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    Does anyone know good free online movie sites?
    Hi.. I know only of one site that has amazing free online or tv show streaming. But my pc recently lost all its bookmarks. Could you guys all help me and let me know w hat sites are the best free online hassal free, no signing up necessary movie sites? and tv?

    Thanks in advance friends!

    • ANSWER:

    Are there any good online legal movie streaming sites for free?
    I'm looking for a good movie and TV programme streaming site and I'm not sure if the ones I find are legal. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I know one legal website from where you can watch streaming movies online for free. Just hit on this website......

    How can I buy the movie catfish and watch it streaming online?don't mind paying to watch,free sites are awful!?
    i don't want one of those watch it free online sites, i don't mind paying for it as long as i don't have to fill out a survey, download something, etc. anyone had any luck w/ this particular movie? please DO NOT advertise on this question. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch The Catfish movie online for free at:

    What is the best free online movie streaming site?
    that is reliable to work good movies and good quality.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best site for watching free movie streams online?
    Also, if you could provide a link to foreign film streams that would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      best streaming movies here go and enjoy.

    what are some good web sites to watch movies online?
    I am bored and trapped and can't get out to rent some movies, what are some good web sites to watch movies online? or tv shows for that matter, streaming and free!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to

    How can I watch The American movie online?
    To watch The American movie online, I searched on so many sites. But didn't get any site which can provide me a free streaming of The American online. Do you have any site to share for this movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the website from where you can watch The American movie online with super quality.

    Where can I find the movie Surviving My Mother?
    I'm looking for the English version of Surviving My Mother. I can't seem to find it on any streaming sites [where I can either watch it for free online or pay a small price to watch it online] and I can't seem to find it on dvd anywhere as well. I found the French version on Amazon, but that's about as close as I've gotten to it. I've been looking for it for quite some time, if you know where I can find it, please tell me. Thanks.

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    Anyone know where to watch movies online with no paying?
    I wanna watch a movie streamed live from the internet, but I dont wanna have to pay for it or make an account.

    Anyone know of any good free sites?

    • ANSWER:
      OVGuide!! its the best, my fave. you can watch all movies for free and you don't have to pay for anything or sign in. Its awesome!


    Best place to watch bollywood movies online?
    Any good sites to watch latest bollywood movies online.


    • ANSWER:
      Hi There, cute avatar!! Yeah, their are babe. I found this site not too long ago and it is excellent. It's #1 Streaming Movies Site Worldwide Online. You should most definitely check it out and see for yourself. The movies are high-quality and they give you free streaming software which means you can copy, burn, etc, along with over 1000 channels of television. Basically whatever you want. Go to the site below babe and check it out!! Hope this is what you were looking for!!!


    Where to watch movies online FREE but LEGAL?
    So Im in love with Ryan Reynolds and found one of his movies called Buried that I really want to see but I cant see anywhere to rent it. Does anyone know a legal movie streaming site?

    • ANSWER:
      That's a very contradictory question, seeing as you can't watch films without having to pay for them. The only exception is a free trial with lovefilm or netflix, depending on where you live. Just remember to cancel the account for the former before the pay day!

    Does anyone know were I can whatch the new hannah montana movie?
    I whatched the hannah montana movie at the cinema and realy whant to watch it again. My friend whatched it free online but I dont know the site.

    • ANSWER:
      free streaming video it should be on the front page

    Is there anywhere to watch movies online for free anymore?
    I used to have an excellent site to watch movies on by streaming them, unfortunately the U.S Government decided to seize that the other day. I don't mind Mega video but the limited bandwidth is quite annoying and I can't always find the films I want on there, thus not wanting to spend money on a premium account.

    Torrents are too slow, so please someone, any help?

    • ANSWER:
      They are seizing sites that steal movies from the people who worked so hard to make them. Someday, you may find a job (not in the US), and will be sorely disappointed when someone steals your work.

      Exodus 20:15 Thou shall not steal.

