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    Name a website that has free streaming movies and tv shows?
    Name a website that has free streaming movies and tv shows?
    Similar to tubeplus, bedroommedia and the like =)

    • ANSWER:

    Name a website that has free streaming movies and tv shows?
    Name a website that has free streaming movies and tv shows?
    Similar to tubeplus, bedroommedia and the like =)

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    what is the best website for streaming movies and tv shows?
    what is the best website for streaming movies and tv shows?

    • ANSWER:
      I found and very good streaming websites. They have all the shows that I watch so maybe you will find those two sites legit.

    why does Netflix only stream certain movies and tv shows?
    I was really excited at the idea of streaming movies and TV shows until i saw how limited the selection is. Almost everything i wanted to watch was DVD only. Why does Netflix do this? Wouldn't it be a lot more effective to charge a little extra for the plan and upload all of them? Will there ever be a time when everything on Netflix will be streamable?

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix does this, probably because, they dont want to overload their servers. For example, a recent movie may be way too much in demand, and their current servers and technology may be inefficient to handle heavy number of requests. I guess, they are still young as a company, in terms of revenue. If they earn a lot, they can have many more servers, and related technology. There by, allowing streaming to even movies on high demand.
      There could be other reasons. But this one strikes to me.
      Regarding future,
      I hope so. If people who think like you and me exist more, obviously there will be more demand and where there is demand, there is a better product with better technology! But, it might take a least a couple of years, according to me.

    How to make my screen black while watching tv?
    My cousin has a button on his laptop where he can make the laptop screen black whilst streaming movies/tv shows to the TV via a HDMI cable. My mum wants to do this on her laptop screen so that the video does not distract us. She has a HP Pavilion g series if that helps. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Am i the only one that goes into screen settings and select the second screen option and turn off the laptop screen?! lol

    Can you give me reasons why you wouldn't consider it immoral to view illegally streamed movies and tv?
    on the internet? No trolling please!! And, don't tell me why you think viewing illegally streamed movies and tv is wrong! I already know that! I want to know why you would consider it a good thing to watch illegally streamed movies and television on the internet. Explain. Don't just say no. Be detailed.
    Gomanyes- No, this is actually a debate topic for an upcoming debate competition tomorrow. I barely have any reasons why it should be a good thing to illegally stream movies. =/

    • ANSWER:
      What if they were your movies, dr. and nobody paid to see them. Wouldn't you want every dollar you have coming to you?

    What can I used to stream movies / shows to a PS3 and windows mobile phone for free?
    Hi what program/ programs can I use to STREAM movies and TV shows to a PS3 and or a windows mobile phone for FREE ( I have the Samsung Omnia & Saga ) I used to use Hulu and it worked awesome for the ps3 till they blocked it and it appears with skyfire for windows moblie it would worked great before they blocked it also.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok the ps3 has wireless internet if you have a up to date computer you can network the ps3 to the computer and watch movies threw your wireless internet or you can probably stream the movies to a SD card (SanDisk) if possible i hope i helped a little

    Should I buy a computer to play movies and streamline videos online instead of a blu ray player?
    I'm thinking about buying another computer to hook up to my tv instead of a blu ray player. I would like to download and stream movies and tv shows. But I don't know if the quality would be very good. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      If you own a 360 that is a great alternative as you could stream everything on your pc to 360 via windows media player. No need to connect pc to tv, you just stream everything wireless.

    How can I stream movies from my laptop to my TV?
    I have a Dell Inspirion and I want to stream movies to my Samsung TV. Is this possible?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two ways to do this.

      The first is to connect the laptop directly to the TV. Most laptops have some sort of TV-out port on them. You'll have to look in your manual to determine what your laptop supports. Connect the laptop to your TV with the appropriate cable. You'll also need to get an audio cable that has a headphone jack on one end, and the larger red/white RCA jacks on the other. You can get this at most places that sell TV or audio accessories, or at Radio Shack. Check your manual to see how to enable the TV output. Some laptops require you to open the video properties page and make the TV your primary monitor. You'll then have your laptop displaying on your TV, and the sound should be coming out of your TV as well. (You can also connect the audio cable to your stereo if you want as well.)

