Streaming Movies To Tv From Ipad

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the quality of streaming a neflix movie from iPad to a full HD TV?
    Just wondering how good the quality would be if I wanted to stream a netflix movie on my iPad and display it on a full HD TV via HDMI cable. Thanks for all feedback!
    (Assume that the video is full HD as well).

    • ANSWER:
      Quality depends on broadband speed.

      The higher the speed, the better the quality.

    How to connect ipad 4 to tv and stream movies?
    What leads do I need to connect ipad4 to tv and watch movies I have downloaded

    • ANSWER:
      Two ways, with equal results.

      1:The Lightning HDMI adapter.

      2:An Apple TV.

      Both use Airplay to stream from the iPad screen/media to the adapter/Apple TV.

    Does the iPad have external speakers, and can you also plug headphones into it?
    I've been thinking about getting an iPad. I was wondering if it had any sort of external speakers (or like the iPhone, doesn't, but still can project sound)? And also if you can plug a regular headphone jack into it. It seems like it would be pretty thin (I've never used an iPad) so it seems kind of like regular headphones wouldn't be able to plug into it.
    How is it not portable? It looks super portable.

    • ANSWER:
      DANNY never got an iPad he is just a frustrated guy.He said he paid 15% restocking fees but restocking fees for iPad return is 10%.

      Now coming to the question:

      Yes it has built in speakers which is pretty decent. It also has headphone jack. I got a headphone splitter so two people can put earphones on.

      Headphone jack is regular and any headphone/earbud will work so no worries and yes it's very thin and I love my iPad to death. you can watch almost every TV show online for free. And watch movies free online or you can also stream movie from Netflix.

      It iPad version of MS Office which is amazing.

      Don't forget to get iPad case coz case gives you an angle that makes typing a pleasure. It also works as stand to watch videos.

    Which makes more sense for me 32g or 64g Ipad?
    What I do with it is I check my emails, surf the web and stream movies. I don't download movies and take very few pictures. Whatever pictures I take does not stay on the system to long since I would be transferring it to my main computer and save it on a disk. I have a netbook now and I don't use it to its full capacity and it has a 32G. I would like some advice from people who already have an Ipad.

    • ANSWER:
      Short Answer: 16GB makes more sense.

      I have a 32GB iPad 2 Wifi Only and I've had over 15 GB left of storage before downloading movies onto it, which I didn't even watch. I basically wasted 100 bucks for nothing.

      If you're going to transfer photos after a short while, then I would suggest the 16GB variant. Photos never reach that 32GB storage unless it's in it's around 4,000 to 5,000.
      If you're going to download a few movies and tv shows, Definitely go for the 32GB one, if you change your mine and download a bunch, 64GB is a must!

      But for your current question: 16GB model.

    What are the best accessories to go with my 64g wifi Ipad?
    I've just ordered my Ipad and am wondering what bits and bobs I might need to take full advantage of it.

    • ANSWER:
      Must haves:

      Apple IPad case: it doesn't only protect the device but also it gives a perfect angle for typing and watching video. With apple case on, I can type faster on iPad than i do on any laptop.
      Other case may look more attractive but none of them does what Apple case can do.

      Camera Kit: Just for you get two dongles that allow you to connect your digital camera and memory card directly to iPad to transfer photos and videos. You can even attach memory card hub and put different kind of memory cards.

      iPad Bag: there are many light and super slim bags available in the market. Laptop bags are heavy and if bags are heavy then there is no point of carrying a light weight iPad. Carry laptop instead so I think light weight bag is a must have.
      I grabbed one from store Ross just for it's good enough to accommodate power cable,iPad,digital camera, some other dongles and cables ,headphones.

      You can also get blutooth keyboard from either Apple store or online if you want cheaper ones. But I won't suggest you to get apple dock I think Apple was sleeping when they made dock for iPad. The dock is totally useless and you can't use in landscape mode.

      But if you search online , there are docks available that lets you use the iPad on landscape mode and it also allow you to use external keyboard in landscape mode.

      You can buy Motorola Blutooth stereo headset.

      Now some apps:

      Abc Player
      We Rule -game
      N.O.V.A - game
      GoodReader- download video directly to device and upload document to google doc, dropbox,Box, save email attachments, browse the web while downloading video.

      Desktop:divide the screen ,on one side browse the Internet and on other side use calculator ,unit converter, translator,email or any other app with radio playing at background.

      Radio:it's a free and only radio app that works at background.

      IM lite: chat on google ,AOL,Twitter,FB or others and browse the Internet at the same time.

      Pages,Numbers,Keynote: .99 each .get them if you are into creating documents.
      I use them for my office work everyday.


      Contrary to common belief , iPad can stream full length movies and TV shows and it's better than any computer coz when you watch movies for free on computer , you get many pop ups and ad banners. You get none on iPad.

      For news:

      For movies:

      Tv shows: app Abc Player

    any device that lets me watch movies on my tv thru streaming?
    basically my mom loves to stream vietnamese movies from certain websites. thats all she does we've had laptops and comps but they're unreliable for us. i looked into roku as well as apple tv but those only allow youtube or hulu or other sites my mom only watches vietnamse films for certain websites. i considered ipad as well but does any1 know any good one.

    • ANSWER:
      NOT iPad.

      Most streaming services USE 'Flash' to stream the TV shows. The iPad DOES NOT support any 'Flash' streaming.

    what are the differences between the ipad and itouch?
    I've heard like ten times that the ipad is just an oversized touch, making it easier to click things and stuff. is there anything unique or difference compared to the touch because I like how the ipod touch is small and convenient..... what are some pros and cons between the two?

    • ANSWER:
      iPad does many things that iPod doesn't do.

      iPad streams video from many sites, iPod touch can stream from only a few.

      You can watch all the tv shows from ABC for free in HQ

      You can watch movies from Netflix using your existing or new account.

      Word document,spreadsheet andnpowerpoint presentation can be created on iPod touch but its too limited to be really useful.You can create very basic documents.

      But on iPad , real work can be done. I use iWork for my office work.

      Another amazing thing in iPad is accessibility to many apps.For example I save my email attachment to app Downloader.But later I want it to send to app Goodreader, I can do it by just one tap.

      On iPod Touch, it's not possible.

      External USB based keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards can be connected to iPad.

      Photos and videos can be imported to iPad by connecting Digital Camera and Memory card directly to iPad.

      iPad offers better music management. You can create playlist and add songs of your choice to it.

      If you browse a website and find a video, yu can play right on the browser. Benefit of it is while watching the video , you are still on the website and you can read the content BUT when you click the video on iPod touch , video player start and you are no longer on the website.

      iPad and iPod touch both don't support Flash but many websites work on iPad because of popularity of iPad, all the websites are recoding the content in HTML 5.

      CBS streams TV shows to iPad for free. Many other popular websites streams videos onto iPad.

      It has capability to play High Definition video. It can download video directly from website and save it to any compatible app.

    What are the good and bad points about the Ipad and Imac?
    Hey people. I was thinking what I want for my birthday and I was thinking of either an Ipad or an Imac. But now I cant make the decision. So what are the good and bad things about them?

    By the way, please dont leave comments saying that those things are too expensive to ask for birthday present. They dont help any.

