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    What is the difference between Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?
    Is brotherhood a follow up to FMA? I've nearly finished watching FMA and was thinking of going on to brotherhood afterwards. I've been told that it follows the plot of the manga instead of spiraling off like FMA. No spoilers please.

    • ANSWER:
      The whole FMA vs. FMA:B is a little complicated, so please let me explain:

      Fullmetal Alchemist is often called the "original series" by fans, or FMA1. When it went into production, it was following the manga, but the author told the producers that she didn't want the anime to follow the same plot of the manga, as it would spoil readers because the manga wasn't close to being complete. Respecting her wishes, the show started out very similar to the manga (with significant changes) but ended up splitting completely (plot wise, character wise, theory wise, belief wise...) from its origin, and has a completely different ending, which is concluded by Conquer of Shambala. After that movie, there a few OVAs (original video animations), that are like little shorts that follow after the movie, but then the series ends there.

      In case you haven't read it, (I couldn't tell from your description) the manga is very popular and greatly-praised, and fans of the manga were really disappointed in all of the changes made in FMA1. By extreme popular demand, the TV series Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was made, which is very, very faithful to the manga. Both shows are very different from one another, although they start out similarly. Just to make sure you understand, Brotherhood isn't a continuation of FMA1 and doesn't follow the same story, but is rather a retelling of the story by accurately following the manga. While it may at first seem a little shallower than FMA1, this is because FMA:B really skims through the first 10 - 15 episodes because they are material that have already been covered by FMA1, and they didn't want FMA:B to seem like the same exact show; also, they wanted to get into the new material quicker.

      If you are a fan of the original series, I STRONGLY recommend you read the manga (if you haven't already) and watch Brotherhood. You will love it more. I got into the manga from watching FMA1, and while I thought that was a really great (amazing) show that i loved, i love the manga x10 more, and I recommend that you watch FMAB as well! Brotherhood overall has very different, but vastly smoother and improved animation, though it takes a bit of time to get used to. There are mostly the same voice actors (i'm talking about the english dub cast) although Alphonse and Scar and some other minor people got replacements, although the new actors really warm up in a few episodes, and its hard to imagine the old people. FMA:Brotherhood is amazing, but again, nothing beats the original source.

      Brotherhood has concluded at 64 episodes (as opposed to the original series' 51 episodes), and has ended with the same ending as the manga. A movie that takes place in the middle of the series (entitled Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos) has been released in Japan and will make its way online subbed soon; funimation is releasing a dubbed version to theaters in early 2012, and a DVD will be released in spring 2012.

      For your viewing pleasure:

      the FMA manga:
      [the BIBLE of FMA. If you read this, you need to forget all you know of the first series (as i suggest you read the manga after watching the first series)] as always, its better to support the artist and buy the volumes rather than reading them online..but here's the link to read online anyway. enjoy :)

      watch FMA1 (English: 51 episodes dubbed/ 51 subbed):

      watch FMA:Brotherhood (English: 64 episodes dubbed/ 64 episodes subbed):
      [but seriously, i recommend reading the manga before you watch Brotherhood. you won't be sorry!]

      Since you've already seen the original series, I recommend you experience the series like so:
      FMA1 ---> Conqueror of Shamballa ---> OVAs ---> Manga ---> FMA:B ----> OVAs ---> Sacred Star of Milos.

      I hope this helped you, enjoy the series and the links!

    Why do people say the American and English Culture is different?
    I know a LOT of people from England and Wales some online and some in person and their lifestyle is almost absolutely no different than mine.

    Especially this girl I know. Besides her accent/dialect differences she lives exactly like anybody else here. She eats the same, Lives the same, Dresses the same, Acts the same, Enjoys the same activities, Thinks the same, Watches the same Movies and TV. She is the same as any American around and she isn't putting on a show for Culture... THIS IS HOW SHE NATURALLY LIVES. We've talked extensively about it and she told me time and time again that anything anybody says about them being different is BS.

    Same with her friends still over there in the UK that I talk to a lot. From what I've seen of them they act and live exactly the same way I do. Same foods, Same lifestyle, Same past times, same attitude, hell I don't even see this "British humor" everybody speaks of. They act like any average American teenager. Same with this guy ENTIRELY separate from her and any of her friends from Leicester he lives exactly like any Urban American and he is a HUGE over the top British patriot. Same with another guy I know that has no ties with the last two from Norwich he is mentally slow, but he still lives like any ol' American around.

