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    Are there any apps on the android market that i can download free movie apps?
    I want to be able to watch free movies from my cell phone but I don't know any websites or applications does anybody know any I don't want to have to pay or sign up for anything please help.

    • ANSWER:
      nice selection including streaming and sources here..

      Good Luck with this ..

    Is it illegal to stream free movies in the UK?
    Im on vacation in England and Im wondering if its ok to watch movies on websites that stream movies for free. And if so whats the penelty?
    PS: i didnt mean that the MOVIES are free, but watching them is free. the movies you would have to pay for other wise like Batman The Dark Knight.

    • ANSWER:
      everything on the net is free . unless you become stupid and pay.
      i have starting from win7 ultimate to office pro to anti virus to learning programs to movies ( the 2011) allllllll free ...thanks to the netizens
      why you pay when its free . you may give some donation if you ;like to Linux programmers or charity

      there is no any law that allows others to expose their products for free than punish the user feel free

    What are the best apps on google play to stream tv shows and movies?
    i have a kobo arc, and would like to stream tv shows and movies. I am currently using TV portal which is great, but it is limited to a certain amount of episodes a day. Can anyone recommend another one which is similar?

    • ANSWER:
      TVCatchup is a good app if you are in the UK. I allows you to legally stream most of the Free view channels. They also have a website that you can use on you computer. It's free!

    what time will ufc 91 start in uk , and any one knows where i can watch it free streaming online . plzz?
    live in london dont get the point where in usa it starts on 15th and they say uk 16th , pls pls help me out and a link to watch it excited to the core.

    • ANSWER: or ov guide ov has all resources you need for anything from reality to movies

    Anyone know a free network monitor for Win 7 to accurately calculate data usage?
    All the broadband services limit you to a certain amount of data per month and when you stream and download movies the data can add up quickly. Anyone know of a free program for Win 7 that can accurately calculate download and upload totals in real time so I can avoid going over my total and having to pay more each month?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there are lots of them. Here are a few free ones you can look at (I like the first):
      Bitmeter II

      All of them will alert you when you near a specified amount of data use.
      (More options: )

      Some isp's will also have a function on their site to check your use so far. You can check your records against that so see how close they are.

    How to watch 'Destination Truth' online and free in the UK S03 E12?
    Ive been looking to watch destination truth in the UK but all online link are in USA and are from 'HULU' which doesnt allow people from other regions to be able to view the video.

    If you have a link which work worldwide then please post! 10 points for the best answer!

    The episode name is: 'The Jersey Devil, The Yeren'

    • ANSWER:
      sure, try my favorite www.freewatchtv,info
      Tons free movies and tv shows, totally free, no surveys needed to unlock, just stream online or download and burn. No viruses, no hidden cost.

    How can I get cheap Iphone movies?
    I have been looking for movies on my iphone for a very long time but cant find anything that really works. is way to much to pay cuz i watch a lot of movies, so what are some websites I can get iphone moviies for cheap?

    • ANSWER:
      stream directly from ipocketTv
      think you have to jailbreack it and download it from cydia..
      if you love free movies that much ...
      or just go to and download movies already in iphone format :)

      if you got some spare time,and you can persuade 20 of your mates to help you out. there is a way to get one for very little... there is a loophole on .. you have to sign up with them complete an offer and get 20 of your mates to do the same..
      the cheapest offer there is is with love film for £3.99 a month 2 week free trial and you can cancel after the 1st month. (it still counts as a completed offer)and you still benefit from free dvd rentals :)
      even if you were to pay your 20 mates to sign up for a month you would spend less than £80..and you would get your self an iphone 3gs 32g :)
      if you succeed in convincing all your mates or pay them to do you a simple favor contact me i'll help you personalize your iphone :)

    Where is a free and legal download site?
    I want to downlaod music and movies free and legaly any good sites out there?

    • ANSWER:
      These are a few true "freeware" URL's provided by extremely generous people...

      Free Telnet/SSH Client:

      Free Anti-virus:

      Free Spyware protection:
      Download Windows Defender at

      Free Firewall:
      Window XP SP2 Firewall

      Host File Protection:

      Free Popup Blockers:
      Internet Explorer in windows xp has one builtin.
      Firefox has one builtin.

      Free Web Hosting:

      Free mp3 Player/Burner:

      Free Winzip alternative:

      Free SQL database builder:

      Free Office Suite:

      Free PDF Converter:

      Free Graphics builder:

      Free Screen Capture:

      Great Freeware Site: a search on "freeware"

      Free Flash Creator:

      Help for Flash Creator:

      Free Picture Management/Editing:

      Free Game Sites:

      Don't forget to support these folks if you can.


      Use Stream Ripper to copy music to your system:

      Best Wishes and have fun but be careful.

    When does the Cirque Du freak Movie come out?
    I"ve seen alot of different due dates for the upcoming new movie Cirque du freak. I know Its coming out somtime this Year BUt I dont know? Do you?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesnt have an USA release. but you Can go to when its out and then you can watch it on this site:
      free streaming movies no download or surveys needed, ANY movie or tv show EVER!!
      Just enter your search and all sites playing the movie or T.V. show will be displayed for you to choose from.
      OVGuide has an awesome free movies search engine... OVGuide indexes all the free movies/tv sites and searches them simultaneously... so if a movie is out there for free, OVGuide will find it.
      I haven't been to the theater in 2 years!
      and it is totally legal it even has Microsoft as an advertiser

      Release dates for
      Cirque du Freak (2009) More at IMDbPro »
      advertisementCountry Date
      Belgium 19 August 2009
      Netherlands 27 August 2009
      Malaysia 24 September 2009
      Lithuania 25 September 2009
      Norway 25 September 2009
      Brazil 2 October 2009
      Denmark 2 October 2009
      Russia 8 October 2009
      Spain 9 October 2009
      Germany 15 October 2009
      France 21 October 2009
      Sweden 23 October 2009
      UK 23 October 2009
      Italy 30 October 2009

    What is the best free streaming site for tv shows in the UK?
    I'm a Uni student trying to catch up on True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl Etc. Can anyone tell me the best sites for streaming in the UK
    The website you have given is coming up as empty but thank you
    Sorry yes the website is great thankyou. I missed out the 1 =]

    • ANSWER:
      i dont know if this is a streaming site but it gives you catch ups on tv shows and movies the sites called 1 good luck:)

    How do i get a rented dvd onto itunes for iphone 3g?
    i have windows vista 64 bit.
    The program needs to be FREE! as in no credit card or money required. all of the ones i have tried need to be registered and to do that u need to pay

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure if my method of ripping dvd's for free works in 64 bit Vista but its worth a shot.
      Download DVD decrypter and install it
      2. In DVD Decrypter click the Mode tab and click IFO.
      3. After that, click the Tools tab and click Settings.
      4. Under settings, click the IFO Mode tab.
      5. In the IFO Mode tab go to File Splitting and press none.
      6. Press OK and you're brought back to the program.
      7. In the right side of the program under Input choose the main movie file (It is usually the longest video file)
      Note: With TV shows this steps are the same, just select the episode you want to rip.
      8. Go to the tab right next to Input - the tab called Stream Processing. Check the box that says Enable Stream Processing, then select the video type, language, and the subtitle you want (if you want to use subtitles).
      9. Select where you want DVD Decrypter to rip your DVD under Destination.
      10. Press Decrypt.
      Then Download EncodeHD
      1. Open up EncodeHD and use the iPhone preset.
      2. Press start
      3. When its done, drag the file into iTunes and sync away.