    • ANSWER:
      You can't compare iMac to an iPad both are in deferent segments.

      iMac is spectacular desktop and iPad is amazing handheld gadget.

      I have iMac MacBook pro iPhone 3G S and iPad. I admit after getting iPad , use of MacBook Pro and iPhone has declined significantly. but iMac is unaffected.

      It's your birthday so go for more useful device and get iMac. And then wait for another occasion to demand iPad.

      iMac is a complete desktop so nothing is bad about it iPad is very close to a laptop but there are few things it can't do

      For example:

      You can't just visit a website and download software or plug ins.

      If you wanna fill some online forms, some online forms might not work properly on iPad.
      If you want watch online movies, you can easily watch on iPad but not every sites will play.
      Lack of camera means you can't do video chat.
      You can print the document through apps but it won't be as easy as you could do on a computer.
      You can connect camera and SD memory card directly to import photos and video but you can't import documents from SD cards.

      now things that iPad does better than computer

      Incredible battery life. It lasts forever even more than 10 hrs which was claimed by Steve jobs

      It's instant on. The time, computer takes to boot, is enough for an iPad to finish many works.

      You can create word document,spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation faster and upload to WebDAV in a flash. Computer will take long time.

      Even WiFi only model give you exact location service.

      It can access your home computer and do jobs. It can even print documents from your computer.

      Watch movies on netflix and tv shows using abc player. You can watch movies online also. Many websites are streaming movies and tv shows to an iPad for Free.

      You can save email attachment to any app. The screen can be devised into 2 parts and you can perform two jobs side by side with app radio playing at background.

      Watching movie on iPad gives some kind of pleasure that is not possible on tv or laptop at least for me I love watching super scary movie on iPad under blanket. It's a total treat.

      I am writing too much because I love typing on iPad.

      My advise :: iPad is great but get iMac for birthday.

    How can you connect an ipad to a Tv to watch movies on a Tv?
    Can you connect them to non apple Tvs?

    • ANSWER:
      From expensive to cheap:
      •Apple TV.. about 100 US dollars.. it can stream video from the iPad via WiFi.. and also can mirror anything on your iPad screen into the TV ( you can play games from your iPad to tv large screen.. using HDMI connection)..

      •Apple 30-pin Digital AV cable connector.. about US$ 40.. a simple cable connects your iPad to tv with HDMI commection.. it can play movies from iPad to tv and mirror the iPad screen..

      •Apple composite AV cable connection also about US$ 40.. a preferred choice for standard definition (non-HD) TVs.. it can only play movies on TV but no mirror (only can watch movies, but cannot play videogames on TV).. however with jailbreak you can mirror or display anything on the iPad to the TV..

      • Apple component AV cable connection. Surprisingly costs about 10 to 25 US dollars depending on the manufacturer, it produces slightly better video quality than composite.. it only plays movies to the TV.. but can mirror anything on iPad to TV with jailbreak..

    How can so many people give such definite opinions on the ipad before it was released?
    Why is it that BEFORE the ipad was released there were so many people who KNEW what it could and couldn't do and were happy to tell everyone not to get one and that it was going to be a flop. But after over half a millons sales in under a month none of those same people can admit they were wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      2nd week sales is even higher. Recent surveys result clearly say iPad knocked out net book and tablet.
      It's not new whenever uneducated and narrow minded people write off something , the device becomes huge hit.
      When iMac was first released it was written off because it didn't have floppy drive later all companies followed the suit.

      iPad are selling like hot cake on eBay at the premium of 0.

      I have iPad and I love it. I can create word document,PowerPoint presentation and also can join meeting remotely. It's always on so no need to boot and battery lasts 15 hours

      I can complete a word document and upload to all the WebDAV and invite my co worker to see the document. By the time I will finish all these work on iPad PC will still be booting.

      There are many stupid people out there crying over flash. But iPad can stream online movies and tv shows for free without flash who need flash?

      Many think you can't listen to music and read books. It's not true . You can play radio at the background.
      You can split the screen and browse two website at the same time. Or you can open calculator on half screen and browse the Internet on the other and listen songs at the background.

      Unlike iPod touch, iPad can download email attachments and save to different apps simultaneously. You download video also.
      It's phenomenal device. I love it.

    What are the pros and cons for buying an apple ipad?
    i want to buy an apple ipad but am unsure if its a good buy. What are the good and bad points?

    • ANSWER:
      I have iPad and I love it.


      Super light
      12 hours battery if used heavily.
      Plays video from website
      Plays movies from
      Full length movies can also be watched from website besides Netflix and iTunes.
      Plays all the latest TV shows for free from ABC
      CBS channel also let iPad user watch latest TV shows
      Other website like!Fox,National Geographic Channel and many other streams video to iPad.
      You can download content including video to iPad so you can watch them offline.
      You can access content from one to another.
      Email attachments can be saved to multiple apps and can be uploaded directly to Google Doc or any other site in a flash.
      iPad has iPad version of iWork which is Mac version of MS Office and it's fully compatible to MS Office. All kinds of document , spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation can be created on iPad.
      App Radio plays at the background which means while doing other things , you can listen radio.
      Screen can be parted in two parts and two job can be performed side by side.
      It has IPS technology so video looks stunning.
      It can play HD video.
      iPad has TV out function so you can watch web video or movies from Netflix or other websites on TV
      Gaming is totally spectacular.

      I cam go on and on here I stop, if you have a question ,shoot me email.


      Lack of Camera
      It's addictive
      You have to buy some accessories to make full use of it
      Like :

      Apple case
      Camera kit

      The biggest plus point :: it doesn't support Flash.

      So you can watch video without any annoying commercial or pop ups. It supports HTML 5 which is future. Recently Microsoft and Google both gave statement in favor of HTML5.

    What is the difference between Kindle Fire and an Ipad?
    Can a person also download/read books in an Ipad? What is the best device/tablet that can be used for reading books? What is the difference between the Kindle fire and the regular grey kindle?
    Thank you..

    • ANSWER:
      There's a very good user review here, from an owner of both iPad and Kindle Fire HD. It'll help you decide:

      I say the Kindle Fire HD. Not only it is much cheaper, but also the Kindle is actually doing better than the iPad on some areas. Let me try to give a comparison between them.

      iPad advantages (over the Kindle Fire HD):
      - Bigger 9.7" screen (Kindle is 8.9" screen max)
      - Best screen resolution (Retina display is 264ppi, Kindle is 254ppi)
      - Rear view camera
      - GPS (but Kindle Fire HD 4G model has GPS as well)
      - More app selection (iOS)

      Kindle Fire HD advantages (over the iPad):
      - Better Dolby audio speaker (the newest iPad still has mono speaker, not even stereo)
      - Dual band, dual antennas WiFi (iPad is Dual band, single antenna)
      - File transfer with computer directly via USB cable (not for iPad)
      - Lighter in weight, more portable
      - Kindle only features like Kindle Owners' Lending Library, Kindle FreeTime, X-Ray for movies and books, Text-to-Speech to read a loud books, etc.
      - 4G LTE subscription plans are cheaper (a comparison can be found on the Kindle's sales page, for the Kindle HD 4G model)

      Kindle Fire HD is even better than iPad when you use the tablet for streaming video and watching movies, as it has dolby audio speaker and dual antenna WiFi. Another thing I like for Kindle is their digital content supply, including books, magazines, music, movies, TV shows, etc. iPad is good on these as well, but any videos and books you bought on iPad can't be used on non-Apple devices, while things you bought from Amazon can be used on other computers or tablets (including iPad).