      The other way is streaming, which is entirely different. In this case, your laptop will be sending the movie's picture and audio over your home network to a device connected to your TV called a set-top box. The set-top box allows you to use a remote to browse your files on your laptop and choose what to play. Your laptop doesn't even need to be in the same room.

      For streaming, you'll need a network, a set-top box connected to your TV, and your laptop will need to be running a Media Server program. If you already have a router at home that your laptop is connected to for internet access, you're most of the way there. Most set-top boxes can use the server included with Windows Media Player.

      For a set-top box, some newer blu-ray players can access a media server. The Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 also have this feature. So if you have one of these already, you're almost set. Otherwise you'll need to buy one. There are a lot of different ones out there but the one I've heard good things about is from Popcorn Hour ( It can support a lot of different formats, and has a lot of flexibility in how you set it up.

      Personally, I don't like Windows Media Player's media server very much. Instead I use the one from TVersity ( which stream video, music, photos like any other media server, but can also stream video from YouTube, and Hulu.

    Are there any websites where you can watch free movies on iphone 4?
    Where can I watch free streaming movies or tv shows directly from my iphone 4?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a site, where you can easily watch movies online free from this site..

    do you need to buy a device from netflix to stream movies to your tv instantly?
    netflix says you can stream movies and tv instantly to your tv, but how? do you have to buy something that lets you wach tv and movies or do you hook your computer up to the tv? please answer if you
    can plus do you need high speed internet to wach tv or movies from netflix on your computer ? please answer thanks 😀

    • ANSWER:
      You can also buy a roku box for around 0

      Or a blu ray player that connects to the internet. Make sure the blu ray has the netflix feature. It should have that plus youtube, pandora radio, amazon and blockbuster movies.

      Netflix is the cheapest way to go. Regular service is .53 and blu ray service is .65 a month plus you get one dvd in the mail at a time and you can stream as many movies as you want.

      Not all movies will stream, but you can get the ones that don't in the mail.

    What's the best processor for streaming to a TV?
    I want to stream movies and TV shows to my TV via HDMI. What is the best processor fr the job? And what graphics card and RAM space should it have?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you familiar with a WDTV Live? They work well, and play (virtually) all common file formats directly.

      It's easy. You connect the WDTV Live to your computer using Ethernet,* then, after you configure file sharing, the WDTV Live reads media files stored on your computer hard drive. (*WDTV Live has built-in wireless, but works best when hard-wired to an Ethernet connection, or attached USB drive.)

      For it's a no-brainer. You don't need to custom build a PC just to play media files on your TV.

      If your specific goal is to use a PC as a media player, then you might want to look up what the requirements are to make XBMC run well,

    Where can I watch movies dubbed in Spanish Online?
    Im a spanish student and I think watching movies might be the best way to learn how to speak more fluently. Ive been trying to rent dvds but Im in Spain and the European DVD format does not work on my computer. I was wondering if there was an equivalent website to things like or etc that has links to streaming movies or tv shows (yeah i know, illegal... deeply sorry). Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Good Luck!

    How can i watch streaming movies on my tv?
    i bought my tv in 2002 so i doubt its interent ready, but i wonder if there is a way i could watch streaming movies that i find on websites on my computer, and watch them on my tv instead> like can i buy and connect some wires or something?

    • ANSWER:
      it all depends on your computer out puts and your tv in puts i bought a HD video card with a HDMI output and connected it to my HDMI input on my tv also might look around for a HD tv tuner so you can turn your computer into a dvr with no subscription fee pause, rewind, record ,live tv most tv tuners comes with a remote control as well

    What is the best streaming movie to tv?
    what is the best streaming movie/show/cartoon? other than netflix i already have netflix but i would like to try other new streaming videos just dont know which one please tell which is the cheapest good video/quality and other stuff plz thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i know amazon prime has one but they have about the same movies and shows as netflix, so i presume they all will.