    Where can I find the film Camp availble to watch free online?
    I'm trying to find the film Camp availble to watch free online. I've looked at all the free movie sites I no and I haven't seen it. Thanks for the help. :)

    • ANSWER:
      Here ya go, the link below will send you to an OVGuide search result page for that movie.

      The first couple results look to be the best quality. OVGuide works by simultaneously searching all the BEST free movie streaming sites and editors pick the best results. Their search engine is great.

      Hope you enjoy it.!

    What website can I watch Remember Me online streaming for free without filling out a quiz or entering number?
    I want to watch Remember Me online for free, unfortunately all the websites I normally use do not have this movie up yet, if anyone knows any sites that for sure have this movie available already I would greatly appreciate it, but please don't post one of those sites that require a survey, quiz, or cell number. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch The Remember Me movie online for free at:

    What is the best website for streaming rare movies for free?
    What is the best website for streaming rare movies for free?

    • ANSWER:
      The best site for watching online movies,all movies all in high quality .... Rare movies,documentaries,tv-shows all are available in DVD quality. Do watch it. ... few months before I was also looking for free sites to watch streaming movies indeed i have got a very good site.

      i ma regular user of that website. filled up with loads of Movies. mostly fresh released movies and TV show are always updated there very quickly

    Can someone provide me with a link to watch the movie Spartacus for free online?
    I don't want to download. I just want a free online link.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, friends, I just discovered a fantastic HD movie streaming site- I assure you that it is all free to watch all movies and tv shows on it, even no registration required. I am so lucky to find it.Streaming is smooth and reliable. You can never worry about broken links. It's amazing, believe me! It's a fantastic site with a lot of topping movies and tv shows. Enjoy it! Have a nice day!

    Can I watch Middle Men movie online for free?
    To watch Middle Men movie online, I searched on so many sites. But didn't get any site which can provide me a free streaming of Middle Men movie online. Do you have any site to share for this episode?

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch it here.. well it was nice movie..

    Where is the best place to watch movies online?
    Best place to watch online movies for free?
    Most of them are being deleted which sucks. /:
    Please don't say MegaVideo because they only let you watch 76 minutes a day. or something like that.

    • ANSWER:
      @ OVGuide you can search all the free movies/tv show sites simultaneously... it's an awesome site!

      Below is a link to their search engine... just type in whatever you want to watch, it's the best source for free streaming movies.

      hope this helps.

    How I can watch Thru The Moebius Strip movie?
    To watch Thru The Moebius Strip online, I searched on so many sites. But didn't get any site which can provide me a free streaming of Thru The Moebius Strip movie online. Do you have any site to share for this movie?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch Thru The Moebius Strip movie online with best quality and high speed from this website :-

    How likely are free online movies sites to give your computer a virus?
    If it is unlikely for some and more likely for others, what are the websites that are unlikely to give viruses?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Joy L,
      If you're using the free download sites, it is very likely that you can get a virus. Not always, but very likely. You're better to find a good streaming site or a paid site which cleans out all the bad virus links.
      You can find good answers on this page:

    Where can you watch movies online for free?
    Since is no longer open.
    Are there any equally good websites that offer recent movies for free online?

    • ANSWER:
      OVGuide is a great place to find free streaming movies/tv shows.

      It's a search engine that only searches free online movies sites (like watch-movies and the others like it)

      Just go to the homepage and search for whatever you'd like. Here's the link:

    How can I watch all Push for free online without having to pay money?
    I want to watch Push online, not have to rent it from Blockbuster or something.

    • ANSWER:
      Where on earth do you think the money comes from to make movies?
      Magic money tree outside the studio window?
      No, the money to make a new movie comes from the money raised from sales/rentals of existing movies - because that is how things work in the real world. You sell and existing item to get the money to create the next item.
      I accept you only want to watch the movie - as opposed to downloading it - but still you're likely to find yourself on an illegal site (not authorized by the studio) which might possibly infect your computer.
      Many "view movies" sites are actually based in China or Hong Kong and you can be sure these sites are streaming movies without permission

    Is there one single site to watch free movie online?
    I don't want to have to waste time searching many sites, just one.