    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays when you can watch films in high definition online for free?
    It's illegal to download and legal if you just watch a stream... In UK anyways.
    There are lots of websites that stream films online for free without the need to download anything and you don't get any virus plus you can use something from google chrome that blocks all the adds.
    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays?
    I believe they are not right in the head but I would love to hear other people's comments.
    Thank you.
    My mother is mentally retarded and she likes buying DVDs, nearly all films that is out on DVDs have the same quality as the ones online, the quality only changes when the film still on cinemas...
    Personal experience

    • ANSWER:
      myself I like watching the movie on the tv & having my phone free 2 do phone things like check my facebook.

    Do i get to stream more movies on netflix when I start paying after the free trial?

    • ANSWER:
      I have Netflix UK and what you get in the free trial is what you get when you pay, but they have recently put loads of new films and shows on :)

    How to forgive and refrain from violence?
    When I was a kid, I used to get picked on by a group of boys. Reasons are not important, but it left me with scars mental and physical. At the time I had a friend who always looked out for me, took me to the nurse when I was really hurt, jumped in to defend me when there was a fight etc. A little ways down the road however, His mom died of cancer and his dad died of a heart-attack. After that he was a changed person, he became a very bitter person and was no longer my friend. The bullying continued however and without anyone at my side I myself grew angry. When I decided that enough was enough I started taking Muay Thai. When I first fought back *about 8 months into training* I beat the boy who was attacking me until he was unconscious. The power just felt so incredible, and so I made a list of everyone who had ever hurt me, and intended to do the same thing to everyone on there. About three months past and I had beaten the hell out of everyone one on there but of course it wasn’t enough. I was just so angry and full of rage every single day!
    About 4 or 5 months later I met an incredible woman. She was sweet and kind and she was simply amazing. Before this time every girl I had met treated me like…a monster. But she talked to me in a way that made me want to believe I was still capable of being a good person. One day we were watching a movie in her basement and she rested her head on my shoulder, and it was at that time that I knew I was in love with her. After some time I had gotten the nerve up to ask her out on a date and I was thrilled when she said yes. However whenever I tried to plan it with her, she was always busy. It went on like this for about two months until yesterday when I found out she had been dating my friend the whole time. It has been nearly a year since I have acted in violence out of my rage, but those feelings are starting to resurface. I look back on the person who I was and he genuinely scares me. I don’t want him to take over my life again…anyone have any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah we only destroy our selves when we hate, people who bully are actually weaker than those doing the bullying. People who bully have issues of their own of which they will have to deal with at some point in their lives.
      I think your growing up and it may be time to focus your mind.
      If we hate it's because we hate our selves and our worlds are objective and formatory, when in this state we constantly judge. (Learn that the world it's self is evil, all the major faiths tell us that the world it's self is evil)
      Keep it real, avoid drink, drugs and smoking, find some enjoyment in something once in a while.
      It's amazing how many of us beat our heads against walls (Minds in boxes, TV is poisonous), when just down the road from us will be rolling country side with amazing views, running streams, and lakes.
      Local Charity Groups, Church groups - (Destroy our vanity and ego), Mountain biking or cycling clubs are great, camping out, fishing, walks along the hills and mountains, walks along a beach, photography, this is our true nature. (Stay safe!)
      ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
      Keep fit, read books, create poetry, art or learn a musical instrument, then give what you have to others because creating is really good for us. This is good for humility too,.
      What we give to others we give to our selves. (So in a nut shell, sow good seeds, have faith and do good works)
      Learn to touch type
      Play chess online for free against people all over the world
      Learn a language
      Learn about philosophies and spirituality.
      Ramana Maharshi.
      ☻/ ☺/
      /▌ . ▲
      / .. /
      "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him."
      Gautama Buddha. (aprox 563-483 BC).

      When we judge or philosophize with the words we mindfully construe pertaining to dualism, we actually tell others where we are.
      If we hate it's because we hate our selves, this can be due to being spiritually subverted by the evils of this world - lies, family and societal breakdown, and even buying into subjective and empirical philosophies.

      << Romans 12:2 >>
      Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

      John 15:19
      "If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.

      John 17:15 - 18
      15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.
      16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
      17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
      18 As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

      Question: "How can believers be in the world, but not of the world?"

      Answer: When we read of the "world" in the New Testament, we are reading the Greek word cosmos. Cosmos most often refers to the inhabited earth and the people who live on the earth, which functions apart from God. Satan is the ruler of this "cosmos" (John 12:31; 16:11; 1 John 5:19). By the simple definition that the word world refers to a world system ruled by Satan, we can more readily appreciate Christ's claims that believers are no longer of the world—we are no longer ruled by sin, nor are we bound by the principles of the world. In addition, we are being changed into the image of Christ, causing our interest in the things of the world to become less and less as we mature in Christ.

    Do you know of where I can download movies legally from the internet for free?

    I would like to download gothika but other movies will do if I can't get hold of gothika.

    • ANSWER:
      This is the only place I know of that is legal and free to download from:

      There are a few places you can go to stream movies free (and legally):

      Youtube used to offer a large number of free (recent & old) movies, too, but they seem to try and hide them from people, even though they're legally available to watch so far as I can tell:

      I last watched a movie on Youtube about 3 months ago.

      If you don't have a USA ip address - find a free VPN service, like VPNbook or there's others, to get a US IP to watch these shows. Maybe even a free proxy server would work like the one mentioned here:

      I watch UK TV semi-frequently from the US, but I've never tried watching full movies from UK sites.

    What is the difference between Xbox Gold and Silver?
    I was just wondering because bascially all i can find is that silver doesn't let you do ANYTHING!!!

    Thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      Gold Membership:

      Xbox LIVE Gold is a premium membership that lets you play games with friends online. Gold membership includes ALL the features of Silver (below) plus additional benefits and features.

      * Multiplayer games: Invite your friends into a multiplayer match and compete against each other or play co-op through expansive adventures.

      * Marketplace: Gold members get early and exclusive access to select game add-ons, demos, trailers, videos, and more.

      * TrueSkill matchmaking: For every ranked game you play, TrueSkill finds the best match for your skill level.

      * Parties: Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, then you can all join games and play and chat together.

