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    Will we have to learn to become bilingual?
    I have been taking French classes FOREVER. I live in region where most people speak another language usually Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog, Polish, Hungarian, French Creole, and Portuguese. I am that monolingual kid (English forever and always) in the crowd. I want so badly to become fluent in another language! It seems that other English-speakers don't really care to give a serious effort, however!

    How will becoming fluent in another language benefit us and what needs to happen to make others interested in learning another language?

    • ANSWER:
      I live in a country with a gazillion languages (1,652 to be precise) and most people can speak about 4(in the urban areas, including English). I'm fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam & Kannada and can understand/speak French, Marathi, Punjabi & Tamil, and I'm learning Japanese atm =)
      I think learning other languages really broadens your perspective about other cultures and your own! I took French in college and I got to know so much about the French culture and music (and made me a fan of Mozart L'Opera la Rock - its AMAZING!!) and I was always interested in anime and manga but learning Japanese has made me fall in love with 'Jpop'! I've got to meet so many wonderful people here and abroad and made so many friends.
      Its also REALLY helpful in getting admitted into a good college! I've also heard that learning many languages makes you smarter - which explains why kids born in a bilingual environment have a higher IQ!
      You need to arouse their interest, make them listen to a song or watch a movie in a foreign language... my obsession with French started when I heard this beautiful song:

      If they like detective movies/ novels, get them to watch this:

      Hope this helps! =)

      Bonne chance! 😉

    Is there a website where you can watch Filipino movies with subtitles?
    I've seen other sites where you can watch movies for free and I've been hooked on Korean dramas but I was wondering if there was one for Filipino/Tagalog movies as well? I've been on YouTube but there isn't that many... Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Watch over 80 Million Movies on the Internet For FREE.
      <--http://watch-movies.download-for-free.org 100% Legal!

    Where can I find I've Fallen For You (tagalog movie), with english subtitles, online?
    Crunchyroll doesn't work anymore, youtube doesnt, and so do a lot of other sites..

    • ANSWER:
      try pinoychannel.com

    why i cannot open the youtube pinoy movies what's the problem?
    I want to see tagalog movies

    • ANSWER:
      This website has all kinds of solutions to what may be the problem:


      I just Googled it. =)

    Song or quotes letting people know why you have moved on and don't want to be alone.?
    I am a young female widow. My wonderful husband passed away a year ago and I have two young children. I recently started dating a friend and fell in love with this amazing man. Some of my deceased husbands family are very angry about it. What are some songs or quotes to tell people it's my life and it's miserable being alone?

    • ANSWER:
      Your story reminded me of the movie "And I Love You So" unfortunately I can't find the movie with English subtitles.. The story of the movie is about a young female whose husband died at first she was miserable then she met a new friend and she started to have feelings for him but her mother and sister-in-law got mad. I translated some of the lines from the movie..

      Mother in law: "I'm starting to believe what Audrey (sister-in-law) said, that you've already forgotten my son maybe it's because you were only married for 5mos."
      LARA: "If only I had 5more days,5more years, 5 more life times with him, you may have loved him longer, but that doesn't mean I loved him any less"
      at 1:34- 2:03

      Lara: "I'm tired of being lonely, but it's hard to be happy because you're hurting other people"

      this is the link of the trailer, sorry it's in tagalog, but they speak some english...

    Any Tagalog movies or shows online that have English Sub Titles? I want to practice my Tagalog.?
    the moview don't have to be very good or intersting, I am using them to learn.

    • ANSWER:
      .. you can find how to speak filipino lessons in youtube.

    What happened to Journey with lead singer Arnel Pineda?

    • ANSWER:
      According to an interview with Arnel just this March 2010, he will be going back to America on April 15 2010 to record another album with Journey. And he said, someone will be producing a movie about one of the Journey members within this year. This interview video is in youtube in tagalog, I just can't traced it. Neal Schon said they already in the process of writing the songs for their next album.When he is in his home country he sings at television shows and guest in several organized events.

    Tagalog movies or tv shows online that have English sub-titles?

    • ANSWER:
      megavideo,veoh,youtube or search in yahoo or google you will find there

    Best website/book/resource for learning a new language?
    Over the course of my life, I am hoping to know at least these languages: German, Spanish, Tagalog and Japanese. Do you know any free websites, detailed books, or learning resources (preferably the first two) that will help me learn a new language? (Not only those specific languages: just languages in general.)

    Oh, and my native language is English. (obviously.)

