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    • Umm the previous answers tv links and movies 2k I went on sites like that and btw its illegal and the links of there and their popups can give you viruses malaware and stuff it happened to me and i had to trow away my laptop cause it like shredded everything there was now way to fix it it was everywhere i tried the backdoor thing and it did not work just watch it on hulu

  1. Is there a way to watch movie that are in theaters online?
    Free or not I don’t care. I am willing to pay. There is no movie theaters near me.

    • movie2k.com – All you need to do is go on the site, pick the movie you want to see (make sure there is a smiley face not a frown face), under stream 2k and click the play arrow on the picture with the girl. You can watch the movie on your computer or get an RCA cable and hook it from your computer to the TV and you can watch on television.

      I watch new movies all the time and don’t let those thumbs down bother you, I have a feeling that people do this just for kicks.

  2. where can i watch “hostel” online for free with no downloading?
    every website i’ve gone to requires a download.
    wheres a website that doesnt need downloading and is FREE to watch the movie, hostel?

  3. Where can I watch Resident Evil: Extinction online for free?
    Every site I go to, the audio is out of sync. Can someone please tell me a site where the audio is in sync, unless the movie is supposed to be like this?

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