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    How much does refresh rate matter on televisions?
    I am buying a new television for my man cave. I like to game and stream movies and TV and I was wondering how much I should consider the refresh rate when choosing a TV. Also something that might be important to mention is that I am planning on gaming on my PC with this TV. I have a high-end custom built PC and I was going to connect it to my new TV via HDMI cable. Should this affect my decision?

    Thank you for your time.
    Very helpful article, but are they certain aspects I should consider when using this TV for gaming?

    • ANSWER:
      I was curious about this myself not too long ago, and thought this article explained it very well, what is it and the difference between 60hz and 120hz and beyond.,2817,2379206,00.asp

    Should I buy a computer to play movies and streamline videos online instead of a blu ray player?
    I'm thinking about buying another computer to hook up to my tv instead of a blu ray player. I would like to download and stream movies and tv shows. But I don't know if the quality would be very good. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      If you own a 360 that is a great alternative as you could stream everything on your pc to 360 via windows media player. No need to connect pc to tv, you just stream everything wireless.

    Why most good movies in Netflix are only available in DVD?
    I have an account with Netflix for streaming movies on my PC or TV. I'm very happy with the service, but why most of the good movies I'd like to see are only available in DVD? I'd like to ask Netflix but there's no options available for questions in their web site.

    • ANSWER:
      Not every movie and TV show is available for Instant Streaming. Netflix has to buy the rights to stream the movies and TV shows they have and can't just play everything. They could be sued for copyright infringement and other things if they did.


    How do I stream movies from my desktop PC to my laptop?
    Everything is on wireless setup at my place. Currently I can stream movies from my desktop PC to my tv using my xbox360 as a media center and tversity media software.

    Is there a way I can stream movies from my desktop directly to my laptop? Say if I want to watch a movie in my bedroom, etc...
    fyi, I still wish to maintain a wireless solution. I do not wish to use cables inbetween my two computers.

    • ANSWER:

    can I stream movies and videos on my tv without an internet ready device?
    I want to connect my desk top PC to my HDTV. My tv isn't internet ready.will I still be able to stream movies and other content on my tv if I make this connection?

    • ANSWER:
      does your question include routers as an internet ready device?

    How can I stream WIRELESS movies from my PC to my TV?
    I would like to stream wirelessly movies etc from my PC to my TV without any cables getting in the way? Especially HD(high def) movies.

    • ANSWER:
      You need a router, preferably "n"
      You need also a Digital media receiver (check Linksys and Netgear)

    How to stream to TV from PC or Laptop Wirelessly?
    How do I stream to TV from PC or Laptop. I know it can be done and want to know how it can be done wirelessly. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      you needs a wireless media streamer such as this.

      To be honest though a wireless connection may not provide the bandwidth you need especially if you are streaming movies

    What's the best processor for streaming to a TV?
    I want to stream movies and TV shows to my TV via HDMI. What is the best processor fr the job? And what graphics card and RAM space should it have?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you familiar with a WDTV Live? They work well, and play (virtually) all common file formats directly.

      It's easy. You connect the WDTV Live to your computer using Ethernet,* then, after you configure file sharing, the WDTV Live reads media files stored on your computer hard drive. (*WDTV Live has built-in wireless, but works best when hard-wired to an Ethernet connection, or attached USB drive.)

      For it's a no-brainer. You don't need to custom build a PC just to play media files on your TV.

      If your specific goal is to use a PC as a media player, then you might want to look up what the requirements are to make XBMC run well,

    How do you stream Netflix movies on Playstation 3?
    I have a Playstation 3, but seeing Netflix's new move to allow Xbox 360 to stream movies to it, I'm really envying those Xbox 360 users. My question is, is there any way you can watch movies on PS3. I have a monthly subscription to Netflix, broadband connection, wireless router, a PS3, PC and the TV. Someone please make it work! Thanks!
    I know it isn't supported, but is there a way to work around it?

    • ANSWER:
      Ignore those other "Answers"

      The real answer to this question is:

      YES you can stream Netflix through your PS3 and it works just as well as the 360 or that cheap Roku box.

      Go to:

      The PlayOn media app allows you to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, CBS, ESPN, and CNN through your PS3 by utilitizing your computer as a media server which is supported by most next gen consoles. The only requirements are a computer, an internet connection, and that the computer & PS3 are connected to the same network.