    • ANSWER:
      Hello 'Eh':

      Well, you CAN totally learn all of these languages. All you need to do is be very persistent, willing to learn something new and also be genuinely interested in the languages you are learning, and doing fun activities in them. For instance, if you want to learn Spanish focus on listening and reading to as much spanish as you can. Get music and podcasts. Visit websites in the languages and skim/read books or comics in it. Watch Youtube videos and movies in the language, etc. Interacting with the language everyday, even when at first you don't understand it, is the key of learning to understand any kind of language.

      Here are some specific resources that you might find useful in your languages journey:

      For learning Japanese:

      For learning Spanish: http://spanish-only.com

      For languages in general:

      I wish you great success in your journey! 😀

    Most effective way to learn Tagalog?
    My great-grandfather came from the Philipines and I also have a friend who speaks Tagalog and make's fun of me and makes me feel bad that i am a filipina wanna-be and i would like to prove her wrong also i would Love to try and go there to connect with unknown relatives I don't know. Every day I talk to my parents how I wanna learn the language and don't care. I dont have enough money to get RosettaStone or anything and youtube videos do not help. Is there any books or cheap soft-wares i can get?

    • ANSWER:
      rosetta stone, muzzy, dino lingo. Or you can watch movies and shows in subtitles, listen to music in the language, read books, watch youtube videos for pronunciation and more!

    where can i watch tagalog movies online, for free with english subtitle? please help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Here's the oldest answer in the book, YouTube.

    tagalog movie: Forevermore with sub?
    hi someone know wher I can watch tagalog movie FOREVERMORE possibly w/ english subtitles? tn x u so much....reply me please...

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried to check on youtube.com? or veoh.com?
      If no luck, google it up. Hope it helped =)

    where can i watch filipino or tagalog movies for free?

    • ANSWER:
      TV, internet: Youtube.

    Filipino (tagalog) father/daughter dance at my wedding!?
    I am getting married in less than 3 weeks. I have decided on a father/daughter song, but I actually would love to dance with my dad to a Filipino (tagalog) song. Anyone out there know of a good Filipino (tagalog) father/daughter song?

    • ANSWER:
      OOooh I know a good one! you can dance cha cha or swing with it! Here's a video from the movie "Isusumbong kita sa tatay ko" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeniR7AEHvo&feature=related
      It's a father daughter movie... fits perfect right?
      Song title is "Awitin mo at isasayaw ko" by VST & Company

      Walang iba pang sasarap
      Sa pagtitinginan natin
      Sana ay di na magwakas
      Itong awit ng pag-ibig

      Awit natin
      Ay wag na wag mong kalimutan
      Pangako ko naman
      Na lagi kang pakikinggan

      Ang isang pag-ibig
      Ay parang lansangan
      Na pang dalawahan
      Kaya't sa ating awit,
      Tayo ay magbigayan

      Ah-ha-ha, awitin mo
      At isasayaw ko, oh-ho-ho
      Ah-ha-ha, awitin mo
      At isasayaw ko

      [REPEAT ALL]

      Congratulations on the comming wedding!!!

    Youtube-pinoy ???
    HI guys if u know the website youtube-pinoy.com, do u guys also know why its not wrking??? it was wrking fine last week but now it wnt wrk. maybe they changed url??? if u guys know where i can find this website pls let me know hehe. also do u guys know a site where i can watch teleseryes and tagalog movies for free??

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe IP Blocking so only users around Pinoy can see it...reducing lag?

    where can i watch tagalog/pinoy movies??
    where can i watcj tagalog or pinoy movies at the same time chatitng, playing games and forums??

    • ANSWER:
      you can go to:

      ' but the youtube-pinoy are having some problems so they might upgrade it and change their website..

    Website where I can download Free Mp4 Tagalog Lessons, Cartoons, Movies, etc...?
    I'm learning tagalog but nobody where I live speaks it and I need to hear the pronounciation and stuff and I also learn best with cartoons... like a child... you know...

