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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I watch the new Texas chainsaw for free?
    I'm not about to go waste money on it in theaters, so I want to watch it online.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch movies for free without downloading or signing up for it?
    I was wanting to watch the movie Grudge 3 and can't find a good site to go to that has the movie on there. Any ideas?


    • ANSWER:

      If dosnt play on the top left corner you will find a mirror link also

    Where online can i watch My Soul To take?
    I don't want to download and i don't want to complete any offers i just want to go to a site and watch it. And it has to be available in canada!

    • ANSWER:

      It says to download but you don't have to. The only thing though is that they only look good if it has a smiling face next to the movie.

    What's that one website where you can watch most movies?
    It was called like movie24 or somthing like that and you could search a movie and there would be likes to places to go watch it does anyone know what im talking about?!
    Where you can watch them for FREE and if you read the deatails you can tell im not talking about netflix!

    • ANSWER:

    What r some fun things I can do today?
    It seems like I do the same boring things every weekend. I do sports and stuff but tht is all during the weekdays. I usually have boring weekend like this one. Any ideas of some fun things to do, places to go, things to do with friends? I am a 13 year old girl

    • ANSWER:
      You can take dancing class
      You can play video games
      You can go to the mall, chucky cheeses or the Park
      You can take quizzes and read stories/poems online
      Invite all of your friends and have a sleepover party or an Pool party
      Watch movies online, or netflix
      Create your own website
      Create your own fashion clothing
      Create your own music
      Paint and draw pictures
      Create your own nail art
      Read a magazine, stories.
      Buy toys, teddy bears at Toys R us, you can have a collection of teddies.

      Buy a pet fish or guinea pig, very cute animals their fun to play with and adorable.


    • ANSWER:

      the movie will probably on tomorrow

    Where can I watch the Hunger Games online free?
    I want to watch the Hunger Games online and I need decent quality and something you don't need to sign up for, no credit card input, don't mind a few ads, no IQ tests or any of that crap t get into the website thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch it on
      go there and write the hunger games and there you go!
      Or you can watch it here as well.

    what are good hobbies for 13 year olds on spring break?
    i was thinking of knitting or something like that...something where you sit down and do while you are talking or watching tv... any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      umm. Do what every other thirteen year old does on Spring Break. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Go out with your friends or play games on the computer! Don't knit! Knit when your like 80! I'm 13. Last week was my break. Know what I did? Played Xbox and World of Warcraft. I also hung out with my friends for a few days. Just have fun! I recommend going to the movies! Don't want to go anywhere? Hope on your computer and go to and watch movies for free! No Sign-up. (I watched the Hunger Games. :D) Just have fun!

    Is there any web apps in the App Store that allows you to watch movies on
    I have 1 called puffin but that is a little slow any1 got any suggestions

    • ANSWER:
      MovieTube but u dont downland from app store you have to go on the internet and downland it.

    WebSites that I can watch movies with out filling out a survey?
    I am trying to watch a movie on the Wii call Quinceanera it came out in 2006 but they all want me to do a survey.... Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      if you use ".com" you won't find the right website.
      They have a lot of new movies on there, too but it usually takes a while for them to upload one with good quality.
      And always use stream2k. Most of the other ones you have to go through a bunch of stupid bull and end up downloading it or having to download something else to watch it.

    Any sites that I can watch friends ( tv show)?
    I can't find any site to watch. FREE episodes of freinds. Would apreiciate link to go straight to site thanks

    • ANSWER:
      type 'friends' in the search bar

    where can i watch the last song online free NO SURVEYS? plz read the description?
    see the thing is not like i want to spare the money to go watch it at the movies but i live in a little country in Europe called Albania thats totally way back on these things...the movie here might come out in 2 yrs or so and i cant want that long and also there are no existing surveys for my country :@:@ please just tell me where i can see it free or give me the link to the torrent download :)

    • ANSWER:

      this should keep you going for a while.

    Should I be scared to see the dark knight rises?
    Ok I'm not scared of the movie but after the movie massacre I'm freaked out...please help
    My dad is taking me right now to go see it with my brother and I'm quite scared...usually things like this don't scare me but I don't know should I be worried of someone coming in and shooting me and my family???

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch online hear is link to free website : , if you go to movies than no because its a 1 in 10 billion chance of you going to the movies at the exact same location and time of a animal going to plan to kill everybody ,

    Is it Possible to Go to Jail from watching movies at please answer. please please?
    Can you? Please please please answer. please!

    • ANSWER:
      I think they are going after the people who UPLOAD the movies online but not the ones who are just merely watching or DOWNloading the movies

      Take care and good luck.

    What To Do With A Friend?
    Can't drink can't drive. We wanted to go to the fair but we just found out we can't and we're basically broke lol. What can we do that'll be fun and memorable? It's like...7:30 pm here btw and we're both girls.