      Also, don't buy a Roku player. They have horrible resolution, playback problems, and you can only change the queue from the internet.

      :: UPDATE ::
      I installed PlayOn on a computer that connects to the same router / hub as my PS3, entered my Netflix password in the PlayOn program on my computer, and connected to the PlayOn server after it appeared under the video options on my PS3. It works great (connects directly to your netflix online queue) and also gives you access to news outlets and other media streams such as youtube. Great program.

      This is definitely the answer to your question.

    How to fix a problem that occurs when you PC is hooked to your TV?
    I recently hooked my Dell inspiron (runs Windows 7) to my Sanyo TV. I was able to stream movies to my TV through the internet. When I went to put control back to my PC monitor I ran into some issues. I thought I had it worked out but when I when I clicked on my control panel it sent it to the TV screen. How do I fix this?

    • ANSWER: this site will be able to help.

    How can you wireless stream to HD TV a downloaded movie on my PC?
    I have a movie on my Windows PC and wish to view it on my TV. I use a wireless router now for a Laptop PC. Can the same router stream movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on you TV, some have USB wireless adapters that let you create a home network with other PC's and Laptops in your home, and through the network you can watch movies on you tv. Btw the wireless adapters for them are made special just for the tv not any wireless adapter will work.

    How do i connect my mac to my lacie network space to to stream media?
    My pc wirelessly connects to it fine and streams my movies through my tv with it. But for some reason with the mac it connects to the network device fine and shows up in the menu, but there is no meadi available?? i have network sharing allowed on my mac but it just doesnt seem to work.... Please help?????
    I have a macbook pro 15in running mac OSx 10.6.7

    • ANSWER:
      In order to offer you adequate information, knowing what Mac you are using, model, and operating system would be most helpful.

      Because that information is not available, below is a link that I hope will get your started.


      "Use the Apple DVI to Video Adapter, available separately, to display content on your TV . See “Using External Video Support” on page 67" From an Apple topic search (streaming movie content from MacBook 15" to television". (Link is below in the event you need the MacBook User Guide that came with your MacBook. Assuming the link works user guide for your Mac Book is the first item. Also looks like an adapter is needed and I suppose that can be found in the store at Apple's website.

    How can I watch NetFlix movies on my TV?
    I have an HDTV and I have a netflix account. How do I instantly watch (stream) netflix movies from my PC to my TV? Do I need a special cable? I heard of something called an S cable, or HDMI cable, or V cable.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use analog or digital connections like HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-VGA, composite:
      HDMI is recommended for HDTV. It allows to send both audio and video from your PC to TV.

      You can also play Netflix movies using xbox360 and Sony PS3

      And you can use a hardware player called Roku to play Netflix movies on your HDTV.

    How do I watch NetFllix movies on my TV?
    I have an HDTV and I have a netflix account. How do I instantly watch (stream) netflix movies from my PC to my TV? Do I need a special cable? I heard of something called an S cable, or HDMI cable, or V cable.

    • ANSWER:
      Well the way I connect my laptop computer to my HDTV is with a cable called a VGA Cable. Then I change my video cards output to also show on TV/second monitor. I only use this to play movies that I have on the computers hard drive. Now The way I steam Netflix instant movies are through my Netflix ready devices like my xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Now the Nintendo WII console. Also their are many HD TVs out their that are also Netflix capable in which you do not need any other devices. The same goes with Netflix ready blue ray players OR you could purchase a device from the Netflix website to that connects to the internet and the HDTV which can make ANY TV play Netflix instant movies.

      If you just want to connect your computer to the HDTV than I suggest you find out the type of video out put your computer and as well as the type of inputs your TV has. Bring this info to your local electronic store so they can show you the best possible cable that will give you the best possible picture based on the type of outputs and inputs of the devices.

    Where can I find a network streaming device?
    I have a lot of movies on my PC and I want to watch them on my big screen TV up stairs but it seems I need some sort of device that connects to my PC`s Network and streams my movies to my TV. I have seen this Vudu thing in the ads but I am not sure if that is what I need. Please if someone knows what I need and can give me a price approximation then I would be quite grateful. Also NO NETFLIX!

    • ANSWER:
      It's called a media player. Some things you might get interested in: Asus O!Play, Popcorn Hour, WD TV Live, and so on. These are able to play HD movies from your computer or a suitable NAS device.

    How can I watch films from my laptop on my TV?
    Is there a cable to plug into my laptop and TV so I can watch my streamed movies on the TV screen instead of my laptop screen?