    • ANSWER:
      Youtube is my best bet. Try this video: http://youtu.be/KoSc5Tv3BAk (It's my video) There are also many other videos that give proper pronunciation as well

    filippino movie "one more chance".?
    on the tagalog movie "ONE MORE CHANCE" wht did john llyod cruz say when bea wnted john to give her another chance then john llyod said "she loved me at my worst,you had me at my best" and wht was the rest of it??!!?
    hai yup i wnt to see it!!!
    but i'm in the states so i cant really watch it but they have movies priemiere here but they're all sold out ) : (ithink)

    • ANSWER:
      "One More Chance" - bea and john had it good until bea called it quits leaving john devastated and all done for...until maja came to the picture and all was well again...and now bea wants him back. hmmm so what else can he say ---
      "she (maja) loved me at my worst; you (bea) had me at my best, AND STILL YOU CHOSE TO BREAK MY HEART."

      such bitterness! ah well, see the movie folks!!!

      if you like the love team of john and bea, you'd enjoy this clip---

    does donnie yen speak tagalog?
    i saw an old movie in youtube called "asian cop: high voltage" and it was shot in the philippines and i think the movie is dubbed, not sure what language are they really using.....if you want to see it here's the link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR3K36uboNE

    • ANSWER:
      Donnie Yen, holds citizenship from China, Hong Kong and United States. His parents lives in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. Donnie was born Taishan, Guangdong, China.

      does Donnie Yen speak tagalog? for sure, he can't.

    where can i watch tagalog movies or news??...instead of youtube..??

    • ANSWER:
      Install TFC Direct and you can watch all the shows and movies you want.

    Is thier any website that you can watch tagalog movies from philippines. i don't want the illegal ones. i only

    • ANSWER:
      i would try youtube...i know they have clips of certain movies....they might be tv shows though..not sure.

    website for free tagalog movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Free Tagalog Movies ba? FIlipino chatzone dot org ung site merong mga movies don na search na siya galing sa malalaking video server like megavideo, youtube, veoh, etc and categorized na yung mga movies kaya pag free tagalog movies online hanap nyo visit http://pinoychatzone.org/

    Where i can download free tagalog movie?

    • ANSWER:
      im not sure
      but you could watch some at http://www.youtube.com

    Which band has the most songs that would make great movie soundtracks?
    DIRE STRAITS! Right? Right? Yes, I'm right.

    Brothers in Arms

    On every street

    Private investigations

    Once upon a time in the west

    and the list goes on...except it doesn't coz I'm too busy to make it go on...

    Now your turn.

