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    what is the best website for streaming movies and tv shows?
    what is the best website for streaming movies and tv shows?

    • ANSWER:
      I found and very good streaming websites. They have all the shows that I watch so maybe you will find those two sites legit.

    Any good streaming sites for Anime like dragonball or cartoons like batman the animated series?
    Hey guys i found alot of movies and tv show streaming sites. But none of them have any good Anime or cartoons. I have tried searching but in vain. Help guys pls!

    • ANSWER:
      For Dragon Ball specificly go to
      On this site you can watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. All the episodes are on this site.

    Is it legal to stream tv shows and movies?
    I want to stream movies and Tv shows on my site like these sites and If it is not legal to post episodes on your own site then please tell me how these websites do it.
    If these sites get away with it; will my site get away with? Is it like not a big deal for fox when people stream their tv shows on a website?

    • ANSWER:
      It is illegal because of copyright and intellectual property laws.

    What is a good site to use that streams full length movies for free?
    i used to use but they shut down streaming on their site. anyone know other sites that stream movies. Also, they cant stream it in DivX cause i dont have that. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    How do I stop streaming videos from skipping or breaking up while I play them? ?
    when I am watching videos from fancast and sometimes other legitimate full length movie/tv show sites, the videos skip and break with multiple intermittent pauses, causing me to have to pause them so they can buffer. I didnt use to have this problem.

    • ANSWER:
      The main cause for this problem is Internet Speed connection.
      Try checking the speed of your internet. a good speed is 14-18 MB/s
      My average speed is 24 MB/s on the download. has an easy speed checker.

    Where can one go online to read books?
    You, now how there are sites which stream movies and TV shows, I was wondering if there were sites that upload books to download and read.

    • ANSWER:
      Two sites that I frequently visit are:

      Project Gutenberg


      For poetry, I rely on Bartleby

      Happy reading!!!

    Are there any websites where you can watch free movies on iphone 4?
    Where can I watch free streaming movies or tv shows directly from my iphone 4?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a site, where you can easily watch movies online free from this site..

    Where can I find working sites that have streaming new release movies?
    I am searching for a site that works, does not require you to download any "add-ons" or "plug-ins" and is free... I may be just dreaming but if anyone knows of any sites that have streaming movies/tv shows please let us know! I'm most interested in new release movies,

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I stream movies for free with no sign up?
    What are some good web sites for streaming movies for free with out having to sign up? Preferably I am looking to watch the movie Unknown with Liam Neison.

    • ANSWER:
      try or Crackle. You can also try this site:

    What are some good sites for streaming anime?
    I'm looking for some good sites that have streaming anime, both movies and tv shows. Subtitles would be preferred, but dubbing would work too.


    • ANSWER:
      Check out these websites:


      Hope I helped a bit. Enjoy! =D

    Why most good movies in Netflix are only available in DVD?
    I have an account with Netflix for streaming movies on my PC or TV. I'm very happy with the service, but why most of the good movies I'd like to see are only available in DVD? I'd like to ask Netflix but there's no options available for questions in their web site.

    • ANSWER:
      Not every movie and TV show is available for Instant Streaming. Netflix has to buy the rights to stream the movies and TV shows they have and can't just play everything. They could be sued for copyright infringement and other things if they did.


    Now that Netflix sucks, what is the right source for streaming movies and TV shows?
    I switched from Blockbuster to Netflix about 4 years ago, and have watched their movies and TV Series offerings get worse, and worse, and worse. The latest news stories this week has me cancelling my membership. What is the best service for:

    -device compatibility

    Netflix has officially $hi+ the bed.

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu Plus - .99 a month streaming only
      Amazon - a year streaming only,

      sadly all streaming sites have basically the same programs, there may be a few different titles, Hulu does offer same season tv shows , but only have a four week window before they take them off, until the full season is available to view.

    How to stream HD movies on Amazon/Netflix without a compatible TV?
    I am baffled that you have to have a compatible TV to stream HD on Amazon or Netflix. I have a full blown brand new 1080p TV but it is not a "compatible" TV to stream HD movies from these sites apparently. How can this be? Is there a workaround to this?