    I used to be able to do it with my old mobile phone, it plugged into the audio jack and then red, yellow, and white plugs into the TV.

    I have a Sony Vaio notebook, and a Goodmans TV, if that's any help.
    I want to know what TYPE OF CABLE, not where to get it.

    • ANSWER:
      Well I'm happy to inform you technology has improved from using the old red, white, and yellow jacks.
      Nowadays most computers and TV's come with an HDMI port. If you get an HDMI cable you will be able to share High Definition video and audio from the computer.
      But what if you dont have fancy technology?
      Well most semi-old computers and TV's have an S-video port.
      You can simply use an S-Video cable to share Standard Definition video with the TV... But you need a special cable with a 3.5mm "headphone" jack on one end and the red and white audio jacks on the other end to supply the TV with audio.

      But what if I don't have either of those?!?
      Don't worry there is one last option. I have NEVER seen a laptop without an analog monitor output jack. This is the big blue port on the back (usually near where the power cord plugs into the PC). Most half-decent TV's have an analog monitor input jack (looks just like the one on your laptop). This will (just like S-Video) only share video. You still need the audio cable described above to supply sound to the TV.

      Depending on the TV and laptop you may or may not have some of these ports.
      Your best bet is using the Analog Monitor Output. That is the most common but if you have HDMI, use it. It's HD and much easier to set up and use (you only need one cable).
      Hope this helps!

    Can you stream unlimited movies/TV shows to your Wii with the basic Netflix plan?
    I am considering getting the .99/month plan from Netflix. With that, can you stream and watch an unlimited amount of movies and or TV shows on your Wii, or is that an extra charge? Also, I'd like to know how much stream/watch time you can have on your PC (if any) with that plan!

    • ANSWER:
      There are some videos not available through the basic package and it also has to be on dvd to watch on netflix.

    Needing advice on streaming movies from a centralised point?
    At the moment I stream movies from my PC to my xbox so that I can view them on my tv but this is obviously costing money to leave the PC running. Is there a way in which I can put my movies on an external hard drive and have that connected to my wireless router so that I can stream movies directly from it without having my PC on? Can you advise of any products that would be good for this situation?

    • ANSWER:
      You are looking for a NAS (network attached storage) unit. These are "smart" drives which connect to the network just like a computer and simply supply storage. They also contain small dedicated computers in them which allow the drive to work properly in the network.
      Here are a few examples..
      Buffalo Link Station
      Linksys NAS
      or several at
      or many other NAS units

    Why does my xbox 360 reset every time i switch my tv source between cable and the hdmi port?
    On my hdtv, I can switch back and forth between "sources" (TV, PC, Components, and HDMI). Say I'm watching a movie on my xbox 360, if I pause the movie and switch my source from HDMI to TV then switch back to HDMI my xbox 360 resets. Could anyone explain the reason this is happening, and if you could also explain how to fix this problem.

    • ANSWER:
      When you switch inputs, the xbox loses its signal. I'm assuming your streaming a movie from Netflix. If you pause too long on Netflix, it will bring you back to your queue. Their is no fix for the xbox because a blu ray will do the same thing.

    How to watch TV thru a PC streaming thru the internet?
    I just bought a laptop with WiFi capability. I have a Wireless router on order.
    How do I hook-up the laptop to the TV so I can watch streaming movies thru the 'net
    via Netflix or Amazon or HULU?
    My Flat-Panel TV is 2 years old and has HDMI and USB Ports (and HiDef Video input, I think?)

    • ANSWER:
      well if you want movies you can use

    Can I send my PC video wirelessy to my TV?
    Looking for a solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to be able to view my PC video on my TV at home. Want to share my YouTube videos and stream movies from netflix.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best way to watch movies from my computer on my home TV?
    I want to be able to watch movies I have on my PC on my home computer...

    One option is for me to buy a whole new computer to have in my livingroom next to the tv and stream the movies via my home network...

    1) is this the best option?
    2) what other ways are there to achieve this?
    3) If I would also like to surf the net on my TV is there other options other than connecting my PC directly to it?

    Thanks again for the help guys much appreciated

    • ANSWER: I dont remember how but I got this free and watch through xbox360 on my tv.

