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    • ANSWER:
      Barra is located in Outer Hebrides
      Gaelic name About this sound Barraigh, Eilean Bharraigh (help·info)
      Norse name Barr-oy
      Meaning of name Barr's island, after St Barr
      Area 5,875 hectares (22.7 sq mi)
      Population 1,078
      Main settlement Castlebay
      Island group Uists and Barra

      The island of Barra (Scottish Gaelic: Barraigh, Eilean Bharraigh, pronounced [ˈparˠaj, ˈelan ˈvarˠaj]) is a predominantly Gaelic-speaking island, and apart from the adjacent island of Vatersay, to which it is connected by a causeway, is the southernmost inhabited island of the Outer Hebrides (Na h-Eileanan Siar) in Scotland.

      The 2001 census showed that the resident population was 1,078 (1,172 including Vatersay). The area of Barra is roughly 60 square kilometres (23 sq mi), the main village being Castlebay (Bàgh a' Chaisteil).
      The west of the island has white sandy beaches backed by shell-sand, machair and the east has numerous rocky inlets.
      Kisimul Castle at Castlebay is located on a rock in the bay, so giving the village its name. A smaller castle can be found in the middle of Loch St Clare on the west side of the Island in Tangasdale.
      The highest elevation on the island is Heaval, halfway up which is "Our Lady of the Sea" a prominent white marble statue of the Madonna and Child which was erected in during the [Marian year] of 1956.

      Other places of interest on the island include a ruined church and museum at Cille Bharra, a number of Iron Age brochs such as those at Dùn Chuidhir and An Dùn Bàn and a range of other Iron Age and later structures which have recently been excavated and recorded.

      Barrafest generally takes place on the last full weekend of July. Barrafest 2012 will take place on Friday 27 July, and Saturday 28 July.

      The 1949 Ealing Studios comedy Whisky Galore! was filmed on Barra. The film is based on the novel Whisky Galore by Sir Compton Mackenzie, itself a fictionalised telling of the story of the SS Politician, which ran aground with a cargo of some 50,000 cases of whisky on board in 1941. Mackenzie, who lived near the airport and died in 1972, is buried in a grave marked by a simple cross at Cille Bharra cemetery, which is situated a little way up the hillside overlooking Eoligarry jetty. The sequel movie Rockets Galore! was also filmed in and around the island.

      Barra was also featured on the recent Channel 5 programme "Extraordinary people: The Boy Who Lived Before", where a young boy named Cameron, who lived in Glasgow, had memories of a past life on the island. In early 2011 the island was one of those featured in the new series of An Island Parish.

      In 2008 the Barra RNLI Life Boat, Edna Windsor was featured on a series of stamps.The first class stamp shows the 17 metres (56 ft) Severn class lifeboat in action in the Sound of Berneray 20 kilometres (12 mi) south west of Barra in 3.5 metres (11 ft) swell with 30 kilometres per hour (16 kn) of wind.
      Barra's tiny airport, near Northbay, uses the beach called An Tràigh Mhòr (English: The Big Beach) as a runway. Planes can only land and take off at low tide meaning that the timetable varies. Voted the world's most stunning landing spot, Barra's airport is the only airport in the world to have scheduled flights landing on a beach. The aircraft currently in operation on Barra is the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, flown by Loganair on services to Glasgow and Benbecula from where connections to Stornoway are also available. There are usually flights every day of the week in the summer. The beach is also a source of cockles.
      Ferries to Oban, Lochboisdale, Tiree and Eriskay are run by Caledonian MacBrayne. Castlebay is the main port from which ferries sail to Oban on the Scottish mainland, Tiree and Lochboisdale (Loch Baghasdail) in South Uist. The mainland crossing takes about 5 hours. A vehicular ferry travels between Ardmore (An Àird Mhòr) and Ceann a' Gharaidh in Eriskay (Èirisgeigh). The crossing takes around 40 minutes.
      Industry & tourism
      The fish factory, Barratlantic, in Northbay is a major contributor to the island's economy and the Hebridean Toffee Factory in Castlebay is one of the few manufacturers on Barra.
      Tourism provides the main income for the majority of islanders, the high season lasting from May to September. Thousands of people visit the island every year, the busiest times being during Fèis Bharraigh & BarraFest in July. Boat trips to the neighbouring island of Mingulay are available during the summer season and island hopping plane trips are also available.

    any good romantic comedy animes preferably from 2007-2011?
    I have been starting to run out of animes to watch and wondering if you guys could help me out.