    • ANSWER:
      I use Stream Movie Online.
      It works really well for me, because you can use one site to search any movie you want.

      You can see if it's what you're looking for.

    What is the best place to watch Zookeeper online free?
    Which is the best place to watch zookeeper movie online.

    • ANSWER:
      The best place to watch zookeeper movie online is this site. I have tried many other sites to watch streaming zookeeper movie online but have not been successfull except this site.

    What is the best online service for watching American television while overseas?
    I'm moving overseas and want to be able to log on and watch cable TV, DVR shows etc, via the internet. I've seen a few online services that use a slingbox type setup where you pay a monthly fee and they set everything up stateside and give you a logon. Has anyone ever used one of these or have any experience with these?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't pay. You can go to and type in any shows and it'll search and find. Also, Sidereel dot com is good 'cause they will even track your shows for you. Once the show is tracked you will see the "main links" (Amazon, ITunes) where you can bbuy the episodes or movies. But right under those links is a button that says "other links" or something similar.
      Click that and then you can watch on megavideo or other streaming free links. Megavideo "times out" after 72min of watch time per day, but you can get around that by either working offline after it is streamed or resetting your router box. Megavideo will try to make you pay once the timer is up, but, again, unplug your modem and reset it. All done.
      The sites are all streaming so you do not have to download, but there are other streaming sites like divxden that have all kinds of stuff but you just have to download their divx player. Your spyware will go "NOOO!" but it's really not a deal. Just adware, which you remove later.

      Good luck. Enjoy.

    What are the minimum CPU requirement to watch streaming video online?
    I want a computer just for surfing the net. The most I want it to be able to do is to watch streaming video like on youtube seamlessly. Would a pentium II 400 MHz suffice? What if it had a good video card and was running linux?

    • ANSWER:


      If you're going to be able to watch:
      or just listen to music,you'll need these basics:





      HERE ARE SOME NON-DOWNLOAD TV PLAYERS. requires a DivX plugin which you get by clicking on the plugin notice after which all your selections will play nicely for you.


      AOL's In2TV claims the largest selection of free TV shows on the Web.
      You won't find this season's latest releases, but you're bound to see
      memorable favorites. There are episodes of Gilligan's Island, Welcome
      Back Kotter, Babylon 5, The Ben Stiller Show and more. There also is a
      mix of childhood favorites like Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Jetsons and
      Looney Tunes.

      Yahoo! TV
      Yahoo!'s new site sets out to be the ultimate TV watcher's companion.
      To start, it features schedules for broadcast and premium programming.
      You can watch preview or summary clips of the latest shows. If you
      have a TiVo, you can schedule recordings from the site. You also can
      join the Yahoo! TV community and rate individual series episodes.

      Link TV
      Link TV is an original online source of documentaries and news. Many
      of the available programs focus on foreign cultures and political and
      environmental issues. The site relies on donations and encourages
      activism in environmental organizations.

      TV Land
      TV Land is dedicated to the TV shows of yesteryear. Revel in memorable
      scenes from MASH, Get Smart, I Love Lucy, All in the Family, The Odd
      Couple and more. You can also watch recent interviews with the stars
      for their insights. One of the real gems on the site is the
      Retromercials section. TV commercials do not age well, but they
      certainly become interesting and funny. Be sure to catch the "Where's
      the Beef?" commercial.

      Discovery Channel
      Watch the best of Discovery Channel's interesting mix of programs. For
      example, go from dinosaur documentaries to the World's Ugliest Dog
      Competition. Also check out the Video Downloads section. Alongside the
      pay selections are free full-length offerings every week.

      download youtube,google videos and more.
      vintage cartoons,tv shows [ Roy Rodgers,Dick Tracy,ect ] and whatever your heart desires ]

      radio,tv,movies,music of all gendres



      Vista Codec Package 4.5.1 Beta 2 [ 21 Mb | Freeware | NT/200x/XP/Vista]
      Compiles the best codecs from all the big name codec packs.

