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    Does anyone know how to download movies of movie2k?
    Hi, Does anyone know how to download movies of movie2k onto the computer or any website where you can download movies? Please, I'm moving soon and won't have Internet access for valid reasons .

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to download from movie2k anymore?
    How do you download movies from the movie2k website? i cant find it anywhere. i even created an account. help please?
    The site still works to watch movies but is there a way to download them?

    • ANSWER:
      A few of the movie sites have been shut down - either voluntarily of by legal actions.

    Why is my Flash Player not working with Movie2K? Can anyone help please?
    I normally only watch movies on Movie2K that stream through the "Stream2K" uploads but sometimes other movies require "FlashPlayer" in order to watch them. I have Flash Player on my computer but it wont let me watch movies on Movie2k when I choose one?? Anyone know why?

    • ANSWER:
      update the player

      Or you are downloading a virus infected illegal movie file.

    Firstload sign up when I try to download a movie from
    I want to download The Human Centipede on my phone but every time I try to download it from but every time I click the download link that's highlighted blue it takes me to a firstload sign up page and the download doesn't start.

    • ANSWER:
      it's a scam.

    How do you download a movie from
    I wanted to watch a movie from movie2k but the movie buffered way to slowly. So I wanted to download the movie. I couldn't find the download button and flv doesn't work. Can someone please tell me how to download movies off movie2k?

    • ANSWER:

    Where do you go for obscure movies and television?
    I'd rather rent or, preferably, watch shows for free. I'm a big fan of obscure stuff, so I don't mind buying a movie, but I hate buying tv shows and some movies are almost impossible to find. If you can find them, they're out of my budget because of that obscurity (I'm in college and looking for work.) Do you guys have a favorite site for watching old television shows and such? My general favorites are movie2k and project free tv.
    Feel free to throw in a recommended film if you answer, I'm always looking for new stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      I usually find offbeat films using either Google (which links me to putlocker, movie2k, veehd, etc) or (surprisingly) YouTube! Here are some great full movies currently on YouTube; watch before they're removed:

      Eraserhead--creepy, surreal

      Dog Star Man--experimental, psychedelic

      Begotten--black and white, very VERY weird

      Enter the Void--psychedelic after-death trip with great effects

      Paprika--anime that inspired Inception

    Movie2k still haven't put up links for the cabin in the woods?
    Hey movie2k just updated there site and put up new movies like battleship but they still haven't put up the cabin in the woods whats taking them so long?

    • ANSWER:
      you may go to this link, they update their movie news with covering this movie:

    How to watch all true blood season for free?
    I want to know how to watch all of true blood seasons online. If someone could give me a website to watch all of them for free that would be great! I looked on movie2k but in order to watch it I had to sign up with my credit card information so, I basically had to buy it. Please, if anyone knows how I can watch all of true blood seasons for free online let me know.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know what happened to movie2k?
    This is what I'm getting from them:

    Reported Attack Page!

    This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
    Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

    • ANSWER:
      I started getting this message a couple of days ago - my av software is Avast.

      It's a real shame, because this was a great site. I haven't found anywhere else that allows you to watch new films without having to create an account, download a plug-in, etc. etc.

      I hope the problem gets resolved soon, although I have my doubts that it will.

      By the way, by using the link that another user gave in this thread, I can get into the site, but as soon as I click on a film, the message comes up again.

      Sorry I can't be of any help, but at least you know now that it isn't just you who's experiencing problems :)

      EDIT @ December 6 - I've just tried the site again, and it seems to be ok on

      but not on

    What is the best site to watch movies online for free?
    I want good quality. Not "" as the graphics for the movie i want to watch are HORRIBLE. Pleeeease gimme good websites! Lol it would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to see good quality movie you can go here Its free and quality is good.Watch Movies Online for Free Without Downloading anything, paying or signing up. Free Full Streaming Movies and Films Online. TV Shows, Trailers & Articles from the site.

    How much Internet usage does it take up to watch one movie online?
    I want to watch a movie on but i dont know hoe much usage it will take up how much will it use?

    • ANSWER:
      It will probably take up like a gig of internet to watch a movie online

    What is your favorite site to watch free movies?
    I like movie2k because it is unlimited with no time limit and you can watch as many movies as you want.
    What is your favorite site to watch free movies.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Putlocker & sockshare links are the best ones. Stagevu freezes computer and megavideo has a time limit for non members.