    • ANSWER:
      Have a sleepover party, watch movies online on or Netflix
      take a walk to the park, stay home and watch TV prank call random numbers for fun, do each other hair, nails,play card games or online games.. Good luck :)

    where can i watch the avengers online?
    i usualy dont do this but i have noone to go see it with lol

    • ANSWER:

    whats is a good safe site for watching movies online? (no dowloading)?
    I like to preview movies a bit before I decide if they are worth buying...The site I used to go do (tvshack.net0 unfortunately shut down so I need a new site!
    a free site please!

    • ANSWER:
      I usually use either:
      These are both awesome sites you can use, no downloads necessary and they are completely safe! Some movies may take a while to buffer but other than that these two sites are reliable!

    is there ANY good website for free online movies like Brown Sugar??!?
    I've been looking for so long to just find a website to watch the movie Brown Sugar (2002). And I'm having trouble finding one. I tried google but it never has any direct answer, and I'm really trying to find websites that don't contain downloading. Please help ;(

    • ANSWER:

      There are usually a lot of pop-ups but once you exit em you should be good to go =]

    My town is too small for The Artist to play!!! Looking for a site that has it, HELP!!!!?
    Hi, my town it too small for movies like The Artist to play and I am DYING to see it!!! Does anyone know where I can watch it online?
    Thanks :)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, it works and its in English!!!!!!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      i think you would need to pay to watch it online since its a newer movie

      buut ill help you find a site

      ok i found a site but the only thing thats bad is on top of the screen theres these words that are in french or something
      and just click OUT of that advertisment that pops up and your good to go

    where can i watch movies?
    i want a site that has fast loading movies
    or high definition i know bout watch-movies-link

    plz give a goos site and don't tell mo to go buy it cuz Nope not happening

    and not movie2k
    rhitika when i went to the website an filled out the survey i coudnt play the movies it just went to this other site
    i mostly want to watch ice age 3

    • ANSWER:
      besides there really isn't any.
      unless you use torrent.

    I missed all Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars?
    I got into Pretty Little Liars from Netflix. I'm 18 episodes behind right now, because I am yet to watch episode 1 of Season 3. Everybody has been telling me to go to, which I did. The only episodes available on the sight that I could find was episode 17 and episode 18 (The 2 latest episodes)...

    I need something that is free... And doesn't require me to download a thousand things that will completely screw over my laptop somewhere in the long run.

    Thank you! Please help me!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch Pretty Little Liars here: or

      Thats where i watch them at, Hope that helps :)

    download movie for free?
    i want to download twilight and burn it, but i dont know how or where to go. any suggestions?
    this is the first time i have ever done this. i just really want this movie!!

    • ANSWER:
      well there are a couple fo ways but there's no website to download free movies only to watch it.
      1) limewire or frostwire
      2) use a torrent (utorrent), (bit torrent) etc.

      here is all the websites u need to watch movies (free, no sign up). (new one i have found)

    where can i download or watch a whole movie on the net for free?
    i am searching particularly the movie "against all odds" where phil collins song withe the same title was used as a soundtrack. i have seen this movie before on tv when i was in high school but i forgot the whole story because i would watch it not as a whole. i hope you can help me. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      hahah. that's easy.
      well to download, and believ me, DOWNLOADING Is easy, and it is like in so good quality.
      but i use Utorrent. Do you have it? Because utorrent is the best and fastest downloading software. so if i wanted to download a movie i'd type in google *the name of the movie* then id type torrent. Then try not to go for the fakes and the opptions normally look like this, Mr.&.Mrs.Smith[2005][Unrated.Edition]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo or whatever. Try going for the ones that have like reviews, and the ones that people have already used. I personally reccommend, EXTRATORRENT or ISOHUNT. Because they're normally not viruses and fakes. AND. if you want to watch it on the interent, go on MOVIE2K.COM or SURFTHECHANNEL.COM and type the thing in at search then click film/movies or television then look for the proper one, like if i tpe in friends, ill click TELEVISION then on the side i'd click friends not best of friends, or freinds forver cos theyre the other links. AND reccommend only to watch MEGAVIDEO because it's fast, and WAY better than the others.
      SO hope that helped.
      and follow me on tumblr !

    Please I Need A New Movies Link I Used To Love Watching Streaming Movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Try movie2k. They stream brand new movies and ones that aren't out yet. They also let you know if the copy they have is a good one or not. If the smiley face is smiling its good to go

    I can't seem to access a couple of websites that I used to with no problem.?
    This is driving me insane, I've tried everything dealing with this particular problem. I was using one of the sites just yesterday! I know the site is not down (I checked and it works fine on someone else computer but mines.
    I did the whole Ping, DSN, FireWall, Reset Router, I Did it without the Router, etc.
    and nothing seems to work for me, and these are sites that use to work flawlessly, I don't know what happen, I didn't change any settings that cause them to not open ( cause I want access to every site).
    The sites are mainly movie sites such as:, and a couple of other sites I use to download.
    PLEASE HELP, I don't know what else to do, and I feel like I'm being cheated right now, paying for internet and not able to go where I want.

