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    Is there no good alternative for internet and TV in colorado springs?
    It seems like we pay through the nose for Internet access (dsl) direcTV and a phoneline with a qwest bundle in COlorado Springs. Seems like there has to be an alternative to qwest or comcast.

    • ANSWER:
      First a word of advice, Qwest and Comcast are notorious for "billing errors" in their favor and other mistakes. Until you switch, watch your bills closely!

      Historically, I've found my friends go a la carte and only get one premium, like high speed internet and then get VoIP like Lingo or Vonage and stream movies off Netflix, and then basic channels via Dish, which always seems to come in lower than DTV or Comcast.

      Depending on your home situation and location in the Springs, these folks may be able to free you from Qwest and Comcast's sticky grip.
      * - Falcon Broadband (north / east of CS) -
      * - PCI Broadband (semi-limited service) -
      * - Peak Broadband (server was down) -
      * - Front Range Internet Inc -
      * - Zip Broadband -

      This is not including the HSI Satellite providers like HughesNet, which are "everywhere" providers and on-base providers at Peterson, AFA and Ft. Carson.

    How can I archive HD footage on my Mac using a networked Tivo from Directv?
    I want to be able to save movies for my digital library. Right now I have an analog TV with a Tivo that burns DVDs. It's great to be able to archive content like this and I'm hoping to do the same for a Blu-Ray Tivo with a burner and/or move files to a server.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't have the answer, but Slingbox encrypts the stream on all of their models right now. The slingbox pro HD will have basica DVR functionality, but those live recordings are for instant replay. The recording don't go back as far as you like most times.

    How to record video from TV to Computer using S-Video Cable ?
    I watch movies on DirecTV, and I was wondering if I can use the S-Video cable and connect it to the back of the DirecTV Receiver and the other end to my laptop and somehow record the streaming video from the TV onto my laptop.

    • ANSWER:
      You need a TV tuner card. More info can be found here on what you need to record TV on your PC:

      Windows Outreach Team

    Can you add your own video to the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR?
    I would like to add some home videos that I ripped that are quicktime movies and want to put them on my dvr. Is this possible?

    Please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      Not really... These DVRs are designed to record and store shows from the satellite. The DVR only handles the satellite format. So even if you could upload your video to the DVR, it wouldn't be able to play them.

      Instead, you can connect your PC or laptop to your TV and play the video that way. Or, another way is to use a media extender set-top box, which then connects to your PC/laptop through your network and streams videos, music or photos to your TV. There are a number of media set-top boxes on the market, with prices hovering around 0-0. Also, if you have a Xbox 360 or Sony PS3, these have this capability built-in. Check your manual on how to set it up, and what formats of media that are supported.

    What's up with Netfilix splitting up and losing customers?
    I was just about to join them but i hear customers are fleeing and they're splitting up.

    Is this a bad time to join?

    • ANSWER:
      The CEO is afraid of missing shifts in technology, which is fine, but many think he's gone way too far the other way.

      Netflix is splitting into two. Netflix will remain as the name of the streaming-only service. The DVD service will be split off under the name Kwikster.

      While the future may really be in streaming, here's the problems right now:

      1: The majority of Americans don't have a broadband connection capable of supporting a streamed TV show, let alone, a movie in HD. In fact, a good portion of Americans don't even have broadband at all.

      2: Netflix's streaming library is fairly small compared to their DVD library, and fairly unpredictable. They're in constant battles over rights for shows and movies. Most notably is their deal with Starz, which will expire in February of 2012. Unless this is renewed, which is looking very shaky right now, fans of Netflix's streaming service will lose access to several big studios' titles - including Disney.

      3: As a streaming-only service, Netflix was a tough sell when compared to things like Hulu (free on PCs), Hulu Plus (/mo), HBO-To-Go, and even up and coming services from Comcast/Xfinity, DirecTV, and DishNetwork.

      4: As a DVD-only service, Kwikster faces tough competition from Redbox, whose /disc/night price is awfully tough to beat.

      The old combined Netflix service made sense. It kept the old DVD customers around while the streaming library came up to speed. At some point, yes, this split makes sense, but honestly, this isn't the time - especially in light of the recent 60% price hike in the middle of a recession.

      Furthermore, the CEO's attitude about physical media in general is way off target. DVD is going to be around at least another decade, and while I doubt blu-ray will ever overtake DVD, I don't see it going away any time either.

      It remains to be seen how this 2-sites, 1-company thing is going to work. Right now it sounds like customers who want both Netflix(streaming) and Kwikster(DVDs) will now see 2 separate charges on their credit cards, and will need to manage 2 separate accounts...and 2 separate queues? So does that mean if I wanted to stream a show from Netflix, only to find out it's not available, I'll have to hop over to Kwikster and add it to my queue over there? Talk about inconvenient.

      At the same time, there was mention that Kwikster would be (FINALLY!) adding video games to its library. No information about pricing or what sorts of games are going to be available has been released yet. Honestly, the best move for Kwikster would be to just outright buy Gamefly.

      Realistically this isn't the time to join. There's way too much shakiness right now, and at least for the meantime, there are equally good, if not better, alternatives for DVD-only or Streaming-only services. I'd wait 6 months for this split to occur and for them to shake out the inevitable bugs that are going to arise when they try to split their customer database. Trust me, you don't need the extra headaches.

    Can You watch other others shows when your TiVO is recording?
    With Direct TV I heard that you the cant

    • ANSWER:
      With a series 2 or seires 3 Tivo with Dual Tuners yo can watch 1 show while recording another show, or you can record two shows while watchiing a previously recorded show. Now here is the limitations though, if you have cable with Digital cable then your Tivo can ONLY record 1 Digital channel and one Analog channel at the same time, or it can record TWO Ananlog channels at the same time, it just CANNOT record TWO Digital channels at the same time.

      Now as far as DirecTV yes you can watch 1 show while recording another show, or you can watch 1 already saved show and record two others shows at the same time. YOU MUST have the DirecTV Tivo's and DirecTV DVR's HAVE BOTH Tuners enabled, and TWO coaxial lines going to each Tuner on the back of the DVR or DirecTV tivo for it to be able to do this.

      Just FYI, Tivo will not work well with DirecTV because ALL of DirecTV's programming is in Digital cable, so you will not be able to get Tivo to record TWO Digital channels at one time..If you already have DirecTV then you can still purchase the DirecTV Tivo from or and use it with you DirecTV service, you just need to have them added onto your account. I currently have 5 DirecTV Tivo's that I have upgraded to over 220 Hours of recording time, have all 5 networked on my homes wired/wireless network so I can transfer the shows/movies to my networked PC for burning the shows/movies to DVD. I can access my DirecTV Tivos from the internet at work to schedule my recordings if I am not at home in time. I can stream the shows on my D tivo over the internet and watch from any location with an internet connection. If this sounds what you are looking for just send me an email with more info on what you are wanting to do and I will send you tons of info on how to do what I have listed..

      I hope this helps, again please feel free to send me an email..

    Does internet TV really work?
    I've heard a lot about receiving television over the internet as well as movies. Does anyone have an input as to how it works, the cost and is it reliable? Any info would be much appreciated as I am tired of paying Direct TV. their outrageous charges for what little you get--- reruns-- and more reruns. Thanks and again if you would and have the time go into depth.

    • ANSWER:
      Many of the channels you would receive on a service such as DirecTV will not be live on the internet.

      A lot of the content is available online afterward though, some of it streaming, some of it download, some of it free, some of it pay.
      Almost all the services use DRM to prevent inappropriate use, or outright unauthorized distribution.

      Consider setting up to receive digital broadcast TV. It is free to receive, and well worth the setup.

      Now, there are some "TV on PC" or "satellite TV on PC" software offers. Avoid them. They are scams that sell links to already free streams, and there is no way they can legitimately offer pay/broadcast channels you can ordinarily receive, on the basis they offer them.