    What kind of wire would I need to connect my PC to my HD TV?
    So I want to watch some tv shows/ movies on my tv by downloading/ streaming them off my pc. The only problem is that I don't know which cables to get. Im using my old pc, it has a VGA Adapter ( got that from display settings) and an nvidia 7100 graphics card. While my TV is a Samsung HD tv with a hdmi slot and all these other input things at the back. What do i need to watch and hear the movies/tv shows? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      With a computer and and a TV with lots of ports your options are many here are a few the VGA to RCA way that would be the Red, White and Yellow where you actually only need the Yellow off that lead
      To Yellow
      To RCA the red, white yellow and more.....

      For your audio look at something like this

      Use this to connect your audio out to the audio in for the computer......and if you have a PCMCIA slot there is even more you could do your able to do

    What is the best place to watch movies online?
    What is the best place to watch streaming movies online.

    • ANSWER:
      Just try a satellite TV software,install it on your PC,and then you can watch any movie online.Here are the top 4 satellite TV software reviews on the market:
      Try it.Maybe this can help you.

    How can you stream video from your computer to your TV - wirelessly?
    I know how to stream music/movies through the Xbox 360, but I would really like to stream flash videos I can see in my browser to my TV. Is there a way to stream what's on my laptop's screen to my PC - wirelessly?

    • ANSWER:
      go to, they have the part you seek.

    How to stream movies from my laptop to tv?
    My tv has a pc port and hdmi ports. I bought a cable that connects both pc ports on laptop and tv. But the audio still plays from laptop. How do I get video and audio to play on tv

    • ANSWER:
      Are you using VGA cable("pc port") or an HDMI?
      VGA does not support audio and HMDI does. If you bought a VGA cable you will need to get a 3.5MM AUX cable and plug in from your laptop to your TV.(If the TV has a AUX port) or get and RCA to AUX cable.
      HDMI cables support video/audio so if that's the cable you have then it should play sound. if it doesn't try plugging the cable in a different port.

      make sure your volume is up on your laptop and tv. make sure nothing is on mute.
      hope i answered your question =]

    How to stream movies in chronological order on
    Wanna start a stream on jtv streaming movies but unsure how to do it. could anyone post a link for a tutorial or tell me how to? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You need a capture device to record your tv, xbox, pc etc.

    What mass storage is out there for Movie collectors to store their HD movies downloaded from iTunes or others?
    I want to purchase not rent movies and TV shows from iTunes, but hard drive space is definitely a problem...With HD files being so large I struggle with storage. Just the series of NCIS on HD is 225GB.
    I have external hard drives, but it is a pain when it comes to streaming with Apple TV. What solution is out there for someone who collects movies and TV episodes that are HD?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, externals are the best way to go when it comes to mass storage... if you're running out of room and are looking at maybe buying a new drive, you could get one with superspeed USB (USB 3.0) - I prefer Seagate, as they have a lot of high-capacity drives that are very dependable and secure. They have the go-flex drive that runs up to 3TB with an optional USB 3.0 adapter that runs about 0 total. You get a 3.0 hub for your pc and you're all set as far as streaming speeds go (10x the speed of 2.0).
      I'm currently shopping around for more drive space and I found a 2TB go-flex at Costco for less than 0 (an ad for one in my area), with a 3.0 hub and adapter it shouldn't cost more than 0, and that should be plenty for now. Here's a couple links you can check out; the first is Seagate's page, the second is a couple of 3TB on that are 3.0 and less than 0:

      You can also shop around Newegg for some other deals (they have 1TB-6TB drives, all with 3.0 speeds for increased streaming performance). Hope that helps :)

    What type of wireless keyboard should I get?
    I want one which will allow me to operate my PC as a media server and stream movies to my TV. So the keyboard would act as a remote control. One that I was looking at was

    Now I have had wireless keyboards in the past but they go through batteries like no tomorrow. Is there a good wireless keyboard with trackball combo out there which has very good battery life?

    • ANSWER:
      I read the logitech specs and they have good battery life. My two microsoft wireless keyboard has short battery lives.

    Where can I find a pro version of Tversity or something similiar?
    Basically, I'm trying to stream movies/tv from my PC and the internet (especially Hulu) to my Ps3. I don't want to pay for the pro version of Tversity, and there's got to be a way to do this for free. Please share your method or guide me toward a good program to use.
    Cable won't work.. my 42" is like 4-5 rooms from the computer

    • ANSWER:
      Google it.