      * Gamer feedback: Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with (or avoid) the next time you're online.

      * Watch Netflix movies: Xbox LIVE Gold members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix’s extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows right on their console at no additional charge.

      A Gold membership costs .99 for one year—less than five dollars a month (£40 a year in the UK)! Xbox LIVE Gold cards can also be purchased at your favorite game retailer for a three- or twelve-month membership.


      Silver Membership:

      Xbox LIVE Silver is a free service that allows any Xbox 360 user with a broadband connection to get online and interact with the Xbox LIVE community.

      * Gamer profile: Showcase your online reputation and achievements for your friends to see.

      * Avatar: Share the customized Avatar that represents your online identity.

      * Friends list: Add other Xbox LIVE users to your friends list and chat using the headset or send text messages.

      * Marketplace: Download free content from Marketplace such as demos, trailers, music videos, dashboard themes, and lots more.

      * Microsoft Points: Redeem Microsoft Points (available at retail stores or through Xbox LIVE) for extra game content, Arcade games, movies and TV shows, independent videos, and more.

      * Gold Weekends: Look for special offers from Xbox LIVE that let you experience the excitement of multiplayer gaming free.

    United States vs England live HD soccer match where can i watch ?
    United States vs England live HQD soccer match where can i watch ?
    Where can i watch streaming linv United States vs England soccer match ?
    United States vs England live soccer match where can i watch ?
    United States vs England live soccer match where can i watch ?
    Live streaming soccer match between United States vs England where can i watch ?
    England vs United States where can i watch online ?
    How can i watch England vs United States soccer match ?
    England vs United States live soccer match where can i watch in my pc ?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch live or even replays, you could try PC TV software. Although you have to pay for it you can keep it after the World Cup and watch all your favourite news, movies, sports channels etc.

      I've been using this software as I don't have English TV in Spain. All the main TV sites prevent viewers from outside the UK viewing for copyright/licensing reasons I think.

      The software I use is called Stream Direct and you get 4,500 channels from all over the world. It's great for the World Cup as there are so many channels in different countries showing the games, so you can always find what you're looking for.

      And as a special bonus they give you a free digital video recorder so you can record the games and play them back later. I'm put two links below for more information.

      A little tip to save 40% - when you open the link below, try to close the window and an offer for 40% off comes up!! There's a 60 day moneyback guarantee as well so you can't go wrong.

      Come on England!!

    How do I put movies and Music on my I-pod classic?
    I don't know how to get music, and movies, and podcasts and stuff like that on my I-pod classic...please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Rite i have a classic and great choice in iPod btw :]

      Music: Add media files from your hard drive to your library by going on LIBRARY and then click file and then add file to library.
      If you don't know how to actually get music download something like limewire although i highly dont recommend it. Get Songbird and then download on that.

      Movies: Either buy from iTunes store or if you want for free download BitTorrent then go on to download the torrents for it. In mininova search aXXo. He is a great DVD Ripper and the quality is superb.

      Podcasts: im sorta new to this however all podcasts from the iTunes store are free. Go on iTunes store in iTunes, click on podcasts and browse the different categories. Download episodes or subscribe so you always get the latest. Also if there are other ones on the internet you have found such as (or whatever cant remember but google it), and then subscribe and find the FEED URL. Then on the PODCASTS menu thing in iTunes go on Advanced, way up near the top with File Edit View etc. Then go on Open stream and then enter the Feed URL.

      Photos: When iTunes has detected your ipod click on it, then click on the Photos tab. Then sync all the pics u want from your folders.

      Connect your iPod with the provided cable and click SYNC (although shoukd do it automatically) and away you go.

      Hope this helped!

    Why does Netflix have such a small variety of films?
    It doesn't seem to me that it has a wide selection. For example it has Quarantine 2 but not Quarantine. I can't find most of the films i like on it. I'm quite disappointed. Luckily i only have the free trial.

    It also has lots of obscure films from the 70's and 80's that i doubt many people would want to watch. Like 'Return of the Killer Tomatoes'...

    Why is this?

    I'm in the UK, i don't know if that effects the films available.
    @Jamie: Who rattled your cage?
    I normally buy films off Amazon, but i thought i'd try the Netflix free trial. Doubt i'll be paying for it.

    • ANSWER:
      From what I have read, NetFlix is continuing to focus more on streaming videos, and less on mailing discs. Eventually, there may be no discs whatsoever; what this means is NexFlix will continue expanding their on-line titles, adding both new and older selections. Some movies may have licensing issues, and could never appear for high-quality viewing; hopefuly, those will be few and far between. Greetings from California! Best regards, Dana

    where can i watch the old disney chanel and nick tv shows online?
    the tv shows back in the 90's were a lot better then the crap they show today.

    • ANSWER:
      TVU Online. It is a free down loadable program to watch live streaming TV. Here are some others:

      Just keep in mind, if any site asks you for money to view it, LEAVE. Keep your Firewall turned on, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware running in background.

      On any free site, just be cautious. Most are Okay, but there are a few that are risky. The ones I've listed I use regularly. Sometimes they run smoothly, other times they skip and hang or freeze up for long periods.

      I recommend using Firefox over Internet explorer. Version 2.0 works with RealPlayer to let you download most videos as a flash movie. It will not work with Firefox 3.0 until a new plugin is available. Do a search for "Ad Blocker Plus" and install this plugin with Firefox. It will eliminate many of the annoying ads that these free sites use. This is how they make their money.

      A "Google Search" for free online TV will give you many leads. The Asian Websites tend to be the worst on quality (ie: TVOkay, YouKu, and others). The USA and UK sites tend to be better streaming or download than others. Many are available around the world in many languages. Most American movies or TV shows are in English, but may have subtitles in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, etc.

      Some of the movie online sites,

    whats the best music recording program for free?
    Hiya people. i enjoy writing songs and thinking of recording them from home so I was wondering what's the best microphone to use which is available to get hold of in the UK? and what's the best audio program to download for free where you can record songs without the volume of the microphone sounding too low or can't hardly hear the lyrics etc please help, would love the feedback, all ideas and answers welcome. Thanks again.

    • ANSWER:
      Total Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful video-recording software. You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen to video file, such as AVI/WMV/SWF/FLV, and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement. It can be used to record web cams from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, record movies from TV card or live streaming video, record DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG, or other video medias, make slide-show training documents.

    does anyone know of a site like ninja video where you can download tv shows and movies for free?
    i know they had a sister site for a little while but i can't remember what its called...also i can't remember if they had downloads. i'd prefer some site where i can download quicktime videos or something and not divx. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Other sites like Ninjavideo:

      • SurfTheChannel - Home
      Streaming TV, free movies, free TV and many other categories of streaming video through the STC video search engine and listings.

      • Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.
      Watch free videos and full episodes of current primetime TV shows online, as well as sports videos, video clips from movies, and full-length films as well.