    How can I gather publishing rights for movies?
    I have a project for a service similar to Netflix that would stream movies and tv series to the users. I would like to know how and where I could get the rights to stream that movie library.


    • ANSWER:
      Think you'd have to contact the movie producers, and you'd have to pay them. They aren't going to let people watch movies for free! Let me know if your service pans out, I might get it.

    How much does refresh rate matter on televisions?
    I am buying a new television for my man cave. I like to game and stream movies and TV and I was wondering how much I should consider the refresh rate when choosing a TV. Also something that might be important to mention is that I am planning on gaming on my PC with this TV. I have a high-end custom built PC and I was going to connect it to my new TV via HDMI cable. Should this affect my decision?

    Thank you for your time.
    Very helpful article, but are they certain aspects I should consider when using this TV for gaming?

    • ANSWER:
      I was curious about this myself not too long ago, and thought this article explained it very well, what is it and the difference between 60hz and 120hz and beyond.,2817,2379206,00.asp

    Can I use the Netflix app if I only have a regular account, that doesn't include streaming videos?
    I have a Netflix account that can only send me dvd's. I don't have access to streaming movies and tv shows. Can I use my account to stream videos on my ipod through the app?

    • ANSWER:
      No you would need to add streaming to your plan. There would be not cost or penalty in trying for yourself.

    How do I transfer movies from my computer to my tv?
    I have downloaded movies on my computer and I want tO play/stream movies on my tv. Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      A bunch of methods.

      1-Connect an HDMI cable from computer to TV
      2-Some TV's can play them off a USB stick
      3-Share the directory and use a smart TV's ability to use Samba (SMB)
      4-Share the directory and use something like a Boxee Box or Roku (again, SMB)
      5-Put the video on a NAS that can serve as a DLNA video source. Then play with something that understands that.
      6-Burn to DVD and play in DVD player

      Just to start.

    What format is compatible with streaming TV?
    What format is right for internet enabled TVs? Because am trying to stream movies to my TV from my Samsung Galaxy S and Acer laptop. I have thr right software to stream it, just need the rigjt format to change it to. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Read your TV's manual to see what formats it supports.

      At minimum, it should support .wmv, .mpg (or .mpeg) and .mp4

    Streaming Movies to my TV from my computer?
    I was wondering what type of device I need and how I can stream movies that I download on my computer to my TV. I am familiar with Netflix streaming, but that is not what I was wanting to do. Basically I want to eliminate DVD's and store the movies on my computers hard drive that way. Any help would be appreciated
    I saw a commercial about Samsung's Media Connect. Am I on the right track with that device?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on your tv and computer. Assuming it is a HD tv (one with a HDMI input). ATI has video cards that output HDMI, as well as many laptops. There are other connection options but that should be the one with the fewest problems.

      Storing DVD's on your HD is not a straight forward process as they are normally copy protected.

    What is the best streaming movie to tv?
    what is the best streaming movie/show/cartoon? other than netflix i already have netflix but i would like to try other new streaming videos just dont know which one please tell which is the cheapest good video/quality and other stuff plz thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      have you tried crackle and hulu (free version)

    Can I wirelessly stream movies to my TV from my computer?
    I need to wirelessly stream movies from my computer to my TV which has Tiscali TV, the tiscali box has a wireless router connected to it, which is the base of my home network, is there a way to wirelessly stream movies to the wireless router and through my tiscali box so i can watch the movies that are on my computer on the TV.


    • ANSWER:
      Decent TV card for your comp, and an AV sender to your TV

    How do i restrick the amount of internet used on a computer?
    My step sisters are at our house for the next month and they go an lock themselves in their room and stream movies and TV shows on their laptops. This makes the rest of the houses internet incredibly slow. Am i able to restrict the amount of internet they can use at a given time? i dont want to block them off, but make it so that if they try and watch a movie, it will take at least a whole day to download it?

    • ANSWER:
      It's pretty easy, depending on the router you have.

      Look up "QoS" or Quality of Service settings for your particular router.
      You can regulate speed of connections based on
      -- which machine ( which mac address or IP address)
      -- what protocol ( streaming protocols look a whole lot different than torrents, and they both look different than email)

      again - it depends on your home router. Get the admin controls, and the instructions.. then have at it.
      Excellent use of technology!