    • ANSWER:
      here is a list of all the animes i have seen all really good at least to me from all different years
      Ah! My Goddess
      Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa---- good
      Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku
      Candy Boy
      Clannad ---- perfect romantic comedie highly recomend
      Clannad (Movie)---- show is way better
      Clannad: After Story----- highly recomend tear jerker
      Claymore ---- amazing action
      Dance in the Vampire Bund---- just finished watching today
      Elfen Lied
      Fruits Basket
      Full Metal Panic!
      Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
      Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
      Full Moon wo Sagashite ---- sweet
      Fullmetal Alchemist
      Fushigi Yuugi--- relatively old read manga first but still good
      Girls Bravo: First Season---- good funny
      Girls Bravo: Second Season
      Highschool of the Dead --- was alright
      I My Me! Strawberry Eggs --- hilarious well worth watching
      InuYasha ---- well this one is oldish
      Kannazuki no Miko--- decent
      Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl ---- funny teaching a guy turned girl how to properly wear a bra haha
      Kiki's Delivery Service
      Love Hina---- good
      Love Hina Again
      Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve
      Love Hina Spring Special
      Mahou Sensei Negima! ---- good
      Maria-sama ga Miteru --- great anime series sweet and funny
      Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd
      Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th
      Maria-sama ga Miteru: Haru
      Maria†Holic --- lol yuri funny and stupid but good
      Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi --- rin daughters of mnemosyne good but short 6 eps
      Nana ---- awesome well worth watching emotional rollercoaster
      Onegai Teacher ---- please teacher
      Onegai Twins --- please twins decent
      Ouran High School Host Club --- reverse harim awesome funny
      Peach Girl --- sweet tender
      Popotan --- wierd but decent
      Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi
      Revolutionary Girl Utena --- good but boring i like it fights got annoying
      Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse ---- eh show was way better
      Sailor Moon
      Sailor Moon R
      Sailor Moon S
      Sailor Moon SuperS -- kids show
      Sekirei: Pure Engagement
      Seto no Hanayome ---- my bride is a mermaide in english um its alright
      Shuffle! ----- tis awesome harim anime romance
      Solty Rei
      Spice and Wolf --- good good good
      Spice and Wolf 2--- loved it
      Strawberry Panic --highly recomend its a yuri tho
      Strike Witches
      Strike Witches 2
      This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
      Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

    What are some romance animes?
    Something that is along the lines like Peach Girl, Bokura Ga Ita, Lovely Complex, Skip Beat etc. Preferably if it's english dubbed and completed series's okay if it does has english subtitles. Nothing with fantasy...though.

    I've already seen the above mention and Fruits Baskets and Ouran High School Host Club. I'm looking for more suggestions! TV rating doesn't matter to me.


    • ANSWER:
      Here you go.. A huge list of Romantic Comedy Anime/Movies

      Zero No Tsukaima Season 1 to Season 3 - I recommend ya this if you're into Shakugan no Shana and Toradora! They will be probably releasing Season 4 in 2012, As the humor says

      Shakugan No Shana Season 1 to Season 2 - No kissing scenes yet, but there's quite sweet moments going on around here, Season 3 will be released in October 2011

      Summer Wars - A Sci Fi --MOVIE--, made by the producer of Digimon. Yeah, it is Romance and it's quite dramatic at the climax of the story, though at the end, it'll make you giggle!

      Seto No Hanayome - Mhm... Quite a Very Romantic Story, Though I've never seen them have a kissing scene. A very interesting Anime it is.

      Hanbun No Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - Another Romantic Anime --MOVIE--. Though it has a lot of Dramatic moments in it where in you're almost gonna cry. I recommend you to watch this.

      Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi - Are you into Toradora? Perhaps you watch this weird, cool *** anime. The main heroine here resembles Taiga from Toradora. There's quite a lot of features in this anime, quite romantic but not very satisfying at the end.

      Infinite Stratos - Uh yeah, Somehow another Fictional story. Though I haven't really minded watching this but yeah, Try watching it. It's a Romantic Comedy anime.

      Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu - It'll teach you not to judge a semi perfect book by it's cover. Teached me quite a few lessons and guess what, It worked! I've admired this mysterious lady so much, since she's pretty, intelligent and most of all, really suits it for me. But behind it, I never knew she liked MMORPG games so much and anime 😛

      Tayutama Kiss on my Deity - You're gonna love this :P. I'm quite speechless but yeah, I recommend you to watch it! This is a Romantic Comedy Anime.

      Kanokon - A bit of an ecchi but yeah, It's quite Romantic in some ways.

      Mayoi Neko Overrun! - A very weird heroine contains in this anime, though I like her so much <3. I recommend you to watch this :P. Romantic Comedy anime. Otome Yokai Zakuro - Lool, this is a good anime but it doesnt satisfy me in some way, It really is a Romantic Comedy anime and the protagonist here resembles someone from Ouran Highschool Host Club lol 😛 Mamoru-kun ni Megami - 24-26 episode anime. Quite very romantic from the first Episode. This sure is romantic. Though, I recommend you to watch this! 😛 Rosario + Vampire - Meh, I haven't finished it yet but yeah, try to give it a shot. It's going good so far for me. Romantic Comedy Anime Aria The Scarlett Ammo - Some random cool Anime. The anime season has just been recently finished. What makes it more cooler is because it's a Slice of Life, Action, Romantic comedy anime. Maid Sama – I’m not really into this but yeah, it’s quite romantic in some weird unique way, show offs. Gives you giggles. And also contains 25 episodes. There’s a similar anime series like this. Which is called Special A Special A – As mentioned earlier, up for Maid Sama? Then try watching this! It’s quite good also. Very romantic at the end. So yeah, basically. This list that I will be giving is all something about Romance. So yeah, enjoy! Clannad Full Metal Panic Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka Starry Sky Ginban Kaleidoscope Someday's Dreamers Fortune Arterial Ashiteruze baby Allison And Lillia Maburaho Omamori Himari Strawberry 100% Rosario + Vampires Kimikiss Love Love? Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun B Gata H Kei Ah! My Goddess Spice & Wolf The Qwaser of Stigmata Welcome to the NHK Kimi Ni Todoke Season 1 Kimi Ni Todoke Season 2 Ouran high school host club Toradora Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Season 2 Special A Literature Girl Kekkaishi Zero no Tsukaima Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 Zero no Tsukaima:princess no rondo Zero no Tsukaima OVA melancholy of suzumiya haruhi Maid Sama Fruit Basket Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora Summer Wars Kekkaishi School Rumble 1st Season School Rumble 2nd Term School Rumble OVA 3rd Term Highschool of the Dead Hiyokoi Shakugan No Shana Season 1 Shakugan No Shana Season 2 Seto no Hanayome Seto No Hanayome OVA Mahou Sensei Negima! Mahou Sensei Negima OVA Negima!? Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Dragon Crisis IS (Infinite Stratos) Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu Tayutama Kiss on my Deity Kanokon Kanokon OVA DearS Mayoi Neko Overrun! Otome Yokai Zakuro Mamoru-kun ni Megami Rosario + Vampire Season 1 Aria The Scarlett Ammo

    Watch Free movies online?
    I want to watch free movies online.. know any good websites?
    I don't want those website's where you have to complete a survey to acess the site or where you have to download or register..

    • ANSWER:
      Green Hornet 2011 movie
      Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
      Director: Michel Gondry
      Cast: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Christoph Waltz

      Following the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father's large company, teams up with his late dad's assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team.

      The source movie will open full Browser window and you can just watch this movie no ads no surveys
      No BS just the movie.