      2. Youtube.

      With regards to answer above redtube is just porn. No movies on the site, except for porn scenes.

    movie2k still haven't put up links for the cabin in the woods?
    Hey movie2k just updated there site and put up new movies like battleship but they still haven't put up the cabin in the woods whats taking them so long?

    • ANSWER:
      It's not just movie2k. I visited 7 free movie watching websites and all of them still haven't put up the movie. It's frustrating but I think we should just wait for a while. Besides, it just came out.

    Why do online videos leave an image in the background after I exit fullscreen mode?
    When I watch a video online like youtube or movie2k and I fullscreen the video it gets choppy and the audio isnt in sync. When I exit the fullscreen there is an imprint of the movie on my browser and menu bar. when i move the mouse over the screen the image goes away wherever the mouse is. how can i fix this?

    • ANSWER:
      Its just your computer CPU Usage STATS
      When its low it does not imprint the image when you exit full screen

    What's a trusted website where I can watch the movie "this is 40" without downloading anything?
    I usually use '' to watch movies that are out in theaters but they don't have that movie on there website yet and usually when they first put a movie up it has bad quality, I haven't been able to find a place to watch it without having to install/download a plug-in or download the whole movie, I just want to watch it, is there any website you'd recommend that has this movie on it? The movie came out December 21st, I don't want answers saying its illegal or your views on the movie, just a link or what I can look up to find it, thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a direct link to the movie :)
      the only thing is that there is a watermark low on the screen but you'll get usedto it 😛

    How to burn movies that i downloaded with Firefox video download helper to a DVD?
    I have downloaded a movie and it saved 9266.flv now how do i go about to put this on a DVD that i can watch on my DVD player? i downloaded a move from movie2k. I would really appreciate the help and please no stupid answers thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      It will be very easy with DVD Creator, only in a few clicks then you can burn this 9266.flv movie file to a DVD:
      1. Download Aimersoft DVD Creator and install it (Windows/Mac)
      2. Insert DVD +R (DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW) (or you can first burn to DVD folder or ISO file on your computer).
      3. Load flv file, and edit the movie, customize the dvd menu.
      4. Start burning DVD

      That's it. you can have a try.

    How can I get rid of the ads on the site
    I would like to watch movies online for free and found the site but ads keep popping up and trying to get me to
    pay etc. Do you know how to block these or any better online

    • ANSWER:
      use firefox and download AdBlockPlus as add on

    What are some reliable websites that I can use to watch movies online?
    The websites that I go to, such as Sidereel, Tvduck, and are giving me links that don't work or I can't watch them. I really need some help!

    • ANSWER:

    How to download movies to windows phone?
    I previously had android and was able to watch,download movies from diff. Websites but now I have windows phone its frustratingly impossible to download movies or watch em free from movie2k or any other website. Any1 know of a way or a software? Pls help me on how to

    • ANSWER:
      BlazeVideo DVD Copy is a flexible and easy to use DVD copy software. The DVD backup software can copy DVD to hard drive or DVD to DVD with the fastest DVD copy speed and keep origianl DVD video and audio quality

    What a website where i can watch free good quality movies?
    Is there any good website where i can watch FREE movies? where you don't have limited time.
    Except or Ready know that one's.

    • ANSWER:
      Search any movie and i recommend you click on the links with the stars by the link numbers, they have the best quality picture! Enjoy :)

    How to know if is legal or ilegal to watch movies online?
    I watched a movie in movie2k but I want to know if is legal, this page is easy to watch movies but I do not if is legal. please anwer seriously. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If its new movies out in theaters or not on dvd yet then its illegal. If its a site like that lets you watch tv shows and movies for free and shows ads, its legal.

      Most sites that people post for movies here are illegal.

    Where can i watch transformers 2 revenge of the fallen free?
    I already tried movie2k and couldnt find it.

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me, you do not want to watch it. It is the worst waste of time you will ever find. That movie was horrible. It was horrible.
      Seriously, do not watch it. It is a massive disappointment just like the third.

    Where can I watch the perks of being a wallflower online?
    I've looked on movie2k and but they're both really bad quality :/ Does anyone have a link to a site where I can see without signing up or filling out those stupid forms? I'm doing an school exchange in Germany at the moment so I can't go to the cinema cause they only show it in german...