      The latest regular grey Kindle e-readers don't have audio function, so you can't use the Text-to-speech function on those Kindles to read books aloud. The latest Kindle Paperwhite has touch screen, but control is still more convenient on the Kindle Fire. Quite a lot of users reported the anti-glare screen of Kindle Fire HD is quite good for reading as well.

      Yes you can download and read books on the iPad, and you can install the Kindle app to read Kindle books on iPad as well. iPad's biggest advantage is on the apps. The Appstore of iPad has been developed for years, so it has a great selection of apps. However, on the Kindle Fire, apps are not really that limited (there're over 60K apps), and many users find all popular apps that they really need are there. You can also sideload quite a lot of Google Play apps (i.e. Android apps) on the Kindle Fire, many reviews have mentioned the steps and it's quite easy. But if some apps are really important to you and you can't find them on the Kindle, then iPad should be your choice.

      Hope that helps.

    What are some VERY cool electronics to buy for my parents anniversary?
    Okay, so my mom and dad's anniversary is on May 16 and my dad bought her the iPad for 0. All my mom knows is he spent 0. She wants to spend around that same price range to buy him a really cool electronic.

    What should she get him? What are some really cool electronics he'd like?


    • ANSWER:
      Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary.

      I think it depends on what your dad likes.

      Does he golf? If he does, consider getting him a golf gps and a laser range finder.

      Does he like to read? How about a Kindle or Nook or Sony e-reader?

      Does he like photography? Canon digital cameras and handicams are awesome. My friend is in photography school and did a test between Canon and Nikon cameras on the same setting and found Canon takes better pictures.

      Does he love movies? How about giving him the gift of netflix and a Roku. It's not in the 500 range you're looking for but he can stream movies on the home tv and it's pretty cool. If you want to bump it up to the 0 range you can also add in a home audio system.

      Definitely find something that fits his personality. I hope I've given you some good ideas and that you find this post helpful.

    How Much does the 3G option for the Ipad Cost a month?
    And do all the movies, games, books, songs, and youtube come free? And can you downlode games to it online?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two plans ::

      250 GB of data: /month---good for emails and browsing the web. You can't download.

      Unlimited Data: ------you can do whatever you want.

      You can download games from Apple App Store. There are over 50,000 games available out of which approx 15,000 games are FREE.

      You can also watch full length movies and TV shows for FREE. iPad streams video from many sites not just YouTube.

    How to unblock US movie websites on an Apple iPad from abroad?
    I don't live in the US, so certain US-only sites like Hulu and Netflix are restricted from streaming on my iPad. I know there's a workaround for this that involves changing my IP address but I don't remember what it's called. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      That workaround is called a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It's a secure, encrypted tunnel that helps you unblock US-based movie and video sites from abroad. I have used it to watch American TV shows and movies in Canada, UK and parts of Asia.

    What is the point of selling a product at a loss?
    I'm just wondering, Amazon is selling their Kindle Fire for so low that they will purportedly lose money on each one. This is so they can draw in customers, compete with the iPad, etc.

    But why even spend the time and money if you won't see any of it back? This doesn't apply strictly to the Kindle Fire btw, I just thought that was an example.

    • ANSWER:
      because once you buy the kindle fire, amazon wants you to, or is hoping that you rent their movies to stream on the fire, they hope you buy lots of game apps, but the one main thing is, they give you a free month of amazon "Prime" and that gets you access to thousands of free streaming movies/tv shows, plus, if you shop with amazon, you get free 2 day shipping, or .99 next day shipping. they hope you like it so much, that you sign up for prime, which is a year. I know I plan on signing up when my free month ends

    Is it worth getting a higher resolution 1080p on tablets or Ipads?
    I know with tv, you can notice the difference when your tv is 40 inch size. What about android tablets or Ipads w/ 10 inch screen and 7 inch seven? Can you really tell the difference? For example i went to the apple store and compared the ipad 2 and ipad 4. Compared side by side the pictures and videos and really does not have a major improvement even with ipad 4 having a retina high resolution screen. I'm thinking of getting the kindle fire but still need to compare with the hd one.

    • ANSWER:
      There's much difference really, if you look at some HD videos and pictures. There's an actual user experience here, talking about the Kindle Fire HD 8.9". It has mentioned the 1080p screen by the end of the review:

      The Kindle Fire HD 7" has 720p resolution, so only Kindle Fire HD 8.9" has 1080p resolution. Either one is good for playing HD video, but don't go for the Kindle Fire 2nd generation as there'll be much difference on display of screen.

      Just to add, the Kindle Fire HDs are even better than iPad for streaming videos or watching movies, as they have dolby audio speaker and dual band dual-antenna Wi-Fi (the latest iPad has dual band single-antenna WiFi, and it still only has a mono speaker).

      Hope that helps.

    What are the shortcomings of the IPAD 2?
    I've heard mixed feelings from people who say it can and can't do this and that. What do you say? I'd basically wanna be able to stream video content and use analytical sites, and even look at and edit PPTs and Spreadsheets via the device. Is all this possible? And what are the setbacks?

    • ANSWER:
      You can stream video and you can also create/edit word,excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint files.iPad has iWork which is incredibly easy to use.
      iPad 2 sold more than all other tablets sold combined. Motorola Xoom is lying on shelf eating dust. iPad 2 are selling at double of it's original price on eBay that depicts the huge demand and frenzy for iPad.

      Few tech knowledge deprived people say it doesn't support flash so you can't watch online video which is totally wrong.
      You can watch all the TV shows from channel like abc for FREE. You can watch movies online or from Netflix,HULU.
      Cartoon Network,Disney,ESPN, have free apps on iPad that let you stream full length TV show and LIVE sports event.

      Many hospitals,schools,universities and corporate houses have incorporated iPad into their business and educational process that clearly give us cogent reason to believe iPad has changed the way we do computing.

      It's amazing even if you want to download video right on device. You can create PowerPoint file and by one tap you can convert it into PDF and upload to any WebDAV server. It has the best PDF reader/Editor on the planet

    I would like to know more about the benefits of having an ipad and getting rid of my PC?
    It looks like the ipad is going to take the place of our bulky table and laptop PCs? yes? I would like to know what pro;s and con's you think there is in replacing these for the ipad?

    • ANSWER:
      I normally avoid personal comments but I am compelled to comment here on Computer Tech.

      I think he doesn't keep up with new technologies.

      iPad has a set of two dongles that lets you connect digital camera,USB hub,keyboard and memory card.

      No Flash: Why do you require flash in the first place? You want annoying pop ups? Or you want stupid ad banners while watching movie.

      iPad streams video from almost all websites without a problem. Flash is not required anymore to play video online.

      Full size keyboard: I type 60 words per minute on my iPad many cant do that even on physical keyboard. Apple case makes typing on iPad a charm.
      But if you want physical keyboard. You can either get a blutooth keyboard or a wired one both works flawlessly with iPad.

      Multi Tasking:You can split in two or three parts and do two or three things simultaneously with radio playing at the background.

      iOS4 is on it's way to make things even will available for FREE for every iPad owner.