    • ANSWER:
      the rolling stones this is a little of what I found

      1. Obcan Havel (2008) (performer: “Start Me Up”)
      … aka Citizen Havel (International: English title)
      2. The Darjeeling Limited (2007) (performer: “Play With Fire”)
      3. Sicko (2007) (performer: “Street Fighting Man”)
      4. The Hoax (2006) (performer: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”)
      5. The Departed (2006) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”, “Let It Loose”)
      6. V for Vendetta (2005) (performer: “Street Fighting Man”)
      … aka V for Vendetta: At the IMAX (UK: IMAX version)
      … aka V wie Vendetta (Germany)
      7. C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) (performer: “Sympathy for the Devil”)
      8. Layer Cake (2004) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”)
      … aka L4yer Cake (USA: DVD box title)
      9. Beyond the Sea (2004) (performer: “Let It Loose” (1971))
      … aka Beyond the Sea – Musik war sein Leben (Germany)
      10. Without a Paddle (2004) (performer: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”)
      11. Stuck on You (2003) (performer: “Wild Horses”)
      12. The Work of Director Michel Gondry (2003) (V) (performer: “Like A Rolling Stone”)
      13. S.W.A.T. (2003) (performer: “Shattered”)
      14. Adaptation. (2002) (performer: “Wild Horses”)
      15. Comedian (2002) (performer: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”)
      16. Moonlight Mile (2002) (performer: “Moonlight Mile”)
      17. Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) (performer: “Miss You (Dr. Dre Remix 2002)”)
      … aka Austin Powers: Goldmember (USA)
      18. Life or Something Like It (2002) (performer: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”)
      19. Encuentro de 3 en 1 cuarto (2002) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”)
      20. Vanilla Sky (2001) (performer: “Heaven” (1981))
      21. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) (performer: “She Smiled Sweetly”, “Ruby Tuesday”)
      22. Twisted Metal: Black (2001) (VG) (performer: “Paint It Black”)
      23. Blow (2001) (performer: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”)
      24. The Family Man (2000) (performer: “Beast of Burden”)
      25. The Way of the Gun (2000) (performer: “Rip This Joint”)
      26. The Replacements (2000) (performer: “Moon Is Up”) (“Blinded by Rainbows”, “You Got Me Rockin’”)
      27. Stille nach dem Schuß, Die (2000) (performer: “Street Fighting Man”)
      … aka Legend of Rita (USA)
      … aka Rita’s Legends (International: English title)
      … aka The Legends of Rita (International: English title)
      28. Stan Becker – Echte Freunde (1999) (TV) (performer: “Saint Of Me”)
      29. Rushmore (1998) (performer: “I Am Waiting”)
      30. Hope Floats (1998) (performer: “Honest I Do”)
      31. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) (performer: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”)
      32. Fallen (1998) (performer: “Time Is On My Side”, “Sympathy For The Devil”)
      33. The Devil’s Advocate (1997) (performer: “Paint It Black” (1966))
      … aka Devil’s Advocate (USA: DVD box title)
      … aka Im Auftrag des Teufels (Germany)
      34. Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) (performer: “Waiting on a Friend”)
      35. Jerry Maguire (1996) (performer: “Bitch”)
      36. The Fan (1996) (performer: “SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL”, “START ME UP”, “GIMME SHELTER”, “SHATTERED”)
      37. Basquiat (1996) (performer: “Waiting on a Friend”, “Beast of Burden”)
      … aka Build a Fort, Set It on Fire
      38. Bottle Rocket (1996) (performer: “2000 Man”)
      39. Beautiful Girls (1996) (“Fool to Cry”)
      40. Squish Story (1996) (performer: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”)
      … aka Squish Story: The Making of ‘Commander Squish’
      41. Casino (1995) (performer: “Sweet Virginia”, “Gimme Shelter”, “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”) (“Heart of Stone”)
      … aka Casino (France)
      42. Assassins (1995) (performer: “Like a Rolling Stone”)
      … aka Assassins (France)
      … aka Day of Reckoning
      43. Nine Months (1995) (performer: “19th Nervous Breakdown”)
      44. Powderburn (1995) (“Can’t You Hear the Thunder”)
      45. Prêt-à -Porter (1994) (performer: “Jump on Top of Me”)
      … aka Prêt-à -Porter: Ready to Wear (Canada: English title)
      … aka Ready to Wear
      46. The War (1994) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”)
      47. Mistah (1994) (performer: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”)
      … aka Mistah: mga mandirigma (Philippines: Tagalog title)
      48. Léolo (1992) (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”)
      49. State of Grace (1990) (performer: “Steetfightin’ Man”)
      50. Goodfellas (1990) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”, “Monkey Man”, “Memo from Turner”)
      … aka GoodFellas (USA: promotional title (video box title) (poster title))
      51. Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (1987) (TV) (performer: “GIMME SHELTER”, “NO EXPECTATIONS”)
      … aka Dear America
      52. Adventures in Babysitting (1987) (performer: “Gimme Shelter”)
      … aka A Night on the Town (UK)
      53. Full Metal Jacket (1987) (performer: “Paint It, Black”)
      … aka Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket (USA: poster title)
      54. Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) (performer: “Miss Amanda Jones”)
      55. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986) (performer: “Jum

    The movie One More Chance (2007)?
    Hi I'm looking for a foreign film called: One More Chance.

    It was made in 2007 and the language is Tagalog which is the language for the Philippines. Does anyone know where I can download this movie w/ English subtitles or even watch it (steam, like youtube.) Been having a really hard time finding it. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      go to utorrent.com and download that then come here to download the movie http://fenopy.com/torrent/ONE_MORE_CHANCE__2007___PINOY__DVDRiP_DivX_SoftEngSubs__Tagalog__WingTip_torrent/MTA2NDgzNw==/index.html
      if you still need help email me or something

    how to wach movie in tagalog?

    • ANSWER:
      search Yanggaw
      oh, it's n0t tagalog dialect,but there is subtitle

    Good Filipino dramas or movies to watch?
    Are there any good filipino dramas that I can watch over YouTube so that I can practice my tagalog again and be 99.9% fluent by the time I go visit again on December 2012?
    I was in the Philippines last week and just got back today and man..my tagalog SUCKED!
    I am 100% filipino but I've been living here in USA for 8 years..I visit yearly, but my family's main language in the house is english since it is "easier" and "shorter" to say the things we want to say~
    yes my parents are filipino also and I know it is kind of bizarre to not talk in our native tongues.

    I noticed that when I watch filipino dramas such as "My Girl", my tagalog improved. A LOT.

    So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Filipino dramas or movies that dates back from 2005 to present is totally fine~

    Though older once must be pretty "cool" as well.


    • ANSWER:
      Try. My binondo Girl, other woman, the road, shake rattle and roll

    Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean?
    I can't decide which language to learn. I'm very interested in those 5 but I don't know which one would benefit me and would be good for my level.