    • ANSWER:

      Click the link, then there are loads of different versions for you to try :) Just click on a version number, and see how good it is. :)
      Have fun in Germany!

    How do I report copyright infringement?
    I know of a website that is offering free pirated movies and TV shows. The url is I would like to report this website for violating copyright laws but I am not sure how to do it. It is especially tricky because it is a .be domain name. Does anybody know a way to report this web site?

    • ANSWER:
      You would report the site to the actual copyright holders of the movies. Only the copyright holders have the legal authority to pursue violations to their copyright.

    i just took a broadband connection with unlimited usage.i want to download some movies.?
    i want to download from pirate bay and it safe downloading there any legal risk of getting it good to download from torrents.

    • ANSWER:
      Legally, about 98% of the movies on ThePirateBay are not legal. Chances of getting caught is not high if you only get movies. If you host them, the chances are higher.

      ThePirateBay is fairly safe from viruses. I don't know about movie2K. Till you know otherwise, treat these sites as havens for viruses.

    does anyone know where i can watch free movies online without having to download them?
    i have tried movie2k,but it stops after 72 minutes of watching a movie. i have to wait 54 mins in between. does anyone know how to get around this? or which site i can go to watch for free?

    • ANSWER:
      I really like http://www.bustë , there are no 72 minute limits, and the quality is better than any other sites I have tried. Quality is important to me.

    Where can I watch The Master 2012 film online for free?
    I've been searching everywhere to watch The Master. I've tried,, and Can anybody give me some links please?

    • ANSWER:
      fastpasstv .ms
      No space though.

    Websites to watch movie's on in good quality?
    I normally use movie2k but it doesn't have half of the movie's that I want to watch, I can't find Pitch Perfect or The First Time on movie2k could someone tell me a good movie site that they use?????? :)

    Thanks, also the best answer will get top marks if the movie quality is good.

    • ANSWER: or

    Where can I watch the movie Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Sea Of Monsters Book Two?
    I'm trying to find a way to watch the sea of monsters and I tried Movie2k and it only shows the Lightning Thief, can someone please help me quick?

    • ANSWER:
      The "Sea of Monsters" isn't released until 26th Mrch 2013

    Where can I watch Poetic Justice for free?
    With Tupac and Janet Jackson. I reallllllllly want to watch it, but I can't find it anywhere and I tried and so many others, I am getting a little desperate,lol. I would like to watch it without having to pay at all or giving my credit card number for free trials, etc. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      try or

    I want to watch a movie from my ipod touch... What are the sites available for free?
    I cant watch online movies on What other sites can i watch for free? I am using an ipod touch... And connected to a wifi. Thank youuuu!

    • ANSWER:
      On movies2k some movies have a link thats called Hdplay. Those links will work on the iPod.

    Where can I watch free movies in internet?
    The only site I only know to watch free movies is but can someone please give me another site to watch free movies.

    • ANSWER:

      Movieflix has a lot of new movies as well as old classics. There is no waiting time to watch. All movies are free and the site is updated almost daily. All the movies are 100% free.

    Where can I watch 101 Dalmatians for free?
    The original cartoon one made in 1961. I reallllllllly want to watch it with my little bro, but I can't find it anywhere and I tried and so many others, I am getting a little desperate,lol. I would like to watch it without having to pay at all or giving my credit card number for free trials, etc. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

      Here's the link to one of the parts of the film (the other parts you can find via the user's channel or the related vids link):

    What is a good sight to watch movies online?
    A sight where you don't get viruses? please? I tried before and that works its just really poor quality of the movie i would like to see...which isnt in theaters any where around me anymore! :[ anyone have any good ones ? thanks bunches 😀

    • ANSWER:
      Try , the quality is the best that I have found online. They get all of their download from Newsgroups, so the quality is good and I have never had a problem with "bad things" included in files.

    Looking for a site that streams Japanese movies with English subtitles. Any Recommendations? ?
    Mainly looking to watch films by Takaishi Miike, such as the films Zebraman one and two, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I've tried, Direct links would be highly appreciated.