    I'm getting directv nfl Sunday ticket mobile for my Evo 4g...can I watch it on an HDMI monitor?
    Will I be able to hook my evo to my hdmi monitor and watch the games on that? I know you can watch preloaded videos on the HDMI monitor/screen but what about streaming content like movies or sports?

    • ANSWER:
      If your computer or TV box has HDMI output, then yes you can watch it on a HDMI monitor.

      HDMI is just like VGA, DVI, and RCA cables. It carries video. It doesn't have to be preloaded or anything, because it would play either way

    Alternative to Crestron home entertainment system?

    Can you suggest alternative to Crestron, which is a bit cheaper.
    (don't mean Sony etc) Crestron want to charge 0,000 for the complete installation of a 2 story house....
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Many alternatives of course. First if I were designing your system I would want to know
      1- Who is using the system? Not just a list of people, but what are their habits? Where you you get your music, movies?
      If you just listen to CDs or internet radio or XM that is one thing but do you want to be able to play multiple streams of music anywhere in the house? Do you have an iPod, Game systems, DirecTV. Do you want to hide all of the elecronics in 1 closet or spread throughout the house. The integrator charging this much better know your entertainment and entertaining habits better than you do.
      2- Do you want instant access to movies anywhere in the house? If so you can look at companies like Kaleidescape (Expensive) or MediaMax( A little less) or Escient (Much Cheaper for different methods of attaining this. If movie server is part of the deal have your integrator offer you alternative ones.
      I am assuming the price is for the entire system.(i.e. speakers, distributed audio system, distributed video, TVs and so forth) If so nickel and diming won't change the price much. It doesn't make sense to get the system but get low quality components and switching to mid price components often don't lower the price as much as you might think.
      You may have to give up something. Crestron Touchscreens may cost as much as K apiece. Knock out a few of those and you may be getting somewhere.

      3- Do you want Lighting, Heating and/or Security as part of the package. Security doesn't have to cost too much an interface to an existing security system + some programming may be all you need. Heating may be a similar scenario. Lighting however can be an expensive proposal. People don't realise just how many light switches there are in a home, especially newer one. For an automated lighting system to work, every light switch you want to be controlled needs to be swapped for an automatable one. Expensive whichever method of control you use. Lutron is probably what was bid but ask if another brand is available. Something that uses z-wave to control might be advantageous. Ask for a system that doesn't control every single switch as an option.

      4- Contact some other automation companies and they can get you in touch with a local integrator with experience in their control systems. Life Ware, Colorado v-Net, Control-4, HAI, Xantech all make automation systems for less and others are joining all the time. G.E. and OnQ are joining the fray with even cheaper alternatives.

      Voice your concerns to the integrator. If you were referred to them by Crestron they may feel some obligation to Crestron (Which is probably THE most expensive along with AMX) and bid only that. If that is all they do they may recommend someone else that offers something less expensive.

      Check for a list of companies qualified to design a system in your area.

    How to copy DirecTV DVR files from HD?
    My DirecTV DVR crashed as it was trying to retrieve the new software they were pushing, and all I have left is to format the drive acording to their Tech Support. I need to backup the files that it has on the drive, but since it doesn't boot up, I cant play it and record it. I was hoping to backup the files directly from the HD but it keeps giving me access denied. I was able to plug the HD in with an external USB drive, I can see the files in folders but I cannot get the file STREAM.STR to copy since Access denied keeps coming up. Is there a way to disable the security on Windows? The permitions tab is not there. Any help would be apreciated. I have some games that I do not want to loose.

    • ANSWER:
      First off what kind of DirecTV DVR is it? Is it a DirecTV Tivo? and if so what model. Or is it a DirecTV DVR R15 or ?

      If it is an older DVR like the DirecTV Tivo (not the R15 DirecTV Tivo though) you can upgrade to a larger hard drive and make it so that the DirecTV Tivo can be networked to your home network which has alot of advantages. Like downloading the movies/shows to a networked PC. If you install DirecTVs update to one of the DirecTV Tivos then you will never be able to do this and everything I have read about DirecTVs new DVRs is not good.
      If it is a DirecTV Tivo then first check out these two site to see if this is what you would like to do with it or not. (which sells DirecTV Tivo upgraded software) (which has articles to show how and what needs to be done to the DirecTV Tivo to make it upgradable and networked on your home network. )

      I have 5 DirecTV Tivo that are networked, have MRV (multiroom viewing), and HMO (Home media Option which allows me to stream music and pictures from my PC onto the DirecTV Tivo to watch on teh TV.) Hope this helps and have fun.

    If I have DirecTV, do I need Roku?
    I have DirecTV, and a blu-ray player that allows me to rent from Amazon Video on Demand. The only feature I like in the Roku is Netflix streaming, but I can watch it on my laptop and iPod Touch for no additional charge. Do you think it is worth the ( in the next 24 hours)?

    • ANSWER:
      One dvd in the mail at a time from netflix for a month is a pretty good deal plus you can stream as many movies as you want to the tv.
      The roku box now comes with around 16 apps. built in. If you like a lot of social stuff, its set to go right now and they will add apps as they become available. Check out the roku at
      PS. Renting 2 or 3 movies from Amazon on Demand is equivalent to the Netflix monthly fee

    Is HDTV, whether it be cable or network, the output is no greater than 1080i ?

    • ANSWER:
      In short yes, output is no greater than 1080i.

      A single coax cable cannot transmit a true 1080p signal. And as such, no cable or satellite provider will be able to transmit anything higher than 1080i without overhauling their entire setup.

      I work in an HD production house, and even in the professional world a single core cable cannot transmit a 1080p signal, it is too much bandwidth for the cable to be able to handle. We utilize a dual cable system to be able to do it, but no cable or satellite companies use anything like that. The companies that claim to be able to show 1080p are not showing true 1080p. What they do is lower the quality but keep the resolution, which results in an inferior product. Imagine if Coca-Cola started filling their 2 liter bottles half with coke and half with antifreeze. Sure it would still be a 2 liter drink, but it would not at all be the same quality.

      Stephen allow me to clarify my answer since you do not seem to understand.

      NO cable or satellite manufacture can send a true 1080p signal to an HDTV. Sure, you can download a PPV of 1080p but you CAN NOT watch it in realtime due to the bandwidth constraints of RG6 the standard in coaxial cable for cable and satellite companies. The best they can do is 1080i.

      "In the United States, 1080p over-the-air broadcasts still do not exist as of 2011; all major networks use either 720p60 or 1080i60 encoded with MPEG-2. However, satellite services (e.g. DirecTV, XstreamHD, and Dish Network) utilize the 1080p/24-30 format with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoding for pay-per-view movies that are downloaded in advance via satellite or on demand via broadband internet only. At this time, no pay service channel such as USA, HDNET, etc. nor premium movie channel such as HBO, etc., stream their services live to their distributors (MVPD) in this format because many MVPDs, especially DBS and cable, DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT BANDWIDTH to provide the format streaming live to their subscribers without negatively impacting their current services and because of the high "cost" of using more bandwidth for one 1080p/24 channel than what would be used for a 1080i or even a 720p channel and for only those relatively few subscribers who have HDTV devices that can display 1080p/24 as not being an efficient use of their LIMITED BANDWIDTH."

      Source -

      "Standard definition 480i DVD movies are typically 5 to 8 mbps (megabits per second) MPEG-2 whereas these so-called HD wannabes weigh in at a pathetic 1.5 to 4 mbps of 720p H.264"

      Source -

      "But there’s one dirty little secret that people are forgetting or that they don’t understand, IT’S NOT HD they’re getting over the Internet. Heck it’s not even NTSC 480i (720×480 60 fields interlaced) DVD quality when you really look at the amount of video data you’re getting!"

      Source -

      "'But are they Blu-ray quality?," 'he Times asks of the Dish and DIRECTV movies. 'Resolution is not the only factor that determines picture quality. Another is bit rate, the number of bits per second that are being transmitted down the pipe to consumers...Bit rate is a subject that the cable and satellite providers never discuss, but anyone who watches the various services can see that some channels are considerably softer looking than others.'