      XP Codec Pack 2.3.4 [ 6.71 Mb | Freeware | Win All]
      Codec pack which helps you to play all major audio and video formats.

      Windows Media Encoder
      Windows Media Encoder is a powerful tool for content producers who want to capture audio and video content using the many innovations in Windows Media, including high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and support for mixed-mode voice and music content.

      DivX for Windows

    Where can I watch the movie Thirteen Online?
    I've searched this question but any of the answers I found didn't help so please only answer if you know the website has the movie and that it works and is good quality video...Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Did you take a look at ?? It is the only place i have to go if i want to watch a movie or TV show online for Free. You just search for what you want to watch, they search through tons of free online video sites and then tell you the best places to watch them online. Take your pick, and then OVGuide links you directly to the video that streams within your web browser.

      Here is a direct link to the movie Thirteen from 2002:

    Is watching online movies that are still in theaters illegal?
    I am wondering if watching movies online that are still in theaters is legal or not. I'm not talking about downloading them, just watching them online, free streaming. Please be honest.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they are illegal. i'm an agent who reports illegal sites like that over to the authorities to get them shut down. i spend alot of time in sites like Yahoo Answers,where people talk sending links to each other,so i can get them all down and turn them over to my employers.

    What is the best site to watch free movies/tv shows online?
    I am using uturrent right now but its rather slow and i would like something faster and just as free

    • ANSWER:
      Go to:
      Watch movies currently in movie; online, streaming and completely free. Enjoy!

    What is a good reliable website to watch free movies?
    I want to watch Edward Scissorhands :)
    Ps- please only reccomend sites that are noteworthy and are not filled with viruses.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

      The first two sites are my favorites for streaming movies. The last site is for watching shows. All of the content is streaming so there is no need to worry about viruses. You can also torrent most movies on different programs, but there is a risk of viruses...

    Where can I watch Chandhni Chowk to China for free online?
    I want to watch it on my laptop and can't find any good sites to watch it on.

    • ANSWER:
      this site:
      free streaming movies no download needed, any movie or tv show EVER!!
      I haven't been to the theater in 2 years!

    Where can you watch a movie free online?
    Preferrably streaming, but I'm willing to do a free signup or somethin like that.

    • ANSWER:
      Try LetMeWatchThis, its a good site that lets you watch movies for free. New movies are usually leaked while they're still in the theatre.

    What are the top 10 things you hate about porn sites?
    This goes out to people who actualy look at or watch pornsites.... What are 10 things that you cannot stand about these sites, rather it be the way the site operates or something on the site such as design or images? Maybe you dont like something about the type of models that are on the site or maybe there are too many or too few? Please give examples if you have any and please serious anwsers only!

    • ANSWER:
      I assume you're talking about the free "tube"-style sites?

      1) Malware, viruses, bots, pop-ups, and other unscrupulous practices they often employ.

      2) Sites with moving advertising. I understand they need advertising in order to make money, but it's incredibly distracting to be watching a video and have the sidebars with slideshows or .gif mini-videos.

      3) The advertising in general. I once recommended a porn scene to a girl online, who was quite interested in it after i told her about it . . . it turns out she had some sort of traumatic sexual event in her past (rape/assault or abuse, I'm not sure), and even though the video she was watching was gentle and romantic and sweet, the big ad underneath was a forced sex scenario, which understandably triggered and upset her. I know you have to take some risks that you'll offend someone, but extreme stuff like that in general advertising is NOT cool.

      4) Long load times or constant start-and-stop with buffering.

      5) When there are no comments. I like hearing from other porn watchers what they think of a video.

      6) Lame categories. Most categorization sucks, a lot. Tagging systems are far, far better.

