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    What happens if i sign up in a site with an account registered in a country I don't live in?
    I found many websites to watch free movies online, but they are all from the usa and only provide those movies in the usa, and i live somewhere else. I've been thinking of signing up with a gmail account registered in the usa even though i don't live in that country, but I have not done yet because i don't know what aftermatch it could cause

    What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      All that computer sees is
      Your computers ID number
      Not what country it is in
      As long as you got the ID and Password
      That is it

    Where can I download or watch movies to my iPad free without having to use my PC?
    My computer is really slow, I just want to download or watch movies online now on my iPad for free, where can I do this? I'm in the UK so some USA sites won't work!

    • ANSWER:
      Download Free Movies:

    Where can I buy cheap new or used Bluray movies in Australia online?
    I want to buy some cheap new or used bluray movies. Some of the video shops sell Ex Rentals for -20 but the titles are very limited. Is there a website where I can buy second hand bluray movies for roughly the same price? The prices in the USA online are super cheap but I can't get them in PAL format for Australia. Any help?

    What about region free bluray movies?

    • ANSWER:
      I am not sure but even then try this :

    Does anyone know a site where they have free movie or commercial casting calls>?
    Does anyone know a site where they have free movie or commercial casting calls>?

    • ANSWER:
      If you live in a large USA city, call the Office of the Mayor and ask if they have a website that lists movies or tv shows being shot in your city.

      You did not indicate in which USA city you live, so you can get advice from others in your city. Always include that information if you want good answers.

      You will NEVER find legitimate commercial casting calls online.

      Legimiate casting calls go to the casting director, who calls the Talent Agent to submit actor clients for auditions.

      That information is not on websites.

      To get commercial and/or movie casting calls, you need an agent.

      When a Casting Director is casting, he/she will call agents and put out a call for a particular type of actor that he or she wants to see for the casting.

      Get a (legitimate talent agent), legitimate Talent Agents cannot charge the actor money. They get a 10% commission on money made by the actor.

      What acting related newspapers are in your city? If you don't know, find out!

    Where and How can i download full movies "good quality" and have burned to my dvds?
    I want to download full movies online (for free preferrably) and transfer them to a disc. Where and how?
    OKay maybe not FREE for legal concerns. But I want cheap good quality movies.

    • ANSWER:
      To watch movies online, not download them, just watch them, you can go here
      any one of these websites streams movies, like youtube

      if you want to download movies you can use torrents or download them off of file hosting websites
      this site tells you when movies are available for download, and people who go to this site post links to these filehosting websites for you to download the movie.
      provides direct links to the movies

      Top torrent software listed in order of popularity
      # uTorrent
      (Known as both "u-torrent" and "micro torrent", this is the most popular torrent tool today. uTorrent has all the functions a torrent downloader will ever need, and it only requires 1 MB of hard drive space and memory. uTorrent has all the downloading and seeding performance of its competitors, but with minimal impact to the rest of your computer's speed.)

      # BitComet
      (Good, but losing popularity to uTorrent)

      # ABC
      (Another very popular Torrent client)

      # BitLord
      (A popular tool that has a built-in torrent search may never need to use a torrent search web site ever again with this product)

      # TurboBT
      (Nice-looking GUI appearance with this package)

      # Azureus
      (A Java language client; was considered "king" of the torrent programs until uTorrent software came along and took that crown away. As with uTorrent and any other software you install, ensure that you virus scan.)

      # The Original BitTorrent Client
      (Authored by Bram Cohen himself; no fancy GUI here, but it downloads quickly. Recommended for programmer types and Macintosh users)

      to search for these torrent software on google, just type in their name and torrent at the end
      azureus torrent

      torrent software just allows you to download movies, not search for them
      To search for movies you have to go to torrent websites like these
      # BiteNova (formerly known as “Bi-Torrents”, BiteNova is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)

      # Bitsoup Bitsoup is a growing favorite amongst P2P downloaders. As the trend towards private torrent sharing continues, you will need to signup and join as a member to participate in the Bitsoup swarm.

      # is back online! After legal conflicts in April of 2008, they have reestablished themselves outside of the USA, and have resumed torrent operations. Demonoid is still a private community, and members are held liable for any leeching that their invited friends do in this community. If you are lucky enough to get a Demonoid membership, invite your friends carefully, lest you lose your own membership.

      # Still in beta testing format, this new torrent site claims to be the largest legal torrent search engine today. Accordingly, the result sets are much smaller than the "pirate" counterparts, but definitely try this site for yourself.


      # (a "meta-search" engine, which is a search engine that searches other search engines)

      September, 2007: Isohunt is barring American users from connecting to American torrent trackers. American users, however, can still use Isohunt to find torrents, and connect to third party trackers.

      # March 24, 2008: Torrentspy has voluntarily closed its doors. Instead of conforming to the American court mandates to change their privacy policies, the Torrentspy team has opted instead to cease operations. A sad day for downloaders everywhere.

      # (special thanks to reader, Jonathan R., for this link)


      # Snarf It! (born from previous Suprnova influences)


      # has 190,000 torrents indexed as of April, 2007. Mininova is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original big torrent databases of the Web.


      Now once you download the movies, you have to convert the videos to the proper format in order to be able to view these movies on your psp.
      use this free software

    Where can I watch hannah montana the movie?
    can anyone give me a website where i can watch hannah montana the movie online and for free?? All the websites i've tried needed a survey (whatever the hell that thing is), and when i click on help, i am told to click on one of the links but i dont see any link O_o

    am i the only one with this problem?

    btw, im not from usa. is that why i cant watch the movie online?

    • ANSWER:
      I just watched it, it took a while to find a legit website but I finally did:
      I hope you like the movie as much as I did! :)

    Is there any good Lesbian movies I can watch online for free?
    I wanna watch some movies' that I wont have to go out and buy any good ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Really great ones are:
      -Bloomington (2010) - really hot :) and I really recommend it... its amazing. Why its the top of this list!!
      -Loving Annabelle (2006) - really cute, and really great scene near the end... and watch AFTER the end credits for photos.. <3 -The Four Faced Liar (2010) - Great storyline, acting is good and based around new years time!! Perfect!! -The Truth about Jane (2000)- Really a coming out movie... more so for teens, but really touching :)
      -Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) - Not really one I'd usually recommend, but it has a quirky feel to it.
      -Imagine Me and You (2005) - Reeeally great... one of the first lesbian movies I watched.
      -Butterfly (2004) - A Chinese movie... I had a little difficulty finding English subtitles, but its really good. :)
      TV Series:
      [UK]Skins - Naomily(Naomi and Emily), series 3 and 4.
      [USA]SOUTH of NOWHERE - Spashley(Spencer and Ashley) :) The whole series is based on this couple... I fell in love with them.