    How do I connect my computer to my plasma TV to watch streaming Netflix movies?
    I need to connect my computer to my 42" plasma television through an LG combination dvd receiver that is connected to the TV.

    The receiver has an orange coax in, optical in, s video out, and a set of component outs.

    The TV has an audio pc in, and 15 pin pc input, an optical and digital audio out.

    My computer has digital audio in and out, a set of component in and s-video, and a tv (cable style) in and out.

    What sort of connector do I need to buy?

    • ANSWER:
      Connect PC to TV via VGA (it is not listed, but ALL PCs have VGA)
      Connect PC dig audio out to Receiver dig. audio in.

    Stream movies from my computer to a TV with internet capability?
    If i buy a tv that can be connected to the internet, is there a way for me to stream the movies form my laptop to it without buying any extra boxes or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are going to buy then choose
      the one that has PC/Laptop port.

      will work just like a pc monitor. only better

    What is the best program to use for streaming american tv on pc?
    Most of the ones i find have weird channels with lots of japanese movies and some others are just sports, what if i want one that works well and gives me a wide variety of channels like that i have on my tv.

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same question, so hopefully my answer will help! There are many programs out there to stream American TV but you have to ensure to use ones that are legit. Some come with undetectable adware that will slow your internet down, so be sure to use a reliable service. One that many people recommend is -

    what is the best way to stream movies on a ps3?
    I have Netflix but am thinking of getting rid of it and getting a different service with more selections or adding another service to watch TV shows. I know that netflix works but what some other good companies or sites that work on the PS3? Do Hulu and Amazon work? I don't have the PS3 yet and am not an experienced user so I need something relatively easy to figure out haha.

    • ANSWER:
      PS3 only supports Hulu Plus. I haven't yet found a set-top box that supports plain old Hulu unfortunately.

      However, I've been using TVersity Pro on my PC to send a stream to the PS3.

      TVersity basically takes any form of media and just streams it to your PS3, 360, or other set-top box. It will re-encode the data into a format that your device can understand. This is great since the PS3's video support is pretty small.

      To use TVersity, you will need a PC, a PS3, and a fast home network. I do not recommend using the PS3's wireless adapter. Its antenna is not very good, and has trouble getting a strong signal from the router compared to my (ancient) laptop that's in the same room. A weak signal will cause problems hiccups with streaming. I used to get problems with TVersity and the PS3 until I put the PS3 on a wired connection. Much better.

      You will install TVersity on your PC and use it as your media server. The PS3 will detect TVersity automatically and display any media TVersity knows about. For instance, I added some shows to my queue on Hulu. Then I added my Hulu account to TVersity. Bam. Now the PS3 can see my Hulu queue. I select play and after a few seconds, the show starts up.

      Not bad for . The free version of TVersity does everything but allow you to add internet sources, so you'll probably want to get the Pro version like I did.

    Anyone out there getting streaming satelite tv on there pc?
    With all the good channels like hbo, espn, movie chanells, sci fi

    Or is it all a scam?
    If you are getting it, what is the website to get it?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to get these channels free!!! Period. End of discussion. Any free offer, or a one time fee of .99, is a scam. Why in the world would people be paying cable or satellite fees of up to 0/month, or more, for this service if they could get it free?

    Can you watch movies from netflix on a TV/PCmonitor combo without any other devices?
    I have a TV/PC combo monitor. Do I need the netflix device to watch movies on the TV or can I hook it up with the Ethernet cable directly from the PC. I have cable internet connection. I haven't hooked it up yet as I still use my old Dell monitor. If I can please tell me how to hook it up.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't need any device. Netflix doesn't even sell a device. If your TV/PC can access the net then you should just be able to go to and live stream the movie. Of course you need a keyboard & mouse.

    How do I connect my pc to a tv?
    I want to connect my pc to the tv so that i can watch my movies on the tv.
    I have tried using HDMI but i can only see a part of my screen. And the audio plays on the pc instead of the tv. Should i use another type of cable?
    I know i can stream it, but thats so laggy. I don't know why, because i have got fiber net. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      use the same lead thats goes from your pc to the monitor and plug it in in the back of your tv

      im using my tv has a monitor

    Looking for very cheap computer which allows me to watch and stream HD video?
    I currently have a very basic kit computer so when i try to watch an HD video, there is lots of lag. I have an hd tv but no HDMI port on the actual computer so i cannot connect my tv to pc with hdmi cable. Is there a really cheap pc which will allow me to watch and stream hd video? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Hmmm.... One has to ask why you need a computer. There are some great units out there that are cheaper then a computer and are designed to do nothing but video stuff.
      Apple TV for example is only about 0 and will allow you to rent and watch all kinds of Hi Def content from the apple store. If your not an apple person. (Cant blame you) theres also some great Blu Rray players that will allow you to do Netflix, YouTube and a host of other content.