      The Times quotes well-known TV engineer Pete Putman as saying that CBS now offers the high bit rate over the air with 17 megabits per second for its high-def programs; and that's for 1080i, not 1080p. But Putman says he believes both Dish and DIRECTV are transmitting high-def programming at around 6-8 megabits per seconds.

      Consequently, Putnam is dubious that the satcasters have the bandwidth to increase their bit rate to offer true 1080p video."

      Source -

      If you spend the time to read the articles above, you will see that nothing has changed in the last few years. DirecTV, Dish Network, and all the others are offering 1080p video at a quality lower than DVD. As such it is NOT true 1080p, which their current setups can not handle. The only connections which could possibly offer true 1080p would be the FiOS fiber optic system. Which to my understanding while they have the ability, they have not done so yet. What you have provided as a source is a marketing gimmick which you, like many others, have fallen for.There is a reason that Blu-ray players do not connect to a HDTV using a RG6 coaxial cable.

      Please do your research before you wrongly correct me.

    I want to use my PC as a DVR?
    I want to use my Windows XP Media Center PC as a DVR, and then watch the DVRed content on my HDTV. I have:
    - DirecTV for TV
    - Comcast for internet (not sure if this or the above matter, but ya never know...)
    - 2 PCI slots, 1 PCIe slot
    - Lots of internal and external hard drive space
    - Full specs:

    I know I need a TV tuner (preferably a dual tuner) and some other equipment to do this. My PC and TV are not in the same room currently. Can I record in HD on my PC and use an Xbox 360, or another similar HD device, to stream content to my TV? Which tuners are best? What other hardware do I need? How should I set it all up? Thanks for any and all advice on this.

    • ANSWER:
      I use the Hauppauge WinTV PVR series & thet are flawless !

      (dual tuner model)

      All you need to stream to your TV with Media Center is along enough S-Video cable & a video card with TV out.

      I found this setup so easy & covnenient that my Media Center PC is now in the living room.
      I can program 2 weeks ahead & as many TV shows or movies as I like with Media Center's free TV guide's just incredible how much it can will be hooked !

      I then use VideoReDo Plus to edit out the commercials & recode the DVR-MS files generarted by Media Center to MPEG so that Nero will recognize them & burn them onto DVD.

      I also keep dozens of movies on the hard drive for easy access on my TV with the Hauppage Remote control....not to mention all my CD music is on the PC as well (over 10,000 songs accessible via Media Center on my bigscreen TV.

      Don't compromise ... go with the Hauppage & you will not be disappointed.

      Philip T

    netflix or keep directv?
    or here my situation.. i currently have directv and paying about 80 dollars a month.. we have a 60 in. hdtv and have hd channels... we watch tv but not too much... i also have a ps3 and play a lot... i got the 2 weeks for free on netflix and currently stream movies through the ps3 and have 3 movies sent to me.. thats about 21 dollars... i can only keep one. whats ur opinion? thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I was a Netflix subscriber for a year and thought it was great--never ran out of good movies. I thought the selection was better than what I'm getting now from my expensive cable HD service.

      If you're in an area with good over-the-air (OTA) reception and have or are willing to get a very good antenna, that's really all you need (based on your TV habits described above). I have an OTA installation in addition to cable, and the HD on the OTA channels is outstanding.

      In your circumstance, I'd drop DirecTV like a hot rock if OTA is a viable alternative.

      PS: if you're considering an antenna and don't have one now, don't get suckered by all those claims for "HD" or "digital" indoor antennas. Digital TV requires a *really good* antenna, and that almost always means a full size outdoor model, above the roofline, and on a rotor if your local stations are in different directions.

    get netflix or keep directv???????
    or here my situation.. i currently have directv and paying about 80 dollars a month.. we have a 60 in. hdtv and have hd channels... we watch tv but not too much... i also have a ps3 and play a lot... i got the 2 weeks for free on netflix and currently stream movies through the ps3 and have 3 movies sent to me.. thats about 21 dollars... i can only keep one. whats ur opinion? thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix. I don't have cable or even watch TV via the television anymore. I use Netflix and (which is also legal and free.)

    Does the instant movie (streaming) portion of Netflix EVER get new movies?
    I've been watching the same crap for months.
    Yes, I watch TV shows all the time. It's the only thing good since the shows usually have seasons & many episodes to watch but the movies... omg there is nothing. & never anything new.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they do actually add content to Netflix streaming pretty regularly...they just don't add much at any one time and not very many are "new releases". There are a couple of websites that will keep you updated on what movies/shows are supposed to be added to stream in the near future, and some will tell you what is about to be taken off of streaming so you don't miss your chance. I find these sites pretty helpful, and I posted links to them below. Check out the movies/shows that are coming in the next month or so and you'll find a bunch of good movies you've heard of (and maybe already seen) whether you want to watch them or not is up to you, but at least they are trying. Most are several years old now (like I said actual "new releases" are pretty few and far between for streaming), but they do have some pretty good ones coming out for streaming all the time.

      Netflix doesn't suck as long as you are realistic with what you expect from it. If you expect to be able to instantly stream all the new movies that just came out and not pay for each one...then you are going to be disappointed. NO ONE OFFERS THAT LEGALLY. Sure you can do that on potlucker or whatever ILLEGAL download site you want (which, by the way, means that you are breaking the law and that the studio who made the film doesn't make any money off of you watching it...several studios are having a hard time financially already so people who do that are just adding to the problem. How are you going to download free illegal movies when the studios go out of businesss? Hows that gonna work???) To legally stream new releases on sites like Amazon, Vudu, etc. its gonna cost you - PER MOVIE to stream them because the studio has to get its cut. Netflix doesn't even try to offer this service because they'd have to raise their subscription rates astronomically to be able pay for all those new releases.

      Netflix has decided to set up its business model based on being able to stream mostly TV shows and older movies (that they can get the rights to more cheaply). As long as you realize that going in Netflix is actually a pretty good value. First of all, for a month you get access to ALL the instant streaming content they have (movies & TV episodes)...try renting all of the seasons/episodes of CSI: Miami or Law and Order (at least the first 8 seasons or so), for instance, and see what it ends up costing you, plus you have to worry about returning all the discs on time/late fees, etc. Or try buying the complete series on DVD/Bluray...see how much that is! That's just a couple of the many TV shows that are available 24/7 for you to watch for just the price of admission (ie the /month). Then add to that all the movie content that's available if you don't mind that most of them won't be new releases. Netflix still offers the MOST streaming content of anyone out there...more than Amazon Prime, HULU, etc. and you do get an occasional (relatively) new release. So if you compare apples to apples, Netflix beats its competition in what's available.

      If you want new release movies, for another /month ( total) you can still add the dvd rental option where they send you the disc in the mail. Just about any movie (new or old) you might want is available that way. If you rent alot of movies, you can quickly wrap up way more than that in rental fees elsewhere, and Netflix doesn't charge you late fees so you can keep the discs as long as you want. So, for a month you get 24/7 access to the streaming content, plus rental dvds for the new releases/stuff not available on streaming.

      Btw, I used to have DirecTv. After the 2 year "special pricing for new subscribers" ran out, I was paying -90 a month. Sure, I had lots of channels but there were lots of times when NOTHING WAS ON any of them. So, I was paying a lot more and still renting movies all the time for entertainment. Now we mostly just watch TV shows and movies on Netflix plus have a rental disc delivered pretty frequently and it costs me /month. Thats a savings of /month (4/year) minimum whether "Netflix sucks" depends on how you look at it. 😉

    Who has the best and cheapest cable?
    Direct tv.... Comcast.... network

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Sassie,

      I work with DISH Network so I am a bit partial, but I can definitely highlight some of the general points of our service.

      We do offer the lowest pricing in the Pay TV industry with 5 packages under for the first 12 months of service. We also have the BlockBuster Movie Pass which is and provides you with over 20 channels specific to that package along with 1 disc from Blockbuster and streaming on certain receiver models.