      If you want something really sexual, and Idk, OUT THERE... watch The L Word.

      Here's all of the links... that I could find anyway :)--
      *Bloomington ~ ... best I could find since its so recent!!

      *Loving Annabelle(in parts) ~ ... trick is to have all of the parts loaded so you don't have to sit through it while it freezes... :)

      *The Four Faced Liar ~

      *The Truth about Jane ~ ... best link I could find :(

      *Imagine Me and You ~ ... :)

      Hope you like the movies... and have fun tonight!! I'm staying in as well.. with company of course. LOL.

    Where can i watch the Hannah Montana movie online for free?
    not in the usa and can't do survies.

    • ANSWER:

      That one ACTUALLY works, unlike a lot of the other answers on here. I just got done watching it like an hour ago. It's really good!

    What is the Website for getting free ipods?
    I am look ing to do a offer to get a free ipod any ideas what the most trusted website is and not a scam? Is this a Scam?

    • ANSWER:
      First off, the people who call this a scam are wrong. It is totally legitimate and there is one company that is particularly good for Canadian users. This company is named, Transcendent Innovations and they are an online advertising/marketing firm. This is what you do. You sign up with a real address (so they can ship you your ipod). You complete one offer and then refer a certain number of people to do the same. To get a free ipod nano (8GB) you need to complete one offer and refer 4 others to do the same. Then you get your ipod in the mail. This definitely works. Through my experience I have found a couple of offers that are completely free as long as you remember to cancel within the trial period. For us Canadians the offer, which is on the last page of level A offers is the one to do. This is an online video rental company. You sign up for the 14 day free trial, and then cancel after 10 or more days and you don't get charged a dime. You also get to watch a couple of movies. The key is to remember to cancel before they charge your credit card but not before you've been a member for 10 days. Also, even if you forget, it only costs 10.95 a month for unlimited rentals so it's no biggie considering the cost of an ipod nano is 0. For those in the USA the offer is free as long as you cancel within the trial month. Here is the link. Try it out, what have you got to lose....

      This is not some pyramid scheme. It is simply a new form of advertising/marketing. The people replying to your post haven't done their research. On this particular page you can get a free ipod classic 160gb, nano 8gb, touch (32gb or 16gb), 300 cash or a 300 apple card.

      Give it a shot and get an ipod for free. This company has given away thousands already.

    What is the best website to watch movies on a MacBook?
    I have a MacBook and need a good site, foreign or USA, to watch movies on. What do you think is the best for a Mac? I know that certain websites don't have their files usable for Macs and I don't want to get(or have the money) any of the software that converts files

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch free online movies from this site:

    How do i do shutter photography and make my camera's movies compatible with windows movie maker?
    So i just got a Nikon Coolpix L110 and i really want to know how to do shutter photography.
    Also, my hd movies aren't compatible with Windows movie maker...
    Any additional photography tricks and techniques would be much appreciated! thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      I have no idea what you mean by shutter photography.
      If your movies aren't compatible, use a converter program to convert it (Google is your friend here).
      Tricks and techniques:

      Learn about your camera !!!!

      Read your manual !!!! Read it several times, and practice in between. If you don't have a book, download from the manufacturer's website.

      Attend a class, read some books, read/watch online tutorials.

      The major camera manufacturers (like Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc) all have very useful sections on their website for learning about photography.

      Understanding at least the basic principles of photography (as well as being familiar with your camera) will enable you to make the most of your gear, and will make a HUGE difference to your images.

    Can anyone tell me which websites I can download Hindi, English, Malayalam and Tamil movies for free?
    Can anyone tell me which websites I can DOWNLOAD Hindi, English, Malayalam and Tamil movies for FREE?

    If you only know the website for one language in the list, that does not matter, please tell me?

    I don't want websites which we can only watch the movies or softwares for it?

    If you think the website is illegal, please write it next to the website.

    • ANSWER:
      Any website that is located in the USA that has a movie on it to be able to be downloaded is illegal. It's just that there are a lot of people who want to bend the law, not break it. I guess the movie studios court case against the internet sites will determine what we will be able to see online in the future.

      I'd hate to tell the movie companies that most of their product is terrible, but then I guess I would be offending the all important 18-24 age group, the group that is so heavily targeted by the movies and their advertisers.

    How many wats should my converter have for my American ps3?
    I am getting a ps3 from usa.Its been bought on amazon online.So I need to know what kind of converter do I need and how many wats should it be?I live in pakistan and we have PAL over here. I can get get a converter that converts 220 volts to 110 volts but how many watz should the converter have?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't worry about PS3 power converters. They are all made from the same place so ALL PS3's have a built-in converter. You won't face the same problem as you would for, say, a XBOX 360. You can use a US PS3 in UK, UK PS3 in US, US PS3 in Pakistan etc without any need for converters. :)

      EDIT: Don't listen to the guy above. You can run Blu-Ray movies just fine without any region locking.....same goes for games. PS3 games are region-free.

    Is a free to air satellite receiver worth buying if you live in the USA?
    Are the channels you get worth watching? I have looked over the list online and it looks like a lot of public access.

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on the person , I do enjoy the channels available on True FTA.

      It's not just TV stations but Radio stations too.

      On any given day I might blindscan a particular satellite and find that a sports affiliate is broadcasting a professional sports game or a interesting News feed, I also like watching syndicated TV shows from Networks around the U.S. , I have seen movies before they are on DVD , if you know where to look and read up on true FTA from the correct forums you can get alot of info.

      Some channels are permanent others may show up once in a while so scan often.

      Get yourself a good blindscanning receiver, many receivers make false claims that they have blindscan , I personally like Coolsat 5000 and 6000 models which can be found cheap on ebay - if you're patient.

      Don't forget , you need a pretty good view of the Southern Sky to maximize your viewing pleasure , I have over 30 satellites programmed in my receiver and I motorized my dish to go to all of them , some have a few channels and others can have from 30 to several hundred.

    what time will ufc 91 start in uk , and any one knows where i can watch it free streaming online . plzz?
    live in london dont get the point where in usa it starts on 15th and they say uk 16th , pls pls help me out and a link to watch it excited to the core.

    • ANSWER: or ov guide ov has all resources you need for anything from reality to movies

    Can i get ps3 games from USA and play them on my Australian ps3, has anyone here actually try it them self?
    I don't wont to buy a 0 game online and then have to just throw all that money away for nothing and not be able to play the game i really wont. Australia bands some good games.