    How can I use my TV as a computer monitor?
    I dont have HD/LCD/Plasma... just a regular samsung TV... its not like a 90s tv... its newer... just not Hi Def or anything

    but i stream movies/TV shows alot and wanted to watch them on my TV... how can i do that
    and for how much?

    • ANSWER:
      need hd tv and a dvi cable

    Where can I find working sites that have streaming new release movies?
    I am searching for a site that works, does not require you to download any "add-ons" or "plug-ins" and is free... I may be just dreaming but if anyone knows of any sites that have streaming movies/tv shows please let us know! I'm most interested in new release movies,

    • ANSWER:

    what is the best website for streaming foreign movies and foreign TV?
    what is the best website for streaming foreign movies and foreign TV?

    • ANSWER:
      you should try and search it up on

      you may be able to use or other sites like that

    can I stream movies and videos on my tv without an internet ready device?
    I want to connect my desk top PC to my HDTV. My tv isn't internet ready.will I still be able to stream movies and other content on my tv if I make this connection?

    • ANSWER:
      does your question include routers as an internet ready device?

    When you stream movies from netflix on an xbox can you also rent DVD's?
    My sister has a netflix account and i'm thinking about trying to get the account information to stream movie's and TV shows onto my Xbox. Problem is she won't go for it if she cant still rent movies and do everything with netflix she currently does.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you get both depending on what plan you want, i'm on the rent 2 dvd's at a time unlimited plan, which means i stream as many movies as a want online and on xbox and get 2 in the mail at a time. There's different plans based on what you would like to do as well :)

    can i stream netflix movies to my tv through my suddenlink dvr?
    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can stream netflix movies to the tv through a suddenlink cable dvr. I know you can if you have TiVo.

    • ANSWER:
      You can only stream video's by using a ps3, xbox or blu ray players or roku box that connects to the internet.

    Is it legal to stream tv shows and movies?
    I want to stream movies and Tv shows on my site like these sites and If it is not legal to post episodes on your own site then please tell me how these websites do it.
    If these sites get away with it; will my site get away with? Is it like not a big deal for fox when people stream their tv shows on a website?

    • ANSWER:
      It is illegal because of copyright and intellectual property laws.

    Could someone please recommend streaming website for movies and tv that works for Canada?
    please recommend streaming website for movies and tv that works for Canada?

    • ANSWER:

      View private myspace albums @

    Why are netflix streaming movies so bad?
    Please excuse my language when I say this, but why are netflix streaming movies such crap? They have some decent tv show options and SOME good movies for their streaming option, but the VAST majority of them are pretty bad or unheard of and still bad.

    What is with this? Why even bother offering all these useless selections?


    • ANSWER:
      Because they have to pay for streaming rights, and the studios and distributors charge a premium for streaming new movies, if they even offer the rights at all. They prefer selling discs, not letting people stream. Netflix would have to quadruple their prices or even more to get new movies available for streaming. The fact that other vendors like Amazon, iTunes and Hulu have jumped in and started a bidding war has made the prices for streaming rights even higher. Eventually the prices will drop and the selection will improve, but that's probably still several years away.

    I have WiFi and a Wii is there any way to stream tv shows or movies to my tv other than net flix?
    I already have netflix and windows 7. How can I stream movies from my laptop to my tv without buying anything? Is that possible?

    • ANSWER:
      You can't unless you get a VGA cable, but you can get them from Ebay for under .

      If your TV doesn't have a VGA port, you can get VGA to RCA converter box for -. There are many different kinds available.

    How can I watch films from my laptop on my TV?
    Is there a cable to plug into my laptop and TV so I can watch my streamed movies on the TV screen instead of my laptop screen?

    I used to be able to do it with my old mobile phone, it plugged into the audio jack and then red, yellow, and white plugs into the TV.

    I have a Sony Vaio notebook, and a Goodmans TV, if that's any help.
    I want to know what TYPE OF CABLE, not where to get it.