      For our new customers we offer the BlockBuster Movie Pass free for up to a year depending on the package you choose along with a Sling Adapter free after rebate. A Sling Adapter allows you to stream your live TV to an internet connected device like a laptop or computer, and some mobile phone and tablet models so you can watch TV while you're not even at home! DirecTV has a similar device called the NOMAD; however it has to download the shows before it can show them instead of the live streaming we offer.

      If you have any questions let me know!

      Tommy Faust
      DISH Internet Response Team

    what does the australian rupert murdoch own?

    • ANSWER:
      He is chairman of News Corp., which controls


      Imprints, primarily under the HarperCollins umbrella, include -

      Cliff Street Books
      The Ecco Press
      Regan Books
      Amistad Press
      William Morrow
      Fourth Estate
      Access Travel
      William Morrow Cookbooks
      Branded Books Program
      HarperCollins Children's Books
      Greenwillow Books
      Joanna Cotler Books
      Laura Geringer Books
      HarperCollins International

      terrestrial broadcast, cable & satellite

      United States

      Fox Broadcasting Company (discussed in a supplementary note elsewhere on this site)
      85% of Fox Entertainment Group Inc which includes ...
      Fox SportsWNVW - New York City
      KTTV - Los Angeles
      WFLD - Chicago
      WTXF - Philadelphia
      WFXT - Boston
      WTTG - Washington D.C
      KDFW - Dallas
      WJBK - Detroit
      WAGA - Atlanta
      KRIV - Houston
      WJW - Cleveland
      WTVT - Tampa
      KSAZ - Phoenix
      KDVR - Denver
      KTVI - St Louis
      WITI - Milwaukee
      WOFL - Orlando
      WOGX - Ocala
      WDAF - Kansas City
      KSTU - Salt Lake City
      WHBQ - Memphis
      WGHP - Greensboro
      WBRC - Birmingham
      WPR - Chicago
      KTBC - Austin
      KVC - Austin Fox Sports Net
      Fox Sports South
      Fox Sports Pittsburgh
      Fox Sports Southeast
      Fox Sports Midwest
      Fox Sports Rocky Mountain
      Fox Sports Arizona
      Fox Sports Northwest
      Fox Sports West
      Fox Sports Detroit
      Fox Sports Bay Area (with Rainbow Media Holdings)
      Fox Sports Chicago (with Rainbow Media Holdings)
      Fox Sports Cincinnati
      Fox Sports Intermountain West
      Fox Sports New England (with Rainbow Media)
      Fox Sports New York (with Rainbow Media)
      Fox Sports Ohio (with Rainbow Media)
      Fox Sports Southwest (with Rainbow Media)
      Madison Square Garden Network (with Rainbow Media)
      FiT TV
      The Health Network
      Fox Sports World
      National Geographic's cable channel (50% with GE and National Geographic)
      Golf Channel (33%)
      The Family Channel
      MTM Entertainment
      Fox News Channel
      Outdoor Life (34%)
      Speedvision (34%)
      TV Guide Channel (44% with Liberty Media)
      34% of Hughes Electronics (satellite broadcaster DIRECTV with over 11 million subscribers in the US, 81% equity in satellite operator PanAmSat, and Hughes Network Systems)

      United Kingdom

      British Sky Broadcasting (40% - Vivendi may dispose of 24.5% of BSkyB)
      Music Choice Europe (49%)
      QVC (20%)
      Sky Multi-Channels (over 40 channels, including the following in which BSkyB has an economic interest)
      - .tv
      - National Geographic Channel UK (50%)
      - Paramount Channel (25%)
      - Sky One
      - Sky News
      - Sky Soap
      - Sky Travel
      - The Computer Channel
      - Nickelodeon UK (50%, with Viacom)
      - The History Channel (50%)
      - Sky Scottish (50%)
      - Granada Sky Broadcasting (40%) - with Granada
      - Granada Plus
      - Granada Talk TV
      - Granada Men & Motors
      - Granada TV High Street
      - Granada Food & Wine
      - Granada Health & Beauty
      - Granada Home and Garden
      - Fox Kids
      - Premium Channels
      - Sky Movies
      - The Movie Channel
      - Sky Sports
      - Sky Movies Gold
      - Sky Sports 2
      - Sky Sports 3


      TM3 (66%)
      Premiere World - 24% (owned through BSkyB)


      13% of Breton cable tv group TV Breizh (Berlusconi's Mediaset has 13%)


      Sky Italia (inc Telepiu and Stream) pay tv operation


      FOXTEL (25%) - with Packer (25%) and Telstra
      - Arena (50%)
      - Channel V (50%)
      - FOX
      - FOX History
      - FOX Soap
      - FOX Talk
      - FOX Travel
      - FOXTEL Weather
      - FX
      - Nickelodeon (25%)
      - Sky News Australia (33.3%)
      - UK TV (60%)
      - Fox Sports
      - The Comedy Channel (80%)


      Star TV
      - STAR Chinese
      - STAR Plus
      - STAR Movies
      - STAR Plus Japan
      - STAR Movies South
      - ESPN STAR Sports (50%)
      - STAR Sports
      - Channel V (50%)
      - Viva Cinema (50%)
      Phoenix Satellite TV (17.6%)
      - Phoenix Chinese


      minor stake in CTV Sportsnet


      Asia Today (50%)
      ZEE TV
      - EL TV
      - ZEE Cinema
      Siti Cable Network (50%)


      Stream (minority stake)


      Indiovision (46%)
      Film Indonesia (50%)


      News Broadcasting Japan (80%)
      SkyPerfect TV (11%)

      Latin America

      Canal Fox
      Fox Sports Americas (owned by Fox/Liberty Media)
      Fox Kids
      Telecine (12.5%)
      CineCanal (21.5%)
      Sky Latin America DTH Platform
      - Innova (30%) - with Televisa
      - NetSat (36%)
      - Latin America (30%)

      Magazines & Inserts

      North America

      TV Guide (partial)
      TV Total
      Cable Guide
      The Weekly Standard
      Maximum Golf
      In Store
      In Store (Canada)
      FSI (Canada)


      Nursery World - sold to Exponent Private Equity October 2005


      Pacific Islands Monthly

      Film Production & Distribution

      Twentieth Century Fox
      Fox Filmed Entertainment
      Fox 2000
      Fox Searchlight
      Fox Family Films
      Fox Animation Studios
      Twentieth Century Fox Home
      Twentieth Century Fox TV
      Fox Studios Australia


      News claims to be the world's leading publisher of English-language newspapers, with over 175 titles in the UK, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the US. It employs around 15,000 people worldwide, printing more than 40 million copies a week.

      United States

      New York Post

      United Kingdom

      The Times
      Times Literary Supplement
      The Sunday Times
      The Sun
      News of the World
      Times Education (inc Times Education Supplement and Higher Education Supplement) - sold to Exponent Private Equity September 2005


      The Australian
      The Weekend Australian
      The Daily Telegraph
      The Sunday Telegraph
      Herald Sun
      Sunday Herald Sun
      The Weekly Times
      The Courier Mail
      The Sunday Mail
      Gold Coast Bulletin
      Adelaide Advertiser
      Cumberland Newspaper Group (20 titles in Sydney suburbs)
      Leader Newspaper Group (30 titles in Melbourne suburbs)
      Cairns Post Group (42%)
      North Queensland Newspaper Group
      Townsville Bulletin
      Quest Community Newspapers (17 titles in Brisbane suburbs)
      Northern Territory News
      Sunday Territorian
      Centralian Advocate
      The Suburban
      The Mercury
      The Sunday Tasmanian
      Tasmanian Country
      Treasure Islander
      Derwent Valley Gazette
      Sunday Mail
      Messenger Press Group
      Sunday Times (Perth)


      The Fiji Times
      Nai Lalakei (Fijian)
      Shanti Dut (Hindi )

      Papua New Guinea

      Post Courier (63%)


      New York Knicks (20% stake through partnership with Cablevision)
      New York Rangers (20% stake through partnership with Cablevision)
      Los Angeles Kings (NHL, 40% option)
      Los Angeles Lakes (NBA, 9.8% option)
      Staples Center (40% owned by Fox/Liberty)
      National Rugby League Championship (50%) - Australian football