    • ANSWER:
      PS3 games, unlike previous generations, are region-free. They should work anywhere. PSX, PS2 and PSP all have region-coded discs.

      Edit: Looks like Blu-ray movies are grouped into three regions, but Blu-ray games are not. Australia is grouped with Europe, Asia and the Americas are in different groups.

    What are some LEGAL free sites for watching TV shows and movies online?
    I mean LEGAL AND LEGIT stuff, no scams or foolishness. I mean stuff that is similar to Hulu, which I love.

    • ANSWER:
      most all usa tv channels offer streaming of their most recent shows at their websites
      and all usa tv shows have official sites and most stream episodes

    Where can i watch Red Dragon or Hannibal online for free?
    I've browsed some sites but most have either really bad streaming, are broken or can't be viewed outside the USA. Any site suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Red Dragon:


    How to watch 'Destination Truth' online and free in the UK S03 E12?
    Ive been looking to watch destination truth in the UK but all online link are in USA and are from 'HULU' which doesnt allow people from other regions to be able to view the video.

    If you have a link which work worldwide then please post! 10 points for the best answer!

    The episode name is: 'The Jersey Devil, The Yeren'

    • ANSWER:
      sure, try my favorite www.freewatchtv,info
      Tons free movies and tv shows, totally free, no surveys needed to unlock, just stream online or download and burn. No viruses, no hidden cost.

    Can anyone tell me what to expect when we go see Santa at NorthPark Center in Dallas?
    I don't really understand all the info online, specifically a mention about tickets available for purchase. Do you need a ticket to go see Santa? Should I expect these tickets to sell out if I don't arrive at 9:00am when they go on sale? What about the picture packages? Are they affordable? Thanks for any help you might provide.

    • ANSWER:
      Storytime with Santa Claus in His New Location

      November 23 - December 23, 2007
      Twice daily, Monday through Saturday and once on Sunday, free of charge, children of all ages gather to hear Santa Claus' tales about life at the North Pole with his elves and reindeer. Santa's Storytime is held in his new traditional-style living room on the Upper Level near Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York at 11:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and at 12:00 noon on Sunday. No Storytime is held on Christmas Eve.

      Santa Claus at NorthPark -- Visits and Portraits with Santa Claus in His New Location

      November 23 - December 24, 2007
      NorthPark Center offers one-on-one visits with Santa Claus in a new location on the Upper Level near Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York. Parents may take their own photographs of their children on Santa's knee or purchase high-quality portraits by Marc Robins Photography available in several different sizes and formats. Tickets are available starting at 9:00 am Monday through Saturday and starting at 10:00 am on Sunday.

      Heralded as "one of the country's premier Santa's" by CBS News, NorthPark Center's Santa Claus is a Dallas favorite. Carl Anderson, Ph.D., has been portraying Santa Claus for 25 years, the last 19 at NorthPark Center. Anderson, who has an uncanny resemblance to Old Saint Nick, is an adjunct professor of educational psychology at the University of Texas in Austin, a counseling psychologist working with families, a distinguished author of many books and an award-winning professional storyteller. He has been featured in "The Wall Street Journal", "People Magazine", "USA Today", and other national publications as well as on NPR, CNN, The Movie Channel and MTV.

      Times for photos and one-on-one visits with Santa Claus are as follows:

      Monday - Saturday 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

      2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

      5:50 pm - 7:00 pm

      Sunday 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

      3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

      Christmas Eve 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

      Scrooge Puppet Theatre

      Hope this helps!

    What is the best way to view Live Internet TV on your computer?
    I want to watch Live Sports in particular on my tv. I will pay for Internet TV service, not necessarily free. What are the best options?

    • ANSWER:

      Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV

      Now you can watch hundreds of LIVE worldwide channels on your PC, free of charge:

      Kids Channels
      + Radio Stations and much, much more!

      You can also watch the Big Games LIVE without any additional fee or subscription!

      Tired of missing the Big Game because your cable company doesn't carry it?

      Are you a sports fan who wants LIVE coverage daily? With this offer you are likely to be satisfied by the large range of events/games covered by our network.

      Stop paying for high-priced cable or Satellite services! Watch LIVE Games (even the games that are not shown elsewhere) - with our software!


      Watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more!

      You may also browse world TV by regions or by country name.



      +PLUS MUCH MORE!!!




      PERFECTLY LEGAL: 100% Legal - Guaranteed!

      IT WORKS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, India, Russia, etc. Connect To A Whole New World Of Online Entertainment.

      NO EXTRA HARDWARE OR TV CARD REQUIRED: There is no need to buy extra hardware equipment or a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection. You just need an internet connection (the faster your internet speed the better picture you will get). It even works with a 56k connection. (A Broadband connection will deliver superior audio and video quality).

      VERY EASY TO USE / NO PC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Just install the program and click - then instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC! It only takes a few seconds...

      NO SUBSCRIPTIONS NEEDED & NO RECURRING CHARGES... EVER! Get all the entertainment you need for a one time payment of only .99!





      Get over 3000 Stations for a small one-time fee.

      Once you have bought the software, you have nothing else to pay... EVER!

      You won't be disappointed...

    10 pts to whoever gives me a really good movie watching site?
    my favorite is

    i search a movie and there are always links. 10 pits to whoever gives me a really good similar site, do not tell me youtube, veoh,etc. i dont want to know about video sites. i want a site with movie links
    i know people all the time tell me...they watch movies what site do you use?

    • ANSWER:
      -Places to watch free tv shows-

    how to get travel Visa to Australia since i'm an international student at USA?
    I'm an international student in F-1visa in USA. I want to travel for the holiday in Australia. How can I do that? Where should I go to get Visa for Australia? I just renew my F-1 so i'm good to go.

    • ANSWER:
      Since you have asked here for a Korean movie before: citizens of South Korea may apply online for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which authorizes to stay for up to 90 days during each visit and is valid for one year. The processing fee is AUS. It is a so called "label-free" visa, you do not need to go to any Embassy or Consulate. The aircraft carrier and the Australian Immigration officers are able to check your travel eligibility on a database of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. ..

      Edit: I have just noticed that you've asked the question in Y!A India: You cannot use the ETA or an online application should you hold an Indian passport. In this case you have to apply for a Tourist Visa (subclass 676) at a fee of AUS5 or US which can be done in person at or by mail to the Australian Embassy in the United States. ..