    • ANSWER:
      Well I'm happy to inform you technology has improved from using the old red, white, and yellow jacks.
      Nowadays most computers and TV's come with an HDMI port. If you get an HDMI cable you will be able to share High Definition video and audio from the computer.
      But what if you dont have fancy technology?
      Well most semi-old computers and TV's have an S-video port.
      You can simply use an S-Video cable to share Standard Definition video with the TV... But you need a special cable with a 3.5mm "headphone" jack on one end and the red and white audio jacks on the other end to supply the TV with audio.

      But what if I don't have either of those?!?
      Don't worry there is one last option. I have NEVER seen a laptop without an analog monitor output jack. This is the big blue port on the back (usually near where the power cord plugs into the PC). Most half-decent TV's have an analog monitor input jack (looks just like the one on your laptop). This will (just like S-Video) only share video. You still need the audio cable described above to supply sound to the TV.

      Depending on the TV and laptop you may or may not have some of these ports.
      Your best bet is using the Analog Monitor Output. That is the most common but if you have HDMI, use it. It's HD and much easier to set up and use (you only need one cable).
      Hope this helps!

    How do I stream movies from my Mac to the tv?
    I have an xbox 360 that is connected to my downstairs tv and a new lcd tv that has a lot of inputs. What kind of chord can I buy that could stream movies on my mac to either tv? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Am guessing one of the lcd inputs is a vga. try an apple mini divi to vga adapter

    Where can one go online to read books?
    You, now how there are sites which stream movies and TV shows, I was wondering if there were sites that upload books to download and read.

    • ANSWER:
      Two sites that I frequently visit are:

      Project Gutenberg


      For poetry, I rely on Bartleby

      Happy reading!!!

    Using HDMI, is it possible to display something on my laptop screen, and something on my tv screen?
    When connecting my laptop to my tv by HDMI, is it possible to run 2 different things on the laptop screen and the tv at the same time?

    Example.. running a streamed movie on the tv screan while browsing the internet on my laptop screen.

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the capabilities of your laptop video card, you may be able to do this. Also assuming that both your laptop and TV have HDMI, connect the two together and go into the display/resolution settings of your laptop. If the HDMI cable is hooked up, you should then see options on stretching your screen on to a second display.

    How do I watch movies/tv shows on my android?
    I know some websites that let you watch movies/tv shows for free but I can't figure out how to watch them on my phone. I have a lg optimus t.

    • ANSWER:
      you can log into youtube, which has some
      also if you have Direct TV or Dish Network, you can use a DVR to capture shows and stream it to your phone

      finally both Hulu Plus and Netflix are available for android, and have tons of TV shows and movies.

    Why most good movies in Netflix are only available in DVD?
    I have an account with Netflix for streaming movies on my PC or TV. I'm very happy with the service, but why most of the good movies I'd like to see are only available in DVD? I'd like to ask Netflix but there's no options available for questions in their web site.

    • ANSWER:
      Not every movie and TV show is available for Instant Streaming. Netflix has to buy the rights to stream the movies and TV shows they have and can't just play everything. They could be sued for copyright infringement and other things if they did.


    How to fix a problem that occurs when you PC is hooked to your TV?
    I recently hooked my Dell inspiron (runs Windows 7) to my Sanyo TV. I was able to stream movies to my TV through the internet. When I went to put control back to my PC monitor I ran into some issues. I thought I had it worked out but when I when I clicked on my control panel it sent it to the TV screen. How do I fix this?

    • ANSWER: this site will be able to help.

    Now that Netflix sucks, what is the right source for streaming movies and TV shows?
    I switched from Blockbuster to Netflix about 4 years ago, and have watched their movies and TV Series offerings get worse, and worse, and worse. The latest news stories this week has me cancelling my membership. What is the best service for:

    -device compatibility

    Netflix has officially $hi+ the bed.

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu Plus - .99 a month streaming only
      Amazon - a year streaming only,

      sadly all streaming sites have basically the same programs, there may be a few different titles, Hulu does offer same season tv shows , but only have a four week window before they take them off, until the full season is available to view.