    • ANSWER:
      The issue is certain manufacturer's do not support 1080p from Netflix. Most major brands now support 1080p. LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Philips all support it on the 2012 and later smart models. If you do not have one of these brands the only workaround would be getting a device like the Roku XD or XS.

    How to fix a problem that occurs when you PC is hooked to your TV?
    I recently hooked my Dell inspiron (runs Windows 7) to my Sanyo TV. I was able to stream movies to my TV through the internet. When I went to put control back to my PC monitor I ran into some issues. I thought I had it worked out but when I when I clicked on my control panel it sent it to the TV screen. How do I fix this?

    • ANSWER: this site will be able to help.

    How do i get my Netflix movies onto my TV through a Blu-Ray player?
    We recently purchased a Blu-Ray player and we are trying to access our Netflix movies, but we keep getting a message that says "reference code 300". What does this mean and how can we proceed and stream our movies to our TV? Please help. Immediate answers please.

    (We created our Netflix account on my computer)


    • ANSWER:
      Assuming your BD player supports Netflix

      a) Connect it to your home network - you may need a lan cable or a wireless ethernet adaptor
      b) Follow the Netflix instructions, posted on the Netflix web site, for your model.

    Can you download the streamed movies from netflix?
    I'd like to record the streamed movies from netflix to my personal dvd player so i can watch on my home tv? Can I do that with netflix streamed movies? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      With the right software (or if u know how to write your own code) ANYTHING that is streamed to your computer can be captured.

      Just like with youtube and all those other sites, u can probably find software to capture items from netflix also.

    Do you know any online movie and tv sites that uses flowplayer?
    I need any online MOVIE and TV sites that uses flowplayer...
    This is flowplayer: (GO TO THIS SITE)
    (look at the STREAMING tab)

    • ANSWER:
      I just use

    What do you think of the government takeover of sites like Ninjavideo?
    For those who haven't heard a federal task force led by Joe Biden took over 7 sites that streamed tv and movies.
    @ Martin. I know what happened and why. I'm looking for what people think about it.

    • ANSWER:
      it sucks these big corporations are trying to dictate the world and strip the normal people from their liberty, we have to fight this until these dinosaurs die!

    What is the best website for streaming rare movies for free?
    What is the best website for streaming rare movies for free?

    • ANSWER:
      The best site for watching online movies,all movies all in high quality .... Rare movies,documentaries,tv-shows all are available in DVD quality. Do watch it. ... few months before I was also looking for free sites to watch streaming movies indeed i have got a very good site.

      i ma regular user of that website. filled up with loads of Movies. mostly fresh released movies and TV show are always updated there very quickly

    What is a good site to stream movies and tv shows?
    Looking for good quality, legit, site. Lots of variety and quantity. Premium account with subscription is perfectly fine. I want shows like the current season of Entorage, Weeds, Criminal Minds to the old stuff. From new release movies to the classics. Something better than Netflix's streamable selection.

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good TV boxes for streaming digital entertainment?
    I would like to get a box that allows for good programing on my big screen. I want to stream music, watch movies, documentaries, live national news, live tv, etc etc. I found the Apple TV and VUDU and I am still looking for other boxes. What gives the most bang for the fewest bucks? I don't want a cable provider.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a store like Best Buy and ask about adapters to hook your computer to your TV but maybe yo've got that part figured out.

      This is a good site for streaming movies and TV:

    Can I get viruses from streaming videos on my itouch?
    I go on a site called to stream movies and tv shows. I was wondering if I could het viruses on my itouch from streaming videos on Any website?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all its not an iTouch... I have an iPod touch also. iPod touches cannot get viruses. It would be very messed up if they could.

    where can i stream legal free movies and shows that is free?
    Looking for a web site that has free movies and new movies also tv any one know a good site ?

    • ANSWER:
      Try Awooh

    What's a good site for streaming movies and TV shows for free?
    I live in Norway, so some sites like Hulu are restricted.