      7) No names or credit. Not only is it frustrating if you see a scene and want to know more about it (in order to purchase the movie), but it also clogs up comment feeds with tons of people asking "Who's the girl?" and "What's this from?". Not to mention that I find it disrespectful to the performers and the pornographers. It's bad enough they have their content stolen, but to have all the credit ripped off, too . . . that BLOWS.

      8) 15-second promo clips. I don't mind if companies try to promote on tube sites, but a short, dumb video is only going to inspire my wrath. is noticeably pretty good at balancing the line- the videos they post on tube sites are longer than the trailers they host at their own sites, but are still not the entire thing, and manage to entice you to pay to see what they skipped over.

      9) Lack of fair warning/accurate labeling. I don't want to watch a deepthroat video that features puking. I don't want to watch an anal video that features rectal prolapse. I know it's hard to draw the line, but I think we can agree that there are extreme practices which should be clearly labeled if they're part of a a video. Just give me some warning so that I can avoid that crud.

      10) Static thumbnails. A lot of porn sites nowadays have it so that if you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, it cycles through some other representative stills from the video so you get an idea of what the action will be like. Once you get used to that, static thumbnails just seem boring.

      If you're talking about paysites, it's harder to pick ten things, because all sites are different. Suffice to say, having a good search feature is key- if there's a lot of content to go through, I want to be able to find what picques my interest easily. I also prefer if the sites offer trailer videos for all their updates, not just a choice few. Extensive tours are better than short ones that dump you to a "Join now!" page. I can't stand those sites that try to sell you bundles (i.e. "Join now and you'll get access to and blah blah blah!)- I just want to join the one site I like. I really like it when you get a cheaper price for staying a member. It's a must for me to be able to download the videos- if a site only offers streaming and protects their videos from download, I'm not interested (I understand the need to protect from piracy, but seriously, if I'm paying a month, I expect to be able to watch the videos after my membership ends). Clean organization and navigation is really important, as is being very responsive. No "Contact us" phone number, e-mail address, or web form? I'm not interested- i need to be able to get a hold of the site if I experience problems. It's even better if they site has a forum or something similar for members.

    Where can i watch free bollywood and Hollywood movies online on the internet?
    My internet speed is 100 Mbps.Can I watch in this much speed or do i need more speed to watch movies online.Tell me some websites names according to this speed of internet. Plz give me good website not like a streaming site thanks in advance dearrrrrrrrrr

    • ANSWER:
      if you want to watch both movies then go to source box and click on link it's very helpful for you

    Are there any websites where you can watch free movies on iphone 4?
    Where can I watch free streaming movies or tv shows directly from my iphone 4?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a site, where you can easily watch movies online free from this site..

    Where can I watch Memento online for free?
    What website has the movie Memento for free, in good quality, that won't give my computer a virus?


    • ANSWER:
      This site streams its movies legally and are DVD quality.


    Where is the best place to watch movies online?
    Wanted to watch some movies for free online and was wondering where to go!? any ideas? im looking for movies that are streamed, don't want to download or anything :)

    • ANSWER:
      this site by far:

      It's safe, no downloads, and has tons of movies on it.

    Is watching a movie for free on movie2k legal?
    I'm not asking if the site itself is legal, but I am asking if I myself can get in trouble if I watch some movies on it.

    Is it like lymewire where you can get sued big time?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's not illegal to watch, but it is illegal to download, burn to DVD and sell for profit.

      The only thing is a lot of online streaming sites have problems with viruses and stuff like that, so you've got to be careful with that. Movie2k has a reputation for being relatively safe, but you should still have your safeguards up.

    how can i watch full movies on my htc desire?
    I normally stream movies online but how can i put these movies onto my htc desire and watch them?

    • ANSWER:
      I look at it this way when it comes to watching movies online... Like anything in life you get what you pay for and well its the same here, free sites make you jump through hoops and the quality is poor, their are some poor paid options as well but I've done my homework (I'm a movie buff) and these are the best pick of the bunch without question.