    • ANSWER:
      Try clearing your cache.

  26. QUESTION: and other shows on
    the website only works for some shows and not others i used to watch one tree hill, greys anatomy & gossip girl are the only ones missing when ever i try to go to the pages it comes up with -


    Not Found
    The requested URL / was not found on this server

    does anyone know why?? i can watch greys and one tree hill on i have never heard of that site before.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch man tv shows on as an alternative. They are in HD and stream quite fast.
      P.S. Watch the PutLocker links, they are the best quality.

    PLEASE!!!!!!Where can I watch or download Bruno for free?
    I've searched the first 30 fricken pages of google search and not one dam website. I'm 1 year too young to see it and no1 who's old enough can come with me to go see the movie. I want to see this freaking movie so bad, and there's no way I can buy it once it's on DVD, and I can't be gauranteed to be able to watch it once it's on T.V.

    PLEASE PLEASE I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I've been on my computer for literally 5 hourse filling out stupi false surveys and going to broken links.

    If ANYONE can give my a REAL LINK. Not a link to one of those stupid crappy surveys, and don't try and be smart and say "oh but this one works", no I know all the websites by now, and my computer can bichslap and spyware's or virus' a$$.

    IF ANYONE can give my a REAL LINK. It doesn't even have to be the whole thing. If it comes in parts, like "Bruno part 1" "Bruno part 2" I don't care. I just HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

    And don't come out and say "jeez it's not that great" or "its too graphic for you", I know exactly what it's about and what happens in it AND I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • ANSWER:
      i hopee it works :]

    Megavideo link for Dream House?
    Hii, i wanna watch the new film, 'Dream House' starrin Daniel Craig. I started watchin it on putlocker but every few minutes or so the film stops, and i have to pause it for a while. I heard that megavideo is better at streaming, so can anyone give me the link?

    • ANSWER:
      Well megavideo and the other megas like megaupload has shut down due to copyrights when SOPA/PIPA was happening, you know like sites being censored.So the best way is to choose one of this options:

      - Type in " Watch Dream House Online " at a search engine and click search
      - Try to go to this link :
      >>TIP : Click the play button, new tab will appear, if the video doesn't work go back to the tab before and click "NEXT LINK"
      - Download the torrent file of this movie, you can search it at google
      - If you give up on searching click this link :
      >>NOTE : I usually watch movies there :)

    i have try every way to go to ,

    • ANSWER:

    Anyone have any good dares?
    I have one of my friends over and we can't come up with any for truth or dare but we 13 so nothing bad

    • ANSWER:
      ~ice cube down your pants.
      ~Listen to music (with headphones) at full blast for 2 seconds.
      ~Watch a scary movie on
      ~Go down the street doing the party rock dance.
      ~Go to a park and sing when everyone is there.
      ~Grab a stranger, not hard and say,"Grab somebody sexy tell 'em HEY!"
      ~Kiss someone.
      ~(GET PARENTS PERMISSION FIRST) If you have an adult supervising you, it's legal to drink. So maybe have a shot of something disgusting.
      ~Get a sandwich, fill it with cinnamon, spices and chilli. See who can eat the most w/out drinking water.

    anywhere to watch ted online free hd?
    saw it last night wanna see it again

    • ANSWER:
      I take it that the movie was pretty good?? but if you don't know about these websites already just keep checking back every now & then. Idk when its going to go up though.

    Please help, it'll help my cousin?
    My cousin has literally been waiting a month for a Tv show episode on disney channel and it's tonight and my stupid aunt had to take the tv away from her tonight. She is crying so hard and I want to let her use her laptop to watch it. I tried but it doesn't have the live tv for our tv or zipcode. Any possible, free way to watch tv on a laptop? I can't stand to see her so sad.

    • ANSWER:
      Try movie2k there are tv shows there and have new movies as son as it hits the cinema they even have the horror movie mama and les misrebles if thats how you spell it try there its very updated and free click on the tv show section and search the show or something hope this helps! Cause i go there all the time to go watch

    what hapen to http://www.1channel/ch?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know, but I'm SO tired of this happening and having problems every day with pages not loading. I use for my TV shows and never have any problems with their site. Plus, sidereel has a "track show" feature and your own "show calendar". It reminds me when my shows are on, and I can keep track of the episodes I watch. I like sidereel, just find your TV show episode, then click on one of the displayed links or click on the blue box "Search Links" and that will give you all kinds of links.

      I love, and I'm really bummed; so I'm going to go check out because that's where I found movies last time this happened. There are sites to watch TV channels LIVE is one of them, and is another.

      Just trying to help.

      edit: I would NOT use any of the letmewatchthis websites, as the 1channel administration specifically says not to use that and think it's the same website it use to be!

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