      Enjoy now if you were Russian you would find this and over 8000 movies for free.
      Granted I'm not Russian but my wife is, and turned me on to all these movies streaming while I wasn't in the USA to have something to past my time while here visiting, where i cannot speak russian but the movie is in english don't worry

      You may have to let it start and when the time loads in the right bottom corner then push pause and wait like 10mins for it to load up enough to stream clean without stopping to buffer.
      Just tons of fun though watching free

      I found these links for you personally to answer your question sort of. I don't have anything to do with these movies at all I just know where they are located on the internet.

    i want top 10 best & best anime movies names in english dub with link or site please..?

    • ANSWER:
      *NEW ANIMES FALL* October 2011

      Guilty Crown~oct 2011~ go wiki it
      Boku wa tomodachi da sukunai~oct 2011~ go wiki it
      Ben-To~ oct 2011~ go wiki it
      Maken Ki ~oct 2011~go wiki it
      Shakugan no Shana lll (final) ~oct 2011~go wiki it
      Persona 4 ~oct 2011~ go wiki it
      Mashiro-Iro Symphony: Love is pure white ~oct 2011 ~go wiki it
      Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! ~oct 2011~go wiki it

      Further 2012 Anime list

      Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Jigoku Hen (Season 2) ~Jan 2012~ go wiki it
      Nisemonogatari~Jan 2012~go wiki it
      Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito~Jan 2012~go wiki it
      Zero no Tsukaima 4th Season ~TBA~2012~ go wiki it
      Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2: Futari no Elder ~2012~ go wiki it

      To know more about the new upcoming animes >>>>>>>>>…

      Genre: Ecchi/Romance/Comedy/action/fantasy -is a mix

      Angel Beats (man i cried my eyes out epic!)
      Mayo Chiki (man this ones good)
      Freezing ( epic i like this one)
      Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi
      Kamisama no memo chou
      Yumekui Merry
      Kore wa zombie desu ka ( pretty good)
      Infinite Stratos
      Princess Lover!
      To Love Ru (good)
      Baka to test ( is alright)
      Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
      Omamori Himari
      Kamisama Dolls
      B Gata H Kei
      Dragon Crisis (i enjoy this one)
      Sora no Otoshimono (i enjoy this one)
      High School of the Dead (i enjoy this one)
      Yosuga no Sora
      kami nomi zo shiru sekai
      isekai no seikishi monogatari
      THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! girls love this one O_O suppose to be for guys....

      Baby Princess 3D *( this one is a promotional ova sad.......
      Hidan no Aria
      Nyan Koi!
      Astarotte no Omocha!
      School Days
      R-15 (is an anime)
      Ore no imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
      Eureka 7
      Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai
      Asobi ni iku yo
      MM! (anime)
      Zero no Tsukaima
      Rosario Vampire
      Gintama (lol)

      Genre:Action/Romance/Horror/Comedy/Sci… Shounen

      Deadman Wonderland
      Ao no Exorcist
      Gundam 00
      Gundam Unicorn
      Eureka 7
      Gundam Seed
      Gundam Seed Destiny
      Full Metal Alchemist
      Macross Frontier

      Source(s): / for uncensored anime/ / /

      Almost every anime contains an uncensored version so go look for it if you cant stand random light beam poping out everywhere
      WIKI it and stick with subs

    What's an anime worth watching(w/ Romance)?
    What's an anime worth watching that has romance in it