      Coming back to the asker question :: answer depends on what you use computer for. If you wanna print hundreds of documents every day then iPad is not the right choice.
      iPad is not meant to replace a computer.However there are apps that make an iPad a smarter option.

      iPad can do almost everything a regular user would do on a computer but there are occasion when iPad fails and you will need a computer.

      For example : when iOS4 releases , you will need to download it on computer first then sync iPad and update it.

      Other than that iPad does pretty much everything. You can download media and document from websites using app GoodReader.You can play thousands of games.

      iPad version of iWork ( iWork is MS Office for MAC) works really good and you can create any document easily and quickly.

      Photo and video editing on iPad is amazing. If you don't have thousand dollar software like Photoshop,Final Cut Studio on computer than iPad beats PC in every single way.

      Battery: no laptop can even come close to iPad. iPad's battery last over 15 hours easily.

      Watch movies : Netflix works on iPad vey smoothly. Besides, you canalso watch movies online for free. There is a site totally dedicated to iPad and iPhone.

      TV Shows : watch full episodes of tv shows on abc and CBS.You can also watch some live events like today I am watching performance of Taylor Swift live on my iPad.

      Last week I watched MTV movie awards live on iPad using FREE app MTV.

    Where do you recommended to watch TV shows or movies online for free?
    Because I have no job yet, I am cutting my cable after my next bill so save money. I already cut my landline and my 3G on my iPad. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      It's called piracy, sorry. If you want, there are some YouTube videos for TV shows. You could also try the Netflix monthly trial, and then switch to paying for it. It's only per month for unlimited streaming, so it's fairly worthwhile.

    Should I buy an iPad instead of a Macbook?
    I don't know if I should, but I need a computer for use In school, like a laptop. I know that apple has iWork for iPad, and it's got VNC for home computer use. So what would be the point of buying a Macbook if I already have a desktop PC? I should get the iPad in place, right?

    • ANSWER:
      Your situation is very similar to me.

      I have iMac ,MacBook pro, IBM think pad ( official)

      I used to carry two laptops MacBook and IBM , then I got iPad. iPad has amazing remote access so now I leave my office computer at office and personal computer at home. I carry only iPad since it has iWork and GoToMeeting so I create all the document on iPad ,join the meeting remotely and when ever I need to do over complicated work access my office computer from anywhere through iPad.

      After Getting iPad , my MacBook pro got out of job. There are few things that iPad does better than any computer hands down.

      1. Simple but beautiful presentation
      2. Spreadsheet creation is a real fun on it
      3. Quickly create word document which looks pretty nice
      4. Upload your work to any WebDAV server and invite everybody by email to see your work. This takes much time on computer because you need to open separate tabs for email and each WebDAV server and attach one by one. But on iPad you can do it super quick.
      5. All the email attachments are saved at one place if you want.You won't be looking for your attachment symbol in emails.
      6. It has amazing integration with Google Documents
      7. iPad has ability to download PDF files,or media files audio videos from the website. And it downloads quickly.

      7.Netflix movies on iPad have better quality than PCs
      Streaming full length TV shows on iPad is much easier and better than PCs.

      8. You can save email attachment to multiple apps.

      9. You can split the screen. On one side you take the class notes, on other side browse the Internet or open calculator,unit converter or Wikipedia for references.

      10.On the same note, you can type and draw by finger.

      Don't believe those who say iPad is big iPod touch. These are same kind of people who said it's just a slimmer PC when I bought 27" iMac.

      Since you have PC at home , you will be better off buying iPad. It's sleek ,light and battery lasts well over 15 hours.

      It has many apps that will be amazingly useful for school studies. I cant imagine my life without it.

    Can I rent a movie from iTunes without downloading it to my computer?
    I have a macbook air and it doesn't have much storage, so I don't want to download a bunch of movies. If I rent them, can I stream them to my macbook or iPad without downloading them? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      When you rent on iTunes it does download to your computer for viewing, however the space is not terribly large and will be removing after the rental time expires.

      If you do not want to download anything, check out subscription services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Video - all of these offer a wide selection and stream.

      Free alternatives for streaming include Crackle, and various TV station apps like CBS, ABC, etc

    What's the best tablet to get at an affordable cost?
    I'm looking into some tablets to get, I'm 15, I want the similarities of an iPad but at a lower price, I really like the kindle fire, but I want to know what else is out there that compares or is better. I want to stay under or around 200 dollars (that's why an iPad/iPad mini is out of the question) one with a camera and the ability to use it would be fantastic, it can be a front facing camera, but I noticed on either the kindle fire hd or the nexus 7 there wasn't a camera app and it could only be accessed through video chat/Skype or other apps like those. So any recommendations on a nice affordable tablet with these specifications? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You can access Skype on both devices and yes you can find few apps where you can reach the Front facing camera directly.

      Review from an user of both devices, should be helpful:

      Similar specs:
      - HD screen 1280*800
      - Storage: 16Gb
      - Same price
      - Cloud storage
      - Front facing HD camera

      Comments from an owner of both, should be helpful:

      Both are great. It depends on your preference.

      Kindle Fire HD has pros like:
      - Dual wifi antenna which makes it good for faster downloads and streaming
      - HDMI out
      - Digital dolby audio
      - Xray for movies
      - Amazon content and services. You can get better prices for good amount of stuff.

      Kindle Fire HD, Best price:

      Nexus 7 has pros like:
      - Quad core processor (Bit more power compared to 1.2Ghz dual core processor)
      - NFC support
      - GPS (Only Kindle 4G LTE version has it)
      - Android Jelly bean 4.1
      - Google play store (You can sideload apps on Kindle Fire from google play though )

      Tax included price for Nexus 7:

      Kindle Fire HD is better for Movies/Tv shows/youtube streaming while Nexus 7 is more of a powerful tablet with direct access to lots of google play apps.. As I said you can sideload apps on Kindle Fire from google play

    purchasing a laptop is better or purchasing an ipad is better ?
    hi guys i m planning to buy a laptop but i m thinking about ipad to so tell me which one is better and i have 500$.

    • ANSWER:
      I would buy iPad just for one reason, it doesn't support Flash. Why would anyone like to be disturbed by pop ups while watching an interesting movie or TV show?

      You can watch movies and TV shows on iPad. Why would anyone want crappy flash ?

      iPad has iPad version of iWork which is MAC version of MS Office. It's totally compatible to MS Office.

      I create all my document right from simple Word file to complicated Powerpoint presentation on iPad .it works like charm.

      iPad does have multi tasking. You can divide the screen in two parts. One side,browse the Internet , on other, use any other app like calculator, unit converter,translator or something else.
      And you can play App Radio at the background.

      Besides, hundreds of new features, including better capability of Multi Tasking,are coming in few days for free through software update 4.0

      Push notification also works so no matter what are you doing, you will notified for all the updates.

      I million ipads have been sold in just 28 days so don't believe people who don't know anything about new technology. I got my iPad on very first day , and it replaced my laptop. I still use my Desktop (iMac )though.

      Display is gorgeous. iPS technology really works and gives best viewing experience. Battery life is phenomenal. I use it heavily still it gives 12-14 hours on single charge.

      iPad can download almost anything from the web including YouTube videos and full length movies.
      You can upload your work,media right from iPad to any WebDAV server in fraction of seconds.
      Great hinge is iPad is instant on.