    • ANSWER: if it does not work,try turning off your pop ups blocker thing,also u may have2 google the site! As for movies,there's a website but u have to google watch underworld online for free and it should look like ov guide or something but search for the new underworld ^_^

    What sites can i visit to download movies and or tv shows strait to my ps3 hard drive ?
    What sites can i visit to download movies and or tv shows strait to my ps3 hard drive ? I'm having trouble finding a site that is compatible with my ps3

    • ANSWER:
      Being you are asking a Y!A, and read the guidelines, you mean legitimate services which do not violate copyright.

      Sony has a content store, called Qriocity or the like.
      Amazon might be available
      Netflix is there, but is streaming only.

    Does anyone know any good sites that stream tv shows?
    Minus hulu and tv shack, I was wondering if there were any other sites that were good at streaming tv shows or movies and stuff like that.

    • ANSWER:
      You can always check the tv networks site. Thats where hulu gets some stuff.

    What is the best site(s) to watch free movies?
    I love movies, and even more, I love free things! Like streaming movies! Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:

      THE BEST

    anyone know where I can stream movies without signing up to anything?
    I'm in a different country and I wanna be able to stream movies in english please! everything i try, I have to either sign up and pay and I get a million pop ups and they are never worth it! can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      this question is never ending i tell you
      google the following sites, no downloading, no surveys, just watch the darn thing

      solarmovie (films and tv shows) (same as above)

      i threw 3 in there incase you cant find a good link for a film, chances are, others will

      try go for putlocker links, and dont worry about the ads (on seperate webpages, not during film, before them in a popup) just delete the page and enjoy

    Can you watch movies on a Kindle Fire when you arent connected to internet?
    Im thinking about buying a Kindle Fire. I know you have to be connected to interenet in order to download the movies. But once they are, do you have to remain connected to watch them? Example: I want to be able to let my daughter watch movies or tv shows in the back seat while Im driving.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Caitlin, be prepared that the video playback is not going to be great on Fire as it is one low-juice device and not a real media tablet. Nook Tablet is much better without a doubt, it's a class above Kindle Fire. You should do own research and read online reviews on Kindle Fire before ordering one - there's a lot of complains from people who got the device that many Kindle Fire units have faulty Wi-Fi and people have a lot of issues connecting to internet. Also, Amazon's own web site has hundreds (over 1200 so far) of reviews of Kindle Fire's new owners that gave it 1 or 2 star reviews because of choppy/laggy experience they got from this underpowered device.
      Other reported issues are that Prime movies can't be downloaded, only streamed, making them impossible to watch without Wi-Fi on Kindle Fire. Also, on Fire when the Silk internet browser is pointed at the Android market, it reverts to the Amazon market with much more limited content. Touchscreen is being reported as having a sluggish response. Slower and jerkier than expected web browsing thus no benefit from Silk browser. Power button is badly placed, leading to accidental turning off of the device (a lot of complains about this one).
      All pro reviewers on the web clearly voiced that Nook Tablet is a much better device with superior performance compared to Kindle Fire. Nook Tablet has been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it's class. It's got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life, the best non-glare laminated screen, double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot and a microphone for Skype (not on kindle), physical volume controls on the side (not on Kindle), very smooth video playback with excellent screen, and very fast apps load.
      Sample review:
      Laptop Mag
      Whether it’s the bigger amount of RAM or just more mature software, the Nook Tablet feels a lot faster than the Fire. Where the Fire often seems sluggish and, on our tests, often failed to respond to our taps until we hit an icon two or three times, the Nook Tablet was always smooth and responsive.

    What is a good internet provider for heavy online usage?
    I'm moving into a house with 2 friends. We all use the internet virtually nonstop for gaming, movie/tv streaming, and schooling/banking. I'm looking for an internet provider (and a router recommendation if you have one) that could withstand an xbox 360, ps3, and 3-4 computers (probably not all at once), and has enough bandwidth for gaming on ps3 and xbox 360. thanks!
    Im in the USA.

    • ANSWER:
      Google ISP's in your area. Normally there's a site that would compare different ISP's. We need to know what country you're in:


    Are there any sites that let you stream films from the Internet on a tv?
    I have an LG smart tv with built in Internet..I wanna stream a movie from it but cant find any sites..are they any?

