other streaming companies may get a exclusive time period before anyone else can stream the same movie/shows.

      So there is NO one reason why Netflix does not have the shows or movies you want to watch. This is especially true if the cable and satellite companies get first dibs on for something for their Video On Demand services, which seems to be more often than not a year or two before others get like Netflix gets them.

    I have cisco linksys router, is there a way to divide the bandwith equally to active ports?
    ... i hate it when my brother watches online movies and hogs all the bandwidth and slows down my internet connection... is there a way to limit internet bandwidth and divide it equally?

    • ANSWER:
      The only program I know of is called "NetLimiter" .... whether it will work for your setup I don't know.

      The thing is though ... you're going to limit your bandwidth to half each perhaps? ..what about when one of you isn't online are missing out then on all of the bandwidth.

      Ask your brother to download the movies during the night while you are both in bed, then he can watch them offline while you have all the connection, or at least won't lag like hell if he's only surfing the web.
      That's really selfish of him to watch them online like that.

      Something else you should consider ...
      If he downloads movies; what and where is he downloading the movies from ... if its peer to peer and he hasn't been through the settings properly he might be "uploading" at a high rate at the same time .. believe it or not, uploading can also cripple the downloading and surfing the web.
      He can limit the bandwidth used in p2p applications, but I'd advise against their use at all, I'll bet his pc is full of viruses if he doesn't know what he's doing!
      (there are going to be more prosecutions now with p2p users who download copyrighted material so if he uses them he really should consider packing it in)

      If he is streaming movies (watching as they come in as you would on youtube for example) then this will effect your use of the connection, depending on your broadband speed in the first place.
      Rather than streaming from the likes of BBC iPlayer or 40D (channel 4 on demand) or the ITV iPlayer ...again he can download instead, at a time that suits you both, and then watch later.

      The trouble with these iPlayers's is that you're "sharing it back" out as you download, so your uploading too.

      If the NetLimiter is no good you need to try and come to some sort of arrangement of the movie downloading ... or ask parents to up your BB package 😉

    How much is my private movie collection worth?
    I have been building my own private movie collection for years and have over 4800 movies that I have cataloged using a software program. My collection includes all 100 AFI, Films won for Best Picture + over 800 blurays. All discs are in mint condition and kept in Sony Disc Machines. This would be a great collection for someone who owns their own private movie theater. I am possibly looking for serious buyers to purchase my entire collection. I have an exported txt list available for inquirers.

    • ANSWER:
      probably not nearly what you would hope for. Best to get whatever you can for it. Used DVDs and blurays are not in high demand these days. Anyone who has any sense is turning to streaming videos. You can get huluplus and stream all the movies you want, including the entire Criterion collection, right on your tv at home. In another 5 years, few people are going to even bother with using dvd or bluray.

    How do i buy or rent movies from my samsung smart tv?
    I've been wanting to watch life of pi but its too expensive, so I was wondering if there was an app on the smart tv to buy or rent movies

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely you have at least one app that lets you download/stream movies...but the rental fee is usually somewhere between .99 - .99.

      Your TV probably has Vudu, since it's the most common pay-per-view streaming movie app on smart tv's these days...but you might also have Amazon Video on Demand, Viewster, CinemaNow or some other app which Samsung offers. You will probably have to sign-up with the app and create an account...but it's pretty straightforward and easy.

      Of course, you can always hit your local ReBox and rent Life of Pi for a night for about a buck.

    Where can I download the Norwegian Harry Potter movies or HP audio books legally?
    Hello! I only just started to learn Norwegian, but I would really like to practise by watching Harry Potter movies in Norwegian with Norwegian subtitles (as I know these movies very well contentwise so that it will be a lot easier for me to guess what the Norwegian words mean) or by listening to a Harry Potter audio book and reading the book at the same time. I would prefer to be able to download these items, as I do not want to pay the high shipping fees. However I do want to download them legally (thus I'm willing to pay up to about 15$ for them).
    Can someone tell me where I can download these things?

    Thank you a lot in advance!
    @Chucky: Yes, I noticed that :/ I found loads of illegal possibilities..

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you can find some here:¤t_price_5-from=¤t_price_5-to=&sort-order=16&display=1&q=harry+potter&mode=&page=1&category=1780

      But these are on demand though (streaming), and you won't be able to keep it, unless you have software to save it to your computer (but since you said you wanted to download legally, I guess that's not an option).

      They're about a piece (us dollars).

      Ironically, it's very difficult to find legal alternatives to download movies, at least I know it's that way in Sweden.

    What are some good on demand movies on Netflix?
    It seems like there are only terrible one on demand. I like Romance, Drama, some Comedy and Chick Flicks. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I know. I'm watching "The Reef " now and it sux.

      Here are a few that I liked on DVD that are now available for streaming
      The Last Song
      Kick A ss
      Shutter Island
      Alabama Moon

    Where can i watch Bride Flight with English subtitles?
    I'm looking for a streaming online video of Bride Flight (it's a dutch film) with english subtitles included. I would prefer either youtube, megavideo, videoweed or potlucker video where I don't have to download anything or do a survey. Please respond back as soon as possible it'll be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! There are lots of options all listed on our site:

      Options include:
      1. iTunes:

      2. Amazon on Demand:

      3. VUDS:!content/216804/Bride-Flight

    Where can I watch Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Online?
    is there any website where i can watch the actual full movie like streaming?and the REAL movie, with like parts...... with nothing i have to download, and please, no virus websites with surveys and things i need to download. I really want to watch it because i just finished the entire series. Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Well I don't know anywhere online but if you have verizon FIOS it's on demand there

    Are you going to cancel your Netflix subscription?
    I am canceling mine due to the outrageous increase of 60% (second within a year). It is estimated that 40 to 41% will cancel and change to HULU (free) or HULU Plus, Crackle (free) and Amazon (free with their Prime Service). Their streaming is no longer going to be combined with the mail DVDs.

    Do you plan to cancel? If not, why not? Haven't we had enough gouging by corporations?

    • ANSWER:
      I have already canceled my Netflix acct. I originally had the cheaper service where you just stream the videos, and it seemed that the never had any of the movies I actually wanted to see- and the ones that they did have online to stream were from Starz on demand and were older. I checked two months ago to see if they had any of the Harry Potter movies for my sisters, and all the movies had to be ordered on discs...

      I have Direct Tv, and it was cheaper to order their movie package with HBO then keep Netflix with the price increase.

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