      The time PC takes to boot,is enough for iPad to finish many tasks.
      My advice: if you have a desktop, get iPad

      If you don't have any laptop or desktop , then get laptop.

      Dont make your decision on wrong information. Here on yahoo answer , almost everybody has said about flash. But if you google , you will know almost all the popular websites streams video on iPad.

      Flash is dead. It's time to say RIP Flash.

    Does the apple ipad have java or adobe flash player?
    I am trying to decide wether to get a laptop or an ipad. I need java and adobe flash player. Does the ipad have either?

    • ANSWER:
      iPad does support Java Script and HTML 5. Google and Microsoft recently stated that HTML5 is the future. Even currently , almost all the reputed and known websites like NY Times,,Ntional Geographic Channel and many thousand more stream video to iPad.

      You can watch full length movies and full episodes of TV shows on iPad for free without a problem.Watching on iPad is much better than computer because on computer , you get lot of add banners, annoying commercials and pop ups but on iPad you get only movies.

      I have MacBook pro, iMac,iPhone 3G S and iPad. After getting iPad , I stopp using my MacBook Pro because I can do almost all my office work on iPad it has iWork which is Mac version of MS Office. If the work is very complicated then I access my home computer iMac or office computer IBM by my iPad anode get the work done.

      I even have SAP running on my iPad which is incredible.I watch movies and tv shows online on iPad so don't believe people who say website won't work on iPad. It's a complete lie.
      Lot of people talk about devices without trying them. I own iPad and almost all the new gadgets, I know iPad can play video from almost all the sites.

      You don't require Flash to play video anymore.
      One of the morons wrote you can't see ipads screen in sunlight but fact is you can easily see the screen and why would you be standing in the sunlight anyway?

      Ipads are not for those homeless people who who stand at the entry of freeway under scorching sunlight to get some donation.

    How should I limit bandwidth on my home network?
    So, i have a pretty speedy DSL internet bandwidth being 40mb download and 5 or 6 (I dont remember) mb upload. I however have 6 people in my family and often have 6 or 7 devices wiressly connected at the same time (2 ipads, an iphone, a laptop, a wireless PC, a PS3, and an apple TV). This absolutely murders our bandwidth making functionality nearly impossible (rather really slow). Im wondering how i should limit the bandwidth to each IP address to ultimately gain better performance around the board. How much bandwidth would one need to stream HD video, play a game, or download a file? How should i divide it up? Thanks!
    PS I would like the most bandwidth on the 2 PCs i own, one wired and the other wireless

    • ANSWER:
      If your router has QoS. check out those settings. Some routers with QoS may be able to allocate bandwidth per port (wired and wireless). However, it is usually very "basic" control.
      To control bandwidth properly, you need higher end routers, like commercial ones or Linux-based firewalls that you can build on your own on a spare PC (for free). However, doing the "roll your own" requires a bit of networking knowledge, and if you don't have some friend that knows this stuff, it would be hard to do...

      And like others have said, a lot depends on your actual Internet speed from your ISP. anything less than 2 or 3mbps will be slow sharing things like Youtube or doing downloads.

      The problem arises because of the way most streaming movie players download movies. They don’t just do it using a smooth 1 megabit stream. They’ll suck down as much as your connection allows, buffer it and then use very little bandwidth for a few seconds, and then hog the entire connection again. If you are using SSH and you hit a key, it takes a while for the router to say: “Oh, you wanted some bandwidth, ok fine let me put this guy on hold. There. Now what did you want from me again? Hey you still there? Oh you just wanted one real-time keystroke. And now you’re gone. OK I guess I’ll let the other guy with a lower priority hog the bandwidth again until you hit another keystroke.”

      So the trick, if you want to effectively deal with the movie downloading room-mate is to limit the amount of bandwidth they can use. That way netflix, iTunes, youtube, amazon unbox or any other streaming service has to use a constant 1 megabit rather than bursting to 3 megabits and then dropping to zero – and you always have some bandwidth available without having to wait for the router to do it’s QoS thing.

    How does neflix really work?
    Ok so i want to get neflix, the one rent out plan, and i wanted to know, how many devices at the same time on the account i will have can stream movies at the same time? Because my brother has a ps3, i have a xbox, and our living room has a ps3. So i wanted to know, can we all be streaming movies at the same time with these devices?

    • ANSWER:
      Yoy can do as many as you want... We have it on our tv, my wii, my phone, both my parents phones, my brothers phone, my brothers itouch, my brothers xbox, my computer, and both my parents ipads... so believe me, your fine...

    What are the pros and cons of the new Apple iPad?
    I was thinking of buying a 16GB (Wi-Fi only) iPad. I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of the iPad. If you have one, do you like it? What is good? What is bad? Tell me anything you know about it. I want to make the best decision possible. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I have iPad and I love it and I also figured out that It has no such problems that many people were saying before release I would like to mention those points here:

      Myth 1: it doesn't have flash support so you won't be able to watch TV shows and movies online

      Fact: you can watch movies and tv shows online at high quality without a problem.Watching movies using Netflix on iPad is a great experience.Watching ABC,CBS shows for free is mind-blowing.

      Myth 2:No USB port:

      Fact:just for you get dongle and connect digital camera and memory card to import photos and videos. You can even connect USB enabled Keyboard or headset.

      Myth 3 No Multitasking: You can't listen to music while reading books or creating documents.

      Fact: You can listen to music while doing anything on iPad.

      You can even split the screen in two parts and browse two different sites at the same time.
      You can play web radio on Safari and then open a different browser Desktop and browse other sites on it on half screen and on the other half open calculator or unit converter. With radio playing on the background, using calculator on the side , you can browse the Internet without a problem.

      No camera: true but actually iPad has ability to stream iPhone 3G S camera over Wi-Fi and Blutooth. And with 4.0 update coming in this fall , you will be able to use iPhone camera while chatting on iPad.

      Biggest myth: iPad is just a giant iPod touch.

      Fact : iPad has full iWork and it has ability to connect to the projector to show the presentation. Pages works like charm which is iPad version of MS Word.

      Creating Excel spreadsheet was never as easy as it's on iPad.

      iPad has native support for joining meeting remotely which is amazingly important for professionals.

      And iBooks:: Reader love it and non reader love to explore it. Mashable did a survey and found majority of reader love to read on iPad.

      Gaming is spectacular on iPad better than PSP and Nintendo DS hands down. Graphics and details are stunning.

      Cornell University sells iPad at on campus book store.

      Seton hills university is giving iPad to every student.

      Many hospitals have ordered iPad for their doctors and nurses.

      iPad has only pros and no cons except the fact that it has no camera.

    Any good MP3 players or tablets that you would suggest?
    I know there is the iPod and the iPad, but I'm trying to see if there are others out there as well.

    I saw some company called Archos which seems to make some good stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend you Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player

      I have used this product and it performs really well I would definitely suggest

      Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player
      @16 GB capacity for up to 4,000 songs, 24 hours standard definition video, or 5 hours high definition video
      @3.3-inch OLED screen with 480 x 272 resolution and 16:9 display
      @HD Radio gives you access to many local stations with crystal-clear digital sound at no extra cost
      @Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition
      @Buy, stream, and update your music, download free games, and surf the web via a Wi-Fi connection

    Does itunes have a lot of movie new releases for apple tv?
    I live in Canada and am thinking about buying a Apple TV. Does itunes have a lot of new release movies? Do you like your Apple TV? And do you live in Canada?