      Analog and digital radio holdings include -

      Sky Radio (71%)
      Fox Sports Radio Network
      Sky Radio Sweden (28%)
      TALKCO (20%)
      Radio Veronica (42%) - Netherlands
      Sky Radio Denmark
      Sky Radio Germany
      Sky Radio Netherlands
      ClassicFM - Netherlands
      technology and multimedia

      Technology and interactive holdings include -

      NDS (formerly News Digital Services)
      SiVenture - UK-based smartcard consultancy
      News Advanced Technologies
      News America Digital Publishing
      News America New Media
      News Internet Services
      Healtheon/WebMD (11%) (partial stake with New York Times) (46%)
      iSyndicate (partial stake with Scripps, NBC, InfoSpace, Vignette, and Microsoft)
      News Digital Systems (UK)
      Line One (33%)
      Sportal (5% through BSkyB)
      Orbis - interactive gambling software
      News Interactive (Aust) - including, CareerOne, AustralianIT, FOX SPORTS, CARSguide and
      PDN Xinren Information Technology (50%)


      News has minor recording interests, centred in Australia -

      Mushroom Records
      Festival Records
      outdoor advertising

      News Outdoor Group (NOG), established in 1999 and headquartered in Moscow, includes -

      News Outdoor Bulgaria
      News Outdoor Czech Republic
      News Outdoor Poland (Town & City)
      News Outdoor Romania
      News Outdoor Russia
      Kamera (Turkey)
      News Outdoor Ukraine
      NOG is concerned with billboards, advertising on street furniture and bus shelters, airport transit advertising and in-store point of sale displays.


      Other holdings include -

      Broadsystem - customer relationship management services (UK and Australia), one of the UK's top five telemarketing agencies
      News Optimus - (formerly Broadsystem Ventures) telephony and telemarketing services
      SmartSource Marketing - direct mail and in-store advertising, promotions and merchandising programs in Australia and New Zealand
      NewsMarketing - direct mail and in-store advertising, promotions and merchandising programs in Canada
      New America Marketing - direct mail and in-store advertising, promotions and merchandising programs in US
      Convoys Group - UK newspaper distribution
      PLD Telekon (38%) - Indonesia
      Newspoll (50%) - opinion polling

    Are full, current episodes of "American Idol" available online?
    I'm thinking of ditching DirecTV and going with a Roku box or similar device and streaming TV shows and movies to my TV via the Web and services like Netflix and Hulu. So I'm trying to figure out which, of the current shows I watch, are available online. I can't find American Idol anywhere. Is it not available online?
    Thanks for the answers so far. I believe the person who said that they're not legally available is correct. And I don't trust the sites that have been shared. How can we know if those sites are legit and safe?

    • ANSWER:
      not legally-

      from the FoX TV website:

      "AMERICAN IDOL and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE are never posted - due to music rights issues."

      in other words when a song is used on a tv show or movie they have to Pay for the rights to the song
      -the channel/network would have to Pay Again for official online viewings

    getting Netflix instant movies on TV?
    I just signed up for Netflix and would love to watch it on my TV. I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HDC DVR (via Timewarner)...i also have Wifi... After looking around I think that I may need something more...what is my best option? or maybe going back to DirecTV w/ Tivo is my best bet....thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The DirectTV with Tivo won't do it - they are pretty crippled as far as extra functionality goes. Only the HD TiVo units do Netflix streaming. Your best bet is probably the Roku box at , unless you're in the market for one of the other devices that another poster referenced.

    Direct TV - to - Computer - to - iTunes?
    I have heard and found info recently that you can get your TiVo’d items from your TiVo box to your computer, at which point you can save or convert the program/movie to format your iPod.

    I have Direct TV and I am wondering if I am able to do the same kind of thing easily? I have found a few older movies on TV that I can’t find anywhere else and I would love to save them and keep them on my ipod. Is this possible?

    If so, can someone please tell me the steps I need to do to make this work?

    Also, once moved onto the computer – is there a way to get rid of the commercials?

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

    • ANSWER:
      Directv receivers do not allow this. You can stream video to your computer display to watch it, but you can not save video to a computer (or iPod) because if you could, everyone knows copyrighted shows would be shared all over the internet.

      TIVO brand DVRs do allow files to be copied to computers. You have to use their software to do this.

    DirecTV on demmand.. pointless?
    why do all the good movies cost money?

    • ANSWER:
      Because that's how the companies make money. Join Netflix and get movies streamed to your pc or tv and one movie at a time for around a month. a lot cheaper than movies on demand

    Roku v. Direct TV v. Verizon?
    I'm cancelling Comcast b/c I'm tired of continuing to fund their business. I'm going to have Verizon internet installed (Fios is not available in my area, if that matters)...but now I have to decide between Roku or Direct TV (or do I 'bundle' through Verizon?) Most watched channels: Food Network, History, TLC, Discovery, Bravo, Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS/NECN.... I don't know if I'd get all the shows we watch (well, DVR and then watch, which is why we thought Roku would be a good option)...but if what I'm reading is right each channel may not offer the complete line up through Roku.

    So then do I go w/Direct TV? It seems like a decent option - price is competitive but I could 'bundle' as a new customer through Verizon and it'd be about the same as Verizon internet and Direct TV a la carte. Then w/all the 'rebate' stuff - do you actually get the advertised price or do they screw you anyway?

    I have four days until my Comcast is up... advice is appreciated!
    And I understand Roku isn't live cable - but we currently watch 90% of shows from the DVR programming, days/weeks later. So I thought Roku/Hulu might be a good alternative.

    • ANSWER:
      Roku is not cable TV. Roku is a device with apps that have paid subscriptions to stream movies and TV shows. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, Cinemanow, Amazon, etc. You can't watch live TV on it. It's all pre-recorded older shows and movies. So it's not an alternative to cable. For cable I would suggest DirecTV.

      When you use the DVR it's to record live shows and watch them later. Roku does not do this. It does not record live shows. It's OLDER shows and movies. Best thing to do is go to the websites for Hulu, Netflix, & Amazon and check out the titles available

    I Need Help With Apple Products and Other Electronics?
    I have several questions about some apple products and other electronics. I am very new and inexperienced with all of this. First of all I have an Ipod touch, Ipad and I have ordered the iPhone 4s. Overall I would like to hook all my stuff up together. I want to get a new tv, anywhere from 27in-32in, The Apple TV and either an iMac or Macbook Pro. I also have an xbox 360 and a ps3. i would like if i could play everything through my tv except the computer but somebody told me you can play music and movies from your computer onto Your tv through the apple tv (not sure how to though). I have also heard you need certain apps on the iphone, ipod and ipad. Oh and i will have directv on the tv im getting if that makes a difference. I guess what im asking is:
    1. What Tv should i get that will have enough ports for all the devices (Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, Directv)?
    2. What Computer should i get?
    3. What Apps will i need?
    4. What is the best way to go about doing this?
    5. If you have something set up like what im talking about let me know how you did it.
    Any other advice you have or things i might have forgotten would be helpfull too. I am open to suggestions so just let me know what you think. Again I am very new to this stuff so the more detail you can provide the better (websites, videos, personal experience etc..).
    Thanks again.

    One more thing, i have seen people with external hard drives where they can save movies and tv shows from like dvr? how does this work and how do you do it.

    • ANSWER:
      With all due respect, you have a wonderful opportunity in front of you. To read and understand just what all the Apple stuff you have can do. Its a big task to explain to someone who may not know the capabilities of each device. This would be your first step. Secondly, if it is all recent you should be able to access Apple customer care. It is excellent, they can hold your hand and walk you through the hook up and explain everything and then some. Last but not least, make sure you are clear on the point of putting all of this together. Is it to entertain guests? Is it for school and you are a journalism major? Is it something to tinker and play with? Answering questions like these assures the end user the best experiences their hard earned money can afford through Apple. You have a stellar set of options, and I am sure you will be very happy for years to come. Be sure to read and study.