    I'm currently fluent at Tagalog(Filipino) and English. I know bits of Spanish and can understand small sentences. I also studied Mandarin for five years but was stuck in the low levels because I didn't focus in class.

    I'm planning on doing Aerospace engineering and I heard Germany and Japan are the top engineering countries today and a lot of students are moving there. I also watch a lot of Anime(subbed) and so I'm kinda exposed to Japanese stuff most of the time.

    The reason why I added Korean was because I listen to a lot of K pop and watch a lot of Korean movies and shows in YouTube.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd suggest you to learn spanish. Even though Mandarin is spoken by the most people in the world, Spanish is the second most spreaded language in the world, so it'll probably help you the most in the future

    How can I get better at Spanish and achieve the accent?
    [Okay, now I need to tell you all I'm using my friends account because I forgot the password to mine. ]
    You see, I'm really quite ashamed of this. My dad was born and raised in Mexico (Michoacan I think, with a long city name I can't say let alone spell). My mother was born and raised in the Philippines in Luzon or some place and speaks Tagalog.
    I was born and raised in Southern California. Both languages have been around me my whole life but Tagalog is much easier to me though I can't speak it to save my life either.

    I'm just horrible at Spanish. Bad, horrid, extremely awful. I can't even have that accent. No, every time it's a retarded voice that in my cousin's words are "You sound like a white person reading from a dictionary! AHA"

    They also call me white washed because I like my American culture. I'm into Rock music - Grunge, Alternative, Screamo, etc. I like to watch musicals and plays. I don't like Novellas so I watch Lifetime, Science Fiction thing like that. I'm a huge book fan. I read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Interview with the Vampire, Gideon Trilogy, books like this. I have to admit, I rather like my British accent to be frank. Some people tell me it sounds real. I like to learn and go to school, I shop at Hot Topic and Target, American Eagle sparingly.

    I know, it probably doesn't apply to my accent. When I talk English I speak Californian I guess. I heard we have an accent. But help me explain why I don't have an accent when I try to speak Spanish, Spanglish, or have a mexican accent.

    • ANSWER:
      It's quite, quite simple... Here are a few pointers:

      1. Start blending in more with the Hispanic community at large. Go to church in Spanish, get more Spanish friends and ask them to speak Spanish to you. Join social networks such as facebook and befriend people from Mexico, or whichever other country that you are interested in.

      2. Go on youtube and watch some Mexican soap operas such as ''El cuerpo del deseo'', ''Acorralada'', ''Palabra the mujer''... Those are all great titles. If you have movies -- in English -- on DVDs, chances are that you can switch the language to Spanish, with Spanish subtitles.

      3. Music is also really good. Look up some local singers and start listening to their music. Pull the lyrics out of google, and just follow along.

      4. Pick up a few books for Spanish learning, and try to follow them as much as possible. You can try software such as Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, etc...It's all up to you.


    do these movie scenes in the Philippines thrill you? or it doesnt matter to you?
    I recall from some movies I watched when I lived in the Philippines that many of the good guys know how to fight even in movies that are not action. I remember many comedy movies where the good guys often defended themselves in a fist fight. So now it makes me wonder what you people in the Philippines thought when they did such scenes in the early 90s, if you were as thrillled as I am.

    Here's one example, I found one of the comedy movies I watched back in the early 90s before I migrated in the US, called Probinsyanong Mandurukot with deceased actor Rene Requiestas. I decided to upload this one scene showing a family composed of actors Paquito Diaz as the father, Shirley Fuentes and Ruffa Gutierrez playing his 2 daughters, and another actor I don't know the name of who plays the son. Now look, this is a family which took me by surprise when I first watched this movie seeing that they all knew how to defend themselves physically. So it makes me wonder, does anyone else like these movie practices? Or think of this movie in particular, if you recall this scene back when it was new, did it enthrall you as much as it did me?

    if you look at my other videos, there are other examples of fights from pinoy movies, I thought I'd collect them here to show more examples

    • ANSWER:
      I know what you mean. I like how families fight in the movies in philippines.

      First oldest daughter gets pregnant then young daughter begs mother to not throw daughter out of house and everyone gets slapped.

      Anyway, I do like fighting scenes but I hate how unrealistic it is. On Tagalog shows the main character always wins fights but ge never too Any karate or self defense classes.

    what are u planning to do with your life?
    i plan on sleeping through it.............

    • ANSWER:
      Will as of right now...