    There is absolutely no "cultural" differences I seen besides the Dialect differences and the fact they drive on the opposite side of the road.. It is the same culture-less boiling pot that America is and these people are mainly from the Country Side. The girl that lives here now came from a farm about 30 miles from this tiny rinky dink village type place in the middle of nowhere (Basically where she lives now too haha) and most of her Family were Hill Billy white trash BEER drinking rednecks like you would see in a trailer park here in Oklahoma.

    • ANSWER:
      There's alot of similarities...... but also some differences........

      Instead of football of the Superbowl variety (still shown earlier tonight in the UK on BBC2 & BBC HD), we generally prefer the much freer flowing game of football of the soccer variety.........

      Instead of NASCAR racing held mostly on ovals, our #1 favourite motorsport is open-wheeled racing in the form of Formula1

      ... while our favourite tin-top motorsport series (and equivalent of NASCAR) is the BTCC........ < 2012 < 1996 Instead of baseball, we watch Cricket........ well some of us do anyway British roads generally don't attract the iconic status of America's route66 In American schools, you may have noticed that sport gets the same treatment as the fully professional version of the sport, right down to having a stadium & cheerleaders & bands, etc.......... in British schools they just show up in a field with hardly anyone watching, and barely get a mention as an after-thought in the local paper.

    Creative things to do with 2 and 3 yr olds?
    My friend and i watch about 10 little kids every tuesday and thursday and we are running out of things to do. All the toys provided have gotten boring and coloring has too. They don't sit too long for movies we play either.

    They need something to do that will entertain them that will not cost us money since we do not make that much.

    The catch though, is that they speak spanish and we speak english and some spanish.

    So they don't understand when we try to play games like duck duck goose and try to give them directions.

    We need simple easy to understand and do things that will help us entertain them no matter what language we are speaking.
    Play-Doh would be fun except we do not have money for it.

    • ANSWER:
      How long do you have them?

      I worked in Spain with preschoolers. Even though I didn't speak Spanish to them (I do speak Spanish) they mostly understood me in English. You just need to repeat yourself a lot and use motions whenever possible. And examples! You need to show them at least once or twice what's going on. That's why songs and chants work well because they sing with you.

      Try to form a structure. First they come in and you sing a song. Then you read s story. Then you color. Then you play a game. etc. If they know what to expect they are more likely to listen to you.

      You can play games, read stories, and sing songs is a fun song for Halloween but you can change the song for anything (cupids, puppies, cats, etc.)

      If you are trying to teach simple commands (sit down, stand up, make a Circe, etc) you can use this chant (also fun for adjectives)

      This is a Dutch chant I converted into English, but I change it a lot to use different animals and body parts

      Use tell and draw stories ( you can find a lot of these online for free

      Teach (or review) their body parts. they LOVE this chant! I am not sure why, but it is a HIT with this level

      Flyswatter is a fun game. If you do it with pictures instead of words it is great for this level (my preschoolers LOVED it)

    Where can I watch Something Borrowed (2012) online in english for free?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try this site:

    Where can I watch the Wonder Girls' movie(besides on teen nick)?
    I don't have teen nick, so is there anywhere else I can watch it?!

    • ANSWER:
      I guess for people who don't have Teen Nick regardless living in the US or overseas, all you can do is wait for uploaded episodes in the internet. either it is for download or watched online. Since this is an English spoken movie, I expect we may have episodes uploaded quickly than usual.

      just wait and see.

      updated (31/Jan/2012 00:10am) (I tested it and it worked, it may depend on where you are and your internet bandwidth. it is also up to the one who livestreams it if it is online or offline)

      you can google teennick with words such as wonder girls, teennick, live streaming, online etc. you find more links (some are free)

    Where can i watch Don't Cry Mommy ( Korean Movie) Online free...?
    I want to watch this film/movie for sometime now but couldn't find a website to watch it on. The fim was release 2011 but its not out here yet? I want to watch it in english subbed. This is the film i;m talking about:

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, this movie does not play still. even in Korea

      but I can recommend similar movie in english sub

      "hearbeat" 심장이 뛴다 korean movie : thriller, family, drama,

      part 1

      part 2


      "seven days" absolutely, recommend this movie.