    • ANSWER:
      Apple tv is great! All new releases on iTunes are available on apple tv and that is pretty much all new releases. Plus you can stream Netflix. And if you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod you can AirPlay stuff from those devices. I love my apple tv. I don't live in Canada.

    How can I make a separate Netflix account secret from the main account?
    My family-mother, aunt, father, and me just got Netflix. I figured out how to make another account. However, they can easily access it even though i have another password. I am not watching anything I should be ashamed of. My mother is a control freak and feels the need to monitor my every movement. I want to be able to watch tv shows and movies without thinking that she is monitoring me. Please help if you know how to make my account separate without using another credit card!!

    • ANSWER:
      Use iPad to Stream Netflix. No need to register for additional residential address or credit card, since you can use the 1 month trial period.

    Any way to get a tv series on Ipad without Itunes?
    So, on Itunes, the price for the shows I want is per season, which is outrageous, as I can find it for as a DVD on ebay. So, is there any way I can get these on my Ipad without Itunes? Thanks for the help.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many ways to do that.

      Buy DVD's -> rip them-> Convert to mp4 -> sync via iTunes read more on how to do that here

      You can also buy an a streaming App like Air Video (free limited version also available) which comes with a small software to be installed on your computer that you point it to a folder and/or a DVD drive where your videos are. this is fairly simple process since no converting nor iTunes Syncing is done. the App will stream your video contents to your iPad via your home network. read more on streaming apps here

      If your iPad is Jailbroken you can use open source free solutions like XBMC. read more here

      hope that help.

    How is the ipad as a computer and an itouch?
    How is it. Tell me EVERYTHING about it.

    • ANSWER:
      To understand the answer , you need to understand what's computer. If something is not running intel processor that doesn't mean it's not a computer.
      Other answerer said it's powerless, why do you need hefty power if it's cloud based computing. Does he know new WebDAV server technology which is future ?

      iPad is a computer and it runs a different operating system from existing ones so of course the way you do things on it, is different from conventional systems.

      It's has iWork that lets you create MS Word Document,Spreadsheet and Presentation. I create everyday for my work and I find it easier than creating on laptop.

      You can access any WebDAV server and upload your work in flash.I often join meeting on iPad remotely using WebEx or GoToMeeting.

      Many people talk about lack of flash on iPad but that doesn't make any difference. You can stream full length movies and tv shows directly on iPad without a problem and I love watching movies and tv shows on iPad because I there is no pop ups and annoying flash based ad banner or commercial.

      You can do almost everything that you do on computer on regular basis except downloading useless software from web. Instead of downloading software from web, you need to download apps from App store which is better because you never need to worry about spyware,virus.

      You can download movies from the web to iPad so don't believe people who have never seen an iPad but just give comments.

      Camera kit is available for that allows you to connect camera and memory card to iPad to import photos and videos.

      iPad supports external keyboard but I prefer on device touch keyboard I can type 70 words / minute which means typing is a pleasure on iPad.

      Gaming is incredible and it's a boon for book lovers.Reading was never such a pleasure as it's on iPad.

      App Desktop is amazing because it lets you divide the screen in two parts, on one part you can browse the Internet and on the other use any widget like calculator,unit converter,translator or something else with radio playing at background.

      Battery life is spectacular. It gives me 15 hours at on charge and I use it heavily.

      Unlike ,iPod Touch , you can create playlist and move songs, right on device.
      On iPod touch , when you open mail, you can't save email attachment but on iPad you can save any attachment to any supporting app.

    What does an ipad have that a mac doesnt?
    Im tossing up weather to get an ipad or not.
    what does and ipad have that a mac doesnt? and what does it have that an iphone doesnt?
    (ive got both)
    i know they r similar but i really think that if anyone has an iphone and mac, it is just not worth it.

    • ANSWER:
      I own MacBook Pro,iMac ,iPhone 3G S and iPad.

      I love my iPad and consider it to be my best buy ever.G

      To answer your question , I would use example :

      Suppose you need to make one page word document and upload to WebDAV like google doc,drop box and

      A computer user first power on the computer and computer will start booting.

      By the time computer finish the booting process, my job will be done on iPad. Ipad is instant on and it's blazing fast and since there are apps for GoogleDoc,and all other WebDAV server, everything is so fast and effortless.

      Another benefit of iPad is battery. It lasts 15 hours even if you watch video continuously.

      iPad doesn't support Flash that's why watching movie online is true won't get any pop ups and add banners. And when you download a movie from a website, you download only movie not Spyware,adware and viruses.

      iPad is gaming console now. Once you play game on it , you might give a pass to console like x-box ,PS3 or Wii. I used to play 5 hours a week on my x-box360 but now I play only 2 hours on it because if I don't have much time, I would rather play a quick game on iPad instead of X-Box.
      But yes , when I have time I would be glued to X-Box for gaming.

      Lot of people say iPad can't stream movies from websites. These people don't have much knowledge of technology.They just read some free online content and make decision. Of course they can't afford to read paid version of Wall Street Journal and I don't want them to but they should listen to those who actually own the devices.Flash is just a web video player like many others in the market. It's not a big deal

      Every website works on iPad except Hulu and some more. But there are many websites that offer same service as Hulu on iPad.I watch full length movies and TV shows online on iPad everyday.

      You can watch Tv shows and movies for free on iPad.And it's better because you can finish whole movie and wont looking for power outlet.

      You can do multitasking on it.Split the screen in three parts and do three jobs together with radio playing at background.

      It's so light it can go anywhere and it's always on so you can access whatever you want in a can remain logged in to all social network and as soon as you get a message , you get alarm. Laptop can't do all these.

      Recently I had my iPad and others had laptops, I got a message that Lakers won a game, other tried to open computer to watch the clips, I just tap it and video was on. They could not even start the computer.

      You can hold iPad like a book and enjoy reading. You can also upload all the books into it and read where ever you want.

      Even in Plane , keeping laptop on the lap during flight was a problem especially when it would get hot after extended use. But iPad is the solution for that too. It never gets hot.
      It will keep me entertained and informed during whole trip even if it's 12-15 hours flight.

      You can type or take note and at the same time record the voice and use calculator, translator ,unit converter or checking wikipedia site for reference. You can do all these simultaneously without any clutter on screen.

      You can access any laptop from an iPad.

      You can create Word Doucment,Excell Spreadsheet and Presentation faster on iPad than you would on PC if your work is not very complicated.iWork on iPad can handle simple to moderately complicated work which measn it will serve 90% of users.

    Why does my Sony Blu Ray Player keep changing the source mode of my television?
    I have a Sony BDP-S360 Blu Ray Player that when powered on will have to be unplugged before I can switch back to cable. I even powered it down but it will boot back up as soon as I change the source on the television.

    To get back to cable, I unplug the HDMI cable from the television but it is getting annoying. What should I do?

    I have the new apple tv and it doesn't do that on or off. It must be the player.