      The link to all of your pieces would be the Apple Airport. All you do is plug it into the wall, plug in a cord at the top, link it to your computer and you will be able to stream audio in as many as 3-5 different locations if my memory serves me right. If you choose the Mac Mini this would be your best option, it can be hooked up to your choice of computer monitor or flat screen tv with a wireless key board, then look at you! The Mac Mini can serve as the hub for audio and video.
      As far as your questions about apps, choose wisely and carefully. Some Apps are not all they are cracked up to be. Again, see what capabilities you already have baked into your devices, then maximize what is possible, as a result add apps accordingly.

      Take your time and enjoy.


    Netflix for Xbox 360?
    anyone use this feature? i just wanted to know the details, i pay 9 bucks a month get unlimited movies? like the new hot release movies? i dont really want Old crappy movies! is that what when you can have one movie mailed to you? thats the new release and the rest is unlimited crappy ones?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a variety of Movies available on Netflix. Movies ranging from the years 1940-2010. I had DirecTV and canceled it due to Netflix. I love it, and right know im watching Law and Order via my Xbox on my 42" Plasma. Its AWESOME. Take a look on the netflix website under the Instantly Watch Know List. There are millions of Movies/TV Shows available for streaming via your Xbox.

      Good Luck

    What kind of channels are available on FTA Receivers and how does it compare to DirecTV Service?
    I have been a DirecTv subscriber for years, but am tired of the lack of quality service they provide and hate the lock in deals you must agree to in order to stay up to date in equipment. I heard of FTA (free to Air) receivers and wonder what they offer in programming. I have heard of some people that say they are still pirating Dish Network, but haven't the desire / knowledge to do that. Besides if the FTA is actually free and legal it seems to be the way to go, but I still would like to get some of the featured extra pay channels of DirecTV. But with todays economy free might negate the need for total selection. Your advise is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend skipping the whole satellite experience all together. If you're looking to save money and not have to deal with contracts and other BS, try streaming media. It's the newest thing, and it's incredible. Lotsa HD and movies and stuff. Entire seasons of like 100's of shows. Since I got it, I hardly ever watch regular TV. I'm actually thinking of cancelling my satellite service and just rolling with Netflix, VUDU, and Hulu Plus for streaming content. So much cheaper and all ya need are cheap boxes in every room and high-speed internet. The boxes are even wireless. I personally have 3 Roku's, but there are other nice options. I'm thinking of getting a Boxee because it has a built in web browser. Check out the site below for more info if you're interested.

    Direct TV or Dish Network?
    Which one is better and more importantly why!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey dfwteddybear,

      I work with DISH Network so I am a bit partial, but I would be happy to provide more information on the general points of our service for you.

      We do offer cheaper packages for you the same channels as with DirecTV, but in addition to those packages we have other special premiums to provide additional features. One of the bigger ones is our Blockbuster Movie Pass. It's only a month and provides you with 20 bonus channels, and allows you to receive one disc from Blockbuster at a time through the mail; which can be returned to receive the next one on your que. It also allows you to stream movies straight to your PC, and your receiver with qualifying models.

      You also have an option to receive our Sling Adapter free with a rebate with our 722/722k models; this allows you to stream LIVE TV onto an internet connected device and some Smartphone models. DirecTV has equipment similar called the Nomad, but it downloads the shows to watch and doesn't provide the live streaming capabilities that our Sling has.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

      Tommy Faust
      DISH Network

    Apple TV questions anyone?
    I have a 2nd generation Apple TV that I won about a year or two ago & has been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I was thinking of selling it but before I do I wanted to know what Apple TV actually does. After a few minutes of research I have gotten a lot of info but not all my questions where answered so maybe someone here can. Ok so I know Apple TV is like an iTunes on your TV but with movies but is there anything free if not how much do subscriptions cost & last? I have Netflix so for 8 bucks a month if its any more then that why would I leave for an Apple TV? Also I heard it allows you to control your tv with your iPhone 4S now this is something I like but what does it control? Does t only control the Apple TV section or can you control channel changing on like normal directv stations? & my final question is that I can stream photos to my TV from my phone but what other things does the Apple TV let your iPhone do?

    • ANSWER:
      You can access most of your iTunes library, including video, music, podcasts, and photos. It can stream from the iTunes store as well, It can also access services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Also, it can Airplay from certain Apple devices.

      There is no subscription to use the Apple TV itself. You buy or rent content, or subscribe to a service such as Netflix, or put your own content into your iTunes library.

      Apple TV doesn't control your TV. You can control the Apple TV with your iDevice. Any other control of your entertainment system by an iDevice would be separate from the Apple TV.

    Tivo + Netflix + Directv with wireless network?
    I am recently moved to a new house (actually, it's a room) with no cable access, but wireless internet access is available. I want to try building my own home theater system with Tivo + Netflix + Directv with wireless network (for movies). Can I do that? How do I do that? Does TiVo still work in other country, such as Taiwan, if I bring the machine there (Taiwan also have TiVo system), I mean, does the machine need to be coded again (just like... bringing your own cell-phone to other country, after coded, your phone can use the country's sim card)...

    PS: I heard TiVo and Directv already renew their contract in 2010.

    • ANSWER:
      Save yourself some money and when you get direct tv, get the dvr. You have to have a dish installed and they will run a coax cable into your room. It can not be done wireless.

      In order to get Netflix, you have to connect your cpu to the tv to stream the movies.

      You can do it wireless, but you need to purchase a roku box, ps3 or a blu ray player that connects to the internet. Plus you need a Netflix account. This can be done wireless but you will have to purchase a wireless lan adapter for the blu ray player to pick up the signal for the modem

    Can anyone help me tell Directv to take their service and shove it?
    I am not a big TV addict. My watching is almost 99% local evening news and a movie. For many many years I have had to pay various satellite companies extremely high prices to get the stations I wanted. Their packages were filled with stations I would never watch. Basically I wanted my local Los Angeles stations and all of the movie channels. I did not want sports, shopping, gardening, religious and a host of other channels I had to pay for in order to get the channels I wanted.

    With the creation of Netflix I found it fit my movie needs perfectly and I dropped all of the movie channels from my satellite provider and am now paying for their basic package which includes my local stationsl. However it is still too much money for the evening news.

    Is there any website providing live streaming of the local Los Angeles channels. I have found two websites (free) and Satellite Direct ( one time) but they are not providing my news station. Can anyone recommend a website that might fit my needs? I would like to find a website that will provide up to the minute live broadcast not one that I can review dated videos.
    To Poui, I guess that will be the next step if I cannot find them on the internet. It has been years since I have received anything over the airwaves.

    • ANSWER:
      I have cable; it's all that we can have in the apartment complex where I live - no dishes allowed on the roof, etc. But it's a Monster company to deal with - would never recommend it to anyone.

      More to the point, my care-giver is very knowledgeable about such things, and is scheduled to come next Friday, day after tomorrow. I'll ask him if he has anything to recommend; and if he does, will edit on.

      EDIT: Friday morning - my care-gvier 'L"s recommendations:

      "There should be a direct web site to the news channel's stories; its a pretty standard thing now. But it's up to the station how up to date the streams are.

      Most update daily, and I see no reason while a major metropolotian news channel like that wouldnt have that capability: so try that.

      You also might try an "underground news" search. I find some of the news on there is "graphically" accurate; and hasnt been watered down by the corporate media - the TRUTH, the TRUTH, the TRUTH."