      • OVGuide Online Video Guide: Watch Free Movies, Streaming Videos, Watch TV Shows, Video Games - It's what's ON the Web
      The ultimate online video portal to the best Video Content on the web including Free Movies, TV Shows, Anime and More

      • TV Links
      No information avaiable

      • TV, Film & Entertainment News, Reviews & Discussions - SideReel
      Get all episodes and seasons of your TV Shows and Series, like Gossip Girl or The Big Bang Theory. Watch TV online with SideReel!

      • QuickSilverScreen - Watch Movies Online Free
      An online video streaming service that allows anyone to view and add video links.

      • Fancast | Watch Full TV Shows and Movies | Free Online Streaming
      Visit and see the latest TV show episodes, movies, celebrity interviews, and more!

      • - Free TV-shows/Cartoons/Anime/Music Videos: ONLINE - - News
      Watch free Movies, TV-shows, Anime, Documentaries and Cartoons online on - Worlds biggest video stream Database!

    What are some good websites to get good quality music and video for free?
    I have frostwire and imesh. no limewire please. thanks a bunch!

    -KMD AHH 27!!!

    • ANSWER:
      To view TV and movies over the Internet

      TV ->

      TV - Movies

      Free Registration Required

      SATVOD Player is The new way of watching TV & Movies.
      the SATVOD team scans the web every day for fresh video content
      in Divx quality available on third party websites.

      Live TV Toolbar

      Gadgetbar (toolbar) lists and links to many online movies
      Gadgetbar for internet explorer
      Gadgetbar for firefox

      The Big Show
      ThisBigShow TV is a free service that offers 3000+ channels of live, streaming television. This program requires no installation, and is completely free - forever! The channels are separated by country, with over 140 countries to choose from.

      Online Music

      Internet radio station lists

      Audacity (free)

      You can record with it, edit, mix, and add sound effects. You can use it to record songs off of internet radio and then save them to a CD. You can also use it to transfer vinyl records and cassettes to a CD. There are many other features and uses

      How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?
      A file needed by Audacity to export recordings from Audacity to MP3 format. Save this on your hard-drive, then browse to it from Audacity when prompted.
      Videos on using Audacity

      Installing Audacity and Lame Encoder and basic uses

      3 uses for audacity - free audio editing application


      Other Video Demo's

    Are you for or against the banning of the movie human centipede 2 full sequence?

    i think this movie looks disturbing and should be banned.

    • ANSWER:
      I absolutey oppose it!!! Censorship of this kind is just counter productive, not only will Tom Six (the directer for those of you that don't know) be getting ****loads of free publicity, it will bring it to the attention of people who would not otherwise have heard of it and are not the audience for this particular genre, in this case the mindless sheeple who automatically swallow without question every over hyped moral panic that newspapers like The Sun and The Daily Fail will throw at them on a daily basis.

      Also censorship does not work. In this day and age it's not going to be difficult to either buy,download or stream this film

      Having said all that, the ban is not final at this point in time as according to the terms of the Video Recordings Act, the makers of this film have six weeks to appeal against the BBFC's decision

    How can i upload my own DVDs to my iTouch?
    I want to put my DVDs on my touch w/out buying them frm the iTune store...i tried the cucosoft convertor but it leaves a watermark unless u buy it 4 like 30 dollars...r there any convertors that i can download 4 free that also can work around a copywrite on the DVD???

    • ANSWER:
      Edit: I removed #7 since i realize that sometimes i doensn't work. This tutorial should work fine now.

      Yes you can! Here is my full tutorial.
      This entire process if free. I know it sounds complicated but trust me it's not!.
      Download DVD decrypter which is Free
      Install it. When it is done installing open it. If you are on Windows Vista, BE SURE TO RIGHT CLICK IT AND PRESS RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

      1. Open up DVD Decrypter and insert your DVD If a region warning pops up just press ok
      2. In DVD Decrypter click the Mode tab and click IFO.
      3. After that, click the Tools tab and click Settings.
      4. Under settings, click the IFO Mode tab.
      5. In the IFO Mode tab go to File Splitting and press none.
      6. Press OK and you're brought back to the program.
      8. Go to the tab right next to Input - the tab called Stream Processing. Check the box that says Enable Stream Processing, then select the video type, language, and the subtitle you want (if you want to use subtitles).
      9. Select where you want DVD Decrypter to rip your DVD under Destination.If you decide not to do this step, the file is usually found in your C: drive. Go to my computer and click on the C: drive. Your movie should be in a folder in all caps with underscores. (ie A_NEW_HOPE)
      10. Press Decrypt.
      Once you finish ripping find the decrypted DVD. It should be a .VOB file.

      Now download EncodeHD which is the best free video converter.

      1. Open up Encode HD.
      2. Drag the .vob file into the program. If you ripped tv shows, select all the .vob files you ripped.
      3. On the top left select the preset named iPod Touch.
      4. Check specify folder output and select where you want the converted file to go to. If you don't check this, the file will be in the folder as the original .vob file.
      5. Click start
      6. Once it's done, locate the file and drag it into iTunes.
      7. Sync Away!

      If for some reason the audio doesn't match up to the video, you will have to decrypt the DVD again and convert it again.

      This entire process will take about 40 - 50 minutes.

    Where can u get free movie and tv show downloads for free?
    I can find site that have free downloads but not very much to choose from. Im looking for one that is free and has a lot to choose from.

    • ANSWER:
      for TV shows, I found a torrent site where you can download a lot of TV show torrents. Just download utorrent (its free) star it and w/ your browser, go to

      After downloading your torrents, just load them up in utorrent and it will download the video files. Just choose the torrents with high number of seeders. Dont download dead (zero seeders) torrents.

      If you want to watch streaming videos (movies and TV shows) in your PC, go to

      To download movies, I guess just go to

      to download movie torrents.

    Are there any sites that compete with itunes for legally downloading tv shows?
    i'm not tech savy so the illegal sites are over my head. i've been putting off downloading itunes until absolutely necessary so i was wondering if there were other sites that competed in terms of price/quality/selection?

    • ANSWER:
      Watch online for free

      To view TV and movies over the Internet

      TV ->

      TV - Movies

      Free Registration Required

    Downloading South Park episodes in the UK?
    I used to use a site called southparkzone, but it hasn't worked since the US (but not the UK!!!) could get all episodes free from the official website. Anyone know of another site?

    • ANSWER:
      So you want to watch TV and movies for free?? Well follow these sites and enjoy

      well the main site you want to go to is here:

      it hosted websites that stream movies and television like:


    Help, how to rip a copy protected movie?
    I'm planning to do a fandub so I need the video material from a few animation films that I have on DVD. The DVDs are legit, I bought them, so I'm not looking to steal anything or spread them further illegally. I just want to re-dub them, so how can I get them to my computer, preferably as .avi files.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, you can use DVD decrypter below to rip them, only thing is DVD decrypter will rip them as their original DVD vob format, their will be no quality lost. From there you can convert them to avi or any format of your choice. DVD decrypter is a little old so you may need one of the programs at bottom here running to handle the latest copy protection. I have mentioned converting programs and ALL links below.