    • ANSWER:
      Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper is the Blu-ray disc ripper and widescreen DVD ripper for you to backup your Blu-ray disc and DVD disc. You can store the Blu-ray copy or DVD copy on computer, WD TV, Apple TV, NAS and home server for playing on HD TV, or burn to a blank disc for BD-R without copy protection.

      Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper also enables you to play on portable devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone 4, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Droid X, Droid 2, HTC EVO 4G, Nexus One and Archos, edit Blu-ray movie and DVD movie on Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. You can even upload home-made Blu-ray movie and DVD movies to YouTube, Motionbox and share with families and friends after conversion.

      It helps you backup Blu-ray disc and DVD disc, which are encoded with copy protection, region code, AACS (up to MKBv17) or BD+, and rip TrueHD, DTS-HD and EAC3 audio. The program also lists Blu-ray chapters and titles, DVD chapters and title for you to easily copy the main movie. You can choose the subtitle and audio streams with the language you like.

    The ipad is like an ipod touch but only bigger?
    Or what features does de ipad have that the ipod don't?

    • ANSWER:
      Features of iPad that are not available on iPod Touch.

      iWork : it's Mac version of MS Office. It allows you to create word ,excel spreadsheet,presentation in easier and faster way.
      It's so easy and user friendly that I do all my work on iPad now.

      iPad can directly be connected to projector.

      Netflix works on iPad

      You can stream all TV shows from Abc channel and some from CBS.Other websites are also compatible to iPad.

      iPad has inter app access that means, you can access content that are saved in one app, from other app.

      You can save email attachment to many app together. If you get a song,video,document or photo, you can save to different apps.

      You can set your app in order to save all your attachment automatically at one place so everything that you receive or send through email from any number of account, will be saved automatically at one place.

      You can split the screen of iPad in two or three parts and do many jobs simultaneously.For example you can browse the internet on one side, use calculator,unit converter or translator on the other side with App "radio" or iPod playing at the background.

      iPod touch. And iPad both don't support flash but there are many sites that support iPad and almost all video content play on iPad.

      On iPad, you can create a playlist and move,add or delete songs.

      You can edit high resolution photos and apply many effects on them.

      You can use iPad as your computer display.

      iPad plays HD videos

      iPad has IPS technology that makes viewing a true charm.

      iPad supports TV out for many apps. You can play movie using and display the movie on TV.

      You can connect digital camera directly to iPad using camera connection kit.Camera connection kit has two dongles one for connecting camera and other for memory card. So you can import photos and videos.

      External keyboards can be used with ipads.

      You can watch full length movies and full episodes of TV shows online on iPad.

      Gaming is totally awesome on iPad since it has faster processor and touch sensor allows more activities that's why gaming becomes endless fun.

      You can read magazine that has embedded videos. You can read many free books.

      There are many more differences but those are for professionals like joining meeting remotely,uploading files to many WebDAV servers.Upload documents to and download from it anytime.
      Speakers are louder and mic is more powerful.

    What does the iPad 2 have that apple didnt announce or at the apple site?
    I'm getting an iPad 2 and what more info about it

    • ANSWER:
      I think Apple didn't say that besides recording HD video at 720 P it also records stereo 3.1 audio which is great.

      And also the speakers are louder than 1st generation.Apple didn't declare RAM is 512 MB. I am not sure about this but many sources have confirmed.

      Many features are added through iOS upgrade also.

      Since it's dualncore processor,so you will soon see many updates in app to optimize the performance.
      Many apps like AirVideo,Vevo have already updated to be compatible with 4.3 AirPlay.

      If you have Apple TV, you will major enhancement, because you will be able to video from any site to TV wirelessly.When old school devices like XOOM still hooked up to HDMI,iPad will be connecting wirelessly to TV and of course through HDMI too.

      Home sharing is also amazing,it's like pull music/movies/podcast from your desktop stream to home theater system wirelessly.

      But Xoom has one killer feature- you can watch flash based intrusive add banners which will pop up right in the middle of screen when you are watching your favorite video on Internet.
      iPad users cant have this luxury.

    Any internet sites available so i can stream and watch films on my ipad?
    Cant find any sites that can play movies on my iPad, as most sites require adobe or flash player which is not supported by Apple. Anyone know any good sites for me to watch films without downloading them, to stream and watch?
    Got the new ipad, aka ipad 3.


    • ANSWER:
      Hello, You can watch online streaming movies, Live TV, live sports and much more, however you need your iPad to be jailbroken, (if not go to download the appropriate software for you PC and simply run the software and follow the onscreen instructions) Once its jailbroken, you need to install a software called XMBC (you will need to install through Cydia - go to and follow the instructions)

      Then you need add another repo ( and then install iFile. Once this is installed you need to install a add-on within XBMC called NAVI-X (follow this link and it will guide you through on how to install iFile and NAVI-X

      This is a great way to watch any movie or show you like, hope this helps:)

    Can you stream Netflix videos on an Ipad?
    If not, is there an app that lets you access your home computer, and stream them through the Ipad that way?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know how this guy became top contributor. Yahoo answer is losing credibility.

      There is a Free Netflix app for iPad, and you can watch as many movies as you want right on iPad.

      You don't need computer to watch Netflix. Movies plays directly on ipad in high quality and you can also connect iPad to TV to watch on bigger screen if you want.

      You can stream movies on iPad from computer if movie are stored in computer's Hard Drive. App name Air Video.It plays in any format , you don't need to convert the format at all. And you don't have to be on same network. You can play from anywhere.

      You should also install Abc Player, you can watch all TV shows on iPad for free. You can watch full episodes of TV shows from CBS also.

      There are many other sites where you can watch movies for free on iPad.

    How can I watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
    I don't want miss my favorite live TV program when I'm in a move or outside my house, can I watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, you can try Mobile TV Elite software, which you can use to watch free live TV on your mobile phone, iPad and other portable devices. I use it before and it works for me. Mobile TV Elite is a legal and safe software that allow you to watch over 1,000 Satellite HD channels via optimized streaming technology on your mobile cell phone or iPad. It supports all kinds of mobile cell phones, such as nokia, blackberry, windows mobile, android, iphone, even iPad and other portable devices. Download it here and instantly turn your phone into a Super TV :

      Mobile TV Elite Software is compatible with almost all types of mobile cell phones. You only needs ONE of the following things to transfer the software to your mobile device: 128 Mb memorycard or higher, card-reader or USB cable. Hope it's what you are looking for.

    How can I watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
    I don't want miss my favorite live TV program when I'm in a move or outside my house, can I watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, you can try Mobile TV Elite software, which you can use to watch free live TV on your mobile phone, iPad and other portable devices. I use it before and it works for me. Mobile TV Elite is a legal and safe software that allow you to watch over 1,000 Satellite HD channels via optimized streaming technology on your mobile cell phone or iPad. It supports all kinds of mobile cell phones, such as nokia, blackberry, windows mobile, android, iphone, even iPad and other portable devices. Download it here and instantly turn your phone into a Super TV :

      Mobile TV Elite Software is compatible with almost all types of mobile cell phones. You only needs ONE of the following things to transfer the software to your mobile device: 128 Mb memorycard or higher, card-reader or USB cable. Hope it's what you are looking for.