    Where can i watch the first episodes of Psych season 5?
    It is taking me forever to find a good link, and the usa site doesn't have the first four episodes...does anyone know a good site where I can watch them?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch all episodes of Psych online for free at:

    Where can I watch full episodes of House online?
    I want to know where you can watch full, free, online episodes of the USA Network show "House".

    • ANSWER:
      Try OVGuide - it links to all the free tv sites (including - tvshack, fancast, surfthechannel, etc etc) -

      It definitely has house - it also has every other video/show/movie in the world i think.....

      check it out -

    How can I become a complete expert on Disneyland?
    I am in love with Disneyland. I want to know everything about it, since I will be there in less than 24 hours.
    What is there to learn?
    Yeah, I already have annual, fast pass, park hopper passes to Disneyland, but thanks for the suggestion!

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a few things you can do...
      1. Look up "History of Disneyland" online. They'll have everything about Disneyland you'd ever want to know!
      2. Find out when new rides are coming out.
      3. When you get to the park, see the movie "Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years". It's a free one starring Donald Duck and Steve Martin on Main Street USA. The waiting room for the movie has all sorts of stuff about Disneyland, too!

    Any documentaries on the cold war I could probably find online?
    I want to know about the cold war, but I can't find absolutely any documentaries on it. Help me please, links if you can.

    • ANSWER:
      here are a few of what you asked for:

      CNN through Stanford University:

      Coldwar Films:

      Coldwar Free Downloads:

      Internet Movie Database (IMdB):

      Hope this helps,

    where can i watch the old disney chanel and nick tv shows online?
    the tv shows back in the 90's were a lot better then the crap they show today.

    • ANSWER:
      TVU Online. It is a free down loadable program to watch live streaming TV. Here are some others:

      Just keep in mind, if any site asks you for money to view it, LEAVE. Keep your Firewall turned on, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware running in background.

      On any free site, just be cautious. Most are Okay, but there are a few that are risky. The ones I've listed I use regularly. Sometimes they run smoothly, other times they skip and hang or freeze up for long periods.

      I recommend using Firefox over Internet explorer. Version 2.0 works with RealPlayer to let you download most videos as a flash movie. It will not work with Firefox 3.0 until a new plugin is available. Do a search for "Ad Blocker Plus" and install this plugin with Firefox. It will eliminate many of the annoying ads that these free sites use. This is how they make their money.

      A "Google Search" for free online TV will give you many leads. The Asian Websites tend to be the worst on quality (ie: TVOkay, YouKu, and others). The USA and UK sites tend to be better streaming or download than others. Many are available around the world in many languages. Most American movies or TV shows are in English, but may have subtitles in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, etc.

      Some of the movie online sites,

    What is a good website to watch tv shows online for free?
    Particularly stuff off USA Network and Lifetime?

    • ANSWER:
      The most legit and reliable one with the greatest variety of shows and movies is It has changed my life, enjoy.

    What is a good site for watching TV in streaming outside of the USA?
    I'm looking for a good site to watch my favourite TV shows (desperate housewives, gossip girl, lipstick jungle, and most other CW shows) online for free in streaming where i dont have to download anything and i leave outside the US

    • ANSWER:
      I spend hours on, you can select lots and lots of movies, tv series they have all seasons, pretty cool site.

    Where can I see never say never Justin bieber?
    Where can I see Justin bieber's never say never online without downloading it, becoming a member or answering surveys?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to
      Then on the search thing type the name of the movie. Click on the movie & you have different options such as version 1 or version 2, etc. Just click on any version and watch it. It's totally free and you don't have to sign up or anything. But for some countries it might be blocked. I live in USA so if u live here then I gurantee it's free otherwise I am not sure but u can always go & check so check now !!

    How many people think the swine flu is man-made?
    I've been reading a lot about it being a mixture of the bird flu and spanish flu - but the bird flu is still killing in Indonesia and Egypt. Why wouldn't it have mutated in the countries it is still active in? I find it curious.
    Am I the only one paranoid?

    • ANSWER:
      It's man made, a plan by the Illuminati.

      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is a plan created by the illuminati. Who are the illuminati? The 13 richest families in the world, they control the world's monetary system, they own the Federal Reserve Bank, the major media outlets and 90% of the banks around the world they own you and me and everything we have on credit. They appoint presidents to countries (including the USA) and they have an agenda.

      One world government, one world currency, one world religion and a chip in the right hand or forehead (rfid) type it on the search bar RFID chip, see what you get. The illuminati was established in 1776 their symbol! the all seeing eye. Look at the back of the dollar bill beneath the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye in roman numbers the number 1776
      and in Latin NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM it means NEW ORDER OF THE AGES in plain English NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Other groups that work for the illuminati: the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations (CFR) the Bilderberg group, haliburton etc...
      and some secret societies such as: freemasons, skulls and bones etc...Check the websites below for more info. Or watch zeitgeist the movie, zeitgeist the addendum free online.

      On the google search bar type The Obama deception very good documentary free online.

    Why did my question about america fighting isreals holy war get deleted?
    to true for some? why dont they get angry bout it? why do they delete the question? cant they bring themselfs to admit their wealth is being wasted fighting isreals holy war?

    • ANSWER:
      Big brother don't want people to know the truth. You know, The agenda the new world order.

      Very smart observation, the bankers already control everything money, countries and governments the media around the world and they do own the Federal Reserve Bank. YOU ARE Absolutely right, that's the plan-terrorized the population a little and let them give up a little bit of their rights, create a bigger self inflicted wound and there-more freedom taken away from us in the name of security now we have an excuse to go to war with someone who we want to conquer and take their resources. It's been going on for centuries but this time is more serious and what's on stake is more than one small country is a big idea A NEW WORLD ORDER remember that speech from George Bush Sr. on 9/11/91. Well guess what. The new world order is here. Did you hear the speech of Britain prime minister? Search it.

      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is a plan created by the illuminati. Who are the illuminati? The 13 richest families in the world, they control the world's monetary system, they own the Federal Reserve Bank, the major media outlets and 90% of the banks around the world they own you and me and everything we have on credit. They appoint presidents to countries (including the USA) and they have an agenda.

      One world government, one world currency, one world religion and a chip in the right hand or forehead (rfid) type it on the search bar RFID chip, see what you get. The illuminati was established in 1776 their symbol! the all seeing eye. Look at the back of the dollar bill beneath the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye in roman numbers the number 1776
      and in Latin NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM it means NEW ORDER OF THE AGES in plain English NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Other groups that work for the illuminati: the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations (CFR) the Bilderberg group, haliburton, Carlisle group, etc...
      and some secret societies such as: freemasons, skulls and bones etc...Check the websites below for more info. Or watch zeitgeist the movie, zeitgeist the addendum free online.