      part 1

      part 2

      part 3


      watch Korean drama English sub

      Korean movie English sub

      ask this site what you are looking for any movie, you can see.

    im looking for a website that lets me watch movies for free that actaully works?
    Ok so i want a web site that lets me watch movies online for free maybe from the year 2000 -2012 lol nothing to old.oh and if you provide a link make sure the web site doesnt ask for a credit card or makes me fill out some stupid survey and if i have to make a account then make sure its worth it i have come across so many scam / useless web sites that say they let you watch movies online for free but really dont lol any one can offer some help ? cuz google and me inst getting along so im giving up my searching quest to find a good web site XD( BTW i dont want the web sites that show the movie in pieces e.e i hate finding / searching for the next part of the movie every 2-10 minutes lol. oh btw the web site i am looking for is for regular movies lol not porn ! ).(movies in english .... i cant suffer through another movie made in chinese / japanese >.< i believe i am 1 of the few people who watch the smurfs in japanese... befor i watch it in english o.O dont judge me anyways O,.O SOME 1 GIVE ME A LINK TO A MOVIE WEB SITE befor i go insane @_@ ty #_# future thanks to any 1 who provides me with a usefull link

    • ANSWER:
      You will not find them at your house. You will not find them with a mouse.
      You will not find one here or there. You will not find one anywhere.

    There is a song that I LOVE and i heard on the radio and it says michief me or mischief man?
    can you help me, and tell me what the song is called

    • ANSWER:
      Listen Free Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu & Malyalam Radio station Online
      Only at
      For Hindi:-

      For Tamil:-

      For Malyalm:-

      For English:-

      For Urdu:-
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    Hey Ever1, I need to have some audio url for delhi radio stations?
    radio stations frequencies are :-

    reply me with the audio url's to listen these stations...
    NEED URGENT..............................URGENT NEED-ED

    • ANSWER:
      Listen Free Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu & Malyalam Radio station Online
      Only at
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    Who would message me like this?
    From: Facebook
    Sent: Sunday, June 3, 2012 5:34 PM
    Subject: Re:

    BABE... i guess your not getting any of my email huh? ive been tryign to email u so many times
    but this dam laptop is such a piece of garbage and keeps freezing.. anyways how u been? In case
    u dont know who this is its ME TORI.. we used to chat a bit on facebook and then I think u
    deleted me :( haha.. anyways guess what... I got 2 things to tell u.. both good news.. 1) im
    single now.. yup me and my bf broke up about 3 months ago... and 2) guess where im moving?
    RIGHT EFFING NEAR U.. lol... ur actually the only person im gonna know there.. well 3 cousins
    too but i cant chill with them lol..I remember when we chatted u told me u thought i was
    cute and u wanted to chill so now we finally can HAHA! im kinda scared to move.. im hoping
    this email addy is still the one you use and u can chat with me ebfore i get there.. maybe
    even help me move my shit in...are u still on facebook? i cudnt find ui was soo confused...
    anyways im gonna need someone to show me the town and take me out so u better be around
    bebe...we only chatted a couple times but i remember thinking to myself i wanted to get ot
    know u better when i was single..a nd i thoguth u were cute too but cudnt tell u cause i wasnt
    single lol...ok so more info about me.. well im 23.. virgo.. love the outdoors and love to
    socialize, go out for drinks, restaurants, movies etc.. travel.. i have a lil kitty named BOO
    and i luv her to death... uhhh oh im a super horny gurl too but every gurl is they just wont
    admit it. so ilove watching p0rn and all that.. love sex etc blah blah blah...who doesnt..I
    really hope we get a chance to chat for a bit either online or on the fone before i get there
    enxt week.. i hope u remmeber me and still wanna chill and arent married yet lol.. OH YA also..
    i need to find a job when i get there.. do u have any hookups or know anybody hiring? id LOVE
    to work in a bar or osmehting like that...really anythgin cause my current job is fun and all..
    and technically i CUD keep doign it but i want a change.. i currently work from home and well
    thats cool but i need ot be out meeting people.. oh wait. i dont think i ever actually told u
    what i did? hmm shud i......????

    ok WELLLL... and dont get all weirded out on me.. i work on a webcam chat community site and
    i get paid to chat with people and get naked HHAHA... BOMB right :)? I KNOW.. like i figure
    iim horny anyways why not get paid to chat with people and play with myself heheh...anyways i
    hope u dont look down on that and NO THATS NOT WHY IM CONTACTING U RELAX URSELF lol... i
    actually need help once i move and i remembered u live there so im reaching i said
    before this computer is a complete piece of CRAP and freezes NON STOP.. ive tried ot send this
    email to u maybe 3 times already and im hopign this time i can hit SEND before i run into
    trouble lol..

