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    do these movie scenes in the Philippines thrill you? or it doesnt matter to you?
    I recall from some movies I watched when I lived in the Philippines that many of the good guys know how to fight even in movies that are not action. I remember many comedy movies where the good guys often defended themselves in a fist fight. So now it makes me wonder what you people in the Philippines thought when they did such scenes in the early 90s, if you were as thrillled as I am.

    Here's one example, I found one of the comedy movies I watched back in the early 90s before I migrated in the US, called Probinsyanong Mandurukot with deceased actor Rene Requiestas. I decided to upload this one scene showing a family composed of actors Paquito Diaz as the father, Shirley Fuentes and Ruffa Gutierrez playing his 2 daughters, and another actor I don't know the name of who plays the son. Now look, this is a family which took me by surprise when I first watched this movie seeing that they all knew how to defend themselves physically. So it makes me wonder, does anyone else like these movie practices? Or think of this movie in particular, if you recall this scene back when it was new, did it enthrall you as much as it did me?

    if you look at my other videos, there are other examples of fights from pinoy movies, I thought I'd collect them here to show more examples

    • ANSWER:
      I know what you mean. I like how families fight in the movies in philippines.

      First oldest daughter gets pregnant then young daughter begs mother to not throw daughter out of house and everyone gets slapped.

      Anyway, I do like fighting scenes but I hate how unrealistic it is. On Tagalog shows the main character always wins fights but ge never too Any karate or self defense classes.

    Why do you think Koreans are getting popular now a days?
    With the recent Gangnam style dance move and remember the wonder girls that made a spectacular MTV with the song "nobody", first time I saw it I though it was made in Hollywood. I later found out it was all Koreans. What is the secret of their popularity? I know you will tell me, actually it is not a secret. Koreans are also populating in the Philippines with their different Korean gourmet. One thing I notice about Koreans they have originality, like the Gangnam style dance move, we can do that also but the song and the euphoria is exclusively Koreans. I can hardly understand the song itself, and obviously not in English language. We Filipinos are only after finish product to imitate and copy like the ABS-CBN different tv host singing of the song of BSB "i want it that way". I also notice that most Filipinos who enter singing contest do not have musical instrument like those in the US like Philip Philip who sing with his own guitar. They only sing with their own voice and music taken from the US billboard charts. I hardly see Filipinos with musical instrument with guitar or piano or flute or any equipment on stage. Just their powerful voice they think they can mesmerize the audience compared to US musicians, they performed with their equipment and they sing their own composition, you hardly see Americans singing popular hit songs. Just a microphone on their hand. This is the brand of the Filipinos. Koreans are getting popular even if they sing in their own language. That is what amaze me. While we Filipinos are singing in English most of the time. One Korean actor even penetrated Hollywood, who is that guy? Rain? The film "ninja assassin". While we cannot even penetrated the window of Hollywood. Our film are all about love, horror and comedy. But most of all love(cheap movies) of present croft of star cinema actors/actresses. We even have one Korean tv host/comedian in the Philippines which is Ryan Bang. But back in Korea, we do not have a Filipino in any Korean tv station. How come?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, ok I always thought that you were as old as me, but reading through your long question I am beginning to think that you are way younger than me or that your memory is failing you.

      First off (and this is going to be long -- like your Q&As) among all the Asian cultures, only the Chinese, the Indians and the Philippines have the longest histories of what we can call their homegrown entertainment industry (movies, music, etc.) that has come to be recognized worldwide. No one has come even close, yes even the Japanese are not in their league, much less the Koreans.

      Among these 3 only the Chinese is probably the most ethnic, the Indians have been influenced by the Brits and the Philippines, of course by Hollywood.

      The golden age of Philippine cinema is way behind us and it was a generation ago, it will probably not be resurrected until the locals at least embraced the real Filipino artists, the last great director being Lino Brocka and his contemporaries, well of course there are a new batch of young film makers and they have been making noise by winning international film awards, but without any local support, the local industry will continue to churn out their usual dramas and comedies which are the only ones making money.

      Now, the golden age of Philippine music was back in the 70s with the first OPMs, which even many Asian and particularly Southeast Asian countries look up to. Why? Because even if they do not understand Tagalog they at least could enjoy it better than their own music. Case in point Freddie Aguilar (and yes with his acoustic guitar) is still probably the best known Filipino singer. "Anak" (and that is including the Tagalog version) is still being listened to the world over for how many decades now and is still probably the most well-known of all Asian songs.

      Now with the age of youtube we are seeing the likes of Charice and Arnel Pineda who are both well still more popular than any Korean singer. But by the same token because of this new medium, singers from S Korean are now having that much needed exposure worldwide.

      Plus add the fact that the Korean are now the new Chinese, moving to every land, opening up every kind of business and the most important ingredient (the secret you may be alluding to) that has eluded many other cultures in the region, they are now learning English. (Which was yes, our only advantage back in the day compared to many if not all Asian people).

      Add that Korean businesses in their homeland are exploding so put that all together and you can probably summarized why they could be considered gaining in roads even in the music industry.

      Gangnam style? Original? Taking the techonology they have out, I can compare them to 1980/90s Pinoy corny entertainers. Put the Yoyoy Villames, the Andres Es, the Micheal Vs. of that era and put in their new technology and you get gangnam style, so no Gangnam is 30 years behind.
      Those dance moves that they do, we were already doing back in high school and only to be funny mind you.

      And isn't it true that Donita Rose was an MTV host in Singapore way back in what the 90s. And now 20-30 years later there are still new Filipino entertainers in there.

      And through the years, there are also a ton of Filipino actors/artists who have broken into Hollywood, Westend and Broadway... I don't even know where to start.

      But as I've said the best years of the Philippines may be way behind them... and with the Koreans getting richer and now studying English they can only get better.

      Gangnam style? It may be popular now,but really are you going to spend your hard-earned money to buy his CD or watch his concert? Ok, don't answer that...

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