      On the google search bar type The Obama deception very good documentary free online.

    How much will the Nintendo 3DS COST in the USA?
    I better start saving up, but does anyone know how MUCH exactly?
    Sources & info please, thanks!

    AQ.) Also, does anyone know how much Resident Evil: Revelations (for the 3DS) might be?


    • ANSWER:
      There's no price for it in North America/Europe/Australia, yet, but it will be ¥25,000(yen) in Japan.

      We don't know the price, yet since Nintendo haven't made an announcement on price and the official release date, and I doubt it will be 0 since most Nintendo systems that came out in North America are -60 less than their Japanese counterparts. If you're worried about the price then you should know that glasses-free 3D cameras and videos don't come cheap and you're looking at about 0+, but 3DS packs more features, yet it's only less than 0. If you think about it, the iPod Touch cost more than the 3DS when it comes to features and games. Also the currency in Japan works differently than here in US, so don't get confuse with the price everyone is saying cuz Nintendo of America hasn't said anything about the price. Just like playbunny2k said, "technology prices here in Japan are actually comparatively higher than in the US because we earn more and can afford it." Also, ¥25,000 isn't really that big if you live in Japan and the currency always change. Also, it cost about ¥20,000 just to feed a regular sized family.

      On other topic, Resident Evil, or any game for that matter, will be close or almost the same as the regular DS price. According to Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata:
      “We don’t believe that the world is in a state where high priced software will sell well, so we don’t believe it will be in a price range too far off from current DS software.”

      You can check out RE: Revelations and RE: Mercenaries screen-shots, both coming out for 3DS, here:

      Here's the game being played live:

      Some of the features about 3DS you may have missed:
      The 3DS graphics is the closest handheld gaming device that comes close to 360/PS3 graphical wise(you gotta see it to believe it; specs don't count), it supports 2 screens, 1st screen as a 3D screen without glasses(it's real and it works, you can also turn off the 3D if you want 2D), 2nd screen as a touch-screen, compatible with the old generations of DS softwares, gyroscope, accelerometer, audio player, 3 cameras(one inside, and two outside), capable of taking 2D/3D photos and capturing 2D/3D videos, 2D/3D movie playback, multitasking(i.e. You can access web browser while playing a game), Virtual Console Service(which was not available with the DSi/DSi XL) and some 3D remakes of classic retro games(GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, and more), also compatible with DSi Wares, 3DS Mii Plaza (Mii creation), augmented reality games, CrossPass" (which can automatically seek and connect to wireless network nodes such as Wi-Fi hotspots, sending and downloading information in the background while in sleep mode or while playing a game), 3D TV streaming(only available in Japan at the moment), e-book reader,better online capabilities, video chat, shop channel, web browser (and anything you do on the web like mail, facebook, etc.), and more which weren't fully announced by Nintendo. Plus the games are longer and are quality games.

      Here's a video that explains how the 3D works:

      Some games that will be coming out for it:
      Metal Gear Solid 3, Super Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil: Revelation, Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Times, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series, Dead or Alive 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Samurai Warriors 3D, Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Megaman Legends 3, and more. There will also be 3DS ware games, like Cave Story.

      Some features:

      3DS Shop Channel:

      Just in case you go "where's the 3D!?" it won't work on your computer screen, you gotta see it in person to see the 3D.

      Few of the games that will be coming out for it:

      Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition:

      Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:

      Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright

      More games being played live:

    Where can I view these channels online free?
    My family converted to warner cable and we have just a few channels and some of my favorites are missing. Do you know a free service that has live Nicktoons Network, (not nickolodeon) Boomerang, The Military channel, Sleuth, USA, Cartoon Network, and TBS

    • ANSWER:
      Nahh Sorry. The only place that I know of is That place has most of the shows that appear on those channels, but keep in mind that it's not legal. The closest thing to what you want though, would be, but I'm sure that you already know about that.

      Sorry for your loss.

    Can I watch the Hannah Montana movie online for free?
    Its a party in the USA!

    • ANSWER:

    Is Obama the mouthpiece of a shadow government?
    When President Obama talks about "fundamentally changing America... What does he really mean?

    What about his statement that he wants a "civilian police organization" that is as powerful, well trained, and well funded as the military?

    This is a question for all Americans.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a shadow government, I'm surprise some of you intellectual people here are in the dark. Wake up. Search Illuminati and find out who they are and what their plans are. Here:

      The plan-terrorized the population a little and let them give up a little bit of their rights, create a bigger self inflicted wound (Pearl Harbor and 9/11) to fight an enemy that doesn’t even exist and there-more freedom taken away from us in the name of security because now we have an excuse to go to war with someone who we want to conquer and take their resources. War is big business for these people, It's been going on for centuries but this time is more serious and what's on stake is more than one small country is a big idea A NEW WORLD ORDER remember that speech of George Bush Sr. on 9/11/91. Well guess what. The new world order is here. Did you hear the speech of Britain prime minister? Search it.

      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is an agenda created by the illuminati. Who are the illuminati? The 13 richest (Nazi) families in the world, they control the world's monetary system, they own the federal reserve bank and 90% of the banks around the world the major media outlets, they own you and me and everything we have on credit. They appoint presidents to countries (including the USA) and they have an agenda.

      One world government, one world currency, one world religion and a chip in the right hand or forehead (rfid) type it on the search bar RFID chip, see what you get. The illuminati was established in 1776 their symbol! The all Seeing Eye. Look at the back of the dollar bill beneath the pyramid and the all seeing eye in roman numbers the number 1776 and in Latin NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM it means NEW ORDER OF THE AGES in plain English NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Other groups that work for the illuminati: the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations (CFR) the Bilderberg group, haliburton, The Carlisle group, etc...and some secret societies such as: freemasons, skulls and bones etc...Check the websites below for more info. Or watch zeitgeist the movie, zeitgeist addendum free online. Watch the Obama Deception Online free on youtube.

    How is sharing defined regarding copyrighted media?
    Would it mean downloading media off programs such as itunes or limewire, or would it be defined as distributing the material to the public?

    • ANSWER:
      Both. Google Copyright Infringement Law's and you'll find a ton of information and lawsuits. One girl I read about was being sued for 5,000 as they were tracking her IP address as she was downloading and uploading copyrighted info to a P2P site. Back when this started around 2000 (metallica started it with their whining about fans downloading their music for free) they were arresting an average of 600 people per day around the USA alone (it was all over the news & net warning people to stay off napster) who were using Napster before it got shut down by the courts, purchased by someone else, and brought up legally online.