      Plain 1:
      I want to get some (about 5) movie scripts I am working on done (and get that business stared) and get a Ebay Selling business (gold level power seller are higher) going so I can race the money and be tested and see if I can donate my kidney to my sister's (aka online friend) dad. While at the same time trying to learn Mandarin Chinese fluently and learn as much as I can about China and the Chinese culture and traditions. I plain on trying to move to Shenyang, China by the summer of 2010. After I get there I plain on starting other small local businesses (vending machines, arcade room, laundry mat etc etc) And visiting Philippines, Ghana Africa, Hamburg Germany and a few other places.

      After I learning Mandarin Chinese almost fluently and get to China I would like to start learning Germany, Tagalog & Japanese.

      Video about Shenyang, China

      Plain 2: (If plain 1 don't work out)
      I will live here in America I have about 6 low effect/hight pay mobile jobs that I could do from the road/internet and they would let me travel the world just going from country to country and only coming to America when I have to. I would like to learn Chinese, German, Tagalog & Japanese I would like to learn all of them fluently.
      Plain 3: (If plain 2 don't work out)
      I have me a for me a 14,000 +/- sq. foot 3 story house. I already have the blue prints designed.

      My house (or in the buildings on my land):
      I would have my own 2 or 3 lane bowling ally, my own private arcade (about 100 games), a 3 story indoor jumping/diving deck, stander 3' to 12' swimming pool, Indoor Hot tube, Indoor & out-door shooting range.

      I don't want to be rich or famous because I believe them two things changes most people for the worst.

      (What are you going to do in the future?)

    Why do you think Koreans are getting popular now a days?
    With the recent Gangnam style dance move and remember the wonder girls that made a spectacular MTV with the song "nobody", first time I saw it I though it was made in Hollywood. I later found out it was all Koreans. What is the secret of their popularity? I know you will tell me, actually it is not a secret. Koreans are also populating in the Philippines with their different Korean gourmet. One thing I notice about Koreans they have originality, like the Gangnam style dance move, we can do that also but the song and the euphoria is exclusively Koreans. I can hardly understand the song itself, and obviously not in English language. We Filipinos are only after finish product to imitate and copy like the ABS-CBN different tv host singing of the song of BSB "i want it that way". I also notice that most Filipinos who enter singing contest do not have musical instrument like those in the US like Philip Philip who sing with his own guitar. They only sing with their own voice and music taken from the US billboard charts. I hardly see Filipinos with musical instrument with guitar or piano or flute or any equipment on stage. Just their powerful voice they think they can mesmerize the audience compared to US musicians, they performed with their equipment and they sing their own composition, you hardly see Americans singing popular hit songs. Just a microphone on their hand. This is the brand of the Filipinos. Koreans are getting popular even if they sing in their own language. That is what amaze me. While we Filipinos are singing in English most of the time. One Korean actor even penetrated Hollywood, who is that guy? Rain? The film "ninja assassin". While we cannot even penetrated the window of Hollywood. Our film are all about love, horror and comedy. But most of all love(cheap movies) of present croft of star cinema actors/actresses. We even have one Korean tv host/comedian in the Philippines which is Ryan Bang. But back in Korea, we do not have a Filipino in any Korean tv station. How come?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, ok I always thought that you were as old as me, but reading through your long question I am beginning to think that you are way younger than me or that your memory is failing you.

      First off (and this is going to be long -- like your Q&As) among all the Asian cultures, only the Chinese, the Indians and the Philippines have the longest histories of what we can call their homegrown entertainment industry (movies, music, etc.) that has come to be recognized worldwide. No one has come even close, yes even the Japanese are not in their league, much less the Koreans.

      Among these 3 only the Chinese is probably the most ethnic, the Indians have been influenced by the Brits and the Philippines, of course by Hollywood.

      The golden age of Philippine cinema is way behind us and it was a generation ago, it will probably not be resurrected until the locals at least embraced the real Filipino artists, the last great director being Lino Brocka and his contemporaries, well of course there are a new batch of young film makers and they have been making noise by winning international film awards, but without any local support, the local industry will continue to churn out their usual dramas and comedies which are the only ones making money.

      Now, the golden age of Philippine music was back in the 70s with the first OPMs, which even many Asian and particularly Southeast Asian countries look up to. Why? Because even if they do not understand Tagalog they at least could enjoy it better than their own music. Case in point Freddie Aguilar (and yes with his acoustic guitar) is still probably the best known Filipino singer. "Anak" (and that is including the Tagalog version) is still being listened to the world over for how many decades now and is still probably the most well-known of all Asian songs.