      Use DVD decrypter which is free ( site. Do not use the DVD decrypter from dvdvideosoft as it is junk. DVD decrypter can rip by chapter, split files, whole files, complete iso, nearly any ways possible. It can rip copyright protected disk and non-copyrighted disk.

      Use and lookup (DVD decrypter) it will be between 1-4 results down and it will be a ( site. I do not want to link directly to it here. It is the original version of imgburn before they took out the ability to copy copyrighted DVDs. (PLEASE don't use DVD decrypter for violating copyrights. Backing up your personal collection is fine, but don't upload to file sharing sites,)

      After you install DVD decrypter - open it up - click on tools - settings - device tab - uncheck "enable speedread DVD for plextor - then set the read speed to 4x for better quality ripping. Jump to the ifo mode tab - change file splitting to none in the dropdown box - remove all protections also. This way it rips the whole vob file as one file so you can convert it. You can also enable stream processing to filter out other audio tracks or subtitles. click ok to close it out.

      After you've ripped the vob files you can either watch them with a alternative player such as vlc, kmplayer, daum potplayer, and so on. Or you can convert them with any video converter free version by anvsoft, winff for windows, pazera free video converters suite by Jacek Pazera, or most any converter software. You can find these via yahoo/google search.


      If DVD decrypter above is having trouble ripping newer copy protected DVDs download one of these three programs below and let it run in the background while using DVD decrypter. ONLY choose one as they are not compatible with each other. These programs can work with media players, dvd rippers, video editors,many software. They remove any known copyright protection and make the disk region free as soon as its inserted. Yes the dvdfab passkey lite part that kills the region code and some copyright protection is free forever. (Official site for dvdfab passkey lite, they have the lite free version here. The free part which removes the region code and some copyright protection never runs out. This is continously updated for newer DVDs unlike the program below and doesn't freeze up like dvd43 below. ) Probably your best bet. (Same as the above program but free. May be outdated for the newest dvds. (Wikipedia info on dvd43. (Caution: this is free and does work but sometimes will freeze up your computer.) (Official site for anydvd by slysoft. If you don't mind paying for one of these programs then this one beats the two above and is better. If you use this with DVD decrypter you will have to set DVD decrypter in elby cdo mode, and set anydvd to agressive IO mode. This is commercial grade software.)

      I hope this helps you out. Good luck!

    What is a good good site where I can download movies from that doesnt have viruses that are FREE?

    • ANSWER:
      To view TV and movies over the Internet

      TV ->

      TV - Movies

      Free Registration Required

      SATVOD Player is The new way of watching TV & Movies.
      the SATVOD team scans the web every day for fresh video content
      in Divx quality available on third party websites.

      Live TV Toolbar

      Formerly Democracy Player
      Per Miro:
      Miro makes video on the Internet less frustrating and more enjoyable. You can subscribe to channels of Internet video, download videos, and watch them full screen, one after the other, all in one application. Internet video becomes Internet TV.

      Gadgetbar (toolbar) lists and links to many online movies
      Gadgetbar for internet explorer
      Gadgetbar for firefox

    Can Your ISP do anything to you if you watch certain videon on the internet?
    i was wondering this beacause i know isp can band you for downloading illegal music a software but how bout for watching streamed movies from sites like or watching anything else?

    • ANSWER:
      They shouldn't, that is streamed media, available free. Now if it's from a black listed site that might be different.

      Check your TOS, but if it's free media why should they?

      In the UK that might be true that an ISP can not terminate your account for TOS violation, it is not in the US they can and do.

    Where can i get adams apple ghana movie from?
    I really wanna see it but dont know where to get it from in the uk. Any ideas or anyone who can get it for me nd can post. please. I dont wanna miss it cus its apparantly really good
    have tried youtube

    • ANSWER:
      arodrive2 has it on their have to sign up but its free. and no download required because it streams... they have 4 parts each 1 hr. (so chapters 1 and 2). hope this helps.

    What's that wrestling forum site where you can watch TV/movies streaming for free?
    Oh yeah, you had to email the mods to ask them to give you access to the site but apparently they did this always
    About a year ago someone posted a link to a wrestling forum but it also had like a side section to the website where you could watch films and TV shows freely.

    I can't remember the name but somehow I think the word 'new' is in it. Not sure... anyone remember?

    • ANSWER:……

    What websites can you stream full movies to your iPod for free?

    • ANSWER:

    Does really work? Is it a scam? What channels do you have?
    I'm thinking of downloading and purchasing
    However I'd like some of yours experiences and opinions on it...
    Is it illegal?
    Does it work?
    Is it worth it?
    What programmes are available for users in the UK?
    Whats the picture quality like?
    And anything else you would like to add!
    Appropriate answers only.

    • ANSWER:
      hi it is legal. if it works or not depends on your pc and your internet connection if it were me i would download hulu or some other free streaming movie site and see how it streams movies first.should have the same picture quality and stream the same as satellitedirect tv.

    What are good face touch up apps?
    My friend has this iPhone app where you take a picture an you can like put mascara and lipstick in the person and all. I was just wondering what some apps like those are called?

    • ANSWER:
      Top list of good ipod apps free

      Find DVD (Free): This app helps you to source the best DVD prices for your favourite DVDs available from top DVD stores. The design is open for improvement and the app looks shoddy but it can do a lot. It compares DVD & Blue Ray prices across many UK stores. You can specify your search criteria, including format (DVD, Blue Ray, HD DVD or UMD)

      WunderRadio (£3.99) A cool little app that lets me listen to any radio station around the world. It can stream over 50 000 web-based radio stations and other audio streams on your iPhone or iPod Touch. WunderRadio is the only radio application you will ever need.

      Remote (Free) Created by Apple Co, it allows iPhones to connect to iTunes through WIFI without any complications. Once set up, you can use it as a remote to control music and films. Control iTunes and Apple TV using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad over your WIFI network.

      Shazam (Free) A brilliant app – with ears! Hold it up to any music player and it will give you the title, artist/s and album that it is picking up. It will give you the details of any snippet of music that you would like to identify on the spot.

      iMovie (£2.99) This app provides a straight-forward and innovative method for editing videos on your iPhone. I use iMovie all the time to create short HD videos – it allows me to make beautiful HD movies anywhere and is a fun, feature-rich video editing app designed for Multi-Touch.

      Air Mouse Pro (£1.19) Sheer brilliance! Remote and trackpad for home and work computers. Download it over a WIFI connection and turn your iPhone into a wireless mouse. It connects quickly and is easy to download. Mobile Air Mouse transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into an in air, wireless remote for your computer in the blink of an eye!