      That is your best bet. Its on Amazon for under 0. Any computer you build with enough speed to do all that stuff is gunna set you back way more than that. (I tried) This player even has a wireless net card in it so you dont even have to plug it in to your network. Streaming HD, and a bluray player. Couple that with about 15 bucks a month for a netflix subscription and you will have all the movies and TV you can watch.

      A word of advise.... It may be different in your area but my standard DSL is just barely enough to stream in full HD. If you have the ability to upgrade it (usually about 5 bucks more a month) then do so.

    Is it possible to rent a movie from ITunes, and watch it on your XBox 360?
    Since it can stream Netflix movies instantly from your computer to the 360, I thought there might be a way through ITunes as well.


    • ANSWER:
      No, iTunes is a pc program and therefore not possible. Only Netflix or the XBOX Marketplace are the only ones that can allow you to rent movies/TV Shows.

    How can I watch online movies from my computer onto my tv?
    I want to watch my netflix online movies on my tv from my computer. Is there anyway i could do this wirelessly since the Tv and computer are in 2 different room. For the windows vista expert, can i use windows media center and my xbox360 to perform such a task. I know that watching media from my computer to my tv is possible with windows media center and xbox360 but am i able to watch online netflix movies off the internet?? Please help.

    • ANSWER:


    How does renting a movie on iTunes work?
    I want to rent a couple movies off iTunes but I'm not sure how it works. How long do you get to keep the movie. I herd that it deletes itself 24 hours after you hit the play button, but I'm not sure if that's true. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      its true, dont hit play unless you have time to watch it all.
      movie rentals info: movies are viewable on Mac or Windows pc using iTunes 7.6 or later, iPhone/iPod touch/iPod nano 3rd/4th gen, iPod classic or on TVs using AppleTV. connect to the iTunes Store to move/stream movies, broadband internet required. Once a movie is moved, it is not viewable on the sending device. u can only move movies to another device from your Mac/Windows computer. Movies downloaded to your AppleTV can't be moved. u have 30 days after downloading a movie to begin viewing. Once u begin viewing, u have 24hrs left to finish viewing the movie; view it unlimited times for 24hrs. Stopping/pausing/restarting a movie does not extend time for viewing. If u move a movie to iPod/iPhone and then use iTunes to restore the iPod/iPhone before u finish watching it, the movie will be deleted and will not be recoverable.

    Can i stream tv signal from my tv using scart out to my capture card ?
    I want to record a movie from tv using scart but my video capture card says that my scart that i have is scart out so can i go like this: TV-SCART OUT-AV CABLE-CAPTURE CARD-PC is that true and possible ?

    • ANSWER:
      yes that should work,

    How is my netflix stream on my cpu constantly freezing/making weird noises?
    It happens at least every 10 minutes, sometimes more. It only happens on my computer when Im streaming a movie from netflix. It will just freeze and make weird noises like satan is talking, crazy. You can wait for like 2-3 minutes and it will play again, but then do it all again shortly. Not sure what to do, its bullshizzle

    • ANSWER:
      What kind of internet connection do you have? Because it's streaming, the speed of your internet can easily affect how well it plays.

      However, Netflix is kind of buggy. I've had issues on all my devices with it (tablet, PC, TV), and my boyfriend's often freezes, even though he has a different service provider.

      Here's how to test internet speed. (Not sure how tech savvy you are.)

    How to stream movies from my tv?
    My tv isn't connected to a Xbox or ps3 or any device I don't know if there is a device that can connect to my WiFi and I can stream my movies from my pc to that device.
    My pc is in a different floor. And just the same way my Xbox streams from my pc I want the same the same thing but via WiFi

    • ANSWER:
      You could connect a VGA cable from the pc to the tv so that the tv essentially becomes a moniter for it.
      Ebay sells them for like , that what I did

    What sort of cable would i need to connect my pc to my tv to be able to view 720p HD content?
    I want to connect my PC which is upstairs to my HD tv downstairs so i can watch internet streams and watch movies (including 720p) on my PC but on my downstairs TV.
    Can some recommend a cable or possibly something wireless?
    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Connect using HDMI or DVI. You may have to change your graphivs card for one with those interfaces.