      Any media you download without paying for that is copyrighted by owner (music company, software company, movie company, publisher etc) is illegal. Any media you upload or share with others that you purchased, but is copyrighted by owner (music company, software company, movie company, publisher etc) of the material is illegal.

      In your example, iTunes is not illegal. You have to pay for the media you are downloading and you are not able to upload your music to share out.

    does any one know where i can watch free totally free movies and USA tv stations on the internet?
    i really want to watch movies o internet but all of them are expensive.i just want to get asite which provides free entire movies where i can watch and get hooked.
    any one else that knows where to get uganda songs on line just tell me the web.

    • ANSWER:
      Just go at and in center of page up is the option to see international tv online from everywere in the world

    Can I watch the Hannah Montana movie online for free?
    Its a party in the USA!

    • ANSWER:

    Do any Pennsylvania Ballet schools house their students, and let them live there to learn ballet?
    I was just wondering if any Pennsylvania schools house there students and let them live there to learn ballet, and there regular studies such as Math, Social Studies, Science, etc? If you have ever seen the T.V. show Dance Academy you know what I mean.

    • ANSWER:
      In a pre-professional program they may or may not have housing. Regarding academics, often the students are home schooled online etc. or take their academics as arranged by their dance schools and not at them. CPYB has an arrangement with a local high school but offers no housing such as a dorm except during their summer program where the students dorm at the local college. They do however have host families that students can stay with during the school year. Often families move to Carlisle when a student studies there.

      Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre has supervised housing starting at age 14. They have an arrangement with the public schools regarding academics.
      As you are 13 year old male and just beginning, it is doubtful you would get into the pre-professional program right away. They do have regular student divisions and that is where you would start most likely. Students must audition and be invited into the pre-professional division of any serious ballet academy.
      There are some schools in other parts of the country that do everything, but they are schools that are more performing arts academies and less ballet academy, like Interlochen . There is Nutmeg for ballet, however, the best ballet and most professional training is usually found at a feeder school to a ballet company and many offer housing but are not accredited schools because they are not in that business. They usually have arrangements with local schools so that you can take classes in accordance with your ballet schedule. CPYB in Carlisle is an exception in regards to being at a level of a top ballet academy and not being a feeder school. However, they usually supply Pennsylvania Ballet with many of their dancers as PB no longer is associated with the Rock school in Philly. Another example of a serious ballet academy that is not a feeder school would be the Harid conservatory in FL. They are tuition free for the students who get accepted there, but you would have to pay for room and board (which they offer) if your family didn't live there. They also have an arrangement with a local high school.

      *note: Most of the schools that supply academics along with ballet training that are top ballet academies are not in the USA. In the USA they do make arrangements for your academics but it isn't part of their program. Schools like the Royal Ballet School in England, Paris Opera Ballet in France and Mariinsky in Russia etc. are totally integrated and supply academics along with ballet training right at their facilities.
      Real life isn't like what you see in TV and movies. Seldom do things match the reality of real dance training. Shows like Bunheads take real liberty with ballet training misinformation from wrong names of schools and programs along with misinformation about requirements for them. It is more important for the storyline to use names people are familiar with even if it is incorrect. Such as miscalling the JKO school the ABT school as that is not the name of the feeder school to ABT and skipping the second company completely. Only the summer intensive program is called ABT school as it is farmed out to 4 of it's 6 locations. Also making it seem that it is a rarity to be in a ballet company at age 17 for a girl when that is the average age they all start their professional careers. Thanks to the movies many people wrongly believe that you can get into Juilliard by dancing hip hop and that the Joffrey NYC has anything to do with the Joffrey Ballet which it doesn't.

      *EDIT: Yes, the Rock school offers academics as mentioned. However, there is a reason why the Rock school s no longer affiliated with Pennsylvania Ballet. They don't turn out great dancers and PB dropped them as a feeder school as they didn't like or approve of their manor of training. I know of one current soloist at PB who started at the Rock but was not progressing well and it wasn't until he went to CPYB that he got better training and from there got into PB.

    Where can I find an online book about contemporary Hinduism in context?

    • ANSWER:
      I found Maya Radj's (free) online novel ‘R's Journey – The Wounded Elephant’ captivating. It can be downloaded (free) at

      In the form of an entertaining story--a young Indian eager to migrate to the USA who discovers the value of his cultural, spiritual and philosophical heritage during a journey across Bharat (India) after an initial meeting with his guru--, this book is a contemporary crash course on Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) -- its eternal way of life, values and philosophy.

      I read it with my kids and we smiled as we recognized many pertinent aspects of Indian migration to the West. We were also carried away by Maya Radj’s clear explanation of key spiritual, philosophical and cultural treasures of Bharat, embedded within an emotionally gripping tale. My children now feel that they understand and can explain previously ‘mysterious’ aspects of our culture and values. Its glossary of over 200 terms is a treasure in itself.

      From the novel's summary:

      This is the story of a life-changing three-week period in the life of R. Sharma, a young graduate living in New Delhi in contemporary India. It is a story of ignorance and discovery, of illusion and reality.

      After completing his undergraduate degree with high honours, R is still searching for a first job in the Indian capital. It is a deeply frustrated R that we discover at the start of this novel, a young man who has lost faith in his country and who begins to loathe it.

      Fortunately, Mohini, his sparkling girlfriend knows how to cheer him up. Behind a mask of superficial frivolity characterised by a passion for Bollywood movies and their stars, she hides a clear agenda about her future and that of her boyfriend – they should leave India and emigrate to America—like her cousins, who are now enjoying a regal life there. Encouraged by Mohini, R begins to nurture an American dream. After all, his elder brother Ashok is now a successful computer programmer in a Los Angeles company.

      R asks Ashok for help. Initially very reluctant,—much to R’s bewilderment—Ashok eventually agrees to help his younger brother. However, prior to R’s departure, Ashok demands that his younger brother visit their family guru, Pundit Yogish Doobay in Varanasi. Oddly, Ashok also asks R to hand-deliver gifts to five of his university friends. The young man, already daydreaming of Los Angeles’ attractions, grudgingly agrees to undertake what he feels will be a highly unpleasant three week trip across the poor and dirty country that he now despises. Unknown to him, this journey is part of a plan orchestrated by Ashok to open his younger brother’s eyes on the hidden treasures of their country of birth.

      Indeed, at every step, the journey provides plenty of surprising discoveries for the young would-be migrant—through experiences that re-shape his thinking and will likely change his outlook on life forever.