      Now with the age of youtube we are seeing the likes of Charice and Arnel Pineda who are both well still more popular than any Korean singer. But by the same token because of this new medium, singers from S Korean are now having that much needed exposure worldwide.

      Plus add the fact that the Korean are now the new Chinese, moving to every land, opening up every kind of business and the most important ingredient (the secret you may be alluding to) that has eluded many other cultures in the region, they are now learning English. (Which was yes, our only advantage back in the day compared to many if not all Asian people).

      Add that Korean businesses in their homeland are exploding so put that all together and you can probably summarized why they could be considered gaining in roads even in the music industry.

      Gangnam style? Original? Taking the techonology they have out, I can compare them to 1980/90s Pinoy corny entertainers. Put the Yoyoy Villames, the Andres Es, the Micheal Vs. of that era and put in their new technology and you get gangnam style, so no Gangnam is 30 years behind.
      Those dance moves that they do, we were already doing back in high school and only to be funny mind you.

      And isn't it true that Donita Rose was an MTV host in Singapore way back in what the 90s. And now 20-30 years later there are still new Filipino entertainers in there.

      And through the years, there are also a ton of Filipino actors/artists who have broken into Hollywood, Westend and Broadway... I don't even know where to start.

      But as I've said the best years of the Philippines may be way behind them... and with the Koreans getting richer and now studying English they can only get better.

      Gangnam style? It may be popular now,but really are you going to spend your hard-earned money to buy his CD or watch his concert? Ok, don't answer that...

    aside from youtube, where can i see complete episodes of chinovelas in tagalog language or with english subs?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure which specific series you're after but some great websites to check out are:


      -Crunchyroll has loads of asian dramas, anime and such like.



      - I think I saw some Filipino movies and dramas on here one time...


      On both these websites you can load the full episode in one go, they're not broken up into three sections like youtube, and they're generally better viewing quality.

      Hope you find something that suits!

    What American Cartoon show sounds great with a foreign dub?
    Today I was looking across youtube and stumbled upon disney movies that were dubbed in different languages. What intrigued me the most was how enjoyable the movies were in these languages, especially in their native tongue, like Hercules in Greek, Aladdin in Arabic, Mulan in Mandarin, and Tangled in German, but it also got me thinking. Along with Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network also have large foreign markets, and I've always wondered what our cartoon shows would sound like in another language, so I searched the web and found several, but I want to know what american cartoon shows sound great in a foreign language. My picks would be Dexter's Laboratory in French, My Life as a Teenage Robot in German, and The Emperor's New School in Spanish. So, what are your favs?

    • ANSWER:
      try searching for SPONGE BOB SQUAREPANTS in FILIPINO(TAGALOG). when i saw it i was like 'omg! didnt know sponge bob and patrick are fluent in filipino' the voice actors did a really great job. they sound really really close to the original

    YG( or any other) Entertainment auditions?
    I love Kpop and would absolutely love to become a trainee of YG. Yes I'm Asian (Filipina), but most people mistaken me for a girl of Japanese descent (at first glance). I am turning 12 this June and I rap and dance well. I don't know a lot of Korean, but I learned some phrases and words from dramas and movies. I speak Filipino (Tagalog) and English fluently, and I am currently learning Japanese. If you could tell me any tricks or tips to help me get in and the audition dates, that would be very helpful! ( and also I've heard, the younger you are, the more likely you'll get accepted?) Thank you!
    Wow..You guys are amazing! I can't choose .

    • ANSWER:
      As long as you're good in speaking Korean language and can use it in conversations of course. Nickhun is not Korean, and JYP accepts him though he didnt audition :) he was just discovered, i believe :)

      Try checking out those Audition clip videos from famous kpop singers or group members now in youtube :)

      In my own point of view..
      of course, for you to be accepted,
      1. you need to sing and dance as great as those Korean idol groups nowadays..

      2. you must also have nice looks and most important, good attitude and perseverance.

      3. of course, you're entering Korean pop industry..and you must be good in speaking Korean..much better if you know other language like especially English, Chinese, Japanese. For example, Xander of U-KISS doesnt speak Korean very well because he grew up in other countries, but he knows SEVEN Languages,..so that is a plus factor for him.. Knowing lots of language.