    ANYWAYS.. heres the deal....every month natalie (my boss) gives each of us 3 VIP codes to give
    out to whoever we want.. so with this code u can lgoin to watch me at work for free and dont
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    is if you absolutey DO NOT give it out to anyone else and u ONLY USE IT FOR URSELF... i only
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    i figured u cud always email me back instead but my email account doesnt even let me login
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    in when u sign in ill boot them out.. but remember DONT SHARE THIS PASSWORD PLEASE BABE IM
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    I really thingk we need to chat before i get there and make sure u evern remember me hahha..
    anyways ive rambled on and on now and ur probably soooo annnoyed with me so ill stop now.. im
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    my stress about the move... REALLY i mean that....anyways once i see u in insdie ill shoot u
    myc ell number and u can gimme yours.. if u dont wanna come chat i understand but its really
    the only palce to find me now days.. if u email me abck ill probably get it once i get there
    after my internet is setup so about 2-3 weeks fomr now.. but im hopign to see u in my chat
    room.. rmemeber its 100% free with this code im gonna give u.. just DONT GIVE IT OUT OR ILL
    k babe im out for now... chat ya soon..
    kisses xoxo

    • ANSWER:
      Someone struggling to get through third grade English class… For the twentieth time in a row!

      Someone trying to spam you, again with a very limited education in English grammar.

      I frequently get things similar to that. I ignore them all.

    life has me very much routine..... any ideas to make it colorful?
    im a working lady, form morning till evening at work...... even saturdays i work , anyways at my work i don't have much to do anything. my friends hardly meet ....... now music is a good friend to me ,so any ideas how to make my life interesting ....
    off course i would be happy to change my job,,,,its not happening ......but finding tough to find a job related to my field.... ive studied msc in psychology ...... there are least vacancy in india and the concept of counseling is very different over here..... many people think counsling means convincing a person. so im nto able to find a relevant job also over here.

    india has to improve a lot they dont encourage new concepts

    • ANSWER:
      Hi There , as you had added me to your friends list, I get updates about the questions you ask and i must says you are becoming quite popular , seeing the response you get for your question , i must say people really like you ....
      Now about this question How to make your like more Interesting well I can give you some pointers. As its seems you have Internet where you work so i will tell you few things you can do online .
      These are some good movies site if you like to watch movies you can watch them without downloading .
      English Movies
      Hindi Movies .

      Then you have online radio where you can listen to music .
      Or you always have yahoo answers and try to help people its amazing experience when you help strangers without any expectations .

      Then as you are a Counselor , i have some thing that can be a good project , i wanted to open an NGO But its dint workout for me , may be you can do it , i dont mind sharing my idea .

      I wanted to start This NGO .Even talked to many friends but due to lack of support and funding could not do it .

      The Idea .

      It has been seen that most of the NGOs in India are mostly working for either poor children / women, there are other few which are even working for stray animals and for environment.
      Its quite evident being the most unprivileged members of our society they have the first right of contributions of any kind.
      But some of urban group of our society are also in a desperate need of attention and help for example school going children of our urban society.
      The level of stress growing up children of our urban society are bearing today is alarming and needs our immediate attention.
      Suicide rate of school going children is growing rapidly in our country.
      So first of all we have to identify this as a problem and then we have to educate people about it and help to solve this problem.
      So that we can give our children a better growing up environment and they can have better understanding of life, have glorious future and we can have a better India.

      The Executive Summary.

      The Society will be called as Blissful Minds of India society.

      It will offers an extensive continuum of behavioral health programs from counseling for school going children ,taking care of issues like depression ,suicidal tendencies in children ect to mildly or critically ill children, adolescents and even adults.

      We will also have children distress help line and suicidal help line, where people can call and talk.

      The Overview/ Product/Service Offering
      We will start from Delhi and get in touch with school is Delhi to have weekly sessions for children and monthly session for parents and teachers.

      As an Introductory offer first one month we will render our services for free. If its successful then we will start charging nominal fee from the parents from the next month. Two of our doctors to start with, will go to different school every day once in a week.