    How to turn off ipad display while mirroring to Apple TV?
    Just bought a new ipad (gen 3) and an apple TV (also a gen 3). Its really great that i can now mirror anything on the ipad to my large TV using the Apple TV. The downside is.. if im watching a movie that is 2 hrs long the iPad display stays on and burns thru battery... This seems like a serious design flaw!! Anyone know how to disable the ipad display while its streaming video to the TV?

    • ANSWER:
      Try out the ipad training guide with this command question at is the site.

    Has Apple released whether the DVD Player application will be available on the iPad?
    I know it obviously won't be able to play DVD's, but there might be a way to connect a DVD player to it. This would be an alternative to filling up the small hard drive with iTunes library.

    • ANSWER:
      DVD support will never come to iPad and very soon it will disappear from many netbooks to make it lighter.

      If you want more memory , there are plenty of apps available that streams video,audio from home computer over Wi-Fi or 3G. You don't have to be on the same network.

      Besides, you can also get some memory on Box and Drop Box. Both have FREE apps for iphone/iPad.

      DVD is in last phase of its life anyway.

      NetBooks can never match the quality of iPad. Accelerometer based gaming interface with HD graphics makes it incredible. iWork is immaculate on it and it costs only . On netbooks MS Office cost somewhere near 5.

      Thousand of wonderful apps make iPad a stupendous gadget. iPad has apps like YouTube,DailyMotion,Metacafe, and many thousand more. You can download files,Audio,Video,Books,Comics,.rar file,exe software right from iPad.
      There are many apps available to download.
      iPad is much more useful and than any netbook

      You can watch full length movies,full episodes of TV shows, thousands of Animation movies and all kinds of video ONLINE for FREE.
      You dont need FLASH support to play video content. R.I.P FLASH
      All the websites are recoding video content in HTML 5.And iPad supports HTML 5

    Can you stream from the apple tv to your iPad?
    The movies I buy or rent on iTunes on my apple tv, can I stream to my iPad?

    • ANSWER:
      No but you can go through your computer and put them in iTunes on the iPad.

    Are there any tablets that can efficiently let me remote into my work computer to use Photoshop or InDesign?
    I know a laptop would be better for JUST this purpose, but I'd also like to use it part time as a portable media device/web browser and part time to do some work. Is this fantasy thinking?

    • ANSWER:
      This is still in its fantasy thinking of Steve Jobs. The critical word I see is "Efficiently" specially for the work on photoshop or indesign. Yeah tablets(android, ipads) have come a long way since their inception and they do allow you to Remote Desktop to control the desktop - assuming you have good and reliable network. But for the professional kind of work - they do not suite your needs - just because the resolution on tablets is much less and connectivity could also be an issue.

      If I were you - the best thing to do is to use a Webservice such as Dropbox or Zumodrive or microsoft's skydrive(?) and drop your files. The first two provide 2GB free and Microsoft has 25GB free if you have some WindowsLive account. I would copy them to these places and come home and download them to your local desktop/laptop. Alternatively, use a portable USB drive to copy and can avoid all the network hassles.

      BTW, I have iPad and also Remote Desktop app as well. I use it mostly for ease of connectivity and things that I cannot do easily on iPad such as launch iTunes, so I can stream my movies from networked storage to my large screen LCD TV via Apple TV, or print a doc which is not easy to do so from iPad, copy things that I need from local machine to Network drives. Such activities I can easily do them. I have tried launching Photoshop, which works fine but the color contrasts and images do not look right and will have to repeat my work. I am not a professional photoshop user, but still love to do minimal edits - which I always do on desktop (iMac 27" which is cool). Same goes for Video editing as well. I use iPad via remote connectivity to check the status of the DVD burning etc.

      Even a netbook is not good enough for real professional Photoshop editors, they are good for quick editing and viewing.

    Is there something I can download onto my iPad to view video clips?
    I know that flas is restricted from use on iPad, iPhone, ect. But is there a flash substitute I can use that will allow me to do the same thing?
    I mean clips found within websites, not things such as netflix

    • ANSWER:
      Why do you need flash to watch video? Flash is dead just say RIP to Flash.

      You can stream movies from Netflix ,and TV shows for Free from Abc Player.

      You can even download latest movies from websites using app GoodReader.

      YouTube videos can be downloaded by app Power Downloader.

      Update::::::Are you sleeping buddy? Don't you know all the websites are recoding content into HTML 5 which is supported by iPad.

      You can watch all TV shows on you can watch latest movies on
      You can watch tv shows on also has many tv shows.

      You can install app like and TVU for many other tv shows.

      Besides also has many tv shows and movies.

      National geographic channel websites works like charm. News channel Fox,CNN,MSNBC all plays video on iPad.

      Video sharing site like Vemeo,Dailymotion,,vSnax,Joost,Ustream ,Justine.TV work on iPad flawlessly.

      If you wanna watch movies from, best way is download it first using app.

      It downloads faster than crappy PC.

      Flash is dead.

    Can you hook an ipad 2 up to a tv to watch streaming movies,if so what adapter do I need?

    Could you dumb that down for me , please. I'm lost to what any of that means.

    • ANSWER:
      AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV support at 720p
      Video mirroring and video out support: Up to 1080p with Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter (adapters sold separately)
      Video out support at 576p and 480p with Apple Component AV Cable; 576i and 480i with Apple Composite AV Cable (cables sold separately)
      Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second, High Profile level 4.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG‑4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format

    How Can I watch UK TV (BBC/ITV) in Dubai?
    Does anyone know how I can watch British TV channels in my apartment in Dubai if I hook my laptop up to the TV?

    • ANSWER:
      A VPN or proxy are pretty much the main options you have to be able to stream UK TV in Dubai. It is not as uncommon as others think. I know several iPad users in Dubai who use a VPN with a UK IP address to watch shows and movies on their Apple devices. Same goes for laptops as well (a VPN is device independent).

    If I ordered netflix on my blu-ray, what exactly would I be getting?
    I mean, would I be getting tv shows AND movies for a month? Or would I have to pay for each one? Could the service only be used on the device I order it from or could you use it on other devices too, like an xbox 360?

    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it both tv shows and movies plus anything that's on there "instant watch" library is included with the streaming only 7.99 plan. You can use up to 6 different devices/computers i.e xbox,ps3,wii, mac, ipod/ipad . And if you ever need to exceed the 6 device limit you can go to your acct setting and disable one of your devices to make room in your 6 device allotment. Hope that helps !

    How to stream content from iPad 2 to Samsung HDTV?
    Is there an easy way of doing this? My iPad's arriving tomorrow. I heard it's got AirPlay but I didn't know whether it only worked if it was iPad to Apple TV.


    • ANSWER:
      To push your iPad 2 content to your HDTV you can do one of two things: (1) Push content via the Apple TV or (2) Mirror the content on your iPad via the Digital AV Adapter.

      I recommend the Apple TV because it allows you the luxury of sitting on your couch, or any good distance from your TV, and controlling what you see. Essentially your iPad can act as a remote when showing photos with your families and friends, or for those moments when something hilarious happens in a movie and you want to rewind (scrubbing) - you can do all this from your iPad. With the Digital AV adapter you are limited on how far away you can be from the TV while controlling what you see. It is a less expensive solution although, and who knows... it might be a perfect solution for you.

streaming movies to tv from ipad