    • ANSWER: or sign up for netflix, basic account is only 8 bucks a month, first month free and you can cancel before they charge you the following month.

    what are some good web sites to watch movies online?
    I am bored and trapped and can't get out to rent some movies, what are some good web sites to watch movies online? or tv shows for that matter, streaming and free!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to

    Does anyone know good free online movie sites?
    Hi.. I know only of one site that has amazing free online or tv show streaming. But my pc recently lost all its bookmarks. Could you guys all help me and let me know w hat sites are the best free online hassal free, no signing up necessary movie sites? and tv?

    Thanks in advance friends!

    • ANSWER:

    what is the best way to stream movies on a ps3?
    I have Netflix but am thinking of getting rid of it and getting a different service with more selections or adding another service to watch TV shows. I know that netflix works but what some other good companies or sites that work on the PS3? Do Hulu and Amazon work? I don't have the PS3 yet and am not an experienced user so I need something relatively easy to figure out haha.

    • ANSWER:
      PS3 only supports Hulu Plus. I haven't yet found a set-top box that supports plain old Hulu unfortunately.

      However, I've been using TVersity Pro on my PC to send a stream to the PS3.

      TVersity basically takes any form of media and just streams it to your PS3, 360, or other set-top box. It will re-encode the data into a format that your device can understand. This is great since the PS3's video support is pretty small.

      To use TVersity, you will need a PC, a PS3, and a fast home network. I do not recommend using the PS3's wireless adapter. Its antenna is not very good, and has trouble getting a strong signal from the router compared to my (ancient) laptop that's in the same room. A weak signal will cause problems hiccups with streaming. I used to get problems with TVersity and the PS3 until I put the PS3 on a wired connection. Much better.

      You will install TVersity on your PC and use it as your media server. The PS3 will detect TVersity automatically and display any media TVersity knows about. For instance, I added some shows to my queue on Hulu. Then I added my Hulu account to TVersity. Bam. Now the PS3 can see my Hulu queue. I select play and after a few seconds, the show starts up.

      Not bad for . The free version of TVersity does everything but allow you to add internet sources, so you'll probably want to get the Pro version like I did.

    What are some safe, free movie streaming sites on the internet?
    My Netflix account is acting up so I can't watch any of the movies from there. Are there any sites that won't harm my brand new computer?

    • ANSWER:

      most of the links you will get will be spam, just a warning. This is the only one that works for me. It links to other sites like loombo and megavideo. Very navigable site. Ive been able to find almost every movie i've thrown at it. There are some really unheard of ones that it doesn't have, but a lot that it does. I bet it has what you're looking for

    what is the best site for free streaming movies?
    I spend hours scouring over the internet looking for a website that consistently plays movies. I've used megavideo and divx but they have both proved unreliable. Any staple sites out there that I've missed or are do they simply come and go?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try this site:

    Which is better Roku or any smart blu ray player?
    My new TV has no wifi but I wanted to view youtube videos and stream movies, so, I'm thinking of buying a roku or a smart blu ray player. Note that Roku doesn't have youtube or does it?

    • ANSWER:
      You can get youtube through a Roku channel called Media Buzz. It allows you to log in to your youtube account, or just surf the site.

    How much do get fine for, for downloading movies on torrent?
    i'm just curious. i'm very careful on what i download from torrent sites. i always read comments before downloading. just wondering how much the infringement fine is, cause i've been reading some comments on movies that i want to download and people warning others to be careful cause they received an infringement notice.

    i know it's wrong to download movies, music, tv shows without paying for it, NOT SURPRISINGLY ALMOST EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD USES TORRENT.

    • ANSWER:
      Bottom line it's theft and you guys who are ripping off artists with torrents will eventually be caught. I think People who steal their content deserve what they get come on it's to rent a movie on Itunes or see it cheap via a legal streaming service and songs are what 99 cents?