      R starts his journey in the mystical city of Varanasi on the banks of the sacred—and highly polluted—Ganges river. There, Yogish Doobay reveals some of India’s deepest philosophical and spiritual treasures: Yoga and Ayurveda, the stages and aims of life, Vastu, Maya and reality.

      In Jaipur, the capital of majestic Rajasthan, R meets Colonel Singh, a direct descendant of Rajput kings who challenges some of the young man’s assumptions about Indian history and politics.

      In Mumbai, the country’s economic powerhouse, as R watches the flow of poverty-stricken rural migrants flocking into the city, he reflects upon the social and political challenges facing India and Ashraf offers him an emotionally charged taste of Hindu-Moslem relations. To R’s surprise, the gift that Ashraf unwraps looks exactly like the Colonel’s, an elephant-shaped sandalwood paperweight that conceals a hidden message. But, like the Colonel, Ashraf does not wish to discuss the mysterious gift nor its contents!

      We follow R as he visits Jeremy Souza in Goa, a popular seaside resort in Southern India. There, Ashok’s friend and R discuss a few controversial aspects of the region’s colonial past.

      In the southern temple city of Madurai, R meets Nandan. The fourth of Ashok’s friends proudly shows off his new Ayurvedic clinic to the young man. He also explains why, unlike Ashok, he chose to return to his hometown after living and working several years in America. Nandan’s father, an expert Ayurvedic practitioner, introduces R to the fundamental concepts of this ancient science of healthy living.

      On the last leg of his trip, R meets Gautam, the last of Ashok’s friends in Bodhgaya, a historic Buddhist pilgrimage site in rural Bihar. There, R learns from Radha’s about the different styles of classical Indian music and dance, and the fifth of Ashok’s friends reveals to R the astounding secret of the elephant-shaped paperweights…and that of the journey. It is a shaken young man who then hurries to Varanasi to seek advice from his guru! Along the way he begins to realize the influen

    How do I buy a movie as a 35MM, Beta-SP NTSC, DVCam NTSC, miniDV NTSC, or VHS NTSC?
    I'm looking for a specific movie, The Whoopee Boys (1986). I don't really know what these formats mean. I currently own the movie on VHS (is that the same as VHS NTSC) and DVD. I would prefer to procure a copy in one of the better formats, than to use the VHS copy I already have.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      If you already own the VHS & the DVD version of this movie, then the DVD version should be the best version available.

      I rather doubt that movie studios will release a commercial movie in any other format.

      miniDV/DVcam) is/are Digital Video standard for newer cam-corders, that you would buy in your favorite electronics store like Best Buy & Circuit City. Generally stand-alone DV player's are very hard to find, and I have never seen a commercial movie released in this format.

      BetaMax) is an old (dead) video tape format, that has not been used for residential movie playback since about 1988. So you might be able to find this movie in BetaMax format, but you would need a BetaMax tape deck to play the tape.

      35mm) is the old school reel to reel movie projector format; again I rather doubt you can find your movie in this format.

      And NTSC is the standard for USA broadcast's, so VHS & VHS(NTSC) are the same thing; as long as your copy of the VHS movie is not in (PAL) which is for europe.

      A good resource for almost any information is going to be Wikipedia, the free, online encyclopedia.

      And if your interested it will describe in detail the differences of the formats you have listed.

      Hope this helps.

    whgere can I watch any bangladesh news channels free online in USA with no membership or no free trials?
    I want a website that i can watch live bangladesh news free onlone from USA with no mebership and no free trails just free all the time?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not aware of anything like that where there is absolutely free service provided by any of the Bangladeshi news channels free online in USA. As they say, nothing come free (lol).

      However, TV channels such as Sony Entertainment Television Asia, Channel I, Boishakhi and BanglaVision. Streams are offered to subscribers live.


      Channel I is the highly-acclaimed Bangladesh channel that offers quality educational and entertainment content. Its well-received programming includes local Bangladesh news, dramas, movies, English films, magazine programs and documentaries. Channel I is the ideal source of entertainment and information for the entire family.

      NOTE: Channel I is not available in U.S.


      Have a nice viewing on payment basis, if you like!

    what are some fun free activities for high schoolers, in Portland Oregon?
    My girlfriend, and I get bored often. And we get tired of doing the same old stuff.. please help. We don't got much money, so.we prefer low cost/free activities.

    • ANSWER:
      There are quite a few free events and activities listed for teens (as well as for younger kids and families) at Just click on the places and activities that look most interesting to you and your girlfriend, and I'm sure you'll find many enjoyable things to do and see!

      There's also a good web page at that offers"Top 9 Free Things to Do in Portland, Oregon." Other ideas can be found at (plus at the links provided), at, and elsewhere online.

      You might also consider volunteering to work at an event or venue, and then you can usually see shows or get into fairs and other events and places and you won't have to pay any admission or ticket fees! Just show that you're dependable, etc., and you'll have many opportunities!

      The two of you might also want to consider doing some volunteer work on a regular basis during the summer (when doing the same old things can become boring). If you like animals, you can volunteer your time at a local animal shelter or you can volunteer with seniors at a senior center or with kids at a day care center, etc. Even most of the hospitals in Portland have volunteer programs for teens if you meet their age requirements, etc. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) needs teen volunteers, and for more information, you can go to and

      If you enjoy working with kids, there are quite a lot of summer camps in the Portland area where you can volunteer in some way. More than 50 camps are listed at If you have any special interests or skills (e.g. swimming, cooking, archery, and the like), camps are always interested in having teens help. Even if you don't have any specific talents and you just enjoy working with younger kids or assisting in the First Aid room, etc., your help will be welcomed!

      Hands On in Portland at has links to quite a lot of volunteer activities. It's a great way to keep busy, meet people, and do some good for others! Plus, all of your volunteer activities can be used on your resume in the future when the two of you are looking for paid jobs. There are many volunteer positions listed at, plus additional non-profits that can link you to some good volunteer jobs can be found at and elsewhere online.

      If you've ever thought about going into a certain career field or profession, you can start to get a feel for this kind of work by offering to help out or serve as an apprentice at an existing business or company. This not only gives you a great idea about what "real life" is like in that particular field or industry, but you can also make some good contacts and connections that may help as references and as potential employers in the future!

      If you have the interest, you can offer to mow lawns and do some light gardening and even earn some extra money now! By working with your girlfriend, the time will pass quickly and you'll be outdoors and helping the planet and others. There are many seniors and other adults who would really appreciate these kinds of services and would pay you for your efforts!

      If you like working with animals, there's Animal Aid at and Hearts and Horses, a therapeutic riding center and farm, at that would welcome teen volunteers. I'm sure there are other animal rescue organizations and shelters, etc., as well.