    I've seen (live action) Death note 1,2,3, and Lovely Complex

    animes i've seen are:
    InuYasha (and all movies)
    Fruits Basket
    Bleach (stopped watching after the last dubbed episode)
    Naruto (haven't finished Shippuden)
    Peach Girl (too... much.... drama X.X)
    Chrono Crusade
    CardCaptor Sakura
    Vampire Knight (1st season)
    Vampire Knight Guilty(sp?)
    School Rumble (season 1)
    Chobits (didn't finish)
    Death Note
    Escaflowne (found it a bit boring at times)
    Full Metal Alchemist (loved it ^^)
    Ghost Hunt (LOVED SO MUCH just finished watching for the 8th time ^_^)
    Marmalade Boy (didn't like that much)
    Elfen Lied
    My Bride is a Mermaid (LOVED XD)
    Nana (a bit of it, i don't like animes about older people that much)
    Sailor Moon (lol random episodes at a time, not in order)
    Dazzle (not in English but it only had a few episodes)
    The Story of Saiunkoku (LOVED LOVED LOVEEEEED!!!)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Fushgi Yuugi
    The Familiar of Zero
    DN Angel
    Mamotte! Lollipop (aka: Save Me! Lollipop) (LOVED)
    Ultra Maniac
    The Wallflower
    Boys Over Flowers (still watching 30th ep.)
    Tokyo Mew Mew(still watching)
    Shugo Chara! (on Shugo Chara --Doki!)
    Kaichou wa Maid Sama! / Maid-Sama! (LOVED so funny XD)
    One Piece
    Hanasakeru Seishōnen
    FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Skip Beat!
    Lovely Complex

    please give me a link and tell me if it's subbed or dubbed thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Clannad and Clannad after Story
      Hunter X Hunter
      Hunter X Hunter 2011
      Guilty Crown
      Mirai Nikki
      Kyo Kara Maoh
      Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
      Soul Eater
      Fairy Tail
      Hetalia Axis Power
      Dragon Ball Series (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT)
      Avatar the Last Airbender
      Inuyasha then Inuyasha the Final Act
      Yu Yu Hakusho
      Deadman Wonderland
      Fate/Stay Night
      Fate/Zero (prequal to Stay Night)
      Towa no Quon
      Lucky Star
      Code Geass
      School Rumble
      Detective Conan

    Elechi Amadi's The concubine?
    Elechi Amadi's the concubine as tragedy of divine responsibility

    • ANSWER:
      Elechi Amadi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Elechi Amadi is a Nigerian writer. He has authored five African novels: The Concubine, The Great Ponds, The Slave, Isiburu and "Estrangement". Amadi’s novels are generally about African village life, customs, beliefs and religious practices, as they were before contact with the Western world. - Cached. The Concubine (9780435905569): Elechi Amadi: Books
      (11 Reviews) - .94 .66 as of Jan 2, 2010
      “Mr. Amadi writes with...shapeliness and exhilaration ...a lovely and dignified picture of a society, not only still ruled by gods, but governed by a great delicacy ... - Cached.Welcome to the Official Website of ELECHI AMADI:::
      Nigerian educator, novelist, dramatist, writing in English. Amadi has interpreted in such novels as THE CONCUBINE (1966), THE ... - Cached

      Elechi Amadi
      ... by A. Niven (1981); Writers and Politics in Nigeria by J. Booth (1981); The West African Village Novel, with Particular Reference to Elechi Amadi's the Concubine by George ... - Cached

      ELECHI AMADI • View topic - CONCUBINE - The Movie
      ... The Concubine, one of the classic novels of modern African literature has been made into a film. The Concubine was written by Elechi Amadi and the film was ... - Cached

      The Concubine Summary - Elechi Amadi - Masterplots, Revised ...
      The Concubine by Elechi Amadi ... The Story: Emenike died suddenly, after a full recovery from injuries he suffered during a fight with Madume, his neighbor and adversary ... - Cached

      Elechi Amadi: Biography from
      The Concubine was written by Elechi Amadi and directed by the accomplished Nollywood film director Andy Amenechi. Sources say due to fear of piracy, the movie is to be ... - Cached

      The Concubine by Elechi Amadi - Heinemann Publishing
      Limited funding? Let us help. Enter our Microgrants for Teachers contest and you could win 0 to put your best project idea into action! more » - Cached

      The Concubine by Elechi Amadi - Powell's Books
      The Concubine by Elechi Amadi: Mr. Amadi writes with...shapeliness and exhilaration ...a lovely and dignified picture of a society, not only still ruled by gods, but ... - Cached

      The Concubine, (0435905562), Elechi Amadi, Textbooks - Barnes ...
      .94 as of Jan 4, 2011 Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. However, their passion is fated ... - Cached.


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