      Good luck!

    What is the best site to stream Hollywood movies online?
    I thought I'd Google and find lots of them but surprisingly I've been unable to find even 1...
    It'll be great if somebody can help me find a site... Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Theres a website I use all the time called noobroom virus free and easy to navigate fir free theres hundreds of movies there and its reliable.

    Can i watch machete movie online free In Fast Streaming?
    Can i watch machete movie online free no youtube or any other Tube site. direct links please.

    • ANSWER:
      I caught a screening of this film not too long ago, and all I have to say is that it was an adrenaline rush! You Should watch machete movie online free. The violence was overwhelming, and the writing was cornily witty. Pretty good performances all around from Alba, Trejo, DeNiro, Seagal, Lohan and many a more. Great entertainment, perfect to sit down with some buddies on a Saturday night and have a good laugh. Go to the link in the source and watch machete movie online free.

    Is there any website where i can download movies/songs for free?
    I wanna watch movies online for free, but so far i didnt get any they are all telling me to pay. Does any of you guys noe any website for free?

    • ANSWER:
      Since you didn't asked about legal or not. My first answer is at site that searches Torrent files. Those are all "free". Other than that you can Steam movies and tv shows from many network websites, hulu, and aol. While streaming you can use free software to record it for keep sack.

    What are websites i can watch movies completely free with no download?
    Hi guys, i'm looking for a website where i can watch movies old/new online with no survays,fees,downloads and without having to make an account,
    Please help my kids my husband and i all like watch movies and a lot of times there not on demand, or you have to pay,

    • ANSWER: Seriously. Putlocker , sockshare and megavid are the best sites to stream from once on letmewatchthis. Completely free no surveys or downloads. Iv been using it for months

    Where can i watch Edge of Darkness 2010 movie online for free?
    it came out to theatres this week and i really want to watch it, but i don't live in the Us and it's still a long wait until it comes to the theatres in my country!

    Please tell me a good site where i can watch Edge of Darkness movie online for free!

    • ANSWER:
      try here

      Have fun!

    Best website to watch the latest movie releases online for free?
    I don't know if this is legally even possible, but thats why I ask the question. Is it legally possible to do so?
    And if it is, which site do you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      It is legally possible if and only if the website in question does not in anyway provide the stream/download directly.

      I use a new site site that is growing every day.

    How can I watch the last Episodes of Supernatural season 4 easlily online?
    I have watched up to Jump the Shark on Surf the Channel but I can't watch anymore episodes, Does anyone know an easy site to watch these last episodes without signing up for anything? Cheers John

    • ANSWER:

      many links to choose from

      Or here as just use the zhare link as you just close the ad and it will stream

    What sites will let me watch some free lesbian romance movies?
    I want to be able to watch some lesbian romances for FREE. I can't find a site that will let me for free, with no risky shit on it.

    • ANSWER:
      TBH it is almost impossible to stream sexy vids online without being taken for a ride. Your best bet is (and its not a legal one) to download full videos via torrents. You should easily find some torrents if you search for something like 'lesbian romance torrent'.
      Let me know whether you know how to download torrents. I could talk you through it. x

    Where can I watch Pretty Little Liars online for free with no catches?
    No surveys, No viruses, no payment, not catches. Just stream and go
    Thanks a ton! 10 points to best answer, please help me out!

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch it on
      it has a lot of movies and shows and i watched the whole series of pretty little liars there it gives you a bunch of sites so u can choose anyone of them (putlocker is the best)

    is there anyplace online I would be able to download free audio from the casey anthony murder trial?
    I love listening to court cases, and would love to hear the audio from the court case. Anyone know of any sites I can get actual court audio from? I googled it and came up empty.

    • ANSWER:
      I have checked that there are many video about casey anthony murder trial on the websites.

      If you don't know how to download free audio from those movies, you can use a streaming audio capture to record it directly.

movie streaming free online sites