      Blogpress (£1.79) Need to change blog entries on your iPhone? Just log into your favourite blogging site and get stuck in. BlogPress is quick and user-friendly, has many blogging features and can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad!

      IMDB (Free) The abbreviations stands for Internet Movie Database and the app allows movie fans to look up films, stars, directors etcetera. IMDB claims to be the biggest source of movie, TV and celebrity data.


      Good luck!

    What processor type, ram, graphic card type / memory will enable a laptop run effortless. ?
    Still deciding on what new laptop to but what is making the decision hard is not knowing what processor type, ram memory, dedicated graphic type/ memory will I need to surfing the net, working with microsoft office, downloading 1080p movies and outputting 1080p via laptop hdmi, bitstreaming hd audio from laptop to my home cinema av receiver which uses hdmi also.

    Many thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Desktops will run better than laptops because they have easier cooling and more power.
      To compare cpus and GPUs, and the 2nd has a link to games performance
      Now, you set a price point, and do the best you can at that price
      CPU takes 4GB, and GPU will not take much more than 3 over dedicated maximum, so 4 to 8 is your dram use range. CPU improves fps. GPU improves picture processing. RAM stabilizes the FPS.
      Streaming, you want wired gigabit ethernet.
      1080p display takes more GPU power. You get a smoother flow when maxing your GPU in the fps of a 720p display.
      It is all about how much you have to spend:
      Screen size - 17.3 in - 1920 x 1080
      Processor - Intel Core i7 2670QM - 2.2 GHz
      RAM - 8 GB
      Hard Drive - 1.5 TB
      Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
      Optical Drive - Blu-Ray
      Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M
      Graphics Memory - 1.5 GB GDDR3
      Webcam - 2 MP webcam
      Warranty - 2 years warranty
      *Free Gaming Rucksack, Mouse DIRT 3 & Battlefield 3 Games*
      Add a USB DVDRW to write discs
      Adding: You do not need the graphics power, but definitely gigabit ethernet as 10/100/1000, HDMI out, quad core processor preferably i7, and at least 4GB RAM, and more with discrete graphics.

    where can i see clips of mafia online?
    looking to show a girl the movie because just remembered how funny this movie is.

    • ANSWER:

    Where to watch free movies online?
    Where can I watch movies for free online legally?

    • ANSWER:
      It is not as simple as you might have thought. There are no legal movie portal which can offer you all movies. This is due to complicated distribution network. In order to stream movies online you need to secure distribution rights for particular countries. Now you can image the complexity. If you want to show movies to viewers in 10 countries then you will have to obtain 10 distribution licenses.

      Most of the online movie portals are operating illegally. Basically you can't even show a clip from movie without permission from distributor. All video clips on youTube or other video sharing sites (except those which are uploaded by distributors or license holders) are not legal.

      For UK there are plenty of online movie sites where you can watch movies online but again remember that you can't find any single site where you can find all movies as you wish.

      Some of the popular UK based movie portals are
      LoveFilms which is not taken over by Amazon

    Program to record online streaming video?
    Hi i would like to find something (free) that i can use to record anything i am watching online... eg. tv shows,movies etc.

    Is there such a thing?

    • ANSWER:
      Hope this helps -------->
      --- Well, there are many ways of doing this, but here are some ways that might possibly work...
      --- 1) Download "Real Player" is you have heard of it what most people have, and you should be able to download most things of the internet. But things like TV Shows might not download because it has copyright and websites have found out about this software, so have stopped it :(
      ************** *******************
      --- 2) Or, you could use a screen recording program. There are many to choose from and also the good ones arnt cheat....get a serial key ;). I found the best ones to use, "Camtasia Studio" and "Webcam max". You will need to download one of them and then enter a serial key what can be found over Youtube or Google. Just keep trying and you will find one that works. Also if you don't like to be a cheat.....Buy it :)
      1# ***************** *******************
      2# ***************** *******************************

    Where Can I Stream the Movie "50/50" Online for Free?
    Does anyone know a site where I can stream it for free? No surveys or account sign-ups or anything just stream instantly.

    • ANSWER: they have all the latest movies for free 😉

    Can you suggest any good websites Egyptians like to go to? ?
    Assalaam alaikum!

    I'm looking for some good websites that Egyptians like to go and talk about whatever is relevant and going on with them. Whatever places online any of you like to go to maybe, or just popular or not so popular places Egyptians like to congregate online.

    Do you know of any good blogs about life in Egypt? Or websites that talk about things hot and relevant to Egyptians?

    Any sites you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and take care!

    • ANSWER:
      Very easy! Here are the top 50 website Egyptians like to go to arranged in order:


      2. Yahoo!

      3. Facebook
      A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

      4. Windows Live (
      Search engine

      5. YouTube:
      YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

      6. RapidShare:
      Users can upload up to 100 meg files for sharing. Provides downloads of 100 megs per hour on the free service. Premium service also available.

      7. Google:
      Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and
      Site info for

      8. Microsoft Network (MSN):

      9. Inc.
      Largest Arab Online Community with the most famous email service as well as bilingual Arabic and English online community services.


      11. PerfSpot:
      Social and business networking.


      13. يللاكوره:
      موقع رياضى يغطي الشرق الأوسط رياضيا

      14. masrawy.comموقع مصراوى دوت كوم
      محتوى متنوع من الأخبار و الخدمات، من بريد و ترجمة و استضافة و ألعاب، و منتديات متنوعة.

      15. 4shared:
      A simple and easy-to-use service offering free online files storage and sharing accessible worldwide.

      16. برامج نت - أكبر موقع عربي للبرامج

      17. فى الجول:
      أخبار كرة القدم المصريةو العربية والعالمية

      18. Microsoft Corporation
      Main site for product information, support, and news.

      19. ماي ايجي
      حمل اجمل و احدث الافلام العربية و الاجنبية احلي الالعاب و البرامج و الاغاني و المزيد من الخدمات

      Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.

      21. كووورة
      الموقع العربي الأول لكرة القدم يضم بطولات عربية عالمية مع متابعة و تحليل لكافة احداث كرة القدم

      22. اصحاب كول
      NewFilms_Stranges_FunPictuers_programes_islam_Jokes_news_mp3_movies_clips_islamic_and more

      23. الأهرام اليومى
      صحيفة يومية مصرية تصدر عن مؤسسة الأهرام



      26. 6rbtop
      RealAudio files of popular Arab songs , plus a streaming broadcast.

      27. The Saatchi Gallery
      Presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely exhibited in the UK. London.

      28. The largest Arabic musical community is an online Music community



      31. الجمهورية أونلاين
      إصدار إنترنت من صحيفة الجمهورية

      32. المصري اليوم
      إصدار إنترنت من الصحيفة اليومية المستقلة

      33. Hi5
      One of the world's largest social networks

      34. Jeeran
      Online community for free hosting, blogging, file storage, and instant messaging.

      35. Nogomi
      Largest Arabic Multimedia Site, With All New Album & Video Clip.

      36. MediaFire
      MediaFire is the simplest way for businesses, professionals, and individuals to host files and share them with others.