    How to get Video-out working on my laptop?
    Hello, I have an ASUS G50VT laptop with Nvidia GeForce 9800m GS graphics card. My laptop has DVI, VGA, and HDMI video out ports. The problem is (you may notice by my choice of laptop.) im too poor to afford a HDTV at the moment. So im stuck with a ton of CRT televisions. I have about 6 different CRT's in the house i can try this on. But what im trying to do is use a VGA to S-Video/ Yellow RCA adapter to achieve video out on my big screen so i can watch movie streams, and play games. Heck if i set this up i don't event need my DirecTV anymore.. But so far, im not getting spectacular results. I do believe this graphics card is video out capable, because why would a laptop have video-input ports? So I have the TV on video 1 (same as where s-video is plugged in.) and when I go to display settings on Win 7, and set it up as duplicating the display to the analog VGA, (or Extended display) it shows up but its all fuzziness, like the repeating lines of pixels black and white on the tv. Ive tried in all different resolutions. lowest i can go is 800x600. But i can see very very very distorted images of my desktop in the lines of the tv so i know its sending signal, just not correctly. The lowest my refresh rate can go is 60, all the way up to 90, i believe. That may be an issue im guessing? and my native resolution is 1368x766 so this laptop was made to be really only plugged into HD stuff im guessing, considering there isn't even a S Video port. But it seems like it should work.. Any ideas or recommendations? i have all those CRTs different dates and models i can test on too, if that makes a difference. (age wise) it would just be too cool for school to get it to video out on my TV, so i really hope you guys have some good news to throw at me.

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:

    Do you recommend Netflix?
    I have been using DirecTV for years because TV reception where I live is very bad. I'm still using my 7-year-old clunky TV (not the thin HD type TV) and reception is perfect. I'm very unhappy with the cost of DirectTV, however.

    I just ran across an article on the Internet about Netflix. I don't personally know anyone who subscribes to Netflix so I don't know anything about it. I need to find out how it works before I invest in an HD TV and a device to stream from Netflix. My understanding is that for .99 a month for the subscription I will get streaming TV. What is streamed? If I give up DirecTV I won't be getting any channels, like HBO, National Geographic, the History Channel, Animal Planet, right? Well, I really like watching those channels and many others. What about news shows like Anderson Cooper, Larry King (soon to be replaced by Piers Morgan), Nancy Grace, etc.? I really don't want to give them up. I don't watch espisodic shows like Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Hawaii 5-0, etc., and that seems to be a big part of what Netflix offers. I occasionally watch a movie.

    Please correct any wrong impressions I may have. I would really like to ditch DirecTV, if possible. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I've just started doing the Netflix streaming.

      1. It does not stream in HD. At least nothing I've streamed looked remotely even close to HD.

      2. You can watch movies and previously broadcast TV series, but certainly not everything. I just searched for the series, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Fringe and The Defenders, which are series on each of the big broadcast networks. None of them were available for streaming.

      3. If you want to watch streaming TV series, you will probably have much better luck streaming them off of

    Blu-Ray DVD player, or standard DVD player with 1080p upconverting?
    Blu-Ray players are coming down in price, and at Wal Mart there are a few models under 0. But, they also sell a few standard DVD players that claim to upconverty regular DVD's to full 1080p resoultion. These models sell for about to ..

    Question: Should I buy one of the cheaper ones? Or splurge on the Blu-Ray player? Unless prices come down, I don't intend on buying any Blu-Ray formatted discs. And I usually don't buy movies anyway. I typically get them from Netflix.

    Will standard DVD formatted disks go the way of the cassette tape, or will they still be produced for the forseeable future?

    I have a full 1080-p resolution television, and HDMI hookups.
    Great answers so far! Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      First of all....No DVD player will up-convert to full 1080p. End of story.

      Second...the Blu-ray player is the best and only way to watch a 1080p program since NO tv station or cable or Satellite company broadcasts in 1080p. The data stream is way to huge for a cable bundle to handle all HD in the 1080p format. So they are all encoding the digital signals to 1080i for the time being. Maybe a total fiber network can handle the bandwidth but nothing else will.

      HBO HD - 1080i
      Showtime HD - 1080i
      ESPN HD - 1080i (Sports are still shown in 720p)
      DirecTV - 1080i
      U-Verse - 1080i
      Fios - 1080i
      Time Warner - 1080i

      You need a Blu-ray player since you have a 1080p TV otherwise you should have bought a TV that max resolution is 1080i.

    Can you simply walk me through getting a new PC/Internet set up?
    I KNOW there are knowledgeable, helpful, decent people here willing to help out on a question like this, and I ask you to respond, I also know there are a lot of nasty tech heads who like to sneer at people who don't share their ideas on the place of technology in the individual life, and they can please just keep going and keep their abuse to themselves, thanks. I have a dinosaur of a PC, seven years old, and I'm using Office 2003 and a dial up connection. I know. I don't spend a great deal of time online, but would really like to download music and videos without it taking hours, I'd LOVE to be able to stream live concerts, I don't Facebook or any of that. I don't have a lot of money, and have a cell I use only for emergencies. I have DirecTV, but I don't want to lose Internet whenever it rains, don't let them fool you, you lose the signal and I live in a major metro area. I try to get information from the companies, but it's all a sales pitch, I don't want to hear about what it costs for the next 2 years, because I know what happens after two years. I enjoy the Internet, but I don't want or need it to be portable, just here at my desk on a PC, not a Mac. Any non-profane advice about an affordable, unlimited Internet connection, and do you think I should wait for Windows 8? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Your PC OS will not affect your internet speed. Most providers have several options to go with and what you want. Hardwired desktop is a lot better than going wifi so that is one plus you have. Most people are so hung up on being "detached" from a cord they do not realize howe much slower it is unless you pay big bucks for high speed routers. anyway...check with AT&T and see if they have DSL for you. If you stay around 1.5MB download you should be able to stream movies and music. Obviosuly the higher you go in speed the quicker the stuff comes down but your price will go up. Uverse(At&T) is the newer technology and you are look at having to have TV(Local channels only for ) and then the prince of the interent. Which is anywhere from 35-85. But you can also get cable for like ...I think we started out with HD cable and second from the bottom internet and we were paying a month. Since then I backed down to local channels(since we subscribe to netflix) and going to one of the higher internet speeds for what I do.

      But in the end you just need to get in touch with the providers in your area and ask them these what you can afford and go from there. Good luck.

    Why does Dish Network have so many problems?
    I just found out that the area I'm moving to doesn't offer Comcast, only Dish Network so we'll have to switch.

    We recently switched from DirecTV to Comcast.

    I didn't know much about Dish Network because DirecTV is bigger. But from what I'm learning I'm not liking.

    They seem to ALWAYS be having disputes with programming channels. Not wanting to pay this fee, taking away this channel, these channels.

    From what I'm reading it's like it's just a basic TV package and I shouldn't get use to ANY channels because next month they'll be in a dispute with another company and take away another 15 channels until contract negotiations are done.

    Are they REALLY this cheap? I just read about some big problems back in October 2010 and people being upset about them potentially taking away popular channels.

    I want to move but now I'm already dreading moving to this area because we HAVE to have Dish Network.

    I like Comcast better than DirecTV because with Infinity I got things I would have had to pay and extra, higher fee with DirecTv. The Starz channels (lots of them), on demand movies, multiple versions of different channels.

    Does Dish have an on demand like thing so if they have another problem with CBS and the company take away all they're channels while pressuring Dish to pay they're fees I can be happy watching movies that are already given to tide me over so I won't get PO'ed?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey NorthernLights,

      We do offer On Demand on our system. While it is not like Comcast's, we are constantly making improvements on it. With our service you would have access to DISH Online which allows you to stream shows to your computer based on what programming package you subscribe to including premiums.

      All companies negotiate with channel providers for the rights to broadcast. We negotiate dozen's of contracts every year, and while most are settled behind the scene's without event; some providers choose to demand high rate increases. If we agree to these unfavorable terms it would not only increase the package price, but also set the example for other providers to follow.

      It is frustrating when channel disputes arise, though we work hard to make sure the stations stay on during the dispute. Occasionally during these disputes broadcasters will pull their stations away, and hold the customers hostage to try and strong arm us into unfavorable terms for our customers.