    What is the best player for watching tv online?
    What is the best free player for watching tv and streaming movies online.
    My windows player keeps dropping the sound and I have to go out and start over again and with live tv it freezes up.

    • ANSWER:
      i think you should get more broadband speed .... what speed are you getting right now ??

    Which processor should I buy and keep in mind price is a huge factor for me?
    This computer is *only* being used for tv streaming (web based) and movies/tv shows on HD it will not be used for any gaming, or disc based movies.

    Intel E3200 Cache 1mb processor 2.4ghz dual core
    Intel E1200 Cache 512 processor 1.4ghz dual core

    What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      How much of a price difference is there?

      The performance difference for streaming TV shows wouldn't even be noticeable... Are both systems equipped with the same video adapter? That would have a greater impact than the CPU choice. I'd go with the E1200 unless they're close in price, in which case it makes sense to get the E3200 for just a few bucks more.

    What is a good site to use that streams full length movies for free?
    i used to use but they shut down streaming on their site. anyone know other sites that stream movies. Also, they cant stream it in DivX cause i dont have that. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    What is the difference between streaming players, and a blu ray player?
    I'm new to all of this. We recently bought an LCD tv, and have a netflix account and would like to stream movies from our computer onto our TV. Can a blu ray player also do this? I'm not sure which one we should buy: any of the streaming players, or just a blu ray player. What is the difference? Also, our LCD TV is HD, so will we need a blu ray player to get that HD effect? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a simple Blu-Ray with 1080p upconvert facility. So that u can see ur old DVDs also to near HD quality. It will cost u under . And get a 15feet HDMI cable from Dollar Store for around . See ur netflix movies or anything on net on TV via HDMI cable connection (Computer to TV)

    How much can online gaming slow down my internet connection?
    When im just browsing the web i speed test between 20-25 mb's (this on my desktop and the connection is wireless). When my wife is on the laptop (also wireless), playing games like jewel quest I am speed testing at around 14-16 mb's. Still doesnt seem too bad, but when I am streaming movies off my apple tv the stream slows down when she gets starts playing her games. Is there anything I can do to fix that without upgrading my internet?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope, while streaming videos any other usage will cause delays or lag on most networks, especially if both are running wireless. Wireless has it's own issues with sharing, and has more lag in general compared to wired, even at high speeds.
      Try your end wired instead, and then compare performance, you will see what the difference is (assuming streaming source is feeding you at high speeds, and is not the source of lag).

    Can you stream unlimited movies/TV shows to your Wii with the basic Netflix plan?
    I am considering getting the .99/month plan from Netflix. With that, can you stream and watch an unlimited amount of movies and or TV shows on your Wii, or is that an extra charge? Also, I'd like to know how much stream/watch time you can have on your PC (if any) with that plan!

    • ANSWER:
      There are some videos not available through the basic package and it also has to be on dvd to watch on netflix.

    Can you download the streamed movies from netflix?
    I'd like to record the streamed movies from netflix to my personal dvd player so i can watch on my home tv? Can I do that with netflix streamed movies? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      With the right software (or if u know how to write your own code) ANYTHING that is streamed to your computer can be captured.

      Just like with youtube and all those other sites, u can probably find software to capture items from netflix also.

    How many people can watch Netflix on different computers?
    My brother and I share a Netflix account. He's out of town right now, and he may be watching something. I want to know, can my brother and I stream watch two different movies / TV shows at the same time?

    • ANSWER:
      Streaming only users are allowed two streams at the same time. If you have a 3 DVD plan you can stream on 3 devices and if you have a 4 DVD plan you can stream on 4 devices. Four devices is the limit.

      From the Terms of Use:

      "YOU MAY INSTANTLY WATCH ON UP TO SIX UNIQUE AUTHORIZED NETFLIX READY DEVICES. YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO INSTANTLY WATCH SIMULTANEOUSLY ON TWO SUCH DEVICES AT ANY GIVEN TIME. For certain membership plans, you may instantly watch simultaneously on additional Netflix ready devices within your household."

streaming movies to tv