    Where can i download movies to my ipod other than using itunes?
    I want to download movies on my ipod but i don't know how.Also if theres no other way to download movies not using itunes can you tell me a way to download movies with itunes.

    • ANSWER:
      The iPod requires a specific file to play movies, i can't quite remember but google knows.

      Anyways, i can put files on my iPod but it was a lengthy process.

      if you go to you can stream free movies and tv shows, it's a great site, i use it daily.

      The hard part is...

      you need to capture the file as it's streaming, so you need a torrent or a "ripper",

      i use a small easy to use program called Orbit Download, if you obtain this program in the Tools bar is a tool called "Grab it +" upon opening this it will show you all the files that are being used (if your watching a movie it'll pop up) it's pretty simple point and click stuff.

      this doesn't mean the file is ready for your iPod, you need a converter.

      most of these are complicated for anyone who doesn't know their way around a computer, however i have located a program that's fairly easy for anyone to use, it's called Nero Converter. it should be free, you can find all these programs from a safe and secured site called

      hope this helps.

    Is getting clips of TV shows and movies from sites harmful to my computer?
    Is getting video clips from sites such as metacafe and veoh harmful to my computer? I don't want to get any viruses and stuff. What are some more other sites I can get clips from?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not familiar with metacafe, however, my understanding is that veoh isn't a download -- it's a streaming service.

      So the short answer is no, it's not harmful, won't give you viruses.

      You must watch out for pop-ups and ads, however.

      I'd recommend getting a good anti-virus, such as Avira and Malwarebytes, if you're going to be perusing bootleg sites.


    what is the best way to watch streaming Video ?
    I try to watch video's : youtube, yahoo tv, movies , television show's on my computer and i am unable to watch them without the video breaking up or stopping durning the entire video sometimes its so bad i just stop watching. I have not watched any in a long time. I am wondering am i supposed to download all video to watch it or what am i doing wrong.
    pleasse help if you can.

    • ANSWER:
      Normally let the stream finish downloading, for example, click play, then pause, you'll see the status bar fill, just let it fill up all the way then click play again. This time you video has been buffered and will play without interruptions. If the site lets you download the video you can go that route as well, just download it and use you fav. media player to view it.

    What movie and TV series streaming video websites are legally available internationally?
    No "bittorrent" or "use an HTTP tunnel" answers, please -- I want to know where I can LEGALLY get episodes of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, etc. and movies online outside of the United States.
    Hulu is unavailable outside the US.

    • ANSWER:
      I think these are legal but I cant be sure (they have more info on the sites about the legality stuff):

      They are both available outside the US.

    Are there any internet based TV services that provide a comparable service to Comcast and satellite?
    I would like to get rid of my Comcast cable tv service and go with an interent service that provides tv over the internet. But I want the same content provided by cable. I want the content to be delivered to my TV..

    • ANSWER:
      They way most internet TV works is random people stream stuff. On the other hand you can use sites like or to stream specific shows. There is no real way to just watch random crap continuously. With internet TV you pick what you watch. Here is a short list big networks now supports streaming shows) can now rent movies if you want)

    How long does a movie or tv show last on Netflix streaming before its removed?
    Trying to get into watching all the Star Trek episodes from the Netflix website but don't know how much longer the episodes will be posted on the site.

    • ANSWER:
      it depends how long the contract is with the distributor of the program is

      if it's leaving soon, it'll say so.

      example here

      it says it's streaming until the first of December. it's contract is expiring

    Is watching TV and Movies online illegal?
    I want to know if watching movies or tv under copyright online is punishable by law. I know for one downloading movies directly to your hard drive is a offense, so is uploading them for people to download. But what about the video streaming sites that allow you to watch them? I'm not talking about the legal sites like Netflix etc.
    As your not paying for the film are you breaking the law? Has anyone ever been caught for copyright infringement because they watched a movie that's still showing in cinemas online?


    • ANSWER:
      Streaming or downloading is exactly the same, legally. Streaming from an unauthorized site is just as illegal as downloading from such a site. IF the site is legal (as netflix, for example), then it's not an issue. But you can assume that if there is no cost to stream, it is NOT legal.