    • ANSWER: maybe or if you want to download

    Why can't i watch streamed videos on my computer?
    Youtube videos do play. But once i try to watch a movies on a different sites like : movie2k, 1channe1 ,megavideo etc the movie wont play. Why is that? How can i fix this problem?
    It's been happening for a while now.
    Btw i do have the latest flash downloaded.
    If you can please help i 'd really appreciate it. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Try other browsers. If they don't work then delete cookies, temp files, cache and try again.
      To make it easier, use the free Ccleaner at
      Also, check your internet speed

    anyone else notice something wierd on skyfire andriod browser?
    when you type in movie2k on a computer you get the movie site.. when you do it on the app you get the porno part of the site... cant even get the movie release part of the site? just brings you back to the porn part >:I happining to anyone els?

    • ANSWER:
      And work super for me..i dont maind..never ben so happy I love it is best think hapen in my life..good movies...;)

    How to get movie2k on xbox 360?
    im trying to watch mpvies on my xbox from movie2k since i have internet on my xbox. my bf && i tried it twice but we cant get the second movie play window to open up like on a laptop from putlocker. anyone know? thx

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah it works. Microsoft says the Xbox doesn't support flash but it works for some host. One host I know works for sure is "Allmyvids". Play around with it and see if any others work.

    Why has noone put the cabin in the woods online yet?
    The cabin in the Woods has been in cinema for just about 3 days not and I have been looking for it everywhere online but I just can't find it. I don't get it usually after a few days of a movie being out in cinema someone puts a copy of it online why is it taking so long :(

    By the way i don't wanna download the movie i just wanna watch it. You know websites like movie2k and letmewatch this

    • ANSWER:
      Do you mean Little House on the Prairie

    Where can i watch the walking dead season 3 online?
    Where can i watch the walking dead season 3 online because iv been searching movie2k and letmewatchthis but they dont have it yet does any one kno where i can watch it please answer

    • ANSWER:

    Any website to watch new movie out?
    I've been searching for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Let Me Watch This doesn't have the video and neither does movie2k . Can you guys give me a site where I dont have to pay, enter credit card info, take surveys, and download. Can you guys please help me. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      That is the one I always use try there other link at the bottom. But its also illegal.

    how do i download a movie off of the internet into itunes?
    i want to download a movie from youtube or another site onto my iphone
    i know how to do songs but i want movies as well

    • ANSWER:

    Why are online movies out of sync?
    Websites like and are out of sync and I don't know how to fix it, but Youtube videos are fine.

    • ANSWER:
      the video files are messed up cause the program used to film and upload the movies are garbage

    Why do certain videos not work when I play them?
    Whenever I try to watch a video on a player that is built in the site it never works. Is there a fix for this? Here is and example of one that doesn't work -

    • ANSWER:
      > The video plays fine.
      > Get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

      > Make sure you have the compatible (Updated) Browser to work for the Flash Player.
      > Clean your browser's cache, cookies, reboot your computer.

    What movie should I watch tonight? I already saw battleship and avengers?
    Your welcome hehe
    But seriously what should I watch tonite?

    • ANSWER:
      Raid Redemption - better than both of those!

    Is is a safe way to get free movies?
    One of my friends told me a way to get a free movie buy just downloading them, the website is called, so just saying is it safe?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah as long as you dont try to down load it w/o a fire wall or virus protector

    Anyone know where I can download movies at? or how I can download movies off of
    Basically, I want to know how to download movies off of or where I can download movies at ?

    • ANSWER: and iTunes both offer movie downloading and NetFlix offers streams for subscribers.

    Is watching a movie for free on movie2k legal?
    I'm not asking if the site itself is legal, but I am asking if I myself can get in trouble if I watch some movies on it.

    Is it like lymewire where you can get sued big time?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's not illegal to watch, but it is illegal to download, burn to DVD and sell for profit.

      The only thing is a lot of online streaming sites have problems with viruses and stuff like that, so you've got to be careful with that. Movie2k has a reputation for being relatively safe, but you should still have your safeguards up.

    Need another movie website with NO DOWNLOADING PLEASE HELP?
    I need a website like movie2k were people upload the movies that just came out in theaters I preferably need one that always has good quality and IS FREE AND DON'T HAVE TO SIGN UP AN NO DOWNLOADING 10points for best site please help!!!

    • ANSWER:

    loss of internet connection during streaming videos?
    This started 2 months ago , I have window vista on a dell inspiron 1525. When i watch tv shows or movies on Hulu, Netflix, movie2k, after about 20 minutes the voices break down, they start to sound like a herd of sheep.....within 2 minutes after this I lose the internet wi-fi connection from my router and I need to restart the laptop.....shockwave? Flash player?

    • ANSWER:

movie2k to