      4. Well anyway being linguistic doesnt matter the most. As long as you have the talent..go for it!

      5. And oh, one more thing you need to enter Kpop industry is the CHARISMA. Kpop idols are very much known for their great appeal and charisma! so you must have that :)

      Just watch performances and audition clips of famous kpop stars now in youtube,, they have lots. and see how they were accepted.

      Here are some of KPOP audition clips i found :)
      Wonder Girls SUN YE :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S5-XIczN…
      SHINee Taemin!! soo cute 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AqpxbyLi…
      SHINee KEY! :)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG5YbdO1c…

      Waa they were so great..and Still ARE! :DDD
      hahaha try searching for others 😉

    what's the sound of tagalog?
    is it the sound of like chinese or japanese

    • ANSWER:
      What tagalog sounds like can be easily heared in an filipino movie. Such like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrZKMi-vE74&feature=related

      It does neither sound like Chinese, nor Japanese. Actually it sounds like quick, staccato Malay, I think. Because it actually is related to Malay.

    I really want to learn Bisaya (one of the languages used in the Philippines))?
    Where is the best place to learn this beautiful language online ? ..... i have looked around online but it all seems rather limited,im trying to impress a Filippina girl in the UK who is working here and her native language is Bisaya ....... of course any other tips to really impress her would be great :p
    she is from Iligan city so her dialect is ? .... i dont want to ask her i want to surprise her with what i learn
    ok im using classified ads to advertise for a filippina or Filippino in my town who wants to earn some extra money teaching me this language a few times per week ........... im planning to move over to Cebu region before 2014 ... i have to say Bisaya is the most beautiful language i have heard in my life,The female accent when speaking English with the spanish accent is quite simply very very attractive to me :p
    @WORF @INDEPENDANT .......... guys i served in the British military for almost 10 years ... there was many guys married to Pinay girls from the early 90s and they were lovley women

    my boss and his pinay wife are still holding hands after 18 years of marriage ... he is still the most happiest married man i have ever met in England

    all the Pinay are not bad just some .................. everyone seems to be happy with them ?

    • ANSWER:
      here are a few phrases to get you started. Maayo unta swertihon


      in Iligan city most people speak Cebuano and many people will also know Tagalog, English and at least some spanish.

      One way to hear a lot of cebuano from native speakers is to search through youtube and other video hosting sites for video's in cebuano - there are several basic intro tutorials (very basic but they are a good start) and there are movies available if you want to hear more.. you can also subscribe to the Philippine package on Dish Network or DirectTV - they both carry several pinoy channels. (keep in mind that there are a LOT of dialects in the philippines, most of the content on the Philippine channels will be in Tagalog or English or a hybrid of both however there are some shows specifically in Cebuano - Cebuano is the second most widely spoken dialect in the Philippines (behind Tagalog) with around 20 Million native speakers.

    Filipino and English. Help me will you?
    1st Question: Im not good in speaking Filipino and in every filipino class I feel like an outcast cause Im not good in speaking the language. There are also others in my level too but I wanna learn. Please give me some tips on how to master the language. Im from the Visayas so this may give you a clue.

    2nd Q: Im much more of a English speaker although I know Cebuano. Though I'm good at it I want to learn more words particularly advanced and professional level. Please give me some tips on how to master the language.

    Please answer accordingly...Thank you.
    In the 2nd question, I meant English...not Cebuano.

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to master the language is to practice, practice, practice. Try watching more Filipino shows/movies, reading Filipino books and komiks from your nearest library. It also helps if you speak Tagalog with someone on a regular basis so that you know how to use and understand the language in a casual setting.

      Cebuano will be harder to learn because it is not as standardized as Tagalog. Pasabot ana, wa kaayo'y mga butang nga pangtudlo sa Binisaya. Unya ang nakalisud pa jud ana, lahi-lahi nga klase og Bisaya ang gipang gamit sa mga tawo ngikan sa lahi nga lugar. Kasagaran sa mga tawo, di kamao mutudlo sa "lawom nga Binisaya" nga imong gipangita. Suwaya'g pangita og mga bisaya nga libro, paminaw sa binisaya nga radyo o pagtanaw og mga bisaya nga salida parehas ani: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkG2RSdu6-E

      Maayo sad kung pangitaon nimo ang pinakaduol nga opisina sa "Lubas sa Dagang Bisaya" (LUDABI). Mao na siya ang kapunongan nga gabahala sa arteng Binisaya. Naa na sila'y mga libro ug balak nga bisaya, unya maayo kaayo na sila muda og lawom nga Binisaya.

      And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Y!A. Makatabang tingali ko nimo.

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