    Where to find MLB Network on streaming tv from abroad?
    I am currently living outside of the United States, but I would love to watch the MLB Network. I've been finding out about sites such as Justin TV and many other websites that will stream live television via the internet. Can anyone help me find a site that carries this channel?

    Also any other suggestions for channels would be appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      Hi, it’s almost free...but I do recommend that you check the site listed below under source. You'll only have to pay a onetime fee and you'll be able to watch TV for free. You can watch most international stations as well as local. Some of the countries include China, Canada, Mexico, South American, and many European countries as well. There is also an option to watch various TV shows (old shows and new shows) using this software as well.

      The nice thing about the site is that you'll have access to some movies online and all the sporting events for those who are into online sports like football, golf, etc.


    what are the top three movie streaming services aside from NetFlix "watch instantly"?
    Are there other movie streaming sites on the web that allow movie streaming on demand? What are they and how do they match up to Netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      Note: You will need an IP address in the respective county to access these sites. You can get a foreign IP address at this website:

      Apple iTunes & Amazon are the best - but you pay 'per movie rental'. There are no subscription 'all you can watch' programs (except for Hulu Plus - but this more for TV shows , but have some Movies)

      1. iTunes -
      2. Amazon VOD (USA) -
      3. Hulu Plus (USA) -
      Fancast (USA) -
      BBC iPlayer (UK)-
      SeeSaw (UK) -
      iTV (UK) -
      4OD (UK) -
      ABC (Australia) -

    any device that lets me watch movies on my tv thru streaming?
    basically my mom loves to stream vietnamese movies from certain websites. thats all she does we've had laptops and comps but they're unreliable for us. i looked into roku as well as apple tv but those only allow youtube or hulu or other sites my mom only watches vietnamse films for certain websites. i considered ipad as well but does any1 know any good one.

    • ANSWER:
      NOT iPad.

      Most streaming services USE 'Flash' to stream the TV shows. The iPad DOES NOT support any 'Flash' streaming.

    How do people stream wwe shows on justin tv without using a webcam,capturecard or seetoo? I am just interested?
    Also it is illegal to stream wwe show but dont stream live? The reason I am saying this is to know how they do it. I am NOT asking this question for me to find out how to do it and then do it.

    • ANSWER:
      They use programs like this....


      and they broadcast from sites like this....
      Watch all the TV shows and Movies for free.

      When you start a show and a Poker window opens...just close the poker window and press play again....then enlarge it to full screen viewing. No need to register.


    Why is Netflix quality different when streamed through Roku vs. Sony Blu Ray Player?
    I have a Roku HD box and just bought a Sony Blu Ray BDP-S390 knowing that it could stream Netflix, too. I was hopeful I could return the Roku box and recoup my , which I still can, but I noted the Roku streamed movie looked a little better than the same video streamed through the Blu Ray. Why?

    Both devices are hooked up to a HDTV. The Sony is hooked up via a 13.1 gbps Insiginia HDMI. The Roku (currently) is hooked up via RCA cords to the TV interface on "video" setting.

    According to Netflix, Netflix streams at 720p to the Roku HD (even though I bought it under the assumption it streamed at 1080p -- miffed about that), while Netflix sites that it streams to the Sony BDP-S390 at 1080p.

    So, with the HDMI cord and the higher resolution, I thought the Sony streamed video would outshine the Roku, however, the Sony video was darker and the coloration was off. The movie was Thor. I ran each side by side on the Roku and the Sony and switched back and forth on the Input setting on the TV and was surprised.

    (However, I should also note, another movie I streamed -- an animated flick with an HD by its title -- looked amazing on the Sony.)

    So what gives? I will let you chew on that and see what kind or suggestions I might get. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I would venture to say that the variances you note have more to do with bandwidth and settings on display devices than any difference in signal. I watch Netflix on 2 TV's, 2 laptops, 2 desktops, 2 tablets & my cell phone (OK, I just realized... that's enough devices to be really stupid). Accounting for size, the image quality is quite consistent & varies only with bandwidth availability.

streaming movies to tv sites