      37. Wikipedia
      An online collaborative encyclopedia.

      38. شبكة مزيكا اليوم
      اغانى افلام عربى افلام اجنبى افلام هندى العاب كمبيوتر العاب فلام برامج كمبيوتر تحميل مجانى ومباشر

      39. برامج
      موقع عربي للبرامج والدروس واخبار التقنية يقدم الكثير من البرامج في جميع المجالات وباخر التحديثات لها ولحماية اقوى للكمبيوتر

      40. Tagged is one of the top social networking sites in the world.

      41. موقع طرب
      موقع طرب , اغانى طرب

      42. EL-AHLY.COM
      النادى الأهلى المصرى

      43. اهلى ايجبت
      الموقع الرسمي لنادي الاهلي المصري لكرة القدم




      47. Metacafe
      Promises to serve the world's best videos. Offers incentives for user generated content.

      News, results, fixtures, cups, history, staff, video, contacts, radio, Live Chat and a forum.

      49. موقع أخبارك للأخبار المصرية
      الموقع يضم أخبار مصرية من جميع المصادر الموثوقة, ويوجد به منتدي لمناقشة الأخبار واخر الاحداث.


      51. Clicksor
      An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service on CPC/PPC basis.

    xbox 360 do i need all that Internet and live stuff?
    It seems to me that all this marketplace and live gold and stuff is a bit confusing and hard to use. I know u need to pay for gold which allows u to play against people an have the opportunity to subscribe to foxtel n stuff but i kind of just want get on and play games that i have bought in person not in the market place so that's why I am wondering if all this connection and money stuff is necessary?? (By the way i haven't got it yet) also sum information on it all i am probably not even getting my facts right thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If all you want to do is play games you've bought in the shops you don't need to connect to the internet.

      If you want to download some games but not play online, connect up to the internet for free as an "Xbox Live Free" user. This lets you download stuff (eg extra stuff for your games and avatar - they cost money) but not play with or against other players. You can still chat to your online friends online though

      If you want to play with or against other players, you'll need to pay for "Xbox live Gold". It's 12 months for £39.99 (UK). You also get access to streaming movies etc, but they're extra.

      The link in the source box shows you exactly what you get.

    How can I view TV on my computer, where are the best sites and are there free software downlods avalible ?

    • ANSWER:
      Please read all of the information fully. There is a lot of information here that will get you on your way to watching free TV on your PC.

      Please remember some of the stations do not broadcast all the time (24x7).
      Don't be disappointed if you go there and nothing is on. Simply come back later and try again.


      You may need a few extra pieces of software for these stations to work.

      The software you will need is as follows.

      Windows media player

      Some of the streams need the latest version of media player so if you have any problems try updating to the latest version.

      Real one player is the next piece of software you may need. just click on the RealPlayer Link, There is a free version of the software you can download here, you don't need to pay for the full version as the free version will do fine.

      This should allow you to watch all the streams listed here.

      Please remember these streams and links do go up and down from time to time just like any other link on the internet. If you find one of the links isn't working just come back and try it again later.

      To watch any of these links just copy and paste the link into your web browser and it should start-up the program needed and within a few minutes you should be watching the TV channel. Or if its a link site just click on the link for the channel you want to watch. Just remember stations go up and down all the time just try again later if its not working.

      If you want to watch a football game make sure you get on the stream really early as they fill up really quick then you won't be able to watch anything.

      Best to load up the stream early, turn the sound down and leave it running, then just come back at kick off and its ready to watch.

      Please make sure you read streaming for dummies included in the ZIP file, as it may help with common problems.



      WINAMP TV - Highly Recommended and FREE!
      Over 100 Channels!!! Over 3000 Radio Stations!!!

      Here is an excellent piece of software that can get you even more free TV stations other than what I offer you below! It is very useful as it is so user friendly! If you do not like using the links below then this may be for you. It doesn't offer as many stations but is still worth looking at.

      All you need to do is download the latest version of winamp from and then install it. Once downloaded and installed run winamp and click on the media library (often abbreviated to ML).

      Make sure you don't select the view for traditional winamp, and for now don't change the skin as it may make icons harder to find.

      Look on the left hand side of the media library. Click on internet TV. Internet TV stations will load up.

      All these stations are airing at that time so it will work. But sometimes they may be busy.

      Frequently shown on these channels are music videos, porn, movies, popular TV programs and many more! It even tells you what is on at that time.

      For Radio stations Click on the Internet Radio Tab

      If you have any difficulties using this program please consult or the help files.




      Sports or - Live U.K Premiership, Champions League and Internationals - Live U.K. football (Live Radio and TV Streams) - Italian Series A - Manchester United Site - Has links to football channels

      MBC Korea: (Fantastic quality, shows live Champions League games)

      Spanish soccer

      Baseball TV - "Interactive Baseball Network" is a three-channel venue of continuous programming blocks of news, highlights, classic games, talk shows and live games.

      HighTV - Great station showing surfing, skiing, snowboarding and many water sports!

      GlobalGolfTV - Golf TV.

      Raze TV - HorseRacing TV - German Station. Only currently airs in the afternoon. - Channel devoted to cycling!



      General TV Stations is a premier internet television station which requires Winamp 5 to run.
      Very similar to above site.
      NULLSOFT TELEVISION (NTV) - Great comedy station. Offers 2 stations but 4 to come soon.

      Bloomberg TV - Business and Finance Station - Contains content for many different countries, includes radio stations. Find the TV schedule and more at the site.

      Planet Cheese - Contains great shows including Chappel's Show, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis! Winamp Required.

      TechTV - Computer Games

      C.R.A.P TV Productions - Contains short comedy shows.

      3BTV - Shows new dramas from up and coming producers and directors.

      N-TV - TV station for computer gamers

      WorldArt - World arts station



      News Channels
      Bloomberg USA

      CNN NEWS

      SKY NEWS

      FOX NEWS


      CBS NEWS

      Naked News This site is not free but worth checking out!



      Below are websites that list thousands of TV channels from all over the world to watch on your pc 100% FREE!. If the channels you are looking for are not within the websites below then its a real good chance its not online yet. Click on a website to view the channel list. Instead of just listing tv links on this page we provide you with the websites so you will never have to purchase an updated copy of this list. Thank You, ENJOY! click on what's on tv tonight for a listing of today's internet tv. in Russian in Russian Russian tv - RECOMMENDED SITE - GOOD CHANNEL LIST!



    What will the skyplayer be like on the xbox 360 (see details)?
    Will you be able to access all channels or will it only be a few and will you be able to get them 24/7 or just during certain times of the day and most importantly will my xbox live membership fee go up or will I have to pay a seperate bill to get it?