      And do the counseling to the children’s we will discuss there issues with studies with there parents teachers and there fellow classmates ect , this way school will also be able to show the parents that they are doing some thing for there children’s

      Then we will do the same for the corporate sector, as most of our young professionals are living a life of distress and misery with so many issue and no professional help.

      In the same manner our doctors will go to different corporate offices and do counseling for the employees once is week .talk about there issues with company work pressure and there personal life ect.

      And have monthly session with there employers or mangers ect and there family as well.

      We can charge enrollment fee from the employee and also get the company pay for it as this way there employees will be more productive.

      We will have clinics as well so that we can have walk-in clients.

      The Operations Plan.

      We will register our selves as an NGO .
      We as a company will hire doctors (Psychiatrist ) to work for us on salary

      Market Analysis. Sales & Marketing. / Sales & Marketing.

      We will do print advertisement and on radio ect , we will have a marketing team which will get in touch with the schools .
      As we will be one of the pioneer in this industry as it will be first of it s kind in India.
      We will earn and use that fund for our operations this way we don’t have to depend on grants and donations

      Financial Planning.

      To start with we need 10 - 15 lakh , that will cover the cost of our first clinic and head office along with salaries of our doctors for first 6 months and expenses of initial advertisement and marketing ect.

      So If you can make it work out i will be happy , If You want more input and ideas regarding this you can write to me my email is
      tAKE CARE AND gOD bLESS .. :)

    80's or 90s animated short films i can only just remember but still creap me out?
    ok so i remeber very little of this short film, but hear goes, , all the caricters were drawn with very stark angles and it was about this .... i'm going to call her specal agent , dressed in black with 2 guns and this funky silver back pack. shes fighting through a complex full of gards there are bodys and blood everywere. the gaurd uniforms might have been blue .... shes also fighting other agents in black, one i think was some kind of kung fu expert, shes trying to steal a breaf case i think. the move also cuts to some big boss caricter who has been developing some kind of cemical thats in the breaf case... he hides what look like cockroaches in cuts in his fingers to sneak them in some were. the girl agents gets killed and a des jocky at some kind of HQ confurms that shes dead and detinates her back pack and activates a wee flame throwere thats torches her personal quaters....

    another was of a floating villige of what i remeber as being people with almost eliphent heads, the main carector was the spear man on a flying boat that hunted giant sting rays,,, and as he walked round the village he keeps passing other "people" with weird spinning eyes walking like in a trance, and he overts his eyes as they pass.... latter he contracts the spinny eye desise and walk to a temple were he jumps into a hole and as he falls through the center of the floating island, he cucoons and turns in to one of the flying rays......

    lastly .... and this one i can hardy remeber at all there is a kid and he has a pet or somthing , looks like an ant eater or somthing and hit gets grabbed by these vines and chocked and pulled in to the dirt roof.... ( really desturbing memory ) and latter you see the roof space with the boans of the ant eater a few vines and the radio that some other ppl are trying to contact the id on...... might have looed like the red and white pokemon ball thing..... guys ive been racing my brains for years , if you can help me ill me super greatful

    PS: DESLXYIC .....................

    • ANSWER:
      Sundance 2013 Animation Short Selections | Cartoon Brew
      The Sundance Film Festival has announced their short film selections for the next edition of the festival, which will take place January 17-27 in Park City, - Cached
      Animated Short Films - Video Results
      Invention of Love (2010) - Animated Short Film"."Play VideoInvention of Love (2010) - Animated Short Film
      Oktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film"."Play VideoOktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film
      ELECTROSHOCK (HD) Brilliant Short animated Film from ESMA Students ..."."Play VideoELECTROSHOCK (HD) Brilliant Short animated Film from ESMA Students ...
      More Animated Short Films videos »
      Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film - Wikipedia, the ...
      The Academy Award for Animated Short Film is an award which has been given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of the Academy Awards ... - Cached
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      Short Films - Small Family Happy Family animated short film
      Oscar Short films, Animated Short Films,Short Films Online.Comedy Short Films. - Cached
      10 Must-See Animated Short Films - Listverse
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      The Lorax Animated Short Films (2012) 720p BRRip KrazyKarvs ...
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      LAIKA, Animated Short Film About the First Dog In Space
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      Short on Minutes, Long on Talent | Animation Magazine
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