      This is just the start of a long list and I hope these suggestions will spark some other ideas for the two of you.

      I truly hope this is helpful! All the best to you both!


    Are there any Disney auditions for kids or teens?
    Me and my sister want to be in a Disney movie or show.

    • ANSWER:
      Your timing is good, as there is currently a Disney National Talent Search going on. The feature film "Runaways" by Disney and Marvel Studios is having an online open casting call for boys and girls of various ages to star in the film. This is legit and yes, it is free to upload an audition video. Here are the details:

      This is for residents of the USA only.

    We are planning a trip to New York for one month October 2009. Where should we stay, what should we do?
    Can you give us some tips and suggestions of things to do, whether October is a good time to go, what the weather will be like, how much things like a coffee and bagel cost, what kind of spending money we will need to exist on a day to day basis...Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      1. Empire State Building
      Tired of staring up at New York City skyscrapers? Check out the view of New York City from atop the Empire State Building. You can avoid waiting in the ticket line for the Empire State Building if you buy your tickets online in advance.

      2. Statue of Liberty
      The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States in honor of the friendship established during the French Revolution. The Statue of Liberty has become an American symbol of freedom and welcome to the immigrants who come to the USA looking for a better life.

      3. Grand Central Terminal
      Renovations since its opening in 1913 have turned Grand Central into more than just a hub for transportation -- there are shops, dining and more available to visitors. There are group tours available, as well as free tours for individuals on Wednesdays and Fridays.

      4. Rockefeller Center
      The Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan, is known for its Christmas tree, ice skating, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Radio City Music Hall and numerous shopping and dining opportunities. Rockefeller Center is a great destination for visitors any time of year.

      5. Ellis Island Immigration Museum
      The Ellis Island Immigration Museum offers visitors a fascinating look into the immigrant experience. Interactive exhibits, walking tours and movies reveal the hardships and challenges faced by immigrants passing through Ellis Island.

      6. Staten Island Ferry
      The Staten Island Ferry is a free ferry from lower Manhattan to Staten Island, used by commuters and tourists wanting a view of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

      7. American Museum of Natural History
      Since opening to the public in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History has evolved and grown. In addition to the Rose Center planetarium and regular exhibits, the American Museum of Natural History hosts a revolving series of new exhibits, so there is always something new to see.

      8. Central Park
      Central Park has offered a welcome escape from the concrete jungle of New York City for over 150 years. Take a walk, a boat ride or just enjoy a picnic in Central Park and discover for yourself why Central Park is so popular.

      9. Metropolitan Museum of Art
      Over 2 million works of art from around the world and throughout history are housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic art museum that is well worth a visit.

      10. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
      Timothy HursleyFounded in 1929 as the first museum dedicated entirely to contemporary art, the MoMA is host to an impressive collection of modern artistic efforts. From painting and sculpture to film and architecture, the Museum of Modern Art's diverse collection has something for everyone.

    I may be wrong on this, but is Obama starting to sound more and more like Bush?
    Not literally of course, but his choice of words and the direction his policies are beginning to lean towards.

    Is the new boss a lot like the old boss?

    • ANSWER:
      No, not at all, that's because Bush, Obama The Clintons etc... They all work for the same people. The people that put them in power. The illuminati. They are following the agenda of these bankers. The New World Order.

      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is a plan created by the illuminati. Who are the illuminati? The 13 richest (nazis) families in the world, they control the world's monetary system, they own the Federal Reserve Bank, the major media outlets and 90% of the banks around the world they own you and me and everything we have on credit. They appoint presidents to countries (including the USA) and they have an agenda.

      One world government, one world currency, one world religion and a chip in the right hand or forehead (rfid) type it on the search bar RFID chip, see what you get. The illuminati was established in 1776 their symbol! the all seeing eye. Look at the back of the dollar bill beneath the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye in roman numbers the number 1776 and in Latin NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM it means NEW ORDER OF THE AGES in plain English NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Say good bye to the good ole dollar and say hello to the Amero our future currency for Mexico, The United States and Canada.

      Other groups that work for the illuminati: the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations (CFR) the Bilderberg group, haliburton, The Carlisle group etc...
      and some secret societies such as: freemasons, skulls and bones etc...Check the websites below for more info. Or watch zeitgeist the movie, zeitgeist the addendum free online.

      On the google search bar type The Obama deception very good documentary free online.

    How much will I need for a caravan / road trip holiday in the US?
    I've never been to the US. I never really thought of going there until last year. I've visited many cities around the world, and I consider myself to be a city person. But I've never really been interested in visiting the metropolitan areas in the US (although I'm sure they're fabulous). I've always been interested in native American lands, and road trips in a caravan. Is that crazy? I see that a lot in movies and it's almost like you can't do that stuff anywhere else.

    I hear there are plenty of caravan parks - are they places you can live in overnight with your caravan?

    How much will I need for a holiday like this (per person), if I am in the US for about 3 weeks?

    Thanks! :)
    Thank you Nola & Kanien for your answers, I really appreciate them. Don't worry Kanien, I won't touch anyone, haha. I am actually just interested to see the nature & lands. I'm sure the native Americans have integrated into the modern Western world. I really don't want to go there and offend anyone, that's not my intention. I do intend to follow all the rules, and just have a good time exploring. :)

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on when you visit, where you go, and what you do. Best is to make contact with a real travel agency where you live that can help arrange the trip. There are many online guides to camping and RV-ing in the USA which will help you.

      Be certain the vehicle is > fully < insured. Being in an at fault accident while abroad is a bad time to discover you are under-insured. (true everywhere and not just about the USA) Yes, there are campgrounds all over the USA where you can overnight or longer. ----------------------------------- Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The cost is US, which is similar to the fee for the Australian ETA program. Registering is accomplished online, you don't need the details of your trip, and the confirmation is valid for multiple trips to the USA over two (2) years so don't wait until the last minute. Print the confirmation - or at least record the number - and keep the information with your passport. Having a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control. If someday you plan a long visit then DON'T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day in the USA counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day as there are no (zero) provisions in the Visa Waiver Program for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future. Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. The USA has wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance. This is a link from the US government, but the info is good for anyone traveling outside their home country:

    Where can I watch episodes of Monk online for free?
    Preferably no downloads, and if I have to download it I sort of don't want it to be from a dodgy website. (: thank you.
    I want older episodes. not new ones so the doesn't help much.

    • ANSWER:
      I found a great program at this site and I can watch live tv, live sports, movies and older shows to. Try here

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