    • ANSWER:
      You will be able to view both live television, recent televison and pay-per-view programs 24/7. SKY Player will probably have to be payed for separately to the Xbox live payment but existing sky customers will probably get this feature for free. Nobody really knows how the deal will work though, as Microsoft are saving the announcements for their E3 event which you'll be able to watch on the OXM website ( and your Xbox 360 dashboard.

      You will be able to watch live television and sport as well as movies with some programs probably having to be bought (EG microsoft points). The service will be similar to the sky player that is already available on PCs and Macs but instead of downloading programs you will stream them live or on demand, which will need a relatively good internet connection. Microsoft have announced their will also be some new interactive features like watching the match with your friends, as avatars and being able to select emotions like cheering etc. This feature will be available in UK and Ireland but may be rolled out further, relative to demand.

    Should I get Nintendo 3ds now or wait for January sales will it get cheaper then in uk?

    • ANSWER:
      You should probably get the 3DS on December 26 to 31.

      Because you can play music (even with the system close).

      You can LOWER the VOLUME of 3D so it does NOT give you headaches for the first time in your life (if you're the kind of person to ever get headaches from 3D, otherwise just turn the 3D all the way up).

      And you can also turn the 3D OFF Completely.

      And 3D is good for working out your eye muscles & brain to keep them in shape as shown in this link:

      And the Nintendo 3DS has downloadable 3D Music videos from today's American music artist which I have already downloaded the 3 free 3D Music Videos to watch anywhere and the 3DS has 3D "Blue Man Group" video and College Humor (in 3D) with the FREE "Nintendo Video" App that you can download (but its 4 3D Videos at a time and they replace them once in a while) and you can download cheap downloadable 3D Apps & 3D games costing from 99 cents to .99 and the Nintendo 3DS also has FREE downloadable 3D Apps & 3D Games, which I have already downloaded 3 Free 3D Apps and I have downloaded 2 Free 3D Games and the 3DS has a 3D Camera and I have already used the 3DS 3D Camera to take 3D photos and I have uploaded some of my 3D footage online using the Nintendo 3DS's Web Browser to upload my 3D footage online and I have used my 3DS Web Browser to also download other peoples 3D footage from the Internet on my 3DS Web Browser and I have view all sorts of 3D content on 3D Websites online on my 3DS's Web Browser and I have use my 3DS 3D Camera to play 3D Augmented Reality games as well and it's all in 3D without the Glasses using the 3DS 3D Camera and It has beautiful 3D HD graphics that equal to that of a 3D HD version of Wii Graphics and I have Streamed 3D Videos Online on my 3DS in the eShop and I have also Watch 3D Trailers for upcoming 3D movies coming to Theaters in 3D and I have done all of this in 3D Without the Glasses.

      So you can pay 9 for a Nintendo 3DS and buy the greatest Games ever & all in 3D Without the Glasses like Petz Fantasy 3D and Cooking Mama 4 and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D and Nintendogs + cats and Zoo Resort and Cave Story 3D and Kid Icarus and Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 using the MOTION SENSORS to play the game like if you were turning a real steering wheel to turn the Kart left & right and also play such other 8 GB 3D Games like TheatRhytem Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3D and Crush 3D and Shinobi and Animal Crossing and Rodea the Sky Soldier and Michael Jackson: the Experience 3D and Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter 4 3D and Monster Hunter 4 and Golden Sun 4 and Star Fox 3D and Zelda 3D and Sonic Generations 3D and Tetris 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations and Tekken 3D which also has the 3D Movie Tekken the Movie 3D in it to watch and also play other 8 GB 3D HD games as Spider Man 3D and 100% of the 3DS games are in HD 3D Without the Glasses.

      And the 3DS pixel density is MUCH sharper than an average HD TV.

      And they're making Angry Birds 3D as a downloadable game.

      And the 3DS has DLC (Downloadable Content) like Xbox Live for a bunch of 3DS games to add content to the game later on for Free.

      And 1 of the Free 3D Apps I have downloaded was Netflix.

      And Netflix is getting 3D Movies in the next few months, so for 9 you can watch 3D movies on the free Netflix App on the 3DS in 3D Without the Glasses.

      And 100% of the people who have said that they get headaches from 3D, have said that after up to 1 to 2 weeks of using the 3DS they NO LONGER get headaches anymore and that they now play with the 3D all the way up 100% all the time, non-stop.

      But I have never had any problem with the 3D at all, but each person has a different experience with the 3D ON during the first week.

      And you can now pay to download 3D & 2D Videos on the 3DS.

      And the 3DS is getting Hulu Plus before the end of this year (2011) as a Free downloadable App and Hulu already has 3D Content.

      and you can check this Link below for more 3DS Games:

      P.S. You will want to check these sites out for the Web Browser's 3D ability:

      And the 3DS with a Wi-Fi Update can RECORD 3D Videos in 60 fps.

    Can you buy Tango Ice Blasts in shops or in the cinema without watching movies? UK?

    • ANSWER:
      I had been searching as well for many sites online to watch movies for free online streaming no surveys

      Now finally i discovered one
      try the hyperlink withinside the source

      have some fun and Enjoy your time.

    Could anyone recomend a site to watch UK football and horse racing?
    I have WindowsXP and i want to watch football and horse racing on the web. Could anyone recomend an internet site that shows sports and preferebly free of charge??


    • ANSWER:
      I'm a big fan of soccer sport(because I play soccer). I recommend this web-site for you ---> it's web sport community for our sport fans who can not afford the cable TV and It's Free!!!.

      This site provides the live-game following by their's schedule and they broadcast not just UK premier league they also have French, Italy , German and a lot of all around the world soccer match.

      You MUST use Microsoft Internet Explorer to use the streams and you have to have Sopcast software (***Any version and you can download from this web-site***) build-in into you IE web browser.
      It does NOT work on Firefox or Opera.
      Its Recommended To Enter The Links at least 5-10 Min Before game Kickoff.

      ***(Additional, I have one more free!!! web-site you can watch some sport , news, movies and more channels. it work good by using IE(Internet Explorer) and you can use FireFox too but you have to have Media add-on that work with Windows Media Player plug-in)***

      Good luck...

    When is the new scrubs season ging to be aired in the UK?
    I heard there is a new season coming out....anyone know when it will come to UK, thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I dont know about it airing on TV, but you could always stream it online for Free if you have a decent internet connection.

      I use a site called all the time to watch tv shows and movies online. I know the site works in the UK, because i used it when i was studying there last summer.

      I did a search for you and put the direct link below.. ENjoy!!

    Hi what are the best free sites available to watch streamed tv channels in the uk ?

    • ANSWER:
      How to: FREE TV! Movies, sports, cartoons
      Over 3000 channels worldwide.

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