      Tommy Faust
      DISH Network

    how to make a company like netflix but with games and internet radio?
    i want the people to be able to select shows and games but i dont want people to watch it online but i dont want a brodcasting tower is there a template online orcan you tell me where online free to learn this what i want is for it to be on asattelite company like dish, directv,comcast and i dont want the money i just want it to be on there please all for free 100% FREE i want to get the tv shows and movies i put on there to be from online websites

    • ANSWER:
      You have the money to pay for a streaming website and want to give people things free? That is what it would take. Plus you would have to compensate the radio stations, musicians and game companies. You need DEEP POCKETS. You might be able to get some money for ads.

    Why do you still have cable/satelite today and wouldn't you cancel?
    Im not here to bash on cable fans but im just interested to know. For me Ive finally realized that I dont need cable and Im about to cancel.Most for me its hype and a bandwagon even if Verizon Fios and Netflix are mostly popular I could care less. Netflix doesnt even have half of the classic movies I want to watch and they expect me to wait for a DVD,no thanks so I cancelled. A basic internet monthly service from Time Warner can still be the best even if so much bash Time Warner. Cable mostly like Dish,DirectTv,TiimeWarner, cause I have seen these channels through my friends/family, are all the same shit, boring repetitive, TNT, TBS CNN,USA,etc and I dont need to go over all the reality shows taking over every channel even "The Learning Channel",etc!

    Not only that I also have like 20 adverrtisement channels, are u serious and so much abundant music channels! All music u hear or movies watched in Netflix and more can just be streamed through the Internet so my question is and no offense why do I still see cable satelites on almost every house I walk pass by?? Even if u have to so muchhhhhh HBO channels for movies like whats the point of ABUNDANT channels when most of us are working out of our homes and no ones gonna watch every channel and keep track.But i guess there are sports/movies freaks and thats ok. Alright even if u are not working or are a housewife,etc then I think wouldnt u get bored sitting in front of a TV screen. Theres not that much great shows to watch on TV these days also. Again dont take offense but its my opinion for myself since I want to save more money and watch the same movies,shows, or music showed on cable through internet and also since I dont think that most shows are worth it on TV anymore and better new music is found on Internet. So what do u think and wouldnt u cancel or can u actually convince me not to canel lol and why?
    Cool great answers and I can understand the sports fans but again dont me wrong I was watching everything from sports,movies back then but I think that has changed now. Same thing for kids, even if there I had kids I would still use the internet. I like sports but I dont have a team to root for so even if it was for that 20% of good things now on TV i rather save. Streaming on the internet is the way to go.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you answered your own question. It is all about opinion and personal preference. We have DirecTV because we like some of the channels and shows you mentioned. For my household it's great becuase, there are kids channels that are great for the little ones to watch. With over the air TV kids programs are few and far between.

      It is all about personal choice. Some don't like TV because they think it promotes laziness. Others just aren't interested in what's on. And there are those that love just about anything they see on TV.

    would switching to just netflix be a good idea?
    okay so right now my family has time warner cable. and to be honest im sick of their crappy service. so i was thinking to save money would it be a good idea to get rid of cable completely and pay 9 dollars a month for netflix? and maybe get hulu plus so i can also watch shows that maybe arent on netflix quite yet.
    also i would like to know how much of a delay is there from a show being aired as a new episode on cable then being put on netflix?
    how much of a delay between cable and hulu plus?
    i think this would be a good idea if it wasnt much of a delay between cable and the two and i would really only pay about twenty dollars a month rather then one hundred and fifty. PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.
    BTW These are my must need shows-pretty little liars,dance moms, the mentalist, bones,chopped,and pawn stars. also family guy and american dad. so if all of these are offered either through netflix or hulu plus that would be great to know!

    • ANSWER:
      The biggest problem dropping TV (cable, satellite...) is you lose immediate access to TV shows, news, and sports. (why the news stations haven't started streaming - even with ads - is beyond me...)

      Hulu (Plus) does carry recent episodes of TV shows - but not ALL TV shows. Most episodes show up 1 day or 1 week after the episode has aired on TV. Also, some episodes will only be available for a certain amount of time. After that, *poof* they're gone. My biggest complaint with Hulu is they contain ads. At least the free stuff does. I don't know if Hulu Plus gets rid of them or not. You can use your PC to check out for free, and see what shows of yours are or are not carried by them.

      Netflix only carries stuff that is on DVD. The upside of this is, they carry just about EVERYTHING that is on DVD (no porn). The downside is, as you know, DVDs don't come out until a few months AFTER the show or movie in question. So, say you want to watch the latest episode of Bones, for instance. You'll have to wait until the entire season has aired, and then the DVD boxset has been released. At this point Netflix will have it...but only as DVDs. Not all of Netflix's library is available for streaming. They have to get separate licenses for that, and sometimes the studios don't want to cooperate. So I would strongly recommend getting a Netflix subscription with at least the "one-at-a-time" DVD option. You'll still have unlimited access to their streaming library, as well as access to everything else they can't stream.

      Some shows are also available on their network's website. For instance, FOX offers the last episode of most of their shows for a few days after they air it, for free on you PC. Unfortunately these sites don't work with streaming devices like Roku or your game console.

      Even combining all of these some shows still won't be available - like Chopped or Pawn Stars. The gap is closing but we're not quite there yet...

      If possible, have you considered Dish Network or DirecTV? Even Dish Network's smaller packages should provide you with the channels you want, for way less than what you're paying for cable TV. Their packages include your local networks, and all HD channels.

    What Is HDMI?

    • ANSWER:
      The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an all-digital audio/video interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. HDMI is compatible with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Digital Rights Management technology. HDMI provides an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source, such as a set-top box, a DVD player, a PC, a video game console, or an AV receiver and a compatible digital audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV). In 2006, HDMI began to appear as a feature on prosumer HDTV camcorders and even high-end digital still cameras

      It is a modern replacement for older analogue standards such as RF - coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, SCART, component video and VGA connector, and the consumer electronics replacement for older digital standards such as DVI (DVI-D & DVI-I). In the computer world, HDMI is already found on many peripherals and a few newer video cards, with adoption rapidly increasing

      HDMI supports any TV or PC video format, including standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. It is independent of the various DTV standards such as ATSC, and DVB (-T,-S,-C), as these are encapsulations of the MPEG movie data streams, which are passed off to a decoder, and output as uncompressed video data on HDMI. HDMI encodes the video data into TMDS for transmission digitally over HDMI.

      Devices are manufactured to adhere to various versions of the specification, where each version is given a number, such as 1.0 or 1.3. Each concurrent version of the specification uses the same cables, but increases the throughput and/or capabilities of what can be transmitted over the cable. For example, previously, the maximum pixel clock rate of the interface was 165MHz, sufficient for supporting 1080p at 60Hz or WUXGA (1920x1200), but HDMI 1.3 increased that to 340MHz, providing support for WQXGA (2560x1600) and beyond across a single digital link. See the Versions section for details.

      HDMI also includes support for 8-channel uncompressed digital audio at 192kHz sample rate with 24 bits/sample as well as any compressed stream such as Dolby Digital, or DTS. HDMI supports up to 8 channels of one-bit audio, such as that used on Super Audio CDs at rates up to 4x that used by SuperAudio CD. With version 1.3, HDMI now also supports lossless compressed streams such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

      HDMI is backward-compatible with the single-link Digital Visual Interface carrying digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A) used on modern computer monitors and graphics cards. This means that a DVI-D source can drive an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, by means of a suitable adapter or cable, but the audio and remote control features of HDMI will not be available. Additionally, without support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) on the display, the signal source may prevent the end user from viewing or recording certain restricted content. (While all HDMI displays currently support HDCP, most DVI PC-style displays do not.)

      The HDMI Founders include consumer electronics manufacturers Hitachi, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic/National/Quasar), Philips, Sony, Thomson (RCA), Toshiba, and Silicon Image. Digital Content Protection, LLC (a subsidiary of Intel) is providing HDCP for HDMI. In addition, HDMI has the support of major motion picture producers Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., and Disney, and system operators DirecTV and EchoStar (Dish Network) as well as CableLabs and Samsung.

      HDMI defines the protocol and electrical specifications for the signaling, as well as the pin-out, electrical and mechanical requirements of the cable and connectors

      For more information go to

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