      Buy a long cable or move one closer to the other.

      There are wireless media streamers, look at the NetGear one or this

    How does a TV Tuner work on your Computer?
    Since I do not have cable (for tv) in my home office, I would like to be able to watch tv sometimes when I'm up late. I've seen ads for TV Tuners for your computer, but I am confused as to how they work. Do you have to subscribe to something in order to get the programs, and if you do what kind of programs do you get? If anyone uses this please advise! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      A tv tuner turns your pc into a tv so if you have a tv but no cable/antenna reception then a tv tuner will only turn your pc into a second tv with nothing to watch... There's plenty of options for watching various channels/shows/movies streamed or downloaded from the Internet but you don't need a tv tuner to do that.

      -edit- hey, didacticdude!! that's not fair, answering in just a few words and then editing your whole answer... I wouldn't even have bothered answering if I'd seen your whole answer in the first place!

      -edit 2- freebird, I think what you're talking about is not a regular tv tuner card but a digital tv receiver card/digital antenna unit... I don't think they have that in the USA yet, but I could be wrong.

    Does Anyone Have a Problem Streaming Certain Netflix Movies on The PS3?
    Every so often when I go to stream a movie via Netflix on my PS3, they wont play and restart the Netflix disc or they will start playing, stop, try to reload and freeze. Anyone else have this issue. Netflix was clueless and they said they need to try to recreate the issue.

    • ANSWER:
      I always have this problem. I had them send me a 2nd Netflix Streaming disc and I thought that was it. But it wasn't, the Streaming on the PS3 just sucks a lot. On the 360 or PC it's wayyyyyyyyyyy better. It doesn't take soooooo long to load and doesn't have this failure rate. On the PC the quality is much better as well. So in my bedroom I have my PC interact with my TV and watch that way. I have my PS3 in the living room so I can watch movies there, but it keeps freezing on me constantly, so it's not you. It also doesn't appear again when I turn the Ps3 on. It's very frustrating. I can't wait to see how this is going to work on the Wii.

    can i stream multiple movies from netflix with the unlimited streaming plan ?
    I used to be able to stream multiple movies from netflix into my home, one for the tv, and one for the laptop. Now, thought it is telling me I cannot do that... I'm a little confused and irritated. Doesn't it mean I can stream multiple movies to my home using the unlimited streaming plan?

    • ANSWER:
      nope. Taken from Netflix's faq
      Can I watch movies instantly on more than one PC or Netflix-ready device?
      Some membership plans allow you to watch simultaneously on more than one personal computer or Netflix-ready device. If you are on the Unlimited Streaming plan, the Unlimited Streaming + 1 DVD out-at-a-time plan or a limited streaming plan, you may watch only one device at a time.

      If you are on the Unlimited Streaming + 2 DVDs out-at-a-time plan, you may watch on up to two devices at a time. Members on the Unlimited Streaming + 3 DVDs out-at-a-time plan may watch on up to three devices at a time. The maximum is four devices at a time -- available for members on the Unlimited Streaming + 4-or greater DVDs out-at-a-time plan.

    Can an led cpu monitor perform as well as and led hdtv?
    I don't watch any tv. I do like to watch movies and stream tv shows, however. Is the quality comparable if this is all I need it for?

    • ANSWER:
      my opinion yes
      i watch 90% of movies and tv programs on my 28" monitor (+ pc)
      as the quality is better than my 32" tv
      both are full hd 1920 x 1080/1200

    How can I set up a Roku 3 to stream movies & music from a PC?
    I just bought a Roku 3, and I have a PC running Windows 7 with media sharing turned on. I was able to stream media to my PS3, but I don't see how to set this up with the Roku?

    • ANSWER:
      It's no different than with the PS3 - assuming your Roku is set up on your network and plugged into your TV the PC should show up, assuming it's also on the network. The Quick Start guide does not explain how to connect with a computer, but it shows how to set the Roku up either wired or via Wi-Fi to get it on your network, and how to connect to the TV with HDMI:

      Once it's set up this way, the PC should show up as one of the options on the on-screen menu. If it doesn't, write back with Additional Details describing in detail your setup and PC settings and we'll go from there...

streaming movies to tv from pc